House Republicans Demand Access to Iran’s “Side Deals”

Congress has a 60-day window to review the nuclear agreement Obama made with Iran. But unless lawmakers have access to the full details of the deal, it is impossible for them to make a clear and coherent decision about its merits. The problem? According to a number of sources (though denied by Obama and Kerry), Tehran has worked out a side deal with international inspectors. This has GOP representatives concerned, and 94 House Republicans wrote to the administration this week demanding to see these side deals.

“As you yourself have made clear, the agreement is ‘not based on trust, but on verification’,” said the letter. “The issue of how we will verify that Iran is being truthful about its activities at potential nuclear sites will determine whether the [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action] can ultimately succeed.”

Lawmakers believe that Iran has worked out at least two undisclosed agreements with the International Atomic Energy Agency, undermining Obama’s insistence that the deal is built on said inspections. Some reports claim that Tehran has secured itself a favorable inspection clause as it pertains to their Parchin military complex.

“Congress’s legal right to these documents,” wrote lawmakers, “creates a corresponding legal obligation for your administration to provide them for our review.”

On Deaf Ears

President Obama, of course, is desperate to make sure this deal goes through without a hitch. It is patently obvious that he resents being forced to show this deal to Congress at all. He has been running all over the place for the last couple of weeks, slandering the GOP to anyone who will listen. Accusing them of being on the same side of Iranian hardliners and driving us to war. Instead of simply addressing the truth of this deal, he wants to play an emotional game.

What’s pathetic is that he has no reason to play hardball with this deal. Unless Congress can convince a number of Democrats to switch sides, there’s nothing they can do to stop it from going through. Obama holds the power of the veto, and he’s already promised to use it. Strange how this president only finds strength when he’s up against Republicans. Foreign leaders? Terrorists? You’ll find him on the golf course. The GOP? Oh, then the claws come out.

It’s time for Obama to recognize that this deal goes beyond partisan politics. The American people, nay, the world deserves to know the consequences of a nuclear Iran. We deserve to know that this isn’t creating a path to the bomb. And without all of the relevant information, there’s no way to rule that out. Instead of casting aspersions at those who disagree with him, Obama should let the terms of this deal succeed or fail on their own merits.

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  1. “according to Sources”
    Oh well that proves everything.
    I wonder WHY they don’t post links to back up their vomit?

    Probably LYING. that makes it hard to provide links.

    well according to the IAEA, this article is a LIE.
    what a surprise.

    oh, AND THEN, there is this little tidbit from the administration that conservatives would rather ignore.

    “but our experts are familiar and comfortable with the contents, which we
    would be happy to discuss with Congress in a classified setting,
    ” State
    Department Spokesman John Kirby said during his daily press briefing.

  2. Another tidbit for the low info right.

    “Netanyahu Must Stop Silencing Intel Chiefs Who Find Iran Deal Acceptable”

    There are those in the Intelligence Corps whose views on the nuclear agreement are at odds with Netanyahu’s position; their opinions are being kept from the public.


    So I guess only the people with heavy investments in military armaments are against the deal.

    • Does your Mama know you are this stupid?

    • Here is a ‘tidbit’ of information for YOU: “Nobel Prizes have been awarded to over 850 individuals,[2] of whom at least 22% (without peace prize over 24%) were Jews, although Jews comprise less than 0.2% of the world’s population[3] (or 1 in every 500 people). Overall, Jews have won a total of 41% of all the Nobel Prizes in economics, 28% in medicine, 26% in Physics, 19% in Chemistry, 13% in Literature and 9% of all peace awards.”[4]( wikipedia)
      Muslims? 11. Yes you read that right, Eleven. So while morons like YOU are beating a drum for Iran, they are scheming to take over the Middle East and Destroy America. Only IDIOTS like you and Obama would trust a Lying Murderous Muslim.
      The next time you reach for an aspirin, thank a JEW. you fcking IDIOT.

  3. Twenty-nineof the nation’s top scientists — including Nobel laureates, veteran
    makers of nuclear arms and former White House science advisers — wrote
    to President Obama on Saturday to praise the Iran deal, calling it innovative and stringent.

    The letter, from some of the world’s most knowledgeable experts in the fields of nuclear weapons and arms control, arrives as Mr. Obama is lobbying Congress, the American public and the nation’s allies to support the agreement.

  4. Here we go again.
    Demand Hillary’s emails
    Demand Action on the IRS
    Demand action to fix the VA

    Enough demands. You are not going to get anything.

    Turn down the deal NOW!

    • What they really need to do is Impeach the Lunatic Terrorist in the WH. He has broken enough laws. That would put a stop to his reign of terror.

      It is the very reason Trump is so popular.
      Republicans refused to impeach the worst prez in American history, allowing him to terrorize Americans & cause chaos throughout our country & the world.

      We have ZERO confidence in the worst House & Senate EVER! You know, those very people who took an oath to protect us from enemies, both foreign & DOMESTIC!

      • Should have put that at the top of my list…. Not the bottom.

      • go here for Impeachment information now

      • Trump would have a hard time getting anything done because the Republican’s don’t like him. I say get rid of all of those sorry bastards and start all over again. BRING ON THE TEA PARTY.

        • Well, Obama gets things done and supposedly the Repubs give him a hard time. Trump is a different person and personality and won’t allow the RNC to get in his way!

          • I would just like to hear the words you’re fired to john boehner and mitch mcconnell as they are both obama A$$ kissers.

          • You might want to throw in and include Reid(who is on his way out),Kerry, Pelosi, Biden, our armed forces officers who refuse to obey their oath on defending the constitution,(I didn’t capitalize constitution due to it being killed off by the present adm and supreme court)McCain, and many others, too numerous to mention here.

          • Both of our list is far short of the mess we have in DC that is destroying this country big time.

          • Except, posters such as yourself cannot provide one factual example. Everything posted simply either does not violate any law, or is pure fiction.


            STUPID TROLL!

          • As he stamps his foot and screams.

            How old are you?

          • Notice you have not been given a up vote on your post troll, don’t waste your time.

          • Popularity is a game played by children.

            Truth and fact are never a waste of time.

          • Which law school did you study Constitutional Law at?

          • Are you really dumb enought to think I would give any personal information about myself to someone like you?…

          • Given thousands graduate from the top ten law schools, every year — there is nothing to worry about.

            I studied law at the University of Miami and the U.S.D.A. Graduate School in Washington, DC.

          • YOU are nothing but a PROVEN LIAR & TROLL!

            LIBERAL SCUM!

          • Fact, chapter and verse?
            None, as is your practice.

          • Did you graduate and why the USDA and especially in the sewers of D.C.? Sorry about so many questions, but inquiring minds want to know… You know, Obey and Michael both had to surrender their Law Licences. True, or False? And tell the truth now …

          • I graduated.
            Why the U.S.D.A. Graduate School? Because at the time, they were one of the few which offered classes all over the world.

