How Joy Behar Spends Her Vacation: Berating Trump Supporters Overseas

God help us if Europeans come to believe that people like “The View” co-host Joy Behar are representative of America. The left like to whine about what an “embarrassment” President Trump is when it comes to our standing in the world, but we can’t think of anything more internationally humiliating than our so-called celebrities heading to London on their vacations…only to berate and bully people about their support of Trump. Like, who DOES this?

“When I was in London, I was in the war rooms and I got into an argument with a Trump supporter,” Behar proudly admitted when she returned to the show this week. “Underground, all he said to me was, ‘Why can’t you give him a chance the way we gave Obama a chance?’

“Give him a chance?” Behar replied in shock. “He’s destroying the planet! He’s destroying democracy! He doesn’t know what he’s doing! He’s writing stupid letters to Erdogan. He’s killing people who are far away from us who did nothing but help us. Give him a chance? That’s the argument you’re giving me underground?”

He’s writing stupid letters to Erdogan. Really, Joy?

But Behar evidently came back from vacation in a feisty mood, and she was especially eager to engage her co-hosts in a discussion of President Trump’s contentious meeting with Nancy Pelosi and other top Democrats at the White House on Wednesday. Behar, naturally, was effusive in her praise of the House Speaker.

“He called her nervous Nancy,” Behar said, referring to Trump’s tweets about the encounter. “She has nothing to be nervous about. You’re the idiot who is being impeached, not her!”

Oh, is he? We’re not so sure about that, to be honest. Yes, that’s the story that the media and Nancy Pelosi would like us to swallow, but yeah…we don’t see it happening. Not as things stand right now, anyway. Pelosi has yet to even put the idea of starting an impeachment inquiry to a House vote. If she’s too cowardly to do that, how does she intend to put articles of impeachment to the floor?

But it’s not as if we expect any deeper analysis from a brain-dead bozo like Joy Behar, who apparently thinks it’s appropriate to go on an unhinged rant about “destroying democracy” to a friendly Trump supporter in London. Please, England. Whatever you guys may think of our president, please don’t judge us by our country’s liberal “resistance.”

On the other hand, you guys in London elected Mayor Islam, so maybe you like this kind of thing.  

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