How Political Correctness is Killing America

If you could boil Donald Trump’s message down to a single theme, it might be fair to characterize it as a war on political correctness. To liberals, this means he’s trying to use racist language to attract racist voters. To conservatives, this means he’s simply telling it like it ease – a nice change of pace from the usual, blow-dried politicians we’re used to. To those who don’t have as much skin in the game, though, it seems like a trivial crusade to base a presidential campaign around.

After all, does it really matter if we call them “illegal aliens” or “undocumented immigrants?”

Does it really matter if we call them “children of immigrants” or “anchor babies?”

Does it really matter if we call it “violent extremism” or “radical Islamic terror?”

If people are getting their feelings hurt, wouldn’t it be easy just to use whatever language they prescribe? We can still believe in all the same policies without using offensive words, right? Let’s be mature.

This attitude, though understandable, drastically underestimates the power of language.

Human beings like to think of themselves as rational, logical creatures who always use facts and statistics and education to determine what they believe about the world. The truth, though, is a little messier. The truth is that we’re highly emotional, and we’re extremely susceptible to little psychological tricks that subtly push us in one direction or the other. No American will admit that advertisements have any effect on them; the fact that the advertisement industry exists at all is fairly conclusive evidence that they’re wrong.

See, no one wants to support “illegal immigration.” That would be absurd. But plenty of people can get behind “amnesty.” Plenty of people can support “undocumented workers.” No problem. It’s the same concept, but the psychological effects are completely different.

These PC rules aren’t meant to protect people’s feelings. That’s just the cover story. The real aim is to change minds by wrapping issues in such a thick blanket of gobbledygook that no one really knows what anyone is talking about. The real aim is to push the window of conversation to the left and make it “offensive” or “racist” or “misogynist” to even espouse certain viewpoints. It’s a lot easier to win an argument when your opponent isn’t even allowed to challenge you.

Yes, when we blow the doors off political correctness, there are those who will get their feelings hurt. Buttons will be pushed. Tears may ensue.

But that’s a damn small price to pay to make sure that certain ideas remain on the table.


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  1. yea sure we are all going to die.

    • Only those that will not cow-tow to Clinton and his Royal Exhaulted Boma for now….Later it will be only those that refuse to convert to islam and submit to sharia law.

  2. allen goldberg

    by controlling the narrative, and making illegal actions seem “okay” people agree when they should stand up and say NO…its a game that the media and politicians have been playing for years….mostly by the left…but the republican are just as guilty by allowing these lying frauds to do this with little or no pushback

    • You are right, we need pushback and Trump, hopefully, is the man to start doing it for us, as long as he makes it to office. The way the media trumpets his “crudeness” and unfitness, they will incite some nutcase to assassinate him. I pray to God that doesn’t happen, but I fear it.

  3. “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free . . .” It’s high time that we did a lot more truth telling. I’m an American who wants to continue to live free.

  4. A natural born American

    Superficial PC has come so far that boys now act the way girls were EXPECTED to act way back before girls decided they didn’t need or want someone else making all their most important life’s choices OR decisions for them anymore. Now it’s the ‘helpless’ boy’s turn to use tears as weapons to get their own way. You know guys — working out in the gym building those pecs and the 6 pack abs isn’t what makes you a man. And apparently, neither is joining obama’s new military.

  5. Eleanore Whitaker

    You know what the best part of the rabble rouser right wingers’ big mouths and bullying are? They are got to take it in their butts when the younger generation YOU freaks taught to mouth off run over you like Mraps. Enjoy kiddies…You taught them the bad examples and wow….are you EVER going to get yours.

    • We already got ours, with people like you running off at the mouth, knocking the sharp corners off hyper-reality to confuse, falsely legitimatize a potentially dangerous situation and or people and or persons. Reality frightens people like you.

      • Eleanore Whitaker

        No you didn’t get yours. And you won’t come NOvember of this year. Your days of CONserving YOUR money and spending ours is over.

        People like you are takers. You don’t give a fat rat’s ass about anyone but yourselves. Sorry but when you live in society, YOU are part of that society whether you like it or not.