            Neither of the Obama’s “had to” surrender their licenses.

            They did so because maintaining a law license requires time-consuming, expensive continuing education.

            Stop and thing about it, can you picture a former U.S. President arguing a case before a judge?


          • IGNORANT TROLL!

          • Well, we know you did not study law.

          • Right On!!!!!

          • I don’t agree about the kissing, however, they are unquestionably A$$es

          • That would be a good thing if it would only happen.

          • Obama is a moron AND an Islamic Muslim selling out the USA.

          • You insult our Nation’s Founding Fathers.
            Freedom of religion is what they fought and died for.
            You also insult the veterans of the American Revolution. The first to sacrifice his life for our freedom was a Muslim.
            Religious hate is wrong. Americans are not Nazi. Stop trying to turn us into Nazi.


            Muslim is a cult. Ask any one of the hundreds / thousands who have been murdered in horrific ways, including beheaded, in the past couple of years, all in the name of Islam. Oh wait! You can’t ask them because they are DEAD.

            A Croatian just murdered yesterday.

            They even murder their own Muslims.

            Sick freaks!

            Religion? Nothing religious about them!

          • Let’s try some basic education, so maybe you can make some sense of whatever you listen to.

            The religion is Islam. It is an Alhambric religion, just as Judaism and Catholicism are, It is not a cult. Islam is the religion.

            The people who belong to the Islam are Muslims.

            I have some very bad news for you. Islam is the second largest religion in the world. The Middle East as a very small part of it.
            All religions tend to sprout some sick freaks, Even Christian one — like what is going on in Africa,

          • Islam is not a religion. You must be as warped as Obama.

          • There are 1.2 Billion Muslims on this Earth.

            Grow up — get an education.

            Islam did not come into being last year. Islam is the second largest of the three major monotheistic religions, the others being Christianity and Judaism. There has been Muslims on this Earth since 632 CE.

          • Really.
            Just how will he manage to legally get around Congress?

          • the sob allways finds a way doesn’t he

          • Congress makes the law.
            Everyone may use those laws.

          • But Obama and his many Muslim advisors have worked very hard to by-pass congress on many issues with Reid being the stone wall that stopped any legislative activity. Now we have a couple of do nothings as speaker and senate majority leader who appear to be afraid of their own shadow. Nearly everyone of these elected persons are in violation of the vow they took to protect and defend the constitution and obey and defend the laws of the US. When the president or anyone of his group violate this vow, are they guilty of treason? And when senators and congressmen fail to exercise their duty to halt the violations of the executive, are they, too, guilty of failure to keep their vow and is that also treason?




            Come back and talk to me when you can act like an American.

          • I am a good American. I have served in the military. If any other president would have had 21 Catholics or Methodists or Baptists or Pentacostals as czars in their administration, you and millions of others would raise the issue to a national level, and rightly so. Obama has some 40 or more czars, all of whom appear to be socialists. As for Freedom of Religion, that was true but with the gays now filing legal actions against those who will not bow down to their service demands due to their religious convictions and values, that freedom is now compromised. A recent case in Colorado proves that fact.

          • Freedom of religion includes freedom from religion.

            It does not include a right for you to impose your religious beliefs upon others.

            If you cannot serve the “public” do not open or work in a business that serves the public.

            Religious Discrimination is against the law in America.

          • Where does the constitution address your comment “INCLUDES FREEDOM FROM RELIGION?” This appears to be another figment of imagination by a liberal who favors a big government resulting in little citizens.

          • Freedom of religion is guaranteed by the
            1st Amendment.

            If the law permits you freedom of religion, then you are equally free not to be religious.

            You might want to try some common sense.

          • Back up your insults with facts. Name the alleged “Muslim” advisors.

          • Anyone can build a webpage does not make what in it true.

            I find the insults offensive. The American people elected him — not once — twice.

            The sore losers need to go home. What they got up for next time is a pitiful selection that is bound to lose.

          • Low-life Communist Democrat computer programmers elected him, not the American people.

            Amazing how blind you sheeple are to defend the worst prez in American history.

            Not to mention the most embarrassing prez in American history. Lighting up O-U-R WH like some disgusting Gay men’s bar was the most crude display of immorality in America’s presidential history. He might be Gay and enjoyed the corrupt SCOTUS ruling, but for the overwhelming majority of Americans it was absolutely nasty & disgusting…

            Those who support him are just as nasty & disgusting!

          • Every time I run into ‘one of you’ I walk away shaking my head — asking how in the hell can anyone get through highschool and not know how a President is elected.

            No computer programmers involved. No people’s vote involved.

            The Presidential election is a state election, not a federal election.
            President is elected by the Electoral College. The State vote is supposed to tell the College how to vote — sometime it does nt work that way

          • Did you sleep through the ’08 & ’12 elections, Libturd?

            You, Obama & your Communist Democrat party are a total source of destruction & embarrassment to America.

            If it was up to you degenerates the would be a Communist country. You are a bunch of sickos. YOUR DAY IS COMING, TROLL.

          • You do not even know how a President is elected.

            You and your ignorance is what is destroying America.

          • I hear the whines, but like you, there is nothing concrete.
            I’ve bad news for you. God made everything — even the homosexuals. Sorry, it is not a sin. It is not a mental illness, I it not a choice.

            Had you been paying attention, you would have seen that studies have found two genetic markers.
            So, within a year or so, you are going to have the fact that homosexuality a normal variation of nature.

            Then how are you going to keep hating?
            Good night. Past my bedtime.

          • You are a disgusting truckload of Bull$hit, Troll. Probably a pervert, too.

          • A prime example of what calls itself a Christian.

            A prime example of American ignorance, hate and bigotry.

        • Well, most of them anyway. There are a few good ones:
          Jim Bridenstine
          Trey Gowdy
          Ted Cruz

          But most of them are absolutely WORTHLESS. If they had been worth a crap Obama wouldn’t still be in the WH terrorizing American Citizens & trying to change it to a Communist country.

          • “terrorizing American Citizens & trying to change it to a Communist country.” = MORON

          • MORON = “Reality Check “; a brainless liberal idiot with nothing between the ears.

          • “AIR”

          • coming up with your own material too hard for the low functioning con?

          • Hang in there.

          • And he hijacks every blog he gets on.

          • Learn the law.
            Also, he has help and support.

          • Education makes a huge difference. You might want to try just a little.

          • MORON
            = She Dunn understand the US Constitution.
            =She Dunn understand equality is the law.


            At least I hope you’ve been asleep or in a coma.

            Anyone who has been awake or even conscious the past 7 years would be able to recognize the damage the Terrorist in the WH has done, his Commie goals & the goals of the Communist Democrat party.

          • There is no threat. There never was a threat.

