House Republicans Say ISIS Intelligence was Manipulated

According to a new report from a House Republican task force, U.S. Central Command officials were guilty of manipulating ISIS intelligence reports to make it look like the situation was better than it really was.

“They wanted to tell a story that ISIS was the JV, that we had Al Qaeda on the run,” said Rep. Mike Pompeo. “This is incredibly dangerous. We haven’t seen this kind of manipulation of intelligence in an awfully long time.”

The task force was convened to investigate the claims of a Defense Department whistleblower, who said that officials at the top of the intelligence community were deliberately whitewashing ISIS reports before sending them up the ladder to the president.

“These products also consistently described U.S. actions in a more positive light than other assessments and were typically more optimistic than actual events warranted,” the committee wrote.

According to a survey reviewed by the task force, 40% of insider analysts “had experienced an attempt to distort or suppress intelligence.”

Pompeo said, “The facts on the ground didn’t match what the intelligence was saying out of the United States Central Command.”

President Obama has been largely silent on these findings. What response the White House has given has been to deny having put any pressure on the intelligence community, which is of course ridiculous. They claim that if there were distortions in the reports, the blame can probably be cast onto the military.

Remember when “the buck stops here” was a thing? Not with this administration.

This report reveals that not only does President Obama not have any coherent clue as to how to defeat ISIS, he doesn’t even know he doesn’t know. Or at least, he didn’t for some time. This man is a danger to the world, and that’s not an exaggeration. Wherever his head has been for the last four years, it hasn’t been with the job he was elected to do.

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  1. Since Obama and hilLIARy founded ISIS they certainly need to manipulate the “news” you here about it.

    • Where do people like you get your information. I keep reading all these stupid accusations and just shake my head. Do you actually believe the crap you write? Not just you CaptTurbo, but the rest of the stupid accusation so freely share between what appears to be some very lame brained conservatives.

      • Stand up so you can breath Bruce. Oh wait, you have your head up your butt.

        • Please answer the question Cappy, where do you get your ridiculous information. Not even Glenn Beck can top the asinine info coming from this bunch of idiots.

          • hiLIARy and the America hating, communist, dog eating, Trojan Horse, fudge packing, choom gang leading, Muslim usurper set the Middle East on fire and set the stage. Then the rat bastards funneled weapons to them. but … What difference at this point does it make?

          • Obviously you don’t have an answer to the question Cappy. As for what difference it makes? If you had any kind of proof well just maybe they could impeach Obama and arrest Hilary. Of course you don’t have anything, but hate in your heart and a bib mouth.

          • Said the paid troll.

          • Paid by you Cappy. Get my social security on the 3rd of every month. Love it to. Thanks a bunch.

          • Did you get a cost of living raise this year neither did I but people like you who never had a job or paid in SS start out at more than I get now. Also next year the cost of Medicare will rise I will get a deduction in my SS not a raise & don’t tell me the cost of living hasn’t went up.

      • Obama was responsible for the “growth” of ISIS by refusing to leave troops where they were recommended to be left by the generals in charge. His reference to a “JV” teams shows his lack of knowledge on the subject. Had he followed their recommendations ISIS might not exist today.

        • So you think Obama should have agreed to the terms of the Iraqi’s and allowed U.S Troops top be tried in Iraqi courts? I would love to read you postings the first time an American was charged in Iraq and sent before their judicial system.

  2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Obama is an ignorant black man easily manipulated, looks good in a suit, and can read. Qualified to be President of the United States? Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States? My reactions to these preposterous events range from nausea to grief to depression.

    • I have said it before and I’ll say it again white conservatives are racist SOB’s that have a very low IQ. I know this for a fact because only a very low IQ conservative would call any man who graduated from Harvard law ignorant and a racist , because you have to refer to the President as a black man. I thinks everyone , but racist conservative are intelligent enough to know our President is Black and only a very low IQ racist would need to be reminded.

      When I write about how stupid President Reagan was I write about Reagan attending Eureka College, a Disciples-oriented liberal arts college. He became a member of the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity and a cheerleader, no wonder he liked the Bush family so much. He studied economics and sociology. He was described as an “indifferent student”. An Economics major he graduated with a C average. No wonder Reaganomics is such a joke.

      • Feel better Brucie with that fractured bleat? Your second sentence and the beginning of the third would be blue penciled out and your 8th grade (?) paper would fail as an example of the English language written to inform, motivate or to entertain, although it approaches entertainment. Want to exchange “IQ’s”, Brucie ? (great Scot) I stand on my reasoned, thoughtful and educated statement above.

        • T6Harvard – Then I’m not running for President am I. As for the IQ? Not interested. I’ve seen far to many that can use the intelligence God gave them. You strike me as one of those. I could also be in that category though most people that know me think of me as an overachiever. Again not bragging since I am just an average Joe like that dude from Ohio. How about you T6, care to tell some whoppers.

          • It is obvious you know nothing about the history of the the Democratic Party and the whoppers that they have told for years and continue to tell. If you refuse to accept the truth about the Democrats all of your comment are worthless, Learn the history or shut up.

          • Enlighten me mudguy1. I do know most of the bigots left the party in the ensuing years after Johnson signed the Civil Rights legislation, I believe in 1964. They didn’t form their own party though, Richard Nixon welcomed them with open arms and they have slowly taken over the Party of Lincoln. I know Democrats have not always kept their promises. Like the Republicans have found it is easier to make a promise than deliver on it. So tell me some of the Democrat Party’s history I don’t know about. Please don’t waste your time or my with a buch of totally unsupported accusations.

          • Jeez, Talk about revisionist history! You take the cake, kid !!!!

            You better hope the Cackling Witch doesn’t win. One of the first thing Commies do is get rid of the useful idiots. If she wins you are a goner.

          • <Matthew, I now believe Brucie is just in here for the attention; no one can be that stupid this long.

          • No just for the fun. I gave up on an intelligent post exchange long ago. Read the posting T6. Do you really believe the shit that is written. Here is a good one.
            Pam Dunn writes,
            “Obama has locked his records away SO you can’t see he got a free ride and preferential treatment and grades as a MUSLIM FOREIGN.
            They must have hidden them with his real Kenyan birth certificate.

          • Hey Matt what part do you consider revisionist history. Was it the year? That was to only thing I was a little unsure of. I know Strom Thurmond, you know the racist out of one of the Carolinas, I think it was North, left the Democrats in the 40’s. But he became an independent before realizing his future was with the Republicans. I often wonder how his mixed daughter is doing. You know the one he had by one of the black servants. How on earth can you be an avowed a racist and still long to lay naked with, well you know what I mean.

          • Interesting you bring LBJ and the 1964 Civil Rights legislation. 100% of the Republicans voted for it and and only 75% of your Democrats voted for it. Your Democrats led by Senator Byrd were filibustering the bill so it would not even come for a vote. It was the Republican that vote that got it passed. Al Gore Sr voted against it. Oh yes and the KKK was started by your Democrats. It was the Republican vote that got voting rights for the Black people. You need to learn more of the history of the Democrats before you call anyone a bigots.
            This is what your LBJ had to say in 1957 when Eisenhower tried to pass the Civil rights bill. Also prier to 1964 LBJ voted against every Civil Rights Bill.

            “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” —Lyndon B. Johnson to two governors on Air Force One –

            “These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference.”—

            This what President Wilson had to say.

            “The white men were roused by a mere instinct of self preservation … until at last there had sprung into existence a great Ku Klux Klan, a veritable empire of the South, to protect the Southern country.”

            “There are no government positions for Negroes in the south. A Negro’s place is in the corn field”

            So just who are the BIGOTS?

          • You keep bloviating by way of the printed word. My guess is you are probably in your mother basement having dreams if grandeur about you achievements.

          • No sitting at my computer trying to figure out how so many conservatives can have so few brain cells between them.

          • Brucie, I keep my stories for my friends, not the dolts that hang around the back door. Unlike you I bet, my life has been FULL of accomplishment of which I am modestly proud.

          • I have know idea what your life has been and really don’t care I do hope you have accomplished something worthwhile. I don’t wish you or anyone else ill will and that is where you and I differ. I didn’t like Reagan one bit. My dislike wasn’t political it was what I thought was his cowardly turning on his fellow actors when he ws called before the McCarthy hearings. While he was in office I didn’t care for his politics, but I showed him respect, because I knew as misguided as he was he thought he was doing the right thing for his country.
            Because he is black, or at least the appearance from what I read here, Obama is marginalized at best. Without any evidence admissible in court Hilary Clinton is convicted and scorned. While Trump, even though the words have come directly from his mouth, has people saying he din’t say or he didn’t mean or he was misunderstood.
            I have done what I have done. I sleep very good at night when I go to bed. I wish the same for you.

          • Actually, Brucie, I do NOT sleep well. Consider, as low as you believe Trump to be, how many millions prefer him to that (bleep) from the dark lagoon. Not much of a choice. And I have been privy to some of the forces wishing the US ill and with each leftist blurb or activity we slide further over the cliff. I did my bit, most of my worthy friends are gone and for what? Obama versus Hillary? Truly our rosters of potential candidates are upside down. I toss and turn. As should you for your choice of blindness.

          • I am not a fan of any politician. The only honest one in my lifetime was Jimmy Carter and look what his honesty got him. I don’t hate Hilary or The Donald. To be honest I have often thought The Donald was playing the Republican Party to show it doesn’t matter what a person says or does a certain number of Democrats or Republicans will support you anyway. It wouldn’t surprise me if he were elected to hear him give a resignation speech on inauguration day.

      • Only a stupid person would give anyone a pass based on the complexion of the skin. How did an admitted dope head get such good grades. What other examples have we seen come out of Harvard? And as Hillary says, “what difference does that make now?” Twenty-five years from now none of this matters anyway,

        • I didn’t know we were talking about that dope head George W. Bush. You forgot to mention his alcohol abuse also. But then George did graduate of Yale and not Eureka College. I’ve often wondered how much daddy had to pay to get George a diploma. I’ll bet it was plenty given how ignorant he is.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Drink some more bubba

        • Sorry Mike, but one Monday night many, many years ago I forgot to stop at the store for my Monday night football beer, When I didn’t miss it I figured I could put the money to better use and have drank anything stronger than water since

          • But you have been drinking the left wing Kool Aid ever since.

          • Sniffing Hillary and Obama farts probably.

          • I guarantee they will smell sweeter than the The Donalds.

          • Now kids, you need to start playing nice with each other. This sniping and name calling need to to be left out in the school yard! It is not taking any of us anywhere of value!

          • Agreed, but it is difficult to have a meaningful dialog when the only agenda item is what kind of unsupported B.S. can be thrown out there. I’ve been listening to that for 25 years.

          • You have been listening to is since you were 2 years old???? Wow!

          • “You have been listening to is since you were 2 years old”???Wow!”???? You’ll have to help me with this one. I turned 70 in July and unless my eyes went real bad this doesn’t make a lot of sense. Of course I am a Democrat so that could explain it.

          • Old brucie boy spews stupidity from his chronic Recto-Cranial Insertion Syndrome Condition. TOO BAD its mother didn’t buy a brain from planned parenthood for him.

          • Is that where your mom shops? Give her some advice, if she has more children she may have better chance of getting someone with at least a functional IQ if she pays a little more.

      • Bruce, There is no doubt in any ones mind that you are a true and threw Democrat because the first thing our of your mouth is name calling! This man in office has made many claims as to his educational back ground but after eight have you ever seen his educational transcripts to verify his claims? The man on many fronts is a fraud as the future will verify. He is just a front, a shill for the powers and agendas behind him. They causing him to move at their will like the puppet he is. Most can not wait till his sorry butt is out of the White House.

        • No the first thing I did was paraphrase a racist conservative and then show why he was a racist. I agree on the surface that seems like name calling, but no more than T6Harvards name calling of the President of the United States.
          You are correct I am a Democrat, been one my entire life As soon as conservative economics is willing to practice what they preach I will be happy to become a Republican. As long as the rhetoric from the right is Me, Me, Me oriented I have no choice, but be a liberal Democrat.

          • You could never be a conservative. Liberalism is a mental disease that can’t be cured. It is impossible for a mental health expert to cure the hands out for freebies syndrome.

          • Hey Doc where did you get your degree? I certainly want to make sure none of the Doctor I see went to the same school. Just to let you know, I got my first job in 1954 and held some kind of job until I retired in 2014. The hand out I get is social security and I think it is wonderful of you, assuming you have some kind of job, to help fund my retirement.


          • it is uplifting to see an intellligent person addressing the troglodites of the right

          • and fun to.

          • No Bruce! Stay with your Democratic party and its delusional and highly irregular leadership. No place for you at any time as a Republican given your lock-step, unenlightened mind set. I find it interesting that some of the greatest Republican thinkers and politicians were once former Democrats. What is it that they were so
            clearly able to see that you remain blinded by?

