How One Republican Accidentally Sabotaged Israel

Photo by Cole Keister on Unsplash

( – Senator Rand Paul has come under fire for his previous attempts to block funding that would be used for Israel’s Iron Dome system following Saturday’s Hamas attacks.

Hamas fired a number of coordinated rockets at Israel on Saturday. At the same time, dozens of fighters entered from the Gaza Strip into Israel through the border. Following the attack Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that the country was currently at war and in retaliation launched an attack against Hamas in Haza.

As of Monday afternoon, the casualties from the violence that has ensued have meant that 900 people from Israel had died, and 493 people from Gaza. Both sides have also suffered from thousands of injured people.

The United States has pledged to provide the country with unconditional support. Republican Senator Paul also made a statement supporting Israel following the attack while also condemning the terrorist organization and the action it took.

However, many critics were quick to point out that while Paul was offering his condolences now, he had previously attempted to block funding for Israel’s missile defense system that would help keep the country protected in cases of short-range rockets that are fired against it. The United States has provided billions in funding for Israel’s defense system.

Paul’s spokesperson noted in regards to the funding that Paul has always supported Israel and has never been opposed to the funding. They added that previously the Senate debates had been about cutting funding to Afghanistan which is currently under the control of the Taliban.

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