Hillary’s First Challenger: A Self-Styled Socialist!

On Thursday, Senator Bernie Sanders became the first man, the oldest person, and the only self-professed socialist to run for the 2016 Democratic nomination. Though few political analysts expect him to pose much of a challenge to the Hillary Clinton machine, some have expressed hope that his presence will force her to get in touch with her liberal side.

Sanders held a press conference in front of the Capitol, claiming that he was well aware that he was a long shot. But, he said, he wasn’t joining this race out of a symbolic desire to make his voice heard. “We’re in this race to win,” he said.

At 73, Sanders has managed to somehow become the oldest Democrat running for president this year. More troublingly, he describes himself as a “democratic socialist” who has some extraordinarily liberal views on where the country should be headed. The media has made it sound as though his limited financial resources will make it hard for him to post a serious threat to Clinton, but what about his ideas? Why would someone who describes himself as a socialist have any chance – even a miniscule one – of becoming president? His ideas – not his age or his fundraising – should be what disqualify him from serious contention.

Sanders is a committed climate ideologue who wants to throw every regulation and measure at his disposal at manufacturers in order to stop greenhouse gas emissions. He is a proponent of single-payer universal healthcare. He thinks the problem with the federal government is that it isn’t spending enough money, and he thinks it would be “reasonable” to hike the national minimum wage to $15 an hour.

These policies and ideas don’t make Sanders a bad person, but they make him a very bad candidate for president. He has managed, however, to become a very popular figure on left-leaning social media sites like Reddit with his bold vision of a changed America. Millenials like the sound of these bold proposals, or at least they like the sound of making drastic changes. Whether this is because there is no one out there making a good case for conservatism or whether young people are simply drawn to revolution is unclear.

What is clear is that people cry out for change when they are unhappy. Unable to find satisfaction in their own lives, they look for things to blame. If the government is messed up and the police are racist and the One Percent has all the money, how can you possibly succeed? So instead of focusing on what they have the power to do in their own lives, they try to change a system that has worked for more than 200 years. If they can just change everything about America, then they can finally be happy.

We have, as a country (and perhaps as a species), done away with the concept of personal responsibility. And when that fundamental principal is no longer there, socialism is inevitable. Bernie Sanders may not stand much of a chance in 2016, but the ideas he espouses are coming.

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  1. Socialists or liberals there really isn’t much of a difference is there? Both lead to destruction

    • Yeah you’re right. The things is, the demovratic liberals follow the Socialist views but hide and show a facade. People and groups swoon over this administration and the past ones as well. It seems there are a great amount of anti US sentiment within these groups who strive to make this equal to the third world nations. I admit, this nation has faults but, this is still the greatest nation to live in, that’s one reason our boarders are inundated with illegal boarder crossings.

    • PutinOnTheRitz

      Point 1: Please define socialism and explain why it’s bad. See, I don’t think you actually know what socialism is. Now, scurry off to your dictionaries and get back to me…

      Point 2: It’s hilarious to see this crowd get their panties in a bunch over things like this. What do you care who the Democrats nominate? It’s not like you’re going to vote for anyone other than a Republican anyway. If you folks stop getting upset over things that don’t matter to you anyway, your blood pressure won’t spike and you’ll probably live longer and healthier lives. Take a tip from a Democrat: We don’t care who you nominate. In fact, we hope you nominate the nuttiest loon in the bunch, although we’re having a hard time deciding if that’s Cruz or Paul or Huckleberry. Doesn’t matter, though; we’re as likely to vote for one of them as you’re likely to vote for Hillary. But we’ll enjoy the theater, either way.

      • Socialism has never worked as it always runs out of someone elses money and apparently you have never worked either or you would know better. Do us all a favor and get castrated, help clean up the gene pool.

        • PutinOnTheRitz

          I don’t think you answered my question. Then again, that seems to be typical of the folks around here; When presented with a difficult question, just change the subject and/or insult the person asking the question!

          So… You are saying that there are no successful socialist countries? Interesting. Now, if you take “socialist” to mean Marxist-Leninist socialism, you’re closer to correct, although one could argue that China is successful. In any event, I can’t imagine any sane American arguing in favor of a Marxist-Leninist approach, despite the accusations of certain people (like you, I’d imagine) that this is the view of the Democratic party.

          No, what some Democrats — and this would include Bernie Sanders — favor is something called Social Democracy, which is still market-based, but which comes closer to fulfilling one of the founding principles of the United States: “…to promote the general welfare.” Which countries employ this philosophy? You’ll find them at the top of the “Happiest Countries in the World:” 1 – Denmark. 2 – Norway. 3 – Switzerland. 4 – Netherlands. 5 – Sweden. 6 – Canada. 7 – Finland. *8 – Austria 9 – Iceland *10 – Australia.

          Note that 8 of the 10 have a form of government that is considered “Social Democratic.” And all are successful, despite your claim that they are not. And where is the U.S. on this list? Number 17. So maybe if you want to be happy — and you folks certainly seem like an angry bunch — you might consider backing Bernie Sanders, the Avowed Socialist.

          • You are delivering the standard example of how socialism might work. The countries you name are so small in population that control is much easier to maintain, but there is typically one class and then the rulers. The US can never be one class and be what it has to be. Try that here and it is a dismal failure, Now if you want to accomplish something, irradicate the welfare system as it exists, eliminate the Dept of (non)Education. Everything the Democrats have touched has been for control, not for betterment, not that the GOP is any better, but we are in the pickle we are in due to Johnson’s Great Society and Carter’s federal control of education. The current admistration is following, almost chapter by chapter, Cloward and Piven’s plan to destroy the (any) Republic. This is not democracy, it is socialism to the extreme and you are part of it if you cannot see it. And if you truly believe in the goal of “One World Order” you are asking for the anilihation of at least 75% of humans. It will be that bad when the inbred drive to be free says “No more!”. A few “unindoctrinated” will trigger the holocaust. Sit down and really think out how it could be if the federal government was minimalist and the states and local governments took back their responsibilities. If you cannot see that as better then you are forever lost.

