Hillary’s Image Getting Worse By The Day

Already one of the most unpopular presidential candidates of all time, Hillary Clinton is beginning to realize that Donald Trump is the lesser of the two obstacles standing between her and the White House. According to a new collection of national polls, Clinton’s biggest enemy – the one she can never escape – is herself.

A new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows that Clinton’s favorability rating has fallen to 41% – the lowest that number has been since the early 1990s, when many poll respondents had no idea who she was.

Just before the Democratic National Convention, a CNN poll showed her favorable ratings upside down by16 points, the worst they had been since the network started running polls on her.

Gallup’s numbers from July had her at 38% favorability, also an unprecedented low for the former secretary of state.

In all cases, these numbers have only grown worse as the campaign has gone on.

To be sure, Donald Trump has numbers that look just as bad. If it wasn’t for him, in fact, Hillary Clinton would be the single-most unpopular candidate in modern American history. It is only Trump’s widespread unfavorability that is keeping Clinton ahead.

When you look at these polls, you have to wonder: Would it be in Trump’s interests at this point to simply stay above the fray?

From the moment he threw his hat into the ring last summer, Trump has been a non-stop, charging bull, smashing anything in his way (and plenty of things that weren’t). That worked wonders in the primaries; seasoned, capable Republicans fell to his mighty sword one after the other. It only made sense that he would pour gasoline on that sword, light it aflame, and turn it on Hillary Clinton.

But maybe that’s not necessary. Maybe the answer now is to sheath the sword, concentrate on the American people, and let the voters see for themselves the choice awaiting them in November. This is the game Clinton is trying to play without being too obvious about it. No press conferences. Limited speeches. Weekends spent relaxing at her New York home, far away from the bright lights of the national media. She knows that the more people see of her, the less they want to see of her.

If Trump goes “quiet,” the media will get panicky. As much as they want Clinton to win, they will choose ratings over Democrats every time. Force them to make that choice. Force them to cover the endless wellspring of corruption that flows from Hillary and her husband. Force the American people to confront the truth about these people without giving them the “oh, that’s just Trump” excuse.

Making America great again begins here. It begins with trusting the voters to see the truth.

If they refuse, then there’s no point to any of this, anyway.

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