Hillary’s New Book Blames Crazy Bernie for Sinking Her Campaign

The hunt for new and interesting scapegoats continues.

After blaming everyone from Vladimir Putin to systematic misogyny to the DNC to James Comey for her 2016 election loss, Hillary Clinton is setting her sights on a new demon in her forthcoming book: Bernie Sanders. In “What Happened,” due out on September 12, Hillary takes readers through her thoughts on the catastrophic election loss that none of her supporters saw coming. And in doing so, she heaps a great deal of the blame on the democratic socialist who forced her to the left on issue after issue during the primaries.

According to excerpts from the book that were released online this week, Clinton viewed Sanders as an enthusiastic magic fairy, always ready to wave his wand and promise his true believers the world while she, being pragmatic and restrained, tried to keep her policies tied to the real world. She concluded that his neverending attacks on her created “lasting damage” that hurt her in the general election and allowed Trump to tag her with the “Crooked Hillary” moniker.

Well, frankly, if the shoe fits…

“When I finally challenged Bernie during a debate to name a single time I changed a position or a vote because of a financial contribution, he couldn’t come up with anything,” Clinton writes. “Nonetheless, his attacks caused lasting damage, making it harder to unify progressives in the general election and paving the way for Trump’s ‘Crooked Hillary’ campaign.”

Clinton also takes a passing shot at Sanders’ fanbase in the book.

“Some of his supporters, the so-called Bernie Bros, took to harassing my supporters online,” she said. “It got ugly and more than a little sexist.”

Hey, there’s that other scapegoat! Sexism, folks: Use it when you have absolutely no other argument to make!

At another point, she relays something one of her top aides at the time said, comparing Bernie Sanders to the “Something About Mary” character who tries to undercut the popular “Eight Minute Abs” workout with his own, revolutionary “Seven Minute Abs” program.

“That’s what it was like in policy debates with Bernie,” she writes. “We would promise a bold infrastructure investment plan or an ambitious new apprenticeship program for young people, and then Bernie would announce basically the same thing, but bigger. On issue after issue, it was like he kept promising four-minute abs, or even no-minutes abs. Magic abs!”

Okay, that’s kinda funny. Maybe if she would have spent more time coming up with humorous arguments like this and less time cribbing debate answers from Donna Brazile, she would have dispatched with her socialist challenger a lot earlier.

But then, we forgot: Nothing’s her fault. Ever.

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    • A bigger crock of shit I never heard. That had to be the most ridiculous arrive from a Clinton fan I think I’ve ever read. Anyone that delusional shouldn’t be writing anything. We all know about her “hard work”, running come thru the Arkansas Governors mansion, let’s not forget the “hard work” of peering national treasures from our White House, but it was a well written puff piece for a criminal cartel head. Maybe Pablo Escobar should hire the author to explain his misfortune.

      • Predictable response. You say that “we all know” your ‘alternate facts’ concerning “national treasures and a criminal cartel” and you call me delusional? Thats both hilarious and pathetic, in the same short, vacuous paragraph. But thanks for reading anyway, perhaps some of it will eventually sink in.

      • Lol! Predictable response from the lunatic fringe.

      • Lol! “Well written” Thank you.

  1. Hey come on you morons-Here’s a chance to beat up on HRC…you’re probably all tired out marching in some Labor Day white supremesist rally.Too bad.

  2. Bernies purpose was to make Hillary’s coronation not look like a coronation.

    The problem was, Bernie was a better candidate. Socialists are better than Communists… Anything is better than a communist.

  3. The ONLY way Hillary could have won this election was if she rigged the election…

    The ONLY reason the DNC didn’t rig the election was because Project Veritas exposed the corruption, driving it underground during the polls.

    Thank God for Project Veritas.

    • OR had she Invented someone else to run in her name!!!

      • Not sure how that would work,

        What they are doing in CA is creating huge numbers of fake ballots with names from dead people and illegals that apply for drivers licenses. All the dems have to do is fill out the ballots and inject them into precincts where the Dems need a boost.

        The reality is that the Dems are counting the votes, and it really doesn’t matter what the people think or vote for.

        “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
        —-Joseph Stalin

    • The scarey thing is that there was still fraud and some were caught and prosecuted but how much more got through. Time for voting reform. And you are right, thank god for project veritas. Keep it up! Much to do before the 2018 elections. I want Ward not chamber of commerce Flakey in AZ.

