Hillary’s Image Getting Worse By The Day

Already one of the most unpopular presidential candidates of all time, Hillary Clinton is beginning to realize that Donald Trump is the lesser of the two obstacles standing between her and the White House. According to a new collection of national polls, Clinton’s biggest enemy – the one she can never escape – is herself.

A new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows that Clinton’s favorability rating has fallen to 41% – the lowest that number has been since the early 1990s, when many poll respondents had no idea who she was.

Just before the Democratic National Convention, a CNN poll showed her favorable ratings upside down by16 points, the worst they had been since the network started running polls on her.

Gallup’s numbers from July had her at 38% favorability, also an unprecedented low for the former secretary of state.

In all cases, these numbers have only grown worse as the campaign has gone on.

To be sure, Donald Trump has numbers that look just as bad. If it wasn’t for him, in fact, Hillary Clinton would be the single-most unpopular candidate in modern American history. It is only Trump’s widespread unfavorability that is keeping Clinton ahead.

When you look at these polls, you have to wonder: Would it be in Trump’s interests at this point to simply stay above the fray?

From the moment he threw his hat into the ring last summer, Trump has been a non-stop, charging bull, smashing anything in his way (and plenty of things that weren’t). That worked wonders in the primaries; seasoned, capable Republicans fell to his mighty sword one after the other. It only made sense that he would pour gasoline on that sword, light it aflame, and turn it on Hillary Clinton.

But maybe that’s not necessary. Maybe the answer now is to sheath the sword, concentrate on the American people, and let the voters see for themselves the choice awaiting them in November. This is the game Clinton is trying to play without being too obvious about it. No press conferences. Limited speeches. Weekends spent relaxing at her New York home, far away from the bright lights of the national media. She knows that the more people see of her, the less they want to see of her.

If Trump goes “quiet,” the media will get panicky. As much as they want Clinton to win, they will choose ratings over Democrats every time. Force them to make that choice. Force them to cover the endless wellspring of corruption that flows from Hillary and her husband. Force the American people to confront the truth about these people without giving them the “oh, that’s just Trump” excuse.

Making America great again begins here. It begins with trusting the voters to see the truth.

If they refuse, then there’s no point to any of this, anyway.

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  1. I want my president:

    to be a criminal felon, to have mental issues from head injuries, to treat people (who don’t give them money) like crap, to be the most corrupt president in history, to be above the law, to be an FBI certified liar, to lie about their lies, who supports islamic sharia law for women, who is anti-business, who is compromised from being hacked, who has no accomplishments, who supports iran having nuclear weapons, who doesn’t want to secure our borders, who wants illegals to come in and kill our citizens and kill our economy, who wants isis to come in with refugees but doesn’t want Christian refugees, who is a foreign policy failure with everything they touched (Benghazi, Libya, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Russia,…), who wants to abolish our freedoms and 2nd amendment rights by making SCOTUS anti-American forever,

    that’s who I want for president

  2. Hillary Clinton’s image:
    A lying, conniving, corrupt, vile, screech hag. And folks those are her good qualities!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • It’s starting to show in her ‘physical demeanor’ !
      The woman is just NOT capable !

      • of honesty.

        • That’s the least of her attributes……U-TUBE “Unspeakable Evil” AND “The Clinton Chronicles”……TWO EVIL PEOPLE

          • Now it starts once again fake Republican edited videos, from Republican Dirty Trickster, From the1990s. Even Poppa Bush and W Bush denounced them as despicable and beneath American values. You’re still being played by the extreme right wingers that now Trump has hired to run is campaign. I suspect that in your heart you know

          • Unlike Hilliary Rotten Clinton, I have a heart and it cares for the future of my son and daughter, the rest of America, too.

          • Unlike Donald a con man Trump, I have a bigger heart and it cares for the future of not only my sons but your son and daughter also and the rest of America. And so does Hillary Clinton she has a track record to prove it.
            Trump lies the way most people breathe.

          • Please don’t make me laugh. Hilary cares about only one American, herself. The only track record she has is her decades long trail of corruption.

          • Are you sure she’s even a real American?? Real Americans don’t destroy their own country….

          • She might have converted to Muslim secretly. She wants all the Syrians to take over USA.

          • Carlos if you care at all about America vote Trump!!

          • benlittleeagleyahoocom

            Richard Carlos is one of the disgruntled Immigrants because TRUMP stopped the Amnesty Obama was so set on giving to all the Immigrants he brought here Illegally Carlos sounds as if he is one of them. Because the Legal American Mexicans that are here legally that came here the proper way and became American citizens don’t like what is happening to our america as much as the rest of the Americans they have some lost jobs and there homes because of this President and Hillary bringing immigrants AND SYRIANS HERE ILLEGALLY. THEY ALL NEED TO BE ROUNDED UP AND SENT BACK WHERE THEY CAME FROM.

          • I AM Native American NITWIT ,You have all overstayed your visitor pass. Swim back to your country. LOL Proud of My Country USAUSAUSAUSAUSA


          • I know how liberals are?

            Let me see your birth certificate!

          • I know how fascists are?
            Tell me what happened to the Jews that answered your question in Nazi Germany?
            I’m too inform to vote for a Republican during this election cycle.


          • How come they ask me every time go to apply for registration of my vehicle, every time I get pulled over, every time I cash a check?? Fascists Bastards!

          • Well you got me there, I don’t know much about that problem because I use a private limousine service and therefore avoid such problems. In the long run I find it more economical. LOL

          • Ohh, oooh, ooh, Lucky U a monkey with defined Jewish parents, do they peel your bananas for you too?

          • My Wife takes care of me. LOL She came to the United States on an H-1B VISA in 1999, and an agent for a modeling agency.

          • Your anti-Semitic too, as well as anti-Muslim?

            Is there any kind of bigotry and prejudice that you don’t wallow in?

            You’re really a right winger for sure! LOL!

          • Just of the pushers and pimps of one world government!

          • Looks much more generalized than just that. Look again.

          • Most Jews don’t believe in God, just a fraction do, the rest bought into revolution and Satan and only refer to the bible to bolster their standing over the Goy! ( non-Humans)

          • Quick, get the air-freshener, somebody, I smell bigot shit!

          • Richard that made me laugh so hard it brought tears to my eyes. Trump is for Trump not for America. What I can understand is why people like you are consistently voting against their own best interest. My business is 100% better than when Bush left office.


          • Carlos are you selling cocaine??

          • Does the Koran lie?


            only when its convenient to do so?

            In his own words

            La Raza at its best just for U


            and your Nave eternalness


            something is not right!


            The real war criminal

          • Please another purple koolade drinker. Next you will be siting around the circle with your glass out just waiting for the next round. All she is is Obamas third term and she even says so. Don’t know where you have been or where you came from but we all have been dealing with the Clintons for way to many years and all their bull. From when she was first lady of Arkansas kicking autistic children of of the property because they was not picking up Easter eggs fast enough. Real great First Lady will make a worse President.

          • richard hutchinson

            go back two maxtico prick

          • https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d09945893adcc949959b06f07f41b87470b5843a546118a9baae3ed752a9a944.jpg I AM Native American , Swim back to your country. LOL
            Proud of My Country USAUSAUSAUSAUSA

          • Dumb azz La Raza spreading their bull chett!


            Here’s what it’s like to be an American Kochief,

          • benlittleeagleyahoocom

            Bandara Carlos : Yes she has a track record you need to read the book published by Liberty Guard. It shows her Track record from her first job in Public life which she was fired from for lying to the courts as a lawyer and using the Constitution illegally. pluse the other 16 Criminal Acts she has commited not counting the Iran contra deal she was the instigator of also the Benghazi deal where she and Obama were both guilty of gun running also getting four americans killed they are also accused of others not americans they got killed in Lybia. before you go to spouting off you should do a big bunch of Back ground checks on Hillary and you will find her and Willie boy are involved in many disapperance of supposed close friends that got cross wise of them they come up missing also many that have been killed for crossing these two people Hillary and william Clinton and they have never been criminally charged the Judges were bought off.

          • I am familiar with the this publication. You seem like a reasonable person so I am going to ask that you follow the money trail surrounding the publication of this book. I think you’re going to find that this was far from a I am familiar with the this publication. You seem like a reasonable person so I am going to ask that you follow the money trail surrounding the publication of this book. I think you’re going to find that this was far from my impartial investigation. Pay attention to the politics of the people directly involved in the publication. I think you’ll come to the conclusion that I did but I’m going let you sift that out. Good hunting.
            Regardless even if everything was true, I still believe that Hillary would make a better president than the Republican nominee.

            https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7a3f46943e985f3104755ff0ab86f53555a036b180a341bce36389e1833592e0.jpg impartial investigation. Pay attention to the politics of the people directly involved in the publication. I think you’ll come to the conclusion that I did but I’m more let you sift that out. Good hunting.
            Regardless even if everything was true, I still believe that Hillary would make a better president than the Republican nominee.

          • Carlos. You may want to get yourself examined.

          • WTF did u study and read for Hell’s sake to get that conclusion??????


            I just hope they’re not letting her off from murder, and Treason?

            By the way you might benefit from a brain scan, I’m pretty sure they’ll find nothing there!

          • Go back to Mexico before the wall is built and STAY THERE

          • I
            AM Native American , Swim back to your country. LOL
            Proud of My Country; Ashamed of Republicans


          • Hey people I don’t even think Barbara could be this stupid, or could she?? Well I guess its either that or some chemical talking because she is incoherently incorrect on pretty much everything. people like her is why I do agree we need much better education and educators is this country instead of more liberal leadership as has been the case in most major cities for way too long. poor Barb doesn’t even understand she and folks like her are the result of years of Clinton/liberal leadership. So sad she doesn’t even get it.

          • Can Trump deport this fellow??

          • Tell me what her track record consists of – lying, cheating, espionage, lawless, stealing from the white house, accepting foreign monies into her money laundering clinton foundation. Those are just a few I can think of.

          • ALL LIES ON FOX NEWS. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/df072cb0676a19179966c400b878d51b53960af75c4ca95b4aee387893a9ff3e.jpg
            It goes without saying Fox News proved to the court to their favor.

            That Fox News is not news at all. But pure propaganda again today audience of fools.

            Check your facts.

          • Please support the comment the Trump is a con man. What have I not seen. Please tell me about her track record. I do not hear her running on any track record. Flying is an activity… It is not a track record… She does have some kind of record of how many people she has dealings with who have died in mysterious ways.

          • Carlos. is your real news MSM??

          • It’s a good thing your master has learn’t to hide the remote keep the toilet seat down HUH!!

          • You would be surprised, but Hitlery doesn’t possess a heart–just a blood sucking, money grabbing pump to go with her lying mouth. You mention her track record–have you been in a cave the past decades that this conniving witch and her Slick Willie have been the bunko artists of the century! Her misdeeds and failures rank her as the worst presidential candidate in our history. Wake the hell up!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Is that true? Or did you hear don’t Fox News? Your party is playing you for a sucker. Yet even if everything you said was true which it is not. Hillary would make better president than nut job Donald Trump. You wake up and see what your party has turned into.


          • Just go in a corner and admit you are clueless. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Hillary is evil and incompetent and is part of the same ole same ole that has caused especially minorities so many problems. Please wake up and blame Hillary for what she really is and not Trump for wanting to really help all people and to make America great again. Seriously please reconsider if not vote for that liar an get more of the same nonsense and no leadership as the last 8 years. Personally I don’t care what you do but do it for your children and grandchildren. It really is the time for a change and a brand new positive path with a new non politician leader. Just go back and read Einsteins quote over and over and over again until the reality set in. Boy its so simple don’t be brainwasher by deceitful Hillary, Obama, or the inept clueless and corrupt media. No one has anything really substantive negative on Trump nothing but listening to you liberals is just the opposite. Can you not see your nose when you look in the mirror, Hillary is the fraud, liar, non qualified for the highest office in the land. What don’t you get? What?

          • Try facts before you bust a blood vessel, truth will cure your ALT Right disease.

          • Oh you are just angry because Trump kicking Hillary azz .. Stop listening to CNN and other jerk of news media that like lie about Trump

          • Clearly you don’t know me. What I’m doing is saving your ass from your own self-inflicted propaganda.
            Disregard this if you’re a White Nationalist.

          • No that is why I am voting for Trump because that discretion fit Hillary better than Trump.

          • Ha ha ha, so that’s what Fox News is telling you?

          • Barf bag please……

          • You’re so eloquent and thoughtful. LOL

          • Unfortunately, style and eloquence escapes me when speaking of Ms. Clinton. In actuality, I feel very very sorry for the woman.
            How’s that? lol

          • Gee, You Don’t Sound like a Bigoted White Man at All. LOL. Wouldn’t You Rather Focus on Issues and Truth? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1d4841fb7254827b3d7899d5aceb62b012601bec9f48a5e7978ee9164bf96fd7.jpg

          • Carlos. You might want to go check out Hillcapone and Soros Agenda 21.

          • Answer this why is SOROS funding Republican candidates and the Republican Party?


          • All Foreign Assholes like YOU need to leave OUR American Country …. NOW, sooooo Get the F**K Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • You are embarrassing yourself, I’m Native American and we were here first. To quote your insanity rant here’s what you should do. All Foreign Assholes like YOU need to leave OUR American Country …NOW, sooooo Get the F**K Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Native American? What tribe, sir? Did you know there is no such thing as a Native American? There was no human life here in the Americas when the first people to come here came from the middle east to escape the evil that was encroaching by those ruled unrighteously. Those people flourished here in the Americas and soon lost sight of that which they wanted to escape and began dissenting from their leaders, and later formed into other groups and sought land further north and became tribe-like peoples whose inability to get along forced further changes in language, attitude and worship until they resembled nothing like those who first got there. Dude, everyone came from somewhere…the cradle of civilization…and could only advance as they invented means to cross the large bodies of waters. Since they couldn’t communicate with others as we do today, many became ignorant of their past history and changed their ways to meet their needs. So, obviously, Bandara, you’ve evolved to be like all liberals everywhere…mean spirited, nasty mouthed, and believe the government should take care of everyone. You just haven’t figured out, yet, how that’s possible without you paying for it.

          • Here’s something you haven’t figured out you are the illegal alien to us. It really hurt me to be calls mean-spirited. LOL
            85% of all welfare participants are white people from mostly red states, and most of the entire federal budget over 50% goes to military.
            You just haven’t figured out yet how if everyone paid their fair share there would not be a problem. Example during the Bill Clinton administration when he left office he left the next Republican a $50 billion surplus and if you’re old enough to recall the most thriving economy since the post World War II balloon.
            What keeps you voting against your own best of best interests? Republicans have scammed you and the biggest Republican con man one is running for president now, get a clue who is controlling your party. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b28f86e2784b0953c9ab821f8ae3167848ed17402c1ac71a0c222e46a0848781.png

          • Carlos: Hillcapone champions Agenda21. She is in Soros hip pocket. Go check out Agenda 21.

          • The surplus he supposedly left was the social security money that he transferred over to the general account. The Democrats have made government prostitutes out of most immigrants and 51% of our citizens by giving them just enough welfare to keep them quiet but sending jobs to other countries so our citizens don’t have the opportunity to rise above that level of welfare payoffs.

          • HAHAHA! it has all ways been in general account.
            Raise minimum wage then kick him off corporate welfare, equal pay for women. That would cut welfare 90%. Democrats are the party of Monetary responsibility. Republicans will wind and tried to block this. Why vote against your best interest. Progressive ideas work.


          • You are wrong about the SS always being in a he general fund. Trump does pay his woman executives the same as male executives and has more of them. Hillary pays her women staff members 83 cents for every 1.00 she pays the men. The best way to stop crime and the economy, is to stop paying welfare to anyone in good health and create jobs for them. Hillary has never created a job nor signed the front of a check. Trump has. Hillary lies. Trump tells the brutal truth that liberals don’t want to hear.

          • benlittleeagleyahoocom

            To Carlos! You are correct in saying there are no real Native Americans up to a point. They were here sense the time period of 600 yrs BFC. Then the foreigners came and forced there will on these natives. We called in my language Aniyanwia (which means the people) once these foreigners started killing off the natives and stealing the lands. The People in the East formed the American Group and gave the Name of america to these lands. Many years later the Natives became known as Native Americans once the people of British decent pulled away from England. And got out from under the ruling of there King. These people be came known as Americans, Like I said earlier you need to really study the American History before you try to tell People they are not what they say they Are. But it would be to our american likes for you to just go back to where you came from!