        But do yourself a favor, don’t go around ASSuming we are frightened of you shitbags of the right. Your boy Gowdy is about to go to prison for falsify emails at that Benghazi investigation.

        So all of your big baby BS isn’t going to help any of you. You’ll be lucky your befrigged states don’t go under like half a dozen Republican states already are.

        You Corn Pones and redneck Ignernt Mutton Chops forget that without Dem state money, you and your states would sink like KS, IA, OK, WVA and MI are.

        • Thanks for the laugh. The hyper-reality you are living in has you so confused, it really is sad. You are the recipient of liberal brainwashing gone amuck. You really are frightened of reality.

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            The only hyper reality for your jerkoffs of the right is your own mentally deranged minds.

            You are the recipient of violent men like Trump who talk a good talk and then can’t pull up their own shitty pants.

            Nothing frightens me jerkoff. I am one of those Americans who will NEVER allow jerkoffs with big mouths, no ambition, no class and so incestously inbred their brains are dung, to take over. Not on my tax dollars you don’t.

            Now, get a job, get a life and stop being a mentally deranged loser.

          • Eleanore what part of Russia do you live in?

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            What part of the Okeefinokee Swamp did they drag you out of? Did anyone ever tell you to STFU? No? Well…then it looks as if I am the first woman to tell you that.

            When you have balls the size of a gnat’s, a mouth the size of a cow’s ass, you don’t get to insult others..You are an insult to humanity prickbrain.

          • It’s not a she it’s a He faking it under another troll name all you have to do is read it’s wording and I’ve run across It before. The mutton chops thing knocking rednecks etc ( same rhetotic) just ignore the damn thing

          • You keep describing you and your fellow liberal behaviors and lifestyles, and then transposing it erroneously with your hyper-reality toward the people you have been brainwashed to fear but secretly hope to emulate. Too bad your fear has morphed into a form of dysphoria. Remember your Obamacare insurance has a mental health provision should you chose to use it. Just remember should you chose to use the mental health provision, Obama will remove your rights to own firearms for your own good as can be witnessed by your agitated comments.

          • If you want to find out what a liberal is really thinking, listen to what they say about conservatives.

          • “Violent men like Trump”. Remember when Sen. Bernie Sanders had to cancel a campaign rally when all those Trumpsters rioted, and Sanders cited public safety issues?


            Or when the Trumpsters blocked highways, forcing Hillary Clinton to have to climb a concrete barrier, cross a drainage culvert, to sneak into a campaign rally before the Trumpsters figured out how she was arriving?


            Violent Trump, whatevs.

  6. Personally, I could care less if a foreign, legal or illegal immigrant takes offense to such a characterization. The point of the law, and obedience to it, is “due process of law” and accountability. Generally, you get that by calling a spade a spade.

  7. Illegal immigrant=covert invader, illegal immigrant= wet back. Whichever one fits.

  8. If the shoe fits you just gotta wear it. The truth hurts for those that can’t stand the truth. If you are an illegal alien, immigrant or all the above, guess what ? You are illegal. Free speech and debate is what makes a country and it’s people free. Without it we become a Communist controlled country with a tyrant leading it. Oh, I think that is about where we are now. One more thing,,, Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. It’s time people of the world grew up and be adults,

  9. Remember, don’t offend the enemy…You might end up being the winner, like we were in WWII when we called them Krauts, Square Heads, Nips, Japs, and I-tyes.

    One conclusion might be that the politically correct are looses….

  10. We do not have an criminal alien problem, we do not have a pervert problem, we do not have a bent gender problem. We have liberal dem bloodsucker problem

    I refuse to e polite to them, I refuse to pretend that they are misinformed people.
    They are people that intend to destroy the USA.
    We all know that we can no longer coexist with these ersatz life forms.
    We are down to 2 options, physically separate ourselves from them or expect civil war.

  11. Under Stalin Marxism used “the party line” as the phrase by which everyone had to follow or be sent to a gulag or death. Political correctness is the same and the penalty will soon be the same gulag or death it i just a a matter of time.with one more democrat in power. Conservatives want less government power democrats always want more it is like a python swallowing the victim.

    • sandraleesmith46

      More like a python swallowing its own tail!