          • “delusional and highly irregular leadership”? The Donald is a Republican I’ll have you know! Don’t worry I have no plans of joining the KKK.

          • So how long have you, you,you, been sucking on the public teat?

          • It’s pretty evident that is exactly what he does. Look at all his posts. He obviously has all the time in the world to sit in front of a computer and post his liberal drivel. I kind of feel sorry for him.

          • Yeah, we need mental health clinics on government plantations.

          • Brucie, what “name” did I call Obama?

          • Something like ignorant black man. Why not ignorant white man. He is at least half white and according to one dim wit who posted early at least a quarter Arab. Arabs are Caucasian so in reality he is 3/4 Caucasian and one quarter black. In that case white would be more appropriate.

        • Dan, accurately and under stated. Obama is the biggest fraud at the highest level in the history of the US. And I think Brucie knows this, just clinging to straws as he drowns.

        • When was the last time a President was asked to produce a birth certificate? When was the last time a President was asked to produce his college transcripts. When was the last President to be met with a Senate and House that has absolutely refused to work with him on anything. He had absolutely no cooperation from the House or Senate for 6 years. No one questioned Kennedy’s claims of graduating from Harvard. You are absurd for even bringing this up.
          Why would anyone be a conservative after reading crap like this.

          • Kennedy didn’t seal his records, why did Obama? Tell me why.

          • Obama’s college records are not “sealed” by a court order, as you want have me believe. It would be illegal under federal law (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974) for Occidental, Columbia or Harvard Law School to give any former student’s records to reporters or members of the public without that person’s specific, written permission. Obama hasn’t released them, but neither have other presidential candidates released their college records. George W. Bush’s grades at Yale eventually became public, but only because somebody leaked them to the New Yorker magazine. Bush himself refused to release them, according to a 1999 profile in the Washington Post.
            There is a big difference between sealed and not releasing.

          • I sorry Bruce but must correct you on this segment of conversation Harry Reid was the guilty person in Obama’s first term to make a do nothing Senate. He left many idle votes on his desk, no debate no vote

          • I would also like to state that even though one goes to college doesn’t mean learned anything more than stayed in school 4-6-8 yrs. more than h.S. Also graduating first or last isn’t on diploma nor note,but a graduate

          • I agree, Tom, as you get what you want out of “higher” education and considering I have worked with those from Yale, Harvard, and other supposedly great universities, I can tell you that 99% are dumber than dirt and just living on the founder’s fame and not theirs. Most are communists, socialists, or just plain stupid. I graduated from a great liberal arts university, became Phi Beta Kappa (try that Brucie), lived and worked outside the US and learned 6 languages, then went on to Master’s and PhD and have two businesses and I a just a frail no good female to you I am sure. And your background, Brucie? Pitiful I bet. Reagan was as good or better than most of the democrat presidents and at least brought America to think better of itself even tho we helped win WWII for the countries that hate us and those very special two countries, France and England, who started the fires in the MidEast! Today, we have a man who set aside his life and business and a non-politician (praise God) with all the skills, abilities, intelligence, and acumen to bring America back, but obviously you prefer communism. Well, Brucie, my family has been there and done that and thank God were able to escape communism. You won’t like it but that is what the DNC and Hillary and globalists are selling. Don’t be a dumb buyer, but wise up and do the right thing and vote for America! Your blogs here have been inane and not even correctly researched as I am also a historian. Grow up, shut up, and vote for America and not Hillary!

          • I must admitt that is quite remarkable resume, for anyone. I fully agree with statement about (my term) NOT HILARY am hoping thougb doubtful if she was to be indicted would vote 3rd party because of choice. Keep the good fight going.9

          • Tom you are easily impressed and more than likely very gullible.

          • You are full of crap. 99%? I will give it that just, because you graduated from Yale, Harvard, and I will throw in Stanford doesn’t guarantee you are better than someone that graduates from a liberal art school, But saying 99% dumber than dirt brings into question your claim to fame as a Phi Beta Kappa.
            Myself? I graduated from High School, had a little college and left and went to work. Got a great job, because of my veteran status and worked for 45 years for the same company. Educated myself over the years by being an avid reader. I never was offered a spot in Phi Beta Kappa, but since I’m not into personal accolade that does not matter much to me.
            What does matter to me is what is best for the country. Contrary to what you say I am a true believer in capitalism, but also know we need socialistic programs. I’ve driven on toll roads and prefer the open highway. Tolls restrict those at the lower end of society and most of those are already restricted enough. I don’t want my water in the hands of someone who can decide to raise the price based on the availability of the product.
            I don’t know where we draw the line, but if the world can copy a socialistic program we invented, social security, why can’t we at least look at some of the things they have come up with.
            As for your Reagan making Americans think better of themselves I have to say, so. He lost his integrity with me when as the head of the screen actors gild he sold people that counted on him down the drain. He squatted and peed. He didn’t do it out of love for country he did it because Joe McCarthy intimidated the crap out of him.
            I won’t try and write him off in history, people that live history have to leave history to those that follow. I have no idea how history will look at Reagan, but the neither do you. In my book Gorbachev will go down as the man that ended communism in Russia and Reagan will be a footnote. I give more credit to Kennedy than any other American President and only for one thing. We developed technology, forced development to put a man on the moon and bring him home safely, that buried the Soviet Union. That is what killed communism.
            Pat yourself on the back and tell the world about all you accomplishments. I’ll keep reading and educating myself until I die and when all is said and done, stink up about the same amount of space you’ll stink up. Between now and then I hope I help a few to a better life.

          • Won’t argue that. There are some very intelligent people out there with minimal education. One of the brightest bulbs of all time never graduated from high school, Edison. He hold more patents for useful devices than anyone in the world.
            With that said, if you owned a business and needed to hire an accountant would you hire an 18 year old fresh out of high school or a college grad that majored in accounting? Education come from school and from life. Life can be just as good as school, but it tend to take much longer.

          • Sorry Tom The Senate never brings everything up for a vote, but to hang your hat on how many time who have asked to repeal Obamacare is a little ridiculous. Congress has a responsibility to solve the problems of this country. The house has spent it’s efforts attempting to discredit the President and Hilary Clinton. Investigating Watergate with the evidence they had was one thing, to spend 25 years of hating Bill and Hilary is quite another.
            I won’t focus on the past. Will you investigate evry politician with the same zeal you want Hilary investigated? I worked for a utility for 25 years. Reagan appoint the wife of the former CEO of the company to be ambassador. She was a big Reagan support and campaign contributor.
            The next time a Republican President appoint an unqualified campaign contributor to a government position will you insist on an investigation. If you do get ready, because the next Republican elected will do as Reagan did. That is politic. It sucks, but that is also business. It sucks , but that is charity. One only need to look at Elizabeth Dole and the American Red Cross. She did a great job, but it cost the American Red Cross..

          • Look igmo…nobody has ever been asked to produce their credentials before because nobody has ever hidden them like Obama . No real birth certificate(save the fake his buddy Hawaiian governor produced on wrong forms) and nothing backing up his education. Nobody has ever come forward that even knew him on campus. That was at schools known for their personal connections! You would make a donkey look smart! Just a typical backwater democrat with no proof, no brains, and a bunch of lies to sit on!

          • And his WHITE grandmother (and remember, Obama is half white and not any real part black but with an Arab complexion for those of us who know the difference) gave him the false SS number, as his grandparents were also communist.

          • Don’t you mean we ain’t neva had no dumb ass nigga as President so we had no choice to find somethin on him. Neva needed to investigate them good ole white boys.

          • Whats with your racial rap jerkoff! Can’t you think like a normal person and not make this an issue with skin! He has hidden all his stuff so anybody in their right mind would question why and what are you hiding? Everyone else running for that position, black or white and male or female has not hidden their past like that! Are you brain dead? And don’t ridicule someone for wanting to know what their president is made of! You don’t know either and what is scary is you don’t ask. Perhaps he was sent here to get rid of you and you don’t see it coming, Bruce!

          • Why? Because nine out of ten post when referring to Obama refer to the black man. When was the last time Reagan was referred as the white man. He is singled out as being black in almost every single post. My apologies if you are that one ia 100 on the right that deep down don’t resent him for being black. Read the post in this and tel me I’m wrong.

          • George W. refused to release his transcript. Some got their hands on them and released them. As for Obama. He has not allowed there release. I am sure the have been seen and may have been copied. His loyal followers have no reason to get copy and the ones on the right certainly wouldn’t release them if they didn’t support all the hog wash thrown out there.

      • So…what? Are you Black? An Albino?

        • Would it matter? Why does a person skin color bother you so much? For the record I am white. When young I was blond hair, blue eyes and would sun burn in half an hour. But again why should it matter? I have two friends that are black, both are brothers and both were raise around the corner from my house. As children they were both very good friends of my oldest grandson and still are to this day.
          I have seen liberal programs succeed and I have seen liberal programs fail. I can say the same thing about conservative programs. All to often the failure is not in the program, but the unwillingness of the legislature to make the changes necessary to make it work. That is true about liberal programs and conservative programs.
          A good example is the 5 years of welfare and your out. I have no problem limiting welfare to a specific period of time, but without early intervention on our part its success is measured only in those no longer on public assistance. Shouldn’t the measure be those that no longer need public assistance? In this the 5 and out has been a complete failure. So why not modify it so it does what it should, get people of the public rolls and into meaningful employment. Flipping burger at McDonalds is not meaningful employment.

          • That’s what the Cackling Witch said. They are dead do “What dose it matter now” – It would matter a lot if you were one of the guys on the roof in Benghazi that she left for dead.

          • Matt strikes again. Where is the evidence she left them on the roof? Gowdy work his butt off trying to prove anything and all he got was? Nothing? Wasn’t it nothing?

          • You talk a lot of shit.
            Who gives a flying fart what you think.

          • You obviously don’t, but at least you had to read it to know you didn’t like it. Next time you see my name don’t read it.

          • I’m crushed.

          • Well it appears that most of hardships that have befallen you were all caused by the Democrats and since you are defending them that really doesn’t make any since either! After eight years the job markets are still devastated and the economy is in the tank and your president and administration are proud of it! Time for you to wake up and dump that BS load you are carrying around and start supporting those who want to fix America and not those intent on bringing it to its knees! Otherwise, you just lost your ticket to being intelligent!

      • There you go again trying to be the pillar of intellectual wisdom. You are in fact on the lowest rung of relevance if you even could get on the ladder. Now sneak off an rest that pea sized brain of yours so that you don’t have have a complete mental breakdown.

      • NOW it outs itself as a Fart sniffing troll for the Shrill hag Hillary.
        Sheer idiotic DIMOCRAP leftist idiocy and spew.

      • Where are Obama’s college transcripts? Don’t forget Obama is a product of a liberal affirmative action program where you got special treatment just for being a minority and probably more for doing dope with the choom gang.

        • Al, Probably next to the 10 or 12 fake birth certificates Trump is holding to prove he was really born in China. Get real

      • Mine is 162, and I’m a retired White male engineer from OSU and am as conservative as it gets.

        His Royal Exalted Boma is 1/2 white and only a small part negro. The rest is Arab. –

        Anybody who though the Prez (Ronald Reagan) was stupid is un teachable and needs to be institutionalized.

        Now I may be a dummy, but I am orders of magnitude above a mental midget like you.

        And just for the record, If I was still in business and someone applied for a job with my company and I found they were a Harvard Grad, I’d simpply say, “Sorry, Cant use you” I only employed people that couls actually do the job, not a bunch of clowns that never worked a day in their ivy league lives.

      • You obviously have a very low IQ.

      • Wrong again bHo is a Mulatto, he is not black he is brown.

    • If it hadn’t been for Obama coming on the scene in 2007/08 H.Clinton would probably been the one in the Oval Office today. The powers that be saw a better chance to advance their agenda with a black man in ‘The Chair’ than they would have had with a woman.
      Everyone on the hill keeps saying Trump has no knowledge of what in happening in world and defences matters,well neither does H. Clinton with the exception of what she was involved in while SoS.
      Maybe we need new blood, a different type of arbitrator, using a new approach to get the US back in the drivers seat. Someone that isn’t dead set on seeing the USA come under a totalitarian, or worse, rule.
      The voters, at this time in our history, no longer have any say or control over what government wishes to do. The circus that comes to town every four years is merely a distraction staged for the citizenry.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        But what cracks me up is the fact that all those “chumps” voted for their big black bro and he shoved it up EVERYBODY’S ass, including THEIRS… ROFLMFAO

        • But he has big hands!

        • Pig

        • Think that’s funny? Just wait till hillary gets in–Women can’t resist voting for a dried up, wrinkly, lawbreaking old crone–Now they got someone they can feel sorry for while she steals everything that isn’t nailed down

          • she’s already doing that …I hate obama with a passion but I’d vote for him 100 times before I’d vote for hillary clinton that b is just pure evil…so that leaves TRUMP which is the best choice anyway go TRUMP 2016 go hillary to prison 2016 and obama just go and take that tranny and your offspring with you

          • I think the female population may surprise you. The more mature among women are no longer Suzie Q. They are executives, corporate lawyers, doctors, and judges and are present and active in every field.