          • PutinOnTheRitz

            Well, there you go! An answer! I certainly don’t agree with you, but wasn’t that better than simply insulting me? Here’s the thing: you never know when you might learn something. If you debate someone — and that’s kind of the basis of our two-party system — the mere fact that someone challenges your assumptions might get you to reexamine them. And you might learn something; you might even be proven wrong and change your way of looking at things.

            Disagreements aren’t a bad thing; they are the basis of the American system (our two chambers are a result of a bitter disagreement, one that led to the Great Compromise.)

            So thanks for an actual response. As for “the pickle we are in,” I don’t see that. I’m doing pretty well, and can look forward to a comfortable retirement. I see problems, but not insurmountable problems. Perhaps you don’t; as they say, your mileage may vary.

          • I made it on my own, despite the government where I would have done far better if I had managed my own Social Security. You know, that fund that was supposed to take care of us if we paid every paycheck, that was moved into the general spending fund (with the help of both major parties). I do not trust anybody in DC but I particularly do not trust this administration that is currently running under Cloward & Pliven guidelines and you must agree with that. That is not a republic nor is it your idealism of democracy.

          • PutinOnTheRitz

            Oh, I don’t think Social Security was supposed to “take care” of us; it was a lifeline, in case all else failed. (And you may recall that back in the day, a healthy percentage of workers were covered by defined benefit pension plans.)

            My retirement is being paid for primarily by my IRA; Social Security provides a supplement to that income. As for your statement that Social Security funds were moved into the general fund — that’s somewhat true, but misleading. There was an accounting change — during the Reagan administration, I think; it’s been a while since I researched this — that put SS finds into the “unified” budget. Any Social Security funds collected in excess of payouts were “put into the bank,” so to speak. They were used to purchase Treasury bills, as required by law. T-bills are the safest investment on the planet. It’s not really much different than putting the money into the bank. When you do that, the bank lends the money out to someone else; it doesn’t just sit there. Same thing with T-bills, more or less. That money is invested in America.

            This hearkens back to Alexander Hamilton, who came up with the idea of covering expiring government bonds by issuing new bonds. It has worked well since the late Seventeen Hundreds.

            As for Cloward-Pliven… That seems to be a staple of Glenn Beck’s schtick, and I’m not well-versed, but it does not look, at first blush, like I’d agree with you on that.

          • You had better get well versed, it will scare the hell out of you. What is happening is textbook C&P with a touch of Alinsky.

          • According to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, you’re a liar!


          • FDR was a Socialist. Socialists are died in the wool liars!s

          • Precisely my point… because EliseR is also a ‘liar’, and a ‘paid one’ at that.

          • There are 8 levels of control that must be obtained before you are
            able to create a social state. The first is the most important.

            1) Healthcare – Control healthcare and you control the people

            2) Poverty – Increase the Poverty level as high as possible, poor
            people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are
            providing everything for them to live.

            3) Debt – Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you
            are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty.

            4) Gun Control – Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are able to create a police state.

            5) Welfare – Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Housing, and Income)

            6) Education – Take control of what people read and listen to – take control of what children learn in school.

            7) Religion – Remove the belief in the God from the Government and schools

            8) Class Warfare – Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor.
            This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to take (Tax) the
            wealthy with the support of the poor.

            Does any of this sound familiar?

          • I think I read that someplace (more than once).

          • You’ll be seeing it again, real soon!

          • Yep, it’s happening ‘now’.

          • “China is successful”..Tiananmen Square ring a bell? “Many Chinese are still poor, far fewer Chinese have access to clean
            water than to cell phones, and they still face many hurdles in
            protecting their rights and exercising their freedom.- CATO INSTITUTE…How’s that socialism working out for those Chinese?

            “”Happiest Countries in the World:”…Ha Ha Ha.. All but two have HIGHER SUICIDE RATES!

            Maybe with your senile old bastard Burny (sp. int.), our suicide rates can go up too! LMAO!!

          • PutinOnTheRitz

            Interestingly, you got the suicide statistics exactly backwards. Of the top ten countries on the “Happiness” index, two have higher suicide rates than the U.S.: Finland (21st highest) and Austria (23rd highest). The U.S. has the 30th highest suicide rate.

            I didn’t say China was successful; I said one could argue that it is, especially if you consider how much money they’ve lent us. In any event, you’re arguing with me about something I haven’t said; that doesn’t seem terribly productive. My advice, which I’m sure you won’t take, is to do a little actual research once in a while. Try multiple sources, across the ideological spectrum.

          • “Happiness” index…..based on what, chocolate????? Interestingly, I couldn’t find your imaginary suicide site or figures. “I didn’t say China was successful; I said one could argue that it is”.What kind of Ohillary double speak is that!?
            “across the ideological spectrum.” Other than MSNBC, CNN, NBC, etc?…….

          • PutinOnTheRitz

            Well… I’m sure it’s very difficult to type “suicide rates by country” into a Google search box and find the figures. And I’m sorry you have a hard time understanding English, but I’m not here to offer a remedial course. There is a big difference between “I think China is successful” (It isn’t by the standards I’d use) and “One could argue…” since the latter merely means that, by some standards, China is successful. Exports, for example; look around your house or apartment. How many things do you own that were made in China?

            So, anyway, you appear to be willfully ignorant, and I can’t help you with that. Perhaps you know someone who is familiar with the Google search engine; I’d urge you to look to them for help figuring some of these things out. Have a nice day; the last word is all yours.

          • “I’m sure it’s very difficult to type “suicide rates by country” into a Google search box” So you had trouble too?Thanx for providing a link to you imaginary site! I did find Narcissistic disorder, and it fits you to a T!

          • PutinOnTheRitz

            No, I had no trouble at all; that’s how I came up with the figures. But then again, I’m not developmentally disabled. Have a nice life.

          • I will, in spite of the Narcissist,Vladimir.

          • Fact is ElaineR … you’re making up your own stats, then posting personal attacks and pushing your prejudice against those with special needs when no one agrees with you.

            Keep living in your ‘fantasy’ land with your ‘liberal handlers’ … sock.

          • Actually he has the statistics right on the money. Again you just don’t like ‘facts’, when they prove your ‘position’ wrong.

          • PutinOnTheRitz

            Right on whose money? These are easily available statistics, and I have to assume that you have access to the Internet. So you can post that he’s right and I’m wrong, but the people who compile and publish these statistics say otherwise.

