History Suggests That Trump Will Win it All

It’s not clear if historical precedent means much in this odd presidential campaign, but if it counts for anything, Donald Trump could be well on his way to the Republican nomination. It has been 40 years since a Republican has won New Hampshire and South Carolina without going on to win the nomination. With those two states in the bag for Trump, an outcome that once seemed unthinkable is now growing increasingly inevitable.

Of course, when it comes to Trump, anything can happen.

For the first six months of Trump’s candidacy, the focus was on the man himself. Which one of his outrageous comments would finally turn voters off? But again and again, Trump mystified the critics. He survived a feud with John McCain. He survived multiple feuds with Fox News and their star, Megyn Kelly. He survived (and, in fact, thrived) after promising to put a halt to Muslim immigration. And he appears to have even survived after launching some of the harshest criticism against George W. Bush to ever come out of a Republican’s mouth.

Assuming that Trump is more or less unsinkable, the question then becomes a matter of math. It’s one thing to dominate a crowded field with thirty-something percent of the vote. It’s quite another to win in a race that is down to two or three candidates. The Republican establishment is now pinning their hopes on Marco Rubio after Jeb Bush announced he was suspending his campaign. If Rubio gets the Bush voters and the Bush money, he could make a break for the top spot. And Ted Cruz is still a potent force himself; if strong conservatives come out in Texas and other states, he still has a shot on the nomination.

But these are all “ifs” in a world where Trump is the one putting numbers on the board. The pundits continue to insist that Trump’s support comes with a ceiling, noting that there is still roughly 70% of voters out there who are not yet in his corner. The polls bear this out. At the same time, though, the pundits have literally been wrong at every turn this year. If there’s one thing that Trump has proven, it’s that he should not be underestimated.

Just ask Jeb.


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  1. Trump is the anti politician (both parties), the anti lobby candidate (politicians being bought) and the pro American, military and the poor (healthcare for all) and a chance to be a productive citizen. He wants Americans to be put first before illegals and refugees unlike the democrats who hate Americans. “GO TRUMP!”

  2. With Rubio an anchor baby born to two non-American citizens, and Cruz a Canadian citizen all his life with no documentation his mother did not give up her citizenship and become a Canadian citizen or filed with the American and Canadian conciliate Cruz’s birth, along with a very good possibility Cruz attended American colleges as a foreign student, I cannot see Trump losing if he files that as a candidate for president there are two ineligible candidates interfering with his Constitutional bid for the presidency, Trump has standing. But he better get on it BEFORE the presidential elections.

    • No matter what legal pundits or scholars with a political agenda say, the law is not settled. The question of national inheritance persists. What is settled among historians, however, is that the founders did restrict the presidency to natural born citizens alone. In their parlance, American identity was rooted in an allegiance to the soil that came from a prolonged residency and manners instilled from birth; if born outside the United States, status and eligibility came from a patrilineal (the father’s) inheritance passed from a loyal father to his legitimate child. Even under current law, the right of a child to inherit citizenship from one parent cannot be passed onto his or her descendants. It is a right contingent on the child returning and claiming that right by resettling in the U.S.

      Ted Cruz’s status is further complicated by his dual citizenship. He acquired Canadian citizenship at birth, and only recently renounced it. Can a person be “natural born” in two nations? Which “natural born” identity trumps the other? Cruz’s claim to being a “natural born” U.S. citizen is a legal fiction, of course, because his real identity as a child was a mixture of a Cuban-born naturalized Canadian father and an American mother. He remained a natural born Canadian even after he moved to the United States, and he only substantiated his claim to American status when he took legal steps to declare his citizenship–for example, when he acquired a passport and voted. He became an American citizen retroactively; his actions did not erase the equally powerful presumptive claim of his Canadian nationality. If Cruz’s parents had remained in Canada, and his mother had become a Canadian citizen, Ted Cruz no doubt would have become a Canadian citizen.
      Cruz’s campaign in the heartland centers on the claim of being “one of us.” That is indeed the issue.

      Both Rubio and Cruz can call themselves American citizens or naturalized citizens, one because he was born on American soil, and one because he came here to claim he’s American, but only “citizens”, however they can NEVER call themselves a “natural born citizen” which is why the founders placed this term in the US Constitution in the first place. They all say there is no definition for “natural born citizen”, but during the inception of our Constitution, everyone knew exactly what it meant, that is why the founders made an exception to the rule for those born under British Rule.

      Many students of the Constitution misunderstand why “natural born” was added to the qualification for president. The term was derived from the common law notion of being born on the “soil” of the national domain. In the 1780s, “natural born” was a measure of political affection and political loyalty, which only proceeded from a person’s giving tangible evidence of having a genuine commitment to the “soil” and manners of the nation. The phrase, therefore, involved potent sentiment.
      The American founders clearly intended “natural born” to mean born within the United States; and they only granted the exception to citizens naturalized at the time of the Constitution’s framing, because these men could be presumed to have proven their loyalty by consciously choosing to side with the Patriot cause in 1775-1783.