          • Are you one if the brave blocking the pipeline. Doubt it if you’re an ass kissing, killery fan. You should be ashamed of yourself.

          • Thank you for your interest, it’s a different tribe.
            I’m more interested in saving the world from Republicans. LOL
            name three environmental issue that Republicans have championed in the last 50 years? Okay I know you can’t do that just one?

          • How long have you been a party member, comrade? You do know they think of you as only a useful idiot, don’t you? You are subject to liquidation when they are done with you.

            We also may be firing up the HUAC too after the election. You might end up in the hot seat there too.

          • I Align Myself with Progresses, I Know It’s Strange to You Because You Think Anything Left of Fanatical Fascists Is Positively Liberal.

          • Carlos you are one terribly misguided individual.

          • https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6a7dde3dc3fb088bb4c1cc08d8f127c83885db6e258ea955d94636f0664312db.jpg Do the calculation is just a mathematical problem. What do you think Donald Trump is hiding his taxes? You’re a fool if you waste your vote for him without his full disclosure. Honest Hillary has release 20+ years of tax returns. Got it

          • I assume you also believe in the famous “right wing conspiracy” that was responsible for Slick Willy’s lecherous life of sex crimes against women? You can go back to wherever you came from at any time now.

          • I suggest you look up Dan Rather’s report on the subject. The report includes opinions by great Republicans like George H Bush and George W. Bush. That’s assuming that you don’t think that there two liberal for you.

            This is information you will not find on Fox News ever.

            As a postscript Donald Trump has hired one of the perpetrators of the Republican dirty tricks squad to this present campaign. Along with Roger Ailes the builder of Fox News lie machine, Steve Bannon of Breitbart news.com the White Nationalists megaphone news. These are your insider leaders of Donald Trump’s campaign.

            I do believe in the “Right Wing Conspiracy” and I don’t think it ever stopped it’s ineffective now. And your statement proves that you fallen for that despicable propaganda

          • Your last sentence also goes both ways. If you had lived under pure socialism as will be the case with Hidabitch, you will know why I am not the delusional one.

          • You poor man…you have been deluded by the kool-aid pushing left to believe that Republicans are pushing edited videos. If you watch closely, the most vile videos are those contrived by the liberal left. When the “right” publishes a video of all of Hillary’s flip-flops, you come unglued, yet you believe everything the left says about the right. Democrats are no longer the party they once were. Instead of the good of the country, their only goal is running it…and they’re doing a great job of running it into the ground. You say “right wingers” like that is a bad thing. Let me clue you in on what we really stand for: truth (no matter how bad it is), justice )according to the Constitution of the United States of America, the most timeless piece of guidelines and laws ever written), freedom of religion (not from religion, but allow each person to believe or not believe as they wish and doing no harm to those who believe differently unless they break the law), and finally, we believe in intact families consisting of mothers AND FATHERS, who love and raise their children to respect the family unit, love their country, learn real history, math, science, and English and respect for law and order, and to teach their children the same.

            These things are not possible with Hillary Clinton…she has no respect for anyone who does not agree with her, her only goal is being the most important person on earth (because she already thinks she is, denoting a mental illness in the first place) and making certain that she, and only she, dictates what this country should be in the future. Unfortunately, that’s a scary place where we’ve been taken over by radical Islam, forced to learn their language and bow to their Allah or be burned, beheaded, or tossed off of buildings. She kowtows to amnesty, appeasement, and wants the adulation of the LGBTQ, Hispanics who want amnesty, and BLM to continue to fomment hatred of police because she hates anyone in authority that isn’t herself. Perhaps you should start to take a hard look at the things she really stands for and look ahead to what that means to you and your family. If you’re not here illegally, then you might have a say in it, but don’t hold your breath if you’re illegal–you’re then part of the problem.

          • Your living in fantasyland Republicans have been passing fake videos for years around to their loyal minions, and I suspect you know it? I used to be a Republican I know what goes on, so you can’t pull the wool over my eyes. The other side of the coin is if you believe it they pull the wool over your eyes nitwit.

          • carlos I suggest you do some serious research on hillary going all the way back to the 1970s when she was a young lawyer andyou will find that she always been unethical and without honor and if your research is honest you will find she has not accomplished one subsantial thing in her entire life there has been no right wing conspiracy , now before you post some snarky , sarcastic comments about my post I will tell you that I have spent hours on every website to me that has factual information about her , I haven,t found anything good about her you may get lucky

          • Hunter 34 I suggest you check out Dan Rather report and the comments about the report made by George H Bush and the letter written by George W. Bush to Republicans disavowing these right wing untruthful despicable tactics.
            You’re only repeating things that I heard on Fox News which is proven not to be factual source. The so-called right wing conservative media has purchase many honorable stations and turn them into propaganda outlets.
            After doing actual fact checking you will come to conclusion I hope like I did that, practically everything the Democrats have said about Republicans is clearly true. You can choose to ignore ignore the facts but I felt betrayed by the misrepresentations of Republican Party. So consequently they convinced me that I should be voting Democrat until they can kick out the extreme right wing elements that’s now controlling their party. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2e0414b7346372b444ed44395a8bf59c941cae0ed1bf1fcbd4e8294808f89d22.jpg

          • carlos dan rather is also a big liar , you don,t think he would say any thing good about any republican do you , your response to my post was a rebuttal of sorts you still haven,t said anything about hillary,s honesty integrity , or especially her qualifactions for the highest
            office in the land

          • News reporting and ethics of reporters was expected and unethical work was swiftly punished. I think you’ll find it most interesting to follow the so-called Republican dirty tricks squad, and why has Donald Trump gathered these trick artists to advise him in his campaign?
            Hillary is become your replacement for “Obama Did IT https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/cd497d0de5b251b633c9a444e28030663370779c2c1aa39cb7690a6c32c4c2e7.jpg “Give your brain a chance and clean up your own party.

          • Your stupidity is truly amazing. Have you listened to, or watched anything besides MSM? Clintons are disgusting. Open your eyes.

          • There is no need for fake republican videos… The real unedited congressional hearings with witnesses under oath are well enough to show how crooked she is.

          • Did you see the video? By now you know it’s fake wasn’t even filmed in this country typical
            Republican politics to generate hate. Texas court records Houston Texas.


          • When you have a string of companies that make big buck it is very common to get sued. Lots of co. settle out of court just to get ride of them. If you look up each of the suits I think you will find that the vast majorette of them are for things like I slipped and fell in your lobby.

          • Check this out? if you are not ALT-RIGHT?


          • Carlos. Are you letting CIA operatives explain American values for you??

          • No but your candidate has a intimate personal relationship with KGB spy Vladimir Putin of Russia. Give your brain a chance. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6ee0da3708eeda2b1045e72fa8285004dd4c5465c2ac925b1f6f9c160c43b152.jpg

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        • Of anything virtuous at all.

          The Cackling Witch is concentrated evil incarnate.

    • That is a good way to put it

    • haha-but you neglected to mention her questionable fashion-sense! she dresses like a bag lady but her “bags” cost thousands to create!!!

      • That and the Scooby Doo Van among other things illustrates the many bad decisions she is capable of making and would make as President. She is the least qualified and much more dangerous than Trump would ever be. He at least has never sold State secrets for money, her and the serial rapist have. Remember one thing if nothing else when you go to vote, prior to the Clinton’s everything was “Made in the USA” after 8 years of the Clinton’s everything is now “Made in Communist China”. And if you don’t think that matters just look how they are starting to challenge us in the Pacific and building bases on Islands that is disputed by other Countries.

        • “She is the least qualified and much more dangerous than Trump would ever be.”

          Oh, but Der Fuehrer Obama would disagree with you and say that there has never been anyone MORE QUALIFIED to be POTUS than Hillary “Rotten” Clinton!! He’s not saying much about himself, or Billy Boy Clinton, now is he?? Vote Trump 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • All you really have said as far as using Obama and Clinton names together in the same sentence is simply ” corruption supporting and self admiration of coruption . What I am more concerned about as far as Hillary Clinton is concerned no matter what she says about her health status she lying her health is bad because their own husband said in the book written by a man named ed Klein that Bill Clinton stated in that book that he was concerned that his wife health was not good enough to run for president of United States. And that is in black and white go look in the book called unlikeable Hillary Clinton and there’s a lot of stuff in there that will make you feel concerned. What I am concerned about is she will win the election and will become ill enough where she is not capable of fulfilling the duties of the office butt it will be concealed and head because they are filthy Democrats and the staff will become president pro tem. She reminds me President Ulysses S Grant. Mr. Grant was a great Soldier but he was a horrible president and stayed drunk most the time to the point half the time I didn’t even know where he was and what he was doing and he was a very poor president because of it. But he held on to his office until he finished even as a bad president and a alcoholic. Hillary Clinton if you look at her and watch your at those rallies that reason why she doesn’t do them much go back and look at that many of them as you can that she has done. From the town hall meeting to Rally speech she is always wearing heavy type long clothing even if the weather is 85 degrees she is still wearing long hippie clothing down to her butt. I remember looking at one rally on television where everyone in the audience and it was outside by the way was wearing short sleeve clothing and you could tell it was hot but Hillary Clinton had on a very medium heavy looking jacket that went all the way down to her butt and it was long sleeve and that was a man is standing within two feet of her and it looked exactly like he was trying to be there to support her. My question is why would a woman any woman be wearing a long sleeve coat in the middle of summer when it is an average of 85 degrees and the sun is shining and everyone who is listening to her even the news people that were shown was wearing color clothing. She is a liar she has a predator as far as women are concerned. There’s another book out there that says she is. The Secret Service man who wrote a book on them states that they had more problem hiding the things that she did and covering it up than anything Bill Clinton did. Now I know that some lap dog Democrats here reading this and they going to have reruns of Hillary excuses for her incompetenence. But I’m going to give you a line that Ronald Reagan said once in a debate. I would like to ask these Democrats who is so in love with Hillary Clinton and who are so adamantly in love with a Barack Hussein the Muslim Obama. If there’s so much in love with him then tell me this is your life any better now than it was 7 years ago when Obama took office and do you think your life is going to be any better with 4 to 8 more years of Barack Obama policies?

          • I think that pantsuit is like a life supporting garment, with defribillator, hidden in it, as well as a cooling unit, a catheter and bag, and a ostomy bag for the poo. At some point, she will have supplementary oxygen hidden in there, and will look like a plush toy.

          • More like a hairy fat maggot.

          • I would have gone with Kim Jung Un, but I think we are arriving at the same look.

          • LMAO!! It’s funny cause it’s true!

          • I say Kim wore it better.

          • You mean her hideous oversize ‘oven mitt’ outfits ?? lol

          • Yes, but they remind me of carpet fragment outfits taken from Hotel 6 rooms back in the seventies. Weird colors and textures that make you dizzy to stare at for prolonged periods.

          • They both make me want to PUKE ~~~~~~~~~~~

          • And Trump Is a Erratic Clown. That has no business around the nuclear codes. He talks like he has dual personality conflicts. As a X Republican I feel like I have a keen insight into Republican propaganda.

          • You don’t sound like you writing like an ex Republican anything. you sound like a Lab dog Democrat. And if you’re going to vote for Hillary Clinton you might as well say you are a socialist Democrat and start attending her rallies because if you’re going to sell us out by voting for her why don’t you just go and call up George Soros or join black lives matter because you would have sold out America anyway. Your intire comment I have read it before many times coming out the mouth liberals and socialist Democrats. I would rather give Donald Trump the codes to any damn thing he wants at least he is not bought, owned and operated by George Soros like good old Hillary is. It is ironic and stupid that you are more worried about what Donald Trump might do when he’s already told you what he’s going to do than you are with Hillary Clinton when she has already stated she is going to increase the Muslim refugee from Syria into this country by 550 percent + 11 million plus i give amnesty for. If you’re so damn smart why don’t you realize and do some reading and find out that between the years of 2015 and 2034 That 75 percent of all new jobs created in this country will go to immigrants. That means that means that the rest of us will have to compete for remaining 25% of the jobs created. If you are so worried more about Donald Trump that you are Hillary Clinton then you are blind and wearing Rose Colored Glasses. George Soros who is her major financial backer has openly stated that he would like to destroy America and you want to help put Hillary Clinton in office who is owned operated and a nothing much better than a puppet for George Soros just like Obama is. If you vote for her you will be the cause of whatever happens in this country. You will own the misery that will be brought upon the American people from Syrian refugees who worship Sharia law. You will have to own and be responsible for every rotten thing she would do to us. she hates the First Amendment. she hates the Second Amendment. she is often said she hated the Second Amendment. she’s has said not more than four months ago she was going to have a mandatory confiscation of weapons.if elected. Said it in a town hall meeting. Donald Trump doesn’t have to be perfect, he just has to be better than that hag Hillary Clinton. He is already that .Everything he has said about immigration has already been said between 1986 until now Ronald Reagan was going to build a wall but the Democrat Party double-crossed him and Ronald Reagan and no wall was built. The only thing you are except if you vote for Hillary Clinton you will be responsible for any deaths from Muslim terror attacks here at home and any damage and the suffering that we as Americans would have to deal with because of her being in office. She is the most racist person that I have seen in many years and she will use race when she’s in office like it is a shotgun and anyone who disagrees with her will be labeled as a racist or some other stupid name that the media would jump all over and tag every American that disagrees with her. So you need to think about your x anything and act more like you care about this country and what will happen to its people. I wonder how you would act if you woke up to a knock on your door and a United Nations soldier was standing there with a gun pointed at your butt demanding that you give up whatever it was that he wanted because Obama mentioned the United Nations if he could get a confiscation law.

          • HATE Funded by Conservative Solutions. LOL
            I’ve never met a Republican Dirty Trickster, From the1990s.Like you!
            As usual conservatives can’t backup their statements with documented facts.
            I’m a Veteran also and I will never vote for another Republican until
            they clean out alt- right wing extremists.


          • Warning! Warning ! a liberal is talking. You can always tell a liberal. they are Hillary Clinton butt kissers, they can never come up with an original comment on their own. they have to copy somebody else’s words, somebody else’s thoughts, even somebody else’s insults and racist lingo. Why don’t you just get you at KKK uniform and your hood and I’ll call you the an ALT LEFT EXTREMIST . If you could read and I know you WANT, like most liberals cannot, you can find everything I have said to you in writing either in books written by those who know these people and have worked for them or on the internet. I know it’s going to bust your little liberal bubble, but you prove completely what kind of individual you are a when you use a term that Hillary Clinton used and she must have spent a whole minutes with her racist support democrat group of so and so’s to come up with a name like that. I don’t expect any more than what you are I’m proud to be alright right because I know now I see what you are you are nothing but a Hillary Clinton butt kisser and I’m glad you don’t call yourself a republican,that you for not voting for any republicans. as for proving what I say. I don’t have to prove anything because I don’t say anything that that an average intelligent individual cannot read or find what I have said on their on, but obviously you don’t fit either one of those categories . But I do thank you for showing me what kind of person you really are when you actually used Hillary racist insult that she will be using on every individual in this country that disagrees with her. If she is elected. He hasn’t even got the president’s office yet and she’s already coming up with new races in Stow swings to label people that did she don’t like or disagree with her and then they got people like you with a low intelligence level that actually would pick up the terms and use them. The fact you even used the term you should feel somewhat degraded. I do not think she has used this term but in one article and like a good copy cat , you’ve already picked it up and started using it. you should be a real proud veteran to be able to act, talk and be like Hillary Clinton . I wondered how long it would take for some looser to come up and use that racist slang term that “alt right” carp. I suspect if you hang around long enough as a liberal you get a few more that you can throw at me and others who will always dissagree with Clinton because that’s what you’re good at using other people’s racist terms that you come up with when you cannot disprove even one sentence I wrote. I got news for you , I don’t lie and I don’t write anything that isn’t the truth so I suggest you spend a little time and do some reading and learn something but a liberal is always good at doing one thing, being a liberal.

          • Are you still member of the John Birch society? LOL

          • Are you still a member of NAMBLA?

          • Ghost Warriors.