      • I suspect the voting system in AZ is just as corrupt as the one here in CA. I have many friends in Tucson area that did not vote for McCain, they also said that none of their friends were voting for him either, yet he got re-elected anyway.

        • I have been saying the same and no one claims McCain. I voted Ward and will do so when she runs against Flakey. With any luck, McCain will be out of commission with his failing health, maybe Arpaio will take his seat. I think the dem wits and the rinos know all about the cheating machine! Now we just have to dismantle the damn thing.

          • Elite Democrats = Elite Republicans = Elite MEDIA….

            They are the ones counting the votes….

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
            —-Joseph Stalin

          • The sooner McCain is out the better.

        • The notion that “Songbird” McCain is some sort of hero is a complete myth. I understand that all of the prisoners in Hanoi were offered the same deal and they all refused. That is because the deal required them to speak out against America which would have subjected them to a court martial and dishonorable discharge. In which case McCain could have just puckered up his lips and kissed his political career good bye.

          • I prefer not to judge McCain for his service record as if I was put under similar conditions you would probably hear me singing in CA, from Hanoi, without radio gear… 🙂 I was not there, I did not serve, I should not judge. May God Bless those that did, and they have my eternal thankfulness.

            What I do know is that McCain has been corrupted by his time in office and exposure to the power it holds. He has not only forgotten the people that sent him there he has turned his back on them. He now does the bidding of the enemies of Capitalism and the Constitution.

            That alone makes him a traitor.

          • Excellent post .

  4. Ernest Hendrickson

    She DID rig the election. But didn’t get enough illegal votes.

    • They went by the polls that told them she was popular. They badly underestimated how many votes they were going to have to manufacture and where they would need them. Even with the extra votes on the counted and sealed boxes Jill Stein’s recount revealed to contain far fewer votes than certified, Hillary still lost Michigan. That probably even shocked the Republicans.

    • Not only HER, oscumbag,piglosi,schumer, and soros (among MANY others) assisted with the “rigging” that STILL didn’t work THANKS to “WE THE PEOPLE” that came out in DROVES and upset all the ILLEGAL shenanigans the democommies AND rinos tried, by VOTING for AMERICA and FREEDOM FIRST!

    • She didn’t go far enough with her voter fraud because she thought she had victory in the bag. We the people did not agree with her, and so she LOST. Now she has to get over it and disappear if only to save face, and not cause herself further embarrassment.

      • Your right but Hillary is too arrogant ,she thinks she will run for president again and win. She belongs in a mental institution for the mentally retarded. But of course it won`t be her fault.

  5. If partisan diversity was responsible for Clinton’s loss, from her perspective, the warning to America is that “diversity,” does not lead to unity or success, and that the one is dependent on the other. But, we have known that all along and it is not a matter of prejudice or discrimination to say so. To secure the future does require prejudice and discrimination, however. The idea that we have so many people living in this country whose diverse perspectives are opposed to the history and heritage of the country really means that success and unity are elusive. Law is the means of discriminating between legal and illegal. Until Americans are agreed on the universal applicability of the law, to the other issues of race, religion, language or culture will be attributed the causality of irreconcilable differences which will continue to divide us. The greatness of America was based on the commonality of values which served to preserve order in society and the system of government.

  6. Sh just can’t bring herself to blame herself.

  7. Hirlarys new book entitled Excuses for EVERYTHING has Blamed EVERYONE for her loss from Odummy, Trump, Sanders, Comey, Mickey Mouse, Popeye, Charlie Brown, white men, women, Blacks, Hot sauce, Global warming, Chevrolet, Ford, Airplanes, Animals, TV, Babies, Avatar, and everything else EXCEPT her own evil lying corrupt crooked slithering murdering satanic cheating skanky cankled POS fat arse!!!

    • She didn’t blame Obamacare, which probably had a powerful negative influence on her vote count.

      • Probably because if you look at what became.known as Obamacare, it was only a bad rewrite of her health plan. Just proves the point, “No matter how you dress up a terd, it still stinks like a terd .

      • She also didn’t blame the American People who are fed up with corrupt government.

