How Badly Will Republicans Cave on DACA Fight?

When Congress returns to Washington this week, the debate over DACA is likely to stage center stage.

In a more ideal world, this would be a golden opportunity for the Republicans to really stick it to the Democrats. There literally is nothing to lose by going to the mattresses over this issue, which involves the legal status of some 800,000 – 1.5 million illegal immigrants. When Donald Trump won the Republican nomination and the election, there could no longer be any doubt as to where conservative America stands on this issue. The people have spoken, and they didn’t say anything about any goddamn amnesty.

Alas, we don’t live in that world, so we don’t expect to see Republicans force Democrats into a corner. This could have been an epic showdown where we could have gotten an enormous increase in border security, including the money to pay for (at least) the beginning stages of wall construction. We could have gotten the Democrats to vote for an end to the Diversity Lottery Program, an end to chain migration privileges…or just have them vote for the RAISE Act, which covers both and more. We could have put a serious dent in illegal immigration for the token price of less than a million already-vetted immigrants. But no, we won’t get much of that because Republicans are soft.

In fairness, this isn’t a case where we can yell, “Hey turkeys, you need to take your cues from the president!” Because Trump himself has been weak on this issue and we still can’t figure out why. If we were to take a stab at a guess, we’d say the reason begins with “I” and ends with “A” and has a “vank” in the middle, but who knows. Maybe he really does think we need to let the Dreamers stay. God only knows why. To be clear, we’re not necessarily saying we want to see ICE go around and throw college graduates and productive members of society into deportation vans tomorrow, regardless of their immigration status. But if we’re going to actually declare them legal residents, we need to be getting something damn good in return. Will we?

We’re holding out hope. Some conservatives are actually talking a good game about the upcoming fight. And Democrats seem like they want to dig their heels in on this one, so they may very well get to March without any deal at all unless they buckle bigtime. They are making a HUGE mistake if they plant their flag on this issue, because there is NO political value to a pro-illegal immigrant stance outside of a certain portion of the Hispanic community – a portion the Democrats already have locked up tight. But we’ll see. This will an interesting test for both parties and the president. Voters are watching.

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  1. In a more ideal world, we would not be living in a situation where Elite Democrats = Elite Republicans = Elite MEDIA, all of whom are colluding in an attempt to control the masses.

    I suspect that the Elite Republicans will fold so that the Elite Democrats and the Elite MEDIA get what the Elites want….

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  2. In all likelihood, the dems will get what they want, amnesty for DACA and illegals. They will offer up some lame border security plan that they will immediately forget to implement, the chain migration and visa lotteries will remain. And they will have republicans going along with them.
    They pulled the same crap with Reagan, amnesty for border security. Didn’t happen then, won’t happen now. And America will once again face the same illegal alien invasion, with yet another amnesty.
    What is so hard for politicians to understand. Without securing the border from illegal aliens, they will continue to invade the country. All this will do is to encourage more not less illegal aliens crossing our borders.

    • I wish you weren’t, but I fear you are right.

    • Sadly I agree with you. The money boys pay them to keep the border open, it gives them a steady supply of cheap labor to drive down costs and additional customers to inflate prices. A WIN-WIN for them a LOSE-LOSE for suffering American families.

        • That is the real issue, bvaughn–when all the pious BS they spout about “keeping families together” etc. is stripped away. The DEMS don’t care about those people at all–all THEY want is to get them quasi-legal status so they can continue to ILLEGALLY VOTE FOR DEMOCRATS and steal more elections, like they TRIED to do with Hillary in 2016. Don’t you love how they keep running around talking about how Hillary “won” the popular vote? I would bet MONEY that if you deduct all the votes she got from ILLEGALS, she didn’t even get CLOSE to winning the popular vote.

          • You would win the bet if it was a democrat that took the bet.

          • I believe you are exactly correct. The same thing “happened’ right here in communist N.Y. State. Illegals were not only “allowed” to ILLEGALLY vote, but ENCOURAGED to do so by the likes of “comrade” cuomo, “comrade” deblasio, and their henchmen. AND we can’t forget OSCUMBAG doing the same thing on National TV, and ALL DEMOCOMMIES told THEM nothing would be done to them “if caught”. Welcome to the LYING, CHEATING, “progressive” DEMOCOMMIE “party”,
            Turning the U.S into a third world craphole…. one state at a time.

          • Can’t forget the power hungry 4′ tall Bloomberg and his mothers on every corner hookers for gun control!

          • Rodney, I am glad you upvoted me. That makes it easy to contact you, lol. I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year!!!!!. I am going fur surgery again this coming Monday. Other than that, always in pain but still pushing forward!!!!!. I trust you and your family are all doing well.

          • Yes my Brother, we had a great Christmas, New Years, and now my team is playing for a National Championship, (BAMA) !!!! And I hope you and your family had a great one also, I know it’s tough while in pain but if you’re gonna talk Civil War that we DO have coming, you better be ready my friend!!! LOL !!! You’ve made my Holiday week great !! 🙂

          • I am glad I could brighten up your week, lol. I predict a victory fur your team!!!!!. Good to hear all is well with you and your family. No matter – pain or incapacitated ,I can and will fight. There is no retreat when fighting fur liberty!!!!!.

          • I do hope they can help you out some and give you some relief! You’re a fighter like I am, and like you Old Glory is worth fighting and Dying for, and we are slowly being pushed that way by the socialist left !! It’s always a pleasure my friend, good luck and hope all goes well we deserve a great year!!

          • … all under the auspices of, and for the sole and exclusive benefit of, the Globalist CABAL.

          • Joann I so agree, here in CA they can buy fake Social Security cards, now we give them drivers licenses I don’t remember ever having a chance to vote for that or whether or not we want to be a sanctuary State. Dictatorship is what is ruling California. Used to be a great State to live in but not anymore. I wish these illegals would all be deported and they should have to come back the legal way, if we need and want them.

          • No they should be put on a do NOT enter list for at least ten years . As they get deported a picture – fingerprint – DNA sample and Eye ID picture .

          • Somewhere something has gone wrong and stays there-some illegals have been arrested, released and come back 5 times.

          • Yes Democrats and the ACLU that protect illegals !!!!

          • If all the Republicans move out of California to a Red state, then let the state fall off into the Ocean. The world be a better place. There is no place in California for Republicans they have not a chance. It is filled with satanists, child trafficking, infant killers, transgenders (Bible is against), cannibalism. Leave..

