How DARE Liberals Accuse the NRA of Inciting Violence?

Liberals are piping hot over a new ad from the NRA that tells the truth about the fringe left and their increasingly-violent tactics. Not a month after a deranged liberal stalked out to a ballfield in Alexandria, VA to kill Republicans, the liberal media is accusing the NRA of inciting a violent atmosphere among Trump supporters. It’s the most insidious pot-kettle turnaround we’ve seen in a long time, and it shows you just how desperately the left wants to pretend that what’s happening in their progressive movement isn’t actually happening.

In the video, which is interspersed with scenes from violent, left-wing protests from the past year, conservative radio host Dana Loesch lays out the facts.

“They use their media to assassinate real news. They use their schools to teach children that their president is another Hitler. And then they use their ex-president to endorse the resistance,” Loesch says. “All to make them march, make them protest, make them scream racism and sexism and xenophobia, to smash windows, burn cars, shut down interstates and airports, bully and terrorize the law abiding until the only option left is for the police to do their jobs and stop the madness.”

Left-wing critics are now accusing the NRA of essentially using the ad as a “call to action” by telling supporters to arm themselves so they can go hunt down and kill liberal protesters. Now, we won’t spend a lot of time wondering what kind of sick mind you have to have to read that kind of message into the video, because that would be to give the left the credit of actually believing what they say. They don’t. They are simply using any excuse, trick, and misdirection in the book to get Americans to forget that there has only been one major act of political violence in recent months, and it was committed by a hardcore Bernie Sanders supporter and perpetrated on Republican congressmen.

In an interview with Tucker Carlson on Thursday night, Loesch said you had to be willfully blind to treat the NRA ad as anything other than a condemnation of violence.

“I’m talking over video clips that show actual leftist violence,” Loesch said. “Rioting, property damage, arson, physical assault, and apparently me condemning violence is what’s inciting and dividing America.”

Loesch took exception to a tweet by Connecticut Democrat Chris Murphy, who said, “I think the NRA is telling people to shoot us.”

“There was nowhere in this video where I called for anyone to move toward violence, to silence anyone, or where I called for anyone to even pick up a firearm and enact violence,” she said. “We just had a couple weeks ago, due to some of this rhetoric like we see from Sen. Murphy, had a crazy leftist lunatic go out and open fire on a bunch of Republicans after he double-checked to make sure they were Republican. This has to stop, and I’m not going to stop condemning violence, and it’s a shame that other people on the left, Tucker, won’t do the same.”

To condemn it, they would actually have to admit that it’s happening. Guess they’re not ready to do that yet.

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  2. scootertrash197


  3. The remarkable ease with which lunatic killer Hodgkinson obtained multiple automatic weapons in a democrat state with strict gun control, how this unemployed drifter came to live for six months in the nation’s capital while frequently conferring with Dick Durbin and Barney Sanders and visiting democrat headquarters, how the would-be mass assassin came to know where and when the Republicans were holding their baseball practice and the rapidity with which Clinton bagman and fixer McAuliffe got from Richmond to Arlington to exploit the shootings as pretexts for gun confiscation strongly suggest that this was yet another political killing arranged by the party of Marx, Mohammed and Murder. There is absolutely no relationship between the NRA’s defense of the Second Amendment and violent gun crime committed or abetted by the Obammunists: it is not, as Murphy claims, the NRA telling people to shoot them but the terrorist group formerly known as the democrat party telling Antifa and black militants and marxists and degenerates and mohammedans to shoot US.

    • ” Hodgkinson obtained multiple automatic weapons ” no, they were semi auto . and if he had gone to court for prior charges his FOID card would have been suspended and he would not have been able to purchase them. some how charges were dismissed.~~

      • mossbergman,
        EXACTLY…correct it seems Miles E Drake is tossing about LIBERAL “talking points” about “automatic rifles” . We “common people” cannot LEGALLY possess “full automatic” weapons without a class 3 dealers license and are VERY HARD to obtain.

        • Well you don’t need a class 3 lic to get a full auto u need one to do the transfer ** do note they are not made for public purchase ,just military & police. you can purchase one thats been grandfathered in thru a class 3 dealer by applying for a fed tax stamp $200 signing your life away and Paying a huge sum for one if you find one for sale . like i said what available is only what has been grandfathered in no new ones for John Doe ,and whats out there is NOT CHEAP . the media and the use of Auto instead of semi auto in just a method of confusing the public into thinking they can buy a machine gun at the corner gun shop…

          • I am just going by the “laws” here in COMMUNIST N.Y. State. That is what you need here IF you want to purchase and possess a so-called “machine gun”. The only ones HERE that I know of ,are usually GANG CRIMINALS in the “bigger cities”, and of course YOU know THEY don’t need a “license”.


            The cops have 9 mm automatics in New York City and they have machine guns to stop terrorists there and on long island.

          • GEE,
            I guess I must have missed those “police” 9mm ” full automatics” as far as I knew, are semi auto HANDGUNS carried as their “duty weapons”. The “Full AUTO” rifles are ONLY carried by SWAT teams when they are called into duty.

        • Wrong you can possess full automatic weapons.

          • THAT IS “IF” you have, and submit the proper “documentations” , pay the “GOVERNMENT” the proper FEE AFTER an extensive “background check”, OR you can be a CRIMINAL, if you know the “right” people, buy them on the “black market” and possess them ILLEGALLY.

          • If you want automatic weapons, contact Senator Leland Yee of California. He supplies Chinese gangs and anyone with the money with fully automatic weapons (from radical Filipino Islam terrorist groups). He also writes the most draconian gun laws for California residents.


            Prove it, I dont believe that.

          • It was in the news stop watching msmbc

          • Actually THAT sounds like a typical COMMUNIST SCUMOCRAT. “ARM UP” your “friends” so they can take over. (sound familiar? ) Just like OSCUMBAG “arming up” “HIS” private army that HE STATED ON NATIONAL TV NEWS was going to be as well, OR BETTER equipped as the U.S. Military. (SO “inventor invented” commenting below) the “proof” you want was already spouted by OSCUMBAG years ago) Not as “far fetched” as you seem to think.

