How Can Anyone Take Bernie Sanders’ Endorsement Seriously?

After getting a significant say in the official Democratic Party platform, and perhaps some concessions we don’t yet know about, Bernie Sanders finally endorsed Hillary Clinton this week, putting an end to the speculation. Appearing with her in New Hampshire, Sanders gave his supporters a long list of issues on which he and Hillary agree, conveniently leaving out the issues he’s been hammering  her on for the last six months.

That’s nothing we haven’t seen before – vicious primary opponents suddenly forgetting all of that nasty stuff they said about each other is a staple of our politics.

But in this instance, Sanders has built an insurgent movement – not against Republicans or conservatism – but against the very D.C. establishment symbolized by Hillary Clinton. And a great many of his supporters are behind him on that message more than they are his ultra-liberal political beliefs. For those supporters, the only choice left is Donald Trump.

Trump won’t be able to pull the free college crowd over, but he can reach out to those disgruntled Sanders supporters who think the whole Democratic primary was rigged from the outset. Which it very clearly was. Trump sees the problems with our political system, and he – like Sanders – wants to make sure that WE choose our elected representatives, not the elite.

Trump, also like Sanders, believes that our free trade agreements have led to economic disaster. Anyone of Sanders’ supporters who feel the same do not have any business voting for Hillary Clinton. Regardless of what she’s saying now to pander for votes.

But most of all, Trump is not Hillary Clinton. And Sanders’ supporters have gotten a long (although incomplete) glimpse at the kind of person the Democratic nominee really is. For the last six months, Sanders has explained to his supporters that she makes disastrous foreign policy decisions, obeys the orders of Wall Street power brokers, exploits the same campaign financing scheme she claims to oppose, and is “not qualified” to be president.

Granted, Sanders coming out to endorse Trump would be just as incongruent with his past statements. And despite their similarities on a few key issues, Trump and Sanders could not be more divergent on many others. That’s why most of his voters will switch over to Hillary without a second thought.

But the others – the die-hards who are more anti-establishment than they are anti-conservative – cannot possibly buy into this endorsement. They heard the message. They know what Hillary’s all about. They recognize the need for real change. Those voters still have a chance to be a part of a movement.

As Trump said himself, we welcome you with open arms.

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  1. The best thing to happen to Mr. Trump’s Campaign….

    “Trump leads by three points in Florida — the closest state in the 2012
    election — 42 percent to 39 percent. In Ohio, the race is tied, 41
    percent to 41 percent. And in Pennsylvania — which hasn’t voted for a
    Republican presidential nominee since 1988 — Trump leads, 43 percent to
    41 percent.

    • And in Nuremberg,Trump Will be Prosecuted!

      • Congratulations! You won this week’s dumbass liberal award .One of our Representatives will come to your house and slap the hell out of you and hopefully knocking common sense into you.

      • The Nuremberg trials were started to prosecute NAZI war criminals who were responsible for killing about 12 + million people.

        Hillary has killed more people than Trump.

        In fact Trump’s count is still at zero and holding. Hillary’s count is over 50 and still counting.

        • What do u think ?? Bernie should be vigilant??

          • I’m just surprised he hasn’t had “the heart attack” yet.

            Actually Bernie was a useful idiot for the democrats. They needed someone to run in the primaries against Hillary. They picked a complete nut case so maybe Hillary wasn’t so bad. The problem arose when the democrats figured out how much baggage Hillary had and half of the democrats voted for Bernie. Then the party panicked when they thought Hillary would be in jail by the time the election came around, and they would be stuck with a senile old Communist Alzheimer’s patient as their only solution to the problems Obama created. That’s when the party decided that Hillary must be protected from the FBI, and the AG got to conveniently meet with Bill Clinton in secret, and the FBI director was threatened with loss of his job and his pension. Now they are concentrating on getting Hillary into the White House so she doesn’t get indicted by Trump’s Justice Department, next January.

      • What?? Are you SANE???

        • No Liberal or Progressive lives in reality!

        • That’s got to be either a trick question or a rhetorical one. There’s no such thing as a sane liberal.

          • It’s not a mental issue. Insanity plagues conservatives as much as it does leftists. The problem is their affinity for evil. The problem is spiritual and a love for the Lie. Don’t confuse insanity with evil. It’s an insult to some of the true nutjobs out there.
            There are many avenues to hell and we are free to travel whichever we find most comfortable. The left is constantly attempting to beat out new paths.
            Gratefully, there is One alternative Way.

      • Another Hillary fan showing how they realy do not care if, lier cheating scaming bicth Hillary becomes president

      • No, but he will be ‘persecuted’ when he begins bringing this nation back to prosperity! Well, actually, that has already began.

  2. This election has only just started, who knows what will happen when both of them are not that popular. Many are afraid at voting for either one!

    • Too TRUE!

    • The Democrats could only come up with a raving lunatic Socialist with mental deficiencies, and a crooked woman who thinks we owe the presidency to her because she’s a woman and she used to live in the White House during the most corrupt administration in the last 60 years, and she ran the show while her husband raped the interns.

      Of course they have to make up some terrible things that Trump did to scare people into not voting for him, and call him a racist and a NAZI, when there is no evidence he ever was racist or NAZI. That’s what Democrats do now-a-days, break laws, commit treason, lie to the public , and then blame the other party.