          • Glad someone has mentioned just one of the criminal and illegal aspects of the border jumpers-the false IDs’ and fake documents-just one aspect of their presence here.

    • how bout the dumb jerry brown of california. doesn’t give a damn bout his state, the cops aren’t allowed to ask for anyone’s information. I really hope that one of these illegals does something to brown so maybe the dope will wake up.

      • Brown will never wake up, he is so far left, doesn’t & has never given 1 dime for the people of CA. He is stubborn or stupid, obviously both!!!!

        • A socialist !!

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          • Pamela tell the truth ; you are working on your back or sucking on big bananas .

      • Tes, he even pardoned 2 felon illegals. Why didn’t he pardon 2 Americans. He needs to be impeached but too much money keeps him in power. The multitude of Democrats that are running for governor are equally rotten as Brown and only 2 Republicans have announced to be running. Let’s support Travis Allen he sound really great, He has a web-site and I am going to donate to him. The other man that is running is John Cox he is a businessman from San Diego. I have not heard him speak so I don’t know anything about him. Travis appeared on Tucker Carlson a few nights ago and I was impressed. Soros is backing all of these Dems and also Tom Steyer the evil doer are pouring millions into the Dems campaigns. Unless we replace most of these Dems and elect more Republicans this 3rd world State that we are now will completely be taken over by illegals.

        • soro$$$$$$ needs to be extradited to one of the countries that want to do him in. We should select WHICH of those countries according to the following criterion:
          “Which one will take his sons along with him?”

          • Forget about extradition, he needs to be executed. Execution is the only answer for Soros. I’m sure America has some trained operatives capable of doing the deed. Trump should order this NOW.

          • While I wholly agree that execution is the only answer, the advantage of extradition is that it puts the blood on someone else’s hands. IMO it’s better for Trump to be thought of as one who handed over an international criminal than to be crucified by the media as a “butcher”; NOT that I would personally mind butchering soro$$$$$$ and hi$ $0N$.

          • Egypt has actual arrest warrants and a hefty bounty out for Obama……..

          • I’m certain that Russia would live to help!

      • California should do the rest of the country a favor and fall into the Pacific Ocean, never to be heard from again.

        • I agree with you, I can not stand California it is 99.9% evil people and .01% good.

          • I completely understand your point of view however, I must disagree about ALL (but one percent) of the people being evil. There are a lot who are not. Travel to some of the small towns like Bishop and you may see the never advertised California. Certainly I was impressed when I went there the first time. Is it run of the mill in California? If you consider only the towns its size and rural areas yes. However, if you only considering LA, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Jose and a few others, your right, you hit the nail on the head. Keep one thing in mind however, they all pay excessive taxes. Perhaps that is why they seem unreasonable, irritable and just downright mean.

            California is a beautiful state run by progressive socialist idiots who call themselves democrats to hide the socialist ideology. California is controlled politically by the big cities much like New York City, with the help of Albany, Buffalo and Rochester, controls New York State. There is little difference between New York and California except geography. Right now there are a lot of republicans in California as a matter of fact in rural “areas” the state is pretty much red. Although it has been a long time since I was stationed, in the army, in up state NY there used to be plenty of conservatives outside of the big cities there as well. However, that does not keep the progressive socialist make believe democrats from controlling the whole state in both cases.

            It has also been said California has more voter fraud then any state in the Union. Which sounds reasonable since it is also said it has the most illegal’s of any state in the Union many of which still consider California, Mexico’s territory. Las Angles county and San Francisco probably have the lions share of them. Although now that the whole state is a sanctuary they will no doubt spread out. The problem in both states is the governors with a lot of help form the state congress. Perhaps that will change now that unreasonable taxes are not going to be deductible from federal income tax anymore. The idiots within the state do, to some degree, take away the beauty but if California voters can get them out it may return quickly.

            The nation sure looks brighter now that Trump has replaced Obama doesn’t it?

          • When are going to “wise up” and start calling the dem states red and the republican states blue. Hmmmmm?

          • Is that your only complaint Robert? I really do think I can think of many more important things, at least more pressing, right now. By the way I did not chose the color designation. But thank you for the suggestion.

          • Excellent post but many people are moving away from the state and now that has been declared a sanctuary state it will no doubt be swamped with illegals. Trump is a refreshing breath of air and it will take some time to rid the skunks from the state and as you know the smell of skunks lingers a long time.

          • I know many are moving here. Sadly Tucson is becoming the target of many. Your problem is moonbeam Brown. I don’t know how or even why he was elected again.

          • Two words the FLAKES of CALIF.

          • Arizona, they reason they keep voting for Brown is because they have drowned us here with Hispanics, Orientals, Middle Easterners and so on and they are all voting and their family members are also voting Democrat. Fraudulent voting is rampant in CA, and why shouldn’t they vote Democratic because they get so many free benefits that they pu nish the citizens with unreasonable taxes to support and retain their voting block. It can no longer change we have gone to far and California is a lost 3rd world State now. Trump should withdraw all Federal money from my State, but I don’t know if that is even possible because of the liberal courts. They fight everything that would bring sanity back to this country.

          • I know what you say Helga is true. These so called democrats always buy votes. However, their supporters do not realize what they are receiving free in most cases is not really free and does not benefit them like they expected. It was democrats who enhanced the student loan program look what happened there. Now hillary and even Bernie offered free college but keep one thing in mind that would cause very completed problems not foreseen now. I can explain those problems but not in one page. Millions of students have fallen into their loan trap of going to college on what was thought to be the governments dime until they now have to struggle to pay it back. Perhaps they now realize slaves are held in check in many different ways and those ways are not always physical chains. Sooner or later maybe these younger people will learn there is no free ride in life. Those who succeed learn that at an early age.

            If we allow these progressive socialist make believe democrats to get in power again before we can clean up the mess obama made I fear our generation will have lost all of the freedoms for posterity.

            The problem as I see it Helga I believe is apathy. The majority of the people do not see it as a threatening problem yet. That is exactly how every nation is transformed into socialism.

          • Excellent post AZ Don. Always enjoy reading your thoughts. All the best to you and yours in the New Year my friend.

          • Thank you I enjoy your posts as well. The best of everything to you in the New Year as well.