        • Not that I’m going to search her book for it, but I think calling the people who aren’t voting for her “deplorable” may cover that since it would be difficult to make any distinction between Hillary and corrupt government.

  8. “When I finally challenged Bernie during a debate to name a single time I changed a position or a vote because of a financial contribution…” – Changed a vote? What for? The financial contribution was what she made the vote for in the first place. The only reason she’d “change” the vote would be a more substantial contribution from the opposed position. To promise someone a half million for a vote is bribery. It’s wrong, it’s unethical and it’s illegal. There’s nothing wrong with being paid a half million for a twenty minute speech, however. The transcript of which are unavailable, sealed in the Clinton library where they will be accidentally deleted. I’ll bet the way the way the DNC “sunk” Bernie lost her quite a few votes!

  9. Blame Bernie! That is what Trump and the Russians wanted.

  10. Whatever the reason, we must be thankful.

  11. Democrat using projection on their own. It was Hillary who sabotaged the popular Socialist.

    • actually it was DERANGED DEBBIE What’s her name SLUTS who GAVE SHILLIARRY THE NOMINATION

      • It was all a collaboration: HRC, DWS, DNC & establishment Democrats together cooperated to make sure Hillary won the denomination. They weren’t so effective in the general election, however.

      • Worked for Hillary and the DNC.

        • Of Course the DNC became the Deranged National Clinton “hore house with devbbie Pimping for the MADAM lying SOW

        • Wouldn’t you have liked to have been that “Fly-on-the-Wall” in the room when it became clear and indisputable that all was lost?
          From a few of the guarded reports I have read, the Angry, Venom laced tirade that Hillary launched was well worth an admission price to witness.
          From what I understand it matched or exceeded many of her Whitehouse rants and tirades that were recounted by Secret Service agents who served the Clintons.

      • Right, Debbie rigged the primary in Hillary’s favor against Bernie and then Hillary bribed Bernie to keep his mouth shut. And yet they continue to exploit the propaganda of a Trump/Russia collusion. They transfer all their own crimes onto their opponents and hope it will stick. Americans are waking up to Hillary’s tricks and are sick and tired of her. If she’s staging a comeback for 2020, she should be aware she’s already a two-time loser. Should she run again, she will be doing the GOP a big favor.

        • and now that Deragement of self declared “ENTITLEMENT” seems to have Permeated her BLOWN HEAD as of 8 Nov 2016 with STRANGE VOICES and NO live Brain cells that have her Blame everybody in the DERANGED (D) Anarchy party and MSM except the TWO who really Cost her the election
          1) Obama
          2) HERSELF

        • Don’t forget Donna Brazil who was in charge of ensuring all Town Hall events and media interviewers provided all questions for review and screening before they were posed to Hitlery.

          Oops…. I guess Matt Lauer at MSLSD didn’t get the memo. He actually went off the reservation and pressed Hillary for answers about the e-mail scandal

          How Dare He!!

      • yup Debbie the nutcase with obsessive compulsive disorder and hysteria

        • Things like her nad her Womern KOMRADS have to either Change teams and have HUMA types to Relax them or get Men to give them a good Lay ….but with faces like Deranged debbies thta can only work in the DARK

  12. Hillary is delusional. Can you imagine living with her? It explains alot about Bill’s history of fooling around. The new book title should have been “What Happened?”

    • I finally understand Bill Clinton. For years, at his impeachment trial, when he said “I did not have sex with that woman, not once.” I thought “Monica”.. but Bill really meant Hillary… clever lawer, that Bill… he lied and told the truth in the same sentence.

      Ohhh… and Hillary.. you lost… now, get lost.

  13. Hillary was a terrible candidate who couldn’t connect with the middle class. Her ideas were nothing more than Democrat talking points and totally lacking any real substance. The citizens of this great nation knew that with her as President, we would have to suffer through four more years of Obama and that nightmare was simply not acceptable to anyone with more than an ounce of brains.

    She can talk all about how she won the popular vote, but in reality that was only due to her wins in New York and California, two highly populated and “Left Wing” leaning states. If we removed those two states from the equation and none of the votes were counted for either candidate, her popular vote total was actually 3 Million less than Trump and that is a mathematical fact. Hillary and ONLY Hillary was the one responsible for her loss, but she and the other morons in the “Dumbocrat” Party will never admit it. They are all way too delusional and frankly not very bright.

