Hillary: Whites Must “Practice Humility”

Hillary Clinton’s cynical attempt to pander her way to the Democratic nomination sank to new depths on Monday night. In a Facebook question-and-answer session, the former secretary of state proved that she would stop at nothing to placate black voters. Asked by MTV’s Jamil Smith how she would encourage white voters to pay attention to issues of racial justice, Clinton seemed determined to leave no room for Bernie Sanders to operate.

“White Americans need to do a better job of listening when African Americans talk about the seen and unseen barriers that you face every day,” Clinton said. “We need to recognize our privilege and practice humility, rather than assume that our experiences are everyone’s experiences.”

In other words, white privilege has gone mainstream.

If it was going to be one of the two parties, you always knew it would be the Democrats. But how far does the pandering go? How many silly ideas coming out of liberal sociology must we embrace? It’s one thing to acknowledge that some white people have an easier life than some black people. But how about an acknowledgement that the opposite is also true? Are Black Lives Matter proponents really going to pretend that there aren’t blacks born with a silver spoon? That there aren’t whites who will struggle their entire lives to stay above the poverty line? Life isn’t fair and no one said it was.

The whole problem with the BLM movement is that it aims to divide rather than to unite. We all want a great country where everyone is afforded the same opportunities. That’s the very essence of conservatism. But when you come out with this platform that says white people are the beneficiaries of all of this privilege and opportunity, don’t be surprised when hardworking, responsible whites balk.

And frankly, what the hell would Hillary Clinton know about the experiences of the average white American? Where does she get off lecturing middle America on how they should behave? She’s never spent a single day in the shoes of an ordinary citizen.

Furthermore, how does this speak to Clinton’s ability to make life better for African-Americans? It’s not within the president’s job description to wave a magic wand and erase racism from the country. You can call for police reform, but Obama has already done that. What more is there? Is Clinton going to force American companies to hire X number of blacks? We’re so far off into la-la land that it’s ridiculous.

If Obama wasn’t going to improve the lives of black Americans, then it should be obvious that no other Democrat is going to do it. Maybe it’s time for minorities to realize that conservative principles, as insensitive as they may seem, are the foundation of American success, regardless of color.


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