House Dems Want to Shove Mass Amnesty into COVID Stimulus Bill

House Democrats, along with the Biden administration, seem increasingly bent on ignoring the demands of Republicans and moving forward with a COVID stimulus bill that throws all caution to the wind. In doing so, they are apparently taking some pretty extraordinary liberties under the umbrella of “pandemic relief.” For instance, a group of more than 100 House Democrats want House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to shove mass amnesty into the bill.

The group, led by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, sent a letter to Pelosi over the weekend asking that she include in the House bill amnesty for at least five million illegal aliens. According to the letter, the Democrats want to see any illegal alien who holds an “essential worker” position and has received either Temporary Protected Status or DACA to be eligible for the amnesty.

“As you continue to work on assembling a COVID-19 reconciliation package and begin work on an economic recovery and jobs package, we urge you to include a pathway to citizenship for essential immigrant workers, Dreamers, and TPS holders, as well as their families, in order to ensure a robust recovery that is inclusive and equitable for all Americans regardless of their immigration status,” the Democrats wrote.

Ah, “as well as their families!” Can’t forget about them. Maybe their close friends, too. And anyone they’ve had dinner with in the last year. Possibly everyone in their neighborhood.

“They are protecting the nation’s food security, from working on farms and food processing facilities, to working in grocery stores and restaurants. They are first responders, and they are teachers,” the lawmakers wrote. “Undocumented essential workers have stepped up to serve our country in a time of crisis and should be able to apply for U.S. citizenship.”

While Biden is at least making a show out of finding a bipartisan bill, many Democrats have already abandoned the idea of searching for “unity” when it comes to COVID stimulus. In an interview with ABC News this weekend, Sen. Bernie Sanders said he is confident that Democrats have the votes to pass legislation without a single Republican vote through the budget reconciliation process.

“We all want bipartisanship and I think you’re gonna see more of it as we move down the pike,” he said, “We all look forward to working with Republicans. But right now, this country faces an unprecedented set of crises. We have got to act and we have to act now,” Sanders added.

“I don’t care what anybody says,” Sanders continued. “We have got to deal with this pandemic… if Republicans want to work with us, they have better ideas on how to address those crises, that’s great. But to be honest with you, I have not yet heard that.”

Well, if the idea is to stuff the bill full of liberal dreams like a $15-an-hour minimum wage and mass amnesty, we have to imagine it will be impossible to get Republicans on board. And so, Democrats (and Biden) will own this bill right down to the last digit. If they feel like they can run on this “progress” in 2022, well, we certainly look forward to seeing them try.

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