    • The other problem with the California vote was illegal aliens voting (and probably by the millions), and I’m sure that with his promises to crack down on illegal immigration, all those illegals voted for Donald Trump – you bet! I bet that if Satan himself were to write a book detailing why he lost his rebellion against the Most High God, he would come up with all sorts of excuses too. After all, it COULDN’T have been HIS fault!

    • Good post I believe STUPID is THE WORD.

  14. Hillary, you were never responsible of anything, you are crooked, delinquent, murderer, dishonest, corrupted. and all your faults were shown on TV, how do you think anyone in their right mind will vote for a CRIMINAL??… only in your fantasies, get over it.. you are tainted real deep, it doesn’t matter ever, or whatever you say, we all know you are a CRIMINAL. with proof, Bill is another criminal,

  15. YAWN!!!! If she opens her mouth, she’s lying..

  16. Remind me to buy her book–NOT!

  17. This woman is getting beyond tiresome. Why doesn’t she just disappear? Get lost, Hillary! We are suffering from the Hillary Clinton Exhaustion Syndrome. Why don’t you write a final book titled, “My Loss is Put Squarely on Myself.” That book would sell millions if you would write it truthfully and never discuss anyone else but what you did and not do to lose the race. I would like to see some self-therapy. Yours was a classic case of someone snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Please write that book. A lot of introspection would be a great part of your self-healing.

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fc05af04aa72facfd2277a59ba97f117a09535b5f172354df26992235e11696e.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/40fce90a047c072e03a556fd9dc1ecd1d3ff58f8807a9ae8f204bd0f89403038.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ad3bf7184445fd18bb9e71aa05c10622312e02444b39c73021ae391269fbd1dd.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/34c028913a25a7c3a14a465a14c0d901475121592ea587bfedf7d6a3fdae418a.jpg

  18. There it is Bernie, it’s all your fault that we have President Trump. No accountability accepted by hilly or the dnc who put you down or all the dems who backed a liar and a crook, yep it’s all your fault. What say you now Bernie?

  19. I know it won’t happen but, I hope her book sales go down the shitter. And her right behind them. Tired of hearing about her and all her little snowflake buddies!!!

  20. Reading a Hillary Clinton book is like having a nice drink of toilet water. Can’t imagine a publisher would pay her money to produce one….

    I see that yet again, the book on Colon Cleansing is outselling Hillary’s book. She had nothing of value during the campaign and she still has nothing of value. Retire already.. go silent… live on the billions of diverted dollars collected for Hati… in fact.. move to Hati, Hillary… They have a long history of corrupt government.. you should fit right in..

  21. Hillary was and is a deeply flawed human being. You can’t bring all the baggage, lies and misdeeds through life with out getting a hole in your marble bag. She exposed herself, people understood and walked away. She is a very small deceitful person and deserves no respect.

  22. A thought. The only reason Hillary remained married to Bill is that there is no power/prestige in being the ex-wife of a former President.

  23. KilLAIRy needs to look in the mirror to find the reason she lost the election! It’s time she faced the facts and got on with her life!

  24. She lost because she was a terrible candidate, a crook, a liar, a killer, stinky and all around fake person.

  25. Conservatives won’t buy her book and ninety percent of libs can’t read. When you get right down to it, at this point in time, “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE “.

  26. I’m sure that rigging the primary’s in Hiliary’s favor, by the DNC, had nothing to do with her loss. Anyone buying this book and expecting some type of a revelation is wasting there money and a complete fool. She got exactly what she deserved……………..

  27. George E. LeFebvre

    She will never accept the fact that the smart Americans saw her for what she is. A PIECED OF CRAP. NOT FIT TO WIPE OUR CURRENT PRESIDENTS BUTT.

  28. Only morons would believe anything that old hag has to say or liberals, same, same.

  29. Look in the mirror IDIOT! LMFAO

  30. It seems to me that in about 2 or 3 weeks she’ll run out of people to BLAME for her Loss, Drain two Bottles of GREY GOOSE Vodka LOOK in a Mirror and still be unable to Blame what she SEES staing at her……Oh well may be a stint in Prison will SHUT HER UP…

    her BOOK, WE KNOW THE TRUTH; they DON’T!!