          • Not trying to be a disapointment to you, but I bet you reall do not know anything about the ” John Birch Society” unless you look it up. I was a member of that belief by the time I was 12 years old and unless you wasted your time in service, you are a member also.
            What I have watch evolve over the last 20 years is this name labeling that people like Hillary Clinton and others like her use to demean anyone or anything they do not like, that disagrees with them or is not on the same page as these types. We have a whole host of racist slang from Islophobia to the newest catchy racist demeaning term. These terms and not know that just for fun they’re created by a Democrat planners and thinkers and it really reminds me of Hitler. Hitler had to take an entire race of people and turn them into something that people wouldn’t see that they can blame everything on them and if he could do that it became easier for them to do whatever you wanted to do and he did a lot. Christians are extremist right wingers and out of touch with being a real Christian according to Obama and Clinton.
            And now the Clinton bunch and planners and organizers have come up with a new word that they can slap on Americans who don’t agree with them hoping it will catch on and justify why she hated . So she comes up with this ALT Right racist term. Sometimes I think both Hillary Clinton and Obama have steadied Hitliers tactics for how to handle people or large groups of people if you do not know really how to respond to to them, you just put a demeaning label on them and hope the term take off and most the time that’s always going to be some dumb-ass out there that will grab the term start using it because it don’t want to think about the words that they’re being fed and over the last 30 years the Democratic party has evolved and it is still evolving into a socialist communist if not just a communist party. If you think not then go look at the Communist Manifesto and compare it to the present Democrat Party. Did you know that the Communist party has endorsed Hillary Clinton. So yeah I am a member of the John Birch Society and have been ever since I was 12 years old.

          • I Applaud You for Your Bravery , Admitting That You Are a Member of Such a Despicable White Institutional Racists Bigoted Group. We You Remember When the Koch Brothers Father Was Kicked out for Being Too Radical? LOL

          • It is clear that you really do not know much about this group other than the use of second hand racist names that are stuck on any one or any group that is or thinks different from some like yourself. Your would make a great little Nazi wearing one of those little brown hats and uniforms.
            Radical is a term. That is often so misused And abused just likewise words like Exremism, even the word racist or racism but you did not disapoint me when you used the ” ALT right EXTREMIST. Number. I can really know nothing about the John Birch Society except possibly what you choose to believe you know it think you know. The worst thing I see about you is not your conviction to believe , it is your conviction to believe what is pandered to you to believe. Compared to what the New Democrat party has and is becoming, anything you think you know about this society is a mild headache compared to the type of corruption and dishonesty the Democratic Party is capable of. Any name that you would call me as far as radical extremists and extremists and any of them pick one all right Extreme videos pick one of them off and it don’t even come close to what you could call the Democrat Party and who is nothing but a Communist Party. You cannot say anything that the Republican Party would do compared to that of the Democratic Party. And if you knew history at all as far as political parties are concerned you would go back to a Time just before I said around 1950 and read the platform of the democratic party in 1950 then take that platform and apply it to the present day Republican Party and you will find that the Republican party right now is the Democrat Party of the 1950’s. And the Democrat Party the ones that is running it has been hijacked and they are deleting it and destroying it and turning it into something else. So if you’re going to say that the John Birch Society is all this to all that or hell I could eve. Say the Ku Klux Klan and which I do not like them and by the way mr. Bird who was the senator out of West VA. He was a Democrat and he was in fact a grand Dragon for the Ku Klux Klan. But none of these compare even close to the terms I could use for the new Democratic Party. Come down to go in and just one final few statements. You can have anybody you want obviously just as I will but the difference between me and my voice and yours is really simple. I can’t vote for Donald Trump and if he loses no harm is done and if he wins he might do some really good but if you vote for Hillary Clinton then you have helped bring this that country one step closer to the death of it. You say you a veteran. WHY! Is a tree called when you become a soldier when you enlist you take a oath. I don’t need to remind you what the path is because I know it by heart . The only difference between you and I it’s really simple. I still remember the oath and you have long ago forgot it.

          • Clearly I know too much about this group. I’ll admit it’s too easy to make fun of some of the posters here. And their responses are usually of a personal attack rather than a clear explanation of issues. Like Donald Trump they can be goaded into irrational rants.
            The only thing I regret is I have actually given too much personal information to some of the extreme right wingers and you know what I mean.
            I’m not sure that Trump is actually a Nazi for what I am sure is that he’s using Nazi tactics to forward the Republican corporate fascist agenda. It’s almost like he is reading from Hitler’s speeches and just substituting Jew for Mexican. You seem to be a learned individual and I think you are you know this.
            After the Civil War Nathan Bedford Forrest started the Ku Klux Klan as a vigilante group. Later he left because it was too extreme. After LBJ passed the civil rights legislation the Dixiecrats as we call them deserted the Democratic Party and moved to the Republican Party. Now they start to stand firmly in control of most of the Republican Party now. Trump is gathered under his umbrella a dubious bunch of white power groups to put it nice. Many of his top campaign aides and main contributors are professed ALT right, White Nationalists, corporate flunkies and Fox News type executives. In your heart you know this is right, Donald Trump is nuts.lol

          • And proud of it.

            You will be one of the first useful idiots to go, comrade Bandara.

          • Oh yeah, when the so-called ALT-Right, White Nationalists line you up in front of the gas chamber you’ll be wondering who will help you now.Be careful what you wish for you may get it.LOL


          • Democraps created the “Factivist” web site to tell these dolts HOW TO THINK.

          • On the day that Obama announced that he was hiring psychiatrist to try to figure out why people thought the way they do because he wanted to use the information to aid in persuasion of whatever he wanted people to do. I turned off my television and I’m not going to look at it anymore. I don’t trust the government and I don’t trust Barack Obama and Clinton had hired psychotheapists to try to figure out what makes Donald Trump tick so that she can get the edge on him when they debate. I think what you say goes a lot deeper than that what you are talking about. Have you ever seen a monkey sitting on a music grinder and every time the man standing there and he cranked the handle on the music box, the monkey started dancing. The Democrat Party in lot of ways has learned how to be the man turning the music grinder and there are many people out here that become the monkey standing on the box simply because someone is studying and learning how to do some of Hitler’s tactics on how to handle people. When you can take a person and his views even if they are right and take that person and turn them into an abstract, then you can control every opinion he or she might have. Simple by labeling them in a group with a racist term. An example would be all the demeaning racist terms that the Clinton type people and this new democrat Communist Party uses on any individuals that might object or these types do not like or might cause a problem. From climate change to race relations and more. It’s a way to take a person and turning into an abstract. When you can make a person an abstract you no longer see them. This is what the new democrat party is slowly doing. And when you see people using nice catchy racist terms the Clinton types Use for everyone else, is a way to take a person, an opinion or even a thought and turn it into it an abstract rather than face the possibility that someone other than these types might actually be right and God help it That someone else other than the Hillary Clinton types be right about anything. It turns people like you and me and millions into race haters and any other negative racist term these types can come up with to justify who and what they really are.

          • Useful idiot basic training.

          • If YOU were not “ILLEGAL” you wouldn’t be taking that way….. AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Bill your are yakking like a fool. Clearly you have no clue about Native American culture or relationship with Native American spirits. Your naïve thoughts is seem to be from a 1950 Western. Truly laughable.

          • Your no veteran, we don’t vote for traitors who are responsible for the deaths of our brothers, like the murderous evil Benghazi witch! Try this one on……post your dates of service, rank, theater you served in, your MOS, date and type of discharge. Violation of your oath of office is at best a federal crime, a felony! What you really are is a paid troll for a murdering, treasonous witch responsible, along with her rapist husband, for selling secrets that significantly damaged national security for payoffs! Go slide back under your rock! The only thing she qualifies for is death row!

          • Bill your are yakking like a fool. Clearly you have no clue about Native American culture or relationship with Native American spirits. Your naïve thoughts is seem to be from a 1950 Western. Truly laughable.

          • I’m sill waiting for the details of your service? Your just another stolen valor BS artist. I asked specifics of your service only a real veteran would know! Supporting a known domestic terrorist is a violation of the oath we took upon entering service. So either you are a liar, which I believe or you violated your oath, a felony, if you ever raised your hand and took the oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic! Let’s try this, what was your MOS and where was your basic and AIT training completed! So you ‘thought’ for my freedom of speech, I’m touched……..I FOUGHT for your right to embarrass yourself. It’s one thing to be thought a moron and quite another to expose yourself as one by supporting murderous pond scum who have sold our nation’s secrets to our enemies for profit and operated an insecure server receiving and sending eyes only top secret emails to terrorist nations! Buzz off meathead!

          • You first cowered?

          • Cowered……What! It’s one thing to be thought a moron and quite another to post an inane comment and out yourself! The only one cowering is the image you see when you look in the mirror! Your nothing but a liar and have been caught troll!

          • Gotcha, You never were a veteran where you?

            I was going to post my service record but I decided that I was probably talking to a Nazi and people that were honest with Nazis in Germany ended up in the gas chamber. Since you offered the challenge you should’ve gone first if you are trying to prove a point.
            Just like Hillary has already given up her taxes for her entire career.
            Where is Donald Trump’s taxes and what is he hiding that Hillary Has been open and forthright releasing hers year ago? ?

            You and Donald J. Trump are cowards.!

          • Post your service record troll, you don’t have one! You haven’t provided one single proof of service. Stolen valor is a federal offense dirtbag. Your a lying little coward and a traitor! I could care less if you value my opinion because I don’t value a lying sack like you! You make pond scum appear sentient! Your a little commie coward troll, a gutless wonder who wouldn’t know what a DD214 or an Honorable discharge looks like! You don’t even know what your MOS was and what it stands for! Crawl back in you hole, Trump is a private citizen and does not have to produce his tax returns moron! Everyone posting on this blog knows your a commie plant for the massively criminal Clintongues! I’m surprised they haven’t offed you yet like the five Democrat operatives that were taken out in the last few months, joining a long list of bodies in their past!

          • Interesting
            your post are quite self revealing, but your motives and intent are
            not. Incredible ! There’s a saying in

            (“You know why a Texan send their Sons to Harvard, to teach him
            to say incredible instead of Bulls**t”). LOL
            Trump will stay a private citizen, or he can go to his buddy in Russia. You can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen nitwit. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f3726199d75190d4f46c778468ae38287054639d46b20836282a23349e42dc6f.jpg
            You never were a veteran where you?

          • Looking in the mirror when you said that I bet. You were never a human were you? Nor was your lying ass ever in the military because you refuse to support your claim with evidence. It’s called stolen valor and it is a felony! You can’t seem to answer a single question about your made up service. You don’t even know what an an MOS is, know the oath of office or lay any claims to support your pretend service with facts. Your a lily livered Communist coward who is one of a number of paid commie trolls that infect conservative blogs with baseless vitriol! Notice nobody buys your crap, might want to borrow some Depends or stabilizing injector pens from your mentor
            Shillary the traitor! I guess it hasn’t sank in yet that everyone posting on this blog thinks you give pond scum a bad name!
            Your a freaking coward that never served in the military! Nice to hide behind the internet while you spew your verbal vomit! I notice your still posting Bulls**t, the modus operandi of a coward! Now crawl back in your hole, your shadows showing!

          • Trolls You first coward. First amendment give all was the right to freedom of speech but also protects those of us that stand up to A Fascists Nazi, to find everything you say and do is totally ridiculous. Why do you go all berserk and go out and put on your white pointed hat and your crooked armbands just when confronted by a few little facts. While you’re in your hole think about it? LOL https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c82e96581b221214f83b0b2f1e88f18a152861f8c93be6bb69cff34308e9367c.jpg

          • Coward, a term your very familiar with, a label that fits you like a glove! I’m far better educated and trained in the art of war than you could ever comprehend. Nazi…….REALLY! Looking in the mirror again I see! Your a low life whose only claim to fame is trolling on patriot blogs like this one and lying about your non-existent military service. Stolen valor is a felony and I will inform the moderators of this blog of your fraudulent claim! Every poster on this blog thinks your a demented sock puppet, a mentally disturbed failed laboratory experiment, who can’t back up his lying BS about being a veteran! Full of false bravado without the stones to back up your lying mouth! So, I’m a coward REALLY! Well coming from a mutant like you, that statement is of no moment! There is hope for us though, you could fail in your trolling and become another Clintongue statistic! The Clinton body count has the Mafia questioning their own methods!
            Your living proof that YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID……good job outing yourself moron!

          • Okay you first.
            I’m waiting Small hands,

          • You just don’t get it do you. comrade? The fix was in on it all. That is what Trump will do. Destroy the RINO/Democrat Elite Establishment.

            And please explain when even she admits to every single element of the law with regard to the server she walked (so far)

            Anyone else would be facing some serious prison time.

            The days of you useful idiots is coming to an end, though. One way or another.

          • You really have swallowed the hook line and sinker of the Fox News right wing propaganda. You will regret voting for your own best interest someday.

          • Oh my God, you are so right. These democrats don’t care about what is going to happen to this country. They just care that they have to vote for democrats, no matter how insane and corrupt they are. If Hillary wins, and of course she will with the liberal news media and the corrupt democrats, within a year we will be seeing more destruction of America, that we saw with Muslim Obama. I suffer from depression anyway. And I think that maybe that would be a good time to commit suicide. My mother lived under Hitler and the Nazis, because she was Austrian. She never got over it, and now she is gone. I will not live like that. Life is hard for me anyway, and I will not live to see the greatest country ever go down the tubes because of the bastards like Obama and the bitch called Hillary. The muslims are coming in to this country quickly because of Obama’s letting them in. The bitch will do the same. In otherwords, America is going down the tubes. The greatest country will be degraded like the rest of the world. Damn you democrats, and you pompous lying ,corrupt democratic candidates. I hate you and may you all rot in hell. God forgive me for being this angry and scared, and for probably ending my life.

          • I’ll Admit It’s Too Easy to Make Fun of Some of the Posters Here. And Their Responses Are Usually of a Personal Attack Rather Than a Clear Explanation of Issues. Like Donald Trump They Can Be Goaded into Irrational Rants. U GET A PASS I was being sarcastic as your God Trump would say.
            I https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/30f5b1f9a5eec29aa13da38c792d67abbd837c6307d03d27e91aff71e843c864.jpg

          • What the hell would a blanket head like you know about nuclear codes or ANYTHING to do with defending this country?

            Here is a fact. With either Clintons’ background, even in the 60s if in the military neither one would have qualified for a security clearance. Guaranteed!

          • Hell blanket head, you’re really know how to expand your voting base. hahahaha winning again. Fact is security briefings are purposely being dumb down for Donald J Trump. I suspect back in the 60s the Clinton’s cat Socks would’ve made a better presidential candidate than Trump.

          • Blather and prattle squawboy!

          • And the ALT Right, come out of their holes. You still can’t come up or read for any reason to vote for your candidates, other than the obvious?
            I’m ashamed that I ever voted Republican.

          • You heap big dumbass! Let’s just get rid of our borders altogether, allow in any murderous, unvetted scumbags; poor, welfare stealing illegals that pay NO taxes; bow down to any banana republic asswipe; give billions of dollars and nuclear capability to our good ISIS supporting friends Iran.

            But I suppose a lying, mentally decrepit, former Sec. of State on the take is preferable to vapid, leftist, NWO twits.
            Our native American heros are ashamed of YOU!

          • More baseless facts from Fox News. Even if they were true which they’re not. She would make a better president than your wacko not nut job. Even if she was on her deathbed should be better. I know you’ve been trained by Fox News but you’re just spewing out garbage.


          • You seem stupider than most libTURDS! If I was an illegal alien, I’d vote Ohillary “the Cankled Liar” too.

          • Why am I always have and point out facts for the white Republicans?
            Illegal aliens can’t vote nitwit!’s! Good grief how stupid can you be stop watching Fox News it’s lowering your IQ. Ha ha ha https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e57dbf5ae85d5fceebd575dc363f239d047a4a83d3c2b1f924e932e251aac417.jpg

          • Folks, he’s just another paid troll whose too FOS to breathe! I’ve called him out as a fake veteran something they claim to be when dealing with real veterans. I’m still waiting!! My Navy Seal son-in-law and his team love to out these fakes face to face! I’ve done a few myself, fun to watch them walk away in a hurry!

          • U 1ST Crickets

          • https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9df1e75fe868b11c1e75020eb95032cb5f5bc9f9fc3128d6dff1dcae23e53120.jpg Don “The Con” Trump-Business Strategy , It’s Not about What You
            Feel= It’s about How Much You Can Take

          • “you’re really know how to expand your voting base.”..LMAO, you’re didn’t learn a thing in “you’re” one room school house did you? LOLOLO!

          • Actually I’ve Identified Many White Wing Racists Nationalists Nazis.

            Addressing your one room schoolhouse, it was wonderful experience. I was eager to walk to school barefooted and driving rain and snow, when we were unable to work on the farm because the weather. Your white racist point of view about poor people not being able to think is typical Republican. One thing Donald Trump proved that they were massive white racists in America and he uncovered their Darkside.
            Actually I’m more interested in political issues than name-calling.

