How Long Until the Left Sues Trump Over New Border Regulations?

In a memo to the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security on Monday, President Donald Trump called on leaders in those agencies to propose and implement new regulations meant to gain control of the spiraling immigration crisis at the border.

In the memo, the president suggested several changes be made to the existing asylum infrastructure, including charging refugees a processing fee, expanding the capacity to quickly deal with fraudulent claims, and denying work permits to asylum-seekers.

“That emergency continues to grow increasingly severe,” Trump said in the memo. “The extensive resources required to process and care for these individuals pulls U.S. Customs and Border Protection personnel away from securing our Nation’s borders.”

He gave officials at DHS and the DOJ 90 days to come up with regulations that would expedite the processing of asylum applications. Right now, it can take up to three years for the system to adjudicate a refugee’s claim. He wants to bring that down to 180 days. Additionally, Trump wants to deny provisional work permits to anyone who has previously tried to enter the U.S. illegally. This is an important step because the promise of a work permit is half of what’s drawing these migrants to the U.S. in the first place.

In just about every article we read about this, there contained this paragraph (which we assume means it originated with the Associated Press): “The White House and DHS officials did not immediately respond to questions about how much applicants might be forced to pay in asylum fees, and it is unclear how many families fleeing poverty would be able to afford such a payment.”

Oh, well good news! Because “fleeing poverty” does not a valid asylum claim make. Perhaps it didn’t occur to the AP that raising the bar to claim asylum was, you know, the whole damn point. Who are we kidding, of course it occurred to them – just like it will occur to the Democrats and the immigration activists who are sure to file an immediate lawsuit against the Trump administration. And seeing as how every time they do that, they manage to find another liberal judge to rule in their favor, we’re not going to hold our breath waiting for these changes to materialize.

To us, this sounds like a chief executive doing what it takes to tighten up the enforcement of U.S. law. In other words, it sounds like measures completely and legally within Trump’s purview. Unfortunately, we’ve grown jaded in recent years, and we know how this is likely to play out. As long as the left wants to keep this immigration crisis going, they will do everything they can to see that it does. And so far, they’ve been extremely successful.

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