  32. ab-normal

  33. The blame game is never ending with Hillary. After using Bernie to get his endorsement, she figures she doesn’t need him anymore, so time to throw poor Bernie under the bus. Wow. That’s how a sociopath and narcissist operates. It’s always about Hillary, and no one else. Interesting that most people would say “I didn’t vote for Hillary because of Hillary” no one else. That’s what I would say.

  34. Liberal Democrats always blame others for their own failures…

  35. Bernie came up with many instances she changed her positon on, for example, her position on Wall Street. She’s also blamed black and female conservatives who she accused of being “traitors” to their own people. Maybe she should also explain why Bill Clinton cheated on her and why she had to get him drunk so she could conceive Chelsea.

  36. First, it was the Russians, now she blames Bernie (and after She and The Washwoman rigged the Primary). Not to mention she was too lazy to campaign effectively because she thought the genera election was in the bag, too, just like the primary. Maybe, if she wiped the railroad tracks and the dust off the mirror………

    PS: haven’t heard to much about the ex-White House Mohammed and Dickhead……wonder if they’re underground worrying about pedophile rings……

  37. Melissa Martin Brierton

    Who hasn’t she blamed??? Everything and everyone but the kitchen sink. Go away!

  38. I suppose Queen KilLAIRY still hasn’t accepted her defeat! Face it, you were a lousy candidate who wanted to continue the Obumnation’s failed policies!

  39. Hillary still blaming her lost on others, when it was her not talking about the issues, but more about how Trump and his staff were sexist, his group were racist or that the authorities were brutality driven. This and at the same time Obama stirred up the black voters with racial indifferences and more of the organizations he funded to raise hell on the cops. He entire campaign had nothing to do with the issues, but more on the fact of turning authorities away and converting it into chaos. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/afea95a2c4862a897ad42762e56acb18bc335d941575c3190a1dcfe1cff9102d.jpg

    • She milked the president pussygrabber story for all it was worth but after two weeks it lost its lustre and she wasnt hitting back about his big lies and or saying that NOBODY knew his real plans for social security. He enunciated 5 contradictory plans yet she couldn’t get her message out what a dangerous con man he was. She took it for granted that a few catch proses would convince everybody they would lose their social security benefits.

      • I think one of her biggest problem with her campaign was the endless combat against the authorities and hate for cops, military and anything having to do with authority with bringing mother against cops that shot their kids getting shot, even if their special little darling child is pulling an armed robbery bringing fathers against their sons getting killed in battles in lands far of. Hillary stirred the wrath of the civilian population and Obama tried to disorientate both the civilian cops, the blacks and the military and the only reasoning I can think of their agenda was that they were looking for utter chaos to brake out every where so that sharia law would be easier to implement when she entered office.
        Soros and the rest had chosen the Muslim as their soldiers of this new WW3, but what they don’t realize is that these barbarians are going to be impossible to handle and if the Dem/Nazi/Communist Party of Soros has the idea that they are going to be able to tax command or do anything with them and this country, after they have it they are fooling themselves. For this is going to be a constant war with those that will fight for their freedom and those that just lay down and take what their new Muslim ruler will allow the rest to have.

  40. HELLary and her Book:
    Chapters (SHOULD) include:

    1. In the beginning : A Rapist and a 12 Yr. old Girl

    2. The Vast RIGHT WING Conspiracy

    3. Rigged ELECTIONS Rigged ERECTIONS ***/ a Profile of ME and BILL

    4. Who Murdered Seth Rich (and others) !

    5. Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi / the 13 hr. Stand Down

    6. The C-linton N-ews N-utwork

    7. Vanished E-Mails … “Like with a Cloth”

    8. “Skin(S) Crawled” … Bills’ Raped and Groped Women

    9. MY (Fake) Husband / MY (Fake ) Marriage / MY (Fake) American Patriotism!


    Pri$ed to $ell (America) !

  41. Smart people didn’t want the useless rag in office! Just that simple!

  42. Whats crazy is the full tilt free lunch croud will buy her book?

  43. There’s absolutely no way I would have ever voted for either Clinton or Sanders. Picking between them was like choosing whether you’d prefer lung cancer or a massive heart attack.