          • No if you are a Mexican drug cartel Obama will give you one for freeee

          • only if you have class 3 license

          • Not here in Kalifornistan and now you can’t buy even an AR that has a removable magazine. Then in January you can’t buy ammo without a background check. 30 round mags were going to be illegal (making law abiding citizens criminals that owned them) but a judge stepped in and put that on hold. What states can you buy a machine in?

      • you need a federal permit to own or buy a fully automatic rifle I don’t think he had one they are hard to get and very expensive

    • Miles E. Drake. I agree with your statements, Mr. Drake — with one exception. You have carelessly used the term “automatic weapons”. They were not automatic weapons. Of course that makes the shooter NO LESS GUILTY. But we who support the ownership of guns by honest and decent citizens have often criticized liberals for using the term “automatic weapon” to try to make gun ownership sound like a crime. If you had NOT used that word in you posting, it would, I think, be 100% accurate.

      • Many people call semi automatic weapons “automatic”. Leave the political correctness out of this. You’re all starting to sound like liberals. The point that Drake is making is about a liberal popping off rounds at republicans…there’s the central theme.

        • Of course I understand what the central theme is.

          But liberals look for any reason to attack us and I think that calls for us non-liberals to be careful about the use of terms like “automatic weapon”.

          • Therein lies my point…. trying to correct the politically correct is succumbing to the lowliness of hateful discourse. LOL… I myself just prefer insults to stupid liberal toilet bugs, let them seethe.

        • Using the wrong word is not PC because in this one – you can kill more people with an automatic weapon which the Liberals go crazy about. If people keep using it the Liberals will end up banning both guns.

          • Don’t be ridiculous. Toilet bugs hate all guns, it doesn’t matter what you call it unless you want to succumb to the ridiculousness of political correctness. By being sensitive to the paranoia of liberals you give them cause to be overly sensitive snowflakes.

          • Well there it is… the perfect excuse for PC… racism or discrimination. Why is the use of PC so difficult to see the outcome of intentional manipulation of semantics? The use of semi-automatic or automatic does NOT convey less lethality, both can cause the same end. The body count is insignificant or are we all about splitting PC hairs here?

      • In other words, Miles Drake, you can edit the word “automatic” and preface it with the word “semi-”

        As in “semi-automatic.”

    • You can bet CIVIL WAR is coming to America. And very soon. CIVIL WAR will be started by the communist democrat cry baby liberals.

      • God I hate to say you’re probably right but……

      • Whether yes or no about civil war coming soon to America, I am not sure.
        But, I am sure enough that I am progressively preparing for the worst!

      • “Not a month after a deranged liberal stalked out to a ballfield in Alexandria, VA to kill Republicans, the liberal media is accusing the NRA of inciting a violent atmosphere among Trump supporters.”

        I think this was the opening shot of a new civil war.

      • And we will finish it all of it


      Bernie Sanders never met him.

    • There’s no way Hodgkinson acted alone…follow the money.


        Follow the money. What money? Nobody gave him anything. he was living in a van himself. He was lone shooter.

    • Well said, except that the weapons are classed as semi-automatic.

  4. The left always accuses everyone else of their faults – collusion, fraud, violence, fake news, ad infinitum.

    • YES! Ad infinitum ad nauseam! I am up to my eyeballs with the libs’ nonsense! If the far left leads America, our progeny will have a hopeless future.

  5. RichFromShowMe

    Generally speaking, whatever the Left blames the Right for doing, they are actually doing the deed; i.e., the recent Russia-Gate accusations by the Left which, if they were true, obamba should have done something a year ago.

  6. it is what it is , calling them out don’t change it tuff if they don’t like it , they are calling for the violence, and if they push to far I’m afraid they may get what they want ,they don’t realize the damages

    • People who are typically identified as “Liberals”, are usually unable to relate cause and effect. This seems to validate your observation.

      • what are identified as “Liberals” today are not the true liberals of 40 years ago. they hi-jacked the liberal badge to hide their progressive agendas until they felt they had a good grip / note they aren’t Democrats either .JFK was a Democrat. He wouldn’t fit well today . ~ a yr ago I was reg as such ,until i got a look at the 2016 line up – no options just Marxist whack jobs


          JFK was a great President. He was an anticommunist and a liberal Democrat who wanted every citizen to have an equal opportunity to climb the social ladder. Lyndon Johnson was the same. He widened the Vietnam war which made him so unpopular he didn’t run for re-election. There are still Democratic party members like them. John Kennedy Junior come to mind.

  7. Most young liberals these days need to go out and get a job and suck it up. The facile interactions they have on facebook, etc, have led them to unreasonable expect all kinds of “rights” without responsibilities. The simple truth of the matter is everybody has to work for a living.

  8. Statesman Patriot

    Liberals are more dangerous than all the illegals and jihadists now in America!

    It’s a known fact that more than 90% of ALL criminals in our jails and prisons are liberals. They are the leeches and thugs who steal, rob and murder.

  9. THIS is the way “progressive liberal COMMUNISTS” act..nothing new… you commit the “act” then blame someone else for YOUR actions.
    True to the teachings of the book alinski’s “rules for radicals” that is the “handbook” of SCUMOCRATS and their “followers”

  10. You want to stop violence in America BAN FUCKING DEMOCRATS

    • YES!!!!!!!


      democrats have a fucking right to life

      • Just NOT in this country! They ‘promised’ to LEAVE if Trump was elected. Git-er-dun-whacks!

        • that’s the problem with the democraps they are all mouth and a$$ leave us like you said you would do if trump won we don’t want you here

        • There wouldn’t be anyone left in Hollywood!

          It’s unfair! They got everyone so excited when they promised to leave if Trump was elected — they acted like democrats and lied — and now my heart is broken!

          • I really am sad that they broke their promise! I was so hoping they meant it. Esp. the old crow that is a Supreme Court Justice! She (or her husband) dared to lie to We the People!
            Or perhaps New Zealand wouldn’t have her!!!

          • North Korea declined to have her visit. Said there wasn’t anything in her head to beat out of…

          • But, her skull would make such an functional antique bowl for Fat Boy to eat his lobsters from.

          • I feel your pain!!

        • And to think I got a sore throat singing, “la la la la, hey hey good-bye!”

      • In prison, perhaps.