          • Carlos, go to hell. You sound like the devil’s friend, just like Obama and Hillary are. Satan loves Obama and Hillary. Wants them to do all the bad things they always do. You sound like one of them.

          • I’m ashamed that I ever voted Republican.

          • Good for you X.you are just where you belong if you believe this sick woman’s needs her
            finger on the RED button.Remember that faux pas??

          • AND … Your an Ignorant Puke and Illegal POS, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • That the best you got? your pathetic.

            I will never vote for another Republican until they clean out alt-
            right wing extremists.

          • progressivesRcommunists

            We are happy you are an X-Republican but my guess is you are an illegal alien from Mexico who loves the policies of the three amigos….Chavez, Castro and Maduro. Maduro will soon end up like Mussilini.

          • Progressive Ideas Always Been Win Eventually.
            This Election Is Not Going Well for the Republican Party Because of Your Candidates Connection with White Supremacist, ALT Right, Neo-Nazis, and Ku Klux Klan Supporters Not to Mention Donald Trump’s Close Ties with Russian Operatives and President Vladimir Putin X KGB spy. I suspect you’re happy about this nitwit?


          • progressivesRcommunists

            Dude, you need to go to school and learn American history. The KKK was created by the Democrat Party as their enforcement unit.

          • As usual I have to straighten you out on history. Look up Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest.

          • progressivesRcommunists

            Forrest was a member of the Democrat Party and the KKK. The Democrat Party instituted Jim Crow laws and opposed the 13Th, 14th and 15th Amendments. Also opposed women’s suffrage laws. Look up the Congressional record nimwit.

          • progressivesRcommunists

            Progressives are communists who are either to stupid too realize it or too cowardly to admit it and use the vile term.

          • But it seems like Donald Trump’s rhetoric seems to drawl these maggots to the Republican Party and conservatives are embracing them. To who is controlling your party nitwit. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/23c6b46f581d428308193dfd5fb45c6ca8be3d257062a86fdcb17eea707b0de2.jpg

          • progressivesRcommunists

            Looks like it must be working Comrade Carlos. Trump is already up by +3 LA Times poll and +2 Rueters poll. October surprise is coming from Wikileaks.

          • I’m Glad You’re Admitting Your Siberian Candidate Is All in with Vladimir Putin. I’m Glad You’re He Heeding My Warnings That Trump Wants You Be Authoritarian Dictator White Fascists. I have no doubt that Republicans will continue to rollout WikiLeaks and even a few fake video like they’re doing in every election across the country. And what’s more I think you know I’m your favorite truth blogger. lol

          • You think that someone who could have never obtained a security clearance if she was in the military is safer with the football then Mr. Trump?

            You think someone that would takes the most caviler of attitudes toward state secrets should ever have any access to the football?

            The silly bitch would likely leave the football in her Scooby van with the codes written on the outside.

            Unfit for the presidency in every way.

          • Hell yes. Hillary Clinton More qualified than any presidential candidate in the last 50 years.
            What sort of security clearance has Donald Trump obtained? Has he ever been in the military and did he ever have bone spurs? He makes so many mistakes in his knowledge of the job, he makes you feel like he would use nuclear weapons just by stupidity. You know so little about him that you’re not even sure he even has a drivers license. His campaign seems to be directed toward white America.
            Hillary Clinton’s campaign seems to be directed at all Americans. Got it? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7f4b147d0cb9cbbff115fa60fd8db726050eaca8573c5c9d1d91d21bb8b817d1.jpg

          • Not to worry jackass, Hildabitch sold the US Uranium supply business to the Russians who are now mining it in our western states. If the US needs some we must beg/buy it from Putin. So our “button” is useless at best.

          • Okay Let’s Think This through? Hillary Clinton Can’t Stand Vladimir Putin.
            Donald Trump Admittedly Has a Personal and May Be Private Relationship with That Vladimir Putin. Trump Wants to Give Away NATO Countries to Russia.
            I’ll Take a Well-Intentioned Rogue over a Village Idiot like Trump.


          • Why not just X out period, it would definitely improve the “air”!!!!!!!!

          • Your the “PUKE!!!!!!”

          • Better a puke then a commie useful idiot like you comrade.

          • “useful” …what a F’ing Quack Idiot!!!!!!

          • Well said but unfortunately none of her sycophants will read this and comprehend what
            you spelled out line by line.BTW do you think they read???

        • How ’bout the rope around the reporters? I can’s believe they put up with that.

          The shills in the fast food place were neat too.

          And they got on Trump’s ass for eating pizza and chicken with a fork (To be honest, I found that a little odd too but who am I to talk. I like catsup on my eggs)

        • Her danger originates in the fact that she is a radical democrat that believes Obama is the greatest person to ever occupy the W.H.

      • Only a woman would notice that.

      • Correction ,she dresses like a filthy communist dictator, jung,stalin,mao say nothing ,so on and so forth… you are right her pant suits cost thousands all payed for by filthty muslimes,taxpayers and stupid decrepid libretards.

      • NaNa needs designer pants suits to cover her Depends,

      • Well, she has been a communist since her 20’s so it is only right she dress like communist Mao isn’t it? By the way, China is no longer under the Mao stuff nor the clothing either. They actually are farther ahead in fashion than we are!

      • .
        The press refers to them as pants suits but to most of us they are Pajamas.

      • She hiding equipment under that baggy clothing….like depends and what ever else, something to keep her from pooping her britches, so no skid marks show

      • Yeah, especially the bags under her eyes! Really a worn, unkempt look for someone running for the U.S. Presidency. Besides, clothing doesn’t make the person – it’s what lies below the shell. In her case, nothing but a hive of lies and immorality — all things that destroy a person’s natural beauty!

      • I am no fashion expert by any means, but you are right. The cackling Witch looks like hell!

    • Why are you being so kind to her? She doesn’t deserve it.

    • But think of all the money we could save on Air Force One when Killary rides on her broom!

    • I can’t wait. You will eat your words and Trumps face will turn bright red.

    • Did you read about this Repub Gov. La Page? Now after exploding in his office he is faking to seek spiritual help. As a conservative he should seek counselling from Roger Ailes of FoxNews. May be both will love to harass office women. I just cannot understand Repubs and TPs. I believe they were abused when young and now they want revenge against American people. We have to stop them.

    • She is ALSO morally untethered, ethically vacuous, pathologically deceptive AND a despotic failure ~~~~~~~~~~

    • That one made me crack up, but it is so corekt.

    • She never had a decent image period. Unless you want a murderess, liar, ruthless and the list is so long I can’t post it all. Just a Bitch.

    • Good description

    • I did not know she had any good qualities.

  3. This article was clearly written by a moron and FOR feeble minded readers. The libtard lamestream media keeps singing the same tired song that Trump is as horrible and unpopular as the lying, cheating, corrupt, scandalous POS, Shitlery but then does their best to NOT mention that he’s packing them in at his rallies to the tune of 25,000 in Austin, Tx., alone!!! Shitlery has her rallies in high school gyms and has trouble getting those even 1/2 way filled. It has already been proven that the DNC had to pay seat fillers so the convention would look well attended so, if Trump IS so unpopular, why do the facts show the opposite?

  4. progressivesRcommunists

    Clinton is a mirror image of our corrupt Justice Department and Obama Administration. Worst president in U.S. history.

    • You are SOOOOOO Absolutely Correct …100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You should change channel. Fox News and talk radio are not factual sources.

      • David Melnick David

        Neither are: CNN, CBS, ABC & CNBC.

      • Really so how would you know. It is not what CBS, NBC, CNN, ABC tell you I guess, as long as they tell you what you want to hear. But the real story here is it is never so much what they tell say, it is what they don’t tell you, and for that you need to change your channel once in awhile. You just might find out what you are not being told. Unless your delicate mental state couldn’t bear the strain of finding out your prejudices are overriding your common sense.

        • I believe in America. I believe in the first and second amendment of our constitution. NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN and other far left stations do not share my values. They trash this country, are neither socially or politically conservative . They cannot add value to me as a person. They are not worth me watching.Believe me there are no journalists today. People need to filter out most of the trash that comes out of the mouths of liberals . Saw a good shirt which was talking about accomplishments of JFK and Barrack Obama. It said JFK put a man on the moon and Barack Obama put a man in a ladies bathroom. Kind of sums up the legacy of Barrack. Anyone who votes for Hillary is insane. The definition of insanity being to do the same thing over and over expecting different results . Just look at the major cities . Run by democrats for 50+ years. Where are they in crime. Public education, economically, fiscally . That’s right a mess. Still putting them in office though. Same with the States. Run by Democrats: Banrupt. Get the picture? Any rebuttals .

      • Talk radio and Fox News are the last credible outlets. You listen to liberal media which means you’re brainwashed.

        • Don’t pay attention to Bandara. Haven’t decided if he wants Hillary, is a paid troll, or just dumber than dirt.

        • All I can say is a half a brain is easy to manipulate when you only have a half yourself.

          • That’s why the usefull idiots are so easily convinced,,,,plus the narcotics they are being given by their commissars.

        • True influential “liberal media” is a sole construct of the right. If the MSM were truly liberal, cons would not exist. Too bad, cans suck tailpipes.

      • And NBC, CBS & ABC are? You need to pull your head outta your ass once in a while and look around. Did your welfare check and food stamps come in today?

        • You Fox News white supremacist right wing are overly fascinated with your ass. Your perversion is so obvious. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c2fb5fb5155f5144226a6398bb80f039934903faeb7ff828c813faec6b2f4568.png

          • So Im a white supremacist because I want the illegals out of my country? I am racist because I see muslims & mexicans wearing better clothes and driving new cars when I cant? Why should I be mad when I have to pay for my medical and wait in a community hospital waiting room 5 hours behind illegal mexicans? Im a bigot because I love my country and dont want it distroyed from within.
            GUILTY! Hey the party is over and its time to go back to where ever the hell it is that you came from. No one told you to come into our country illegally? So you get the same responce thats been on the books for years. Come here legally or dont come at all.

          • Hey the party is over and its time to go back to where ever the hell it is that you came from. No one told you to come into our country
            illegally? I’m Native American nitwit, and the facts are we were here first so take your own advice. You are a white supremacist is if you hang out with Donald Trump. You are who you walk with. LOL


          • 1/2 of my background is jewish german the other half is american indian. My grand mother on my fathers side is full blooded american indian. My European decent has been here since the late 1780s. Documented. If youre not an american citizen and undocumented you dont belong here do you. America can no longer afford dead beats.

          • Clearly you don’t have a grasp of what’s really going on here, I’m not even going to mention the damage to the economy of the buying power and taxpaying power of the so-called undocumented. Keeping man we turned our head back at the beginning of the 20th century to use them as an expensive labor. The cost of the economy of losing them would be tremendous.
            is Donald J Trump is using them just like Hitler used the Jews in his
            rhetoric in the 1930s. Republican Party has been infiltrated by a White
            Nationalist Movement, that wants to destroy everything that made this
            country great. To install their authoritarian dictatorship they can’t
            allow the Constitution to exist. Your only logical choice is to vote
            Democratic to give you time to reorganize your party. I’m not joking are
            being sarcastic.


          • i thought that was Hillary or possibly Elizabeth Pochauntus the Fraud Warren – good God!

          • OK. I’ll bite. What tribe?

          • Navajo and Cheyenne, you want to know my tribal name?

          • Elisabeth warren’s tribe!

          • Elizabeth Warren Would Be Welcome, She Has a Track Record of Consistently Voting on the Human Being Side of Every Issue. A Great Lady!

          • Just as much as the Democraps, the Repukes haven’t done jack chett for Blacks, Hispanics, Whites and others, unless you’re a banker or own a big company overseas , tycoons, or wall street elite!

            The zombies sell their vote for welfare, food stamps and the millennials keep themselves doped up so they don’t have to live in reality, or until it comes knocking on their door. Until then the dismantling of America continues this is why both parties fear Trump, truth and reality is frightening!


            As far a warren she has just as much baggage as Killary just not as shrewd, she’s as much American Indian as Rachel Dolezal is black, wonder what other skeletons hide in her closet?

          • I agree with some of the things you said like some Democrats but most Republicans pander to the top 1% class and Corporations. I disagree of your vision of welfare and food stamps, facts are 85% of recipients are white and mainly in red states controlled by Republicans. Also a little known fact that many active military families still rely home welfare programs to get by. You would be surprised by the total numbers.
            I think you assumption of Donald Trump is partly right, but Trump is feared mainly because he’s nuts. I think it may turn out to be the most successful ConMan ever or the most clever fascist dictator ,not including Hitler.

            I’m too inform to vote for a Republican during this election cycle.

          • I agree with some of the things you said like some Democrats but most Republicans pander to the top 1% class and Corporations. I disagree of your vision of welfare and food stamps, facts are 85% of recipients are white and mainly in red states controlled by Republicans. Also a little known fact that many active military families still rely home welfare programs to get by. You would be surprised by the total numbers.

            I think you assumption of Donald Trump is partly right, but Trump is feared mainly because he’s nuts. I think it may turn out to be the
            most successful Con Man ever or the most clever fascist dictator ,not including Hitler.

            I’m too inform to vote for a Republican during this election cycle.

          • Well I believe most Blacks, Hispanics, whites and others that don’t believe the government owes them a livelihood or race war will be smart enough to make that choice this election united!

          • Most middle-class Americans believe that everyone in all entities should pay their fair tax. We should stop giving welfare to the 1% in the form of tax breaks to corporate entities that don’t pay a living wage to their employees. I think it’s wrong to call social programs entitlement programs when individuals have paid for and earned their benefits. Talk of taking away Social Security and Medicare are privatizing them is uncalled for in Republican rhetoric. Social programs were key to the financial recovery in the past seven or eight years despite Republican efforts to dissolve Social Security, Medicare and other assistance programs.


          • Most middle-class Americans believe that everyone and all entities
            should pay their fair tax. We should stop giving welfare to the 1% in
            the form of tax breaks to corporate entities that don’t pay a living
            wage to their employees and Hide their earnings overseas. I think it’s
            wrong to call social programs entitlement programs when individuals have
            paid for and earned their benefits. Talk of taking away Social Security
            and Medicare or privatizing them is uncalled for in Republican
            rhetoric. Social programs were key to the financial recovery in the past
            seven or eight years despite Republican efforts to dissolve Social
            Security, Medicare and other assistance programs. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9736b52a4a772097a21f972b12e9316b3d5fd29c97907653e9ed75fab7cdcec2.jpg

          • U can cut the military down to 6% and put the rest of the chart into big banks and global welfare/ global military.

            Rockefellers, Rothschild, Queen of England and others all have a net worth over 500 trillion! That chart is their way to cover up the governments/ congress, Federal Reserve (that’s not federal at all) money laundering schemes.

            I don’t really like the Republicans either because they’re mostly Phony capitalist, both parties are bleeding out America for the OWO take over, That’s why I believe Trump to be a God send!

          • So as a White Nationalists like Steve Bannon of Breitbart news, one of Trump’s top advisers, you want a authoritarian leader to abolish the Constitution as we know it so that they can give you the power you’re looking for, what could go wrong with that?
            You’re out of touch, that’s what the 70 million people in Germany thought when they elected Hitler. I don’t mean this is a put down but give your brain a chance.

          • So where have U been the last eight years? Trump is our only hope of changing this tyrannical imposers madness! I see u have no Concerns of the present Germans quagmire.

          • Watch Donald Trump Contradict Himself on Every Major Campaign …


            Mother Jones

            Aug 9, 2016 – It’s no secret that Donald Trump, ever the opportunist, has flip-flopped on a number of major campaign issues. But watching the Republican …

          • Couldn’t have said it better myself.

          • When the so called white supremacist right wing was in command we were all working and race relations were 100 times better then they are today.

            Now we have a fake booter who si 1/2 white in the White House and the country is on the verge of a race war.

            You mother have any children that were not brain damaged crak babies?

          • Aren’t you getting all your personas mixed up not good for a paid Republican blogger. LOL

          • I guess we’ll have to give you credit for improvement at least you didn’t say he should be executed.

      • Dear dumbphuck i suggest you stick to univision for fairy tales

        • Dear dumbphuck I’m Native American nitwit,I speak Navajo not Spanish but Univision has great soccer games. LOL

          • In a word, BULLSHIT! You are no more an Indian then I am a communist.

          • Then You Better Change Your Name to Comrade. You Really Have Issues with Facts Don’t You You Know When You Start Using File and Abusive Language, Your A Loser.