      • I do not agree on Cruz, Canada did not allow dual citizenship and Rubio’s parents were not American citizens. I agree neither are Constitutionally eligible to be Pres & V. Pres. There have been courts making decisions on Obama and I think once on Cruz which may not have the authority to do so. What we need is a very close and intense vetting process, right now it seems no one wants to touch it, probably because they will lose “their man”. But vetting with consideration of all documents, etc. must be done or we end up with another who has questionable allegiences.

        • I’m also skeptical about Cruz and this dual citizenship claim, even if his mother was still an American citizen at his birth, it’s the father’s citizenship at birth that applies here. All Cruz could have done is come to America, which he did, and become or claim his citizenship. Either way it’s grey with him. The best he could be is a naturalized citizen from another country and he’d need to swear allegiance to the US. As to natural born citizen, I don’t think so. Same applies to Obama. If a Mexican national comes across illegally, gives birth, the child is today considered an American Citizen, born on US Soil, however not according to the Mexican Constitution. That same illegal will never be considered a Natural Born Citizen per our laws, I would think this also applies to both Cruz and Rubio.

  3. the Washington cartel needs to go , TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT , goes a long way in restore AMERICA . BUILD THE WALL and then put our AMERICANS BACK TO WORK , this would cut gov’t assistance . no job no assistance.

  4. I just listened to today’s proclamation by the WH spokes-idiot saying Trump is disqualified from running for president as he violates the Constitution due to his statements about the wall, immigration and so forth. The spokes-idiot says the first thing a pres does is to swear an oath to protect and defend the Constitution…. welllllll now! The spokes-idiot wants us to forget the uber-squatter-in-chief has never defended the Constitution and has done everything in his power to shred it. We should not vote for Trump because the spokes-idiot says so?? I don’t think so!!!! geez – I sure will be glad when this crappolla ends. Elect Trump and let’s clean house!

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    • When the aforementioned “spokes-idiot” makes declarations, remember to do just the opposite. If he says don’t do “this or so”, that is exactly what we should do. If he says “do this”, then we should probably NOT do it! The WH spokes-person is just promoting the current fiasco and demoralization of the current office holders. They do not want to see you prosper, they want only to control your every thought and action!!
      You are smarter than that!! Follow our Constitution and make America Great Again!!

    • What the spokes-idiot forgot to mention, purposely in fact, that there’s nothing in the Constitution that makes a person ineligible for wanting to protect a his or her borders. That’s called SOVEREIGNTY, and that is in the Constitution. So WH spokes-idiot shut up.

      • And there are many parts of the Constitution that State that one of the main purposes of the Federal Government….IS TO PROTECT THE BORDERS AND THE PEOPLE of this Nation….

      • Canada – US border 1,538 miles
        Canada – Alaska border 3,987 miles
        Mexico – US border 1,933 miles
        US Coastline 95,471 miles
        Alaska Coastline 6,640 miles
        Total exposure 109, 569 miles

        Why don’t you tell all of us how it can be done?

        • They were referring to one part of the border DA! It’s south, maybe you should look it up on google maps.

          • Right, and boats, planes, inner tubes, rafts … etc. do not exist.
            Every illegal immigrant does not come over land.

          • And Obama is a great POTUS isn’t he? Pull your head out of your ass!

          • Maybe you should actually read Article Two of the U.S. Constitution. Keep in mind that the U.S. military cannot be used within our borders.

            Oh, and before you go there, The Naional Guard is not part of DOD unless called up to active duty.

          • WTH does this have to do with anything!? You have issues with simple spelling and you expect people to take you serious!? Go back to drinking your kool aid maybe you’ll wake up in the real world someday.

          • Save the spelling insult, it only makes you look ignorant. Rote memory is something parrots can do. Really intellegent people not so much:

            Alfred Mosher Butts
            William Faulkner
            F. Scott FitzgeraldErnest Hemingway
            John Keats
            John Irving
            Jane Austen
            Albert Einstein
            Winston Churchill
            John F. Kennedy Jr
            Benjamin Franklin

          • I see your spelling hasn’t improved. Yes I know a lot about liberal idiots who think they know whats best for everyone who disagrees with your ignorant ideology. Go back to your kool aid.

          • sorry ray the REAL WORLD would be a waste for her–let her run–nothing to see here

          • your talking with a pure full booled democrat marixist–beware they will drag you down to their level an beat you with pure stupidy

        • Enforce the law dumbass. Cowards like you would just go hide under your bed. Isn’t your socialist/communist meeting in awhile. Better get goung or you will miss all the free goodies that you love so much.

          • It would help a lot if you actually knew the law, which you obviously do not.

            Why don’t you provide chapter and verse for what you are claiming?

          • I know more about the Constitution than you will ever know. Article one, section 8. See we learned that our first year of Constitutional studies in college. Next time get off your lazy arse and do it yourself. This isn’t the show me state.

          • You went to college?
            Educated individuals do not rely upon infantile name calling, let alone insults and foul language.
            I have cases cited in law books and I am not even a lawyer. I have changed law, and how it is applied in three states.

            Your education is sorely lacking.
            Seems you wasted your money.

          • The only thing you have changed is your dirty depends. Your so awesome with all your acomplishments. While your at it why don’t you tell us all about the time your granny sold a mule to General Lee at Gettysburg.