          You may not know it but the majority of people in the United States want it to be what it is now- a free and democratic society. There’s been a real stampeed towards authoritarianism in this country and hopefully people will chill out and try to respect each others rights to free thought and free speech and the rest of the bill of rights. I love America and I dont want to leave it.

          • We have to be on guard at all times because there is a sector of this country that can change it with the elections and corruption. We saw this corruption in the Democrat party. Paying people to attack Trump supporters. Wet works with the “shadow government”, the “pedophile” rings all over the country/world (videos of Hollywood exclusive parties-$35,000 a ticket).

          • And voter fraud, taking big money from muslims that oppress women and rape children.

      • No, they believe in abortion so they should lead by
        example and abort themselves.

      • NO, they don’t. There is no such thing.

      • Stop democrats from killing people it’s your savages doing all the crime

      • And stop killing babies to but munch

      • Savage democrats have a right to follow laws or go to jail, other people have to have guns to protect them selves from you uncivilized animals


          They are minority, but there are legitimate democrats who own guns on the police force and veterans and people who like to hunt and they have the wherewithal to protect themselves from unciviliz3ed animals of all types. And there are a lot of crazy people on the right. I THINK EVERYBODY SHOULD CHILL OUT!

          Take 5 and be reasonable about things. What the hell is wrong with Gingrich? He told the President “Dont be reasonable” Its affecting everyone.
          He used to be a voice of reason. He’s not himself.

          • Because you can’t rationalize with the crazies on the left you have to stomp them back under their socialist, anti American, Marxist rock as far as democrats that legally own gun well they need to rethink who and the hell they Are voting for, really the criminal clintons they have sold out to every anti American anti white(racist) organization oh and let’s not forget about the Muslim money and the soroes money, so for that minority they need to pull their heads out of obsmas ass their party sold this country out.

      • Not really.

      • Actually, among decent people (and there seems to be less and less pf tje, everyday) everyone who is a decent person should have a right to life. Right wing extremists & conservatives don’t agree with that.,.. or with things like EQUALITY!


    • Kill all of the Alt-right – improve the gene pool. US’s average IQ would rocket!

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    • Did you know that America is the only major industrialized country that doesn’t have universal healthcare?!

  11. Why are we being so patient with the lying low life liberal dem bloodsucking parasites>?

  12. The inciter of violence is Soros. The liberals are the ones that are inciting violence. The conservatives are protecting themselves.

  13. The DNC doing what it does best……………………….”Lying and Blaming somebody else”! And, the DNC “owns” the Liberal and Lying MSM, Period!

  14. The left can dish it out massively but can’t take the truth being thrown back at them!

  15. Personally I believe it’s way past time to fight fire with fire… We are at WAR with Islam, Communism, Liberalism(which is based on Queer Logic)!


    • Arvin, they will have to kill me first, and many, many patriotic Americans are waking up–they feel the same as I do!


        Dear Mary, this is from the Los Angeles times, about the Oath Keepers in skirmish with the police in Ferguson MO
        “Late Sunday, protests grew violent with rock throwing, break-ins at at
        least one business, and a gun battle that left one man critically
        wounded by police after authorities said he fired on undercover
        officers.” For your sake I advise you not to get involved with them. I like you.

    • Arvin the time is now. We know their nature. We have the opportunity right now.

  17. That very old and still true saying needs to be underscored: Guns don’t kill people, People kill people.”
    Nuff said!

  18. The answer to the lead in question can I think be found in a 19th century quote from or attributed to British government official named Benjamin Disralie, if I’ve misspelled the last name, sorry. Anyhow, the observation ran as follows. “While figures might not lie, liars figure.” They so did then, and they do so today.

  19. This is a bit old and I’m sorry to say I haven’t updated it recently!! feel free to use as you see fit. It’s not mine!!

    One question that SHOULD be on any background check is political party affiliation! Why you may wonder? “Most are registered “DemoCRAPS””! If they check DemoCRAP as party affiliation, no need to pick up the phone, AUTOMATIC failure on the background check! ROFLMAO!

    Gun Control Solution
    In 1865 a Democrat shot and killed Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States.
    In 1881 a left wing radical Democrat shot James Garfield, President of the United States- who later died from the wound.
    In 1963 a radical left wing socialist shot and killed John F. Kennedy,President of the United States.
    In 1975 a left wing radical Democrat fired shots at Gerald Ford, President of the United States.
    In 1983 a registered Democrat shot and wounded Ronald Reagan President of the
    United States.
    In 1984 James Hubert, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 22 people in a McDonald’s restaurant.
    In 1986 Patrick Sherrill, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 15 people in an Oklahoma post office.
    In 1990 James Pough, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 10 people at a GMAC office.
    In 1991 George Hennard, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 23 people in a Luby’s cafeteria in Killeen, TX
    In 1995 James Daniel Simpson, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 5 coworkers in a Texas laboratory
    In 1999 Larry Asbrook, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 8 people at a church service.
    In 2001 a left wing radical Democrat fired shots at the White House in a failed attempt to kill George W. Bush, President of the US.
    In 2003 Douglas Williams, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 7 people at a Lockheed Martin plant.
    In 2007 a registered Democrat named Seung – Hui Cho, shot and killed 32
    people in Virginia Tech.
    In 2011 a mentally ill registered Democrat named Jared Lee Loughner, shot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and killed 6 others.
    In 2012 a registered Democrat named James Holmes, went into a movie theater and shot and killed 12 people.
    In 2012 Andrew Engeldinger, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 7
    people in Minneapolis.
    In 2013 a registered Democrat named Adam Lanza, shot and killed 26
    people in a school in Newtown, CT.
    As recently as Sept 2013, an angry Democrat shot 12 at a Navy ship yard.
    Clearly, there is a problem with Democrats and guns. Not one NRA member, Tea Party member, or Republican conservative was involved in any of these shootings and murders.

    SOLUTION: It should be illegal for Democrats to own guns.
    We don’t need gun control, we need Democrat control. Guns don’t kill people, Democrats do! Ironic, yes????