            You have not paid much attention to the data the inspectors have brought out of the former Soviet Union — have you?
            All those missals our spy planes photographed … they were empty tin fakes. America was had. The American people are paying the price — our grandchildren will still be paying and their grandchildren …

            Then, it makes you wonder how much of our stuff was fake?


          • I like your to the point brevity. Good one.

          • Yes that’s true, but that’s only three.

          • I agree! Even the ones I voted for last November
            have been a disappointment! I believe it is time for
            all of them to be gone! Then we can start over!

          • Not Communist—an islamic cesspool is his/her goal

          • The “Right” can’t seem to agree on accusations, let alone facts.

            By the way, Freedom of Religion is the law in America. Your accusation regarding his being a Muslim are worthless.

            Not all Muslims are terrorists. Not all terrorists are Muslims.

            There are Christian terrorists murdering people in Africa — and right here in the US of A.

          • Maybe you should be aware the Raphael Cruz was Fidel Castro’s best friend?

            Maybe you should be aware that he fought at Castro’s side during the revolution?

            The Cruz family only left Cuba to preserve their money.

          • More lies and BULLSHYTE from a left winger liberal troll spewing its brainless idiocy.

          • More childish, foul language from the ignorant right.

            It never crosses any of your simple minds to actually check facts.

            No, you just call people names.

            Then, you cannot understand why people have no respect for your opinions.

          • I check facts & they PROVE that you have no clue what you are talking about…EVER!
            I bet you use Snopes to verify your fiction, don’t you? Admit it. You use Snopes…..

          • Darling, keep those insults coming.

            It is your reputation that is being damaged.

          • Pam –
            I flagged the Communist Libturd Troll, AKLady, for you.
            You’re welcome.

          • Why are you whining about Commie Cuba?

            YOUR prez is the one playing nice with Castro & took them off of the Terrorist List.

            JFK is probably rolling around in his grave. But then, you aren’t old enough or intelligent enough to understand the threat to our country just 90 miles off of America’s shore or the Cuban Missile Crisis.

          • I lived the Cuban Crisis — I was in Miami.
            I also volunteered at the Gesu Clinic for refugees.

            I’ve known a number of torture victims. Mariel Prison was famous for its torture. One patient, a renowned surgeon, could no longer even button his shirt and needed help to eat — every bone in his hands had been broken. His fingernails had been pulled out.

            The Cruz family did not suffer. The Cuban Community is not exceptionally fond of either Cruz or Rubio.

            JFK would have been first in line to reopen diplomatic relations. Having experienced the reality of war — every day of his life — he would be the first one celebrating peace. The Russian missals have been long gone — about 50 years long. Cuba ceased being a “Russian” outpost decades past.

            The Cuban Community is actually quite pleased. They now do not have to buy “Special” Mexican Passports in order to travel to Cuba to visit friends and family.

            If you had worked in Miami’s medical community 50 years ago you would have probably met “survivors” from many wars. Their “badges of courage” were not pretty to look at. I assure you, it would have had a profound effect on your life.

            What Obama has done, should have been done many years ago. The embargo only made it difficult for Americans to do business in Cuba — not much else.

          • Ted Cruz’ father realized that Castro was a Commie & turned against him.

            Too bad you can’t recognize the same about our Commie in the WH.

            You’ve read so many Liberal blogs that you can’t even recognize Communism when it is “IN YOUR FACE”.

          • Really? Is that why he went to Canada, where it is legal to travel to Cuba?

        • and then amend the Constitution to include “Term Limits”!

          • Balanced budget amendment AND term limits is why we need Article 5 Constitutional Convention NOW!!!! The congressmen will NEVER vote against their OWN interests without one!!!

          • Amen!!!!! Two six year terms for a Senator and three four year terms for a congressman with no ability to run for either office after serving one of them.

          • How about we throw the baby out with the bathwater?

            The right is never happy. They complain about the inexperienced in Congress. Then they complain they want to put the experienced out to pasture.

          • Liberal morons are always proving they are total IDIOTS as well as IGNORANT morons.

          • Pam is talking about herself — as is her usual.
            Good night. Play your childish games with someone else.

          • YOU are the one who needs to play their childish games elsewhere. Commie Libs on Huffington Post love your kind of dribble.

          • Yea. That “liberal idiot” comment struck a nerve. Sure wasn’t nice of Pam to insult you like that. She should apologize NOW. Or turn her over to the OBAMBA Goons…

          • Liberals tend to be very well-educated. That must be the problem — all those facts and history must warp the mind.;-)

          • you forgot STUPID GOOFBALLS

          • Like Bush, who started two needless wars?
            Wars which made a huge amount of money for him, his family and his friends?

          • Just like EVERY other president( except FORD and Nixon ). They got them handed to them. They ALL profit from them. Prove that wrong.

          • You know, Pam, there are idiots on all political sides. In fact, I am beginning to think idiocy is a requirement to be elected to office.
            However, unlike you, I recognize to error is human. No one is perfect — not even you.

          • I’ve never seen anyone complain about the “inexperience” in Congress.

            Ted “Chappaquiddick” Kennedy is a perfect example of why we should invoke term limits. The Liberal Democrats in Massachusetts continued to re-elect a guy who should have been in prison until he died because his name was Kennedy.

          • they are mostly gone now

          • Well, that is not your decision to make.

            Massachusetts found there was insufficient evidence to support the charges you seem to think would have been appropriate.

            Have you considered that you have only seen the “scandal” which sold air time? Why would the evidence which exonerated him be plastered all over the media? Would it have sold?

          • How about we throw you’re sorry ass out troll with Obama.

          • How about you grow up and clean up the filthy mouth?

          • So that is why you support a president that didn’t have any experience in management, military, foreign relations, economics, but was an organizer of ACORN with people like Bill Ayer, Bernadine Dorne and Rev. Wright as his mentors. The term limits with rotation of elections would allow experience and eliminate professional, lifetime politicians.

          • Your statement in 90% false.

            I’m laughing. There have been far less experienced individuals in the White House.

            Oh, and Obama has significant management experience. You simply refuse to recognize it.

            Ayers was a radical back in the 1960s — before Obama was born. Today, he is a highly respected Professor at the University of Illinois — Chicago.

            Bernadine Dunn is also a highly respected Professor of Law at the University of Illinois’ – Chicago.

            The 1960s and 1970s were interesting years to be alive. It was very much akin to watching the American Revolution take place.

            Much change took place in those years. Change that made America a better place for everyone.

          • I am sorry that you are so blind to the facts. Give me examples of Obama’s management experience? He did not do anything in the Illinois Senate seldom voting on issues and as a United States Senator was also ineffective. He never owned, managed or worked for a private business with nearly all of his income coming from taxpayer funds. One of his good supporter friends in prison. It is folly to debase someone who does detail research. Please have a clear mind to truth.