            Thinking that women are politiy naive is a mistake. Females run the gamut from Socialist to Liberal, to true Democrat, to house Republican to stong Conservative, and lumping them altogether is a large political mistake.

            Some our most active, outspoken anti-Muslim/Terrist speakers are women. And, do not forget, there have been/are female Royals, Presidents, and national leaders (I have to discount Merkel for stupidity). And lastly, and not least, do NOT forget the women who served bravely, and still serve in our Military!

          • Well, they hillary still has good old fashioned cheating to fall back on

          • she already done that when they left the w.h. she’ll just be stealing and robbing again

          • Did she not steal everything that was not nailed down when she left the White House after Bill’s last term because they were dead broke and needed to pawn everything in the moving van just to buy some Tyson chicken?

          • Seems like less than a year ago she was whining about busting into her last 10 million, now that she sold out Our Country to terrorists she has all kinds of money put away

        • That is coming from Repubs and TPs who are racists, bigots, primitive and beg for government entitlements. Hillary won’t give them entitlements. And in fact I doubt if their candidate Trump is healthy. Trump healthy with 3 women in his place id no good. Trump must be at least 68 years old. At that time men sexually slowdown in their urge for sex. At that age some can die after sex and especially if they are fat like Trump. And with his weight, I Trump is not healthy to become president. And now we are hearing he wants to go to Eastern Europe to shop for a new woman. He thinks the present one is too wrinkled. This time he will be accompanied by his supporters such as Pence, Newt, Roger Ailes, Gov. Sanford, Rev. Swaggart, Bill O’rielly who has just been divorced, Sean Hannity and they may as well be accompanied by Herman Cain, the underwear groper, and Rush Limbaugh. I would advise Repubs and TPs on this sight to vote for Hillary on November 8 at 9 am.

          • Save your well worn card, Jimmy Crow. Instead of trying to insult, tell us why Hillary’s economic plan is better the Trump’s. No one has a worse record with women than that Arkansas hillbilly, Bubba the groper.

          • Did you not read about the reason I will vote for Hillary? Do you know the economy grew 300,000 new private sector jobs last month? I believe, like many Repubs and TPs, you read the Sports section only. Here the reasons why I will vote for Hillary: 1) She agrees with Obama’s policies of equality among Americans; 2) She counseled Obama to take town Bin Laden, the Yemen guy and Benghazi moron. 3) She will adopt Obama economic policies which are giving jobs to any American who wants a job; 4) GM is alive; 5) We have more local students graduating from colleges; 6) She will expand Obamacare; 7) She knows the world and their leaders and what they believe in her; 8) She has IQ of 148 while Trump and Pence has IQ of 99. 9) I am living in heaven on this earth right now; 10) Gas price is now 1.69 a gal; Eggs are 99 cents for 18 pack; 11) I do not own a gun nor do I need one so long as I live in the city. I am planning to visit the Ngoro Ngoro and Serengeti parks. There I will need a rifle because I will be neighbors with lions, tigers; snakes and hyenas. There you have it. I do not need a gun now as long as I live in the city. So please join me and vote for Hillary on November 8 at 9 am.

          • It wasn’t 300,000, it was 250,000. One month it was 87,000. Reagan had as many as one million a month. Compare Reagan’s GDP to Obama’s GDP, Reagan’s average over 7%, while Obama’s averaged under two. The real economic indicator is the GDP.

            Hillary counseled Obama on how he should take down UBL, a no brainer, what president wouldn’t give the nod.

            She’ll adopt Obama’s economic policies, record debt, record poverty, one in six live in poverty, a shrinking middle class, a record low workforce and race relations have never been worse. God help us! The ACA has hindered job growth and is responsible for most jobs being part time. Obama has nothing to do with low gas prices, they’re low because of the tar sands and fracking, Obama opposes both. If it was up to him, gas would cost $10 a gallon because he hates fossil fuels.

            Hillary’s policies have turned the Middle East into chaos, Iraq, Syria and Libya. She’s also responsible for the millions of refugees invading Europe. When she was asked about her accomplishments as Secretary of State, she said she flew more miles that any other SoS (what an accomplishment!) and the transition of SoS to Kerry went smoothly. AKA no accomplishments.

            Trump’s IQ is 155 and was an honor student. Hillary couldn’t pass her bar exam in any state, but finally passed it in Arkansas.

            Hillary wants to raise taxes by $1.5 trillion. Higher taxes for the middle class, small and large businesses and corporations to pay for all the “free stuff.” She also wants more expensive regulations which are already choking business.

            Trump’s plan reflects that of JFK and Reagan. Lower taxes for the middle class and businesses. Also a 15% corporate tax rate because the current one is driving businesses out of the country. Businesses are also over regulated, 1,200 new ones this year. Trump’s economic plan is a proven winner, Hillary’s plan would be an economic wrecking ball.

          • What Reagan had as many as one million a month. Read FoxNews of January 2016. Obama has created more new private sector jobs in January than Reagan and Bush had created in 8 years. Please do not teach the angel your holding lies now. I know you’re a Repub and TP who are liars, corrupt, racist, sexist, hypocrites and women chasers. And would you believe they preach family values. Well call Roger Ailes and Tammy Bakker for their family value teachings. Please vote for Hillary on November 8 at 9 am.

          • AwakenedAngryAmerican

            Listen to your own IDOLS when they speak. “You didn’t do that.” “No one can do anything by themselves.” BTW. Politicians do not create jobs. Taxes and regulation REMOVE jobs. There are 47 million people on food stamps, genius. Do you understand anything about reality? I mean the real reality. Not the one shown to you on TV.

          • I know your brains have been poisoned by FoxNews. Thank God it’s dying a happy death.

          • THEY’RE pissing on all of those LOSERS,15 years and counting…CHUG CHUG CHUG

          • Part time jobs counted as jobs. Don’t talk about Reagan and Obama in the same sentence. Reagan didn’t have record poverty and a record low workforce. Obama’s GDP numbers are the worst since the 30’s, the GDP measures growth, and because of his policies there hasn’t been any growth.

            You talk about family values and your candidate had a child by another man, Webb Hubbel. You talk about family values and your candidate’s husband was found guilty of exposing himself to a women. He’s been accused of rape and groping on more that one occasion. Trump2016!!

          • People are raising another issue with Trump – his hands inflections. TPs and Repubs think Trump is a sis. Usually coward women have such inflections with hands. Men never inflect their hands like he does. I believe Trump hand inflections is result of having too many women around him. Too many lazy women around a man tend to influence men to behave like themselves. Look, how defensive he is. Trump whined that the GOP candidate nomination was rigged. He cried so many times that I closed my ears. Now he is whining the November elections are already rigged. I have nothing against Trump, but he is too much of a whiner and his hands betray him. Trump should wait another 8 years. Now it is Hillary’s turn to be the Commander-in Chief.

          • Hillary foreign and economic policy will further sink the economy. Want to debate that issue? Hillary is owned by the lobbyists, the banks, and Wall Street with Goldman Sachs being her biggest donor. Hillary also obviously has health issues and refuses to release her medical records. She also has no accomplishments as SoS or as a senator. When Hillary was asked what her greatest accomplishment was she couldn’t come up with one. Obama and Hillary are also responsible for the genocide going on in the Middle East and the millions of refugees invading Europe. Hillary Clinton, bought and paid and also very corrupt. #Trump2016

          • Sniffin HRC farts are ya?!

          • Yes! We are dead in the water as a nation if the Hill is elected!

          • Wow you are more ignorant tha I first thought. Did you graduate from grade school? I know children that show more knowledge than you about the state of our country today…

          • I know people on this site have been brain-washed since young to hate other people. It’s very difficult to change their mind to see the world as it is. TPs and Repubs expect free stuff from the government. But when Blacks and poor Whites get the same stuff they whine why poor people are getting basic stuff. I have a friend who is Republican. He hates his children. I asked him why. He said they ask money for toys. He also hates his wife from NY. Why – she wants to dress nice and therefore expensive. But at the same time looks at women in the streets. Then he preaches family values. I see you and many Repubs and TPs share such behavior. I do not know where you got such behavior from. I believe you were abused when young. Just look at what is going on at FoxNews. Old people are chasing female employees for sex. These old people are married. Amazing they also preach family values. And you want to vote for Trump with 3 wives; and Repubs and TPs. Look into your soul and see what you’re missing. Stop hating others for no reason or for reasons you yourself is guilty about. So, please vote for Hillary on November 8 at 9 am. I will be there too. She will be tough on TPs and Repubs in Congress. I can’t wait to see them whining.

          • AwakenedAngryAmerican

            No. I just hate stupidity when it’s wrapped in someone so full of themselves. Brainwashed? You call everyone racist (a programmed brainwashing term right from the mind-control script) without even knowing what color any of us are. BTW. There is only the one race. The human race. (unless your reptilian like how the world leaders are alleged to be. Then yes I’d probably be racist knowing you reptilians eat baby humans and drink human blood. but I digress)

            Never mind.

            Forrest Gump’s momma was right about you.. “Stupid is, as stupid does.”

          • I know you’re really mad with the world. it does not help you. As I told your friends on this site, first blame yourself for your failures – then use your brain to improve yourself. Yes there is only one race- human race. But you TPs and Repubs preach what you do not believe. Got it now?

          • AwakenedAngryAmerican

            As usual. You’re WRONG on all points. I’m not a “TPer” nor a “Republican” nor do i subscribe to the false, phony two party illusion that you live in. Until you understand what the truth is. It is absolutely nothing that you believe it is. Remember that history books are written by the victors of past wars. All media (including the controlled opposition known as Fox) are owned by your slave masters. Yes. You are a slave. Voluntary servitude is NOT illegal. The civil war is not what you were taught. The 13th and 14th amendment aren’t the ORIGINAL 13th and 14th amendment. Do you not question why the American Bar Association was established in same year the Federal Reserve took control of printing the US’s money? Wake up. I wish you the best in your search for truth. However. IF you ever DO learn the truth about the world. You’d be embarrassed by your obvious lack of knowledge you espouse in such an arrogant manner here.

          • One-immortal you are arguing with one who seems attached to the ways of his native country. He can hide behind Bammie another few months then he/she/it/? will be forced to work. That, alone, would make him nauseous.

          • You are entirely correct and arguing with ignorance is in and of itself a wasted exercise but sometimes I get so angry at the stupidity of some knowing that stupidity is forever that I lose for a moment my ability to contain my comments for the merely ignorant who sometimes can correct their afflictions. Thanks for reminding me

          • I take the easy path and just “block” them.

          • AwakenedAngryAmerican

            Keep believing the doctored fake stats. The rest of the world laugh at Americans today, not just because they read what people like YOU think. But because of Obama and Hillary. We are on the verge of WWIII BECAUSE of them. And you are “in heaven on this earth right now.” You do not need a gun because you live in what city? I bet it isn’t Obama’s Chicago or any of the war zone strict gun controlled DEMOCRAT cities. Bin Laden was dead for 10 years. He died in a hospital in the middle east during dialysis treatment. They couldn’t get one of those machines in a cave. FedEx didn’t deliver to Bora Bora.

          • Now I know there sick Repubs and TPs and you’re one of them. How dare you lie: “Bin Laden was dead for 10 years. He died in a hospital in the middle east during dialysis treatment. They couldn’t get one of those machines in a cave. FedEx didn’t deliver to Bora Bora.” Congress was shown his body and DNA proved it. Are you okay upstairs?

          • Obama and Clinton both lie.

          • Hey Democraps Troll take your ad vice and stick it where you head appears to be up yours where the sun doesn’t shine. Geez where do these idiots come from if not Californica?

          • I seriously doubt your brain is healthy!

          • VOTE TRUMP

          • Please make your vote count – vote for Hillary. Do you know Trump banks in Belize and in Swiss Banks to avoid US income tax. This is another Romney who banked in China, Japan and Malaysia. Romney refused to release his returns. Hillary has release hers last week. Where is Trump tax return! Now who do you trust? Hillary. Let Trump and his wives lives happily in Belize and at Trump Tower. They are unfit to be in the WH. Let us vote for Hillary.

        • is funny ain’t it

      • What we need is a President that doesn’t know everything not one that does so that leave Trump out. I can remember a time not to long ago when Democrats and Republicans could sit down together and hash things out in the best interest of the country. For 6 years congress has had nothing, but committees investigating Hilary Clinton and Obama. I know neither is perfect, but you can’t throw mud at someone for 25 years without some of it stinking, but when all is said and done Hilary always washes the mud away.
        If she is elected and congress is held by the Republicans we can expect 4 to 8 years of nothing, but more investigation. Reagan was a conservative I always thought an idiot, but he had a Democrat congress that at least attempted to me him half way. As such things got done.