    • I agree. The PC elitist crowd is scary. You either agree with them, or they will try to silence you. The silent majority need to start speaking up before they silence us all permanently.

  12. It is time for the huddled masses(True Americans) too stand up ,BE HEARD ,BE ARMED AND AT THE READY TO FIGHT,FIGHT,FIGHT.

    • Your plans are anti American, you want to feed your addictions of security, place and power holding on to past weaknesses of our sick disturbed ancestors . This is a world now, change is the only constant in the universe and is stopped by no man; struggling against constant forward change is a waste of energy. Killing won’t reverse the stream, the flow, we are not in control, never have been, never will be,

  13. Political correctness is when you call good “evil” and evil “good”! It works for the benefit of all the bad guys at the expense of the good guys! But . . . there is a day of reckoning coming soon!

  14. OldHighlandGuyOne

    You mean to tell me that an illegal alien isn’t an undocumented welfare recipient?
    Do you mean to tell me that an illegal alien isn’t committing a criminal act by just being an illegal alien?
    Here, in California, we make illegal aliens into lawyers, how’s that for political correctness? He should have been shipped back to Mexico but we are such good people, here in Mexifornia, that we just can’t do that.
    Do you mean to tell me that San Francisco (the Gay Bay), a sanctuary city, is OK? SF should be prosecuted by Loretta Lynch for treason…not gonna happen!
    I almost fell into the PC crap but I recovered very quickly. I am old and cranky and I will NOT be one of the liberal PC robots.
    Hold on Americans, we may win this battle and then onto the war. Stand up U.S.A. and make it out loud or we will lose this country to the liberal PC robots.

    • BunkerHillLightMan

      As a retired Human Resource Manager of some 30+ years now retired for 7-years, I have watched this country sink into an abyss that if not changed we will see the end of this country well before the Roman’s did centuries ago.

      The clown in the WH along with his massive cadre of unabashed useless dolts who are abusive beyond comprehension. Furthermore, they could care less about following the law or for that matter earning an honest living in complance with these well written laws by our Founding Fathers. Since these dolts choose the latter, this is the exactly the reason why America and the world are in the current condition.

      I watched the development of this disease that at one time had some extremely valid and a effective change tools.

      Since the election of 2008, barry has abused it beyond any practical common sense and the possible election a more disgusting extremely questionable ex-1st dolt will surely end it in real short order.

      Let’s try a ton of common sense coupled with buckets full of integrity something totally missing within the socialistic liberal blue people mantras!

      • But idiot boy will still get his one book library

        • Harold Sammons

          They had it in a parade and some whiney liberals said that an out house wasn’t proper for a presidential library!

        • <<o. ✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:✸✸✸✸✸:::::::!bq575p:….,.

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    • You display as being a Bigotbot.

  15. we need to call a spade a spade

  16. richard schlinder

    So I bring my boat out of the garage after six months of repair and painting. My neighbor comes over to see it with his wife. I say “ain’t she a beauty”?,When the wife pops up with,why do you call it “she”? I say.because my boat has always been a lady. WHAT WENT WRONG HERE? P. C.

    • StupidConservativeValues

      Oh, when you say, “ain’t she a beauty?” I thought you were talking about your Cheeto dick.

  17. P.C. = Perversion Condoms. These are used to protect the guilty while raping the innocent. You can get them at any Democratic Headquarters. Hillary is signing each one with the blood of the slaughtered aborted unborn as well as the blood of those Americans that died in Benghazi. “WHAT ME WORRY” has become her new campaign motto.


    You don’t like the way he communicates? Stop being a baby and really listen to what he is saying, not how he is saying it. He is our last chance to save our country! Are you in? Or are you one of the lost immoral crowd following the P.C. queen?

    • StupidConservativeValues

      Your movement is as dead as the movement in your ass.

      • Like I said, “you’ll never see it coming”…mark my words. :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
        YOU are a true liberal and will “think” his world is all secure. You delusional liberals aren’t “in touch” with reality, only with the Fantasy World you have built around you. REALITY will BITE and SUCK, but it will be over quickly, like I said, because none of you are prepared or ever think that anyone else would be angry over your actions. YOU THINK WRONG — as the coming election will show you. Which ever way the election goes, the American people (who you “think” you know) will respond and you had better hope it goes to Trump. If not…life isn’t going to be so fun.