          • You really need to find a better information source.
            Four years as a US Senator for Illinois.
            Eight years with the Illinois State Senate.
            Eight years as a Professor, University of Illinois School of Law.
            Three years as a Community Organizer for the Catholic Diosies of Chicago

          • And not one job in the private sector earning a living, making payroll or contributing to the economic welfare of this country. In fact, it appears by your information, that every place he served was at taxpayer expense. Your comment about my experience is evidence of your bias without knowing who or what I am, have done, and my business, professional and community volunteer activities. Thus, it is seems as most everything you say is spurious.

          • Suggest you increase your reading comprehension.

            Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland – law firm, private industry.

            Catholic Diocese of Chicago – religious organization – private industry

            Woods Fund of Chicago – nonprofit service organization – private industry

            Developing Communities Project – nonprofit service organization – private industry

            Joyce Foundation – nonprofit service organization – private industry

            Annenberg Foundation – nonprofit service organization – private industry

          • The list proves my points. Except for the law firm that where he was a trainee lawyer in the firm, the rest of these organizations are Non-profit obtaining funds, usually from various government sources which means that a significant amount of their funding is from taxpayer dollars whether local, state or federal. Where, in any one of the above, was Obama in a management position in any one of them? You might review the voting records of Obama in both the state of Illinois and while in the US Senate. He missed or abstained from voting on numerous issues that might have defined his values and philosophy based upon Ms. Pivens and her husband Ralph Clowards treatise on How to Destroy a Democracy. Mr. Obama has followed their script.

          • “trainee lawyer”
            There is no such thing.

            Your statements about non-profit public service organizations are false.

            You are obviously willing to insult anything and everything to justify insulting Obama.

            Hiding behind a screen name, you can lie all you want without any damage to your reputation.

          • To know what it was like to live in those era’s, you would have to be an adult, which means you must be about 70? The late 70’s I remember and later, what I have seen is a degradation of America , socially, economically, constitutionally, morally. What America do you live in?

          • No. darling mid-60s.
            Have you ever seen an elderly black woman ordered out of a bus seat so a young white man could sit down?
            Can you remember the signs on shops that said “Whites Only”?
            How about water fountains with signs saying such nonsense?
            Separate bathrooms in stores and other public places?
            I left your hate-filled America and moved to Alaska. Up here, people still remember what you all have forgotten — EVERYONE’S LIFE IS DEPENDANT UPON OTHERS.
            In a state where there is over 200 earthquakes every day, that is something not easily forgotten.
            In a state where there is one main power line, that is not easily forgotten.
            In a state where there are only two roads in and out, that is something not easily forgotten.
            In a state over three times the size of Texas, with a population smaller than most mid-sized cities — that is not easily forgotten.
            Suggest you learn what is actually important in life.
            It is not the color of someone’s skin.
            It is not what political party someone belongs to.
            It is not their religious beliefs.

          • Neither is the left ever happy. On this issue, the left and the right, I am speaking of the everyday guy, the one that goes to work every day and supports those in gov and those the gov choose to give our money to, agree.

          • WAY TOO MUCH TIME; Also NO PENSION, NO healthcare, No travel pay, NO vacation pay and while we are doing it, let’s take away the Airplane for Presidential vacations and world trips.

          • How about two 4 year terms each. Eight years is more than enough for Senators & House Reps.

          • 1 four year term, 8 years max serving in gov.


      • Sure would be nice to be able to them the boot the first time they broke the oath of office. There are but a few in DC who has tried to stop this madness only to be stabbed in their backs by their own party.

      • Pukelitic Correctness, because he is half black.

      • true ,there’s no lying there…

      • Please educate yourself as to what is within Presidential authority. There has been no laws broken — none, whatsoever.

        Trump is an idiot. Trump would be the very worst thing that could happen to America.

        Government is not a for-profit business, Never has been. Never will be.

        Freedom is not free. It is quite expensive in lives and money.

        • More Moronic spew from an ignorant left winger turd with it head up some lower orifice.

          • More moronic right-wing ignorance. Please feel free to continue making a fool of yourself before the world.

        • Ah yes, AKLady, the well known & well documented low-life Commie Democrat TROLL spews her idiotic dribble again.

          Still defending the Terrorist in the WH.

          Just to mention one law broken, the ILLEGAL Bergdahl swap. The prez is required to give Congress 30 days notice so they can review & approve or disapprove a “swap”. As usual, Obama did not.

        • AKLady TROLL –

          Judge Hanen, Texas, put a stop to his “Amnesty” this year because it was…….. wait for it…. ILLEGAL!

          • Funny thing about federal judges — they are appointed, not elected.

            Now, who do you think appoints them?

            Only the US Supreme Court is a lifetime appointment.

            Suggest you actually look at the Constitution instead of making a fool of yourself.

    • Michael Dennewitz


    • go here for Impeachment information

    • Fix the VA are you a communist. !!! Or just a mocher !!!

    • For some awful reason congress seems to just tick off the people to appease this lying treason sissified BOY barack hussein obama. john boehner is as useless as tits on a boar hog and so is mitch mcconnell.

      • If Congress is so whipped why then have they not passed anything Obama wanted passed?

        Infrastructure bills
        jobs bills
        reeducation bills

        Aid to the VA
        cutting corporate subsidies

        All blocked by the GOP

        And you want to pretend they cow down to Obama.
        Stupid are you people?

        • You’re one sick pile of steaming obama.

        • kowtow or kowdown, not c as in cow, unless you are specifically talking about Pelosi or Hillary?…

        • Why did Hairy Reid refuse to present 300+ bills to the Senate for perusal that were submitted from the House? Some were economic recovery bills.

          How stupid is the Communist Democrat party that they would hold America down because of their own personal “revenge” tactics?

      • Boehner is one of them. Boehner is a liberal spy that has infiltrated Republican lines. So is McConnel and the rest of the Republican “Establishment.” They have betrayed the people that put them in office and now serve 0bama and the Alinsky Radicals that control the Democrats, Unions, Schools, Courts, and THE MEDIA…

        The Liberal Progressives have been following the agenda items called out in the book “The Naked Communists.” Democrats adopted the list years ago.

        15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.

        Boehner and McConnell are proof that they captured BOTH….

    • I stand up and clap to that…

    • Demanding something does not mean what is being demanded actually exists.
      The right has been the source of many lies — too many lies. Weapons of mass destruction comes to mind — immediately.

    • Yes to all the above and get the DOJ on the job

  5. If side deals were made after the agreement was signed then how do all these so called experts know what is in them, how do they know it’s such a great deal, they don’t!
    This is the problem with having so many Obamabots jumping on their soap box and praising his greatness when there has been apparent changes to said deal after signing!
    These same scientist that are giving this (great ?) deal so much praise are quiet likely the same ones that are helping to push the global warming hoax!
    If the last seven years have taught us anything it is that this administration cannot be trusted,(if you like your plan you can keep your plan),(there is not a smidgen of corruption in the IRS),and of coarse I could go on………..

