Hispanics Issue Stern Warning To Biden

Photo by Jannik on Unsplash

(PatriotNewsDaily.com) – Eighteen Hispanic advocacy organizations have grouped together in pushing for President Biden to reject the attempts of the GOP to implement tougher border security policies as part of their attempt to pass a foreign policy budget.

The organizations specifically referred to the Republican party’s attempts as “inhumane.” They further argued that this push could be a threat to the security and safety of Latinos in the country. The Biden administration had previously shown that they were open to possibly negotiating border security issues that they had previously stated were off the table. This new approach is part of an attempt to pass a foreign aid package, which would include additional aid for Ukraine. 

The negotiations have resulted in the Senate Democrats and the White House experiencing a rift. The GOP proposals would also include making it harder for those who reach the border to gain asylum. The GOP is also looking for the “stay in Mexico” rule to be brought back, as well as several policies that would increase detentions and deportations making the process easier. 

The organizations have pointed out that these moves would be a setback for the administration and would lead to the country returning to the racial discrimination that had dated back to before the civil rights era.
In the letter they continue by arguing that Latino families should not have to bear the price of these policies and negotiations that would only undermine the U.S. economy.

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