        By the way, why do you think Bill had a public meeting with the Attorney General? Who knows? But his actions have undermined hillary’s campaign/investigation BIG TIME and now it looks like the “Clinton Machine” is playing more games and EVERYONE is noticing! Only this time, they have played the wrong card. Maybe Bill doesn’t want killary to be President and is doing this on purpose to throw her campaign to the wolves? Maybe he has just had enough of her B.S. and wants her stomped under. Whatever, his damage was done and everyone from congress to Governors to World Leaders is watching to see just how stupid American Liberals are…ah, that would be you. Are you going to keep supporting a liar, manipulator and narcissist (because if you are, you have shown the world that you are fine with people lying and manipulating others around you for their own personal end). FYI: Killary has been proven negligent by the FBI, but they are afraid to indict her because people who get in her way end up dead…like the two witnesses who were supposed to testify about her Email Server issue. Oh, yeah, I should have added “MURDERER” TO HER QUALIFICATIONS. Are you really that very stupid???? I thought you were smarter than that.

        Like all liberals, they still don’t get it until someone knocks on their door selling loaded “Pipe Dreams”. By then it will be too late… Maybe you should get off your Liberal websites and start checking what the rest of the sane world thinks, because it’s not what you think Mr. Arrogance!

        Have a nice day…

        • StupidConservativeValues

          Wow, you spent the time to write all of that gibberish!?! You’re a fucking retard!

          • Just hoping you might have a brain in that head of yours, but your answer assured me you DO NOT, Mr. Potty Mouth BrainDead! You and AKWitch can live together in perfect delusional bliss…no one else would want you. Bet you’re single, living with Mama and Pops, and are slinging hamburgers at Mickey D’s. Yep, I called this one right down to the Game Boy in your hand. No more replies from me. I’ve better ways to use my time…

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Whatever it is that allows you to fuck it, go do it in its ass and wipe it off on their mouth. The result is the Repuke Party and your familial heritage.

          • billdeserthills

            Actually I blocked him as well, StupidConservativeValues didn’t last long.

            At least h m rowland can be funny from time to time

        • Stop replying to this joker. You’re only encouraging him to waste more posting space.

          • Thanks Don…just one more comment and he is POOF gone!

          • billdeserthills

            I blocked him the last time he started spouting BS & the peace is great

          • Yes, I hear you. All he can do is be vulgar when he is cornered abt a subject…no blogging skills or intellect.

            He’s history! What was his name again? Forgot him already!

          • billdeserthills

            He is very forgettable

      • Very childish post

        • StupidConservativeValues

          Ah yes, the irony of it all. No matter how filthy and juvenile I make my posts, my point is they are still more mature and “adult” than anything being promoted by the REPUBLICANTS. Now go clean the corn bits and poop out from underneath your “hood.”

      • Enjoy it while ya can! Lib PFagg!

    • The last good Democrat President during my lifetime was Harry S. Truman. He was like Trump. He called things as he saw them. By the way, he also ended WWII by bombing Nagasaki and Hiroshima to drive the Japanese to their knees, an act that B. HUSSEIN O. recently apologized for on his, hopefully, farewell tour.

      • We need a good strong President like Truman to put America back where she belongs – leading the rest of the world, not being laughed at by every European, Asian and South American country. Trump is the only one capable of returning us to our Glory. Killary will just keep rapeing America until she can’t stand up any more.

        Thank you for reminding us that sometimes it takes strength of character to do things right. Great comment.

        • Thank you. Although I was only twelve when he left office, I remember him fondly as a strong straight shooter. We definitely cannot stand four years under an un-indicted criminal like she is. She would continue making decisions to help the Clinton Family Crime Syndicate amass more money and power.

          • Totally Agree! We don’t need another narcissistic wannabe obama in a position to poison America with her twisted ideologies and no moral compass to guide her. Time for Sanity to prevail and perversion be derailed!

