House Republican Under Investigation

Photo by Matthew Bornhorst on Unsplash

( – Two New York Democratic congressmen have asked that the bipartisan House Ethics Committee launch an investigation into Republican U.S. Rep. George Santos who reportedly lied on his resume about both his academic and professional career.

Democratic New York U.S. Reps. Ritchie Torres, whose district includes parts of the south Bronx, and Dan Goldman, whose district includes part of Manhattan and Brooklyn, filed a complaint with the Committee stating that Santos’ lies, which he has admitted to were in direct violation of the Ethics in Government Act.

On Thursday Goldman tweeted that George Santos had admitted that he had embellished his resume, which made him a “fraud”. Goldman further added that it was time for the House to work to maintain its integrity by probing into Santos and the possible lies he told in order to win his campaign.

Santos managed to be elected as a Representative of the House after he flipped New York’s 3rd district. This was the first time in a decade that the district on Long Island and Queens has fallen under Republican control. However, the Federal Election Commission is now set to launch an investigation into the congressman over the potential law violations he may have been a part of.

In a letter to Reps. Michael Guest, R-Ms., Susan Wild, D-Pa., Torres, and Goldman pointed out that the Ethics in Government Act was an anti-corruption law that was meant to help preserve the “integrity of public officials and institutions.”

They write in the letter that over the past few weeks, it has become abundantly clear that Santos had lied in order to mislead voters to vote for him. According to the public reporting, Santo’s lies extended beyond just his employment and education. There are some claims that he had also fabricated information regarding his religion and even ethnicity.

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