          • You state “California is a beautiful State run by PROGRESSIVE socialist idiots who call themselves democrats to hide the socialist ideology.”
            Did you know the formal name of North Korea is “People’s Democratic Republic of Korea”
            The so called “Progressives” with their policy of RESISTANCE are really “REGRESSIVES”.

        • kalifornicatiA should at least secede, so it can’t screw up our national elections any more.

        • Not all Californians are idiots, just the vast majority who live on the coast line, if a quake hits and just drops off everything west of I-5, it wouldn’t be a half bad state,

      • There is a conservative running against scumbag Brown .

        • There are 2 Republicans that are running against Brown. One is Travis Allen and the other one is John Cox. They will not have the backing that the Dems have. Soros and the other devil Tom Steyer are poring millions into the Democrats and I am afraid there will not be enough backing to help the Republicans. I truly believe that CA is forever lost to the insanity of the illegal lovers and criminal Democrats that are ruling Sacramento and actually the city governments are just as bad as the State government.

      • Calling Scary Jerry Brown a dope, is unproductive, and insulting to dopes everywhere.

      • Brown is a typical anti American Democrat who only cares about what he can steal from the taxpayers Money, he should be removed from office. What I don`t understand how a Moron like brown has the power to defy the law. He has the power to pardon the illegals from jail something is wrong with our laws.AND HOPEFULLY he will not get the money from our govt. to support these people. But talk is cheap and SESSIOINS better wake up and do his job or be fired we don`t need another monkey someone put a suit on we had one in office for eight years who became rich from our tax dollars he stole. He wasn`t even a citizen.

        • Just look the trouble the Dems are giving to Trump. Fighting every step of the way to do what would be good for our country. Shameful Dems and even many Republicans are just as bad. Big money is controlling them.

      • Yep, typical for california liberals, you can’t ask any questions of a person who is in violation of the law on immigration, but you will get nearly strip searched at the border if you are coming in from OR, NV or AZ to make sure you aren’t violating the state “fruit” laws. Too bad most of the “Fruits” in that state are holding office in Sacramento.

        • sandraleesmith46

          Actually, at least from AZ, we were checking as hard or even harder those coming INTO AZ, because of the fruit fly problem in the ’80s. Even those coming in from CO, NM, NV, or UT were checked at our entry points.

          • From the looks of things AZ isn’t doing much better than CA when it comes to fruit, you guys elected Flake & McCain, both have proven themselves useless RINOs.

          • Not all of us; we have enough of your overflow here in the Phoenix/ Tucson areas, coupled with illegals and “refugees” to keep McCain in, with Soros-bought votes; but Flake is on his way out with only 1 term. Outside the urban centers, McCain is NOT wanted at all, and he knows it. He keeps an office here in my town, but HE doesn’t show, except on rare occasions when campaigning.

          • Mc. Cain is a scumbag.

          • McCain is a traitor.

        • No wonder it’s known as a State full of fruits, flakes and nuts.
          Now it has morphed into a State growing fruits, flakes and nuts like weeds.

      • Unfortunately they never do anything to these crazy politicians because they have security all around them. The illegal crimes are only committed against the innocent citizens who have to foot the bill to support these illegal intruders. CA is insanity personified. I live here and hate every minute of it but we have no choice they don’t ask us they just do what they want without us being able to vote for it. No more Democracy because King Brown and Queen Pelosi are ruling this State like Putin rules Russia.

    • Give them DACA with no chance for citizenship unless they go back to their home countries and apply legally to come here. The terms of DACA should be that their illegal parents and family that are still here must return to their native countries plus passage of the RAISE ACT plus e-verify and money to build a large portion of the wall. If the democrats give that then let them have DACA.

      • They should all be sent back and come back legally. If they were children when they came here and have been here all this time without applying for citizenship then they chose to be illegal just like there parents. I am sick and tired of the left sticking up for these ass holes. Why doesn’t Pelosi and Schumer take them to there house. The American people always get screwed over these pieces of crap plus wind up getting Americans benefits.

        • ………Because they live behind walls, in gated communities.

        • Excellent post but they will and do get more rights than Americans get. Pelosi is a mummy and doesnt know she has been dead for years and Schumer is a monkey someone put a suit on but at the end of the day he is still a clueless monkey. With all due respect to the monkey`s most of them are smarter than Schumer. Unfortunately the clueless voters keep voting for them are stupid and they haven`t found a cure for stupidity.

    • Hey Brenda…Flash. Neither the Dumms nor the Repubs want the border secured! Dumms want the votes the Illegals will give them and Repubs suck up to the Biz Round Table and the US Chamber of Commerce wanting cheap labor. The swamp is too well entrenched to ever be drained. So Sad.

    • Very well written and true but alas let me point out one thing. This could be a silver lining – in such that real Americans sooner or later will get FED UP AND WISE Up to the tune of Civil War. Then and only then can these filth and those that aid and abet them be killed and vanquished from our SHORES!.

    • I’m sorry I have to disagree. However, I do understand why you would think that way because that is how it has been in the past. I am rather certain they will not get DACA unless they give in on President Trumps demands. I could be wrong but President Trump cannot give in on the border wall. That was a main promise he made while campaigning. Can’t give it up and he knows it and I think he has no intention of that. I also think chain migration is so important he will refuse to give that up as well. I think he will hold fast on everything. So far the president has kept his campaign promises more then any president in my lifetime and I was born just before WWII.

      I understand the border wall will cost, a one time shot of, somewhere in the area of 33 billion dollars. The open border right now costs American tax payers well over a hundred billion each and every year (there are estimates that number is well over three times that or over three hundred billion annually). Furthermore, the benefit of closing the border with a wall will also assist in keeping drugs out of the country. Is there a monetary figure we can put on that? Well how much is a life worth?

      Will it eliminate the need for maned patrols? No! Will it make entering this country illegally, for any reason, more difficult. Yes, it will become nearly impossible.

      • I agree with your post to an extent however what does it cost the taxpayers to feed, house and clothe these people?? The american people are paying the bill the wall can be done and Trump will find a way to do it. We give billions of dollars to enemy`s of this country cut that off and eventually will pay for the wall. NEVER say NEVER. Unfortunately I`m down the road and probably not in my lifetime but it`s hope for my grandchildren and great grandchildren. Yes I`m that old .