          • I was a youngster as well and he was my KCMo so we knew a lot about him before, during and after. He didn’t put up with PC anything, but spoke his mind and sometimes in foul words. HE was trustworthy and that is how I feel about Trump. For those who don’t, may I remind you UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL and that fall is mighty close if Trump doesn’t win and you won’t like losing our Republic and under communism which is the goal of the DNC and of course Hillary and Bernie who have been commies since their late 20’s!

    • And most of those unborn are blacks! those who says, falsely, she loves and finds their situation as lesser mortals in America a shame. Get real! We are all lesser mortals to the Clintons and all other communists and muslims in the current administration.

      • You are so right. Everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie of some sort. She would probably implode if she ever told one pure truth. I’s enjoy seeing that!

    • StupidConservativeValues

      Hey dumb fuck with all the stupid conclusions about what you see and hear, it’s a wonder you can find your asshole to feed yourself.

      • Keep on having diarrhea of the mouth. Your vernacular just proves what a dumb arse you really are — trash mouths always speak from their posteriors…
        :p. :p. :p. :p Just keep on showing what an ignorant idiot acts like by talking with your butt instead of your brain. Oh I forgot. You have no intelligence because all processing comes from your arse – crap talking shows you have no class as well.

        No wonder everyone on this website calls you a brainless wonder because of your very stupid high schoolish remarks. What’s the matter? Were you the kid that all the big boys picked on? Too bad they didn’t “knock” some sense into you…looooooooooooser.

        • StupidConservativeValues

          And you took the time to reply! Ha ha. You’re a goat fucking, habjib wearing genital licker.

  18. Its a game the communist & Jew have been playing for years, they even go so far as to call it a “trick that works well”…I say screw that….if you are born in America legally then you are an American, NOT a Mexican or an African or a Japanese…. you are an American…If your Parents beat it across the boarder to squirt you out than you are an illegal just like your parents…period! Pretty darn simple when you keep lawyers & Politian’s out of it!

    • StupidConservativeValues

      A new post office near Denny Hastert’s old school is being named in his honor.

      • So what Are you a lamed brain Idiot? There is more important things to discuss! Get off my computer!

        • StupidConservativeValues

          They’re also issuing an advance commemorative stamp celebrating the end of the Republicant Party.

        • StupidConservativeValues

          Geo, do something useful, go clean the partially digested corn and shit from underneath your foreskin, your dog will be glad you did.

      • That is sick….now the government is naming buildings after convicted child molesters….that’s rotten to the bone!

    • stkit4

    • sandraleesmith46

      Not to include the distortion of the 14th called “anchor babirs”, I trust you mean?

      • Yes, the Republican Party pushed through the 14th Amendment ONLY TO MAKE BLACKS REAL AMERICAN CITIZENS, which the DNC fought tooth and nail to try and keep it from being passed. So, I wonder how can blacks continue to llike Obama and Hillary and the DNC (who were the Tories for government rule by a monarchy) and even consider voting for those who hate them and that includes the white man in the WH pretending he is black, and Hillary, a southerner who has spoke before about how she hates black. Confounding! The 14th should be repealed because it does not nor can it be twisted to include invaders having babies on our soil and calling then American born. No way, Jose!

    • Sorry, but I am from a Jewish family and we see those Eastern/NYer jews false jews who are democrats and work with the democrats to overthrow America. The real Jews came here for freedom and the right to live and build a life. For many, they do not know about the huge progroms in Russian from which my father’s family were able to escape and eventually come to the promise land. I bless them for so doing because in spite of being discriminated against in KCM as a person with a great last name (LEVY), I grew up knowing I was an American (not a Jewish American, but a real American) and able to forge my own life. Now we are seeing communism creeping up almost daily in America, and since my husband lived under Hitler and Stalin, he knows what he is seeing is real but so many Americans are blindsided by large TVs, cellphones, new cars, and paying no attention to the fact that if any DNC candidate gets the WH, you will be living under communism thru the One World Government (thanks to Heidi Cruz)/New World Order which is what we will have as the DNC’s 1963 published Communist Manifesto is just one or 2 steps away from changing our Republic into a slave state. Wake up and smell the coffee. UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL and that is what this administration has been doing for the last 7 1/2 years! We have a great candidate in Trump who actually loves America,speaks our language, and has a proved successful background while everyone in Congress except for a few have just got rich on our backs.

