Hollywood Actor Forced to Apologize For Being a Conservative

This week, we once again played witness to the gruesome spectacle that unfolds when the left-wing social media tyrants of America sink their teeth into a hapless, high-profile victim. In recent weeks, we’ve seen actress Amber Heard vilified for mentioning that Hollywood folks who employ Hispanic “nannies and gardeners” should be aware of an ICE checkpoint in Los Angeles, and we’ve seen the “Bachelorette” fandom rain hell on a contestant who “liked” Instagram posts that made jokes about kicking illegal immigrants out of the country and boys who dress up in makeup. Now it is apparently another actor’s turn in the hot seat.

Israel Broussard, who is starring in the new Netflix film “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” was forced to come out and apologize for his “offensive” social media history, which included giving the thumbs up to tweets from such evil conservatives as Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, and Ben Shapiro. This is totally unacceptable out in La La Land, where you can either believe wholeheartedly in the leftist mission to overhaul America or you can keep your damn mouth shut.

“I am deeply sorry for my inappropriate and insensitive words and likes on social media,” Broussard tweeted. “I take full responsibility for my actions and I sincerely apologize. This has been a pivotal life lesson for me. I am dedicated to becoming a more informed and educated version of myself.”

You might expect from that apology statement that Broussard’s Twitter feed was full of racist, pro-Nazi propaganda, but you would be wrong. This is another classic example of how oversensitive and pathetic the liberal thinkosphere has become in 2018. In the Daily Beast, a writer named Amy Zimmerman wrote an expose charging Broussard with all kinds of thought crimes:

While Broussard appears to have deleted some of his offensive posts, one particularly vile archived tweet from July 2011 reads, “Dogs can sense earthquakes. Too bad Japan ate them all.” … In 2009, he allegedly wrote, “I’m not going out for a gay role, thank you though.” A 2016 post says, “Black Lives Matter has one goal. Division.” and “hashtags don’t f***ing matter. but all lives do. black lives matter. white lives matter. police lives matter.” Another alleged 2016 tweet reads, “if it were trumps emails, they’d be happy to hang him on the front lawn of the White House.”

Like, what’s the problem? Yeah, the Japan joke is a little offensive, we suppose, but does no one have a sense of humor anymore? The rest of this stuff…ugh, it’s not controversial or offensive in the least. It’s very clear that the PROBLEM with Broussard’s social media history is not that he’s trolling or offensive or bullying, it’s that he doesn’t buy into the left’s narrative. And these days, the idiots who run liberal blogs and tweet about romantic comedies on Netflix see any person who disagrees with their social justice cause as an offensive villain who has to be cut down to size.

It’s too bad that Broussard rushed to apologize, but we guess you gotta do what you gotta do to keep the mob at bay.


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