        • Crawl back under your rock. You analysis is both inane and vacuous at best. You are spouting the typical left wing low information that you gleaned from MSNBC. I love pseudo intellectual that make a complete fool of themselves trying to be relevant. Believe me you aren’t.

          • I’m certainly glad you don’t think I’m making a fool of myself. Now tell me what has Hilary Clinton been found guilty of? The only thing I have seen is a fool made of Daryl Issa and Trey Gowdy.

          • No one could pin anything on Al Capone until they got him on tax evasion. O.J. Simpson got away with murder. Are you so naive that you think this crooked administration would find their star crook guilty of anything? LOL

          • The congress is held by Republicans in case you didn’t know and they couldn’t find anything. The FBI investigation was conducted by a staunch Republican and he said no to prosecution. By the way a federal prosecutor could have stepped up and insisted on prosecution. It may not have done any good and would probably have ruined his or her career, but I’m sure the Koch Bros would have found a job somewhere for the man or woman with staunch principals, right or wrong.

          • For the record, Bruce, plenty was found, but they can’t dump Hillary as she is the only Dem who might stand a chance against Trump. After elections, (if by some odd chance or crooked election) Hillary wins, she will resign for health reasons or be arrested. In which case the DNC will have their yes-man puppet Kaine, in control. Hillary is not mentally or morally fit to be president. It is a shame because she really is a very smart woman. But she sold her soul for power

          • Someone gets it .. You are exactly right .. I am praying that enough good people get out and vote for a real change ..
            Trump in 2016

          • Cunning isn’t the same thing as smart

          • You Moron, Rudy Giuliani who was a Federal Prosecutor for 15 years and put many Mafia Dons in jail along with the White collar Criminals in the 1990’s, said and he should know that Hitlery Clinton was guilty of at least 10 Federal Crimes and that he would have charged as such also she would be charged under the RICO statue for operating a Money Laundering Phony Scheme. She would be looking atlas 10 years in prison, but Obama is saving her ass by having the so called Justice Dept. refuse to file any charges against her. I advise you to get your head out of the sand and start doing some real investigating about the Crooked LYING Clintons from Truthful sites and not from the LYING NEWS MEDIA such as MSNBC, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC and the rest of the Anti American Scumbag sites that only favor Hitlery.
            I bet that you haven’t heard about Hitlery’s health problems, that they are saying she possibly has Parkinson’s which should Disqualify her from running for President.
            Also, Hitlery is a Well Known PATHOLOGICAL LIAR and she also helped represent the Black Panthers a well known Terrorist Group in court trying to get these Scum found Not Guilty but didn’t succeed, she was also FIRED off of the Watergate Commission by the Democrat Prosecutor for Constantly LYING and Stealing papers about the Watergate Break in. This Scumbag has no qualifications to be President, well maybe she could fit in as Cuba’s President since the Communist Party USA an enemy of America has endorsed her for President, TRUMP in 2016 for President.

          • Rudy Giuliani who was a Federal Pro. It is always a was never an is.

            Who says she has Pextreme in a way that is not normal or that shows an illness or mental problarkinson’s. As for disqualifying, shouldn’t Alzheimer’s be a disqualifier? PATHOLOGICAL – extreme in a way that is not normal or that shows an illness or mental problem. Who diagnosed her, Rupert Murdock?
            Maybe she did represent the Black Panthers, so what. Attorneys represent client that’s what they do.
            Try not to be to disappointed election night.

          • Both parties need a complete cleaning, treasonous bunch of scum in both of them

          • No , we need to stop billionaires from buying the politicians. Why would a candidate spend a $100,000,000 on a job that pays so little unless their was something in it for them. When I was young a man would go to Washington with a little money in the bank and come home broke. Today he goes to Washington with a little money in his pocket and come home worth millions.
            You want to fix Washington start by cutting the flow of money.

          • Still treason, just because people ignore the ‘Do not feed the animals’ sign, doesn’t make it OK for the people we elect & trust to take that money.

          • This administration can’t find anyone guilty of anything. That is up to law enforcement and the courts. Neither seems interested to pursue the matter. Put the blame where the blame belongs.

          • As they say in N.Y.City- Faaawwwkk You!

          • Sorry Shamu not into bestiality.

          • That’s not what your neighborhood stray cats told me!!

          • I don’t cate what the cats said. I’m still not having sex with you.

          • Nobody Axed ya to!

          • Which is controlled by this administration.

          • AwakenedAngryAmerican

            Not quite. The administration (as are all of the recent administrations) are owned by the banking cartels who own all of us 14th amendment slaves. The constitution (and common law) is the law of the land. However, the Constitution ALLOWS you the freedom to choose another set of rules to play under. Even if you were never given full disclosure. It’s YOUR responsibility to know and stand up for yourself. Silence is admission or agreeing to bound by this contract. You accepted the contract when you accepted a benefit. That is why the USA, inc. D/B/A the corporate United States Federal Government uses the Uniform Commercial Code filled to the brim with acts & statutes. Code isn’t “LAW” it’s corporate private policy. Yes. It’s “legal’ but not “lawful.” There is a big difference.

          • With THIS FBI & Justice dept., there’ll NEVER be a damn democrat found guilty of ANYTHING,…..PERIOD!!!!!!!!

          • I thought the FBI and the Justice Dept. are investigative agencys. No one said they could find anyone guilty, especially when they can’t seem to find evidence or excuse it as carelesssness or just gross negligence when they are confronted with evidence.

          • I have no idea of how guilty or how innocent Hilary might be. The FBI chose not to pursue the E-mails further. I have learned something from raising 3 daughter and helping raise 5 grandkids. When you do nothing more than attack a person that person become very defensive. The more defensive they become the less likely you are to ever get to the root of the problem. If you cannot get to the root of a problem you can bet the problem will be repeated, if not by them then by someone else.
            The focus should be to get to the root of the problem. That will never happen now.

          • The Dems think Trump is suggesting the NRA might do it. LOL

          • Comie Comey said she had violated every single element of the laws he investigated, but since she didn;t mean it is was OK. She is guilty as sin, cupcake. Go back to candyland. Maybe you can convince some fellow usefull idiots the cackling witch is innocent.

            Trump for the White House
            Clinton for the BIG house

          • Comie Comey said she had violated every single element of the laws he investigated, but since she didn’t mean it is was OK. What a crock. At least try and be a little convincing, I believe what he said was closer to no prosecutor would take her to trial. Prosecutor want at least a chance of getting a guilty verdict. Without that chance they will not prosecute. Because they choose not to prosecute does not mean she is innocent, but it certainly doesn’t mean, “She is guilty as sin, cupcake”, or I can guarantee they would have prosecuted. That means reasonable doubt to anyone with any sense so I guess that leaves you out.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Clearly, you’ve been snorting far too much of that shit. .??

          • Do you know the meaning of cover up? Yes he did say no prosecuter would prosecute, which was an opinion not justified as many prosecuters said they would. Comey pointed out all the lies that Hillary told and tried to cover up. He also said during his testimony that anyone else would have been prosecuted. Obama meets with Hillary and tell the nation he is backing her in this election, something that is not normally done until she becomes the nominee. Then Bill meets with Lynch on a plane. Every one knows the truth behind that meeting some just refuse to accept it. Then Comey tells the world she is guilty of lying…. guilty of not turning over all of her e-mails…. guilty of having classified emails on her server some retro some not.

            She also rigged the nomination against Sanders. Along with receiving money from foreign governments while in the State Department in exchange for favors. Does this woman have to go around kill a member of your family tell you a video made her do it to wake you people up?

          • Former conservative prosecutor have said they would prosecute. This of course was said without ever seeing the evidence and was done to sensationalize the case.

          • Not true heard it again today during an interview with Geraldo. You just refuse to see the truth but that is your choice, just hope you and America can live with that choice should she become our next president.

          • Who was the prosecutor? Could he prosecute the case? Has he seen the evidence? You make a statement as though it is fact. Chicken little said the sky was falling for so long that when it did no one believed him. You ever think all this over kill with Hilary may lead to such an aversion to political investigations that when we really need one we ignore it?

          • Rather interesting that three field offices want to investigate the crook foundation, and Lynch is blocking. Also interesting that career FBI agents are leaking their displeasure with Comey and Lynch for giving Hillary a pass on wrongdoing.

          • Investigate the foundation. If they don’t find anything put it to bed. Problem is you won’t you will keep looking and looking and find something else you can get at least a fingernail into.

          • FBI field offices have to have reasonable cause to investigate. They aren’t political appointees, like Lynch. As a human, beyond being a partisan democrat, don’t you find the idea of Bill Clinton just happening to show up on a airfield out of the public view, walking across a hot ramp to another coincidentally present jet to have a chat about grandkids with the woman who happens to be in charge of investigating a possible national security breach by his wife, who happens to have major political aspirations? I don’t believe in coincidences very much, but maybe you do.
            I didn’t believe Nixon “coincidently” erased a tape during watergate, either.

          • Hey Brucie!! Bite the Banuche! Ax Hilary, she’s from N.Y.!

          • Sanders is making out OK with a little help from his friends.

          • And apparently Comey is now working with the attorney in NY to go after the Clinton Foundation and that will NOT include the DOJ and coverage for the Clintons. Think about that, Bruce. Remember, too to fire the men and women you hired to represent you in Congress and that means both houses! They are the traitors as well to America.

          • Comey didn’t want to join the Other 52-53? or so on the ‘Dead List’ of the ‘Keystone Kop Klintons’. Cross Bill or Hill., and end up on the wrong side of the Dirt! Read/View, “The Clinton Chronicles”. Those are just the ones we know about!

          • I’m sure comey got a better ‘thank you’ than that

          • I’m with you, Mathew!!!!!!!!!

          • Pforfreedom for all

            Some one needs to drop a fucken boulder on your head, we will see in November, when TRUMP WINS, and her ass and monkey ass is put in jail. Their guilty for more than treason, betrayal, and so much more you must be looking thru a welder’s helmet. Its best you don’t speak, your dick is or someones dick is in your mouth. It might have to come down to a Hotel Rwanda cleaning house of all demofucks. To get this country back where it needs to be. And you will not be included with the survivors. The 2nd amendmenters will help clean house or should I say country. All are ready, better hide in your bunker.

          • Now, now go back and take your medications before the men in the white coats have to restrain you.

          • Pforfreedom for all

            Are you familiar with those white coats, you must have worn them many times, because everybody sees that you are a loony tune, with no purpose in life. We can find you thank you for your personal picture, that is more help than we needed but thank you for it anyways, makes things much easier, best look around every corner

          • Pforfreedom for all

            Whats funny about your voting you see that carry you have, it will not be there much longer, if Hitlary wins. You are as STUPID as you LOOK, or should I say as STUPID AS A ROCK. Thats where you belong in the dessert barried under a rock. That little pee shooter you have will not help you against a 300 or more meter shot. You will look like a dumb ass, dead with a firearm on your hip.

          • Brucey, Brucey, Brucey! Open your eyes and quit being such a fool.

          • I’ve had my eyes wide open my entire life. listened to conservatives say they don’t want universal health care like Canada’s or England’s they are both failures, (they aren’t). I say so don’t pattern ours after Canada’s or England’s. Your friend hires an architect to design his house. He follows the design to the letter when he builds his house. The day after he moves in the house falls down.
            Now you decide to build you a new house. Are you going to ask you friend if you can use the plans he used to build the house that lasted a day. I myself would have to find a new architect.
            Any country that can put a man on the moon and bring him home successfully can surely solve the problems we face today. All we have to do is work together.

          • Is that why Canadians come to the US, on vacation and visit Our doctors? They are only too happy to pay, in order to see a doctor in the US

          • That just may be your problem,…….you are BLIND!!!!!!!!

          • Michelle Minze-Bryant

            We are talking about a government that is above the law. That’s why she’s never found guilty. Checks and balances don’t exist when the president has a pen and a phone to do what he will.

          • Of 7 or 8 federal statutes, to begin with. Statute violations for which any other gov’t employee would face consequences, said Comey. So I wouldn’t use her “not being found guilty” as your argument; he only said he didn’t think a prosecutor would win in court, which with this DOJ, he’s right. He did NOT say she was innocent. Plus he testified that she had lied to them and to Congress. This is all in transcript and video.
            And by the way, saying Hillary “always washes the mud away” is priceless. Being able to wash the mud away doesn’t mean you weren’t dirty; it just means you were able to clean it up (and in her case, had others doing it for her, as well).

