How Hurricane Ian Has Affected Trump

Donald Trump’s deposition which was originally scheduled for Friday has now been rescheduled as the former President is unable to attend due to the Hurricane.

Both Trump’s lawyers and the lawyers who filed the class action against Trump, his business, and his children have been blaming each other about the deposition being scheduled for Friday in person at Mar-a-Lago in the middle of a hurricane.

The magistrate judge overseeing the case has now said the deposition’s new deadline is Halloween.

Hurricane Ian reached Florida as a Category 4 storm with maximum sustained winds of 150 mph. State officials had issued many evacuation orders before the hurricane reached their state.

Plaintiff lawyer John Quinn wrote to the judge to say that it was Trump’s insistence that led to the deposition being scheduled at Mar-a-Lago. He also added that in light of the reports of the hurricane they had previously tried asking the defense to move the deposition elsewhere because of the weather concerns.

Trump’s team however failed to respond to this email according to the plaintiff’s legal team. However, Trump’s team tells a different story as they said that they thought that the idea of leaving Florida in the middle of the hurricane was absurd.

They also added that the president is still able to give his deposition on Friday and even requested for the deposition to be done remotely through zoom in light of the safety concerns.

Magistrate Judge Sarah Cave, who serves in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, extended the deposition deadline to Oct. 31, after saying that it was uncertain that they would be able to go through with the deposition even remotely.

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