House GOP Looking To Eliminate One Committee Immediately

Republicans are planning to eliminate the House’s Select Committee on the Climate Crisis once they gain control of the lower chamber in early 2023.

Rep. Garret Graves’s (La.) office, noted that they can’t currently see a “scenario” in which the committee can continue to exist. The committee was originally created by Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

In the statement, the office also noted that Garret is committed to helping deliver the energy results that Americans need, and will continue to actively work in this field. They also noted his work on the Commitment to America plan, which is a GOP policy plan that would support oil, gas, mining, and hydropower.

Graves also told Bloomberg that the committee would most likely cease to exist after the GOP took over as the committee does not align with the GOP’s focus.

Pelosi originally set up the committee in 2019 after the Democrats won control of the House. Democrats had previously created a Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming, but that one had been disbanded in 2011 by the GOP.

Current chairwoman Kathy Castor (D-Fla.) also released a statement in which she noted that House Republicans are harming America but not recognizing the importance of the climate crisis. She added that they are eager to see climbing temperatures, lack of air protection and big profits for Big Oil, instead of looking into the potential of clean energy.

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  1. Democrats are always looking for ways to trash the very country we live in and this committe is just another one of them.

  2. Unsubscribe me now! You conveniently “forgot” an unsubscribe button. I didn’t request this and I don’t want this bullshit!

    The smallest Volcano in the World has omitted more crap than man has since we’ve been on the planet.

    • Absolutely correct! ‘
      ‘Climate Change,’ or more accurately AGW, exists only in a very inaccurate and poorly reasoned computer model, and not in reality!

  4. Yes yes yes and many more get rid of duplicates that do the same thing way to many departments,

  5. If Mr. Graves is planning to eliminate this committee then I support him 1000 percent. He is a very dedicated person and he would never, ever do the wrong thing for our state or America as a whole. I wouldn’t want to support anything Nancy Pelosi began in the first place. THANK GOD she is gone. I hope her husband has a speedy recovery because he didn’t deserve to be beaten that way. No one should ever be attacked that way in their own home. Shameful, really shamefull indeed.

    Thank You Mr. Graves, as always, you are always ahead of the ball ,that is why you got reelected again!

  6. I guess when all of the atheists take god out of the equation they run like scared rats abandoning the ship. I’m no bible thumper by any stretch of the imagination but from my perspective having studied religion and our history of existence if the world is going to come to an end then no one except the almighty will allow that to happen. If that Being made the world I guess he or she or it can destroy it at will. Only stupid delusional people think they can control the earth’s environment. If you think as the earth as the souls classroom/[playground where we live and learn then I’m for cutting back on polluting and the destruction of our environment to allow others to come and thrive here. Just say.

  7. Democrat Special Committees should be eliminated on day one of GOP control. The congress needs to spend its energies on working for America rather than against America.

  8. I do see there is climate change on the world . But like one of the responders said a volcano puts out more toxins then people . I do think if were really concerned about global warming why does nobody talk about cutting down rain forests and stopping the illegal mining in them . I have never heard anyone complaining about that . Obama started the war on fossil fuels by showing pictures of coal power plants smoke going into the atmosphere buy its steam not oke
    Carbon capture is almost to the point of capturing all of the toxins . Maybe the government should invest in that . Finally look up the most harmful things from power . Wind turbines and blades have lot of bad things . Each turning uses 55 gallons of oil that needs to be changed
    Solar panels have a lot of hazardous materials in them out of top 10 coal is like never 8 wind and solar is worse for the warmong

  9. Good, time to weed out all the costly ineffective Committees, J6 Committee should GO, as well as many other Costly Leftist Pie in the Sky Committees! I do see Climate Change, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, I Luv them all. 👍

  10. Anyone who thinks that Climate Change is anything more than than a bunch of “Left Wing” hogwash has the IQ of a stump. Climate Change is nothing more than a hoax, used by the Left to maintain control over the masses. This nonsense has been going on for decades. At first they predicted a new ice age, then when that theory didn’t work they hung their hat on the Global Warming theory. Finally, when both those theories didn’t pan out, they decided to incorporate both heating and cooling under their new theory and now call it “Climate Change”.

    The fact of the matter is that nothing, I repeat NOTHING, these Climate Hoaxters have ever predicted has ever occurred. That is why all of their predictions are always decades into the future, so they can’t be proven wrong. These same clowns couldn’t tell you what the weather is going to be thirty days from now, but have all too many people convinced that they can predict what is going to happen thirty, forty, fifty or more years from now. What a joke and the truly sad thing is that so many people have bought into the fabricated predictions they keep spewing out and are allowing these morons to have a negative change and impact on their lives. How sad.

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