      • But no matter how deep they have dug, they have not uncovered any thing really bad about Donald T. Hence, the lies about him.

      • Well, the weak minded and uninformed are the ones who have caused America to be almost lost at this critical time in our country and our future! Sad to say they have no clue but just regurgitate nothings. We chose to vote for Trump because he is the VERY BEST Candidate for America and has proven it his entire life, while the hag only has greed, taking and giving bribes, strange murders over the years, hates women, is power hungry and doesn’t care how she gets it, and a communist since her late 20’s and wants America to be communist as well to serve her and her evil elite friends!

  3. I don’t think Bernie wants to endorse Clinton at all. He would have never voted for her in a million yrs. She is the total opposite of him. Shes for Wall St. Bernie is not. She likes big Gov’t Bernie is not. Bernie believes he wanted to help people, Clinton does not.

    • Bernie doesn’t like big government? Bernie wants to help the people? Bernie is a self avowed socialist so he likes the government to control everything, which means he likes big government. Bernie wants to help the people who want everything for free, which means the people who actually pay taxes for the other peoples free stuff are hurt. The money doesn’t fall from a money tree in the White Houses back yard so where do you think it comes from? He is now supporting Clinton, who is the epitome of Wall St., while he demonizes Wall St. He is supposed to be an “independent” but it’s quite obvious who his allegiance is to. Bernie is a sell out and a fraud.

    • Bernie is not for big government?????? He wants to make the country Socialist, which is the ultimate big government. And how does a 90% tax rate help people?

  4. How Can ANYONE take ANYTHING Posted by American Patriot Daily as ANYTHING,but Wing Nut SHIT????!!!

  5. Bernie lost the nomination but won the future .

  6. Thank you Millertrump for getting the fascist Mike Pence out of Indiana ! He is a neo con puppet moved here from the mother ship, Texas, in ’99. He’s a first class ass wipe. “The party’ made this pick, and now they write your words, the con job may be good enough to get you two inept monsters elected. Every non klansman in Indiana thanks you, all 8 of us.

  7. Clinton, Bernie, the team, Madoff that is

  8. Rodger K. Shull

    he is just an OLD FOOL, an he should have stayed , in the senate an JSTFU. now he wasted millions of$$$$, to a now good end, an now he is being a STUPID OLD FOOL.

      • Bernie is recycling the Communism of the old Soviet Union. It didn’t work in Russia and it won’t work here. In fact, why don’t you enlighten us and tell us where Communism has ever worked.

        Go ahead, we’ll wait………………

        • Many ideas are a recycle but they are from 60 years ago in the U.S. Your ‘isms’ need some research .

          • That G I Bill was a payback for the military men who put their lives on the line, with people shooting at them and were paid 10 cents per hour while doing it.
            Social Security was meant to be a temporary solution to the fact that during the depression, elderly people were starving to death. It was not meant to be a retirement plan and when the depression ended, it was supposed to go away.
            FDR lengthened the depression by several years because people preferred to get money from the government rather than get a real job. Without his socialism, companies would have been forced to get going and hire people.
            There was a depression in the early 1900’s and the government cut taxes and made it easier for businesses to run at a profit, and that depression lasted less than a year. The roaring twenties referred to the economy roaring and bringing everyone along with it.
            How do you call the military a Socialist program? It is in the Constitution as one of the few duties of the Federal Government…provide for the defense. I made 11 cents per hour when I was in the NAVY, so I doubt anyone felt they were getting rich off of the government.
            I don’t know about your Medicare, but they take money from my Social Security check to pay for it. It does not even approach “free”.
            I don’t remember any time during my 50+ years that a socialist union did anything for me. I never worked in a Union shop and never felt the need to pay dues, and go on strike, or hate my boss. I did my job and always gave 100+%. The unions were for the slackers, who wanted to get paid more for less work.
            A park in your town has nothing to do with socialism. The people got together and decided to have a park.
            It is not socialism to vote to have highways in exchange for some of your money, the same with parks. That’s Democracy.

            You need to do a little more research yourself, H M.

          • Any program that is funded by taxes for the benefit of the “all” is socialist including those you list . The fire department, cops , parks, schools, your mayor’s pay check , highway department , EBT…. why do you think civilized countries have such good no cost schools, prisons with no bars or guns, 36 hr. work weeks and 30 day mandatory vacation? They care about each other, they celebrate tax day as a holiday because of the good things they share together . Why do you think progressives embrace the ‘Sermon on the Mount’?

      • Nice touch HM, bringing up a song by a left wing radical from the drug addled 1960’s with words encouraging the violent overthrow of our duly elected government.

        I doubt that even Bernie would appreciate the connection, but then, he lived in a chicken coop with his first wife, until she got tired of the dirt floor. He’s never been quite right mentally. I just wonder how much dope a person has to smoke, snort, or inject to get that bad. Once a brain cell dies, it is gone forever.

        • Overthrow ? Isn’t that what baggin’ is all about ? …except w guns n violence ? The song was part of Bernie rallies. Those hippie days were patriotism at its finest, it was great to be alive then, I wasn’t old enough to be a part but I understood . We need that now. Peace, love n hippie beads !

      • The people who want socialism are the ones that are too stupid to exploit Capitalism for themselves. Sorry you haven’t done very well.