            Type “top ten countries happiness” in a search engine. Type “suicide rate by country” in a search engine. It’s really not that hard!

          • Strange EliseR that you demand links from everyone ‘else’, but refuse to provide them yourself.

            You’re such a fool to think that anyone who replies to you thinks you have one ‘shred’ of credibility.

            You don’t.

            Thanks for playing … sock.

          • PutinOnTheRitz

            I’m so sorry, SheilaQ. I thought everybody knew where Google was. You see, some boards frown on links.
            Highest Suicide Rate by Country (Wikipedia)
            Highest Suicide Rate by Country (Washington Post)
            Happiest Countries (CNN Summary of the Report)

          • I’m so sorry SockadoodleDooo but you should read the links you post as they don’t prove what you ‘said’ they prove!

            But then posting a bunch of links that don’t have a thing to do with what you ‘said’ they do … is your hallmark you ‘paid’ sock!

            You’ve been made again.. you ‘paid tool’ of the EliseR ‘sock farm’.

            FYI the title of the article is “Hilliary’s first challenger a self styled socialist.”

            Now let’s talk about the ‘real’ affects of ‘socialism’ shall we? (instead of the BS you posted as ‘proof’ (which doesn’t proof shite))

            One substandard health care … starting with ObamaCare





            It’s strange that you’re such a champion of your Marxist agenda, when legal immigration to America is higher than ever.


            To think many of them come to ‘escape’ what ‘you’ champion!


            And what fascism, communism, socialism etc.. .is what ‘you’ and your ‘handlers’ want for ‘us’ you paid SOCK!

            Now get thee back under the bridge where you belong you lying POS!

          • PutinOnTheRitz

            I’m sorry, sweetie pie; the link I posted to the countries with the highest suicide rates doesn’t prove that only two of the top-ten countries in the Happiness Index have higher suicide rates than the U.S.? Really? Because that’s exactly what they say.

            I don’t understand how the links you posted relate to the specific issue we were discussing; none of them have anything to do with which countries are happiest or which ones have the highest suicide rates. I’m afraid those voices in your head aren’t following this thread. So… have a good day!

            (I really have no clue as to what you’re on about with this EliseR stuff. Is EliseR one of the voices in your head?)

          • I’m so sorry ‘EliseR’ but you have no clue as to what you ‘say’ you posted.

            And again you claim to be the champion of Socialism, but your ‘links’ do not prove what you say they do.

            Unlike ‘mine’ … which prove ObamaCare (a socialist invention) isn’t working, we’re not allowed to keep our doctors, and special needs kids are being denied care (which of course ‘you’ve’ proven in your ‘other’ incarnations … that ‘you’ support).

            FYI ‘Dearie’ here are my links proving that you not only don’t know what you’re talking about, but that I do know what socialism ‘isn’t’, and where it does not belong.

            1st set of links Miss Whackadoodle ‘sock’ … proves The socialist dream of ObamaCare isn’t working.





            2nd link – proving ‘Legal’ immigration is increasing.


            3rd link – proving that people from ‘socialist’ or ‘communist’ countries, are escaping to America to get ‘away’ from what ‘you’ champion you ‘paid tool’!


            Again Oh Champion of the SOCK FACTORY, you failed to prove your case! And AGAIN with my links that are on topic as to the fact that you Socialist are wrong for ‘my country’.

            So much for ‘you’ … you ‘paid’ tool of the EliseR ‘sock’ factory. You’re the eighth idiot, socialist sock I’ve dealt with this week. Strange how all eight of you sound ‘exactly alike’…. you Koolaid drinking tool!

          • PutinOnTheRitz

            You are really funny! I guess your obsession with EliseR stems from your tendency to see conspiracies anywhere. Since you’ve really failed to grasp what I was trying to say, I’ll just leave you to rant at the wind. Two things, though: My avatar is a joke, at the expense of one famous world leader. And I’m not a socialist. I did have the audacity to point out that there are various forms of government, and that they all have inherent advantages and disadvantages. But it would get in the way of your screeds for you to actually understand anything other than the philosophy you espouse. So… have fun! Don’t forget to yell at those kids who are on your lawn!

          • EliseR you’re the ‘funny one’ because you and your ‘sock farm’ are a joke.

            Speaking of which you sockadoodledoo, here are all the links you are trying to make everyone ‘ignore’ proving that the ‘socialism’ you ‘support’ is not working for America.

            1) Obamacare … you can’t keep your doctor, you can’t keep your plan, they can are ‘are’ denying life saving care, and the insurance can over rule your doctor’s on getting you the meds (as well as the ‘care’ you need).





            2) “Legal immigration” – It’s ‘increasing’ not ‘decreasing’ as you lied about how everyone here is soooo unhappy you lying, fascist, Libstapo lunatic! Your ‘links’ didn’t prove that you ignorant pig!


            3) Now only is ‘Legal immigration’ … ‘increasing’, but the ‘legal immigrants’ are ‘escaping’ the very ‘agenda’ that you ‘champion’ as our ‘would be future’ you delusional hack!


            Now unlike ‘you’ … I actually ‘read’ the links I googled, Binged, asked.com, and yahooed before I posted them. And unlike you “Queen of the ‘paid’ Libstapo, Sock factory” … my links prove that yet another ‘socialist’ president is the last thing ‘my country’ (America) needs!

            So you lying scumbag, if you do not like ‘our’ freedom, our laws, and our Constitution Get your a** to Siberia … or shut your fascist, Jew, Christian, and Special needs hating …bigoted mouth!

            Again you fail at failing, and again you Fascist ,intolerant, bigoted POS you ‘failed’ to refute even one of the links I posted making you look like a total JOKE!

            Thanks for playing ….NEXT!

          • PutinOnTheRitz

            Thank you for that peek into the world of the unhinged, as well as the links for subjects that I didn’t broach and have not been talking about. I hope that someone, someday, will show you the difference between an orange and an apple. Until then, please please please go back on your meds!

          • Yes EliseR, you are ‘unhinged’, and off of ‘your meds’ again as you continue to describe yourself sooo perfectly..

