Home Depot Co-Founder Blasts Back at Critics of His Trump Support

The Twitter world went into a frenzy this week when Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus had the temerity to openly support President Donald Trump in an interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The 90-year-old businessman and philanthropist told the paper that while he didn’t agree with every decision made by the current administration, he had an appreciation for Trump’s “common-sense” approach to the country’s problems. He said he would support the president’s bid for re-election, sending liberals on social media into a frothing, boycotting spiral of derangement.

“Well, @HomeDepot won’t be getting any of my home renovation dollars in the future. All of our appliances are getting into replacement age and kitchen and bathroom renos are in the plans,” said one user.

“Time to NEVER SHOP at Home Depot,” tweeted another.

Still another made this ridiculous point: “@HomeDepot makes its billions from the hard working immigrants of this country, in their stores and as carpenters and contractors. Yet their founder wants to support a racist who wants to conduct mass deportation and rip families apart. I can’t support that. #BoycottHomeDepot.”

Cool story.

But while we’ve grown all-too-accustomed to everyone from celebrities to businessmen rushing to apologize to the Twitter hordes for accidentally saying something to offend their precious snowflake sensibilities, Marcus proved quickly that he shares more in common with President Trump than a sense for business.

“I woke up this morning thinking it was going to be another great day,” Marcus wrote on Facebook. “I’ve been celebrating with friends, family and the community since I turned 90. I’ve told you about the gracious gift of $117 million that was collected and given in my honor to four charities that mean a lot to me. All that happiness blew up because I said in a newspaper interview that I have supported and will continue to support Donald Trump.”

Marcus blasted social media users for threatening to boycott a company that not only enabled his foundation to do so much for charity, but which had employed people from all backgrounds and political affiliations for years. Oh, and a company he’d had no professional involvement with for nearly twenty years.

“It saddens me that our country has come to this, where I, as a private citizen, cannot express my feelings. It angers me and it saddens me, but it sure as hell is not going to stop me. If you thought it would, you’ve got the wrong guy,” he continued. “In the next ten years, God willing, I will accomplish more to save this world than my critics will do even if they had forty lifetimes.”

Mic. Drop.

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