        • I’ve done fine thanks, more than enough is selfishness . Life is about others more than about self.

          • People that have done well don’t want socialism. Your last line is BS, how about self reliance.

          • Trust me, giving all your possessions to the poor builds self reliance. Not all who have done well are selfish, many are selfless , some are Christ like with the Buddha’s consciousness in a Lao Tzu kind of way. “What profiteth a man if he gains the whole world but looses his soul ?”

    • Huh? Trump was never in the Senate.

      • That’s a good thing, because being in the Senate has ruined the consciences of many people. It turns you into Teddy Kennedy and Robert Byrd types who thrived on the lies they told.

      • That’s why he’s popular, we’re all tired of lying politicians.

  9. After Hillary drains all of Bernie’s ‘endorsements’ he will mysteriously die. See: “Clinton Body Bags” and “Arkancide”?

  10. This article speaks very sadly for the author. How anybody could seriously argue Bernie voters should switch to Trump defies logic. Bernie wants $15 an hour. Trump has stated wages are to high already. Polar opposites. Trump could not possible care less about people outside the 1%. The other 99% he only wants to bend over. Wake up, sheeple.

    • Anyone who would go from Sen. Sanders to Millertrump is obviously not issue driven(…lol). These 2 men are as far apart as the line of infinity itself.

    • Methinks YOU are the one who needs to WAKE UP!!!

    • Raising the minimum wage to $15 dollars an hour will only further hurt the economy. Small businesses can’t afford it and what will happen is more layoffs and automation, which is already happening. This is a deflection from the fact they the democrats can’t come up with a business friendly environment to produce higher paying jobs. When workers compete for jobs, wages stay low. When employers compete for workers, wages go up. It’s called capitalism. That’s what Trump said. You wake up, progressive policies don’t work.

    • If the wages are raised to fifteen dollars, many folk will lose jobs. And then more illegal aliens will pour in to work for five dollars per hour! Lose-lose situation for American workers.

  11. Help me out here, Republicans… In conservative circles, WHY is it such a badge of honor to be stupid?

    • If you have any ideas, why don’t you tell us, instead of putting out insults about the people who want to fix the country?

      Letting people keep more of the money they earned through hard work is not stupid.
      Protecting a baby in the womb from being ripped apart is not stupid.
      Protecting the country from an invading horde of people who want to kill us all, is not stupid.

      You people would be the first people to march in the streets when the democrats raise your taxes to support the freeloaders, or maybe you are just one of the freeloaders, feeding at the government supplied trough.

      What’s wrong, Ben? Welfare check is late this month?

    • Do you ever say anything intelligent? I haven’t seen it yet!

    • You tell us, seeing as you’re one of the stupidest people posting here.

  12. I’d take it as seriously as a Barrack Obama endorsement. But I doubt Hillary has as many stab wounds in her back from Bernie’s endorsement. . . . . .

  13. I suspect that a fairly large percentage of votes for Bernie were really votes against Hillary. Half of the Democrats couldn’t bring themselves to vote for a crooked Hillary, basically because they couldn’t believe anything she said.

    Some of them will vote for Trump, but a lot of them will stay home and not vote. The only way that Hillary can win is if the voter fraud by the democrats goes into high gear. Get out the dead vote, Hillary.

    • You’re already fabricating yourself an excuse for the loss of the insane Mr. Millertrump. Before you start this crap you better remember who thieved the 2000 election and the death and devastation it still causes today.

      • I just remember that the Democrats tried to steal the 2000 election with voter fraud and The US would have none of that.

        Unfortunately the Democrats learned in 2000 that 10% fraud would not be enough to steal an election, so they upped it to 15% in 2008 and 2012, and we got the current pResident.

        • So were you born brain dead, or you submitted to a lobotomy to register as a Repuke?

          • Brain dead people call names.

          • Oh, come off that! You know perfectly well, unless you are brain dead, that both parties’ leadership are equally corrupt!

          • Well, I do call them the 2 parties in 1 and left both as I did not want to be owned nor told for whom to vote just to keep them getting richer and richer, and the candidate elected top down have forgotten they ARE JUST OUR EMPLOYEES AS WE, THE PEOPLE, ARE THE GOVERNMENT and we are going to take the reins back and you are gone unless you start fresh and honest, which is doubtful!

          • Agree!!!!

          • Is that why the Democrats don’t have to do anything to be stupid, as it comes naturally. The Republicans don’t have to do anything at all. They are right to vote for America. Is that what you want, to keep your freedoms intact, well if so you will have to vote Repuke then.

        • LMAO ! It was a refresher coup so ‘Project for a New American Century ‘ to conduct 9/11 and begin ”conflicts on many fronts simultaneously “, so rich right wing fascist could steal tax dollars building war toys. Scalia elected Dubya and the right wing didn’t investigate them nor the 22,000 private server emails ‘lost’ by Rove/Bush in 2007.

          • Earth to rowland, Earth to rowland.

            Weather check. How is the weather on your planet?

            Please re-adjust your tin-foil hat. You seem to be getting too much radiation to the brain.

        • <<o. ✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤:::::::!be1026p:….,..