      • That hallucinogen your commissar is giving you and you fellow useful idiots is not LSD. It’s horse tranquilizer. Stop taking it before it kills you. comrade.

        • Obvious you don’t believe in the First Amendment. I only feel like I want when you can’t come up with any facts to support your goofball candidates. That’s when you start personal file and abusive attacks come to think of it that’s what Donald J pervert Trump does. LOL just being sarcastic.

      • progressivesRcommunists

        You should learn to write complete sentences comrade and learn to recognize a failed leader and government that is corrupt.

        • Breaking news you will not here on Fox News. Donald Trump takes meeting with black leaders in Philadelphia had a prominent black church. Turns out they just rented in the room the black leaders was his own surrogates. The head pastor was actually vacationing in Mexico and firmly denounces meeting is not for the purpose of meeting with Philadelphia black leaders. But you probably thought it was All Right.lol


          • progressivesRcommunists

            Comrade Carlos, I watched the event attended by a large gathering of parishoners and Trump was well received. Hillary was out lying for campaign contributions as usual.

          • The one that you saw I believe was the one that had to have tickets to get into regular parishioners were turned away at the door.
            The one I was speaking about was the sham fake meeting that he claimed was in front of parishioners. In Philadelphia. Got it?

            He’s Just Pandering to the Black Community Only, To Try to Recover White Republicans That Were Offended by His White Racists Remarks.

          • progressivesRcommunists

            Clinton has spent her entire career pandering to the minorities. She and her corrupt party has created our urban plantations of social enslavement to harvest votes.

          • Clinton has spent her entire career Helping all Americans while your candidate has been conning his way through life only helping himself.

          • Republicans have spent their entire career pandering to Super Rich and corporations they and their party has created our urban plantation of social enslavement to Authoritarian fascists.. Who would’ve thought after all this time it would be the Democrats that would be the financial responsible party..

          • The one that you saw, I believe was the one that had to have tickets to get into many regular parishioners were turned away at the door. The one I was speaking about was the sham fake meeting that he claimed was in front of parishioners. In Philadelphia. Got it? The pastor of that church was actually vacationing in Mexico and condemned Trump’s rhetoric and explain that he only rented the room which is offered to the community for meetings.
            He’s Just Pandering to the Black Community Only, To Try to Recover
            White Republicans That Were Offended by His White Racists Remarks.

        • Interesting your post are quite self revealing, but your motives and intent are not. Incredible ! There’s a saying in Texas
          (“You know why a Texan send their Sons to Harvard, to teach him
          to say incredible instead of Bulls**t”). LOL

      • Apparently the illiterate, Oblame-o leg humper’s short bus has arrived.

    • Thank you for saying so, assuming that Obama leaves on his own a Clinton Presidency would only be a continuation of the Obama agenda. More potential terrorists as she is in favor of increasing the number of ISIS influenced refugees coming here. Whether you are Black or Hispanic more of these refugees means fewer jobs, less money for medical care and more potential terror attacks on all Americans. When they flew planes into those towers do you really think they checked to see if you voted Democrat or not? They want to kill all Americans not just people who vote a certain way. Try and understand you are as much at risk and who do you want answering the phone at 2:00am, Trump or Hillary. If you could ask Chris Stevens I think he could tell you who he would want.

    • Amen to that. But look at all the morons that love that POS

    • She is a dangerous as Obama, just not as bigoted towards whitey.

      • But proved herself a racist and bigot when running against Obama in 2008. She uses words that actually tell us about her!

      • Unless whitey is a conservative . You know those people who cling to their bibles and guns. Got to get rid of those first 2 amendments don’t you know.

      • oh, she showed the fire of hate in that fat self of hers towards whites several weeks back, essentially bashing the white race as we need to accommodate for the BLM and other minority protected groups – her hate was so glaring and startling. This no good bitch!

    • Agree. Jimmy Carter has been reduced to the 2nd worst president followed closely by Woodrow Wilson and Lyndon Johnson who started this not so great society in the sixties . Funny all the worst are democrats. Go figure.

  5. The nicest thing I could read is their, Killary and Oslima”s obituaries!!!!!!

  6. I hear she’s putting Mentos between her toes so it won’t taste so bad when her foot goes into her mouth.

    • How many restarts did she have to her campaign again? But she is so brilliant isn’t she? She has not held a press conference to take questions in how long? But she is not hiding anything is she?

      • I think because she is having neuro problems, etc., she could not stand the stress. At this point in time she only speechifies for 10 mins. and then rests 3 days, a sure sign of a serious blood condition. As I said above she now appears to be on uppers to be perky and awake, but the price will be high with her serious health issues both mentally and physically. Goes to show money can’t buy everything. AND Bill looks like he is on his death bed as well – maybe cocaine addiction catching up or maybe even a sexual disease. No loss if either goes!

  7. Your Headline says:

    Hillary’s image IS NOT Getting Worse…………..It’s the Same Old Hillary.
    It’s just that she can’t hide from the PUNDITS / POLITICIANS / MSM / American People anymore.

    TRUMP is for AMERICA !
    A New Concept for the Globalists !

    • Donald J Trump is for Donald J Trump, he lies when it would pay them to tell the truth, he’s playing you like a piano.

      • oops, typo, you meant to type Hillary Rotten Clinton, yes?

      • Look who’s talking, your candidate is owned by Wall Street and Goldman Sachs.

        • Even if the inference is that you’re trying to make were true, be honest can you really imagine a Donald Trump presidency what he will do an emergency with the nuclear football by his side? Can you say with 100%’s certainty he could even make a competent decision, think about it?

      • If I am honest and I try to be, I have had many doubts about Trump. But when stacked up against Hillary’s record of deceit, lies, corruption, scandals, greed and duplicity there is really no other option. We have unfortunately two bad candidates but only one person to vote for like it or not. The fact they have been such close friends in the past has caused me much concern that maybe he was only in the race as a Trojan Horse to throw the race to her. Maybe he may see he has a real chance to win and if that was the case he will throw her under a bus, where she belongs.

        • I understand and I appreciate your honesty. Have investigated nearly all the Republican claims and found them that they do not hold water. If you follow the source back you’ll find it embedded in extreme right wing propaganda. If you notice every couple of days there will be a new so-called incident and you’ll see it all the way up until the election. Republicans have a history of making fake videos and fake stories to shock the voter just before the election.
          Trump on the other hand lies the way most people breathe. He just too erratic and naïve to be in charge of the nuclear football.
          Hillary is the steadiest, most prepared presidential candidate, apparently she has to be because she’s a woman. I really think that the white man in the Republican Party are emphasizing that that is their real problem. As a X Republican I can tell you that’s one of dark secrets driving Republican propaganda.

          • How can you say that in this day and age? You may have been able to run and hide ten, twenty years ago?


            But today you can’t hide and run dragging a bunch of vengeful souls!


            And this is just their friends and close associates

          • Be afraid, be very afraid. Republican Party is playing you like a piano.LOL
            I’m to inform to ever vote Republican during this cycle.

          • Time to rinse the democrap out of the oval office


            If U noticed that the stars in the croissant circle of the Clinton global initiative resemble the same croissant of the Islamic dogmas.

          • You Obviously Don’t Know That the President Is a Constitutional Lawyer, and Will Follow the Constitution for the Passes of Secession, to the Female of Your Choice As Prescribed in the Constitution.LOL
            So If I Your Theory Clinton Is Gonna Rise up All Those Starving Children and Women She Has Helped throughout the World and They’re Going to Attack What? Dumb Ass.
            Remember As First Lady and or Secretary Of State, She Was Not Endorsing All Those Countries She Visited. Why Do You Have a Problem with This?
            I Didn’t See You Complain about Trump Going to Mexico? What’s the Difference.?

          • Trump unlike Killary doesn’t go to foreign countries’ to rape, and pillage like hillbilly and Killary


      • Is that the best u Messykins got?????????????????????

        • Actually I have many latinos (not only from Mexico where I lived several years) as associates and friends and ALL are voting for Trump. Even democrats in my family in MO are voting Trump, every woman I know is voting Trump, Independents as well, and fundamentalists. He has touched our hurts and anger and is our voice for straightforward speech. Not vulgar (vulgar comes from Latin vulgate which means language of the people) and that is what he is doing – speaking up and out for each and everyone of who want to get our America back, our businesses back, our jobs back, and America respect again. Working with him we will get all of that because WE, THE PEOPLE ARE THE GOVERNMENT and we must now employ worthwhile employees and rid and fire the others, including most of Congress. Were you aware of the many registered socialists and communists in Congress? How they hate the Republic of America granting them freedom to shaft us? Yep, cleansing will be top down both federally and locally! or as Trump said: EXTREME VETTING before we hire anyone to represent us and not their pockets. When we fire them or hire them, no benefits/perks, just a reasonable salary and if they take even one dollar of the almighty donor dollar, they are fired!

        • I am Native American. Getting on the truth you should try it.

        • I am Native American

        • I am Native American. Truth is infectious you should try it

      • It does resemble Killary more than Trump!


    • They tell that to discourage people from going to the polls. They say well if she if going to win and is 16 points ahead in the polls I might as well not bother voting at all. I hope nobody falls for that tactic. There are people also who will not vote for someone if they think they are going to lose anyway or they do a protest vote and vote for a third Party candidate.

      • Swann2001 ….. “Baby Cakes” You are “Sooooo Right,” it’s “Terrible for Our Country” and a “Shame,” too!!!!!!!!!!!!
        The Definition of that is …..”Ignorance,” Period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People who don’t bother to “Vote” because of those reasons … should be “Punished,” in some way – like raise their Taxes, by 1 or 2 % for NOT participating!!!!!!!!!!

        However, You can “BET” that the Illegals and UN-Registered will Vote somehow …by “Hook or By Crook!!!!!!!!”

        Have a “Sparkling Day” ….You deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • The STATES do have the right to require photo IDs to vote because the Obama appointed judges are twisting the law and it must be ignored. States do have rights in spite of what this or any other administration tells you. We must insist on photo IDs to avoid voter fraud. PERIOD! I say this as an ongoing election officer! We required it in our city and the voters loved it because they too, whether D or R, are sick and tired of voter fraud and being told for whom to vote or not, and deportation sounds great to them and the sooner the better.

          • All Good Words, however … I too, where I Vote require my Picture ID prior to my Voting along with Proof of My Legal Residence … BUT … that’s NOT true for ALL Areas of this Country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s what I’m talking about because ….. in case you aren’t aware there WAS VOTER FRAUD in Both OBAMA Voting’s – 2008 & 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Problem is there are no states rights anymore . We have a government department for every right a State should have. The constitution was set up where “We the people had the most power. The states the next most power and the government the least . It is now inverted. We the people have the least because our government needs it to be. There are three things needed for socialism and tyrany to take hold. First Education. The progressives have taken that. Second is Heslth care . The progressives have taken that. Last is what Hillary will take if elected . Guns. That’s it no more constitution no more United States of Anerica. This election is as big as it gets. Hopefully people will vote this election for Trump because he may be a free Anericas last hope .

        • We need to turn out in HUGE numbers on election day! Evil George Sorros owns the ballot/voting machines in 3 key swing states. However, the corrupt Administration is getting nervous, so they now want the Federal Government to “takeover” the election process!!! Are u freakin’ kidding me? What nerve & how come this doesn’t ALARM people? The corruption couldn’t be any more obvious. Totally disgusted …Trump is our only chance for America and fighting for the people of this great nation; of which is quickly and sadly disappearing right before our eyes…

    • AS a statistician this is the only poll that is real, not bought and paid for, and actually randomly calling thousands and not just democrats and then filling the low response with those who don’t know yet for whom they will vote:

    • All physical evidence I see such as bumper stickers, personal conversations, etc shows the polls are phony as a 3 dollar bill.

      In fact, the only Clinton signs I have EVER seen for the past 2 years say “Hillery for Prison”

  9. HILLARY AND OBAMA FOR ……………………..PRISON IN 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    • You really need to get out more–it is obvious you are sitting there absorbing the “media” rhetoric. Why don’t you actually watch for yourself and may be make a deduction that is original to you? Repeating those criminals lines keeps you in the dark, deaf dumb and blind. Come on–do the American thing and use your freedom to think for yourself!

    • Ahhh no he didn’t. Hillary didn’t have the energy to go to Mexico, old guy.

  12. Sheath the sword and let Clinton have her grand mal seizure and fall on hers.

    • David Melnick David

      This b.s. about Hillary having major epileptic seizures is total desperation. Just an epileptic talking. Btw, that got me po’d.

      • Thanks for weighing in. The whole concern with the stealth issue on her health is that it will all come unraveled if she in fact does have any sort of major medical incident. I assume that you also wear weather inappropriate clothing as well, is that related or is that another affliction? After all, with every due respect, you’d more than likely know. I am also assuming that you are an authority on her truth telling as well. Most people in denial are.

        Here’s a hint, do not be two dimensional in your assumptions.

        • David Melnick David

          I’m not denying that she may have a health issue. I’m just saying that it isn’t a grand mal seizure issue. Just one who’s had all sorts for 4+ decades.

          • But even a petit mal can move on to grand mal – study up on tonic and clonic seizures for more info as well.

      • Well, since I am in med, head tremors, glazed look with eyes moving, spaced out like a TIA, falling, fainting, epipen, definitely point to serious neurological problems. At present she appears to be taking uppers to look peppy, bright and energetic all of which will make her mental and physical conditions worse and push her closer to the grave. Seizures she is having but so far not major but they can and will increase!

    • Actually she is seriously very ill of neurological conditions as well as a very bad blood clotting condition. So, her demise may come sooner than she thinks!

  13. People are finally getting a clue about crooked Hillary?? It is about time they wake up to what she will do if she ever won. I guess it takes a ton of bricks to fall on someone to be convinced of her totally vile agenda. Do we
    all have to die in order to see the truth? Put her into a prison for the criminally insane. Put all of the evil ones
    in the Demoncrap party in there with her. From Obummer on down to the smallest Goblins that infest Washington DC, one can hope and pray that they will get bulldozed by the TRUMP/PENCE train in November!!!

  14. She’s a rotting bag of corruption all contained in that skin sack….. I can’t stand what that woman represents, and the perversions she promotes. Saul Alinsky is her mentor…., enough said.

    • Repubs and TPs and especially you as a racist and bigot are whining why Trump went to Mexico. TPs an Repubs now know for sure Trump has lost the WH with his visit to Mexico. Now Mexico president is calling Trump liar and fake. That is very low for a foreign president to call you fake. I do not blame him calling Trump fake. Trump is immature because he was raised on golden plate. Look, he promised to build an electric fence to kill all Mexicans and Latino kids trying to enter this country illegally. Trump forgot that there are 20 mil Mexican-Americans and 35 Latino-Americans with relatives still in Mexico and Latino countries. I do not think Trump did a good job other than alienating Mexican-Americans more than before. Further American women are angry for Trump calling them “Fat.” “Pigs” “Dogs” “Disgusting animals” “ugly”. That is why Trump is going to E. Europe for another young woman as if there are no beautiful and strong American women here. Do you know who is taking with to Europe for wife hunting: Roger Ailes now Trump strategic political adviser who was accused of groping office women for 20 years; Pence the anti-abortion, Herman Cain the underwear groper, Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker, Gov. Sanford, Newt, the ugly Giuliani, Bill O’rielly who has just divorced and now accused for groping Tantaros and probably Hannity the school drop-out. Trump has refused to release his tax returns; telling us IRS is still auditing him. That is a lie. We are also told he directly banks in Belize – and IRS cannot find where is income went; and he wants regular people to vote for him. Trump should forget getting votes from American women; Trump should forget getting votes from Blacks and racial minorities for calling us “My Black friends” – well he may get one vote from Dr. Carson who is looking for Affirmative Action Trump job program. So if 89% women will vote for Hillary; 99.99 % Blacks and other racial minorities will vote for Hillary; 65% White males will vote for Hillary; so Trump is left with 12% racists and bigots to vote for him. If I were Trump, I would just hang up and go to Trump Tower and enjoy life with my 3 wives. Please vote for Hillary on November 8 at 9 am. I will be there to help you.

      • You and your Hillary are truly the “bottom of the barrel”. Hillary supporters show their true despicable racist, moral-less selves. That’s right…, I’m bigoted against corruption & the likes of Hillary and the perverted agenda she and Alinsky represents. I’ll wear that label proudly because it certainly shows I can distinguish between Right & Wrong…, Moral & Moral-less….
        You don’t know me from Adam…, and to call me Racist, proves your ignorance.
        Get real fool…, Liberalism is a disease, go seek help! Wanker…..