    • Everyone needs to hammer their Representatives!


    • The Democrats want to bankrupt this country by invading it with illegals who will continue to vote for them after they get everything the democrats will give them. The Democrat party is not the party of years ago, it is manly made up of Socialist, Communist, and Facist who want our constitution thrown out.

    • sandraleesmith46

      They pulled it again under W too; and same result; no wall and the mess got worse. Every amnesty just increases the flow from across our border; but all over the world to get to that border. Mexico enables it.

    • Brenda, I am so sick of hearing the Dreamers came here to no fault of their own. Well their parents brought them and they and many of their families are here illegally as well. So let’s deport their parents back to their countries and hopefully they take their so-called kids with them. If they don’t want their families to be broken up than take your kids back home to where you came from illegally to begin with. America first and nothing else.

  3. Richard Bagenstose

    don’t expect anything to make america grate again to come from congress, they want a 3rd world country that looks like the one oboma wanted

  4. Republicans continue to get my vote if. Daca enforced to the letter of the law,no amnesty, this was an illegal move by Obama. Look at stupid Germany, safe spaces for women during Christmas to guard against being raped by Arabs. What the hell is wrong with us, We have MS13 killings going on along with the Black Bloods shootings and killing innocent people. Hello, is anybody home??????

    • Cathylovesyou talks about safe spaces for women in Germany for New Year’s eve. It was more like limiting revelry for women by taking them into protective custody.
      In traditional law enforcement it was the miscreants and not the victims who were controlled in confined spaces.
      Still looking for a BEAMERS versus DREAMERS CIVIL WAR IN CA.

      • It wasn’t human beings fenced off from the animals. In Germany the animals roam the streets preying on females to abuse as is their custom to practice as long as they are permitted to roam. Repaying a crime shouldn’t go this far.

  5. Squeaky wheel gets the grease. Pro-American American’s need to shoot down the democrats on this issue and threaten to rid congress of rinos in 2018.

    • Don’t forget that Pres. Trump has the power to VETO any bill they pass giving DACAs amnesty, failing to fund the wall and/or enact REAL immigration reform and stronger border security. And if the lousy RINOS throw in with the DEMS and try to OVERRIDE that veto, well, at least we’ll have CLEAR EVIDENCE of who the “real” enemy is, come the next election, won’t we! These globalist-owned RINO pukes need to be voted out of office, because they are JUST as big a danger to this country as the globalist-owned DEMS.

      • Great post JoAnn we have the power to do it these politicians think the voters are stupid. We can show them when voting time comes. The RINOS are a bunch of cowards and we need to get rid of them.

  6. Theoline Isaacson

    If Trump caves, he is off my list. We owe Dreamers nothing.

  7. I hate to say this but I believe they will cave to the DemoCraps!
    It appears they hate the citizens of America almost as much as
    the sorry DemoCraps! I hope I am wrong but the way things are
    going I don’t think I am! We are going to continue to lose out great
    country! You can blame the IDIOTS that supported obama!
    What a shame!

  8. Deport, deport, deport! No dreamers, they have become a nightmare.

    • Halleluja, nightmare is right. They are costing money and always have the best of education, health care and even free legal representation whether they are criminals or not. We are so screwed by these Democrats and I hope the people wake up soon or there is no hope for C A anymore.

    • You are Absolutely right

    • Trust me, I live in a neighborhood comprised of about 85% Hispanic (Mexican) people who blatantly disregard community rules and local laws, and the people who ENFORCE those rules are Hispanic (Mexican) so I know what you say is not ONLY right… but needs to be brought to the attention of some entity that will FORCE them to live like decent Americans. I could tell you stories that would make your fingernails grow, but I’ll save that for some other time.

      • sandraleesmith46

        When they get away with breaking 1 law they take for granted that they can break the rest with impunity; that’s why our Founders wrote the Constitution such that laws were to be enforced equally for all.

    • Agree.
      Wonder why we cannot start turning them over to the EMBASSY of their country of origin. The embassy property is technically part of their country. The only time they can leave the EMBASSY ground is for a flight out of USA and then under police escort into the aircraft.
      The saving on flying approximately 11 million ILLEGALS to their home country at an average cost of $500 each amounts to $5,500,000,000 or $5.5 billion. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, MEXICO WILL PAY FOR THE WALL.



    • They burn our flag while flying their Mexican rag!!! THEN they wonder why we do not want them here!!

  9. The republicans aren’t soft they are owned by the same billionaires as the democrats. DACA was never about children brought here by no fault of their own, they are being used as pawns to get our sympathy and give dirty politicians the courage to grant the eighth American killing amnesty.

    • You are right, Petemer–there are JUST as many GLOBALIST-owned Republicans in Congress as there are GLOBALIST-owned Dems! You think George Soros ONLY buys Democrats? Of COURSE NOT. Plenty of RINOS are on his payroll, too!

  10. it’s ridiculous that the dumos consistently get their way!! they cry, and rant until the other side caves in. I do believe, however, that the wall is important so we don’t have more illegals coming into this country. So, the baby dumos maybe should get some of what they want for DACA – after all who else in their right mind would vote democrat

  11. Helen Hollingsworth

    The American citizens need to be protesting ,sitting on the congressional steps etc with American flags…We need to show our voices against these entitled illegals !!!!! Why are only the CACA DACA’S screaming for amnesty and we sit at home ? Go to the congressional offices and sit in !!!!! Take your flags red,white and blue and hold them in front of the red white and green ones !!!!

  12. All this blather, but nothing promoted as a solution. Here is what we do in the South!

    Call your Representative in the House and both your Senators and tell them in no uncertain terms that they will lose your financial support and will not vote to reelect them if they vote for anything that allows DACAs to remain in the USA legally. Do this if they are Democrats or Republicans.

    Make a strong point that DACAs are illegally in the country and are costing citizens jobs. We have high prison costs because of the crimes DACAs commit. Welfare benefits, and lost seats in our colleges and universities to our citizens are another cost because of DACAs presense in the USA. Tell the person you talk to that you would like a letter from your Congressman on his position on DACAs.

    Check Conservative Review to see how your Rep and Senators vote on this issue and call their DC office thanking them if they voted against making them legal and letting Congressmen know you NO longer support them if they voted to let DACAs remain in the USA.