    • You forgot the illegal and Syrians as well as the radical Muslems. The good Muslems, I don’t know. If they think about it and like the freedoms they are getting I think them being smart will vote Trump. The Democrats will vote Democrat no matter what. It is just as they don’t have a brain big enough to think for themselves. That is called IDIOTS>

    • You’re wrong and I believe you’re either a Repub or TP operative. How can you dare say Bernie supporters will not support Hillary when the poll now says 72% of Latinos, 92% of Blacks, 67% of White male and 88% of White females are voting for Hillary? You must be delusional.

    • <<o. ✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤:::::::!be497p:….,..

  14. Old Bernie is just protecting his butt…He doesn’t want to end up like Vince foster (and Many-many others)

    • Hillary, “Her Bernie. Meet me in the park and we’ll take a stroll and talk.”

    • That’s what I worry about??

      • No worries here. If she “gets him” less”progressive/socialist/ communist to worry about. HER next trip needs top be in a jail cell, but you know THAT will never happen with all the “backing” she has (oscumbag, lynch, MUSLIME brotherhood etc. etc. (and don’t forget SOROS, his companies famous “voting ” machines we are FORCED to use, and of course the black LIES matter crew he pays to rabble rouse and disrupt.

    • bull shit pappy, bull shit.

  15. I can hear Hillary now!

    “Oh boy, I just got an endorsement from a senile old Communist Alzheimer’s patient with delusions of normalcy, who thinks the USA should be more like North Korea and Cuba. That should help my campaign!”

    “Maybe it will take their eyes off my criminal past.”

  16. Why not / What is good for the people is also good for the rich ! Simple deduction.

    • If one is talking about Sanders.

    • Like the super wealthy in this country have any concern……they live apart and think apart because all that wealth has convinced them they are BETTER…..those others are leeches living off of us.

      The Top Economic Tier received 94% of BUSHES job creating tax cuts….and then promptly invested 90% of that over seas where it did, indeed, create jobs.
      That is the same Top Economic Tier which, ALONE, prospered during the BUSH 2 unpaid for wars.

      That is the same Top Economic Tier which, ALONE, prospered during the Bush Depression.
      That Top Economic Tier is, TODAY, paying only about half the TOTAL TAXES actually paid a generation ago……
      DIDN’T you Get That Tax CUT….
      Taking into consideration, all freebees, total taxes paid to local, state, sale, federal etc….
      the Pay just 29%
      THAT is LESS than the Next 3 LOWER income brackets.
      and by the way,
      Those LEECHES at the other end of the pay scale.
      …the POOREST OF THE POOR in America…..PAY 17% of their sub poverty level incomes….factoring in all freebees, aid etc.

  17. How can anyone take seriously the endorsement of Millertrumpbarrondrumpf by Ryan, McCain or McConnell ?

  18. What a picture, two peas in a pod – ole, ugly commie political whores. one a male and the other half-male! She is so assured of her/him-self because as our Muslim-Marxist jihadist was implanted so will “Hillary the Pillory” ole ugly she-devil commie hag!

    Mike Adams writes brilliantly about the state of the State – this is what we would be hearing if we had a free press:
    (NaturalNews) Regardless of your political affiliation, this is a must-read article because it describes in raw, naked detail how the FBI / DOJ justice scam really operates in America. Remember, thanks to the absolute corruption of Washington D.C., “justice” really means “just us.” In other words, the politically connected elite write laws and carry out the selective prosecution of laws solely to serve their own self-interest.

    And if you’re not part of the politically connected elite, you’re automatically guilty and will sooner or later be prosecuted under some wildly exaggerated, arcane rendition of a law that’s never applied to people like Hillary Clinton.

    Here’s exactly how the FBI and DOJ carry out their “justice theater” that’s essentially nothing more than gross injustice that exists in violation of the rule of law.

    Step 1: Generate hundreds of thousands of laws and regulations that ensnare anyone who might be targeted for scrutiny
    The first step in achieving selecting prosecution is to pass so many laws that no human being can possibly be innocent of them all.

    Read the book Three Felonies a Day to learn the startling truth that the average American unknowingly commits three felony crimes each day (thanks to all the insane laws on the books).

    The point is that no ordinary person can survive scrutiny without being arrested, prosecuted and jailed.

    Step 2: Practice selective prosecution to target your political enemies while looking the other way for your political friends
    Since everybody is guilty of three felonies a day, the job of the politically-motivated FBI or DOJ simply becomes one of choosing whom to target.

    Since every person in America can be brought up on criminal charges if their actions are sufficiently scrutinized, the goal of criminalizing the government’s enemies is achieved in the simplest manner possible: Focusing surveillance and scrutiny on those individuals the political regime wants to imprison.

    And now that the federal government has all your financial records, email records, search engine queries, web surfing activities and even your careless social media posts, they can easily easily link you to any number of crimes you unknowingly committed by violating the multitude of confusing laws you didn’t even know existed.

    While people like Hillary Clinton get away with treason by claiming they “didn’t mean to do it,” when the FBI comes knocking on your door, they’ll calmly explain to you that “ignorance of the law is no excuse.”

    See, laws are for the little people like you and me… not for the Washington elite.

    Step 3: If your political friends happen to get caught breaking the law, refuse to prosecute them… problem solved!
    Despite the best efforts of the corrupted mainstream media to cover up the criminal behavior of the political establishment, every once in a while some member of the political elite gets caught engaging in a violation of law that’s so heinous, it can’t be swept under the rug.