          • And having mud thrown at you does not make you guilty. I have know doubt Hilary is as guilty as anyone else in politics. You cannot lay down with dogs and not get flees. How many politicians can you name that have gone through half the intense investigation the Clinton’s have been subjected to.
            Clinton’s sex in the White House. Did he lie? Of course he lied. Do you know any man in America that would stand up and say heck ya got a BJ from every intern working for me. Men always lie about sex. Wilt Chamberlain slept 25,000 different woman. In his dreams maybe.
            The suicide had to be Hilary’s or Bill’s doing.
            I doubt anyone could possibly, save for Jesus Christ, come out any cleaner than Hilary. I have to wonder how many e-mails were purge from Republican computers when it was announced Hilary’s e-mails were under investigation. You sure didn’t hear anything out of that oversexed Newt Gingrich during Bill’s sex scandal did you. He wasn’t about to hav the investigation pointed at him.
            But you keep your focus on Hilary and forget the problem we face. I always remember a brother-in-law that was a teamster. He was arguing with another brother-in-law about how crooked Jimmy Hoffa was and how could he support him. The teamster ask the other how much an hour he made. “I’m making $4 an hour”, with a puffed out chest. The teamster said, I make twice that.
            Jimmy may have been crooked, but he sure new how to rum the union.

          • Don’t be so modest, Bruce. You should have no doubt Hildy is more guilty than anyone else in politics. She has laid down thousands of times, is a dog and has fleas.

          • Your mind or computer is acting up. And she is no more guilty that Ronnie Reagan was when he denied any knowledge of the arms deal with Iran or Bush’s lies about weapons of mass destruction or Bill’s wonderful time in the oval office or Nixon secret plan to get us out of Viet Nam in 6 years. Maybe not as guilty.

          • Surely you don’t believe all that Hog Wash ! The only way out is putting Trump in office & putting Hillary behind Bars.

          • So if an allegation is made we are to believe it. No concrete evidence just a reporter’s or congressman’s is good enough. So I am to automatically disqualify Trump for the allegation he took $12.5 million from the former Pro-Russian president of the Ukraine. No concrete evidence necessary. Is that right?

          • No, what she DID is what makes her guilty.
            How many politicians can you name that have been and still are involved in as many scandals as Hillary is involved in?? Dating back to when she was a practicing lawyer? She is always involved and that is why she is always being questioned. No one did this to her; she is doing it to herself.
            You bringing up B Clinton and Chamberlain? Evading. It has nothing to do with what hillarys done. And what they did had nothing to do with endangering national security.
            Yes, we did hear about Gingrich, that’s why you’re able to ask about him now. He wasn’t Pres so the focus is different, yes. Hillary is running for Pres so she shouldn’t be surprised she is coming under more scrutiny when she’s done so much.
            Your other examples just show how desperate you are to avoid facing the fact that Hillary is guilty. No one is slinging mud anymore than is usual in politics; if anything, Trump gets more, especially from the media. Investigating where there is evidence of wrong-doing is not slinging mud, btw, it’s investigating and looking for justice. And protecting us from a candidate that doesn’t know or chooses not to follow set safety standards and procedures for national security. And one who has used her own foundation for personal gain, and using it for a pay for play tool. This is in the emails.
            I see from the thread you are busy with your ridiculous and specious arguments and SO much in denial, so I’m signing out and done with this. Good luck pulling your head out of the sand before it’s too late.

        • More spew from another idiotic Cruzbot moron who cant understand that TRUMP the better candidate beat his pick.

          • Trump whipped the best the Republicans had to offer. Goes to show you how pathetic the Republicans really are doesn’t it.

          • And Hillary is the best the Democrats have to offer? ROFLMAO!

          • No absolutely not, but she’ll do quite nicely in a pinch.

          • Actually, yes, albaby2, because she has been a communist since her late 20’s and since communism is the goal of the globalists and the DNC for the last several decades, she is their candidate on this premise. Otherwise, they can’t stand her. However, since she is seriously and even mortally ill, she won’t be around too much longer. So, Trump, go after her hard and fast to push her over the edge!

          • In this I can agree because we blindly voted in registered socialists and communists to Congress, and allowed Congress to think they were our boss and not our employees. Those glory days are ending for 98% in Congress as I write. Recall, no re-election or just forcing them to resign WITH NO PERKS/PORK/BENEFITS is going to happen. They have made themselves rich on our backs and time for them to be removed one way or another and asap!

          • As long as Harry Reid & Nancy Pelosi get’s booted out, that’ll make my day!!! Those two are the dumbest POS’s,….EVER!!!

          • I have no idea why you insist on labeling democrats socialist and communist. We liberals spent 60 years fighting communism just like conservative. Truman was instrumental with the Berlin Airlift. Could be one of the most significant set backs faced by the Soviet. . Kennedy face down the Soviets over the Cuban Missile crisis. Great real on that please.
            As for Congress pay them a living, with all the same perks enjoyed by the rest of America. But stop the outside money. Stop the lobbyist from having such undo influence in Washington. We do that and we take back America.

          • And the Democrats elected Obama??? Really!!!
            Obama admitted that he is Muslim on nathional tv and stated that the morning prayer, Islam is the greatest sound.
            Yes, he told us in advance what he planned to do. Few were listening.
            The following is a narrative taken from a 2008 Sunday morning televised “Meet The Press’.
            From Sunday’s 07 Sept. 2008 11 : 48 : 04 EST, Televised “Meet the Press” THE THEN Senator Obama was asked about his stance on the American Flag.
            General Bill Gann’ USAF (ret.) asked Obama to explain WHY he doesn’t follow protocol when the National Anthem is played.
            The General stated to Obama that according to the United States Code, Title 36, Chapter 10, Sec. 171…
            During rendition of the national anthem, when the flag is displayed, all present (except those in uniform) are expected to stand at attention
            facing the flag with the right hand over the heart. Or, at the very least, “Stand and Face It”.

            Senator Obama replied :
            “As I’ve said about the flag pin, I don’t want to be perceived as taking sides.” “There are a lot of people in the world to whom the American
            flag is a symbol of oppression…” “The anthem itself conveys a war-like message. You know, the bombs bursting in air and all that sort of thing.”

            Obama continued : “The National Anthem should be ‘swapped’ for something less parochial and less bellicose. I like the song ‘I’d Like To Teach
            the World To Sing’. If that were our anthem, then, I might salute it. In my opinion, we should consider reinventing our National Anthem as well
            as ‘redesign’ our Flag to better offer our enemies hope and love. It’s my intention, if elected, to disarm Americato the level of acceptance to
            our Middle East Brethren. If we, as a Nation of warring people, conduct ourselves like the nations of Islam, where peace prevails – – – perhaps
            a state or period of mutual accord could exist between our governments ….”

            When I Become President, I will seek a pact of agreement to end hostilities between those who have been at war or in a state of enmity, and a
            freedom from disquieting oppressive thoughts. We as a Nation, have placed upon the nations of Islam, an unfair injustice which is WHY my wife
            disrespects the Flag and she and I have attended several flag burning ceremonies in the past”.

            “Of course now, I have found myself about to become The President of the United States and I have put my hatred aside. I will use my power to
            bring CHANGE to this Nation, and offer the people a new path.My wife and I look forward to becoming our Country’s First black Family.
            Indeed,CHANGE is about to overwhelm the United States of America ”
            In his book Obama said, “if it comes down to it, I will side with the Muslims”.
            NOT Americans! Really???

            And now you want Hillary??? Really, ignorant aren’t you!
            With her one can start when in college and was close with Saul Alinsky !
            Next>Child rape scandal haunts Hillary campaign
            August 11, 2016
            In 1975, Clinton served as the defense lawyer for 41-year-old Thomas Alfred Taylor, who was accused of raping a 12-year-old girl on the side of an Arkansas road.

            Now at age 54, Kathy Shelton says she can no longer sit back and allow Clinton to convince the world she is an advocate for women everywhere.

            I don’t think [Clinton’s] for women or girls. I think she’s lying, I think she said anything she can to get in the campaign and win.
            If she was, she wouldn’t have done that to me at 12-years-old,” Shelton told The Daily Mail.

            Shelton described the horrendous tactics used by Clinton 40 years ago in order to help the man who raped her receive a lesser sentence of ‘unlawful fondling of a minor’.

            “Shelton said Clinton accused her during the case of ‘seeking out older men’, and demanded that the 12-year-old undergo a grueling court-ordered psychiatric examination to determine whether she was ‘mentally unstable’.”

            But it gets even worse.

            Chilling audiotapes released in 2014 from a 1980s interview with journalist Roy Reed reveal Clinton knew her client was guilty, and said
            “I had him take a polygraph, which he passed, which forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs” followed by laughter.

            She proceeds to brag about her success in the case which was supported by mishandled evidence and the testimony of a world famous blood expert to prove that evidence inadmissible.

          • All EXACTLY true!!! Anybody with a brain, should have realized Obama was NOT presidential material for America!!! And Hillary will be NO better!!!!! The stupid voters had better wise up!!!!! I tried to tell everyone of my friends back in 08 to NOT vote for Obama, but “Oh, I was just a racist”!! Now I have trouble FINDING anyone who voted for him,….strange!

          • The old saying, been there done that fits as well with me. Some thought I was toooo far right…the more I hear from Obummer & Killary I move further right… I try to turn them off.

          • Phucque Yew Phagg! How much is Georgi Soros’ “Center for American Progress” or Which-ever Dem B/S Propaganda Org. Paying ya to Spew Dem B/S Lying Points?

          • Always asking for sex. I don’t swing that way either.

          • And not wanting to accept that the Constitution Cruz always spouted (and Cruz had to know this) stated clearly that ONLY THE NATIVE BORN SON OF A NATIVE BORN FATHER (not mother) would be eligible for either office of president or vice president in order to keep “foreigners” out of the WH. Unfortunately, we allowed an illegal alien and this is the result of our being color blind! Not any more, not any more, not any more!

        • True, Reagan WAS an idiot. When he was a Democrat.

          • Not so. When he was a democrat he was a lecherous coward who squatted and peed when McCarthy called him in front of his committee. He became a Republican to justify his cowardice. Best acting job he ever had.

          • Nice twist, Brucie.. Actually had me chuckling there

          • Didn’t mean it as a joke. Then the image of Reagan with his pant down in front of McCarthy, I guess that is pretty funny.

          • Bruce why don’t you zip it while you can. Your despicable. Go enjoy your freebies while you can.

          • Can’t take the truth? Sorry, but sometimes the truth hurts. Just ask the poverty stricken people of any state in the union.

          • They’re Poverty Stricken ‘cuz they Won’t WORK! Never, Not Ever. Whitey Owes them a Living! Take a few of the Noble Negroes into Your House, If’n ya feel Sorry for ’em! Then go to Work to support ’em! When ya get Home, all your Sheite will be Gone.You can’t really be this Stooopid!! How much does Georgie Porgie Soros, the NAZI Jew pay ya!! to post? By the Post? by the Letter? Word? # of people who respond? GFY!

        • Killery IS a ‘know-it-all’. And anyone that throws mud at her ends up meeting an early and suspicious demise. Commey said she was guilty as hell, he just wanted to continue breathing.

          o yes no doubt in my mind Obama is the founders of ISIS & ISIS will spread like a cancer if Hillary becomes President i promise you . Obama started spreading ISIS more during his second term because he knew he couldn’t get elected again. anyway , but it has been his intentions from the beginning .

        • Ah, Bruce, but these are not the Reagan years or the same situation. These are the new fatal years for America. The DNC’s published 1963 Communist Manifesto is working to the last step(s) along with globalists who want this country communist and in their filthy hands. This is communism ON OUR TURF and not abroad. Bit difference especially for those of us who have lived and worked or escaped from other countries. Born here and no experience with real life in other countries is not good, but the real heart of America is held by millions and we will not let anyone, including you, Soros, to destroy our America. We are fighters and always have been. Trump talks like us real Americans (brings to mind Pres. Harry Truman who was also a straight talker and shooter and actually a good democrat, as most have never been good since their founding and changing their name from British Tories who wanted government control) and we will NOT EVER ACCEPT ANYTHING BUT OUR CONSTITUTION, BILL OF RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS. They have misjudged the real Americans for the weak, invaders, and welfare takers and that is their big mistake!

          • Communism died with the Soviet Union. Trump does not talk like real Americans, Trump talks like ignorant American, sort of like you write. Truman was a very straight talker, but to compare Truman to Trump insults Truman. Give me a Truman quote that had to be reinterpreted by one person much less half the Republican leadership.
            Trump is anything, but Presidential material. The type of person that suck up to him have the same flaws that allow a Hitler come to power.

        • Wrong! If she is elected then you can expect a revolution which is past due.

        • Obama doesn’t want cooperation. Obama want to fundamentally change this country and he is doing his level best to realize that nightmare. This is a representative republic not a one man administrative dictatorship. He doesn’t like or love this country and he is unwilling to defend it. Hillary Clinton is just as bad with a topping of being a treasonous criminal on top. There was a time when the differences between the Democrats and the Republicans were methods, but not goals. That time is long past. Look at the leaders of the Democrats party. Reid and Pelosi are almost as corrupt as Clinton.