          • yep a pure worthless lying democrat—thats all they got lies an more lies—an talking pionts that make you sick

          • your stupity is enough for us–go on

    • Did they really say that???? What a bunchy of idiots…

      I think we need to impeach the president to give him something to think about during this last year.

    • Well said!!!!

    • “Spokes-Idiot” Now that is probably one of the best descriptions one could place on an Obama minion. He certainly fills that role to a “tee” just as his predecessor did. Anyone who believes anything Obama says is delusional and a threat to the civil order as far as I am concerned.

    • The DC DICTATOR’S Spokes IDIOTS should look to the Number of Times that the DC DICTATOR and his Criminal Regime have VIOLATED the Constitution and the Laws of the Land…Actually they may have an Easier Time…COUNTING the Number of Times that they HAVE NOT VIOLATED THE CONSTITUTION AND THE LAWS OF THE LAND…

    • Trump, Carson Ignore 4th Amendment, Want Human Databases For All Americans

    • Really?

      Do you often here things that are not actually enunciated?

    • FULL OF HOT AIR and ignored….just like his boss!!!

    • He is the only one running in this election that have the balls to do it. The other RINO’s will not. Also he said he would prosecute ole HILLARY when he gets to be President.
      Got my vote. The American people have spoken this time around, we are the BOSS in this election, so RNC sit down and STFU.

  5. Can this Democrat save the Republican party? I doubt it. We have put up with a lame duck Republican Congress for the last 7 years. Trump was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He has convinced a lot of weak minded people that he will be able to flick his fingers and he will get things done his way. He actually believes this himself. He doesn’t know anything else. I wish someone would ask him if he can ever remember wanting something and didn’t get it and what it was. That kid out in Colorado that was 16 years old was raised the same way. He went out and got drunk in his folks car and killed someone. Then he got off because he didn’t know any better. His life is very similar to Trumps. The first time Trump doesn’t get his way in the White House he will throw a tantrum. Do we want someone that is in charge of the biggest military in the world and can press a button that will end this world as we know it like that? I don’t think so.

    • There are a lot of weak minded people who has never held a job where their taxes went to help the Muslims around the world or who has lived in a Muslim country while fighting those that the U.S. Government said was our enemies. The enemies are now within this country and within the Government thanks to people like you who would rather have a smooth talking Muslim in the White house selling out this country, instead of protecting it. Furthermore, this country is like a huge business where it doesn’t have to make a profit because it leeches off of its inhabitants/citizens. Trump has businesses around the world and they do make profits which is how he got to be so rich. I would rather have someone in office who knows international business and how to negotiate a good deal, instead of a foreigner that has been a community dis-organizer that has shredded the Constitution and when he does not get his way he just signs an executive order. Trump is at least an American, which is more than I can say for the current impostor acting president, or some that are running.

      • the ones that want the samo sameo don.t get it—but WE do so set back an enjoy an non politiction cause WE are going to try one out—-go trumper

      • Trump says he is going to make America great again. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t think it is great now. People are risking their lives to get here. Only some weak minded Republicans that choose to believe America is not great now. I would bet they would vote for George W. Bush again if he ran for president. Let’s hope Hillary wins the election and continues to run this country the same way Obama is running it. Hopefully we won’t have another lame duck Republican congress.

        • Thorson—You are very sick—-Seek Help

        • How about President 0-bama… He said that he wanted to fundamentally change America.


          • Obama is doing whatever he can to change America fundamentally……for the worse!

          • We were losing 850,000 jobs a month under Bush. The last 40 months plus the U.S. has averaged over 200,000 jobs a month gain. I would call this a big change for the better.

          • You spew the funny liberal stats from unreliable sources, known for their twisting of data to suit their ideological purposes..

            You need to ask your neighbor if he/she is better off now that when 0-bama took with the lying. If you do, you will find….

            Things have only gotten worse under 0-bama….
            Health care now forced on us and more expensive.
            Average wage down since 0-bama took office.
            More part time jobs, fewer full time jobs.
            Loss of the American Dream.
            We are no longer a nation ruled by laws.
            We have a president that rules like a king.

            I could go on, but I think these 0-bama changes are for the worse.

          • You have to stop listening to Fox News. They would never give you this information. You sound like an idiot repeating what you heard on Fox News.

          • Wayne, we all know that liberals resort to insults when they go nothing to support their positions…..

            What I quoted was well known facts if you just got out and quit listening to soros…

            You don’t even need to get this information off of Fox… Although Fox is fare superior to your liberal koolaid sources.

          • Again, you might want to check your facts again, last report from the Bureau of labor and statistics, has 93 million Americans unemployed or under employed, that’s Odumbasses legacy. go on boy, check your facts, then come back and chat with the big boys

          • Do you disagree the facts that the unemployment was at 11% when Bush took office and now it is under 5.5%?

          • That’s the easy question here. It doesn’t fit into his muslim new world order. Now back to Wayne, all things aside, I find it incredibly disturbing that anyone who can read or think independently could buy the BS that that the lame stream media has to say, Oh that’s right, you’re a democrat. I bet you believe that Hillary is innocent of any wrong doing too, and pigs actually can fly, and hmmm, the tooth fairy put those nickels under your pillow . good luck bud, if you believe that bull shit, I’ve got some lake lots in Florida that I’LL make you a real good deal on. or perhaps I could interest you in a bridge, or maybe another Obamite, only been dropped a few times, and don’t mind his twitchin’ he only does it when he’s lying.