    • Helen Hollingsworth

      In my state all are elected Dems and angry as Hell when you write them to protest their giveaway to the illegals of our tax money …it’s their way or the highway ! Our state. the richest in this country. is going bankrupt under their regime..and who keeps them in power ? The underbelly of rifraf that they pander to….

      • Helen,
        Don’t give up. Call them and make it clear your position. Encourage family, friends, church members, etc. to call them with your conservative positions. Let them get angry. It’s a first step to letting them know that their seat is in danger if they don’t wake up and change their ways. It’s Conservatism or the highway. Always vote your common sense. Never not vote!

        Call your local radio and TV stations and ask them to cover the real news. DACAs are illegals and that is a crime. Call your local police chief and Sheriff’s office and DEMAND that they not support sanctuary for DACAs and all illegals by notifying ICE when they have collared an illegal. Sheriffs are elected. They can not unmake you as a voter.

        You, Helen, can start to bring change both locally, in your state, and in this nation. Help MAGA!

  13. Let us all pray President Trump keeps his word & CLOSES THE BORDERS PERIOD!!!! Democrats NEVER keep their word.

  14. Liberal Tears Are VICTORY!

    These little leeches have been here long enough to be citizens. Some over 20-25 years, more than enough time to do the paperwork. Give them 12 months to get their sh!t in order or the American free ride is over. Ship them back ASAP, and for God Sakes, build that damm wall…and by the way, Mr. Sessions, would you PLEASE bring federal charges against Jerry Brown, we here in Commiefornia that don’t live in the Democrap bastions like San Francisco, Los Angeles or Sacramento are tired of the tax and spend liberal BS that is making our once beautiful state into a cesspool of Hollyweirdos and illegal murderous border jumpers.

  15. Deport all illegals and allow them to apply for legal entry, with proof of employment.

  16. Completely of course.

  17. Let only the DACA people stay if they have a job and have no criminal record and receive no welfare! Only let relatives come if they go through the legal immigration process! We could probably live with this if it is done this way!

  18. don’t cave. have a record see ya. become a citizen. in college get a job . no breaks. help build the wall. stop crying to the’s a tough life. you could go back to a back to such a wonderful place. don’t cave.

  19. The Republicans should stick to their guns and send them all home

  20. many options for them. go back. put in paper work that should have done at the age of 18. join the military. and fight for this country. not on the street corners. don’t be such cowards. be thankful u have these options . other countries . would not give then . u would probably be put to death. have a great day

  21. remember Vietnam . dems gave deferment for college and marriage that was the start of the swamp. the ones that didn’t went to Canada and were accepted. others crossed the ocean.

  22. Same as they have been for the last 9 years!!

  23. Dennis B Anderson

    Get these fucking mexicans & illegals out of here before we start killing them whole sale. The government has always been free with our money. How about it if we traded places? I think I would give away a congressman and a couple of dead beat senators. You worthless sacks of shit! You people fucked up when you let them in here now deal with it. You need to loose your jobs because we have always had immigration laws in effect. Youre fired!

  24. Sharon Jeanguenat

    Ok, while I agree with the article, exactly WHY do you have to swear in it? I’m a Christian, & God’s last name is NOT damn! That totally ruined the whole article for me, & I am not going to read any more articles by this person.

    • Yea,
      The editor was asleep when this got published. The first sentence is worded wrong. People who often swear have a limited vocabulary, to reflect their limited education.

  25. Unfortunately, with the number of GUTLESS, status quo RINOS in Congress, I don’t think we can “count” on them to USE the majority we gave them to deal with this DACA/chain migration issue and FORCE the lying, scheming COMMUCRATS to stop OBSTRUCTING construction of the wall and REAL immigration reform, not simply using “immigration reform” as a euphemism for MORE AMNESTY and LESS border security and immigration law enforcement! Fortunately, I think President Trump will VETO any DACA amnesty they try to run through without funding the wall and the REST of needed border security and reform.

  26. If Trump can get the budget passed, an end to chain migration and an end to lottery migration plus more funding for border security INCLUDING funding for the wall plus only Dreamers with clean records plus must pass test and speak English then it is a victory. I think this would move many Hispanics into voting conservative. Hard line and we may even lose conservative Hispanics like Cuban descent.

  27. These RINOS are making sure they are not re elected.

  28. Remember any rhino who votes for DACA and vote them out

  29. How much more does it take for the Republican Party to realize they are running their members away. I am reassured every day that leaving the Republican Party was not a mistake. The republican rich elite wants the low wage illegals here for obvious reasons. They just do not want to say it out loud. The destroy this country democrats want the illegals here to get their votes. The main focus here is. Hard working tax paying real American citizens to not matter to either party. This country is no better than rocket man and North Korea.

  30. Just remember, the republicans can pass whatever they want but the President has to sign it…and he won’t. He campaigned heavily on this issue and knows it would be his demise if he didn’t follow through.

  31. If Trump will fold he will lose my support. I am a legal immigrant and I really dislike illegals. They are law breakers and users of our social services. Many of them work under the table and do not pay taxes and cost us a lot of money. It is an outrage and it is amazing what the Democrats do to the citizens just to have illegal votes.

    • Good post Trump will not fold he is the best things that`s happened to our country in many years. The democrats and some RINOS are fighting everything he does because the are afraid they will lose theire meal ticket. They don`t give a dam about those people only the illegal vote.

  32. Most of them were not “children” at all. They were in their 20’s and lied about their age. They are not living in a country now where they never knew Mexico.. Mexico was home. Send them back.

    • West Central Texas Cowboy

      This is the same kind of fraud that was committed during IRCA 1986….AMNESTY does not work….only criminals win in this game, then they become citizens to vote for criminals to run our government. We must stop the madness…vote out the Democraps and RINOs.

  33. Knowledge Transfer

    This is just one of many proofs that the USA is dead. Sovereign suicide committed on the people without permission. If these cowards and communists feel so strongly about rewarding illegality and theft, why don’t they subscribe to and then stand on the principle of SPONSORS PAY thereby volunteering to move all these long standing illegal thieves in with them in perpetuity at their personal expense in perpetuity without one red cent of taxpayer money in perpetuity.

    What we see is the furthering of a one world Communist Manifesto inspired government which requires the moral; political; judicial; and cultural collapse of the USA. This is not accidental. It is planned and premeditated and highly calculated.