    What to do in such situations? Just “pull a James Comey” and announce to the world that you refuse to prosecute the person who violated those laws. After all, prosecutorial discretion means that “career prosecutors” who work for DOJ can decide to ignore the criminality of all their friends.

    And who are their friends? Remember that all the prosecutors who work for DOJ are paid by the government. They know where their paychecks come from, and they fully realize that if they ever attempted to prosecute someone with sufficient power in government, their own careers would be destroyed.

    Thus, the primary function of the DOJ becomes one of suppressing the sheeple while protecting the criminal class of Washington political operatives.

    Step 4: Arm up all federal departments with military weapons while calling for the complete disarmament of the population
    Another important step in accelerating the FBI / DOJ war against the American people is to call for the mass disarmament of the citizenry while ramping up the paramilitary wings of every major government agency with a huge influx of military weapons.

    Today, right now, the EPA runs its own paramilitary organization, complete with weapons of war to be trained upon U.S. citizens. From

    The U.S. Agriculture Department’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service doesn’t seem like a Wild West sort of federal agency since its biologists mostly check on the human health impact of animal and plant species.

    But it reported buying $4.7 million in high-powered weapons, ammunition and military gear during the last decade, including shotguns, night vision goggles, and propane cannons, according to federal purchasing records reviewed by the nonpartisan government spending watchdog

    It turns out that U.S. federal agencies are spending between $150 million and $200 million per year on military gear and weapons. While this is happening, the very same government criminals who are granted selective immunity against prosecution for treasonous acts are all over the mainstream media calling for the complete disarmament of the population.

    All the guns in America, it turns out, belong solely in the hands of the government… according to government. Funny how that always leads to genocide and tyranny, isn’t it?

    Step 5: To sweep up even more citizens into prosecutions, plot acts of domestic terrorism, then recruit low-IQ citizens who you then “catch” in the act
    Here’s an irrefutable fact about the FBI that very few people realize is true: The agency routinely plans domestic terrorism attacks and draws up the plans and equipment to carry them out. FBI agents then run around the bad parts of town, recruiting hapless (and sometimes even HOMELESS) victims to carry out those acts of terrorism so they can be conveniently “caught in the act.”

    Right before the bomb goes off, the FBI swoops in and declares victory for “stopping domestic terrorism.” Yet, in all these cases, it was the FBI that masterminded the acts of terror in the first place.

    We have extensively documented this fraudulent phenomenon here on Natural News, including in this article review of the book “The Terrorist Factory: Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terror.” The New York Times has ever covered the FBI’s fake terror plots, believe it or not.

    Also, check out these stories: FBI intercepts its own terrorist plot against US Capitol, Pentagon and FBI halts terror plot dreamed up by the FBI, then claims victory against terrorism.

    Like almost everything else done by the fraudulent federal government in America, the FBI is mostly a theatrical production company engaged in elaborate street theater. We now know that most of the so-called “crimes” that are halted by the FBI actually consist of drugged-out patsies who were recruited by the FBI to carry out FBI-inspired terror attacks. Meanwhile, any actual criminals who commit actual crimes — like Hillary Clinton — are given a free pass even when their crimes violate national security.

    The FBI, much like the DOJ and every other federal agency, has become a joke… a hollow shadow of its former self and the laughing stock of informed citizens everywhere. The public perception now is that the only crimes the FBI seems to be able to stop are those crimes its own agents dreamed up in the first place. Yet the agency can’t seem to nail the worst criminals of all… the ones in power in Washington who commit the most heinous crimes against the entire nation by selling out the White House to foreign interests.

    Why the citizens are nearing REVOLT
    This is how it all works today in the corrupt America we are all desperately trying to save from sinking into despotism. The rule of law has been abandoned everywhere in Washington, and now the agencies of the federal government clearly exist for no other reason than to consolidate power in Washington, no matter what methods of tyranny and totalitarianism must be unleashed against the citizenry.

    Those citizens, it turns out, are nearing a state of mass revolt. The obvious criminality in Washington has gone too far. The cover-ups are too numerous. The weaponization of government against innocent people is modeled after totalitarian regimes that almost always end in genocide. Today in America, there are journalists who sit in prison for no reason other than the fact that the government did not like what they reported. There are ranchers in prison who were convicted of the same “crime” the BLM carries out routinely (accidentally burning too much acreage in a controlled burn of rural ranch land). There are whistleblowers in prison who tried to warn the public, but the Obama administration has prosecuted more whistleblowers than all the other presidential administrations combined… across the entire history of America.

    The last straw is now the government’s brazen attempt to completely disarm the citizenry — an effort aided by the truly retarded verbal grunts of Hollywood morons like Matt Damon (who now insists that only government officials should have guns, not citizens). This effort will be accelerated in the near future with larger and more numerous false flag shootings, staged by the same theatrical production agencies that already stage fake terror plots to claim victory for “stopping terrorism.” Do you think you know the real story of the Sandy Hook massacre? Watch this video to learn about the ACTORS who played key roles as both parents and FBI swat team members (yes, the same guy plays both roles in all the media coverage).

    Elaborate theater to weave a prison for your mind
    It’s all theater, friends. The media, the FBI, the DOJ, the U.S. Senate, the Federal Reserve and even the rule of law. It’s all elaborate theater carried out as a prison for your mind, to keep you occupied, confused and manipulated so that you never figure out the greater truth that threatens the entire corrupt establishment.