          • Wayne is a troll, sent down here to disrupt conversations. He gets his jollies off of hurting and insulting others. Trolls of this nature are nothing but evil.

        • Maybe the 50 million living below the poverty level don’t think it’s so great. The middle class also don’t think it’s great now. It’s Obama’s fault, Zippy.

    • what do you really know wayne?—from your statment not much

      • Don, I would bet a dollar to a donut you voted for George W. Bush both time he ran.

        • So tell me Wayne who did you vote for in 08 and 12

          • Obama of course. I am not stupid. The U.S. was losing 850,000 jobs a month when Obama took office. In the last 40 months or more I forgot how many the U.S. has averaged over 200,000 or more per month add on. A big turn around. Although you won’t hear anything like this on Fox News.

          • VirginiaConservative

            “Obama of course, I am not stupid”
            Breaking news! If you voted for Obama even once you are most assuredly STUPID!

          • This opinion would only come from someone with a weak mind.

          • Weak mind? No mind!

          • We’re still losing about 850,000 a month, where have you been? It’s resulted in the lowest workforce participation rate since the 70’s. 200,000 jobs a month in a country of 350 million is pathetic. Doesn’t even keep up with population growth. Bet msnbc never told you that.

          • So who did you vote for Don. I would vote for Trump any day of the week over Obama, Hillary, and all of the others trying to take away the rights we were given when this country was founded. Saying our constitution is outdated and useless is almost as big of a joke as Obama.

          • I voted for McCain and Romney I am “really” not stupid. With McCain I had to hold my nose but I got it done. Why anyone would vote for a president that hides his past proves stupidly. In at least the first case I saw it as the lessor of two evils. Neither McCain or Romney acted like they wanted to win. Consequently, they did not! A fact I’m still somewhat puzzled about. After the first debate Romney seemed to give up.

            This election I actually started out supporting Walker, I liked what he did for Wisconsin. For some reason however, he dropped out rather quickly. So I looked closely at Ted Cruz. Was not all that sure about him but considered him very seriously. When Donald Trump came in the race I saw considerable potential in him. The fact he decided to self fund convinced me to support him. I have always thought lobbyists should be illegal. He at times makes me cringe with the way he says things but I like to do my own research and I have not yet, at least, found him to be totally wrong on anything. Maybe not perfect but head & shoulders above all the rest. Anyone looking for the perfect candidate is going to be very disappointed. No such animal exists.

          • I’ll give you 2 tries to come up with the correct # Obama,obama!! Next he will choose the Liar, who lies about lying.

          • Actually I knew the answer before I asked the question. When someone has 2437 comments and only 594 up votes it is not hard to guess that answer!

        • Wayne, If Don did vote for GWB, that was a better vote than one for our current POTUS, who hates America!

          • Yea right. Obama has tried to do more for you and I and the average Joe than any president in recent times. Tell me one thing any Republican president has ever done for you?

          • VirginiaConservative

            What? Do you mean wonderful things like his failing health care plan and open borders? Tell him to stop helping us.
            Presidents are not supposed to do things for us or to us. All they need to do is stay the hell out of the way.

          • Who do you believe the presidents are suppose to work for if not for us? It’s obvious you have forgotten of how those insurance companies were raising their rates before Obama took office. Union had trouble negotiating contracts because the companies didn’t want to pay those high insurance rates.

          • VirginiaConservative

            Sure insurance companies were raising their rates, mostly in response to government mandates and meddling.
            The rate of increase in insurance rates has skyrocketed far beyond anything we saw before odumbocare. Remember, if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor …. Oops maybe not. Your insurance bills will drop $2500… Oops.
            This won’t add one dime to the deficit …. No it did not but, it did add 100million dimes to the deficit.
            The government can stop helping me asap!

            Subject: Re: Comment on History Suggests That Trump Will Win it All

          • Your right, you mean socialist medicine, and the loss of sovereignty over open borders. Add on jobs b s.

          • Wayne after reading the back and forth I’m convinced you need to put the crack pipe down. Do us a favor and don’t bother voting, your too stupid to take up space! You have the temerity to glorify the worst President in American history by a wide margin. A traitor who was never eligible for the office, a muslim who has surrounded himself with the muslim brotherhood in all areas of the government and funded the formation of ISIS! To make matters worse he was never eligible to begin with and has turned the White House into the LGBT house do to the fact that they are both of that ilk! Right on Wayne without a brain, how does 19 trillion dollars in debt work for you, great depression actual job numbers, not the fake BS delivered by the communist chamber of commerce! He sure has done great job with our criminal illegal immigration problem, with ISIS among other terrorist groups claiming their now in every state in America while our military has been demoralized and down sized and LGBTified! Brain dead is one thing, you have to have one to lose it! Do us real Americans a favor and go live in Iran

        • We bet you’re one of Obama’s clapping seals.

        • Nothing wrong with voting for Bush…. Much better than the alternative..