            FYI the links that you are incapable of refuting; still prove you wrong. And here they are again showing what Socialism ‘truly’ is.

            1) Again ObamaCare isn’t working… if it was … Reid and his staff wouldn’t still be 100% exempt from having to follow it.






            2) Legal immigration is still on the rise … disproving your lies about Americans being ‘sooo unhappy’…


            3) Legal immigrants escaped socialism, and don’t want to go back to it.


            So once again I posted links disproving every lie out of your paid trollbot, sockadoodledo mouth.

            And you posted? Oh that’s right you posted nothing but a delusional personal attack that has no proof to it what so ever.

            Now once again you delusional, Paid ‘hack’… I will tell you the same thing ‘you’ told me.

            “No links plus No evidence whatsoever plus no proof of any kind equals no credibility equals ‘you’.”

            I’m still waiting on your ‘links’ disproving the evidence I posted from credible sources proving that Socialism does not work… oh that’s right; as usual ….you’ve got ‘nothing’.

          • PutinOnTheRitz

            You’re not talking about anything that I’ve said, so… well, I have no idea what kind of drug-induced haze you’ve entered, but I never brought up the Affordable Care Act, didn’t say America was unhappy (it’s 17th on the list), or that communist countries masquerading as socialist countries were wonderful places to live. That’s the voices in your head talking to you.

            As for personal insults, they seem to form the bulk of your posts, so you might be on thin ice accusing others of that sort of thing. Anyway, have a nice life, have fun following your links, have fun convincing people of the Evils of Whatever. And don’t forget to yell at those kids who are on your lawn!

          • Wrong again EliseR… but then ‘lying’ about what someone else is posting (that’s making a fool out of you again and again and yet again) … is your hallmark.

            “I have no idea what type of drug-induced have you’ve entered…”

            That’s because YOU are the delusional, sock who is in a ‘drug enduced’ haze… as you still haven’t refuted even ‘one’ of the links I posted proving your ‘socialism’ is not working in America!

            FYI You delusional ‘hack’ here are the links again proving you ‘wrong’.

            1) Obamacare is a failure, and certain Reps and Senators have so much ‘faith’ in it; they and their staffers are ‘exempt’ … unlike the citizens over whom ‘they’ want to rule.






            2) Legal immigration is still on the rise … another piece of PROOF that you didn’t ‘read’ the links you ‘say’ was proof about how America is such a unhappy place to be!


            3) Legal immigrants ‘escaped’ your ‘socialism’, and ‘they’ don’t want to go back to it!


            “As for personal insults, they seem to be bulk your posts, so you might be on thin ice accusing ‘others’ of that sort of thing.”

            Yes EliseR … all the insults you used on me …described you perfectly. I made certain that ‘you’ knew that (as I used your own words against you) you ‘crybaby’!

            And the fact that ‘you’ refused to refute one of my links that proved you to be wrong about the ‘links’ you ‘said’ was evidence, and wrong about how Socialism was sooo good for America; my ‘comment’ to you (as you told ‘me’ on multiple occasions’) stands …

            “No Links plus No evidence whatsoever plus No proof of any kind equals No credibility equals You.”

            FYI ‘Sock account’ isn’t it time for ‘you’ to be yelling at those kids to ‘get off of your lawn (or are they actually all the little ‘sock voices’ in your head)? Strange how you called me ‘SuzieQ yet you never ‘commented’ to her…. more proof of the fact that you are EliseR sockadoodledoo Sock from the ‘sock farm’.

            Thanks for ‘playing’….NEXT!!!!!

          • PutinOnTheRitz

            Please, for the love of humanity, get some help!

          • “Please for the love of humanity, get some help!”

            Yes EliseR “Queen of the “Sock Farm” you are truly deranged, delusional and off your meds; proving it is ‘you’ who is in ‘dire’ need of help.

            FYI you delusional ‘hack’, here are the links again proving that Socialism is a failure in the USA. They also prove that the last thing ‘we’ (sane people(unlike ‘you’)) need is a Socialist pig for a candidate… let alone President!

            1) Obamacare isn’t working, but there are reps, senators, and staff who refuse to abide by it …while forcing everyone else to.






            2) Strange that you ‘whine’ about how America is such a ‘unhappy’ place to be. Yet ‘legal immigration’ is actually on the rise.


            3) You keep cheering about ‘joys’ of socialism. Yet our legal immigrants are warning about the ‘dangers’ of what ‘you’ champion…


            Again you failed to refute even one of my links proving that the last thing this country needs is another ‘socialist’ aka ‘fascist’ aka ‘marxist’ aka ‘communist’ aka Democrat in the Whitehouse.

            FYI my comment (which you told me on multiple occasions (using many ‘sock’ incarnations).. stands…

            “No links plus No evidence of any kind plus No proof whatsoever equals no credibility … equals… YOU.”

            Btw … how many of your ‘socks’ have been ‘banned’ now? The last I heard, it was six….


          • PutinOnTheRitz

            The definition of insanity: Posting the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. G’bye, Lydia!

          • “The definition of insanity: Posting the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. G’bye, Lydia!”

            Yes EliseR you have been posting the same thing over and over again, and using your ‘sock farm’ to spread your ‘filth’ … expecting a different ‘result’.

            Then you whine like the two year old brat, because I post the same links ‘over and over again’ … proving you to be a liar, a bigot, a idiot, and a hypocrite.

            FYI here are the links again proving you to be a ‘liar’, a ‘bigot’, a ‘idiot’, a ‘hypocrite’, and also proving Socialism is wrong for America.

            1) ObamaCare isn’t working. Yet our lawmakers (who are 100% exempt) expect ‘us’ to abide by it.






            2) Contrary to your ‘lies’ about what a pathetic place America is .. you’re still here (sadly). And ‘Legal’ Immigration is in fact ‘increasing’, and not ‘decreasing’ as you implied with your bull crap comments.


            3) Contrary to your lies about how ‘great’ socialism ‘is’.. .Legal Immigrants are in fact warning us that Socialism isn’t ‘great’ at all.


            Strange that you’re accusing ‘other’s’ of having ‘psychotic’ issues; when you have so many ‘socks’ you can’t even keep your comments straight … you lunatic!