    What greater truth is that? The simple fact that all government power is granted by the People and can be instantly taken away by the People with nothing more than a consensus decision. Government and the rule of law exist as nothing more than consensus mental constructs — structural delusions of the mind that are widely shared and thus believed to be real. But government can collapse in an instant when the fraudulent promises of government suddenly collapse in the minds of the populace. Hence the need for drastic, elaborate financial theater to create the illusion of a booming economy even as we teeter on the verge of global, systemic economic collapse.

    (By the way, “faith” in fiat currency is also a mental construct that can be shattered in an instant. The only reason another person accepts your green paper dollars as money is because you both share a false believe in the agreed-upon underlying value of the digits printed in cheap ink on near-worthless fiber. If that illusion of value is shattered in both your minds, dollars immediately collapse into worthlessness because they have no tangible value. All fiat money systems are run entirely on FAITH… and faith is fleeting when it comes to money.)

    The illusion of government power depends on the continued indoctrination and intimidation of the enslaved masses
    Those who run government fully realize that they are a tiny minority who rule only by fiat. Their rule depends entirely on the masses believing in the delusions played in for their minds by the ruling elite. If that delusion were to ever be shattered and the people realized how they were being fraudulently manipulated and exploited, the political elite wouldn’t survive even 24 hours (and there would be a dire shortage of rope in the D.C. area in particular).

    That’s the bigger, deeper picture of what’s really happening around you right now. You are living in a nation that’s run by a corrupt, criminal elite who carry out campaigns of elaborate delusion to enslave and manipulate the clueless masses who keep robotically voting for their very own slave masters. Any person who attempts to free the slaves is deemed an enemy of the state and is subjected to selective prosecutorial scrutiny to have them imprisoned (as described above).

    In fact, the only reason I am still allowed to function as a relatively free citizen in this nation is because my articles simply aren’t popular enough to warrant the effort of oppression. I’m relatively safe, in other words, because my reach is so tiny compared to the mainstream media. Interestingly, that also means that you who are reading this are among the top 1% of the most informed individuals in the world. You are reading and learning about these eye opening, fundamental truths that 99% of the population will never encounter (partly because the 99% don’t have the mental fortitude to even face reality in the first place, since believing in popular fairy tales requires no real effort… and besides, there are Oreo cookies that need licking, right?).

    As long as the system can continue to censor my message and keep it restricted to less than 1% of the population — via Google and Facebook censorship, mostly — then I will be “allowed” to continue my work because it doesn’t legitimately threaten the establishment in any serious way. But if my message ever somehow explodes in popularity and breaks through 10% of the population, then I would be in serious danger and would be silenced in one way or another. Remember, selective prosecution can target ANYONE and indict them for unknowingly committing three felonies a day.

    Have no fear, however: My message of truth is not of much interest to 99% of the population. They are far too happy in their Golden Corral, GMO-infested junk food eat-a-thon fairy tale illusions to ever bother investigating reality. There is virtually zero risk to the establishment that my words will ever be embraced by more than a tiny fraction of the population. Deep truth, it seems, has never really been that popular in delusional societies.

    You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming…

    • That was a l-o-n-g posting, but can’t say I would disagree with you on very much of it. Keep up the good work.

    • ‘Golden Corral’…’The Big Trough Buffet’, gross, there you have to try to dine with the nasty, these folks hold dirty napkins, elbows on the table, mouth open chewing and plates overflow, its a disgusting experience with heathens.

    • Once again, The Mouth-Of-Manhattan has proven that he will do or say ANYTHING to gain REAL power.
      You are watching an AUTHORATARIAN on the Rise.
      Attacks & Locks out the press/newspapers at will.
      Attacks the Judiciary in General & specific Judges for HIS Benefit.
      Attacks Democrats, Attacks Republicans, Attacks ANYONE !
      Attacks foreign Nations…even our closest Allies.
      He attacks the seperation of powers and Basic Freedoms.
      Who Ever expresses opposition to The DON.
      the name of a grotesquely exagerated threat of Terror to our very
      nation-hood, he threatens Religious Freedom, Freedom of Speech, Freedom
      of the Press.
      You are watching an Authoritarian on the Rise.

      • And your point? Your Muslim-Marxist jihadist in the “Outhouse” attacks everyone as well EXCEPT his Islamic terrorist brethren – wake up Lefty, you are committing political suicide but are too ef’n stupid to realize it! Go over to your “BLUFFINGTON BOAST” WITH THE REST OF THE MORNIC USEFUL IDIOTS!

        • Marxism and The Muslim religion are incompatible.
          your use is a fiction created for poltical uses only.

          Shortly after Obama took office,

          Clinton, Obama, and trusted advisers developed a long term diplomatic course.

          With the enormous help of the Saudi Royal Family,
          the US & Saudi Arabia begin pumping more and more oil to DRIVE DOWN THE COST OF OIL & GAS.

          ****** Lowering
          Costs of oil & gas would pump Billions into the world economy every
          month for stimulus which the West was unable/unwilling to accomplish
          thru their governments…..

          *******Lowering Oil Prices and stiffening Sanctions brought the Russian OIL Economy to a significant SLOW DOWN and
          restrained military adventurism in Ukraine & Syria….and got
          Russian help in negotiating with IRAN.

