House Republican Ordered To Resign Immediately

Photo by Mark König on Unsplash

( – Four New York GOP House Representatives have been pushing Rep. George Santos to resign following the information that he lied regarding his background coming out. Nassau County GOP officials on Wednesday also called for him to resign following the lies and fabrications that he used in order to get elected.

During a press conference, Nassau county GOP Chairman Joe Cairo said that Santos was not “our congress people” and that he is not welcome in the GOP headquarters.

Throughout his campaign, Santos used a number of lies in order to get closer to voters and receive more support. According to reports Santos claimed to have a Jewish heritage even though he reportedly does not, as well as gave fake information on his professional and academic experience. Some of the smaller lies included him playing volleyball at Baruch College and being the “star” of the team.

Despite more and more information coming out regarding Santos, the House Representative has said that he would not resign and that he is in Congress for the people and not for the party.

Rep. Anthony D’Esposito, a first-term Republican, during a virtual news conference also noted that there was no way forward for Santos as a member of the House. This is a statement that was echoed across the Republican ranks with GOP Rep. Brandon Williams of New York stating that the more information that becomes available regarding Santos the clearer it becomes that he should resign due to all the lies regarding his background.

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