            Again (as you failed to refute the links I posted proving you wrong) my comment to you … stands.

            “No links plus No evidence of any kind plus No proof whatsoever equals no credibility … equals ….YOU.”


          • OK, dear Putin, as someone who grew up in Socialist Russia of 60-s and early 70-s,
            let me take a whack at defining Socialism for you. I know the theory, in fact, I was taught it in school (with teachers toeing the Party line and sounding just like you). Here is what it meant for people living your dream:

            Universal Health Care – where you die before seeing a decent physician ‘for free’
            99% living below what even you would define a poverty line
            1% of ‘Enlightened Elitists/Great Leaders’ living storybook existence of absolute power.

            I can see you are just DYING to be one of those!
            Economy in absolute tatters, with the infamous ‘5-year plan’ being presented to the masses as roaring success while the country totters by selling national resources and treasures to sustain any semblance of liquidity, waiting for inevitable collapse into 3-rd World nonentity. Recent history, anyone?

            ‘Leadership’ so out of touch with reality, they do not even read glowing economic reports without a shred of truth to them, prepared specially for them by flunkies. Drinking and whoring in plush dachas on the outskirts of Moscow (wouldn’t you just LOVE to join them there, dear Putin?)

            Population under absolute control of ‘enlightened leadership’, disarmed since the mid-twenties and deprived of any voice regarding their own existence. After all Party knows best. All dissent is met with immediate and overwhelming reprisals. Yes, GULAG is real.
            This is real Socialism for you. And do not delude yourself into thinking you can taste some of it without swallowing the whole bitter pill. Once you start a great mass of human cattle down that path, it will not stop until it reaches the very bottom of the cycle. See above. I hope this puts your vision into much-needed bus relief. I wish you joy of it.


          • China has so much money to lend us because they literally arrest people off the street and put them to work as slave labor for the government. All the rights you take for granted, like the free speech to criticize capitalism, barely exist or don’t exist at all in socialist countries. “Political correctness” and “hate speech” are just the beginnings of telling people what they can and can’t say – it will get worse until you realize even liberals can’t say what they think. Even Bill Maher is beginning to catch on to the problems with the liberal point of view. Socialism says the individual is unable to make ‘good’ decisions for themselves, so the government will take more and more of their money and make all their decisions for them. Control freaks? Yes. But even worse, they want power and money at all our expense. It starts out looking so ‘nice’, but gradually, it descends into totalitarianism and Marxism, taking off the gloves as they get more and more control over your life and money. Once you surrender to the concept of controlling a little of your money or life, they will then keep demanding more and more, until you have nothing and they have everything. Why do you think they don’t want you to have a gun to defend yourself? Once the guns are gone, so will your freedom.

          • PutinOnTheRitz

            I’m sorry you didn’t follow what I said, but, seriously, it isn’t what you think I said. So as much as I appreciate your rebuttal, you’re not talking to me.

          • He ‘did’ answer your question. You just didn’t like the answer.

            FYI Sooner or later you libs are going to run out of ‘other people’s money’. What will you do then/

          • PutinOnTheRitz

            Right. Answers like “We know what socialism is!” are very good answers!

            Some of you just don’t want to think. You want to have knee-jerk reactions to certain words and phrases without the slightest understanding of what they are. You want to condemn certain policies without any understanding of what these policies are and how they are used, where and when they’ve been successful and where and when they’ve been unsuccessful. Instead of thinking for yourselves, you watch television shows featuring people who agree with your world-view and you parrot whatever it is they say.

            All governments spend “other people’s money.” That’s the way it works. That’s why you have roads to drive on; it’s why planes take off and fly and land without crashing into other planes. It’s why we have traffic lights at intersections. And in the process of collecting the money for these things and spending it, governments redistribute money. From your pocket to the construction company’s bank account. From your pocket to the air traffic controller. And on and on.

            And yet you’ll rail against the term “redistribution of wealth” without understanding that this is just another name for collecting money for services and then providing those services. So I asked if anyone had a definition of socialism, and if they could explain why it was bad. I didn’t say it was good or bad; I just wanted someone here, instead of using the term as an epithet, to go a little deeper.

            None of you wanted to do that. You just wanted to attack me for asking the question, which is about what I expected.

            If you’re really worried about running out of other people’s money, though, you might want to look at the last fifty years and see which party has done a better job being responsible. As I recall, Bill Clinton balanced the budget, something no Republican had done since Herbert Hoover. (Now, of course, you’ll all howl “But Clinton didn’t really balance the budget!” despite what the historical tables tell us.)

            I’m just trying to encourage you to give a little thought to these terms you use and to maybe dig in a little deeper. And your response is to throw rocks. That’s not a big problem; it’s what I expected. But at least I tried. You should just ask yourself why there are these other countries that spend a lot more than we do on social programs and health and why it is that, by more than a few measures, they seem to be better off. You don’t have to agree with their philosophy or even adopt their policies, but you might be interested to find out if there are other, better ways of doing things.

            Or you can just complain.

          • EliseR, you’ve got ‘nothing’ yet again. He answered your asinine question. You just didn’t like the answer because you want everyone to worship your ‘agenda’.

            Well guess what? They don’t.

            Get over yourself and grow up!

          • PutinOnTheRitz

            EliseR? ElaineR? Ah; NOW I see the problem! You’re clearly under the influence of something, and that’s why you have called me by two different names, neither of which looks like the Disqus handle I’m using. Talk to your doctor and see if you don’t need to adjust your meds.

          • EliseR … you’re a sock. And ElaineR is one of the many socks in your little ‘sock farm’.

            If anyone is ”under the influence of something” and ”need to adjust your meds” that’s you … sock.

            Because you naively believe that you have credibility because of all the socks that you use to spread your inane, asinine crap.

            In short ‘tool’, you’ve got ‘nothing’.

            And ere go … you ‘are’ …. ‘nothing’.


      • Hey Vladimir! Why don’t you open up a soup kitchen, let some illegals live in your hovel, write an additional check to the I.R.S. to help pay for the A.C.A. act!? Then stop driving your Prius to help cut down on green house gases. Al “five mansions” Gore has other tips to help you!

