Hillary: You Can’t Compare Kavanaugh With My Husband

It would be difficult to come up with a woman in a worse position to demand justice for Christine Blasey Ford than Hillary Clinton, but hypocrisy has never stopped the former Secretary of State before, and she’s not about to give into it now. Clinton was on CNN with Christiane Amanpour this week to promote her new speaking tour (which she is embarking on with none other than former President Bill Clinton), and she used the opportunity to speak about Brett Kavanaugh and the unverified accusations against him. Amanpour, to give her some credit, didn’t let her slip around the obvious references as easily as Hillary might have liked.

“You say that you are going to talk about the difficulties that your husband went through, that you went through,” Amanpour said. “Obviously you’re going to be prepared to have questions about that moment in 1998, the impeachment, the allegations of sexual [misconduct] against your own husband.

“Are you prepared to answer those questions?” Amanpour continued. “Is he prepared to answer them? And how do you see that similar or different from what President Trump is being accused of and Kavanaugh and others today?”

Hillary said there was really no comparison between the two.

“There’s a very significant difference,” Clinton said. “And that is the intense, long-lasting, partisan investigation that was conducted in the 90’s. If the Republicans, starting with President Trump on down, want a comparison, they should welcome such an investigation themselves.”

Right, right.

Well, a few things. One, the investigation that Clinton is referencing had nothing to do with her husband’s career-long string of sexual affairs, abuse of power towards women, sexual harassment, and outright rape – all of which he was accused of at one time or another. It had to do with the Whitewater land deal. It only happened to expand into Monica Lewinsky territory later on, and even then it did not get into the Paula Joneses, the Juanita Broaddricks, and so forth.

Another thing: Investigation or not, Hillary Clinton not only stood by her man all those years, she actively went after his female accusers with all the force of a violent banshee. Whether she believed them or not, she certainly did not act like they were victims who had stories worth being told.

Finally, isn’t this idea that Hillary and Bill were victims of a partisan witch hunt exactly the same thing Republicans have been saying about Kavanaugh?

Alas, we’ve known that the Clintons hold themselves well above the mere concerns of mortals for a long time. It’s just amusing to see that, even after the crushing defeat she was delivered in 2016, she still considers herself the Woman Above It All.

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