    • go here for Impeachment information-IF YOU WANT TO TAKE ACTION!

    • Did you watch the news footage where Kerry admits he didn’t READ either agreement, the one for us or the other deal Iran made on the side???..that he had been..briefed..on both, as he sat there shuffling papers and refusing to look the people in the eye that were questioning him…what a farce…and what is his daughter married to???

  6. Something has to be done with Obama now. Anyone, including our GOP, that does not see what his plan is for this country has to be brain dead. It is so obvious that he is a Muslim and that he has the same ideology as all Muslims. He will not stop until he has destroyed this once great nation. Why do you think Trump is so appealing to the people. It is because he is sayings what most of the people feel. Obama needs to be prosecuted for crimes against this country and thrown in jail or worse.

  7. disqus_C6fGXmCFNc

    Get some balls and just get the agreemnets the emails and anything else this freaking squatter in our wh has he has no legal right to anything JUMP IN and do your jobs take back our WH

  8. Michael Dennewitz

    HAHAHAHA The turncoat, back stabbing repuklicans NOW want results??? HAHAHAHA Sit on their asses and allow the HTNIC to do whatever the hell his American hating heart wants, and now YOU want results?? Kiss my ass traitors! He bought every one of you off and now you can only sit and watch/help him destroy this country!! What a damned joke congress has become!

  9. Iran has the bomb now, just not enough of them yet. Obama is giving them the time. I hope the dumbocrats join with GOP, who have no clue also, vote this down.

  10. Hey congressional jerkwads, without FULL disclosure vacate the treaty (surrender).

  11. We won’t know what’s in it until we pass it.

  12. It is all a dog and pony show – they will cave in as they always do! “Re-PUNK-lican” leader(less)ship uses our Muslim-Marxist jihadist’s strategy: tell the big lie! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION! mInr, NSA!

  13. Stop talking and start doing.

  14. This LIER IN CHIEF is not going to give the congress a DAM thing they demand. The congress then need to demand that Obama be IMPEACHED ( NOW ).

    • Great point but misspelled…Lier is Liar….dam is damn…keep your credibility going because your point is good…as for impeachment, it isn’t illegal for him to executive pen but it is not okay for him or the Supreme Court to legislate or make laws…S court is to interpret not change the law…Congress on both sides of the aisle have failed to do their job for what is supposed to be we the people….If they did what you suggest, it would be lilke the pot calling the kettle black…they are guilty also…

  15. Whatever became of the campaign promise for “TRANSPARENCY”!? The American Sodomizer strikes again…

  16. Before anyone can run for president of the United States of America, They should first be able to prove that they are born in AMERICA, If they cannot then PISS ON THEM. This country doesn’t need anymore of this SHIT.

    • Let us add another clause…anyone being considered for Sec of State must be able to read…referring to Kerry not READING either agreement but merely being briefed.

  17. Ok time for part 2 of ongoing BS in Congress how they are trying act like they really care about nuclear bomb deal Obama made with his best friends

  18. With the House firmly in republican control and the Senate a republican majority there should be no way this should be approved or passed. Stating in the article that ” unless Congress can convince a number of democrats to switch sides there is nothing they can do to stop it from going through” is complete nonsense. If all the republicans vote no then it will not pass,be approved,or move forward!

  19. O is still an employee of this country and has no right to hide the details. Arrest him, and finish him and his stay in our WH today! The deal is lousy and against America and that is why this muslim doesn’t want anyone of the public to see it.

    • I agree. Look at how much he has accomplished in his plan to destroy America just since January. He has a renewed sense of urgency since he only has 15 months left to complete his plan.

      Obviously the AH IDIOTS (both parties) are going to let him finish his term as our first Domestic Terrorist prez.

  20. I read that the other side deal is that “we have to protect Iran if someone attacks them (Israel)”. I am sure the Liberals love this.

  21. how funny, congress says it can approve the deal unless they know all of the deal. but they had no problem passing obamacare without reading a page of it.

  22. Wow what BS !!! Congress is out like normal , there are no side deals . except that if we don’t pass it the rest of Europe , Russia and China are going to lift the sanctions anyway !!! So it up to us to screw ourselves or not !!! GOP controlled congress ” yep we are screwed” !!!

    • So what you are saying is we need to go along to get along irrespective of the deal maybe not being in Americas best interest. From what has been reported American inspectors are not allowed to do the inspecting. We have to trust outside inspectors to protect our interests.

  23. Obama controls all investigatory outlets and nothing will be done to Hillary and no answers to questions from Congress will be answered, period!! The House and Senate must close down this scam, Iran deal and then cut off all funding to Obama until he is replaced by election or better yet impeachment.

  24. You cannot negotiate with evil! Seems like no one in Washington can learn this simple truth. You cannot play games with nations nor groups that are evil at their core! No one in Washington can learn this either! I agree with MAHB001, nix the deal and impeach/arrest Barack Obama as a traitor. Arrest John Kerry as an accessory! Arrest Hillary Clinton as a traitor also!

  25. If this Deal is not turned over to Congress, the House, etc. in the time frame it should
    be then cancel the whold Deal with Iran and cancel Obama for being an idot for making the Deal without every division of the USA Government! He is done doing this Sh_t to America! Americans want Obama stopped for GOOD!

  26. You Servants who were elected to serve for We The People..The Government you have to take a stand at whatever the cost to your life in politics to keep America Free
    and Sane! Start today by giving every Demand a Time Limit and if it does not get to
    the Department that is waiting for the information then make arrest warrants and go
    after convictions!

  27. More demands and still no real action and you’re wondering why people like Trump? The gop is full of pc politicians who have lost their way or just don’t care what their Constituents want.

    • MAYBE things are not as DOOM and GLOOM as the Right Wing Media would have you low info humans believe.

      when was the last time a “crisis” ever come true?

      “ISIL has bases in Mexico and they will be coming to your front door any day now.”

      Still waiting.
      And my favorite,

      “Obama is bringing Ebola to the mainland to kill us all, so he can start his Muslim empire”
      (I think that’s how it goes)

      Still waiting.

      how many times can they shout “wolf” and you cons still ask “where”?

  28. A natural born American

    I thought that obama has no legal grounds in which to enter any deals with the USA’s known enemies without FULL congressional backing. And how can he get full congressional backing without allowing ALL the members of congress to peruse ALL the terms of the deals. It sounds like he and john kerry are trying to pull a ‘pelosi’. Again. I might be wise for every honorable and self respecting member of congress to say nay to this deal until they indubitably know it has America’s best interests at heart. This lame duck admin still has the power to veto which is probably why our more honorable constitution loving Congress and House haven’t been able to get a whole lot accomplished. Then there are the RINO’s that must be dealt with too.