      • He has got to be kidding no one could possibly be that stupid, could they?

    • Reagan was a democrat…. The smart ones wake up sometime… I would say Trump is smart.

    • The lame duck Congress for the last 7 years are liberal progressives (socialists) in conservative clothing…They are spies.. Especially Boehner and McConnell.

      Now that they have been outed they should be shot..

      • One other thing Wayne, it’s one thing to be thought too stupid to breathe and then post an opinion and remove all doubt! My oath, to support the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC, bare true faith and allegiance to same, so help me GOD! Your opinions of that overt fraud in the White House solidifies you as an enemy of those of us who served! Sleep on that!

        • Thank you for your service! I think you planned on this post going to Wayne the liberal and not me…. 🙂 You are correct in thinking that Trolls like Wayne are a threat to the Constitution, and a applaud your defense of the Constitution.

          May God Bless you Patriot.

          • Sorry for the mixup brother, the long term effects of service during wartime sometimes rear their ugly heads and the damage overrides proper discernment when dealing with convoluted posts like little looney Wayne tried to get away with! Your kind words are appreciated. We are bound by our oath forever and to the memory of those of us who gave the last measure of themselves in combat as was our duty. There are really no winners in a war, just hero’s who left it all on the field of battle, the victors and the remnants of a defeated adversary! Medals are a poor replacement for loss of life and the politicians who drive the engine of war, do it from the safety of their protected status! I will never hesitate to defend my country from all enemies both foreign or domestic. The sworn oath of millions of us! Take care and God Bless You, a true American, as well!

          • You need not apologize or ask for forgiveness, we all knew who you were talking to.

            Just for your knowledge, wayne does not want to learn anything, he is not open to any thoughts that oppose his ideology… He is saying these things to divert the conversation and to get under your skin…

            Whatever you do, do not take the guy seriously… He is everything you say he is.

            If I could give you a thousand up votes I would….

          • Thanks, I appreciate your support!

          • If this helps, this is what I think happened to Wayne and the trolls like him.. They have been brainwashed by ideological subversion. If they have not been brainwashed, they are just plain evil…


        • Nice victory in Vietnam there, palllllll!

          • False bravado on an internet blog, how refreshing. I tend not to engage in a test of wills with an unarmed blowhard! Panty waist cowards like yourself who never spent a day in military service, you know who you are, spred your false bravado from the safety net of your mothers basement! For your information numb nuts, those who served in Nam were drafted there was no choice except prison as a draft dodger, your choice I’m sure! War is hell little Georgia girl, care to play? Your a lowlife tool, 58,000 of our brothers were killed and over 250,000 injured and you think it’s funny. The disrespect is palpable! You sniveling cowards throw your false bravado around on a blog, safe in anonymity, making light of the tragedy of war, scared of your own shadows! You don’t have the guts to voice your vitriol to a combat veteran’s face. Provocation isn’t your style, pissing in your panties………….is! By the way, I’m not your pal, numb nuts, I’m your worse enemy!

          • LOLOL… the word is “worst,” SFBs. No wonder we can’t win wars with blokes like you running things! I was drafted but failed to make the cut. I had more important things to do besides throw the war like a bad football scrimmage! The only sad thing is that YOU came home! You don’t even have the intelligence or integrity to talk to me! Go to the front lines without armor and make us American citizens happy! Now go n’ be quiet, little one!

          • Bloke really? You had more important things to do, like what, sleep in your mother’s basement with your teddy bear? First of all, why would I want to talk to you? Your a little coward face it, who couldn’t spend a day in combat without wetting you pants. Since your so upset with my coming home, and want me to go to the front lines without armor…….make me, prove your a man, instead of a blog blowhard! Intelligence to talk to you……..your a moron. When I got my honorable discharge, I went back to school, worked and put myself through college, over time earned three degrees, built two international companies, sold them and made more money than you could dream of while sharing my success with others who were part of the process! In my spare time I’m a personal defense coach and certified weapons trainer! Firearms are a passion of mine ever since I got out of the service! So little toad, you would be wise not to push your luck with me, it would be a very bad decision on your part. But the upside you’d get to experience the combat you missed out on, for a whole five minutes!

          • Ohhhhhhh my golly gosh! I am so scared! While you live in a mental foxhole, I rather enjoy my condo on 6th level, heh heh heh. Go back to the military and TRY to scare the enemy, war loser! I’m just sorry you came back alive, when so many more worthy soldiers perished at your expense! Now husssssssh, little weasel who abandoned his men, possibly?

          • Big mouth, little man! You should be scared, you have the opportunity to throw your false bravado at me in person. How about we arrange a meeting, then you can tell me to my face. Your insulting my service, falsely intimating soldiers perished at my expense, more worthy than me. For your information we valued each other and would not hesitate for a second to save a brother! Since I’m such a little weasel you should enjoy the opportunity to tell me to my face. Your a coward, never wore the uniform, hid in your mothers basement with your crying towel! So either put up or shut up worm bait! Face it you were a draft dodger, did you scurry off to Canada and sneak back into America, hmm. So your a felon as well. Failed to make the cut, right! Medically or mentally unfit were the only castoffs. In your case I’ll go with mentally!