  20. Well, to be completely honest, the NRA ad (which I saw for the first time on the Tucker Carlson spot the article talks about) does condemn the violence of the Left. But, that being said, the message I took away was one of self-defense. Wayne LaPierre (Executive Vice President of the NRA) said, “The best way to stop a bad guy with a gun, is with a good guy with a gun.” The ONLY reason James Hodgkinson was stopped before he had a chance to do a lot more mayhem than he did is because he was “gunned down” by a couple of those “good guys” (Capital Police officers). The Left had better stand “on notice” that their violent looting and riots will NOT be tolerated by conservatives who have guns! The Baltimore mayor may have told the police to “stand down” because “its only property,” but MY property is worth more to me than the lives of the dirt-bag shithole scum who are trying to burn me out! And I am armed – get the message?

    • Got you message and APPROVE.


      I think you have right to defend your life but killing people over property is punished in this country. There was a murder in my county less than a week ago. Two kids stole another guy’s motorbike and he got into his car and chased them and killed one and badly injured a person in a car he crashed into trying to escape the cops.

      So what I’m trying to say is killing somebody about stolen property is senseless and too extreme.

  21. A couple years ago a syndicated talk show host had his staff research all the multiple (mass) shooting incidents of the past 30 years. The results of that research showed that every single one was done by a registered Democrat or whose parents were or a follower of Islam. This makes the solution to mass killings easy. Don’t allow Democrats or Muslims to own guns.

  22. Until Liberal, Communist, Socialists like Nazi sympathizer George Soros and his family as well as Media Matters and others are constantly allowed to fund liberal causes including Snopes and are finally arrested for Un-American Activities with all of their financial resources dried up (and used to pay for the Mexican Wall), we will have to put up with their BS! The 1st Amendment DOES NOT include what these Liberal Dweebs and phony causes are participating in. Any time anyone suggests the tearing down or dismantling of the American government or persons or parts thereto, or rewriting the US Constitution through subversive means, you are violating American Laws and our Constitution and Bill of Rights!!! President Trump, Keep Tweeting but with a priority on getting your and Americans agenda completed!!! You Sir have the Lib’s and MSM so pissed off they are turning people against them and for supporting the American Conservative Way!!!

  23. If the NRA incited violence, there would be a lot of dead protestors, obstructionists, muslims, safe cities and all of this other BS would be gone. The NRA is it’s own military, made up of about 5MM. What do US ground forces total, about 600,000? Democrats blame everything on everyone else because the Democratic Party is collapsing. Whey don’t you focus on getting rid of Nancy Pelosi and maybe give yourselves a fresh start. You can have McCain too.

    • the democraps killed themselves after the last election they played dirty and they paid for it by loseing
      the voters are tired of dirty politics and lying

    • Dont suggest getting rid of her. They may find someone that is competent. Lindsay can go with his buddy as well.

  24. Re the opening, ever hear of freedom of speech? This is NOT to say that I agree with the anti gun liars, I don’t, but that is the way the cookie crumbles. Of course, there are liable and slander laws,and the possibility of actions being brought, that being another matter.

  25. Why havent we gotten rid of that insidious group (Democrats). They are at the root of every bad thing that happens to Americans. The Civil War, segregation, Slavery, KKK, jim crow, Vietnam war. I could keep naming stuff.

    • Here’s more details:

      From the mid 1850’s through the 1960’s, the Democrat Party voted against EVERY single piece of Legislation that had anything to do that benefited the Black population relative to their Civil Rights …ALL of the legislation.

      President Woodrow Wilson – Democrat: World War One, 1914 – 1918, roughly 116,000 U.S. Military killed during the final year of that War.

      President Franklin D. Roosevelt – Democrat: World War Two, 1942 – 1945, roughly 430,000 U.S. Military killed during nearly 4 years of war.

      President Harry S. Truman – Democrat: Korean War, 1950 – 1953, roughly 38,000 U.S. Military Killed.

      Lyndon B. Johnson – Democrat: Vietnam War, 1965 – 1975 (1965 was first large deployment of U.S. Military):, roughly 58,000 U.S. Military killed.

      Lyndon B. Johnson – Democrat: The Great Society he envisioned turned out to become the great tragedy of the Black population in the U.S.A up to this day.

      Most Democrats: the killing of nearly 55 MILLION unborn HUMANS since 1973 … mostly for the sake of convenience!

      • You should add two things to your list:

        (1) the number of wounded in each of the wars; and

        (2) having a weak president in office exacerbates any other problem.

        Carter’s weak presidency led Iranian dissident in Tehran to take over the U.S. embassy there.

        Clinton’s weak presidency resulted in the World Trade Center bombing; the suspected terrorist shoot-down of TWA 800 over Long Island Sound; Islamofascist attacks in our domestic military bases, and set Osama bin Laden on a quest to cause the tragedies of September 11, 2001 — which led to our invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. How many U.S. servicemen have died in the Middle East since Carter took over?

        Look at O’dumbo’s weak presidency. We’ve taken over a million un-vetted refugees from Islamofascist states in the Middle East into the United States. How many Americans will die because of him?

        • Whaledriver … very, very valid points!

          Thanks for adding them!


          was it really a million Islamics or less? Most of them are not Arabs but from Pakistan aren’t they? Are Pakistanis as dangerous as Arabic origin immigrants? I dont think Pakistan is on the list of banned countries.

          • RAND Corp Analyst: Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Hurts National Security


            Apr 15, 2016 – RAND Corp Analyst: Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Hurts National Security … gaining intelligence on active threats requires cooperation from Muslims.

          • Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Is a National Security Threat | RAND


            Apr 13, 2016 – National security and counterterrorism experts agree that rhetoric that paints all Muslims as terrorists or terrorist sympathizers has a high …

            Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Is a National Security Threat – War on the Rocks


            Apr 13, 2016 – As more than 100 national security experts recently noted: “Hateful, anti-Muslim rhetoric undercuts the seriousness of combating Islamic …

        • Anti-Muslim rhetoric is a threat to our democracy | TheHill

          Dec 17, 2015 – Anti-Muslim rhetoric is a threat to our democracy … policies that discriminate against their citizens solely based on their national origin.

          You visited this page.

          The Most Dangerous National Security Threat That Donald … – Fortune


          Feb 13, 2017 – Donald Trump was elected president while employing white supremacist, anti-immigrant, and anti-Muslim rhetoric. Now the U.S. executive …

  26. What I would really love would be an organization or individual would start a site where true Patriots could sign up and be part of local militias. I see where we have to be able to come together, these damn left wingers are going crazy and we have to be able to defend our communities.

