House Democrats Should Be Ashamed of Themselves

Of all the Democrats that should know better, Rep. John Lewis is the one who really betrayed his own legacy this week. As the ringleader of the absurd Democratic takeover of the House floor on Wednesday, Lewis used every physical and rhetorical trick in the book to link this nonsense with the civil rights movement of the 1960s – a movement in which he played a significant role.

Now, this is hardly the first time Democrats have used the emotional resonance of those turbulent times for their cynical agenda. But as ridiculous as it might be to compare transgender bathroom laws to Jim Crow, there’s at least a tiny thread of logic you can follow. Where is that logic when it comes to the No Fly, No Buy bill that Democrats want to pass?

“Rise up, Democrats,” boomed Lewis before beginning the sit-in. “Rise up, Americans. This cannot stand. We will occupy this floor. We will no longer be denied a right to vote.”

It’s just breathtaking in its offensiveness. Lewis is deliberately making an allusion to the Selma marches and the rights of blacks to vote in certain pockets of the South. And he’s cashing in on all of that political capital for what? To get a vote on legislation that will – A) Be defeated and B) Do nothing to stop gun violence or terrorism even if it is miraculously passed. How can he sleep at night, even with pillows being brought onto the House floor?

House Speaker Paul Ryan referred to the theatrics as “nothing more than a publicity stunt,” but he must believe it’s a stunt with power, because he didn’t bother having the Democrats removed from the halls of Congress. He could have. But he’s too worried that the liberal idiots out there will see it as a replay of sheriffs strongarming black civil rights activists in the old days. Why would he be worried about such a thing? Well, because he knows that the media will make those comparisons endlessly.

When the deck is stacked so high against common sense, conservatism, and constitutional pride, what else can you do but go home and let the Democrats tire themselves out? Maybe they’ll be kind enough to clean up their pizza boxes before the House returns to session.


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