        • PutinOnTheRitz

          As I said, you folks won’t actually address anything in my posts; all you have are insults. So sad…

          • The thing is that you claim to be knowledgeable, but your initial assumption is soooo ignorant that people get infuriated. In fact you are calling for it because you are insulting the collective inteligence of history and experience here and then you expect everyone to waltz with you. We dont want to even discuss the topic of socialism because its been proven wrong over and over, and yet you want people here(who have more knowledge than you), to try to prove you wrong on socialism. We conservatives are not necessarily politically correct, so we call a duck what it is when we see it.

          • PutinOnTheRitz

            Socialism is nothing more than a political theory, as are all other forms of government. If you’re strictly objective, you can find good things and bad things about practically every form of government. The most stable form of government? Monarchy. The least stable? True democracy. (The U.S. is a constitutionally limited democratic republic.) Presumably, a true democracy would be the most desirable government, but it’s too unstable, so we make certain trade-offs.

            My initial assumption is that most of you don’t actually know what socialism is, as I said. I don’t maintain that it’s desirable; I simply maintain that you don’t know what it is. And, again, you keep proving me right by attacking me for even posing the question rather than simply answering it. That’s fine; it’s not my problem if you want to live your lives fearing everything and attacking anything and anyone that dares to differ from your worldview. If it works for you, fine. But I’m just making an observation.

          • I already answered why you anger people. All the verb-o -rrea you just said is common knowledge, at least to the educated people posting here, which have low tolerance for stupidity. And the USA is a Constitutional Republic, which uses the rule of law AND a democratic process for certain things. It is not “constitutionally limited”. In fact the Constitution and the rule of law limits “democracy” so minorities can still have rights. In a “plain democracy ” today, big companies would buy all votes and minorities would have no voice. You have it all wrong so I guess you are a hardcore leftist?? We all know what socialism is , and in a perfect world it would work perfectly , same as all other ideologies. But then, you said is not even desirable and still come here to try to confuse people and enrage them. Your only point here is your own delusion that you are superiorly educated, and among a bunch of conservatives, you are the only one to know the “virtues” of an ideological socialism. But , nobody here is going to inflate your ego, because contrary to hard core leftists like you, we live in reality and in this world is already proven that socialism dont work. You are the only joke here. Is like a 3rd grader trying to educate professors. I know you must be bored and maybe you just started using your dictionary and learnt something new this days, but you are definitely in the wrong place to try to show it. Go to a “progressive” leftard media outlet and you will shine like a star(or not). Because your leftard associates already will have taken that position. Cheers.

          • PutinOnTheRitz

            That was pretty amusing; thanks for the entertainment! I guess my question was just beyond you. And, by the way, I’ll stop coming here just as soon as this website stops sending me email.

          • What’s ‘pretty amusing’ is the fact you believe ‘anyone’ takes you seriously; when the only one ‘raving’ you is another sock off the EliseR ‘sock farm’.

            Thanks for playing…

      • If you live in this century and claim to know something citing a dictionary, and still mantain that socialism is good based on a dictionary definition, then you have serious mental problems or your judgement is clouded and extremist. You can go to live to any of those “great countries” that you think are doing so well. No one here is going to get a dictionary to answer your nonsense, because all dictators have used your dictionary definition to start a revolution and then become the tyranic bastards they are. Please leave our country if you live in USA , as you are not in touch either with reality or history. Extremist ignorants like you are worst than extremist muslims and religious, because in your twisted mind you think you are ” normal”.

        • PutinOnTheRitz

          1 – Nothing in your post bears any relation to reality or anything that I’ve said.
          2 – No, I’m not going to live somewhere else. Why don’t you go live somewhere else? You clearly don’t believe in freedom of thought or expression. Unless everyone agrees with you, of course.
          3 – Again, an excellent example of the people on this board who, instead of providing a logical counter-argument, resort to name calling.
          4 – I’m still pretty sure most of you don’t know what socialism is. You’re just proving me right.

  2. Bernie & Hillary – two peas – Same POD …..

  3. Perfect. As Maggie Thatcher famously said, ‘socialism works until they run out of other people’s money.”

  4. Michael Dennewitz

    Good God, talk about going from bad to worse!?!?

  5. If these two were the ONLY choices…. our country has a better chance with Bernie!!! The other piece of excrement doesn’t have the morality of a worm!!! She tried to steal the white house silver…. never mind the lack of honesty… wouldn’t you want someone to pick up that phone??? Can you hear her…. sorry, I was in the shower!! In the last few years my sympathies have changed… I felt sorry for her… married to a loser…. Now the loser is the one I feel sorry for…. married to a lying, egotistical arse willing to do whatever she wants despite the law!!! Let’s elect to put her in jail!!! Trey Gowdy already has a cell lined up with her name on it….. would LOVE to see a picture of her behind bars…. THAT’s her TRUE home!!!

  6. Socialism is based on the concept that people are interdependent – that to succeed we need to support one another. This isn’t a new concept, nor does it prevent individual initiative. It does, however, stand in direct opposition to the notion that all is well when 95% of the wealth. These folks (a few notable exceptions such as Buffet & Gates) do not, and will not, take any action that does not result in direct profit for themselves, the 99% be damned. Liberated that I am, I can’t figure out why so many here would rather turn over their hard-earned cash to them (in the form of endless tax breaks and loopholes) and watch neighbors scratch out a bare subsistence life even though in many cases they work 2 or more jobs. All the “welfare cheats” in the country don’t account for the total giveaways to even one of our major corporations.

    • I worked hard, was never late to work, payed my taxes so others could sit at home. If I don’t like corporations, I DON’T patronize them! I have a nice retirement and would LIKE TO KEEP WHAT’S LEFT!

      • No reason you shouldn’t keep your retirement. Despite the rumors constantly repeated on the web, Obama has no intention of confiscating retirement savings. He is fighting to support the middle class, not increase giveaways to the wealthy and corporations. The majority of your taxes did NOT go to allow others to sit home and take life easy. they went to pay for wars, fancy, overpriced weapons system the military often didn’t even want and for needed projects like transportation etc. As for not supporting corporations you don’t like, it has become increasingly difficult to even track down the “parent” corporations of a great many products and I think it is likely that many of us are unknowingly supporting corporations that are in conflict with our core values.