          • Oh myyyy! You do realize you’re not worth my precious time but I’ll humor you. Never saw Canada, physical problems prevented me from the service. Never had time to sit, much less stay, in any basement, worked all my life, lost my only uncle in the Battle of the Bulge, and you pansies can’t even win a war in one country while the best soldiers won TWO wars on TWO different CONTINENTS! You have no honor and no glory! As far as I’m concerned your war experiences amounted to a ‘tour’ of the southeast Asia playground. Now… just quit! You’ve dug yourself in deep enough… don’t embarrass yourself further!

    • “Trump was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.” The politics of envy works well with you. You are not poor because Trump is rich. Trump did not steal your money, but you compare him with a drug kid who killed people. I think Trump was brought up to take personal responsibility, Chief.

    • Damn, you should probably spend a little time doing research. that 16 year old kid, Ethan Couch isn.t from Colorado, he’s from Texas. If you had done some even a little research, you would also know that the judge on his case is a dummycrat. None of the folks around here were happy about the ruling, and just FYI, his crime was committed just a few miles from my house. It boggles the imagination that someone could kill 4 people and injure 2 more to the point that they are now little more than vegetables in a chair, and some drug store cowboy attempts to make a point when he can’t even get the facts straight. so go on with your democratic view point, but at least have the decency to get your fact correct. just remember , it was a democrat that accepted that BS defense.

      • So do you agree that Trump’s mind is in the same plain as this kid. You didn’t address my point. Or don’t you want to talk about this possibility? If your a Trump supporter I would guess you won’t.

        • Wow, how did you get that I might be in any kind of agreement with your statement Wayne? NO,Do I believe Donald Trump and Ethan Couch could in any way be considered in the same category. To even contemplate such a comparison could only come from a DEVOTED Democratic /Socialist/ Communist/ IDIOT. Ethan is a spoiled little punk that thinks the law doesn’t apply to him, to be honest Wayne, that sounds a lot more like your butt buddy Obama and his band of criminals. Just an FYI, if you’re so set on socialism, riddle me this. if the definition of insanity is do the same old shit and expect a different result, what in the name of god makes you think that Bernie or Hillary or Obama could succeed where so many others have failed? so do everyone a favor, and ( and I realize reading may be a challenge for you,) , but do some research into socialism and communism, they’ve failed in every place they’ve been instigated, except maybe China. I

          • You have some real bad adjectives for the Democrats. The way I see it is the Republican party that is breaking up. A guy named Trump is leading in all the poles and the Republican party don’t like it. The Religious Right don’t like it because who knows when was the last time Trump has been in a church. He used to be a Democrat. He claimed to be Independent. He doesn’t stand for the grass roots of the party. He has paid his own way so the Republican party hasn’t bought him. He has stood for pro choice. He was against invading Iraq. We have had the worst do nothing congress this country has ever had. How you can run down Obama I don’t know. This country was losing 850,000 jobs a month when Obama took office. The last 40 months in a row the U.S. has gained over 200,000 jobs a month. The stock market has almost tripled. Gas has dropped to less than $2 a gallon. Trump says he is going to make America great again. Who says it isn’t great now? There are people risking their lives to get here. What more can I say. Life is great living in the United States of America.

  6. I am one who doesn’t give a damn about offending anyone or hurting their feelings, this country is in ruins!!!!!!!!!!! Trump will make America great again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TRUMP SAYS WHAT HE MEANS, AND MEANS WHAT HE SAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO LIES,, AND HE DOESN’T NEED TAX PAYERS MONEY TO DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Our only hope. The American people want a outsider this time so let’s all stand together, pass the word around. Mostly the word has spreaded all across the USA now.
      So the message is out there to get Mr. Trump for President. MSM is covering it too.
      It is definitely a upset this country has never saw before with a outsider in the lead, like Trump has. The Washington cartel gang don’t know what to do about it. I LOVE IT!!!!…


  8. Trump is the anti-Obama, that’s why he’s winning but he’s a lot like Obama. He isn’t a republican, he’s changed his mind on many things that were progressive policies. Don’t forget Hope and Change, now it’s Make America Great Again.

    • You may be right. I cannot believe Repubs elites hate their candidate -Trump. But GOP members love him. Read what I have just posted; Repubs and TPs are immature people and hypocrites. They have been raised ignorant about their social and political environment. Remember Romney, a son of governor. He did not know what was to be poor. Now we have Rubio and Cruz the foreigner calling one another as liars. In Wisconsin we have a strange person as governor. You won’t believe what he is doing to Wisconsin people. He says he wants “Lean Government”. But as the same time he is doubling political buddies paying them $100,000 each. Wisconsin government is now in deep deficit. I am going to challenge him. He wants introduce a bill to make himself life-long governor for he has the backing of both Houses with majority of TPs and Repubs. What a day to see him gone to finish his high school diploma! It is immaturity that drives TPs and Repubs to be corrupt and hypocrites. That is why they hate Trump who is trumping them. Let them cry as much as they want. Trump is here to win.