        • You see one Repub you see them all. They are racists, bigots, sexists lazy, government dependents, angry and therefore primitive living in a developed country. You remember James Watt during Reagan time. James mocked people with disability by calling them cripples. “In my office I have appointed a “N”, a Hebrew and a cripple.” Watt, like all Repubs do not think people of other races and handicap are really regular people. You remember when Trump mimicked a newspaper person. Trump is not a bad guy, he is just immature, ignorant about his surrounding like you. Look yesterday he met Mexico president after promising himself to electrocute Mexicans at the border. Now the Mexico President is calling Trump as fake, liar and unfit for the WH job. Why can’t we all make our lives easier -vote for Hillary our Angel On November 8 at 9 am. She is nice but tough on those TPs and Repubs morons in Congress. They are now scared to death.

          • Thought you should know…..

          • You want to see an ignorant, gullible, bigoted racist…..?
            GO LOOK IN THE MIRROR fool…..!
            Those who support Hillary are the epitome of gullible & ignorant…
            Yes…, you are a wanker…..

      • Well, #1 you were not listening to Pena and Trump, were you? Because it was a friendly and courteous speech and time there, and Pena has not come back calling Trump a fake, etc. #2 do a little research and find out past presidents lied, had mistresses, divorce, took and gave bribes, and again most were democrats and progressives (progressive the new cover word for communist), and went to church to impress but not really participate. Your knowledge base doesn’t exist and your brainless blog underpoints your lack of knowledge, and tells us about your character. Voting for Hillary will the end of you and America. My family has suffered from socialism and communism, and she is the leverage the DNC needs to accomplish the last or near last step to taking over America to communism. Check out online the DNC’s 1963 published Communist Manifesto of 44 steps. Sorry, but we prefer our Republic, our freedom and rights to slavery or serfdom, but again to each his own. The fake in your story needs to replace the word “Trump” with “Hillary” as you stated all her evils!

      • keep cutting and pasting troll

        • Do you know Malania, Trump’s wife is suing USA government because of one US paper? She is an illegal and still is suing USA. Why can’t Trump control his 3 wives illegally in this country. Trump may as well hang up now and go and preach his wives how to behave.

    • Amen. Saul Alinsky is also Obama’s mentor and the inspiration for ACORN that was under investigation in seven States for voter fraud. So we would just see a continuation of the decay of America, the continued attacks on Christians and Christian values. It is a joke that Hillary Clinton could be Commander-In-Chief when she once told a General in the White House to see her husband that she didn’t like seeing his kind around there, meaning military men. Now she thinks she can be their leader?

    • As is Soros, who is also giving her money for her candidacy, he also gave $650K to the BLM. He is known for destroying countries via economic falls as well as dividing people.

  15. Actually a 5% would be to high.






    Caught the entire Trump presentation last night. Fantastic. Who would believe Washington State would give him such an audience. It was Packed and 8,000 more people outside. He outlined his complete immigration policy and highlighted it step by step. Then went into detail about the order he would do it in. There is only one candidate for this job and that is Trump. He was complimentary about the Mexican president who treated Trump as his guest.

    Trump on stage with the Mexican president gave a very presidential look. The NBC,CNN communist media furiously turned on the Mexican president and called for the over throw of his government. They trotted out a Bush Bot Vincente Fox to destroy the president of Mexico. There is no difference between Rinos and God hating democrats. The DNC last convention threw GOD out and like anything else with the help of their communist media covered it up. You tube has the roll call see for yourself.

    Today Trump is in Ohio trying to turn the tide of hate that K-Sick created. Imagine a Rino Governor refusing to support El Trumpo just because he did not get the free toaster? What a baby.

    We hear the first debate will be hosted by Matt Lousy who is another Candy Crowley. She was the CNN implant that mashed Romney’s bananas and gave the presidency to Obama the Iranian Mullah translated by Huma Abedin.

    In case you did not know it. Your tax dollars just bought SS300 missiles from Russia to protect Iranian nuclear sites. I could sure use some of my 100 dollar unmarked bills back. Now I know what politicians mean when they say they just passed a bill.







    • Excellent post!!!! Thanks for taking your time to do it.

    • I want to appeal to not Black Americans or Hispanic Americans but to all Americans who love this Country and don’t want to see it destroyed to at least search your heart and ask yourself one question. If what you know about Hillary now and in the past if she was running as a Republican, would you seriously vote for her? Be honest about this because everyone’s future depends on your answer. If the answer is no way, then when you step into that booth come November and the curtains close and your all alone vote your conscience and nothing else. Not Party, not Democrat because you have always voted that way, vote as we will all be forced to do, for the lessor of two evils. You cannot put a known corrupt, greedy, evil woman in that office and expect to get a good result. I believe that given half a chance Trump will do right by all Americans, he will do his best to protect us, to build up the economy, to make Trade fair again, he will not deport hard working illegals who have been here for years with families. He will I believe as he should and as we should want him to, to deport criminals who have committed violent crimes, currently under this administration we can’t even get rid of the criminal elements who have invaded this Country.

  17. Bill Clinton is out jogging around in some of the seedier areas of Washington D.C. He notices a good looking prostitute. She sees him and calls out, “Fifty dollars!”
    He’s tempted, but the price is a little high so he calls back, “Five!”
    She’s disgusted and turns away while Bill continues his jog.
    A few days later, he finds himself jogging in the same area and as luck would have it, the prostitute is still there. But she won’t come down on her price. …
    “Fifty!” she shouts.
    Bill answers her, “Five!”
    No sale.
    About a week later, Hillary has decided that she wants to get into shape so she demands to go jogging with Bill. They get to the seedy part of town and the same prostitute is still there.
    She eyes Bill and Hillary together and yells, “See what you get for five dollars!”

  18. The sad thing is that almost the entire News media of Papers, TV and Radio are sympathetic to the ghastly lying Clinton woman. Being retired I only subscribe to the Daily Print Edition of the Wall Street Journal as it is the only paper that gives an
    intelligent wide range of both national & world news. Of late I have noticed that even the more sensible of the national Newspapers, and even the WSJ are leaning more and more every day to articles from writers who are intentionally more sympathetic to Mrs. Clinton’s more outrageous Socialist nonsenses, and publishing articles that are consistently anti-Trump with the sometimes understated disapproval of everything he either says or does regardless of the truth. I guess people have to make their own minds up, but the media wants that wretched criminally inclined woman to be our next president. I can only hope that the sexual scandals and financial transgressions of their last joint Presidency are not completely forgotten. I trust that the majority of the voters are sufficiently informed and intelligent to make their own honest decisions uninfluenced by the current collusion of the Media with the Corruption of the Clintons. Just think back to the tackiness of their last joint administration where they even turned the Lincoln bedroom at the Whitehouse into their own version of a private personal for profit No Tell Motel. I think everyone has a very short memory about the almost daily shenanigans of their joint mal-administration.

    • Yep, it has been noticeable about how the MSM is backing away from Hillary or actually stating the truth. Hope they have wills prepared! The MSM has found being for Hillary has reduced their numbers to hundreds and that hurts their income and maybe even losing their jobs. Covering for a criminal communist doesn’t pay off in the long run. Remember most of MSM is foreign owned (think Soros and muslims) or invested n by muslims so can’t expect they will say nice things about the best candidate and a candidate that is for America and us. Trump speaks for millions of us who do not belong to either Party. The RNC was dying on the vine until Trump came along and revivified it with more people voting Republican. If they turn traitor on them, their privately owned corporation is dust!

  19. “It begins with trusting the voters to see the truth” ?!?!?
    So folks, how many of you are THAT naivete?
    The educated Left KNOWS the truth, they DON’T care!!!!
    They want the power that socialism brings to them
    The uneducated Left may or may NOT know the truth, but that’s irrelevant, they just want the goodies and freebies that’s being promised to them.
    A few swing voters MAY come our way, but not many.
    This Country has had too many takers for too many years, and they want more.
    You will NEVER win them over.

  20. It sure is going to be fun when the debates start just to watch Trump’s face turn red for being beat up by a girl.

    • Wayne, take off the cowboy hat as you do it a huge disservice-a Nazi helmut suits you better.

    • Hilary has no successes as secretary of state and she sure can’t defend the bad economy. Trump has a very high IQ and he’ll beat her like a Salvation Army drum. Hillary is no girl, she’s old silver crotch.

    • What an absolutely MORONIC post. Shitlery the gash freezes up whenever she has to answer questions she hasn’t prepared for. She also has to use seat fillers at her “rallies” and even at the DNC because NO ONE cares to watch the lying, cheating, scandalous POS.


      • That was funny when Bernie’s followers left the arena and in order to look like she had a few, they had to hire seat warmers. Still laughing. Trump draws multi-thousands and her largest was only 500 and most times only a handful so the cameras never show the empty seats. Only fruitcakes stick with her.

        • Those theatrics worked until about 1990, when computers REALLY took off. Now these morons will get caught at every shot.

  21. I don’t understand why people who say they going to vote for her cannot see just how really dangerous this hag is. She uses race baiting like it is some clothing she might wear. She will rip gave relations completely apart. She is owned and operated by George Soros and anyone who can read can see how he has stated openly that he wants to destroy America. Consider the fact that this Billionaire said this openly and add his complicity in both the riots and damage done in Baltimore and Fergerson, Missouri and the damage he caused their as well as the other Places and organizations that are puppets to him and put Hillary Clinton in as President with this man owning her and wanting to remake America according to George Soros and I have to ask are people in this country actually this stupid or is it like PRIVATE GUMP states, ” stupid is as stupid does” ?
    People like this hag must never become President as long as they are owned and operated by people like the George Soros,of this world. She Will do and act like a good little Lap dog for Soros and help him destroy America like he said he wanted to do.
    Men, all men, why vote for this hag? She stated in writing recently that she did not need any man’s vote to win the election. If you do not know it, she does not like men very much.

    • Nor women. She says Trump has war on women while it is she is having war on women: she denigrated and tried everything she could against the women Bill raped or seduced to ruin their reputations, she pays her female staffers less than the male staffers, etc., etc. When she decries Trump you know she is talking about herself! Her brain is not functioning well with her illnesses and truth slip out just as she said the middle class would have their taxes raised and then when she woke up, she tried to retract is. Truth will out, Hillary!

  22. She is so bulky bet it adult diapers she is hiding

  23. Trump slimming his profile and blow up hilarys is good.
    Hilary does not do heavy duty scrutiny and questioning well. The debates shouls get very interesting.
    The rosie O slapping around would ge goos. Hilary would try the sex card but be told, you stepped into the arena so tk it like a raving dyke

  24. ConservativeSenior

    Someone please tell me why her poll numbers are so high? No one goes to her campaign stops; thousands go to Trump’s rallies. Are the polls being bought by clinton?

  25. It’s amazing that with all of the lies, distortions, and negligence to duty, attributable to Mrs. Clinton, that there are people who are centered upon the question of her health, as if not withstanding her questionable health, she has the qualities for the presidency of the United States.

    Regardless of exposing the nation’s state secrets resulting from serving her personal convenience and by-passing U.S. State Dept. regulations, at the risk of cyber intelligence experts acting on behalf of nations such as Russia, Iran, and China, etc., gaining access to that which she was required to observe in absolute secrecy. Plus, each day that goes by, more e-mails are discovered that she indicated were destroyed. Mrs. Clinton is a never-ending source of lies.

    The very e-mails which she assured all of us were personal e-mail traffic concerning her daughter’s wedding plans, Yoga instruction arrangements, also use by her favored subordinates co-mixing that type personal e-mail traffic with U.S. State Dept. official e-mail communications. It is no wonder that she dodges press conferences, and makes herself generally unavailable to questions unless under oath to congressional questioning. But, with it all, she is masterful at evading facts and lying. Her tactic is “to run out the clock” because whatever the presidency really means to her, she is obsessed for it. Despite her maneuvers of combining her Secretary of State position duties which were an abject failure, with growing the Clinton Foundation by promising State Dept. Access to foreign interests for their large donations to the “Clinton Foundation”.

    What a web of lies and sell-outs of America! And, her health is the issue of greater concern than her malfeasance in office for her personal monetary gain! Unbelievable that there are Americans who actually overlook her criminality and all they’re concerned with is her state of health and whether she could function as President…. She could not function as Secretary of State without betraying that important office and puts on the act that “she just didn’t know” she was defying the State security system. If “she just didn’t know,” why was she appointed in the first place? The answer to that is the entire Obama regime is corrupt and Mrs. Clinton is as corrupt as Barack Obama..

  26. As it should be!

  27. The more truth that comes to light, the more criminal activity gets exposed. Too bad the Democrappers are all about the agenda, not the rule of law.

  28. hillary has huma all to herself now. The truth is hillary wouldn’t make a pimple on a president’s buttocks. PERIOD

  29. Will someone,please ,put that thing in a dress of some sort. Wait a minute there’s something about putting lipstick on a pig.

  30. Yes chewed up spit out then Bill marries her. Flunks bar. Messes up as governors wife Rodham changed name. The volatile dangerous ineffective First Lady. Messes up New York. Messes up big time as Secretary of State. Loses ability to lie effectively. Broke she sells pay for play. Does nothing for victims of Bill’s victims she calls them “bimbos”, Latino “tacos” and disabled “retards”. Now she is a decrepit old granny that can’t comb her hair. No loss TRUMP MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN

  31. During a joint news conference after their meeting, Trump said he and Pena Nieto had not discussed his demand that Mexico pay for the border wall.

    But Pena Nieto later contradicted Trump, saying he had told the American that Mexico would not foot the bill.

  32. “His policy stances could represent a huge threat to Mexico, and I am not prepared to keep my arms crossed and do nothing,” Pena Nieto said. “That risk, that threat, must be confronted. I told him that is not the way to build a mutually beneficial relationship for both nations.” Pena Nieto had likened Trump to dictators Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini earlier this year.

    • LIAR. The world is now worried about Shitlery and HER ties to REAL terrorists. And, with more emails coming out soon that will show her collusion with other enemies, her goose will be cooked.


      • 1) Not a liar, the Mexico posts were copy/paste news reports, Washington Post .I know, that’s not a news source for you but you sure won’t find truth stuck on far right fascist radio, I hear that whack-a-doo stuff everyday. Perhaps you also missed Pena’s tweet that repeated that he told Millertrump that ‘Mexico will not be paying for the wall.’ What a stupid idea anyway .
        2) You send me stuff from your tin hat world that never has any coherence, probably why you identify with Mr. Miller.
        3) I’ve told you before-I’m not a Clinton voter although definitely would if it were between her and the orange baboon.
        4) Your a fun guy Austin .

        • Tsk! Tsk! Good try but you lose again, Jazz. Pena can say not paying for the wall, so just read my blog above and know how the wall and closing tunnels will be paid taking all freebies, welfare, jobs and remittances from the invaders which amounts to many, many billions of dollars! more than enough to build a wall like the Israeli wall and with shooters available to guard it!

        • You ARE a laughable, gash voting MORON.

    • Jazz, sweetie, I lived several years in Mexico and taking away no sending remittances, welfare and freebies will force many to leave on their own, but will hurt Mexico’s national income tremendously as it is mostly on what the rich there live on. NAFTA, built by Billy Bob, actually needs to be removed and not changed as the talk between Trump and Pena seemed to consider. Pena has never likened Trump as anything because his party the PRI is communist and dictating. Truly again Jazz, you are creative but not convincing because no facts.

  33. Hillary is the death of America, and lemming democrats, blacks and Hispanics don’t see it?

  34. hillary rodham clinton is nothing but a corrupt lying traitor to this country and a danger to our security and the military’s as well. Anyone who would vote for this beast is a traitor to America and has not one bit of respect for our laws.

  35. Yah!!! While sitting down the other day, Hillary’s leg wraps were clearly visible! They seem to extend all the way from the waist to the lower thigh! I’ve seen those type of support girdles at the Rite Aid… They’re supposed to help with symptoms of leg thrombosis! Not presidential wear at all! The reason she wears that long jacket style …I suspect is to hide the outline of her Depends! I agree..bad image!

  36. Half the members of Donald Trump’s Hispanic advisory board are readying their resignations Thursday, following the Republican nominee’s hardline speech on immigration policy in Phoenix, Arizona the previous night. While some are formally considering leaving the campaign, others who are not publicly renouncing their support said that they no longer want to be associated with the GOP nominee. At least one Hispanic Trump surrogate has already pulled his support for the GOP candidate.Jacob Monty, a member of Trump’s Hispanic council, immediately resigned after the speech.