  34. Take names people. Vote out of office every last one of the Democrats and Republicans who cave in to the Democrats. Our voices need to be heard. Why is it that Liberals can take to the streets yet Conservatives tend to sit on their back-side and do nothing. Its way past time for true Conservatives to stand in unity in support of our President and to force ALL STATES to abide and follow ALL Immigration laws. The time has come

  35. These “republicans” had better stand tall and support the people of this country when they want DACA gone! If they don’t, I hope they enjoy packing and leaving to new endeavors after the elections.

  36. Send them all back home using the Democrats pay to do it.

  37. I say illegal college graduates and so called “productive members of society” which they are not – in my book and there are many cases to prove so. Like that filth lawyer in California and illegal teachers with degrees that are as anti American as any (blm),socialist,communist,antifa scumbag spreading their filth and lies. YES,YES,YES THROW THEM ALL IN A VAN AND DRIVE THE VAN OFF OF ANY CLIFF. America does not need any filthy illegal morons here – NOT 1,NOT 2 and certainly not 800,000 to 1.5 million. Those are conservative estimates. We also do not need any stinking filthy muslimes IN AMERICA- NONE AT ALL!!!!!.

  38. Obumbo did Doca illigaly and these people in DACAwho have jobs and require no asstance fro taxpayer dollars , I would think about letting them stay, but no bringing relatives, and the ones who are here on the backs of taxpayers( that congress exempts THEIRSELF from) should be deported , as we have enough here like people who need help like Vets, homeless, and people who are badly getting by for various reasons! The democrats need to be pushed back to the sewer from whence they came!

  39. This DACA is a joke. If these so called DREAMERS want to get up set, they can get upset at the parents who put them into this situation. America does not need to make their lives right, its up to THEM to go back to their home Country and then try to come back the right way and if the U.S Government wants to help them, then they can let them come in front of the line for visa’s. Bottom line is, GET ALL ILLEGALS OUT, PERIOD

    • Add the UN who helped bring this on the US and EU .

    • Ive got a solution to DACA if the democrat`s are so intent on helping these people they could take the money Obama and they stole from the taxpayers and fund them. That would put an end to DACA.


  41. It’ll be the same old story as always. The DemoRATs will get what they want and the spineless neocon RINO phonies will pretend they’re conservative until they get behind closed doors where they’ll shake hands with the DemoRATs. Back in the ’60s, Gov. Wallace of Alabama WAS right. There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties.

  42. The numbers are way off, everyone keeps saying 800,000 to 1.5 million, try 4.5 million, it’s closer to the real number! And no, the majority of American’s DO NOT approve of DACA, Chain Migration, Visa Lottery, any kind of Amnesty at all!! The Laws are on the books but no one wants to enforce them!!

  43. They will probably give in, because the Demoncrats are bullies, and azzholes, and the GOP is a bunch of mooma’s boys, with no balls! I say tell the Dems to go fuxk themselves, because DACA is over, we’re building the wall, and that’s they way it is! You want a govt. shut down? Fine, it can shut down for as long as it takes! Have some balls, GOP, but you won’t!

  44. The only way we should accept these DACAs is by giving them work permits and let them stay here as long as they are productive and non-criminals. They should not be allowed to become citizens. In exchange we need the wall and an end to this illegal immigration once and for all. I hope Trump does not do like his predecessors who gives amnesty to 500,000 of these illegals and then the next president follows 8 years letter doing the same thing. So other country in the world is this stupid!

  45. I’ve been sending my Senators letters about this issue for quite some time now. Actually, with both being Democrats, I have no expectations that they will accept and support a plan for all illegals to be deported, with a chance to return after restitution is made for all the benefits that were stolen from American citizens. When completed, we could have a plan for those who can prove to have something to offer this country that would be an asset and then give them one opportunity to LEGALLY enter America. They must be ready to speak English, live by and follow American traditions, laws and loyalty to this country. They must be informed and accepting of the knowledge that their status in America depends on their continued allegiance to America. Any that do not want to abide by the rules need not apply for entry. I just got another response letter from one of my Senators and he seemed quiet angry with what I had to say. The good news is that he will be coming up for re-election this year so if we all stick together on this issue, he’ll probably find a way to accept what we are asking for. Then again, he is a career politician, so who knows what he’ll do? Liars, cheaters, corrupted, immoral, money-grubbing leeches are the best qualities I can think of when speaking of politicians.

  46. TRUMP I believe has the balls to force the issue, in the case of the wall the building of it is already law the Dems. keep from funding in full. I believe that we need to enforce the laws that are on the books not some Presidential note trying to make it around the laws . if the laws are in fact correct , then change the law. the AMERICAN people are tired of paying taxes and have it given to some one who does not work ,does not help the country ,is sitting the side lines looking to get more for free and feeding the world. the AMERICAN people are the most giving in the world , but when those you help will not help themselves quit giving. we give food, education, train on growing crops, medical assistance, fight wars , train army’s, build airports and harbors, a good example is we have been in HATI since before 1900 and have rebuilt much of it in at least 3 or 4 times after major events, what have they done to help themselves? papa doc cut all the trees they are so poor they will not let the land grow before it is cut down.




    • Do you actually think you are going to get an honest answer to that question.

      Well Mike I don’t want to burst your bubble here but if you think you will get any truth, outside of a few in the closest circles around the president. You are wishing upon a star I guess. At least there will be none from this government until President Trump gets the swamp at least partially drained and the rest become frightened that they are coming for them.

      The deep state embedded within the intelligence agencies is going to be hard to dislodge. It appears, right now, even Jeff Sessions is afraid of them. And he is supposed to be a Trump man. There is a message there. For those, of course, who can see it.

  48. Who wrote the story “How Bad Will the Republicans Cave on the DACA fight” ???
    I think it is pretty sad that you had to use God’s name in vain in your article….ruined the whole message for me and hopefully others feel the same way

  49. Amnesty, no, however, there should be a step by step procedure to follow and a time frame to show that the DACA people have started to apply, gain and get their citizenship and to get all of the other accompanying documents, IE : social security numbers, tax returns to show they have declared all of their earnings and photo identification cards, either driver license or create a new federal government issued ID card.

  50. One of the problems with “Deport” is that according to the demographics there’s not enough younger people of working age to keep paying in and keep social Security and other programs afloat.