  9. If, If, If an lot of If’s in there.

  10. Trump is the angry creation of the very politicians in both parties who now fear him. He is like every successful American businessman, beholding to corrupt politicians, extorting leverage over him. “Give me a donation to my campaign or foundation”, OR perhaps that permit or license for your new project might get lost or disappear, and those who depend on you won’t eat and will be out in the cold! Everyone is told the money from business and high earners controls us all, when it’s the politician who demands payment, or they loose your livelihood…TRUMP has become so wealthy now he’s turned the tables on ALL of them, and Say’s NO MORE, I’m DONE and now I’m going to do something about it, and rule over these evil representatives of the People and shake up their strangle hold on every American. The political class has only wanted power, and control over ALL of us for sometime now. They use extortion, and control government agencies as the IRS and EPA to control and sometimes kill American citizens if we fight back. The original concept of government as being servants, went away long ago. Trump has the right idea, climb to the top and cut off the head of the political snake doing harm to us all. Oh Yes, they fear him alright, they fear what their about to loose, and whether they’re all about to be locked up with the key thrown away. Trump will dig out all their dirty dealings, and clean up DC and the dirty house they’ve made. There’s a new Sheriff coming to town, and he’s looking to put away the outlaws needing to be put down! There’s going to be MANY political hangings, this criminal MOB in DC is going to run, but they won’t be able to hide…

    • I have been hoping since Trump announced his running that after winning the WH he would do a complete & thorough investigation of Obama, I think that the turd pulled the greatest scam ever on America

      • He’s Already called this week, for an AUDIT of the Federal Reserve, our money printers. From that point it will spread like the tentacles of an Octopus, reaching into every criminal activity of this and other political past regimes. If ANYONE can find what schemes they’ve let loose on the People, Trump can.

      • He is going to get the HILDEBEAST too for her CORRUPTION and LYING.

  11. Using the past as a prediction of the future does not work.

  12. Maybe it is The Time for a candidate like Trump, the Republicans have been beaten up by Obama as well as Reid and Schumer, while they practically destroyed American domestically as well as internationally. Obama has divided the country in almost every area, demonstrated his love of Muslims and Communistic ideals. I didn’t start out thinking Trump as I had Huckabee as my favorite, then possible Cruz, never Rubio, or Bush and who doesn’t like Carson. As this battle has gone on I realized I am for Trump at this stage and all those who said they would never vote for Trump I say who will you vote for Obama’s crooked sister or Josef Stalin’s illegitimate son.

  13. The Washington “clown car” either chooses to ignore or dismiss how pissed-off the American people are, or they could possible be “THAT STUPID”…. I will go with “an ego saturated dumb-ass”!!!! The Dems and GOP are finished screwing us…. THANK YOU DONALD!

  14. I would say that establishment wants anybody but Cruz…… Because they can not influence Cruz.

    The MEDIA has already marginalized Fiorina and Carson. They seem ineffective against Trump.

    The elites can control Rubio. So Rubio it is….

    • I do agree but I don’t think they can influence Donald either. You are right about Rubio he proved that in the gang of eight. Trump is Teflon Don, nothing sticks to him.

      • I hope for once a politician actually does what he says he is going to do, rather than lie and then follow a liberal ideology.

        This election is full of conundrums. We all know that we must look at a politicians actions and not listen to their campaign promises for some semblance of truth. Trumps history does not jive with his words… Yet most believe his words..

        How are you sure that Trump hasn’t already been influenced and is just saying whatever it takes to get elected?

        For me, I can’t…. I feel like Charley Brown attempting the kick the football with Lucy holding… I want to believe, but experience tells me don’t bother.

  15. The only ones who are not for Mr. Trump are the ones who has created the problem in the first place. The RNC does not want someone they cannot control, they know the rest are wimps just like themselves. We don’t want another mccain or romney shoved down our throats as you always pick the losers. You cannot be trusted as you’ve lied just like obama and clinton and you’ve proved you flawed. We voted and gave you back conrtol of the house and what did you do? well you still let obama and nancy pelosi still tell john boehner what to do and he kissed their butts. We gave you the senate and obama and harry reid tells mitch mcconnell what to do and he to bends down and kisses their butts. I’ll take Mr. Trump as my pick and you can stick the other insiders up your obama’s.

  16. What the GOP doesn’t understand is that Trump’s numbers will keep rising because that 70 percent “out there” are the little people of America who have been hurt the most by the Left and Rhinos of the Right.

    No, those little people are going to go with the one candidate that isn’t a Politician and who isn’t afraid to call a spade a spade and put all of America’s issues on the table.

    Yes, Donald Trump will continue to rise on the charts because he IS the CHAMPION OF THE LITTLE PEOPLE! He listens and he discusses ALL the issues that Little People fear the most. And, he isn’t playing games with people’s lives like most politicians do. He is holding his hand for the White House and his actions will “trump” anyone else’s pretend actions because Trump “WANTS TO HELP AMERICANS GROW THEIR NATION AND SECURE IT — NOT advance his political career! Big difference between non-political Trump and the other Politicians!

    The rest of the candidates — especially Rubio who flip flops on issues at his convenience – signs of a good Politician, but a cancer for Americans – can go home. The contest has been over for a long time!