    • That’s a laughable and moronic post you placed. Shitlery isn’t even being raked over the coals yet since we haven’t seen the next batch of hacked emails but, we will AND she will. She thinks she’s out of the woods because they’re working so hard to redact the ones they found but they won’t be able to do ANYTHING about the Assange emails. Now there’s this video and hundreds of copies making the rounds showing just how the corruption runs even within her moronic party. The sharing and viewing of this video is ANOTHER thing she nor the rapist can do anything about. If you think the gash is going to improve going forward, you’re far more delusional than even I thought.


    • Might be a good move to let them bail. Must have been looking for a government JOB to begin with. They knew his position from the start. Are they looking for favorable consideration? Hmmm?

    • Gee, must be great to have “inside” knowledge but good try but a worthless try. Go back to the basement and TV and let adults blog here. Since I have many contacts with latino associates and friends, you are full of it, ditto women, Independents, blacks and fundamentalists voting for Trump. You must use what little brain you have for better info.

      • All direct copy/paste from Washington Post news stories. You should read Pena’s twitter, go back to mommy’s basement and leave her laptop alone.

  37. As for this NFL Kapernik (sic on purpose), is he black or white? Let him do his thingie and let him go the way of the losers; he put himself there. Looks like a tattoo advertisement anyhow. Black ink on black skin just looks BAD?

    • I’m 100% baseball. My mantra “what’s football?”. Yesterday I purchased my first football jersey ever; KAEPERNICK 7. What a great young patriot! Standing up by sitting down for his fellow citizens. We must not allow rogue cops murder innocent people in our streets, what humane person could?. Patriotism is a verb. I’ll be sitting at the Reds/Cards game in my new jersey during the anthem tomorrow. Sitting to stop injustice. K’s socks….order a pair online and throw that tea in the harbor!

  38. “the rodham” campaign knows they have a rotten apple to sell to America so their best strategy is to keep her hidden from interviews and public appearances . . . her primary role is to “roll donors” for hard cash, while under the influence of her “witch-craft”.

    Do we want to hire a literal “pig in a poke” for the most important job in the world?

  39. The voters will not put clinton in the white house. The sinister and corrupt electoral college will put her in office. This happening is unstoppable. What is the proof you ask? Because of the simple fact of their being so above the law. In 2007, hillary was promised the white house this year. Sure it was a bribe and the debt will be paid off. Unfortunate for the American people.

  40. Article writer obviously not for Trump nor listening to him: Trump is always for the people and yesterday super underlined that! But, bat the heck out of Hillary also who has never ever had one accomplishment in 30 yrs. of promises – NONE/ZILCH/NIL/ZERO! Trump’s whole life consists of accomplishments for which he worked hard to accomplish, while Hillary spent her time talking, taking bribes, selling our uranium, causing Qaddafi death to allow Libya to go haywire, and Benghazi, and oh don’t forget Arab Spring as well. These accomplishments kill! and do nothing for us, America, but a lot for the Clinton Foundation. See this site and get a real poll not bought and paid to determine a “poll”:

    • You really don’t know, do you? A well informed voter.
      •First ever student commencement speaker at Wellesley College.
      •President of the Wellesley Young Republicans
      •Intern at the House Republican Conference
      •Distinguished graduate of Yale Law School
      •Editorial board of the Yale Review of Law and Social Action
      •Appointed to Senator Walter Mondale’s Subcommittee on Migratory Labor.
      •Co-founded Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families
      •Staff attorney for Children’s Defense Fund
      •Faculty member in the School of Law at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
      •Former Director of the Arkansas Legal Aid Clinic.
      •First female chair of the Legal Services Corporation
      •First female partner at Rose Law Firm.
      •Former civil litigation attorney.
      •Former Law Professor at the University of Arkansas School of Law.
      •twice listed by The National Law Journal as one of the hundred most influential lawyers in America
      •Former First Lady of Arkansas.
      •Arkansas Woman of the Year in 1983
      •Chair of the American Bar Association’s Commission on Women in the Profession
      •twice named by the National Law Journal as one of the 100 most influential lawyers in America
      •created Arkansas’s Home Instruction Program for Preschool Youth
      •led a task force that reformed Arkansas’s education system
      •Board of directors of Wal-Mart and several other corporations
      •Instrumental in passage of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program
      •Promoted nationwide immunization against childhood illnesses
      •Successfully sought to increase research funding for prostate cancer and childhood asthma at the National Institutes of Health
      •Worked to investigate reports of an illness that affected veterans of the Gulf War (now recognized as Gulf War Syndrome)
      •Helped create the Office on Violence Against Women at the Department of Justice
      •Initiated and shepherded the Adoption and Safe Families Act
      •First FLOTUS in US History to hold a postgraduate degree
      •Traveled to 79 countries during time as FLOTUS
      •Helped create Vital Voices, an international initiative to promote the participation of women in the political processes of their countries.
      •Served on five Senate committees:
      -Committee on Budget (2001–2002)
      -Committee on Armed Services (2003–2009)
      -Committee on Environment and Public Works (2001–2009)
      -Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (2001–2009)
      -Special Committee on Aging.
      •Member of the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe
      •Instrumental in securing $21 billion in funding for the World Trade Center site’s redevelopment
      •Leading role in investigating the health issues faced by 9/11 first responders.
      •In the aftermath of September 11th, she worked closely with her senior Senate counterpart from New York, Sen. Charles Schumer, on securing $21.4 billion in funding for the World Trade Center redevelopment.
      • Middle East ceasefire. In November 2012, Secretary of State Clinton brokered a ceasefire deal between Israel and Hamas.
      •Introduced the Family Entertainment Protection Act, intended to protect children from inappropriate content found in video games.
      •First ex-FLOTUS in US History to be elected to the United States Senate (and re-elected)
      •Two-term New York Senator
      -(senate stats here: https://www.govtrack.us/…)
      -(voting record here: http://votesmart.org/…)
      •Former US Secretary of State
      •GRAMMY Award Winner

  41. .
    NaNa’s promise for the future Since they admit it is unethical and illegal why not end it NOW.

    • Were you all cartooned up while The Bush Foundation ran without change while Dubya was sleeping in the White House ?

      • .
        In typical D’genrat fashion you begged the question. . . .
        Since they admit it is unethical and illegal why not end it NOW.


  42. Hillary, is rotten whore to core, Obama #2 in line

  43. Vote for Hillary may get all killed

  44. She’s a criminal running for President of this country—WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU ABOUT THE POLITICAL SYSTEM OF THIS COUNTRY?

  45. John H. Kohlenberg

    Quit running for president, you have no qualities. Stick with munching on HUMA. You lesbian queer.

  46. That is compared-to-what.

    According to recent surveys, there is a greater negative than positive trust number for both candidates.

    Both are going more negative.

    Mr. Trump is further down than Ms. Clinton and is falling faster.

    How low will both go?

  47. I’d vote for the neighbor’s dog before I’d vote for another Clinton. VOTE TRUMP in 2016

  48. If the main stream media would divulge why they support Hitlery when they have the most info about her past misdeeds than any group around, maybe I could understand it. What is their motive and what do they have to gain individually? No one in their right mind would want another 4 or 8 (God forbid) years like the last 2 terms under the worst POTUS in our history! Like Trump or not, he is the only hope we have and no one can doubt his commitment and patriotism. He can’t run the country by himself (no one person can!), but I know he will provide a great cabinet, non-liberal court judges, experienced agency heads, and other smart advisors who will guide his views and that of the GOP, if we can only give him a chance to bring back true conservatism.

  49. COPY/PASTE : “The proposal to build the wall, and to believe that Mexico could and would pay for it, is outrageous,” presidential spokesman Eduardo Sanchez told local radio, after Trump’s rapid, impromptu visit to Mexico on Wednesday.

    “What I know is that Mexico will not pay a single cent if they want to build a wall on that side of the border,” he added.

    On Twitter early on Thursday, Trump wrote, “Mexico will pay for the wall!”

    That prompted a Twitter reply from Pena Nieto later in the day: “I repeat what I told you personally Mr Trump, Mexico would never pay for a wall.”


    NEW YORK – Does billionaire activist George Soros have the economic clout to push out conservative hosts and commentators that oppose with his leftist agenda?
    Among the 2,500 documents hacked from Soros’ Open Society Foundation are documents in which Soros’ Open Society Foundation boasts of funding a minority activist campaign against advertisers that succeeded in ousting Glenn Beck from Fox News and Pat Buchanan from MSNBC.
    In a memorandum dated March 27, 2012, Bill Vandenberg, the head of Soros’ Democracy Fund, discusses a two-year grant to support the Color of Change, an online organizing group described within the document as the largest online political activist group representing African-American issues.
    The group has more than 900,000 dues-paying members advocating “within the African-American community on issues that impact the community, including criminal justice, media representation, racial justice, and Internet community.”
    In the memo, Vandenberg says a reason for continuing to fund Color of Change is that the group through implementing successful political communications campaigns “has held media companies accountable for derogatory actions, including successful campaigns to oust Glenn Beck from the Fox Network and Pat Buchanan from MSNBC.”
    The memo appears to confirm the suspicion among conservatives that Soros has funded aggressive attacks on advertisers to silence effective conservative commentators.
    $40 million attack
    Eric Boehlert, reporting in Media Matters – another Soros-funded, leftist organization – wrote on April 7, 2011, in the wake of Beck’s firing, that Color of Change “was instrumental in launching the Beck ad boycott that cost Fox some $40 million in advertising,” while neglecting to report that Soros either funded the advertiser boycott campaign or participated in funding Color of Change through his Open Society Foundation.
    Another hacked Soros document, a memo from Diana Morris to the U.S. Programs Board of the Open Society Foundation, dated Jan. 30, 2012, makes clear the two-year grant discussed in Vandenberg’s memo cited above was an extension of a pre-existing funding commitment.
    “It is important to recognize U.S. Programs’ primary role of granting money to other organizations,” Morris wrote.
    “While we undertake our own communications and advocacy efforts, we also invest in others to advance open society in the United States. Some grantees, such as the Center or American Progress, Media Matters, and Color of Change, to name a few, are sophisticate communications machines, while other grantees scarcely engage in any communications efforts,” Morris continued. “There was broad agreement in the working group that it is important to strengthen grantee communications efforts.”
    Yet another hacked document, the briefing book for the Open Society Foundation U.S. Programs Board scheduled to meet in New York City on Sept. 29-30, 2014, makes clear on Page 40 that Soros continued to fund Color of Change to engage in “political communication” efforts. The document said Color of Change had joined ACLU, referred to as another Open Society Foundation “anchor grantee,” in being “nationally and locally active in Ferguson, Missouri, following the police shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown.”
    Since 2009, Soros’ Open Society Foundation has given $550,000 to Color for Change and its parent organization, Citizen Engagement Laboratory, or CEL. The groups have been identified as seeking to mobilize minority citizens to expand their political voice through use of the Internet as “champions of suppressed and disadvantaged individuals in order to advance their progressive political agenda,” implementing strategies that include using Soros dollars to rally leftist supporters to vote.
    Beck ‘fired for attacking Soros’
    In June 2011, when Glenn Beck was fired from his highly popular, hour-long weekday show on Fox News, the Huffington Post attributed the firing to “an aggressive campaign [that] caused up to 400 advertisers to drop their support of the show,” although news sources at the time did not identify Soros as the culprit.
    Two years later, in May 2013, WND presented evidence Beck was fired because he dared to attack Soros on air.
    In a Huffington Post interview, longtime PBS news commentator Bill Moyers defended Soros, charging the billionaire had “been the victim, of course, of Glenn Beck and the right wing, the Fox News assassins.”
    Beck responded: “Here’s the real reason why George Soros is worried about little old me and the assassins, because I know the truth about him.
    “Everyone – including the assassins [at Fox News] – told me, ‘You wanna shut up about George Soros?’
    “No. No I don’t. Nope. Doesn’t make my life easier. Doesn’t make me more popular. Doesn’t do anything, except I am allowed to end my days saying I told the truth. I did what somebody should have done and tell the truth. The truth has no agenda. The truth will set you free. The truth needs to be held like a sword and a shield. He should be worried. He should be worried because I’m going to continue to expose him when he finds out the role he plays in our next little book coming out this spring. He’ll be up all night on the phone with Bill Moyers crying himself to sleep.”
    In June 2011, WND reported that Jewish Funds for Justice, the charity WND had identified as leading the crusade demanding Fox News fire Beck, was backed by Soros and tied to many of the liberal activists that Beck routinely excoriates on his program.
    WND noted Jewish Funds for Justice delivered a petition with 10,000 signatures to Fox News in protest of a program in which Beck called Soros a “puppet master.” JFSJ deemed the show anti-Semitic.
    In 2009, the Open Society provided a $150,000 grant to JFSJ and its associated group, the Funder’s Collaborative on Youth Organizing. In 2010, the Open Society provided a $200,000 grant to last a period of two years.
    MSNBC axed Buchanan over book controversy
    In February 2012, Politico reported MSNBC had finally reached a decision to sever relations with Buchanan permanently after 10 years, supposedly over a controversy surrounding his book, “Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?”
    In a piece published in the American Conservative in Februrary 2012 titled, “Blacklisted, But Not Beaten,” Buchanan agreed that his firing began “almost immediately” with the Oct. 18 publication of the book. He correctly identified the culprit as Color of Change, a group existing “to strengthen Black America’s political voice,” which charged his book espoused a “white supremacist ideology.”
    Buchanan said Color of Change “took particular umbrage at the title of Chapter 4, ‘The End of White America.’”
    Buchanan defended the thesis of the book, arguing, “America is Balkanizing, breaking down along the lines of religion, race, ethnicity, culture, and ideology and that Western peoples are facing demographic death by century’s end.”
    He further commented that the modus operandi of “the thought police at Color of Change” is to brand as racist “any writer who dares to venture outside the narrow corral in which they seek to confine debate.”
    Commenting on Color of Change’s efforts to remove him from MSNBC, Buchanan wrote: “I know these blacklisters. They operate behind closed doors, with phone calls, mailed threats, and off-the-record meetings. They work in the dark because, as Al Smith said, nothing un-American can live in the sunlight.”
    As early as Jan. 9, 2012, WND had reported that Color of Change was behind the movement to oust Buchanan from MSNBC.
    In that article, WND reported Color of Change was pressing to have Buchanan removed from MSNBC, citing an online statement published by the group’s executive director, Rashad Robinson, who demanded “it’s time for MSNBC to permanently end their relationship with Pat Buchanan and the hateful, outdated ideas he represents.”
    Color of Change’s boasts
    In a statement still published on the group’s website, Color of Change boasts that beginning in 2009, the group forced Beck off cable television.
    “Beck legitimized disproven, racist ideas about the role of Black people in society by integrating them into mainstream political conversations,” the statement reads. “White supremacists praised him for helping to make their ideas more respectable and widespread. And he did it with the support of hundreds of major corporations that advertised on his show. No one was fighting back effectively; our movement didn’t have an answer to Glenn Beck.”
    Color of Change openly admits running an economic campaign to drive Beck off Fox News, claiming it was launched in July 2008 when Beck called President Obama a “racist” with a “deep-seated hatred for white people.”
    Some 285,000 people signed a Color of Change petition to Beck’s advertisers demanding Beck be removed from Fox News.
    Color of Change described the campaign against Beck:
    Within days of Beck’s attack on President Obama, tens of thousands of Color Of Change members were signing our petition to all of Beck’s advertisers, channeling our outrage into meaningful and strategic leverage over Fox News. At the same time, behind the scenes, our staff initiated a dialogue with some of Beck’s biggest advertisers, corporations including Walmart, CVS, Best Buy and Sprint. We conveyed to them the concerns of our members, and presented them with a clear choice: stop funding Beck, or become publicly associated with his racism and divisiveness. We partnered with Media Matters to track ads on Beck’s show, and worked with organizations including CREDO Action, MoveOn and Jewish Funds for Justice to draw more people into the campaign and increase the pressure.
    Most companies moved quickly to pull their ads, once they understood the power of our members to hold them accountable. When a corporation refused, our members took action, flooding them with hundreds of phone calls, and spreading content and commentary on social media that linked their brand to Beck and his attacks on Black people. Nearly every corporation we targeted pulled their ads. The victories snowballed, continuing for months.

  51. At your business you decide to hire for the most senior position available. Question: would you want a proven, known, incompetent, dishonest, untrustworthy, non-transparent individual in the position?

    Well, sane individuals will draw the same conclusion. This bitch will not, must not and cannot become president. Besides, she’s so ill, she’ll probably drop dead before voting begins – the wicked witch!