  29. All that will become of the argument over Iran will be overturned and Obama will Give nuclear weapons to Islam so they can further their place in the world by killing all non muslims!

    • now he is going to GIVE them the nukes.

      why not just blow up the ones we have here? why wait for the Iranians?
      I mean is he IS a Muslim and wants all of us dead, that seems easy.

      is THAT too moronic for you?

      trying to see what level of lunacy is too much for the low info human?

  30. One question is the Ultimate muslim bomber already working to destroy America?

  31. I will say one thing about this deal with Iran: If obama has
    anything to do with it, turn it down! He hates America and
    Israel! He has NOT done one good thing for America since
    he has been in the White House! He is a looser anyway you
    look at it! I will be glad when he is gone for good!

    • what exactly has Obama done that makes you think he hates America?
      I mean what have YOU found?
      not what Rush limpdick told you was wrong.

      Consumer confidence is way up.
      one in 15 citizens bought a new vehicle.
      the stock market has tripled since the moron left office and the G-20 all wish they had the US economy.

      sounds like we live in a real doomed country.
      you listen to to much hate radio.

      when he is gone, Bernie will be in charge and we will have the Senate back most likely.

      GOP have 23 seats to defend and 10 of them are in swing states.

      con heads are going to explode all over America on election day.

  32. Will Congress have the ‘guts’ to ever stand up to this arrogant hypocritical lying fool claiming to be President?
    The “useful idiots” who voted for this piece of Septic Tank Sludge while knowing absolutely nothing about him except that he was a ‘Democrap’ or that he was ‘black’ are the mindless fools who are ultimately to blame for Americas future demise.

  33. Just say NO to DOPES!!!!! Anybody STUPID enough to make a deal with the number one enemy and sponsor of TERROR in the ENTIRE world needs to be in an ASYLUM!!!! Next thing you will be telling me is a SOCIALIST will run for President against a known criminal and actually have a chance to WIN!!! OOOPS!!!

    • well I guess we need to send more Americans over there to die.
      that will also generate thousands more terrorists too.

      are your kids signed up to die?
      how about those grand kids.
      it will be going on for some time.

      the only one running for Pres that is under federal indictment is A CONSERVATIVE, silly con.

      Oh, and Bernie Sanders is going to win, so……
      Social Security is socialism. If you are not on it, your parents are.

      Medicare is socialism. If you are not on it, your parents are.
      Public libraries is socialism

      public parks is socialism

      the military is a HUGE socialism.

      right wing propaganda is leading you low info voters around by the nose, while attempting to turn us all into their slave labor force.

  34. Wow, Wow,Wow, if a conservative threatens to close the government, like Cruz, Lee did and which has been done several times and is not a big deal, they will go in hiding and attacking Cruz. All bark and no bite, Political Correctness, you know, No wonder Trump is ahead in the polls.

  35. You know this traitorous jerk in the White House doesn’t want the Congress let alone the public see what is in this executive agreement him and Kerry have cobbled together to undermine this country’s security. Just say no to the deal and make sure you can override the veto he is about to issue if you do so. This deal needs to die now.

    • They have read the deal.
      what you ill informed cons are speaking of, is the side deal between Iran and the IAEA.

      these deals are always confidential.
      Of right wing propaganda does let you know ALL the details.
      how can they make you hate the deal if they don’t lie to you.

      “One nuclear expert and former IAEA official said the U.S. could request to see the documents.

      IAEA rules and practices dictate that the IAEA secretariat cannot disclose
      its agreements to other member states on its own initiative. But there
      are ways for U.S. diplomats to access them, the expert told Business Insider.

      Iran can make them available by asking to distribute them to all IAEA member
      states, said Olli Heinonen, a senior fellow at Harvard University’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs.

      Or, any member state that sits on the IAEA’s 35-member Board of Governors could
      request their distribution, Heinonen said. An objection could be overridden by a simple majority vote of at least 18 members.

      U.S. is a member of the board, as are the other P5+1 members, except
      for China.And although IAEA policy on such agreements states that the
      agency “shall not publish or communicate to any State,
      or person any information obtained by it in connection with the
      implementation of the Agreement,” “summarized information” may be
      published upon decision of the Board if the nations directly concerned

  36. We have heard these same words out of congress since Obama arrived in Washington. This is another dog and pony show for the idiot voters. What has congress done since they investigated Obama corruption? Nothing. Fast and Furious was criminal and nothing done. Benghasi was criminal and nothing was done. IRS criminal activity and nothing. Hillary e-mails is criminal and nothing. Administration and Al Sharpton promoting riots in our cities. Illegal executive orders by passing congress criminal and nothing has been done. Most Americans are as stupid and Lazy as administration claims. Proof in pudding folks.

  37. I , for one , am SICK & TIRED OF ALL THIS LAWLESSNESS . They talk , talk , talk , while Americans suffer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Mr. Obama, By the law of 10th Amendment, US Constitution, all powers not specifically granted to you belong to me and all Citizens, thus, you work for me, you are my employee.

    Your job performance is below standard and unacceptable. Effective immediately and without further notice, YOU’RE FIRED!.

    Security has been instructed to escort you out of the building under close guard to your place of arraignment where you will be charged with Treason and Sedition.

    Your personal effects will be seized and held until conclusion of your treason trial.


    [Just thought you would like to see the words that need to be spoken.]

  39. StupidAmericanVoter

    Only a idiot would sign a deal they cant read or a democrat.

    • They have read the deal.
      what you ill informed cons are speaking of, is the side deal between Iran and the IAEA.

      these deals are always confidential.
      Of right wing propaganda does let you know ALL the details.
      how can they make you hate the deal if they don’t lie to you.

      “One nuclear expert and former IAEA official said the U.S. could request to see the documents.

      IAEA rules and practices dictate that the IAEA secretariat cannot disclose
      its agreements to other member states on its own initiative. But there
      are ways for U.S. diplomats to access them, the expert told Business Insider.

      Iran can make them available by asking to distribute them to all IAEA member
      states, said Olli Heinonen, a senior fellow at Harvard University’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs.

      Or, any member state that sits on the IAEA’s 35-member Board of Governors could
      request their distribution, Heinonen said. An objection could be overridden by a simple majority vote of at least 18 members.

      The U.S. is a member of the board, as are the other P5+1 members, except for China.And although IAEA policy on such agreements states that the agency “shall not publish or communicate to any State,
      organization or person any information obtained by it in connection with the implementation of the Agreement,” “summarized information” may be published upon decision of the Board if the nations directly concerned agree”

      Now your going to tell it’s all lies.

      Just like “Obama is going to kill us all with Ebola”.

      lies are ALL the right wing feeds you to make you their drones.

  40. If the President, Senators and Congressmen all take the vow to enforce the constitution and the laws of the land, and if anyone of them fail to do that, i.e. Obummer violations of the constitution and laws at least 40 or more times, is it not also a violation of the vow taken by our senators and representatives to fail to rein in the President?? And if so, then nearly all of the Senators and Congressmen as well as Obummer are guilty and should be removed from their position for failure to do their job.