  17. On a late night show the host Democratic comedian made the statement that, “It looks no one can beat Mr. Trump in the up and coming election!” I see that as a big admission when even the “enemy camp” can see the hand writing on the political wall. One never knows for sure but, if things continue for Mr. Trump as they have in the past his name just may be on the final election ticket.

  18. Trump is bad news for this Country he refused to pay the parking ticket and he wants Kesha to be molested by her music pubulisher and he is not doing anything to stop the killing of Cheif justice Scallia it is time for him to be Banned from the election.

  19. Greatest complement I’ve heard yet: Newt Gingrich said this about our #Trump on the Laura Ingraham show: “He is anti-liberal, anti-political correctness and an American Nationalist!” EVERYTHING America is craving. #Trump2016 WILL #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

  20. Future 45th President of the United States of America, Mr. Donald Jon Trump, Sr.

    So Be It

  21. our new President, President TRUMP…………

  22. Trump said: I could shoot somebody and not lose voters
    “I could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters,” Donald Trump said at a campaign rally in Iowa.


  24. This is a man on marriage #4.
    That should say everything anyone needs to know about him.

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  28. But hillary has the most electoral votes and if she needs more she and her comrade george soros can buy them. And our polling process is so corrupt that it is a national disgrace.

  29. Historical precedent will prevail in this ELECTION!
    Donald J. Trump for President of the United States.

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  31. Nevada SHOULD have put THAT myth to rest. Trump kicked ass, getting nearly the combined Rubio and Cruz votes. Wasn’t it 46%? So much for that 30% ceiling. And he won in EVERY category including Hispanics and blacks. GOP RINOs, a tsunami is heading right at you and are YOU a going to be shocked.

  32. Future 45th President Of The United States of America, Mr.Donald John.Trump, Sr.! The only Economic, Managerial, Jobs Creating, Plans Negotiating and Task Mastering Genius! SO BE IT!

    • When the 5th Reich tattoos a number on you, will you still think he is a god?

    • Fred Trump — Donald’s Father — was among a group of people arrested by the police in response to a Ku Klux Klan rally that had turned violent in Queens. The report was published in the New York Times on June 1, 1927

      • Funny, we have a sitting Commander In Chief of the United States Armed Forces who in 2012 sat on his new case of Executive Ordering Pens while four Americans fought tooth and nail for thirteen hours before being murdered in the Benghazi Embassy! This alone is an act of Treason on the Commander In Chiefs behalf who did not even raise a pinky to try and rescue his own supposed American Brethren’s from this unGodly attack!

        You know AKLady that this is a factually proven event that happened as described and yet there still sits the Demon Socialist Marxist Commie still steering our Country into a Super Spinning Downward Spiral to Hell itself!

        You think you have something worth looking at going back to an event that occurred in Queens, NY in 1927 but here you have the latest about a still sitting Demonized Preso and his Evil Administration that nobody even cares about! As Hillary once said,”What difference does it make”? Lets make her the next President of the United States of America and dance with utter joy until Russia waltzes in and takes us over while we are all asleep!

        You better hope someone Predominantly Strong, Patriotically Confident and Strategically Geniusfied like Mr. Donald John Trump, Sr. makes it to the White House. Any other Republican will be just answering the payback phone for his first four years and if another Demonrat slips in, you just may as well kiss this Countries Constitution, Bill Of Rights and every single American Principled Value away for good!

        You Reap What You Sow,

        SO BE IT

        • Study some international law.

          You do not have the slighest idea of that to which you speak.

          You know Ricki, children such as yourself would go around starting WW III at the drop of a hat.

          What you and all the other name-calling ignorant folls are demanding is AN ACT OF WAR. The act you foolishly demand would have been a declaration of war.
          Oh and the kidergarten name calling does not impress anyolne.
          Grow up.

          • No doubt AKLady that you are a genuine Socialist Commie Ovomitized toe ring slurper that prefers no entitled Freedoms or Liberties as Written and Sealed in our Blessed Constitution, Bill of Rights & Declaration Of Independence. No one spoke of any enactments of war here! Only taking a responsible Patriotic Commander In Chief stance in the rescuing of four totally unprotected Americans by a simple order which never was issued! One of these people who ended murdered could had been your son, brother or relative alike.

            Any True Blue Patriotic American would agree that a properly trained Special Armed Forces Team making an earnest rescue attempt of these four Americans being brutally attacked by crazed out jihading terrorist is the only right thing to do! No Americans serving our Nation left behind, ever!

            If you believe no rescue attempt should had been ordered by our illustrious President Barrack Hussein Obama to save those four Americans from being murdered, you are no American and should consider relocating somewhere other than America’s Star-Spangled Banner’s Home Of the Brave!

            SO BE IT

  33. So how is it going to work out with the GOP platform being completely opposite to what Trump is saying is going to happen?

    you guys really think the GOP leadership is going to roll over and stop their campaign to give America to the Oligarchs?

    GOP platform is SS is going to be privatized
    Medicare is going to be privatized
    TAX cuts for the rich
    sign the TPP

    Trump platform
    SAVE Medicare
    TAX the rich
    TAX imports
    kill the TPP

    unless you conservatives change ALL the GOP in congress, you are going to have some serious issues.

    Bernie supports ALL of the above.

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