How Big Would a Sanders Government Be?

At the PBS Democratic debate Thursday night, Bernie Sanders was asked by the moderator how large the federal government would be under his ideal administration.

“Of course there will be a limit,” Sanders said. “But when today you have massive levels of income and wealth inequality, when the middle class is disappearing, you have the highest rate of child poverty of almost any major country on Earth — yes, in my view, the government of a democratic society has a moral responsibility to play a vital role in making sure all of our people have a decent standard of living.”

How strange that we have all of these massive problems after seven years of a liberal Democrat in the White House. Granted, Sanders has argued that Obama failed to get the job done, but no one can pretend that Obama ran a conservative administration. The issues Sanders cites have only become bigger problems under his tax-and-spend watch. And now we’re to believe that the solution is to double-down on that kind of liberalism?

What makes Sanders especially irritating is that he winds up making Hillary Clinton look sensible by comparison. As people – as individuals you might want to hang out with, for instance – there’s no contest: Sanders is likeable, passionate, and he comes off like a real guy. His aims for America are tragically terrible, but there’s not much doubt about his sincerity. Clinton is as oily as they come, but she knows that you can only take Democratic Party nonsense so far.

“Judy, I think that the best analysis that I’ve seen based on Senator Sanders’ plans is that it would probably increase the size of the federal government by about 40%,” Clinton said at the debate.

Clinton isn’t exactly attacking Sanders from the right – she wants to build on Obama’s policies, especially as it pertains to healthcare – but it’s still mind-boggling to see her forced to defend American capitalism. And unfortunately for her, every time she does so, Sanders fans see it as proof of her Wall Street corruption. And the conservative press is so pleased to see Clinton floundering that they don’t see the real threat on that stage. This arrogance that says a Sanders nomination would automatically mean a Republican win is dangerous. You’d think the story of the GOP primaries would be enough to show that anything can happen.

A Clinton administration would be terrible, but a Sanders administration could very well push this country into oblivion. Even his strong showing in this race is a menace to America, and it could accelerate our already-rapid descent into mediocrity.



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