          ******* Lowering OIL Prices and stiffening Sanctions brought the IRANIAN economy to its knees
          its Government to the bargaining table with the GREAT SATAN and the
          ….RESULTING in what Soviet Era Negotiators for Reagan to describe

          THIS “Stunning Agreement” as the “MOST INTRUSIVE” and “MOST
          COMPREHENSIVE” ever agreed to with a military opponent with no shots
          being fired.

          LOWERING Oil PRICES & stiffening sanctions on

          Marsits/Socialist Venezuela
          has brought its economy to its knees with riots in the street.
          *..Venezuela’s aid to Marxist South American Rebel groups has halted.

          *…which led to the recent peace agreement in Columbia, after half a century of war and death !

          *…..and All aid was cut to the Marxist/Socialist Castro Brothers.
          *…..leading them to FINALLY negotiate in earnest with their life long whipping boy….the USA.
          *…..with a serious agreement signed which will doubtless lead to regime change there.

          THAT is

          superior diplomacy and serious international changes

          without a shot fired


          an American being wounded or killed.

          THAT is Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama Diplomacy…



          OBAMA/Clinton Obeyed the BUSH Signed Binding Agreement negotiated
          & signed by the Republican Administration

          for a pull-out of IRAQ.
          ..even though Republicans are trying to rewrite history.

          …SHIA IRAQ and SHIA IRAN insisted for 3+years that there MUST BE A DATE CERTAIN for US COMPLETE WITHDRAWAL.

          “Status of Forces Agreement” is a WITHDRAWAL document negotiated by REPUBLICAN Bush & Signed by REPUBLICAN Bush.

          The slower pullout from Afghanistan.
          of Terrorist Leaders have been killed or captured….far more that all
          those years of ground troops dying and bleeding in Afghanistan &

          • Incompatible my ass – they are like brothers! Here is something that we would be hearing if we had a free press rather than a State-run fifth column media and a bunch of chicken-shit conservative talking heads – enjoy hearing the truth about our Muslim-Marxist jihadist!


        • oSince my spouse lived under Hitler, you have no clue and the information and comparison is very creative but has no foundation nor facts. My spouse knew the whole think and how it affected their lives, and then after Hitler came Stalin, so we know both socialism and communism and that is what we are seeing creeping in almost every day here. So stop with the Hitler nonsense because you weren’t there and don’t have a clue except for fantasies and lies. Since I was in the 60’s when racism was high and disappeared until Obama illegally took office as an alien and not American (he has never filed for American citizenship and came as a “foreign student from Kenya”. I lived in a neighborhood and went to high school and university with blacks. In fact, it was interesting when the blacks moved up from Arkansas under Faubus, the blacks in KCMo called them “niggers” because no class, etc. In other words, being ignorant does not count in saving America from any DNC candidate and communism.

          • You had me reading along until I hit ‘illegally’; the President was born in Hawaii not that it matters . 2000 was illegal, a fascist refresher coup which gave us 9/11 and the mess in which we now find ourselves. All brought to us by “Project for a New American Century”(Jeb, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld etc.). You also point a boney finger at the liberals who are repulsively center right at this time. If only we were as awake and alive as in the 40’s-50’s. Bernie pulled us that direction but not nearly far enough. It will take miles to the left to offset the 55 years of fascism since the far right coup of ’63. Those of you who use the power of your imagined fears to draw to us some boogeyman and a new form of government missed it, stood by and ate the new governments soup long ago. You missed what you fear. When asked about what the effects of the assassination would be Jack Ruby said, “a whole other form of government will take over this country .” Three days in and boom, up to our nipples in Vietnam and have been at war ever since, except the Carter years. Fascism – a country or government whose economy is based on going to war. The CIA sets policy Levy, presidents just share those policies with the people, PR men/woman; Kennedy was the last president under our original government . You’ve slept through the whole thing. I teach Modern American History, undergraduate/graduate, one of my classes is ‘American Coup 1940-present’. You’re right, comparing Millertrump to Hitler gives Miller too much intellectual credit, he hasn’t read a book in 30 years not even his own. Since you know, obviously, more about Adolf than I, you know of his connections to Prescott Bush ….a good place to begin your new perspective on the reality of where we are now, 2016.

          • You really don’t deserve any response. One second is a big waste on you. Idiot.

          • Oh, was I talking to you? No.

          • YOUR SPOUSE must be in 90’s
            Thank Goodness for great genes and determination

            Your comment about Communism creeping…….Neither of those have ever CREEPED in any where.

            if you reread the newspaper when Hitler was on the rise the tactics are nearly identical…it was later that the BrownShirts were punching and hitting demonstrators….and later killing them.

            The Concentration of POWER & WEALTH in the hands of 4000 or so families in this country is almost beyond belief……the talent they have for pointing public attention toward…..blacks…..or poor white trash….or jews….or the worthless leeches living off the rest of us…..whining about high taxes……

            The Top Economic Tier in this country……you know…the ones on FOX, b.tching about high taxes.
            ……They are paying just 29% !
            (in actual taxes actually paid, state, local, property, federal etc)
            THAT IS ABOUT
            >> half what they paid a generation ago….about 20 years.
            DIDN’T YOU get that tax cut.

            THAT is LESS than the next 3 lower income Tiers in this country.