    • If you know any preppers, they might can help you. Or visit nearby gun ranges and inquire. I was told to be careful to look for a good one that teaches survival skills and how to come together to function as a militia for defense only.
      I recently heard about one, but haven’t been able to get phone numbers or an address yet.

      • I don’t know how we could stay in contact but I was serious about my comment. I went to a meeting Oath Keepers and they just didn’t meeting the perimeters to which I wanted. If you are on FB, you have my name and can be contacted there or

        • The closest Oath Keepers’ meeting I found was almost two hours away from me.
          You have my name also, so if I can’t contact you, you can try FB.
          I am serious about this also. Time to prepare for almost anything, for it is heating up in this nation.

          • Mary, there are a lot of Mary Brumleys, It might be easier to reach me: I am the first on the page. That e was suppose to be at the end of my name–Hause

          • I tried just using you name. Don’t know if that is you. Did you go to high school at Travis High School?

          • Yes, the very first person,

          • I just went to FB and asked to be your friend.

    • There are groups like this,but most of them nave been infiltrated by federal agents.

  27. I think that great socialist Adolph Hitler had his progressive henchmen who disrupted his political opponents, bullied people who opposed them , used the media to push their agenda, EDUCATED the children in their doctrine, had professional demonstrators paid for by their party and now the Democrats are using his play book to do the same thing. History does repeat itself.

  28. Gregory Sarmas Sr.

    This violence was and openly promoted by the previous administration.The media has helped right along.

  29. If I were a Democrat Senator, I wouldn’t be going to any baseball practice games! In fact, I wouldn’t do anything in a group,

  30. Communist a.k.a. Democrat party this will not change. Along with the communist a.k.a. Democrat party the media must be destroyed as they are nothing but an arm of terror and lies and deceit and misinformation and just information. The left has caused more damage to this country and insisted more violence and asked of aggression against the right in this country has seen for many years. They continually even after the shooting of the Republican Congress people, they continue spewing your eighth against right Jenning up your base to go after more violence against the right. These are terrorist that are cowards they hide behind things what’s the stupid people who listen to them go do their dastardly evil.

  31. Sluggo D. Mann Accuse others of what you yourself are doing: Joseph Goebbels minister of propaganda of Nazi Germany

  32. It is the liberals inciting all the violence, causing all the problems, behaving like fools, and generally disrupting the peace. Along with that they are accusing everyone else along the way just to confuse the media who believe everything he idiots say or do!

  33. The Demograts Are The Ones That Are Responsible For The Violence That They are Creating Against President Donald Trump, The Republicans, And The American People All Because They Didn’t Win The Election! They Need To Grow Up And Stop This Grap Once And For All! They Need To Get Over It And Start Working Together With The Republican Party And President Donald Trump To Make America Great Again And Help Make America And The American People Safe By Supporting Our Military And Our Police! All Of Our Government, All Of Our Judge’s, Attorneys, The American People And Everyone Else In America, Needs To Follow All Of Our Constitutional Rights, Freedoms, Including The First And Second Amendments, And The Law’s Within It!


  35. Straight out of the “clingstones Arkansas playbook”; accuse others of the crimes You, Yourself are involved in.

  36. The left has a legacy of violence from Stalin to Hitler’s Brown Shirts, Vietnam peace riots, assaulting military personnel, the Weather Underground, ecoterrorists, anti-Trump riots, the brown berets. Hey, they’re liberals.
    It’s what they do – it’s in their DNA!

    • Wayne you are going to have to find your fake news somewhere else. CNN will be broke soon. They are finding out you have to provide a quality service to make money.

        • Wayne, your cap lock is stuck. Do You think I give a damn that you dont understand the world today? So you make crass statments about the president. The world is playing chess Wayne and you are playing chutes and ladders. Along with the rest of your dejected defeated progressive democratic party.

          • Putin’s Bet on a Trump Presidency Backfires Spectacularly – The New …


            12 hours ago – President Vladimir V. Putin bet that Donald J. Trump, who had … While the Russian news media said 755 diplomats would be barred from …
            On day 193, Donald Trump (tries) to start over –


            59 mins ago – The restart of Donald Trump’s presidency begins today, his 193rd day in … Conway, counselor to President Trump, said on “Fox News Sunday. –

          • Thats nice Kol there have been progressives blocking the agenda ok and what is your point? Some of those progressives are going to jail. Some of them are Republican. Most are democrat. There will be a reckoning. You can keep sending crap from the propaganda machines or you could start thinking for yourself.

          • Show this devastating list to Trump supporters who think their candidate is sticking to his promises

            So after six months, has he delivered what he promised you?

            1. He told you he’d repeal Obamacare and replace it with something “beautiful.” You bought it. But he didn’t repeal and he didn’t replace. (Just as well: His plan would have knocked at least 22 million off health insurance, including many of you.)

            2. He told you he’d cut your taxes. You bought it. But tax “reform” is stalled. And if it ever moves, the only ones whose taxes will be cut are the wealthy.

            3. He told you he’d invest $1 billion in our nation’ crumbling infrastructure. You bought it. But his infrastructure plan, which was really a giveaway to rich investors, is also stalled.

            4. He said he’d clean the Washington swamp. You bought it. But he’s brought into his administration more billionaires, CEOs, and Wall Street moguls than in any administration in history, to make laws that will enrich their businesses, along with former lobbyists, lawyers and consultants who are crafting new policies for the same industries they recently worked for.

            5. He said he’d use his business experience to whip the White House into shape. You bought it. But he created the most chaotic, dysfunctional, back-stabbing White House in modern history, in which no one is in charge.

            6. He said he’d close “special interest loopholes that have been so good for Wall Street investors but unfair to American workers.“ You bought it. But he picked a Wall Street financier Stephen Schwarzman to run his strategic and policy forum, who compares closing those loopholes to Hitler’s invasion of Poland.

            7. He told you he’d “bring down drug prices” by making deals with drug companies. You bought it. But now the White House says that promise is “inoperative.”

            8. He said that on Day One he’d label China a “currency manipulator.” You bought it. But then he met with China’s president and declared “China is not a currency manipulator.”

