House GOP Freaks Out Senate Republicans

Photo by Matthew Bornhorst on Unsplash

( – Senate Republicans are worried about their colleagues in the House of Representatives, as House conservatives have put the lower chamber at a standstill at a time when the lower chamber would have a number of important legislative battles to fight in the next few months.

In the past week, 11 conservative lawmakers were successful in blocking several messaging bills and have vowed to keep the House at a standstill following Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) deal with President Biden that allowed for the debt ceiling to be increased.

Republicans across the Capitol are growing increasingly worried about this, as lawmakers need to pass a number of important bills in this term, including government funding bills, the farm bill, and the annual National Defense Authorization Act, among others.

Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV), a former House member, told The Hill that House lawmakers needed to find a solution because while some might be upset about the deal, there is still governing to do. He added that there are too many important things they need to handle right now, so this situation needs to be approached carefully.

While the debt ceiling deal was able to pass through the House with a lot of support, including two-thirds of the Republican conference; 31 Republicans voted against the bill in the Senate. Still, many in the Senate praised McCarthy for his negotiation skills, while others were disappointed with the actions of the House lawmakers last week. There is currently no indication that conservative Republicans are planning on yielding, and it is likely that the House is going to remain at an impasse when members reconvene on Monday.

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