        • You are out of synch. Obama has devestated the middle class and the poor. And as to the overpriced weapons systems, you had best read up on wnat the Russians, and particularly the Chinese, are doing. The next world war will be in space (satellite war) and on the internet. I wish it was not so. We can’t seem to get over wanting to dominate the rest of the world, no matter where we live.

        • Christiane Rothbaum

          Americans have no idea what socialism means. Go to the Scandinavian countries, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France and you will realize the benefits of living in such countries.

          • Compare the population difference of the U.S. to those countries! Then understand that their inhabitants probably all work to pay their’s and other’s benefits. Here, not so much!

        • ObamaCare Taxes That Most Likely Won’t Directly Affect the Average American
          • 2.3% Tax on Medical Device Manufacturers 2014
          • 10% Tax on Indoor Tanning Services 2014
          • Blue Cross/Blue Shield Tax Hike
          • Excise Tax on Charitable Hospitals which fail to comply with the requirements of ObamaCare
          • Tax on Brand Name Drugs
          • Tax on Health Insurers
          • $500,000 Annual Executive Compensation Limit for Health Insurance Executives
          • Elimination of tax deduction for employer-provided retirement Rx drug coverage in coordination with Medicare Part D
          • Employer Mandate on business with over 50 full-time equivalent
          employees to provide health insurance to full-time employees. $2,000 per
          employee – $3,000 if employee uses tax credits to buy insurance on the
          exchange (AKA the marketplace). (pushed back to 2015)
          • Medicare Tax on Investment Income. 3.8% over $200k/$250k
          • Medicare Part A Tax increase of .9% over $200k/$250k
          • Employer Reporting of Insurance on W-2 (not a tax)
          • Corporate 1099-MISC Information Reporting (repealed)
          • Codification of the “economic substance doctrine” (not a tax)
          ObamaCare Taxes That (may) Directly Affect the Average American
          • 40% Excise Tax “Cadillac” on high-end Premium Health Insurance Plans 2018
          • An annual $63 fee levied by ObamaCare on all plans (decreased each
          year until 2017 when pre-existing conditions are eliminated) to help pay
          for insurance companies covering the costs of high-risk pools.
          • Medicine Cabinet Tax
          Over the counter medicines no longer qualified as medical expenses for
          flexible spending accounts (FSAs), health reimbursement arrangements
          (HRAs), health savings accounts (HSAs), and Archer Medical Saving
          accounts (MSAs).
          • Additional Tax on HSA/MSA Distributions
          Health savings accountor an Archer medical savings account, penalties for spending money on non-qualified medical expenses. 10% to 20% in the case of a HSA and from
          15% to 20% in the case of a MSA.
          • Flexible Spending Account Cap 2013
          Contributions to FSAs are reduced to $2,500 from $5,000.
          • Medical Deduction Threshold tax increase 2013
          Threshold to deduct medical expenses as an itemized deduction increases to 10% from 7.5%.• Individual Mandate (the tax for not purchasing insurance if you can afford it) 2014
          Starting in 2014, anyone not buying “qualifying” health insurance must
          pay an income tax surtax at a rate of 1% or $95 in 2014 to 2.5% in 2016
          on profitable income above the tax threshold. The total penalty amount
          cannot exceed the national average of the annual premiums of a “bronze
          level” health insurance plan on ObamaCare exchanges.
          • Premium Tax Credits for Small Businesses 2014 (not a tax)
          • Advanced Premium Tax Credits for Individuals and Families 2014 (not a tax)
          • Medical Loss Ratio (MLR): Premium rebates (not a tax)
          ObamaCare increases taxes on unearned income by 3.8%, and this can add additional taxes to the sales of some homes.
          NOTE: Tax amounts above are subject to increase over time.

  7. i couldn’t agree more. I’m supporting Hilary for President. Those contributuions to her foundation didnt enrich her personanly and they were earmarked for distribution of food to malnourished people. they were recurring payments from governments before she started her campaign.

    • Wow!! Being socialist (liberal) really is a mental disease.

    • You, of course, since you must must have done your due dilligence on the foundation, know that about 15% made it to where it was meant, most of the rest went into “administrative and distribution costs”. And who are the administrators??? WAKE UP IDIOT!!! You are proof positive that liberalism (socialism) is a mental disease.

  8. Robyn A. Goldstein

    “Sanders is a committed climate ideologue who wants to throw every regulation and measure at his disposal at manufacturers in order to stop greenhouse gas emissions. He is a proponent of single-payer universal healthcare. He thinks the problem with the federal government is that it isn’t spending enough money, and he thinks it would be “reasonable” to hike the national minimum wage to $15 an hour.” Wow, I agree with all this. Does that make me a socialist too. No! And anyway, Marx changed his mind somewhat ! Knowledge is power!

    • “The education of all children, from the moment that they can get
      along without a mother’s care, shall be in state institutions.”―
      Karl Marx

    • “”Sanders is a committed climate ideologue” Cap and trade= more industry leaving the U.S. to India, China where there is NO cap and trade! Brilliant!

      “He thinks the problem with the federal government is that it isn’t spending enough money” ..$18 trillion debt isn’t enough? Brilliant!

      “hike the national minimum wage to $15 an hour” ..That’ll help the unemployment figures! Brilliant!

      • The only thing $15/hour gets you is a robot handing you your Double Cheesburger. This economy is still market driven and will find the cheapest way to deliver their products. Burger-flippers are soon to be as extinct as the dinosaur and the sad thing is, they ABSOLUTELY do not understand that fact. Pushing for unreasonably high wages will kill what they now have.

        • Exactly! When these twits can give me a correct order, correct change, a smile and “thank you, sir”, then they can have their $15. per hour.

  9. Millenials would be stupid enough to support liberal socialist idiots like this!!!

    • Don’t be so sure, Millenials have been hit hard by this socialist administration – there are no jobs for them and if they find them, they pay less than their parent made back when. The Millenials are waking up to the fact that the wool was very successfully pulled over their heads.

      • That is a very good answer and I just hope that they wake up and help save the future of this nation. Let them see trough the liberal brainwashing of their professors and help counter this destructive leftist insanity that is meticulously taking apart America!