            9. He said he wouldn’t bomb Syria. You bought it. But then he bombed Syria.

            10. He called Barack Obama “the vacationer-in-Chief” and accused him of playing more rounds of golf than Tiger Woods. He promised to never be the kind of president who took cushy vacations on the taxpayer’s dime, not when there was so much important work to be done. You bought it. But in his first 6 months he has spent more taxpayer money on vacations than Obama did in the first 3 years of his presidency. Not to mention all the money taxpayers are spending protecting his family, including his two sons who travel all over the world on Trump business.

            11. He said he’d force companies to keep jobs in America. You believed him. But despite their promises, Carrier, Ford, GM, and the rest are shipping jobs to Mexico and China.

            12. He said he’d create coal jobs. You believe him. He hasn’t. But here’s what he has done: Since 1965 a federal program called the Appalachian Regional Commission has spent $23 billion helping communities in coal states fund job retraining, reclaim land, and provide desperately needed social services. A.R.C. helped cut poverty rates almost in half, double the percentage of high-school graduates, and reduce infant mortality by two-thirds. Trump’s first proposed budget eliminates A.R.C.

            This article was originally published at

          • Here’s how the U.S. Empire will devolve into fascism and then collapse-according to science

            June 30, 2017 by Russell Roberts

            Hawaii Intelligence Digest, 01 July 2017, 04:25 hrs, UTC, Post #244.



            Accessed on 01 July 2017, 04:25 hrs, UTC.

            Reporter: Travis Gettys.

            Please click link to read the full story.


            According to a University of Hawaii at Manoa sociologist, the United States “Empire” is living on borrowed time. Professor Johan Galtung, who correctly used modern analytical tools to predict the downfall of the Soviet Union and the 9/11 attacks at the World Trade Center, believes U.S. power, reputation, and influence will decline rapidly under President Donald Trump. Galtung says his original prediction of 25 years for the collapse of the United States has been reduced to less than 20 years, thanks to the past policies of President George W. Bush and the isolationist/protectionist stance of current President Donald Trump. Galtung adds that the final gasp of the U.S. Empire will come as an extreme right-wing political philosophy takes hold of America and transforms the country into a fascist state.

            Professor Galtung bases his predictions on a model comparing the rise and fall of 10 historical empires and on what he calls “synchronizing and mutually reinforcing contradictions.”

            Galtung says the future of our country is grim and foreboding:

            “American fascism would spring from its capacity for global violence, a vision of exceptionalism, a belief in an inevitable and final war between good and evil, the cult of a strong state leading that battle, and a cult of the “strong leader.”

            “Galtung said all of those elements presented themselves during the Bush era, but he fears fascist tendencies could sharpen under Trump as those cultists lash out in disbelief at the loss of American power.”

            “The sociologist identified unsustainable economic, social, military and political contradictions that would eventually topple the U.S. as a world power.”

            “Overproduction relative to demand, unemployment and the increasing costs of climate change would weaken the U.S. economy, according to his model.”

            “Galtung also predicted that rising tensions between the U.S., NATO and its military allies, coupled with the increasing economic costs of war and the political conflicts between the U.S., United Nations and the European Union, would also diminish American power.”


            Professor Galtung offers a chilling look at what our nation is becoming. We are overextended, amazingly ignorant about the real world, and woefully unprepared to confront our adversaries. Our national leadership ignores the advice of our allies, squanders our resources in endless wars, and refuses to confront the truths of science, technology, and economics. Time is running out to address our weaknesses, both foreign and domestic. If we’re unable to confront the challenges of a multi-dimensional world, we will collapse of our own accord and join the former Soviet Union as another historical relic. As it stands now, the future no longer belongs to us.

            For the latest trends in geopolitical intelligence, strategic forecasting, terrorism, politics, and cybersecurity, please visit my daily intelligence briefing at:


            For more information on the above topics, please check the blog sidebars. These news feeds are updated daily.

            Opinions expressed in this blog are mine unless otherwise stated.

            Thanks for joining us today.

            Until next time,

            Russell Roberts

            Hawaii Intelligence Digest



          • Yawn. Yeah if you understood my earlier post you would realize that I am not particularly interested in the United States being an Empire. But as always you don’t. We would be much better off returning to what we started out to be. So if empire ends good. That does not mean the United States ends. UK still here. Spain still here. France still here. Russia still here. Yeah so your chilling ooooo report doesn’t resonate with me. As long as you progressives don’t get us in to a nuclear war with Russia I think we will do fine.

          • There is a very good possibility that this will develop into nuclear warfare. If it does, most likely it will be Donald Trump who “presses the buttons(s).”

          • Yeah if we have a nuclear war during his administration he will be the one to launch the strike. It does not mean he caused the war. Though he will be blamed.

          • Watching him rather closely, and seeing how mentally dysfunctional he is, for quite a long time now I’m willing to bet he’ll likely be the one to cause it. Time will tell… …

          • Kol you watch to much CNN. He is not unstable he is being portrayed as unstable. The Globalist from the last two administrations dont want him to conect with Putin because it will end their agenda. Putin is like Trump in that he is a nationalist. They are also heads of two of the three largest energy producing nations the third being Saudi Arabia. If there is a triad between these nations they will loose their global agenda. They are saying he is Putin’s pupet so they don’t end the current world order. Keep watching him and CNN all you want you are watching and getting the wrong information and you are on the wrong side.

            In addition to understand Russia all you need to know is this: Russia (Putin) wants to be a regional power that has a buffer of smaller reliant states. Obama and Hillary were stupid starting the Ukraine nonsense. If it was 1999 it would have been something to consider but it was what 2015? The Russians were not going to tolorate that. That is what you get when you have progressive globalists running the show. They create festering sores like Syria and Ukraine and destabilize sovereign nations.

          • Nah, I rarely watch CNN… in fact, rarely watch TV. But much of what you say appears to be your personal opinion/your own very selective “reality.” It’s not denial, you’re just very choose-y about what “reality” you accept and what you choose to ignore. I get my information from websites and online news services all over the world in a few different languages.