      • StupidConservativeValues

        You can head of the concentration camps for all the illegals. If you’re lucky, they’ll let you release the Zyklon B into their shower stalls.

  19. Evil satanic people have taken advantage of political correctness. These monsters are aiming to destroy decent humanity.

  20. StupidConservativeValues

    The FEDERAL POST OFFICE is issuing an advance commemorative stamp celebrating the end of the Republicant Party. HA! Fuck nuts!

    • First they need to issue a end of Hillary stamp

      • StupidConservativeValues

        Actually, once she becomes our country’s president, congress will make an exception to currency rules and place her image proudly on the $20! This will be another history making move the Democratic controlled federal government will make post November. Additionally, the Supreme Court will become solidly liberal and then all you goobers are really fucked! Ha ha!

  21. Illegal aliens are present or future demo voters bought with ‘citizenship and welfare’ and any one who says this is a racist. SO if you want to be PC, Politically Correct, you have to ignore reality and costs and be a demo.

  22. StupidConservativeValues

    Enhanced interrogation = The right being politically correct.

    Extreme Islamism = The right being politically correct.
    Conservatives suck dick = Conservatives suck cock.
    And so it goes with all you stupid ass goobers

  23. sandraleesmith46

    Without honest language and word definitions, there can be no honest dialogue on any issue, and PC is intended to stop any sort of dialogue at all! The left wants compliance with its agenda, not honesty or dialogue at all.

  24. So true, so true. There is nothing wrong, to my thinking, with calling a spade a spade.





    • They have armed guards to protect against unhinged bastards. Please post some documentation pertaining to stated Democratic votes.

      • h m Rowland,,, Start with attack on the 2nd amendment. Why so much ranting about gun control or we can call it what it really is people control.

  27. The theory described is called the Overton Window, where the important issues of each era get shifted to the right or left depending on the dominant ideology at the time. For the last century and a half the Window has been shifted to the radical left more often than not.

  28. Egor von Johnson

    Sured be nice if we could hang that monkey faced nigger in Our House, by a short rope and watch that “cat” dance, real good! The roar from America would be resounding and filled with Grace. God Bless America and Trump too!

  29. We need to separate America from liberals/democrats/Obama, Hillary and the rest of the world if we want to survive and remain strong

  30. If a man refuses to do what the cop says, mouths off, struggles with the cop and ends up shot, this is a loss for his family not for the country.
    The demoscat bred low IQs on welfare to make more demo voters AND creating crime and MUCH DEBT.

  31. Left Wing Politicians are destroying the USA. Wake up people and vote against them in November

  32. It is far more than PC, it is PE, PURE EVIL!

    If you really want to be informed then I suggest! They just revealed that the Texas governor Abbot had been treated at an army hospital with second and third degree burns from his knees down – he is in a wheel chair – only hours before the Dallas false flag was carried out! There are no coincidences with this regime, Scalia’s death also points to this!

    Here we go again, and again, and again, another false flag timed conveniently as the Muslim-Marxist was out of the country and right after the disgraceful mockery of the laws of justice experienced with the ole ugly commie whore “Hillary the Pillory’s” get out of jail free card pass! This communist NWO regime has total control of every facet of government as they cleverly dismantle America! One shooter, two shooters, three shooters, four shooters – they don’t know, they say, but they do know because this Godless, Satan worshipping regime has their dirty hands all over this one just as the previous ones – Orlando; Boston Bomber, San Bernardino – and the future ones! This was a well thought out and planned operation and not some spontaneous, last second spur of the moment get even massacre! The sheeple just can’t or don’t want to believe that we have EVIL, POWER hungry demons at the top of our government but in the end when it is too late they will of wished that they had paid attention and took action instead of keeping their heads up their asses! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION – guaranteed; that is why these false flag operations will escalate in order for these Godless ghouls to brainwash and bully the sheeple into gun control, the last nail in the coffin of the “TRANSFORMED * TRANSGENDERED” AMERIKA! States should start manning militias in order to send a message to “Moscow West” as they prepare with war against Russia which has already begun

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