          • I’ve heard that crap for 6 years. You can’t have compromise when people lock their feet. Tell me where the right is willing to compromise on Obamacare? How about the right to life to life? How about gay rights? The voters rights act? Where is compromise possible? Immigrition reform? Is there anything?

          • When will a democrat ever compromise? Why is it always the conservative wgo are told to abandon their principals for democrat failed programs.

      • But fortunately, icthelite, millions of us are not so blind any more and that is a serious danger to the globalists and their “employees” such as Obama and the Clintons. Time has come to show we have the same blood and minds of the Founding Fathers which means another revolution will take place!

      • Trump has the brains enough to listen to our generals in the Pentagon for advice while that black man who hates whites in the Dark House directs our generals to do what he wants. Ditto for Hillary the Witch who helped Obama create ISIS by helping to over-throw the government of Libya, Syria and supporting the Muslim Brotherhood. If anyone else did what they are doing then they would be considered traitors and dealt with yet these two get away with murder. Is it time for a revolution?

        • It may be closer than we think!!

        • That black man that hates whites has helped white more than anyone else. You just have to wonder what he would have done for us had he liked us.

          • I guess that means you got your free phone, And I suppose you will be signing up for another round of welfare payments

          • I can tell you that he had no respect for the founding fathers who did more for the black man’s freedom than any black man ever did. Yes whites were in the head of the line for the freedom but had the races been reversed it would be the same in reverse. Few black men can face the fact that it was their people that sold them to whites. They were not just rounded up like horses in the wild. And the other fact is that plenty of whites were slaves throughout the ages. Slavery was a dumb thing but it took a while for people to catch on. To make excuses for bad behaviour is not how you make things better you have to get smarter. Ben Carson is an exaple of a man that shows his wisdom.

          • Funny obumacare cannot even help the worse off of Americans. You have to make a certain amount to even qualify. So much for healthcare for all. He is a bottom dwelling scum sucker.

          • And somehow, I thought Obamacare was “meant” to help the Americans who are “worse off” have health care. Did I misunderstand?

        • We need to destroy the MSM lies and deceitfulness against Trump and Conservatives.

        • True. She was right out there after Trump announced we needed to stop muslim immigration till we got a better handle on vetting them specially from dangerous countries. But she said NO we must allow anyone that wants to come here. We are not like that she says. Well I am an American and I am like that. I don’t just allow anyone in my house and American citizens have a right to decide who can come here not a half-wit former secretary of state.

        • not only that the name Barak Obama means Blasphemy in the bible jesus said Behold i saw Satan fall like Lightning the word Lightning in Hebrew means Baraq and in the book of Isiaha in chapter 12 it has Satan saying i will become God and in Hebrew it means ObamHaw so this Guy”s real name is Barry Sorteo he comes from Indonishia but then he chose this name of Blasphemy

        • As a Marine by Choice and proponent of a strong military force and recognizing that Obama took the strongest most effective protective military force the world has everknown and reduced us to an equivalent of almost a third world power, I am very concerned that Trump will listen to the current crop of top General staff of every service because I find it totally ignomatic that those now in charge would refuse to fire on Americans resisting his illegal acts should obama order them to do so. Would Trump actually depend on them? Would it not be better if he fired those that survived Obama’s purges and bring back the real General’s and Admirals who told Obama what to do with his social experiments such as having ROTC candidates wear high heels to have the experience of female troops. Since when did female troops wear high heels

        • Trump is done as to the WH bid. Now we are learning he banks in Belize to avoid USA tax. Trump has refused to release his tax return. His accountant says IRS completed its audit in July this year. But Trump owe millions and does not want to pay tax. Now IRS have discovered he has a bank account in Belize. I think Trump is another Romney. Romney had banked his money abroad leaving his employees on welfare. Then same Romney laughed at his former employees as stupid. Please vote for Hillary.

          • Allegations without supporting facts are as salient as flatulence in a perfume factory. Making up lies to bolster your sagging logic is a perfect parallel.

      • Personally, I’m so sick of the Clintons, Bushes, Obama, & now the most un-trust-worthy POS, Hillary Clinton, I feel like barfing-up every time I think of her becoming president!!! I can’t believe this country has sunk this G.D. low with our voters, that they just want to keep voting these lying scum-bags into office!! If they could just see beyond all the “bluster” & really see that Trump wants to try & SAVE America, Trump will win in a landslide!!! Trump MUST win in Nov. or this country is about done as a free America, you can put a fork in it!!!!! If Hillary wins, America may have a different name in a few years!!!!!!!

        • Dennis B Anderson

          Hey Hilly likes shinny – shinny – shinny. Give them something shiny look what that half white SOB Obama did with a line like = Oh yes we can and a free cell phone. Its worked before. Have we got enough to buy this presidency HA-HA-HA cackle – HA.!!

        • Michelle Minze-Bryant

          Yea, like America, consisting of Canada, Noth America and South America, the Hawaiian Islands and who ever else they want in the one world economy.

          All we can really do is pray.
          Pray that the evil one doesn’t win so we can turn the country back to it’s original intentions. One nation under God.

        • Agree agree agree!!

        • Just1Saddletramp

          It is aggravating and frustrating that too many people are willing to say ” Heil Hitllary “.

        • I can only see hope in the youngest class of eligible voters. I do believe that most of them have, or are beginning to see, what the results of their parents and grandparents political choices have none to this nation.
          I also believe the United State of America will never, ever again be what it once was.
          Obama promised hope and change. Well it has changed for what some were hoping for just not what the majority of the citizenry was hoping for.
          Same goes for Trump and Clinton.

      • Well bringing the Camel Rider to the office makes me hate your guts.
        However your finally coming around to the truth, makes me want to shake your hand.
        As you state: Trump has called a spade a spade on every detail of what is going on in the world and the Camel Rider is simply using Taqiyya.
        No wonder the Clintons get their palms greased by MILLIONS because they too are in bed with Islam

      • Icthelite, I believe our ‘resident knows exactly what he is doing, and that he is being very successful at fooling the American people.

      • One phrase: TERM LIMITS 2yrs. and OUT!

    • Please enjoy your depression! What was left at the end of 2008 ? ????

      • A few empty beer cans in George’s favorite closet.

      • Did you enjoy the shovel ready jobs. Did you forget the depression started when the Democrats took over the Senate and the house in 2006 causing the housing collapse.
        Maybe you are enjoying the reduction in the American income by 2,500 dollars or the reduction in home ownership or at least 94 million people out of the work force or 45 million on food stamps. Quite a recovery.

        • Muddy – If you must blame a Democrat, blame Bill. but if you were smart you would realize we all, Democrats and Republicans are all to blame. It won’t get better tomorrow either, because as hard as it was to legislate yesterday it only looks worse as time goes on. Until we can again have a legislation that is willing to comprise in the interest of the country things will continue to slide downhill. How much time was wasted by congress in bringing legislation up to stop Obamacare? Time that could have and should have been put to other legislation.

      • Actually, Joey, I’m doing quite well. Need a little to carry you over the week end? My portfolio is no longer 7 figures, been drawing it down in retirement.

    • He doesn’t look good to me even if he is wearing an Armini tuxedo. He is one funny looking half breed and reminds me of Alfred E. Newman from Mad Magazine, but you are right about him being one dum arrogant SOB.

      • We’ll have to get an amendment to the constitution that stipulates you have to look good in an Armani Tux to run for President. That should eliminate most women. I suppose your wife still has hers from the wedding.

    • Began his college education at Occidental college as a foreign student? Now how can that be if he wasborn Iin Hawaii? Folks, he was born in Kenya and that’s a fact.

      • I love your facts, “he was born in Kenya and that’s a fact”! And your not all there and that’s a fact.


  3. Is there any part of our government that Obama hasn’t corrupted?

  4. Nothing surprises me with this corrupt administration. Obama is a disgrace as a man and as a human being. Obama’s administration is run on lies, deceit, cheating and reading a teleprompter that the girls in the white house write for him. Hillary Clinton is another Obama, she is a proven liar, and murderer who along with Obama had the 4 brave men in Benghazi sent to their deaths. Both said it was a video that caused the 4 deaths, that was proven to be a lie. Its time for a change, the USA is going in the wrong direction. I am voting for Donald Trump, we some balls in government and congress is not the answer. Cut all federal jobs 1/3, cut spending 1/3, and rebuild our once great military into the greatest force ever. Reagan did and Trump will do it to. Obama DOUBLED out debt from 9.8 Trillion dollars to 20 Trillion dollars, no more progressive liberals they have sold us down the drain for their own gain.

    • Yes Obama made a mistake he put all the debt left by the previous administration on the books. Reagan tripled the deficit and you call that success???? The current economic paradigm is trickle down supply side. The economy has never seen progressive liberal economic legislation enacted.

    • You are correct, but about 5 trillion or that debt was honoring obligations from a previous administration. You can sit and throw mud, the Republican led legislation has been doing that nicely for the last 6 years, or you can attempt to solve our problems. Kansas is a solid conservative state and will remain a solid conservative state. They recently have decided to throw out those whose approach is simply cutting taxes and cutting programs. It just doesn’t work.
      You take the food off a poor mans table threw legislation and he will take the food off your table any way he can.

      • He’ll not get through my front door, sonny.

        • What makes you think you’ll be home. But let’s say you are, you’d rather kill a hungry man than help him. That is what is wrong with being a conservative. A 45 caliber round is 50 cents on the high side and that is cheaper than a hot and a bun.

          • Pretty juvie nonsense, Brucie. Bet I’ve helped more of the destitute and/or needy, young and old, Foreign and domestic than you.

          • Could be, but maybe not . I don’t count and certainly don’t score what I do for others.

      • Any role in there for Reid or Pelosi, Brucie?

  5. If you see the big picture of the one world concept things make more sense and leaves clues that should be investigated. ISIS has been cated mainly as a big scare technique for creating an increase in the millions of citizens fleeing from “war zones”.(?) Maybe why our military had to be removed from the area with a specific date of departure. Maybe there are only a handful of ISIS with the idiot wanna bees recruited from the outside to carry on terrorist activities mainly in their own country. So with the crooked media and a few ISIS members beating their “War drums” on a 24/7 basis the citizens believe it and flee like rats on a sinking boat and meanwhile the do gooders in America, Europe and other sucker countries willingly take them in. But look at what is happening here at home. Obama, Hillary, Tammy Duckworth and other government officials call for millions to settle here. The Feds determine where they are going to settle and scatter them out in pockets all over the country. They are like cells now but soon will populate like fleas and soon destroy Americans from hanging onto what is left of our country. As we all know (ha) in a democracy all votes are equal and the majority rules. Eventually the society dies, the constitution is gone, and the one world order takes over, Think of how in the last several years the federal government has destroyed the will of the people in each state. Trump knows what is going on and is our only hope to remain Americans. No matter how you judge his mannerisms or disagree because he is not you we all need to open our eyes and ears, talk about it and vote Trump. Go early on the 8th of November and stay in line late if you have to. Do not desert your country now when America needs us more than ever.

    • 1% of Muslims are radical enough to act. That is still a significant number, 500 out of every 50,000, but given most of the immigrants coming from Syria are old men, women and children and are not typical terrorist. This should significantly reduce the risk. Once they arrive it will be up to us to see to it they don’t become radicals Islamist. Treated right it won’t it happen. Let the Aryan Brotherhood or KKK have their way and who knows what will happen.

  6. Not only has our intelligence been manipulated but everything the Obama administration has been not truthful and it is my belief he is racist and from day one has shown his contempt for law & order-He has failed Americans by not closing the border because it self serving to him- hoping for votes not the safety of America- He is a danger to our children through our schools system and protecting muslims instead of our American children-

  7. Ogayarab, Crooked Hilary, and our liberaal progressives are the greatest threat to the USA that ever existed.
    I had an interesting conversation with a freind. He will not vote for trump becuase he thinks trump might press the nuke button. I will go with trump. A nuke war ruins business profits and lowers property values ( almost kinnding). Is hilary really better than trump????? Hell no.
    W affiars ??? Hilary, who ssold favors while sec of state? hilary.

    • Liberal progressives are the ones that founded this nation. The conservatives, also known as Tories, sided with the English. Progressives welcome change conservatives like things to stay like they were in the good ole days. Just about everything you evnjoy was given to you by a liberal progressive. To bad you spend so much time trying to find thing to hate about the liberals instead of finding ways to work with us. I don’t want wholesale change, but I sure do like measured change. When conservatives work with liberals we get measured change. When they don’t we either get no change or radical change an neither is good for the country.

  8. Who is totaly unfit to be president of the US? His name is obama.

  9. Can anybody name one thing that Obama hasn’t manipulated to favor him? It started with the lies about Obamacare and he not stopped. And the media keeps helping him.