  52. antidisestablishmentarianism

    Tom Fitton’s newest book, Clean House, powerfully lays out what Judicial Watch uncovered about the Obama administration during its second term… Hillary Clinton’s secret emails; the Benghazi cover-up; the Obama IRS targeting scheme; stealth amnesty for illegal aliens; threats to the integrity of the 2016 elections; and the unprecedented Obama assaults on government transparency and accountability. What’s Inside? You’ll learn the truth behind:
    1) Hillary Clinton Email Scandal… how Hillary Clinton, her top aides and senior officials at the Obama State Department conspired to permit Hillary Clinton to evade open records laws by maintain a private email server and email accounts to transact official government business…despite the illicit nature of this arrangement and the fact that it jeopardized “Top Secret” government
    communications and our national security…
    2) Obama Amnesty… how Barack Obama and his radical administration have attempted to destroy the meaning of American citizenship by refusing to enforce our laws against illegal immigration and opening our borders to all comers…
    3) Obama IRS Scandal… the real story behind one of the most chilling attack on Americans’ First Amendment rights ever…the Obama administration conspiracy to target, harass and cripple conservative opponents
    of President Obama…a conspiracy that reached from the IRS into the Justice Department, the FBI and probably the White House itself…
    4) Benghazi-Gate… a stunning story of government incompetence, mendacity and contempt for the American people’s right to know…all to protect the political fortunes of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton…
    5) Stealing Elections… how Barack Obama and his administration are pulling out all the stops to help their radical political allies hold onto power in the 2016 elections… by attacking states that seek to protect the
    honesty of their elections and by refusing to enforce federal laws designed to combat voter fraud…
    6) Obama Cover-ups and Corruption… right out of the records of Judicial Watch’s own investigations and lawsuits, here is the truth about the chronic corruption and compulsive secrecy of the Obama administration…corruption and cover-ups that are totally at odds with Barack Obama’s empty promises of honesty and “transparency” in government.

    “No one is more effective and fearless in fighting corruption in Washington, D.C. than Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch. If you care about the future of our country and want to make a difference, read Clean House. It’s time to put both Democrats and Republicans on notice.” Go here to order book: https://cleanhousebattleplan.com/

  54. Donald Trump’s Image: Liar, liar, liar, cheater, cheater, cheater, crook, crook, crook. 151 lawsuits for Trump not enough for you lying bastard right wingers?

    And that hairhat on that orange head of Trump’s What’ s up with that?

    But how about the president of Mexico stating flatly tried LIED about getting Mexico to pay for a border wall. OH gee. Guess you narrow minded limp dick fukkaroos are still doing the Tammy Wynette thing? “Stand BY YOUR MAN, give him 2 arms to cling to and something warm to come to when nights are cold and lonely”

    You bet you’ll stand by your man Trump. You better after he goes down in flames and loses this election. You better give him 2 arms to cling to. He’s going to need it when his business associates dump his ass like a hot cake.

    You’ll be ALL Trump has that something warm to come to when his NIGHTS and YOURS are cold and lonely in your mental institutions.

    And you thought you could go to threads and harass the rest of us? How do you like it? Don’t much like it when the shoe’s on the other foot right shitforbrains?

  55. No words can describe Hillary, and Obama , their minions and the DNC, it’s like one big freak show. Disgusting

  56. Doesn’t matter, her dumbed-down, drugged-up, misinformed, uninformed useful idiots will commit political suicide by voting for this ole ugly commie whore!

  57. It is a travesty voters have a choice between Trump & Killary. With that said nobody in their right mind could vote for a low sleaze, chronic liar, career criminal, who should have been in prison back in AR, her days in the WH, & most recently her e-mail felonies which endangered the security of the USA. She is a slang word for vagina.

  58. This greedy, corrupt, self-promoting, crooked biitch (and I apologize to female dogs) is the lowest thing on earth. She and slick willie are the Clamperts of Washington–the real Arkansas hillbillies who have absolutely no class. Oh, I’m sorry they do, it’s low class trailer trash. I understand she fell the other day because her diaper was loaded. Shall we list her accomplishments–what IS THE COUNT UP TO NOW 59 DEAD. Ask her secret service people what she really is like—a time bomb that is set to go off at any minute especially with her foul mouth–she’s no lady. The second worst thing to ever happen to America (I put Obama and his muslim administration as #1) is to vote this conniving socialist piece of trash in as president.

  59. Did you see hillary last week at her most recent appearance? She looked horrible, huge bags under her eyes, dirty unwashed hair, make up smudged, frumpy clothing…looked like a WalMart reject. Something is eating her up and she looks like crap. Could it be ALL THOSE LIES are finally catching up to her? Or is she realizing she’s not going to win this game? She looks like something the cat dragged in…

    • It’s probably all of her past catching up with her. Cocaine and marijuana use, associating with known communist at Woodstock and the 1960s riots and protest. This, along with her pathetic health is her concern. She, like old Georgie Soros, her pal, is being propped up with modern day medicine. Some day, soon, it will give out. The next steps are bionics.

  60. Tell me what Trump has lied about? He’s never sold States secrets. He’s never made Policy on any thing like Hillery has. He doesn’t have/had a private server and then lied about it. Mr. trump has done nothing to hurt America or we the people. Now if you don’t mind being lied to over and over then I guess things will remain the same for your grandchildren. I for one hate a liar. Remember what the Government give th the Government can take away because sooner or later they will run out of other people’s money. Let’s remove GOD lets remove the FLAG let the Government run our Police Depatments and things will be a lot better, REALLY!!!


  62. hillary has more loose end than a tree has branches she has inflicted herself into the world of corruption and taken money for god only knows what but if she is allowed to our highest position of presidency our country will fall

  63. Again, these polls are done by the liberals. So, the real numbers of favorability are Hildebeast 19%, Trump 67%.

  64. obama transformed america just like he promised-
    into a sewage disposal plant-
    the 2nd ammendment is
    being eliminated step by step
    We got protection with no questions no waiting and no paperwork
    search gunbroker ebay and google for
    “conversion cylinder for cap and ball naa”

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  66. Hillary, according to Secret Service, must eat Huma`s muslim pussy daily for sustenance. Really disgusting!

  67. Jail!!

  68. progressivesRcommunists

    The Obama administration corruption has infected the State Department, the Justice Department and that corruption has now even permeated the FBI. No consequences for wrong doing is proof that Obama and Clinton and their cronies have no integrity and deserve no respect including James Comey.

  69. And do you know who we have to thank for Donald Trump’s unfavorability? ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, and the majority of Fox News shills as well. They’ve hammered him relentlessly for 15 months 24/7. The brainwashed & gullible have fallen for the lies. Vote Trump/Pence November 8 .. or deal with the aftermath.


  71. Hillary won’t hold any rallies because the number attending would be so low compared to Trump’s. She fears videos showing Trump with over 7,000 attending and one of her rallies showing at most 150.

  72. For those who were unaware of her past…


  73. You know, a year ago I would have said it was impossible for that cackling witch to have any worse of an image then she had then,,,,,Guess I was wrong.

  74. According to one of her Senior Secret Service guards “the only way I can describe her and Bill is pure trailer trash but she has by far the most foul mouth”.

  75. Hillary’s image was over with several years ago. She represents the worst face of American politics, just look at her if you have the stomach, and never look at her just after having a meal. You have been warned!

  76. She is a poor excuse of a human and does not deserve anything except to look at the world behind bars

  77. – .-. ..- — .–./..–‘ —-‘ .—- -…./-.-. — -. … – .. – ..- – .. — -. .- .-../.-. . .–. ..- -… .-.. -.-./.-.. .- .–/.- -. -../— .-. -.. . .-./..-. .. .-. … – lll%

  78. Image is a lot and lying, conniving, incompetent, cheating, obscuring justice, trickery and deceit are the image. Hillary would offer the citizens.
    Gee and Mr. Trump offers himself as a businessman who knows how to run things and although he can be harsh He can be trusted.
    He makes truthful remarks about the rigged system including the rigged news on paper and TV
    Stopping this rigged system should be the primary reason to vote Donald in.
    No oneness has the guts and ability to do what he has done. RNC must see by now the,open door for republicans
    Has been jammed open for them to walk in and clean house.

  79. I don’t think much of the article—-Trump is doing the right thing—you can’t go silent with marxist Democrats they lie and cheat and that’s their method of winning !!!

  80. She pooped her pink skirt. Getty images. Why does this person not where diapers? She forgets where she is at. She forgets what she is saying.Her handlers rush the podium to hold her up while shooting her up.She seemingly has mini strokes.President?? How about an assisted living facility??

  81. In his adds he should be putting his ideas on what he wants to do with the wall taxes immigration jobs and healthcare. Keep that in front of the people who don’t always get to hear his rallies or go to his rallies. I missed several until I found RSBNTV.com. They live stream his rallies on the internet. Haven’t missed a one since I found that station. Try it you might like it.

  82. Most ppl that have followed the Clintons for years as I have; I was not shocked at all the lies and corruption she has done since being Secretary of State! I know all that she has done in her college days to date. Hillary is a very dangerous woman and unfit to hold ANY OFFICE!!

  83. To all of you…when did you realize that there are “DIRTY POLITICS”…and the Clinton’s have been running things for a very long time…I am a woman…who believes in, mediation and prayer and I do each day for hours…and, God and Jesus Christ, reveals to me all things…believe me….so, one day, Donald Trump, e-mailed me, Fran, as all of them in, Congress…and the House and the Senate, knows me by…I am a “LIBERAL DEMOCRAT”…a “GIVER”….one that truly cares about the Middle Class…the Needy and the Poor….now, Donald, let me know that I was the “HUMBLEST WOMAN”…he ever met or heard about…and he told me…to get the Republican Vote…is the reason why he said a lot of those things he did….HE HAS BEEN A “LIBERAL DEMOCRAT” all of his life…if he could not be, President going in the front door he went in the back door…the same that I would have done…he needed the Republican Vote to run to be, President…and dear, Hillary…is as, the African American Federal Judge, Emmet G. Sullivan said she is “THE MASTERMINDED BI-POLAR CON-ARTIST”…and she is, Bi-Polar…very manipulative and everything she wants to run her way…Bi-Polar people don’t listen to no one…unless they are acting and want to get what they want to be “BOSS”…they are obsessed with “E-MAILS AND CELL PHONES”…just like, Hillary, is….she didn’t let, Obama, know about when she installed that Server in her Basement…so, Donald Trump, asks me to stay on him if he gets out of line…and I have been doing just that…he asks me ways to become the President of the U.S.A…..and with, God’s help and the help of, Jesus Christ, I am doing just that…and I also, let him know that, God, created all of us…we are all His children…and he said…he only said what he did at the beginning to get the Republican’s vote…and they play dirty….so, he is still a Democrat down deep…and he and the Clinton’s were friends for years…and he has donated millions of times to the Democratic Party….he has kept his mouth closed as I have asks him to do…so, once again…I am praying over a petition for, Donald Trump, to win…and the African American Federal Judge is going to take care of, Hillary Clinton, in the way she deserves…she has committed so many crimes and has endangered the American People’s lives by doing things her way…and by the way…she didn’t tell, Bill Clinton, before marriage that she was Bi-Sexual…he found that out afterwards…and she had a hand in the killing of, Vince Foster, Bill Clinton’s good friend…that she was going to bed with…they said he committed, suicide that was a lie…she had the “ILLUMINATI GROUP” KILL HIM…also, that Group, warned, Obama, he had better go along with her or?…so, that is why the nice man, Bernie Sanders, got out of the race…because he was warned too…she is very mentally ill has been all of her life…and, she has done whatever she wanted to do because Bi-Polar people do whatever they want…they are actresses and actors…so, she was able to convince the AFRICAN AMERICAN PEOPLE THAT SHE LIKED THEM….THE FEDERAL JUDGE THAT IS AFRICAN AMERICAN KNOWS BETTER…EMMET G. SULLIVAN…AND THE OTHER 2 FEDERAL JUDGES KNOW SO TOO…SHE IS A “WHITE SUPREMIST” AND WILL USE ANYONE TO GET AHEAD…SHE IS SO VAIN…I KNEW WHEN SHE INSTALLED THOSE SERVERS IN HER BASEMENT…IT WAS BECAUSE OF THE CLINTON FOUNDATION…THIS IS WHY SHE DIDN’T HAVE A ….GOV. E-MAIL ADDRESS AND JUST HER PERSONAL E-MAIL ADDRESS…AND, LORETTA LYNCH…SHOULD BE QUESTIONED ABOUT THE BRIBE SHE RECEIVED FROM, BILL CLINTON, TO FREE HILLARY…SO, ONCE AGAIN…DONALD HAS BEEN VERY VERY HONEST WITH ME, FRAN…SO, I HAVE HIS BACK ALL OF THE WAY….don’t let, Hillary win…don’t vote for her…God Bless all of you!

  84. Hillary’s ratings would be even lower and Trump’s would be sky high if the media ever reported just the true facts instead of their biased propaganda.

  85. Trump is not her enemy. Perhaps she is so crazy and CONVULUTED and delusional she cannot grasp the fact that Hillary is her worst enemy. Crazy old granny pity her.

  86. Mrs Bill Clinton is as honest as her idols, John D. Rockefeller & J. P. Morgan.
    For you Feminist, Hillary is a poor example of the Liberated Woman. She followed her husband from one job to the other, and after Bill Clinton was turned out of office by the Arkansas voters, she even changed her name to Clinton to help reelect her meal ticket husband. She has always basked in the superior political and prevarication skills of her husband but she lacks Bill’s grace and fluidity when lying. A bad deficiency after over 35 years of running after a powerful man, it shows that Mrs. Hillary Clinton is a SLOW learner.

  87. Why should this be NEWS to ALL TRUE,HONEST AMERICAN VOTERS ???

  88. John H. Kohlenberg


  89. I envision her sitting at the right hand of satan, she us one nasty women.

  90. Read Dinesh D’Sousa’s “Hillary’s America- the secret story of the Democratic party” and you will find out how badly we have been fooled. Trump doesn’t have all the answers and nobody does! But, he is not a lying thief out to deliver the nation to the socialists who contend to only be progressives- sort of like being only half pregnant!

  91. Never fails news media always has make sure they bash Trump so Hillary will not cry … News media are really making themselves out be real jack azzes this time

  92. How many books and movies are out that expose the Clintons and so many people are ignoring them. If they were all fiction, wouldn’t the Clintons be sueing?

  93. I’m very worried about the election. The Democrats REALLY want a democrat in the WH, no matter what!
    We need a way to prevent cheating. Trump in 16!

  94. Irene Elizabeth Grooms


  95. Hillary Rodham Clinton is the most corrupt, and the biggest liar to have ever stepped foot in the white house. Barack Hussein Obama is second and Bill Clinton the rapist he’s still lying after all these years. Hillary has no heart and pure Evil flows through her veins. She is hateful and a disgusting disgrace to this country. She let four men die in Benghazi because of her dereliction of duty, and this sorry excuse of a human being wants to lead our country. She lied to those families and got caught and calls them liars. She’s definitely a security risk to this country and our military in which she hates. She shouldn’t be allowed to run for any office in which she is allowed to see top secret documents, NEVER. I cannot find real words to really express my hate for this murdering evil vile self-centered overbearing obnoxious witch. I can only hope when it’s time for her to croak it will be the most painful death known to mankind and she suffers many hours of excruciating pain begging to be released of her pain and her cries for help fall upon death ears, just like she did to those men who requested more security time after time and it fell upon deaf ears. Then just before this evil vile witch takes her last breath those four men who died in Benghazi flashes in her eyes She deserves no better than the Evil she let these four men suffer. Mr. Trump is a saint next to her Evil VILE traitor hillary rodham clinton.

  96. She needs to be be arrested. She is not any better than anyone else.

  97. Most middle-class Americans believe that everyone and all entities
    should pay their fair tax. We should stop giving welfare to the 1% in
    the form of tax breaks to corporate entities that don’t pay a living
    wage to their employees and Hide their earnings overseas. I think it’s
    wrong to call social programs entitlement programs when individuals have
    paid for and earned their benefits. Talk of taking away Social Security
    and Medicare or privatizing them is uncalled for in Republican
    rhetoric. Social programs were key to the financial recovery in the past
    seven or eight years despite Republican efforts to dissolve Social
    Security, Medicare and other assistance programs https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9736b52a4a772097a21f972b12e9316b3d5fd29c97907653e9ed75fab7cdcec2.jpg

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