  10. You mean there is a difference between Hillarious and Bernie Bolshevik? NOT!!!

  11. What is the difference a “self-professed socialist” or a socialist/progressive like hillary? There is not enough difference between them except sanders admits it and hillary tries to hide it, the end result is the same. The truly scary thing is the fact that we actually have these kind of people running and there are people serious about supporting them, please see the quote below for our bigger problem, the quote is about obama but it speaks to he issue very well.

    “The danger to America is not Barack Obama, but a
    citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be
    far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore
    the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing
    to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more
    serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the
    prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools
    that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is,
    after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools,
    such as those who made him their president.”

    The quote has been atrbuted to Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus. The issue presented is exactly where our problem lies.

  12. Evil begets evil, one evil is just the same as another. There hasn’t been any good democrats, ever! And few good Republicans. The People Must start demanding and supporting the common man to run for every position. There must be Strict term limits!

  13. Another liberal genius who thinks we aren’t spending enough money. but he can’t tell you how much is enough. They can never tell you that, it’s not enough that’s the answer to everything, more money, always more money. Responsibility, self reliance,
    ambition, pride, hard work, these are not he answers to anything. More money will heal all and cure all, The democrats answer to everything, sure has worked well so far.

    He thinks the problem with the federal government is that it isn’t
    spending enough money – See more at:
    thinks the problem with the federal government is that it isn’t
    spending enough money – See more at:
    thinks the problem with the federal government is that it isn’t
    spending enough money – See more at:
    thinks the problem with the federal government is that it isn’t
    spending enough money – See more at:

  14. every state run by a liberal is broke and run in the ground they are corrupt thugs self serving Pigs

    • How do you explain Obama’s success then ?

    • Do you people ever do any research before spouting off these falsehoods?
      Every state with the exception of New Mexico is red state .
      Here you go ,the top ten poorest states and btw I might add most of them also have a highest population on food stamps ,,talk about hypocrites .

      1. Mississippi


      3.West Virginia



      6.New Mexico

      7. South Carolina




      Odd isn’t it that those Liberal states do pretty well . Guess they must be doing something right huh ?

      Here is the link to the non partisan site I got it from http://247wallst.com/special-report/2014/09/18/americas-richest-and-poorest-states-2/

  15. The editorial is correct in that Sanders probably could not win. And also that it will force Hillary to the left.
    But it miscalculates two things.
    The enormous amount of propaganda that Americans have been subjected to, about socialism, as a part of the cold war thinking – has faded. Sanders, while something of a soap-box orator has the ability to voice the enormous concerns that middle-class Americans have – that this nation is not in their hands – that the dice is loaded against them.

    It is not unreasonable to lobby for limits against the power of money and access to the political system – where ordinary people are getting just the crumbs. To the extent that there is an implied social contract between the producers and the workers – it is very clear that it is not working very well.

    To this extent – Sanders effect on Hillary Clinton will probably even gain her more votes.
    And for Sanders ? He will almost certainly get a huge amount of influence in a Clinton administration – when Hillary inevitably wins.

  16. I believe that we are slowly transforming our economy from a low cost labor economy to a skilled one where technology in many forms is its core. It is an organic transformation – which will be painful for those who feel that they are being neglected – but those people tend to support politicians who encourage them to feel victimized. This is an ideal time for all Americans to join in this debate about how to smoothen the rough edges of this transition Education, the length of a work week – and some cushioning for those who will be fundamentally dislocated as this change continues. Sanders is the perfect man to point out the inequities, and the ways our system could ameliorate them – as he is essentially an Independent without a ball and chain leash to either party.

  17. Norman Thomas, 1884-1968 unsuccessfully ran for President of the United States of America six times in the American Socialist Party. Following his last bid, he had this to say, “The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But, they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing it happened. I no longer need to run as a presidential candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democratic Party has adopted our platform.” And we’re concerned that a Socialist is going to run against Hillary Clinton??

  18. It is interesting that this comes on the 45th anniversary of the shooting of radical protesters at Kent State University, which arguably stopped the communist revolution of 1966-1970 in its tracks and indicated to the American radical left that further attempts to bring the French “soizante-huitards”, the German Baader-Meinhoff Gang and Red Army Faction and Mao’s Red Guards to American shores would be forcefully resisted. These people, one of whom was the newly-declared candidate, went underground, took control of the media and the academy as well as a few states like Vermont and waited for the time to launch the fourth assault of Leninism against our republic. In the process, they scored significant recruiting victories in a Kenyan hut and a Wellesley dormitory, with which the American people must now contend. They are back, this time led by radical gay activists, abortionistas and militant atheists rather than hippies and black militants (although it in increasingly clear that the Bloods and the Crips and the Black Panthers are being recruited into the struggle), and this time they have the government on their side. We must be prepared for flat-out communist insurrection in the next year and must be ready to secede and partition the country or find a Franco or a Pinochet if this Marxist pestilence cannot be stopped in any other way.

    • Hey Henny Penny the sky isn’t really falling, its only falling in your demented mind ! How do you even sleep at night with all this paranoia filling your head ? I bet you hear voices too ,maybe even hallucinate a bit eh ?
      No wonder you all want guns you’re afraid of your own shadows .
      Please do secede from our country we won’t even try to stop you .
      Find a nice island somewhere . But watch out with all that paranoia you just might start attacking each other . Not that we will interfer !

  19. The entire philosophy involves tanking the country in every way possible, economically and spiritually, and then taking over, with a few elites having everything and the rest of the population living at subsistence levels or worse. No freedom, no human rights, no money or food or healthcare. But hey, it’s all fun and games until then, right? Maybe if we all yell “WAKE UP” at the same moment all over the country…….?

    EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE.DENY THEM WHAT THEY WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Just read a Norwegian new paper it states that Norway gave 410 millions to her so called foundation but only 105 went there the rest was pocked . She is so shady.

  22. So now the dems have two socialists on the ticket

  23. democratic socialist? That means the same thing right? It looks that way to me…..with the one in the White House!

  24. whats “wow” mean? Everybody knows that “Bow wow wow” is the worst band of mental patients.
    You’re a fan of bow wow wow?

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