    • Perhaps you should first show, with supporting facts, something Obama has maniputed to favor him.

      • Obamacare that should be enough. Oh yes the unemployment figures when the ones that have dropped out of the work force are not counted.

        • Obamacare has taken millions of uninsured and given them healthcare. I have the same insurance I had before, I retired and am not looking for a job now. I was offered a job, but chose to retire instead. Of course I can’t speak for everyone, but then nweither can you.

          • Really how about some facts on that. Have checked How many people that are still uninsured? I take it you don’t care about facts. So as you are looking for a job the fact that there 94 million that are not looking for job but are not retired dose not matter to you.

          • 94,000,000? You sure about that figure? It sure sounds high to me. I mean we have 335,000,000 people. That is al the children one minute to 16 years old. The teen 16 to 18 years old. All the adults from 18 to 66 years old and then the rest of us. Think about it. I do believe we’d have to have quite a few young children and old boys like me looking for work to have 94,000,000 out there looking for work. And I do mean quite a few. Do you think you might be a tad high on the numbers or maybe a little to much medical marijuana?

      • Oh yes forgot to add Obama’s misleading the American People on the Iran nuclear deal.

        • I said with supporting facts not your personal speculation or that of the Republican Party.

          • Fact Obama lied about Obamacare “You get to keep your doctor and if you like your insurance you get keep that”. Fact he lied about the Iran deal. If you don’t believe that you have been drinking too much Kool Aid. The only thing he has not lied about was that he was going to “Fundamentally Transform America” If you don’t believe that you do not care about America.

    • The lies obama told before obama care should have kept him out of the white house, just to many fools out there that vote for color, or gender. I’m a vote and will vote for Mr. Trump God bless America and to hell with the obama’s and clinton’s.

  10. Michael Dennewitz


  11. Isn’t this what happened in Viet Nam? False reports to distort the war to keep it from the American people? Why isn’t the media all over this? Oh, that’s right, they only attack conservatives. But Viet Nam was under Johnson and Kennedy mostly. It took a Republican to end it. Hmmm! Makes one wonder…..

    • Personally, I think if the press ignored everything ISIS did they would lose the biggest weapon they have. North Viet Nam learned early on the place to fight the war was in the American press. It worked wonders for ending a war we should never have fought in the first place.

      • Brucie, at last, a POINT. The MSM recognizes the value of sensationalism, rather than reportage and how well it sells as pushed by shills such as yourself. Happened in VN, and is happening here now. The spawning bed of such as Hill and Bill. Proud?

        • Why do you single out Bill and Hill? Why am I a shill and not you? Are you special? Do you have an immunity to propaganda? I think not. If you and I were the Koch Brothers and George Soros would spend billion trying to brainwash us. I have made a valiant effort to avoid any kind of advertising on political campaign. I erase all unsolicited political e-mail that come my way. I have never donated a dime to either party and have no intention of starting now. If you cannot sell me on your platform you cannot sell me.
          My family was and is southern conservatives. Other than the bigotry within the Republican Party I can identify quite nicely with conservative value. I’ve work my entire adult life and most of my childhood. When I retired I turned in 4 months worth of sick leave that I didn’t get paid for. I have never wanted anything for nothing and certainly didn’t expect to get anything.
          Where I stop is when it come to helping our fellow citizens. It is not a crime to be poor. Yet the poor are treated much worse and much different than those that have. When I was young my family was as poor as old Jobe’s turkey. The difference from then and now was a man earned his respect through his efforts and not through what he had.
          I have sat in business meeting where lunch was brought in. At one meeting I will never forget, we had pizza delivered. A middle age man delivered the pizza and after he left one of the women laughed and said, “I hope you gave him a big tip, because at his age he only has a few good years left to deliver pizza. Needless to say I had to open my mouth and before lunch was over I was asked to leave.
          Why would anyone care why this man was a pizza delivery boy. For all she new he could have owned the business and been short handed that day., but why say anything. The man was doing a job. Maybe the only job he was qualified for or maybe the only job he could find.
          We are far me oriented and it will not bode well in the future. We look down on people that are less fortunate than we are and I have to ask why. When I’m dead and gone I will stink up my little spot of earth just like those with less than I and those with more. When I take a dump sometime it smells worse than you and sometimes it doesn’t.
          At the end of the day we as a nation would be far better served helping each other climb as far up the ladder as we can. Instead we are filled with envy and hope and pray someone less deserving doesn’t hit the lottery of life. Why? I am very comfortable with what I have and where I am. I would love everyone I know to have it just as good.

  12. Where do you think his head has been? Up his ass that’s where! Eight years of this piece of shit who couldn’t run a hot dog stand! A Socialist, Muslim Traitor, Racist, and a Lying Scumbag!

    • Tell us what you really think about that corrupt lying treasonous traitor barack hussein obama who a sissified Muslim BOY. LOL

  13. “Wherever his head has been for the last four years, it hasn’t been with the job he was elected to do.” Try the last 8 years and he still has no idea how to run a country other than to run it into the ground.

  14. The careers of HOW MANY professional military commanders have ended because THEY TOLD Obama the way things REALLY WERE, instead of how he WANTED them to appear?
    In WWII, from our point of view, it was indeed FORTUNATE that Hitler REFUSED TO LISTEN to HIS professional military commanders. HAD he done so, it is unlikely the Allies would have won WWII.
    Daesh is now fighting a ‘leader’ that not only REFUSES to heed the advice of professional military commanders, but PURGES THEM FROM “his” military, lest their radical idea of speaking truth to power might continue to infect the military ranks. Ladies and gentlemen, in case you missed it, that ‘leader’ is the President of the United States, Barak Obama. God help us.

    • And we listened to ours? Patton was the most feared General of all. Where was he on D-Day? Eisenhower had him playing up north towards Scotland. Maybe the best tank commander of all time and they don’t use him.

      • Believe it or not, he WAS used – as a DECOY! The German high command “KNEW” they were safe if Patton was not on the move toward them. He, and a phantom army that did NOT exist, were part of the D-day deception. It worked brilliantly.

        • I know what he was used for, but why on earth would you send Monty in and leave Patton behind. They could have used him as a decoy and still had him in the invasion.

          • Can’t say I was inside Ike’s head but it is known that he wrote TWO D-day Invasion announcements – one for a successful invasion (thankfully the one he used) and one for a failed invasion. If ANYTHING went wrong – especially the deception set up by Patton and the radio traffic from his phantom army on ‘training maneuvers’ “up North” or any security breakdown – in time for the Germans to mass their troops at the critical points, then the world would have heard the failed invasion announcement and a broken Ike would have taken full responsibility himself.
            Was it “protocol”? Was Monty more expendable (if the invasion failed) so Patton could defend Brittan? Was it Patton’s habit of outrunning his fuel and ammunition support – absolutely critical that NOT HAPPEN during the early days of the invasion? All of the above, and more? We’ll never know for sure. We DO know that Patton did eventually get into the fray, much to the dismay of the German High Command.

          • I can’t dispute anything you have said. Hitler’s amphetamine use was horrendous by D-Day so the tricks his mind played were known to him and God alone. Since the allies weren’t privy what a speed freak Hitler was, they had no way of using that against him. To bad I don’t think that was ever leaked to the allies.

    • Excellent point, Anvil.

  15. We all need to go watch the movie Hillary’s America now in the theaters and find out what the Democrats stand for.
    You will be amazed to find out that they point the finger at the republicans, saying they are the ones responsible for slavery, the K.K.K. when in truth the Democrats were and are the ones responsible, and the lists go on and on.
    While we the voters believe the lies they tell. You keep voting in the same people time and time again hoping for a different result. Albert Einstein explained this kind of thinking- INSANITY. Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. So how has that been working for you Democrats so far? Keep complaining with your black lives matter rhetoric when you can only blame your selves because you keep voting the same Democratic politicians into office, whether it be governors or majors. Oh I forgot they gave you free cell phones as a bribe, For what? L.O.L.

    • Is that anything like the movies Michael Moore makes. Don’t watch them, but heard they were real funny. Real intellectual dynamite. Can’t wait to watch another propaganda movie? It is such a great way to educate yourself. Sort of like the Commies in Russia and China used to do. Hey is that why they keep comparing the Communist Party to the Republican Party, the way they educate the masses within the Party?

      • Michael Moore is a purposeful cynic and patriot, a whistleblower who is not exiled. The roll of cynicism is a very important position in a society. “Fahrenheit 9/11″, masterful ; Bowling for Columbine” needed; the most recent, “Where To Invade Next” focuses on great thinking and great ideas produced by American minds and their positive effects on lives in civilized countries but that will not be accepted nor enacted in America. The bottom line, stated by common citizens from 8 countries, “because we care about each other”. Our ideas work…for the unselfish. Well worth your time Bruce. MM is in the vain with Samuel Clemmons, Will Rogers, and George Carlin.

        • Michael Moore is a movie producer who makes millions by producing movies that sensationalize either peoples mistakes or companies short comings. Fahrenheit 9/11 was wonderfully entertaining to the left and an embarrassment to the right. He does a great job, but is that where you want to gain your insight. I knew about the Saudi’s paying for George Jr. to drill dry hole before he ran for President. I certainly didn’t need Michael Moore’s movie to learn that.
          He is an entertaining producer until you are in his sights. Just, because Michael produces something doesn’t necessarily make it good. An example is coal. Coal needs to be phased out without a doubt, but use some intelligence in phasing it out. To many people get hurt Immediately and them you divide the rest. The Netherland has a surplus of wind generation. How much coal do they burn? Not only, but they did it without a Michael Moore.

          • That’s fine do as u plez o corse . MM documentaries hav nvr bn entertainment n my mind just accur8 n ptful. The newest is not environmental but thanks for the resrch topic. I was just having a friendly conversation, sorry to upset. I don’t get my insights or research from Moore. I do love the way he frames my thots. He’s a great American . Take care, have joy .

  16. Did anyone NOT think the ISIS intel was fudged? Raise your hand.

    Is it me, or does anybody else think it’s strange that these guys in the photo have shiny white trainers on their feet? Shouldn’t real fighters have dirty boots, not sparkly shiny boots? What a bunch of Barbies!

  17. skippy grabs credit and assigns blame.

  18. Truth_in_Defense

    Egyptian minister says “Obama Told Me He Is A Muslim”
    Posted by The European Union Times on Jun 14th, 2010. Obama told me he is still a Muslim, who supports the Muslim agenda.

    This was a statement by Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit on Nile-TV. It was made on the «Round table show». This is the statement recorded: Adul Gheit said he had a one-on-one meeting with Obama, where the US President told him that He was still a Muslim, the son of a Muslim father, the step son of Muslim stepfather, that his half brothers in Kenya are Muslims, and that he was sympathetic towards the Muslim agenda. Adul Gheit claimed Obama told the Arabs to show patience. Obama promised that once he overcame some domestic issues, like the Health care reform, he would show the Muslim World how to deal with Israel.

  19. So what’s new, our government is corrupted from the top to the lowest member in congress. The more we hear about Obama and Hillary the less the FBI does. New blood is what we need. Four years of Hillary would be bad, eight years heaven forbid. I doubt she would go 8 years her memory isn’t that great.

  20. Please help me understand this. You would execute Ms. Clinton for not protecting secrets but complain about President Obama not revealing secrets.

    Given that the same occurred for intelligence in Vietnam, given that the same occurred during the Bush administration, is it possible that everyone fudges their reports in order to look good to their superiors.

    If you have never done that then feel free to cast the first stone.

  21. SO …Today we read that iSIS ledars have been DRONED OUT!! !! well tomow morning a new Batch will show up…..meamwhile how many civiiian casualties we caused by drining terrorists?? How mauch recruitibg this has done Vs Gitmo ?? Obama has away to use Chicago Poitics LIES to get his way….and too many IDIOT VOTERS fall for it!! His whole admin from ODUMBOCARE.. to te Stimulus.. to ISIS…Transparency etc has ben an ECYCLOPEDIA of LIES….

  22. The danger to America is not Hillary Clinton, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a woman like her with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of a Hillary Clinton presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a woman for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mrs. Clinton, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the queen of fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that want to make her their queen. The Republic can survive a Hillary Clinton, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools, such as those who want to make her their President.

    On the other hand there is Donald Trump. The way he has been sabotaging his own campaign of late suggests to me that he has either totally lost it or is now on the Hildebeest’s payroll.

  23. <<hp. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★::::::!ir325m:….,…..

  24. “U.S. Central Command officials were guilty of manipulating ISIS intelligence reports to make it look like the situation was better than it really was.”
    Why would anyone think that this was “intelligent?” This is, actually, counter-intelligence. One possibility is that someone in the Central Command was working for the enemy, purposefully underestimating the strength of capability of the enemy because s/he believed in the values which the enemy holds. The other, more likely scenario, is that politics, the currying of favor by civilian officials, was the reason. Whichever reason is true, it is cause for a re-evaluation of the “need to know.” If one already has access to necessary facts concerning an enemy, he really does not need the input of questionable sources which may be counter-intelligent. This is not to obviate responsibility. This just says, some of the things you think are important, relative to the risk of acquiring them, may not be.