  41. Obama will not be impeached and OUR country will continue to suffer. Why should Congress do any thing? They have cushy jobs, their constituents don’t care as long as they get their share of the pie!

  42. Nothing can stop them now. Not peacefully, anyway.

  43. when is someone going to get rid of this American hating lawless uppity muslim terrorist?

  44. It is a sad state of affairs when we have to demand the TRUTH from our federal government. Side deals? All we need to know is the billions of dollars that are being paid to the terrorist for this deal! That’s billions with a “B”!
    And that’s TERRORIST with a “T”!

  45. There is so much S–T that this administration has thrown at the wall, that some is bound to stick. It’s like playing the game of “hotfoot”. You don’t dare put one foot down for too long. These scum are doing exactly that – they are crapping out so much garbage that we can’t keep up, so they get some of their garbage through to law. Makes me sick. I’d like to see them all impeached and deported; it’s no more than what they deserve! If we didn’t have to feed and clothe and entertain them, I would prefer they all be jailed forever.

  46. MahBoo1 is right!

  47. Women and minority voters now out-number white males, almost two to one.

    Donald Trump has already driven away almost all women voters with his over-the-top, sexist comments.

    Jeb Bush has been picking up Donald’s repertoire.

    They are both sinking to the buttom — fast.

  48. It is insanity to ask an outside agency to protect our national security. Especially the blood sucking UN.

  49. It seems that Obama has directed Rev. Al Sharpton to contact Black Preacher to tell their congregations to call their Senators and House members to approve the Iran Deal. Will these people follow Al Sharpton into the bowels of HELL if Iran gets the bomb and sends a Nuclear Missile into their neighborhoods to incinerate them and their children? It is madness. I would not want to be in Al Sharpton’s shoes when final judgement is made and this charlatan is tossed into Hell where he belongs.

  50. People need to read the constitution. It’s not that large. Our founding fathers did not write 2,000 pages that no one would read and need to interpret.

    The United States Constitution divides government into three separate and distinct branches: the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches. The concept of separate branches with distinct powers is known as separation of powers. That doctrine arose from the writings of several European philosophers. The Englishman John Locke first pioneered the idea, but he only suggested a separation between the executive and legislative. The Frenchman Charles-Louis de Second at, Baron de Montesquieu, added the judicial branch.

    Each branch is theoretically equal to each of the others. The branches check each others powers and use a system known as checks and balances. Thus, no branch can gain too much power and influence, thus reducing the opportunity for tyrannical government.

    In the introduction, there is a Preamble. The Preamble is as stated: “We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution for the United States of America”.

    The Legislative[edit]

    The Congress is the Legislative Branch. Its main function is to make laws. It also oversees the execution of these laws, and checks various executive and judicial powers. The Congress is bicameral- it is composed of two houses. One house is the House of Representatives, the other is the Senate.

    The House of Representatives, or House for short, is currently composed of four hundred and thirty-five members. Each of the fifty states is allocated one or more representatives based on its population as calculated by the decennial (once in ten years) . Each state is guaranteed at least one representative. A state that is allocated more than one representative divides itself, as state procedures dictate, into a number of districts equal to the number of representatives to which it is entitled. The people of each district vote to elect one representative to Congress (States that have only one representative allocated choose at-large representatives- the state votes as one entire district). The District of Columbia and a number of U.S. territories have been permitted to elect delegates to the House. These delegates may participate in debates, and sit and vote in committee, but are not allowed to vote in the full House. Every House member faces re-election in an even-numbered year and is elected to a two-year term. The House is presided over by a Speaker, who is directly elected by the members of the House.

    The Senate is the upper house of the United States’ legislative branch, possessing only one hundred members to the house’s four hundred thirty-five. Each state chooses two senators, regardless of that state’s population. The Constitution originally dictated that a state’s senators were to be chosen by the state’s legislature; after the Seventeenth Amendment was ratified in 1913, senators were elected directly by the state’s population. In contrast to the House’s two-year terms, Senators are elected to a six-year stint in office. In addition, only one-third of the Senate stands for election during an even year. These differences between the two houses were deliberately put into place by the Founding Fathers; the Senate was intended to be a more stable, austere body, whereas the House would be more responsive to the people’s will.

    The Vice-President is President of the Senate, but he/she only votes if there is a tie. The Senate also chooses a President Pro Tempore to preside in the Vice-President’s absence (though, in practice, most of the time, senators from the majority take turns presiding for short periods).

    The Senate and the House are both required to approve legislation before it becomes a law. The two houses are equal in legislative power, but revenue bills (bills relating to taxation) may only originate in the House. However, as with any other bill, the Senate’s approval is still required, and the Senate may amend such bills.

    The Senate holds additional powers relating to treaties and the appointments of executive and judicial officials. This power is known as “advice and consent.” The Senate’s advice and consent is required for the President to appoint judges and many executive officers, and also to ratify treaties. To grant advice and consent on treaties, two-thirds of the Senators must concur (agree).

    While most votes require a simple majority to pass, it sometimes takes three-fifths of senators to bring a bill to a vote. This is because Senate rules hold that a bill cannot be voted on as long as it is being debated–and there is no limit on how long a senator may debate a bill. Senators sometimes use this rule to filibuster a bill–that is, continue debating a bill endlessly so that it cannot be voted on. The only way to end a filibuster is for three-fifths of all Senators to vote for a cloture resolution, which ends all debate and brings the bill up for voting. Use of the filibuster tends to be controversial. Whichever party is in the majority tends to call its use “obstructionism,” while the other side sees it as an important check on the majority.

    The House has the sole power to impeach federal executive and judicial officers. According to the Constitution, officers may be impeached for “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.” The Senate has the sole power to try all such impeachments, a two-thirds vote being required for conviction. The Constitution requires that any individual convicted by the Senate to be removed from office. The Senate also has the power to bar that individual from further federal office. The Senate may not impose any further punishment, although the parties are still subject to trial in the courts. As the Vice-President (being next-in-line to the Presidency) would have an obvious conflict of interest in presiding at a trial of the President, in such cases, the Chief Justice presides. Interestingly, no similar provision prevents the Vice-President from presiding at his or her own trial.

    The Executive[edit]

    The President, Vice President, and other executive officials make up the Executive Branch. The main function of this branch is to execute the laws created by Congress. The President and the Vice-President are chosen by the Electoral College, a body of people elected for the purpose of electing the President. One may wait to consider the Electoral College in further detail.

    The President appoints several Secretaries to head executive departments. An executive department is a body covering a broad topic of law- examples include the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Justice. The several secretaries (in the case of the Justice Department, the Attorney General) serve as advisors to the President and also as the chief officers of their own departments. This group of advisors is collectively known as the President’s cabinet. The President nominates these Secretaries, as well as other important federal officials, and the Senate advise and consents to them .

