Horist: VP Harris Is A Disaster

Vice President Kamala Harris is a disaster – and even President Biden must realize it.

Those on the political correct left will undoubtedly accuse me of being both a racist and sexist.  I am neither.  But the radical progressives have a policy – ANY criticism of a woman or a minority and the critic is automatically deemed to be a racist or a sexist – or in this case both.

But anyone with a modicum of objectivity would have to admit that Harris is not doing a very good job for Biden … the Democrats … or the country.  She is way over her head in that job.

Part of the reason is that Biden picked her for all the political correctness reasons.  She was both a woman and a minority mix.  Biden was playing the identity politics game – trying to appeal to as many demographic groups as possible – women, Blacks, Asians.  She is part Indian if you were unaware.  No … not the Indian background that Senator Elizabeth Warren tried to pull off.

Selecting a minority woman could be a very smart move – but only if that minority woman is also up to the job.  Not only is Harris not up to the job, but that was clearly seen before Biden tapped her.  She looks okay if you just read her resume – California Attorney General, United States senator and one-time presidential candidate.  But her rise to prominence seems to have been due more to her biology than her biography.

Harris was not an outstanding Attorney General.  In fact, her prosecutorial activities were rather controversial.  She tended to be motivated by the changing winds of politics – soft on crimes at some times and tough at others.  Despite her racial resume, she was not overly popular with minorities.  Many on the left criticized her for locking up a lot of Black males.

As a senator, Harris was a bench warmer.  She was not a leader.  She was a get along by going along time.  Had she not run for President, Harris would have been among that group of senators that remain anonymous to the general public.  Her name recognition when she first launched her presidential bid was close to zero.

Harris’ problem is not innate intelligence.  I have no doubt that she is highly intelligent.  Her problem is the application of her intelligence – her ability to persuade and lead.  She lacks a certain competence in the performance of her duties.  Tends to be tone deaf.

This has led to a secondary serious problem.  She is not likable.  She is not the sort of person you would hate – if you are inclined to hate people.   I am not.  But she does not garner confidence and admiration.

She has a limited ability at public oratory.  Her speeches have been roundly criticized for their incoherence – often being referred to as “word salads.”  She generally sounds like she is lecturing in platitudes to school children.  

And then there is that annoying nervous laugh.  

When hit with a tough question, she cackles.  We saw that in her embarrassing performance alongside the Polish President.  She was there to announce all the aid America was providing to Ukraine.  That should have been a slam-dunk speech.  But she blew it badly enough to be criticized and mocked by a significant portion of the world press.  On another occasion — when asked what the administration is doing about the crisis on our own southern border – she cackled.

That disliked part of her public persona may be due to the reports that she is a nasty person in her one-on-one relationships.  So sayeth a number of Harris staffers who have jumped shipped and blabbed.

Instead of an asset for Biden, Harris has become a significant liability.  According to press reports, the President and his staff know it.  The relationship between the two staffs is said to be cool – each complaining about the other behind backs.

According to what is left of team-Harris, Biden’s folks are giving her all the irresolvable problems.  According to team-Biden, Harris is a walking, talking disaster.

In many ways, Harris’ success has been largely due to what she IS – not what she has done.  Her reputation now is evolving to the negative because what she has done – and done badly.  Not terribly well liked and not considered terribly competent is a serious problem since she has more than two years to go in her current job.  And God help America if she should succeed to the Oval Office.

So, there ‘tis.

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  1. An inevitable result of identity politics rather than a merit based system of leadership. When we tend to ignore everything except the race or gender of an individual we can expect nothing more than what we are currently seeing. Politics has always been a popularity contest and often what we get is much different than what we see. Biden himself is a prime example. Feckless with absolutely no substance always playing to who’s in the room standing without conviction for anything other than his donor’s prerequisites. When one makes decisions based on nothing of substance nobody wins. It’s demeaning to the individual chosen based solely on gender and race and insulting to the voters as well. Nobody believes that a female or black female is incapable of successfully managing any position yet that individual must show a modicum of capabilities and experience. Otherwise the enemies of our nation literally laugh while seeing the opportunity they have been waiting for to push the boundaries and limitations of the United States. That’s exactly what is happening right now. To assume that no negative consequences will occur due to such ridiculous policies based literally on nothing more than feel good virtue signaling is beyond foolish its downright dangerous. We are seeing the costs of such lackluster leadership in the deaths of thousands. Thousands more will surely suffer in the the following three years of leftist ideology so called leadership. Never the less rest assured that Joe Biden and his ilk can pat themselves on the back for proving their willingness to destroy everything in the name of wokeness, political correctness, anti racism, anti misogyny etc. Meanwhile the Ukraine burns and Taiwan is next and let’s not forget the entire middle east is ready to explode once again but of course that’s conservatives fault not the idiotic leftist feel good ideology. Evil is and has been waiting for weakness from the bright shining beacon on the hill. We are now once again showing that weakness to all of the evil that is now baring its teeth once hidden behind wry smiles. Patting oneself on the back is in no way a replacement for true leadership.
    God Bless America

  2. Right on. Thank you…

  3. It’s neither racist nor sexist, when what is being critiqued is her behavior, since behaviors have neither a race nor a sex. To so label such critiques is the act of an adult child, one not mature enough to separate self from actions or words, & see whether the criticism has merit, for self improvement. Another “give away”, with Harris is the “half demented” cackle , when she’s at a loss for a rational response. That inappropriate affect is also a symptom of mental illnesses, such as various personality disorders. In other words we have 2 completely incompetent & inadequate people in our executive offices, now, & the 1 next in line is not 1 whit better able to handle it.

  4. What horseshit; coming from people who supported Mike pence, who caused a huge Hiv epidemic in his state, along w many other awful things. The only thing he’s done good is to tell the truth about the election, and then Trump’s MAGA maggots actually planned to hang him.
    What an unAmerucan shitshow.


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