    The majority of Americans are either retired or getting to that age range where they can retire.

    If you recall the “Baby Boomers” born somewhere around 1948 from returning WW2 soldier, are now somewhere around 70.

    I think this will impact more decisions to keep the DACA than oppose it,

    It’s suicide for a politician to do anything that hurts Social Security,

  51. they call this the dreamer act…ok….what about the american dream?…the veterans ? the american ppl?

    • Unfortunately, with the “swamp” in Washington, only money and power matter.
      At least President Trump wants to put middle class working Americans first!

  52. While the democrats want illegal immigration for both votes and to satisfy their rich donors with cheap labor, the establishment republicans (a.k.a. RINOs), want to satisfy their big rich crony donors with cheap labor even if it means letting the democrats win. The only “ace in the hole” that Trump has is this new tax law will help compensate for the loss of cheap illegal labor. Will this be enough to satisfy the establishment republicans (a.k.a. the swamp), I guess time will tell.

  53. the GOP is not soft
    they are gutless lying frauds

  54. It’s just how the game is played.
    The democrats let Trump, The Republicans, and Big Oil drill in once protected lands, and protected coast line.
    Now the Democrats will want something in return (DACA People to stay).
    Fold baby, fold.
    So Big Oil can drill baby, drill……….

    ‘ALL non-citizens’ includes illegals, immigrants and mooslimes!!

  56. If the President lets go on this, I will let go of him. This is why he was elected.

  57. deport every one of those daca people and their relatives that havr cam with them deport hose fn muslim issis bastards shoot the ones that resist

  58. the repubs will cave they always do i am a repub but in recent years i have just voted for the least of 2 evils and if they cave i will no longer vote in national elections they need to deport all illegals and no amnesty for any illegal be the socalled dreamers or not and since the government keeps records of emaails and posts I HOPE AND PRAY THEY PASS MT COMMENTS ALOBNG TO CONGRESS SENATORS AND THE PRESIDENT but i doubt the have the balls to

  59. The GOP is deranged if they think any if these DACAs will vote Republican once they are “liberated”.
    They are throughly in the pockets of the Dems and that was the plan all along. Democracy? Votes = Power.
    That’s right out of their playbook.
    NO DACA! Period!


  61. Get it done .That’s what the voters want.

  62. If these Dreamers want to be upset with anyone, let them be upset at the people who put them in this position, THEIR PARENTS. Deport ALL OF THEM, they are ILLEGALS.

  63. They better not cave their very existence in government rolls depends on their not caving to the will of Anti-American democrats who want to invade this country with illegals as voters. This country is being destroy by leftist socialist and communist.

  64. deport them. democrats are anti-american voters. get them outmtoo.

  65. I am inundated by Hispanics in New Mexico.Many illegals They trash the neighborhood just like they trash in Mexico.The laws are ignored,the schools are overwhelmed,the Hispanic nepotism in government positions shows the same bribery and stealing culture of Mexico.No DACA,no amnesty.Deport ALL illegals,build the wall now.Dems can go f themselves.Pissed that Trump is helping DACA.

  66. If any of them cave we need to know who they are and vote them out

  67. Deport ALL Illegals & do it NOW!! How many have they brutally murdered for just the thrill of killing Americans??? KILL their “dream” of destroying our great, strong country!!!!

  68. Why do people keep voting for Senators & Reps. to represent them in congress who care more about Foreign nationals than they do about American citizens.? Why do they want to spent the taxpayers treasure o the illegal aliens & refugees than they will on our brave military, seniors? Why is it they will fund foreign nationals in our universities for free or with grants, & not fund American citizens with the same? This should be published on every front page of the newspapers, TV news daily right up to the next election. Let the voters of America see who is for them & who is against them

  69. It is time for California to be divided into 2 states north & south. then maybe that might help straighten them out

  70. It doesn’t really matter, since this is all political theater to keep the masses attention occupied while the old guard of both parties work to remove the man that both see as an interloper to their sanctuary of dictating to the masses how we live our lives and we keep sending the same old cronies into their jobs year after year.

    We need DACA…


    Deport all illegals NOW!

    I have already started planning to teach my grandson to fight for the next round in 20-30 years.

  71. Those millions going back to their original home country would show all there how great it is to be by becoming an example of the time I learned all of those wonder full things every other country can have as a the one I just came from no other like it!

  72. Unfortunately, the many RINOs will cave into the dumbocrats and give them everything they want. Why don’t we just drive buses across the border and bring back illegals by the bus load, just like was done in Mexifornia, Arizona and New Mexico during the election so they could vote for the hildabeast.

  73. if the democrats don’t want a wall lets put land mines its cheaper and more effective

  74. Francisco Machado

    Mass deportation with an army of agents rounding up people here in violation of the law isn’t practical or feasible, but deporting all of them that get arrested for crimes, particularly violet crimes or crimes of property, deporting them and making it a felony to return certainly does seem practical as does requiring citizenship for social services. And we need to control out borders. Foreigners go through an arduous process and a long wait to become citizens – Why should illegals enjoy the same benefits? Both my mother’s parents went through that, I’m certainly not opposed to immigration – but what’s being done isn’t immigration it’s usurpation. We see in the news aliens arrested for violent crimes that have already been deported numerous times, and they do represent a significant criminal element:
    “According to statistics from the U.S. Sentencing
    Commission, non-citizens are actually far more likely to commit serious crimes than Americans are,” said Carlson.
    “Non-citizens account for 22 percent, more than a
    fifth of all federal murder convictions.”
    “33 percent of money laundering convictions,
    29 percent of drug trafficking convictions and 72
    percent of convictions for drug possession.”
    “Meanwhile, the non-citizen percentage of the
    American people? About 7 percent.”

    “18 percent of fraud convictions.”

    “33 percent of money laundering convictions,”
    added Carlson.

    “29 percent of drug trafficking convictions and 72
    percent of convictions for drug possession.”

    “Meanwhile, the non-citizen percentage of the
    American people? About 7 percent.”