            The top economic tier in this country is the only segment of this country which prospered during the 2 unpaid for BUSH wars.
            The top economic tier in this country is the only segment of this cournty which
            prospered during the Bush Depression.

          • well said. I know what you are saying about the Nazis. Your wife must have lived in the EU then, right? I grew up in the CZ and my mom remembers the WWII very well. Stalin was equal if not worse and this impostor Obama wants to promote this kind of discord. God Bless.

  19. william g munson

    Well a couple of weeks ago Saneers said Hillary was not quailified to be president and now is indorsing her and says she is the BEST QUAILIFIED to be President what Changed oh I KNOW Democrats loves LIES PERIOD

  20. How can anyone take Bernard Sanders seriously??? A lap dog for the communist party. Part of the agendas of Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Ho, Castro …. and other murderous commie bastards of the last century. He is aligned with BHO and his minions and sheeple. All puppets of the UN and EU elite socialist. So, again, how can we take old Bernie seriously much less old Hillary and the Clinton machine ??? All socialist pigs.

    • If you have a fire dept., police, public schools where you are, or you enjoy your city park, a mayor street dept. or maybe you’ve heard of the military or get social security checks or Medicaid/care; all of these and anything paid by our taxes for the good of all of us is socialism you socialist pig. Bernie’s supporters are, thank god, our future.

  21. Sanders supporters who are merely angry and do not believe that anything can be done about it are potential Trump supporters but they could also make their protest with any of the minor parties or write in “Mickey Mouse”.

    Those who do believe that something can be done have no actual promise from Trump, have no political track record for Trump helping the working man and have not even a personal track record of Trump ever helping any other human being except family.

    Their alternatives are to take Sander’s advice and vote for Hillary or to stay home.

  22. don’t they shoot a horse with a broken leg,well they should shoot him because of his broken mouth

  23. It seen regardless who to vote for it will be a huge screw up and the country is going down to a spiral out of control . Trillion of dollars in debt soon to be a major crash and money worth nothing.

  24. Bernie lost credibility with this endorsement. Many of his supporters will not be following him with any support for Hillary, and will either not vote, vote for Jill Stein, the Green candidate, or Johnson, the Libertarian, or will vote for Trump. I received an e-mail from the Democratic Party confirming that they thought they would see more solidification of Democrats after Bernie’s endorsement, but that is not happening. Surprised? I’m not. Trump 2016!

    • How are things at the teller’s window and in mom n pop’s attic? Careful ! You’ll burst your bubble. its Friday r u bowling or going to Walmart?

  25. With his support of Hilary Clinton he certainly puts to the lie everything he said during his campaign. It is amazing that he could support the person who accepted large amounts of money from the very people he supposedly despises and she won’t acknowledge any promises she made in return for that money.. She is also a proven liar and yet he supports her. Because she “apparently” moved to the left to garner his support he assumes she will not go back on her worthless word. All Bernie has really proved is that he is a total fool.

  26. You have to be part of the “Walking Dead” to believe anything hillary says as truth. She’d roll over for a dog biscuit if it would garner her more votes.

    Let’s pray — or better yet– educate those disgusted Sanders followers that to vote for killary just because she is a democrat would be the same as slitting your own throat. However voting for Trump will change our Society to the point of better jobs, less illegals, no muslims w/o vetting process, a stronger more effective Military (minus the gays), closed borders and walls protecting our Nation, etc. Again, Voting for killary is like cutting your own throat…no changes, just same-O-same-O obama policies…and into the dead country abyss we go!

    It’s a No Brainer people!! You can use that brain God gave you to see the realities of another liberal running our country literally into the ground OR you can educate yourself as to what needs to be done to save this great nation and Vote for Trump! Really?? It’s just not that hard to understand.

    • Bernie………………………….l………………………………………………………Millertrump

  27. So much for the political revolution. His supporters must feel like real chumps. Some revolution. Now he backs killary. If he had any stones he would run on his own and never support a pos like killary. Oh well. Most of us were smart enough to know a piece of shit when we see one and hear one.

  28. And of course the Republican primary season was all warm and fuzzy and the Donald never said bad things about any other Republican candidate and no one in the Republican hierarchy ever said bad things about Mr. Trump. It’s politics, in both parties, and things get heated, in both parties. You singling out the Democrats for the “don’t believe the endorsement” stuff makes you look all the more foolish after what has been going on, and is still going on, in your own party. Kind of like the pot calling the kettle black.

  29. Maybe the millions of people who supported him?

  30. Apparently the Screech Hag is taking it serously

  31. I think (my opinion) that Bernie is a richer man today, he joined the ranks of Lynch & Comey for a payoff, abandoned his supporters for personal gain …

  32. Bernie you don’t act like you support Hillary. We don’t but you? It does look bad for your supporters as the majority of them are voting for Trump. You know that they hate Hillary and think she is just what she is, a criminal, liar and the list goes on and on and on and. They see it in your face, they will not vote for Hillary. Even after you told them what she is and what she does. And now you tell them to vote Hillary, sorry but they are smarter than that. Even Hillary has picked up on some of your ideas in hopes that will entice them to vote for her. That will not work either. Too bad Comey didn’t tell the truth, then you would be in her shoes sort of.

  33. Maybe Bill told Sanders to be sure to endorse Hiliary

  34. Bernie Gets His Burn Notice!

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