  44. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

    This POS will blame anyone and everyone except herself. She sabotaged Bernie and beat him so how could he do anything to her?? She should dig a hole then crawl in and then pull a LARGE rock over her.

  45. Will Killary ever step up and take the blame for herself and her loss. She was so sure the fix was in and that it would be enough. But a loss is a loss and it was HER loss. Time to STOP blaming everyone else. He hubby, her emails, her personality, her lack of caring about the female victims of her hubby, her lousy personality, her unscrupulous actions in office and out, her whining, her ranting, her personal lack of anything all lead to her downfall. What else is there to say? Does anyone feel sorry for her? Maybe but NOT THE MAJORITY of the LEGAL VOTERS and that is significant when LEGAL is noted here. Voter fraud with illegal aliens did give her a popular vote evidently if we can believe what we were told about her actually winning the popular vote. I personally do not even believe that. The media lies, the dem wits cheat, and Soros is behind all the sorry loser groups so believing anything any of them says is kind of STUPID. NOT ME, I know they all lie!

  46. Hillary…WAKE UP ….you did it yourself….you have lied you , you have been responsible for murder, and your scheme backfired in your face this time…..people woke up to yours, news media and Obama’s lies….we the people elected the best man for the job, because he loves America..in spite of you and your receivers…so please shut up and own it….you lost Hon…now stop crying and live with it….

  47. Richard Omiecinski

    As usual wth Hillary it’s about me,myself and I.She is guiltless.She did nothing wrong.Just like she had nothing to do with Benghazi,pathetic.Blame everyone else.I hate to see the legacy she and her family members are leaving!

  48. Mostly “What Happened” is that rational Democrats who, while leaning to the left, realized how much they were being manipulated and downright lied to by Progressive Socialist liberals looking to destroy the U.S. as it is intended to operate. Kudos to the left. Under the Obama regime, Progressive liberals just got too cocky about thinking they were going to be able to guide the U.S. straight into the One World Order take over of the world. Progressives, along with Hillary Clinton, misjudged the rational minded liberals who they have been abusing for so long.

  49. Its the “deplorables ” fault.

  50. This is too rich! Now, she thinks Bernie (a declared primary opponent) should have just shut up and let her have the nomination without a fight. What a maroon! He hectored her with her history of selling out to rich, corporate interests and she couldn’t stand the heat. She then proved that she had no principles at all by shifting further to the left on almost every issue. She’s just like the kid who never did her homework and then copied whatever the person next to her had on his paper.

  51. The failures of Hillary Clinton were all hers and no one else’s. Sanders may not of helped her but she hurt herself more than he did. It is also questionable whether or not the progressive end of the party would have voted for her or stayed home. I also think that many Democrats and middle of the roader’s resented Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC fixing the primary election for Hillary. That was the real collusion in the 2016 election. It is amazing that more Democrats don’t hate her today because of that corruption.

  52. Didn’t I hear somewhere that her Associates Sunk Crazy Bernie Oh I must be wrong NOT

  53. If this dumb criminal broad knew who I am, she’d blame me!

  54. Well old Bernie was no help. HAHAHA why not blame him? Why leave out anyone who ran for the nomination and supported her. Certainly it is not her fault her IQ is so low. If she was leaving the country for good I’d have voted for that.

  55. Hillary Clinton should blame me because I voted against her.

  56. This old hag has no shame. After her husband publicly humiliated her time after time after time, she still stayed with him. After her massive loss to Donald Trump, she won’t go away but remains in the spotlight to spout her lies and excuses for her own faults.

  57. Hilary clinton had prosocial and definitive policy statements about everything. She should have called the press liars after they echoed trumps lies that she hadn’t said a thing about the issues. It was really disturbing to watch commentators aping the trump campaign during news analysis shows. Hilary and her campaign managers took that lying down. Next time around the democrats have to run a stronger candidate who will attack media bias.
    What would have happened if clinton asked a show host point bank why dont you do a show about all of trumps incitements to violence?

  58. Hillarys book will be a flop but keep in mind it won`t be her fault.

  59. She doesn’t realize that most folks in mainstream America just didn’t like her or her cheating husband

  60. I’ll bet you that Putin is breathing a sigh of relief!

  61. This is a true example of mental illness, when you can’t take responsibility for anything in your life. This is like peeing your pants and blaming your zipper for not opening quick enough……………….. Dear God, please help this woman to see the error of her ways. She has turned into the person she protested against in the ’60’s.