  75. sandraleesmith46

    First: DACAs have NO legal status here; no law was passed on that, only an ILLEGALLY issued “EO”; Congress had already had the issue on their table and rejected it, which was why O issued the EO. And that was when the Dems had the majority in both houses. It should NEVER have gone back to Congress at all. Second: since the gang of 8 contains some of the biggest RINOs who have made plain they favor blanket amensty it’s a sure bet they’ll support keeping these ANTI-American illegals here and letting them vote too!
    Thing is we can’t afford to “bargain” with the Dems about this; they’ve proven they will NOT keep their ends of the bargain regardless. There will be some excuse for why they “can’t do it”, or the Wall would have gone up before 1990! NO DACA; NO amnesty for any illegals! Send them all back to wherever they came from and take their anchor babies with them too; don’t break up the families. And don’t allow any of those who disrespected our laws by coming illegally, and NOT seeking to right that wrong when they reached majority, to come back legally either. They’ve already shown they aren’t and don’t want to BE Americans! We don’t need to import “Dem voters”! Further, be sure to send their homelands a BILL for the upkeep for each of them we Americans have paid, and tell them no more aid, ’til it’s paid off, whether by the individuals or their home nation.

  76. Do we need these DACA immigrants, 50% of which, don’t speak English; and 25% are functionally illiterate that can’t read or write in their own language? They can’t be self -supporting in America without an education. The standards to which immigrants used to be held…they had a job lined up or a family that could support them; until they were able to support themselves. I believe that those politicians (Democrats or Republicans) who want to see these people remain; need to pay for their support; and not put them on a welfare system, which even needy Americans can’t access. Why should American taxpayers be forced to pay for the perks that some politicians promise in order to get votes?

  77. Repubs will most likely cave…they have no backbone and cave to the dimocraps quite bit—there’s no cohesiveness in the Repub party whereas the dimocraps stick together in order to maintain control. Crybabies and sore losers like McCain, and his ilk, are to blame for a lot of the trouble the Repubs are experiencing.

  78. DACA is CACA, they need to get in the end of the line behind Legal Immigrates trying to enter for years. Too many in DACA some in their 40’s are gang members with pregnant girlfriend leeching off American pay entitlements.

  79. I expect that the Republicans will fold like a cheap lawn chair as soon as the subject comes to the floor for discussion. They care nothing about what has happened and will continue to happen to America, Americans, our security as well as our National and State by State budgets. The housing and healthcare cost we are providing for people who stole their way into America illegally alone are devastating. It is also grossly unfair to our Veterans, many of whom are homeless after returning with severe physical and psychological issues which is not addressed by the VA because of insufficient budgets and facilities. This is NOT EVER going to be resolved until we, as a Nation, deport the free-loaders, take care of our own and eventually, when America is once again respected, develop a plan to allow persons from other countries that do not wish us harm to submit applications, go through a stringent vetting process and prove they are coming to America to help us ‘MAGA’. If a crime is committed, that is grounds for immediate deportation unless they prefer to stay here to face the possibility of death. This is much more fair than what happens to Americans that break the law when traveling into other countries. Years in jail for shoplifting, imprisonment for life if found to be disrespecting another countries government or the beheading of any who proclaim to be a Christian just does not coincide with what is expected from us. Unfortunately politicians think with their ‘poll results’ rather than what they know in their brain to be better for their constituents and America.

  80. There are enough RINO’s to at least strain any positive action .

  81. Theoline Isaacson

    I will no longer have any faith in Trump if he caves to the Dreamers. They are illegal.

  82. Rewarding illegal activity, only the new liberals have that thought process, as shown in the treatment of Katie Steinly’s murderer. I say to hell with DACA, illegally here is a CRIME, cities protecting illegals are committing a crime, no issue but the law is what must be followed. Current law says illegal aliens must be deported. FOLLOW THE DAMN LAW.

  83. The Republicans will do what ever their Demon-Crap friends want them to do. They don’t care what we want any more than the Dems. do. After all being invited to the Demon-Crap parties and getting all those lap dances and other goodies is the most important thing to them. Oh and feathering their nest with our money, so they can become millionairs.

  84. all illegals should be deported, no questions asked.

  85. take away public assistance, and any other support

  86. No amnesty. No anchor babies. No chain migration. !00% upfront funding for the wall. E- Verify a must for all employers. Automatic deportation for illegals crossing the border. No court review. No lottery.

  87. No Chain Migration, No Lottery immigration, Build the wall implement e verify, and then make EVERY Illegal get out and come back IF they can speak English, have a job skill, AND are self supportive!!!

  88. Be interesting who folds.

  89. Dont ever give money to a mexican that has to have money to do your job? They will do a for shit job, or not come back at all. If they like a set up they will mess something up so they can come back again. Youre a stupid pendahoe american.

  90. My guess is we are going to be betrayed once again, not by Trump but by our elected officials. Our last 5 Presidents refused to enforce our immigration laws, fat to many of our elected officials were more than willing to sell their soul and their country for money, power and votes. If the DREAMERS are allowed to stay America as we know it will be over within 10 years or less. We are fast losing our language, culture and American way of life. It will be adios America and hello banana republic.

  91. If the Republicans cave on DACA and fail yet again they are totally finished. What the RINOs and corrupt Democrats refuse to believe and accept is that their days in office are over. They have for too long forgotten that they were elected to serve and not dictate to the American people and their days of betraying the United States and the American people are over. They took an oath of office to uphold the Constitution and laws of our land and they have failed miserably in keeping that oath. The only thing they’re concerned about is their own political parties and if that’s to the detriment of the United States in the American people they have proven continually that they don’t care.Wake up America it’s more than time for us to kick these career Politicians to the curb and get true representation for the American people from patriotic Americans. Term limits are an absolute must.

  92. Trump has put the Republicans (and the Conservatives) in a good bargaining position on this. Give us an end to Chain Migration and an end to the Diversity Lottery. Once the wall is built, give the Dreamers a legal status (but not citizenship). Until the wall is built, Trump can continue to extend the deadline for DACA’s demise. They must not be legalized until we conservatives get all three. If the Dems don’t want to want to play that kind of ball, deport all of them. It will be the Dems fault the Dreamers have to dream in Mexico and points South.

  93. I’ve already called, tweeted and sent emails out to my state’s politicians that Dreamers are not citizens and that anyone who votes for Amnesty, permanent residency or even putting them ahead of real immigrants, I will vote against. The only moral and right thing is to enforce our laws which were illegally & Unconstitutionally ignored by Obama and the DOJ. I’ve even let Pres Trump know this is what I’ll do if he breaks his word on this subject.

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