  25. You have to remember is a crooked lieing Nigger who is manipulated by foreign interests.

  26. anyone that has believed the lies comming from the Ogayarab administration is a moron.

  27. Just like the reports manipulated for Bush.(a mistake he made) Obama is doing the same thing by ordering the manipulation of the CIA reports for the public. What do you expect from those in power? The only difference Bush wanted to be seen as doing something to really stop terrorism, protecting the American people. My feeling, if you don’t like my opinion, too bad.

  28. Get with the program, Americans! FUCK ALLAH AND HIS GOAT1 OBAMA TOO

  29. No vote Trump trumpism club is a line associated with radicalism does not respect human rights I agree Hillary Clinton for President 2016

  30. o yes no doubt in my mind Obama is the founders of ISIS & ISIS will spread like a cancer if Hillary becomes President i promise you . Obama started spreading ISIS more during his second term because he knew he couldn’t get elected again.anyway , but it has been his intentions from the beginning .

  31. Duh! Only the military that stands with Obama and who don’t want to lose their salaries and free great housing have done this and may they rot in hell for treason! Time to wake up and realize that Obama and Hillary are “plants” to the globalists’ plan. Vote Trump and make states require photo IDs which they can and ignore Obama’s appointed judges. This is a Union and states have rights, so use them! Let’s find some of employees in state and fed offices find a little courage to save America because we, the People Are Going to fight and if they do not, their jobs are gone!

  32. Since o’muzzie slithered on American shores he has constantly lied and deceived to achieve his goals of the
    destruction of our nation. Any information that has been released concerning Islamic Terrorist has been
    convoluted and cannot be trusted on any level. I follow several foreign newspapers from around the world
    and while you have to take what they say with a dose of salt they do not all convey the same things as the
    corrupt and useless American Media. The truth is out there for those who are willing to look beyond our borders
    for information and see what the terrorist have and are doing. When their own countried release information
    about their actions and goals it makes you wonder why the American Medeia and the liar in the Oval Office
    cannot bring themselves to admit the truth?

  33. The american people have been taking it up the wazoo since 2008 from the MOST inept, incompetent, inexperienced administration in US HISTORY. The damage these people have done will soon get a lot of people killed. What they have started will be difficult to stop and eliminate. I still say Bengahzi was an elaborate gun running and weapons scheme used to arm ISIS to overthrow the Syrian regieme, and since Syria is backed by Russia it has backfired, starting with Bengahzi when those factions discovered it, similiar to the files uncovered at the US embassy in Tehran in 1979 where the Iranians found that the Shah was backed by the US and CIA in their brutality against the Iranian people………

  34. Obama, Obama, Obama, what are we going to do with you, huh? You warned ISIS when and where we were going to bomb your fuel trucks, yet you haven’t been tried as a traitor. What gives? Are you invincible? I think not and the the time will come, believe me!

  35. fuck allah, his goat, the koran and obama too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. One more attack on US soil we turn Mecca into an outdoor movie theater featuring films about TRUMP

  37. this admin is totally corrupt, kill the crooked one and the muslim traitor!

  38. Who would have ever thought that the democrats would manipulate any facts.

  39. America is in decline, and very likely is not going to survive in any form that is consistent with what the Forefathers hoped. In other words, this once great nation is going the way of all the other countries that turned their backs on God. I already hear the snickers and scoffs! There is no such thing as a spiritual vacuum! Since the God of our fathers has been denied, He is simply removing His grace and protection that once enfolded America. The ACLU, Citizens for the Separation of Church and State, People for the American Way, Move-on .Org; a majority of liberal professors at colleges and universities; Liberal, Progressive, Socialist-Communist and a majority of Democrat and many Republican politicians, all atheist by choice, have done nothing to actively preserve our Constitutional Right to Freedom of Religion. Instead, they have allowed this nation to be deluged with “immigrants” from hostile nations who have no desire nor intention of integrating into our culture! These people worship another god who is NOT the God upon Whose word this nation was founded! The Judeo-Christian God of the Bible is NOT the same god of Islam – no apologies to Pope Francis nor to those pseudo-Christian leaders who can’t tell the difference! The Muslim Jihadists who believe it is OK to kill innocent people have no idea what awaits them! Barak Hussein Obama is a Muslim, and as such he believes in the teaching of the Qur’an! He has done everything in his power to allow these people to infiltrate and take over this country! The Qur’an orders Muslim followers to kill all who refuse to worship Allah! It orders Muslim “believers” to kill Jews and Christians who refuse to convert to Islam! If you do not know by now who the god of Islam is, then you deserve the divine judgment you will face! Wake up, America!

  40. If house republicans knew this, or even if they know it now, why aren’t heads rolling for TREASON? IT IS TIME TO DO SOMETHING PEOPLE!!

  41. This article was about non-political appointees altering intelligence and impacting the quality of Presidential decisions. It immediately became a series of insults. The circle-jerk of trying to one-better the insults obscured the original topic.

    Vietnam occurred because the Dulles brothers altered intelligence and fabricated the “Domino Theory”. That war was escalated, was mismanaged and killed far too many because neither the President nor the American people knew the facts. Those who questioned Pentagon misinformation were drowned out by insults of “traitor”. How many of the 59K American fatalities could have been avoided by listening instead of name-calling?

    During the two wars of the Bush administration the misinformation was intentional under the “Unified Executive” model of “dick” Cheney who commanded “cake walk” and “welcomed with flowers”. President Obama appears to have dropped that command but middle-men in the Pentagon are still obeying it. That harms the entire Executive branch and will affect the next President as well. BOTH parties have a stake in fixing it and the name-calling is wasting time.

    • -’63 Far right fascist coup/ Dulles brothers GHWBush; CIA, military such as Lemay, Dallas big oil/while supremacists=Vietnam/war toy sales
      -“Pentagon Papers by Elsberg
      -’00 stolen election/ far right fascist/ Jeb Bush; the ‘Project for A New American Century’ = 9/11, Iraq, Patriot Act/’Many conflicts in middle east simultaneously’ (stated goal of PANC)=Isis 2006

  42. Osama Obama is our fearless leader and “Commander In Chief”, so he should know what it best!

  43. This is deeply disturbing. We cannot trust our elected officials to keep us safe. They are more concerned in being “correct” than doing their job. Electing Hillary will be at least 4 more years of the same failed policies. Do you hear anything new or insightful or orginal coming out of her Parkinson filled head?

  44. Oh Gawd! Well, Rep. Mike Pompeo then apparently you don’t get out much.
    Now I agree that 75% of the Republicans are RINOS, but does Obama not watch TV? Does he not stay in tned to know what is and isn’t going on in the world?
    Well, since the Camel Rider, supporter of Islam intentionally helped develop ISIS, I suppose blaming the REPUBLICANS for his Failures is like blaming Bush for the 8 years of deterioration of American Sovereignty. BTW: I am no fan of the Bushes, Clinton and or the Camel Rider so lets not go there. They all had their part in this treasonous activity

  45. THEN WHAT DO YOU PLAN ON DOING ABOUT IT? You have brought up one truth after another about how criminal the actions of Obama truly are, but you fail to do anything about it. You promise America, you are going to stop Obama and the socialist democ-RATS illicit behavior, yet you turn around and fully fund it. So what are you planning to do this time? and Why should we believe a single word you say? To be quite honest, YOU HAVE DONE NOTHING but point your fingers and rattled off blah, blah, blah and then fully fund ILLICIT activities. I don’t believe you. You have betrayed me and America for the last time.

  46. Awww, fake prez obama doesn’t wanna kill off anymore of his lil’ buddies–Funny cause they wouldn’t waste a tear on him! Back to bombing civilians and hospitals!

  47. ISIS is a branch of off Alqaeda! A very active branch and all of them including the Muslims live by the Quran!


  49. The ISIS look just like their Leaders Obama and Hitler Hillary..Black looking and dressed just like Hitler Hillary! Yes Sir and mean as Americans are going to be if they attack Us!

  50. When are we going to understand that our MUSLIM president is working FOR the muslims and for the terrorists
    He is in stealth jihad and is using muruna. Yes, he is a traitor to America. And those who willing support HIM and Hillary are working for the destruction of our country. Remember that when it all comes down. And DON’T let them every forget. THEY CAUSED THE PROBLEMS.

  51. Is this not a criminal offence to alter a critical military report? When are we as Americans going to stop this muslim communist bastard son of white trash whore and put his sorry ass in prison or better yet in front of a firing squad he has gotten more military people killed than Killery and Bill have their friends. This man needs to be stopped today by any means possible if not he will have more Americans killed here on our own soil than he had killed in Iraq I would not put it pasted him and his army of queer leaders in the military to have given ISIS or Iran an atomic bomb. What really burns me is that they keep saying that Trump has no experience in diplomatic or world affairs , how much experience did this half breed have when they stole the election for him ,he was nothing but a dope smoking queer street organiser and about a year in government ,hell Trup has more time on his airplane that this bastard has in government knowledge

  52. Dennis B Anderson

    Why is it we have to listen to this mutt who has never done a lick of work in his life? Hes a thing who says hes half black half white, but only in idiology. Hes a full blown muslim terrorist. You democrats want to see Trumps tax returns and mad because you cant? The IRS has Pence & Trumps taxes for audit imagine that one? How about the american people being able to see Obamas sealed jacket first. Ive been waiting 9 years for this! Shut up about the audits you first. You cant have it both ways!
    In the past anybody with so much baggage would be held back from running for president of the united states. Whats changed? We have 3 generations of people living off the government along with the elites who dole it out. We can no longer sustain the government subsidies. Its time to fire the federal government what good are they anyway??
    My plan is simple if youre caught in a terrorist act you die. If you think you want to continue sharia law and rape our women you will either be shot on sight and or casterated. Your family gets deported end of story. If caught up in racial disputes your food stamp and governmental vouchers are terminated for good. Hey the world owes you nothing. Im fed up with the blacks who continue with the mind set Whitie is keeping them down. The truth of the matter is I have had to wait with my years of experience for any company to field the blacks before I could finally go to work. Saying I can do something doesnt make it so I dont care who you are.

  53. should have been on a chopping block

  54. No Shift, but do think tat they will do a dam thing about?>

  55. He does not WANT to defeat them. They are his family!

  56. <<fb. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★::::::!il860r:….,…….

  57. The question to ask now is “who” were the politicians on the committees or involved in downgrading these security measures. They need to be exposed. Period!

    The man in the White House is NOT the brightest bulb in the pack, thus the information he gets is compounded by those who think they know best or want to manipulate policy. We see that Clinton was into this game.

    Very few people read the activity discussed or voted on by our elected polititans, which IS available on a daily basis in the Federal Register. You can read who says what or how voted. It is often tedious reading, but you do learn what went on, as well as any new bills being voted on. Many we never hear about!

    Most of what is available to us, the public, is often twisted versions, pro or con, of what really goes on. In other words, we are manipulated into acting or believing what some third party wants us to believe. It can be a partial truth or a partial lie, just enough to get a wanted point across.

  58. Okay congress, fine and dandy you know there was manipulation…… so WTF are you going to do about it? Sit on your asses again.

  59. Uh oh … the Boogeyman’s out to get you.

  60. Deliberately whitewashing or lose their high salary high benefits and retirement IF they didn’t cooperate in whitewashing……all coming from the top OBAMA……the worst president in WORLD HISTORY

  61. I was under the assumption that the Pentagon released this story! In that case, it is not a story, but is a report!

  62. In other words, our government has lied to us once more !!

  63. The house is looking to blame for their own ineptitude. It is their duty and responsibility to check. Just like, why hasn’t obama been kept in check? I’ll tell you my theory, it’s because obama has lied, manipulated, coerced, and even extorted ,to go along with the globalists’ plan. To transform us from a Constitutional Republic to some New World Order government where “We the People” end up being serf’s to a foreign body. Didn’t we already have this fight in 1776 ?! Didn’t we fight to stop the taxation w/o representation ? For religious freedom?! Isn’t that what we fought for ?! I’ll say one thing if this government bows to a foreign governing body like the UN I say we will see war on this land again !! There are plenty of citizens that feel the same and these arses up on the Hill want to manipulate us into relinquishing our sovereignty whether by force or coercion WE WILL SEE WAR IN THIS COUNTRY. THIS IS NOT A THREAT but a promise to my children and grandchildren.

  64. We knew that and figured we had a jv pResident.

  65. Gloria Bouillion

    This is no commander in chief, he’s a TRAITOR in chief! He should have been removed years ago. Now look at the mess we have allowed in America.GOD help us. VOTE TRUMP/PENCE

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