  62. Nah…. Get Out! Who woulda thunk it? If anything poor (used very snarkily ..) Bernie was the victim of a “Rigged” system. Now … who was it that said that? Oh yea, Trump said that.
    Dang! The Truth Hurts.

    • The Hilda-Beast was (and still is … ) her own worst enemy.

      Nothing but criticism and attacks against Trump. No hope or promise of bringing America together as a truly unified nation.

      Only hope and promise for the establishment Elite class who heavily donated to the corrupt Clinton Foundation.

      Maybe we all should be careful criticizing the Beast. We might get a quick ticket to becoming a candidate for Arkanicide. Just sayin’

  63. If a whack-job like Bernie Sanders could take over 40% of Hillary’s vote in the primaries, as he did, she was in far deeper trouble at the beginning than anyone in her campaign would admit, but all knew. Her campaign was one big hot air balloon.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.

  64. Sorry Honey…It was your draft-dodging husband who couldn’t keep his pants on and the fact that you NEVER took responsibility for Benghazi….You are a fraud !!!!!!!….and will the Clinton Foundation be helping the victims of hurricane Irma????

  65. LOL….There’s no good side when it comes to Clinton against Sanders. Picking between those two is like choosing between Hitler and Stalin.


  67. IT did a whole lot of stupid, clueless, brain dead things to lead to her own defeat, as only she could do. But the stupidest most brain dead thing she is doing right now is not blaming herself. Especially when she wanted to continue the policies of the idiot asshole that preceded her, which then sent everyone running to her opponent. That is definitely one of the reasons why she lost.

  68. Hillary is like every democratic dolt who ever lived: when things do not go as they rigged them to go it is ALWAYS someone else’s fault and , perish the though that ANY of them ever be held either responsible or accountable for little things like major security breaches, intelligence hackings, outright lies and other utterly corrupt practices and techniques used to defame any worthy opponent whom these leftist lunatics feel will NOT automatically ACCEPT their New World Socialist Agenda and the mandates of the insidious United Nations. AS IT TRIES TO FORCE IMPLEMENTATION OF AGENDA 21 ON this COUNTRY! That IS, in large part, what all this dissension and divisiveness promoted by these leftist lunatics. They ALL want to play with fire be calling all Americans who disagree with them “DEPLORABLES, as they are American Citizens and most of their most avid supporters are ILLEGAL ALIENS; many of whom infest our prisons and recruit our children for MS-13 duty, or as little terrorists on the BLM and Antifa movements looking to create civil unrest and targeting law enforcement officials and cops for murder!. Shrillary, the DNC and prior Administration will not recognize that when you so describe the :Silent Majority of Americans at large; you SHOULD expect they will NOT respond well to YOU American CITIZENS Deplorabes, and they are the very people you need to vote you into office, then you should be a bit more diplomatic in your description of them. IDIOTS! All three of these groups NEED to be held responsible and Accountable for their performances the Consequences; by FORCE if necessary as there has been so much utterly SEDITIOUS behaviors by all of them and the entire mass media SINCE their rigging of a forgone conclusion election went against them. Were we the Constitutional Republic we once were, they would ALL be in prison, NEVER office and Hillary would never see the light of day again!

  69. Hildabeast has blamed everyone except the Maytag Repairman and herself for her losing. Maybe she should look in the mirror. Who wants to vote for an elderly, shrill, bad tempered harpy that has uncontrolled bouts of violent rages. Everyone thinks its remarkable she has stayed with Bill for all of his philandering, I think it’s remarkable Bill has remained married to that vile evil harpy. If this is an example of women in the current Democrat party and on the left no wonder Teddy K. never put the cork back in the bottle.

  70. Hillary should blame the real cause of her much deserved defeat, crazy Hillary.


  72. Interesting Breaking News:
    Russia dialogue has now revealed how Obama [and his minions] hacked Trumps phones and the phones of his people on a scale that makes WATERGATE look like childs play. So
    Russia now equals Watergate 2…. and it’s the Democrats who went Illegal…. Shall we keep digging to find ALL the dirt and drain the swamp?

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