How Real is the Threat of Putin Using Nukes?

Vladimir Putin has been nuclear “saber-rattling” almost since the war in Ukraine began; however, as his invasion continues to fail, Western military leaders warn that the threat of him using nuclear weapons must now be taken much more seriously!

In a recent address on Russian TV, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the risk of nuclear war between Russia and the West is now “considerable.”

Lavrov’s assertion, made in during an Apr. 26 interview with Russian state TV, echoed recent propaganda that has played up the likelihood of NATO provoking hot conflict with Russia and even claimed that war is beginning. “NATO is essentially going to war with Russia through a proxy and arming that proxy,” Lavrov said in reference to Western heavy-arms shipments, which he said, “will be a legitimate target for the Russian Armed Forces.”

The foreign minister chillingly claimed he did not want the risk of nuclear war to be “artificially inflated” but said it was “serious,” “real,” and “cannot be underestimated.”

Vladimir Putin himself has vowed to use nuclear weapons against any country that dares to “interfere” with Russia’s war in Ukraine.

When recently addressing legislators in St Petersburg, Putin said his response to anyone who “threatens” Russia will be “lightning-fast” and deadly.

“If someone intends to interfere in what is going on from the outside, they must know that constitutes an unacceptable strategic threat to Russia. They must know that our response to counterstrikes will be lightning fast. Fast,” he said.

“We have all the weapons we need for this. No one else can brag about these weapons, and we won’t brag about them. But we will use them.”

Though Putin did not mention nuclear weapons directly, he was almost certainly referring to Russia’s new Sarmat 2 nuclear missile, which was tested for the first time just days ago and that he boasted is unlike any other weapon in the world.   

Putin made the chilling threat during an address to lawmakers where he spoke at length about the “special military operation” in Ukraine – promising once again that “all objectives will definitely be carried out” by his “heroic” military. 

He praised Russian troops, who he said were fighting to “prevent a large-scale conflict” of exactly the kind he stands accused of causing.

He again repeated unsubstantiated claims that Ukraine was seeking to possess nuclear weapons itself or develop biological weapons, which he said posed “a real threat [to] our motherland.”

“All that confirms our reaction was timely and correct,” he said. 

Railing against Western “fascists,” he added, “For years, they turned our neighboring Ukraine into an anti-Russia state.”

He went on, “Let me remind you that Russia was always sympathetic and acted as a friend and as a comrade and as a brother; it viewed the creation of the independent Ukrainian state – at the time, we thought this would be a friendly state.”

He said that the goal was to “develop together and strengthen each other and create the best conditions for our competition and development, and of course, we didn’t expect they would create anti-Russian on that territory. We cannot allow this.”

As his diatribe continued, the despot said that the West was trying to back the Russian “bear” into a corner but had “failed” in their attempts to divide his country.

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  1. If putana starts WWIII the poor earth will become a chared meatball circuling the sun no one will have to wory about anything as humanty will be gone no country wii exist.

    • No, Russia and the world would survive is the US started a nuclear war. The world is way too big for humans to be able to irradiate even a significant portion of it. And Russian does not have to attack cities in order to put the US out of commission. All they need to do is airburst Electromagnetic Pulses to put out our microprocessors. Once our cars, cellphones, TC, computers, trucks, planes, etc. stop working, then the US will be unable to ever do anything significant again. Everyone will just leave.

  2. Putin will have no choice. If we keep illegally attacking Russia by giving billions in weapons to the Ukraine so that they can illegally put NATO nukes on their border, Putin will have to launch. And they also will survive. All it takes to end the US is 3 airborn EMPs. That would end all computers, cars, trucks, planes, cellphones satellites, TVs, etc. in the US.

    • I agree with you . to save the peace in this world , the west has no choice but leaving the two countries alone, even if that seems immoral and contrary to our human values; the other way may lead all of us to awful consequences. Let us pray that this new Munich deal will end with better followings than the bad deal of 1939…and let us hope that a peace will be signed there in the near future.

    • Was I mistaken? Was it not Putin who invaded Ukraine. This country should have allowed Russia to take it over? The Russian empire is gone.Unfortunately Putin is unwilling to accept this fact.

  3. In answer to the several foregoing. We may suffer from the EMP but so will Russian and Putin knows that whatever is unleashed on us will be massively unleashed on him.

  4. I am afraid that Kirk is right on

  5. Fighterforfreedom

    Putin is rubbling Ukraine so they are destitute and will come crying back to Putin for assistance bc those that have invested in Ukraine such as Europe, US, etc may be apprehensive to reinvest since Russia may just rinse & repeat after investment, construction& operation is complete.

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