          • OK, be honest do you ever read anything by lets say a libertarian writer? Or a conservative writer? Or how about a classical Liberal not to be confused with the current liberal who stole the term. I doubt it. So we could say you are a bit picky yourself. I do read and watch other views and you sound like you agree with their progressive global veiw. So you might see, or read from different writers in different languages but it is really the same view and the same ideology. You need to look elsewhere you might find out you dont agree as much with what you have been consuming or you might. I think you have a set view of the world and you look for evidence to support it.

          • You appear to do exactly the same as what yu accuse of me of.

          • We all have bias. You accused me first by the way. Good luck to you.:)

          • I understand/know Russia quite well, actually. I located extended family there almost 2 decades ago, and I’ve lived there a few times for extended periods to be close to certain ones of them… and I know the language somewhat too. I’ve traveled over quite a lot of the Western half of the country and know quite a few people there too… family and friends.

          • You really think you “understand the world today”??? LOL! Try reading some of the things you post. Hahaha!

          • Kol, I have seen your lame pictures you need to find some new. Anyway this whole thing is not about our internal politics. It is the battle between the Globalist whose camp you are in. Since you really dont know and the Nationalists. There are three super powers China, Russia, and the United States. Just like a game of Risk two players gang up on one player. Our most natural ally would be nationalist Russia. The problem is the globalist in our country dont want to stop their agenda that has been turning our sovereignty over to the United nations. It is the same thing that fuels the global warming propaganda. Anyway yeah I understand the world just fine. You arent as smart as you think. The real truth is you know that.

          • Derp.

            (And you really do need to work on your 5th grade grammar, spelling and punctuation… … a LOT!)

  37. Catapult all the F-ing traitor Dumbocrats over the border wall. Adios! America would be a great country if we got rid of Dumbocrats and BLM terrorists and Antifa terrorists. Dumbocrats are NOT Americans, they’re ISIS. Dumbocrats are our enemies bent on destroying our country.

  38. “Not a month after a deranged liberal stalked out to a ballfield in Alexandria, VA to kill Republicans, the liberal media is accusing the NRA of inciting a violent atmosphere among Trump supporters.”

    Hello, pot? The kettle is calling.

  39. If relatives would seek help for their mentally unstable family members or know that one has gone off their meds and get them help, maybe some of this can be prevented!

  40. The bottomline is that Liberal Democrats do NOT walk in a world of “Reality”. They consistently “create” fantasy worlds to cover up their insane actions so they can blame their opponents for the violent crimes of their own “kin”. And, they totally believe that what they do and what “they” want is the only possible answer to any issue.


    Every time some innocent is hurt by a Lib, the perpetrator that incited that violence should be forced to pay retribution funds to the victim’s family for a year as well as provide an education for the victim’s children. Libs may not come with a Responsibility Gene, but our Society can teach them what it means to suffer consequences for their actions/speech. It doesn’t bring back loved ones that are killed, but it does prevent each radical Lib from repeating their irresponsible chatter! It’s a thought…

    FYI: No one wants them dead, but our Country would be better off if they were gagged and put in a straight jacket where they can’t hurt anyone by their flaming irresponsible remarks and actions! Someone needs to “knock some sense” into those fools about living in their own fabricated “Lalaland”!

    Where is their RESPONSIBILITY Gene? Oh I forgot. Libs aren’t born with Responsibility, Sanity or Moral Genes. And you wonder why our world has been turned upside down by them. “WHAT ME WORRY” (Mad Magazine) truly is their CREED!

    • FYI: The majority of MASS SHOOTINGS were committed by Democrats – weak minded, looney Demicrats who only saw the need to kill someone, be they a Congress woman or a bunch of school children or people innocently sitting in a theater watching a show.

      What happens to Liberals that their “Sanity” flies out the door and Insanity takes over?

      If the rest of us “SANE” people do not get control of this epidemic of Progressive Insanity being brainwashed into the heads of every dimwitted Liberal, America will be lost to a death worse than that of the body – the death of our Souls.

      Stand up to these Libs when they speak hateful and insane thoughts! Turn their lives around so they don’t hurt our children or loved ones. Fight them with everything you have to show them they need help and Americans do not want them causing pain nor grief to anyone ever again!

  41. The Dems are the biggest hypocrites you can find anywhere. They use tactics right out of the Nazi Brown Shirt handbook, scream they are the victims, and their sycophants in the MSM play right along.

  42. Perfectly said! I’ve been saying that exact same thing since Kennedy was assassinated. I was 17 and that got me involved in politics. I don’t care how bad a republican is, and there are enough to discredit the party. If I only had a choice between a mentally challenged republican, or a democrat to vote into the Whitehouse, I would not vote for the democrat. Nuff said?

  43. Craig Apelbaum

    Democrats are the one that are violent. Not the NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION. I was a member for five years, in the early 2000s. Not once did ?every hear about them inciting violence. Ever.

  44. Well The Seditionist Party is probably thinking about all the NRA / Republican Riots with the Molotov Cocktails Steel Pipes Baseball Bats Knives Brass Knuckles Rocks waving the Hammer & Sickle Flag, Wait a Minute !! They were Soros Democrat Thugs & Marxist Commie College Students Not NRA or Republicans.

    • I’m AMERICAN — U.S.-born. I located extended family in Russia a couple of decades ago. I’ve spent a few whole summers and some shorter stays over there living among a few who I am now very close to. One good laugh I always have when I’m there is that on Russian TV one often sees that their Communist Party nowadays loves to boast very loudly that it is now Russia’s “republican” political faction today — and they are very conservative and right wing extremist! It’s amusing, too, the way right wing wackos always toss around asinine, silly buzz words like “Commie,” “Marxist,” etc. when they are the ones whose thinking and mentality leans so much that way. LOL!!! One has to wonder at their obsession with calling others “commie”!! 🙂 It’s a very stupid insult and doesn’t make much sense.

  45. Just follow the the paper trail and you’ll find the scumbag that;s inciting violence……..George Soros!!

  46. LMFAO – THEY want your guns – they are getting your money through scams – they are getting ready to run by private jet – boat – yacht – train while they hide their toys in bunkers and safe rooms…..