    The Judicial[edit]

    The Supreme Court and the lower courts compose the Judicial Branch. The judiciary must interpret the laws of the United States. In the course of such interpretations, the courts may find that a law violates the constitution. If so, the court declares the law unconstitutional. Thus, the judiciary also has a role in determining the law of the land.

    The judges of federal courts are nominated by the President and advised and consented to by the Senate. The number of judges and the exact structure of the courts is set by law, and not by the Constitution.

    The Legislative Process: How A Bill Becomes A Law[edit]

    After both houses of Congress pass a bill, perhaps observing the different rules and procedures in each house, but with the exact same final text, the bill is submitted to the President. Immediately, a ten-day clock for the president to act in starts to tick. Sundays are excluded in this calculation.

    Once he receives the bill, the President has many options. The outcome of the process depends on the route taken by him.

    Signature- If the President signs a bill, it immediately takes effect as law.

    Veto- The President may, if he pleases, return a bill to the house in which it originated. That house may then consider the President’s objections. If it wishes to pass the law in any event, it must repass the bill with a two-thirds majority. If the same occurs, then the other house considers the bill, perhaps repassing it with the same two-thirds majority. If both houses pass the bill with the requisite majority, then the bill becomes law despite the President’s veto. If one or both houses fail to provide an adequate majority, then the bill fails

    No Action- The President may decide to take no action at all on a bill. If, for ten days, the President has neither signed nor returned the bill, the bill becomes law without a signature.

    Pocket veto- The pocket veto is an absolute veto- Congress may not override it by any majority (though it may choose to repass the bill). The pocket veto occurs near the end of a Congressional session. If the bill is with the President, and he has not signed it or returned it, and the ten-day limit has not expired, and Congress adjourns for the year (that is, it decides to meet no longer for the rest of the year), then the President may pocket veto the bill.

    Checks and Balances[edit]

    In order to prevent any branch of government from becoming too powerful, the Framers of the Constitution created a system of checks and balances. Each branch of government has checks on the others, while it is itself also checked. The complex system can be outlined as follows:

    Checks of the Legislative

  51. There is a real easy solution. Impeach Obeyme and Kerry and try them for treason.

  52. Why are they demanding? Our tax dollars paid for ALL of them. They DID’NT pay for it? STOP ALL OF IT! DEMAND OF YOUR STATE REPRESENTATUVES, GOVERNOR, MAYOR, CONGRESSMAN, NO GOVERNMENT FUNDING, BAILOUT!!! SHUT THEM DOWN!! We already have government for our states. We don’t need Washington and all their expensive vacations,shopping sprees,security for officials who WON’T PROTECT AMERICAN’S ! And who are giving money to illegal aliens, third world countries! How many of you got a penny from the TRILLIONS that were borrowed ?? The african americans on welfare got unifofms and ARMS that Obama won’t give US! The illegal aliens got free housing,free attorneys,free transportation, free medicaid “not obamacare”, free food stamps, free social security checks that we have to pay into but can’t RECIEVE until we’re 65,American Jobs!! Why should we be ENSLAVED to pay back a debt that won’t even pay for veterans that have already Protected America but are being killed because of NO FUNDS FOR HEALTH CARE??? Did you get free housing,utilities,transportation, food stamps,medical ” OR WERE YOU FINED FOR NOT HAVING ANY”, free legal ??? YOU DID’NT?? Did your children have to eat cafeterias school slop or did they get CHEF PREPARED GOURMET MEALS?? Where did you spend 15 Billion on vacations at? Where did your family go shopping for 20-50 billion dollars at?? When did you as an American get invited to the parties,dinners at the white house and governments and third world countries??? What flights did you take? IF WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DON’T GET IT WHY SHOULD THE GOVERNMENT ?? African Americans,Illegal Aliens,THIRD World Countries????????? IT’S OUR MONEY!!!!!! IN THE CONSTATUTION IT STATES THE GOVERNMENT IS OUR EMPLOYEES, WE SHALL NOT BE ENSLAVED! Our government under Obama has borrowed trillions, did not protect us from illegal INVASION, have not protected us from illegal alien murderers, Is trying to give a TERRORIST country funds and weapons, withhold information that is ours NOT THER’S by means of more cost COURT COST, SUPEONA’S, IS ALLOWING AFRICAN AMERICANS to THREATEN TO KILL WHITES WEARING UNIFORMS AND HOLDING”GUNS”, TO DESTROY CITIES, BUSINESSES OF HARD WORKING AMERICAN’S, TO HURT IN GANG STYLE WHITE AMERICA’S INCLUDING BABIES AND PREGNANT WOMEN while we feed them with food stamps,free housing,utility assistance and their gutteral language!! WHY WOULD YOU CONTINUE TO ALLOW THIS ? DEMAND NO GOVERNMENT FUNDING!! SHUT THEM DOWN! In September they will have a clock to countdown until the government is OFFICIALLY BROKE AND SHUT DOWN!! DEMAND IT NOT TO STOP!!! Then arrest every government employee that held an office and put American in debt,in danger, fraudulently had American’s properties,bank funds taken by the I.r.s., fraudulently took American Tax Paid Monies , ECT.DO TO THEM WHAT THEY’VE DONE TO AMERICAN’S!!!! NO MORE AIR FORCE ONE so Obama is gonna have to get the iranian’s to come get him!! This is your last chance American’s. All the third world countries we have supported with money every year, military aid,medical,food,clothing,building roads,bridges,cities for them WHERE ARE THEY WHEN WE NEED THEM??? Their hands are still out and they’re calling us names,making fun of us! STOP ALL CHARITIES ESPECIALLY UNICEF that money goes to the UN that go out of America! American Children Need That Money!! IT’S UP TO YOU AMERICA !!!

  53. I remember when we were going to get the truth about Benghazi. Who said “stand down!” Spin, spin, spin, talking points, investigations, meeting, and then nothing! Whatever this appointed president wants, he gets. He has caused the power of congress to become a joke and proven that they are completely irrelevant. If they don’t like it, just ask the so called supreme court about what the appointed president is doing and they will support him 100%.

  54. King Obama thinks he doesn’t have to divulge anything to anyone. He is the king, Actually he thinks he is a dictator and is on the path towards becoming our dictator. It’s too bad we have such ignorant members of congress. They haven’t figured it out yet, or are in collusion. I would prefer stupid but who knows. Seven years on the path to destruction and nobody is doing anything with this sob. He was not elected a dictator, or king. This black sob has to go. Yes, I know I am on my way to the Obama concentration camp list but I value the freedom of all Americans, and not a two bit sob who thinks he is a dictator. If I were in Congress, I would be raising hell every day to get rid of this fraud.

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