  47. Absolutely right REK. The only people I see committing acts of violence are the Socialist left wingers. The DNC should go ahead and admit they are the Democrat Socialist National Committee. They need to be list with ISIS, Al Qaeda, the KKK, and the Aryans as a violent subversive group. You didn’t see the Tea Party members turning over cars, or setting Police cars on fire, or shooting up gatherings of Democrat Party members. It wasn’t a member of the First Baptist softball league that shot members of the Republican Congressional baseball team. Mike Savage is right liberals are as a group mentally ill and as the right gains ground they are getting crazier.

  48. RichFromShowMe

    Liberals were just ready to blame “the Roadrunner” for inciting violence when the NRA came up with their insurance against overreaching Leftist Judges.

    What’s next? The “violence” of Mickie Mouse or Donald Duck cartoons? 🙂

  49. Well I never knew tat the IRA hired that iDIOT Braniac K griffin to hold a dead head …Johnny Dipstick DEPP to Mouth off murder Messages nor Produce a play in nYC to show killing the President…. when did they ever diod that???? Unless this is naother “message’ residing Rent free in the MSM Exploded empty heads

  50. More lies and hypocrisy from the left. What else is new?

  51. David VanBockel

    Applaud the “Cal to Action” by NRA.
    Since I am quite busy at home, will await the arrival of jihadis and their ilk, from the mosque down the street, to come to my porch for “adjustments”.

    • Why? we have bigger problems than Muslims – they only make up 5% of all terrorism. Plenty of other retards out there, Muslims least of our worries.

      • Very true! Right wing extremists, Republicans, Trumpsters and fascist anti-Muslim bigot Donald Trump himself are a much greater danger to America today than any Muslim could ever be!! (That ought to get some of them screeching and sending nasty, insulting posts, eh?!? LOL!)

    • You Are More Than 7 Times As Likely To Be Killed By A Right-Wing Extremist Than A Muslim Terrorist!…

      Nov 30, 2015 – Though the details of Robert Lewis Dear’s motives for killing three people in the clinic and injuring nine others are still being revealed, Dear …

      • Kol, I have seen you Trolling this board. Your citations are left over from the Obama administration. Frankly they are not trust worthy. You are just stirring the pot. They are not accurate as they were produced by political operatives that were seeded in those cabinets.

        • Typical right wing extremist … …. anything you do not like to hear is “not trustworthy”… It has to come from someplace like Breitbart, WND, Fox News, Alex Jones, Newsmax, or some other such right wing ultra-extremist source in order to be trustworthy and believable, right?
          DUUUUUHHH!! :-)))

          • Typical left wing extremist commie troll … I certainly don’t trust anything you and your ilk spew. DUUUUUHHHH!!! :-)))))

          • commie??? I love that silly right wing extremist buzzword!! I’m American, U.S.-born. I have extended family in Russia and I have lived there a few times for long periods of time to be close to certain ones. One thing I like to laugh about constantly whenever I’m there is that Russia’s Communist Party nowadays loves to brag loudly on TV that it is Russia’s “republican” political faction today! And they are very conservative and right wing! So you calling others “commie” makes you look like a damned fool… LOL!

          • Kol, actually I am probably not an extremist anymore than you are a commie. I saw it set you off earlier so you were an easy target. I think you would agree you are progressive. I on the other hand am not really Republican. I am a Libertarian I think the Republicans have become a little to progressive for my taste. So I do not care what the old Russian Communist say. So that you understand what I believe I will tell you. I care about Liberty. Freedom. I don’t want the government to solve any of my problems. I don’t want government health insurance. I don’t trust the government to provide me information that promotes its agenda. You don’t want to wear a helmet or a seat belt great. I will not pay the hospital bills. I do not need the government to educate my child. I want the government to provide police and courts that enforce the rule of law and protect property rights. I don’t want the government controlling the economy. Do you know what the word economy means? It means prudence. When was the government prudent? I want the government to provide a military that protects us here and protects our commerce abroad. If the rest of the world wants to slaughter each other let them do it. I don’t think we need much more than that. Highways can be privatized and just about everything else as well. If you think that is extreme OK don’t care. I am a freedom loving, capitalist, free market Libertarian.

      • Only an imbecile would make such a statement. I see no where in the actual report a listing of him being republican or in any way right wing as you say. He was against abortion and also a nut job but no where does it signify his politics. In the last 20 years of so I know of no conservative who has murdered or attempted murder of any person. However, there have been many so called progressive democrats and muslim terrorists. The two are in many cases synonymous. Have a nice day!

      • Think progress, there’s a reliable source. You must be one of the easily led, easily manipulated ones.

    • Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Is a National Security Threat | RAND…/anti-muslim-rhetoric-is-a-national-security-threat.html

      Apr 13, 2016 – National security and counterterrorism experts agree that rhetoric that paints all Muslims as terrorists or terrorist sympathizers has a high …

      Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Is a National Security Threat – War on the Rocks

      Apr 13, 2016 – As more than 100 national security experts recently noted: “Hateful, anti-Muslim rhetoric undercuts the seriousness of combating Islamic …

      RAND Corp Analyst: Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Hurts National Security…/rand-corp-analyst-anti-muslim-rhetoric-hurts-national-securit…

      Apr 15, 2016 – RAND Corp Analyst: Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Hurts National Security … gaining intelligence on active threats requires cooperation from Muslims.

      • The real national security threat is putting a murderous, authoritarian cult who hates this country and everything it stands for and frequently calls for jihad against us up on a pedestal and trying to sell them as harmless teddy bears to easily led, easily manipulated liberals who claim to be against everything they stand for but in reality seem to admire them for all those qualities they emulate more and more everyday.

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  53. They keep getting their mouth and anus confused. The emissions problems are obvious.

  54. Pilot2B Helen WHite

    Well, doesn’t surprise me. with their constipated brains.

  55. They demoRATS are masters of accusing others of what they’re guilty of. Celebrities like the slut Madonna, demonic Lady CaCa, John Depp, Meryl Streep and all the other liberal idiots in Hollyweird making outrageous statements about President Trump are inciting the lunatics out there. The fake news reporters and demoRAT politicians like Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, et al, making outrageous statements to encourage the lunatics, they have a lot of nerve. The affirmative action president, Yomama sat safe, infesting the furniture with Afro sheen but we finally get a legitimate President and the commie liberals can’t handle it. How dare President Trump want to make this country great again.

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