Hillary: Whites Must “Practice Humility”

Hillary Clinton’s cynical attempt to pander her way to the Democratic nomination sank to new depths on Monday night. In a Facebook question-and-answer session, the former secretary of state proved that she would stop at nothing to placate black voters. Asked by MTV’s Jamil Smith how she would encourage white voters to pay attention to issues of racial justice, Clinton seemed determined to leave no room for Bernie Sanders to operate.

“White Americans need to do a better job of listening when African Americans talk about the seen and unseen barriers that you face every day,” Clinton said. “We need to recognize our privilege and practice humility, rather than assume that our experiences are everyone’s experiences.”

In other words, white privilege has gone mainstream.

If it was going to be one of the two parties, you always knew it would be the Democrats. But how far does the pandering go? How many silly ideas coming out of liberal sociology must we embrace? It’s one thing to acknowledge that some white people have an easier life than some black people. But how about an acknowledgement that the opposite is also true? Are Black Lives Matter proponents really going to pretend that there aren’t blacks born with a silver spoon? That there aren’t whites who will struggle their entire lives to stay above the poverty line? Life isn’t fair and no one said it was.

The whole problem with the BLM movement is that it aims to divide rather than to unite. We all want a great country where everyone is afforded the same opportunities. That’s the very essence of conservatism. But when you come out with this platform that says white people are the beneficiaries of all of this privilege and opportunity, don’t be surprised when hardworking, responsible whites balk.

And frankly, what the hell would Hillary Clinton know about the experiences of the average white American? Where does she get off lecturing middle America on how they should behave? She’s never spent a single day in the shoes of an ordinary citizen.

Furthermore, how does this speak to Clinton’s ability to make life better for African-Americans? It’s not within the president’s job description to wave a magic wand and erase racism from the country. You can call for police reform, but Obama has already done that. What more is there? Is Clinton going to force American companies to hire X number of blacks? We’re so far off into la-la land that it’s ridiculous.

If Obama wasn’t going to improve the lives of black Americans, then it should be obvious that no other Democrat is going to do it. Maybe it’s time for minorities to realize that conservative principles, as insensitive as they may seem, are the foundation of American success, regardless of color.


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  1. Correction: white LIBERAL DEMOCRATS must practice humility. But first they must learn what humility is.

  2. Yeah, we will start “practicing humility” right after the hip-hopping douchebag barbarian savages learn to speak proper English, stop playing rap “music”, and stop wearing their pants down around their fracking knees.

    Until then, The Hildebeast and all of her contemptible ilk may come to my house just to kiss my pink Rebel backside. My house is the one flying 10 (ten) Confederate Battle Flags just so that I can p|ss in the cornflakes of any Libtard Whackadoodle Douchebag who happens to pass by.

    • Do you know where the term saggin originated? (wearing you pants below your buttocks) It originated in prison as a message to other sodomites that you were ready and willing. Now, spell saggin backwards and you will see how mind-numbingly stupid that whole trend really is. They are proud of that moniker!

    • Obviously you love the oranged faced LIAR TRUMP, who is a master at divide and conquer, to believe that the average Black is equal to the average white is delusional

      • Ohshit.. Another damned TROLL! Must be croco shit’s brother!!

      • Oh, come on, now. “Love” would be a bit over the top to describe how I feel about The Donald.

        Truth is, I did not support Trump at first. I did not start supporting him until after I saw just how unhinged he was making all of the Libtard Whackadoodle Douchebags become.

        It has been truly entertaining to watch The Donald reveal the Libtards so clearly as the seething, livid, frothing, nutters that they truly are, virtually overnight. The Libtards are simultaneously having conniption fits and birthing litters of little retarded lizards. We have never seen anything like it before. Well done, Donald !

        Whatever else that we enjoy about The Donald, we first enjoy The Show that he has put on for us. The fact that Libtards detest him just as much as the rest of us have detested The Zero for the past seven years is enough of a reason on its own for us to vote for him in November. He has my vote, Shirley.

        As for the blacks, they have certainly proven that they are better at instigating mob violence. Blacks, not Caucasians, have been the instigators of very major riot in the United States since the mid 1900s. The last time that white people actually rioted was during the Cicero race riot of 1951:


        In the 65 years since then, every major riot in America has been perpetrated by blacks. That is not a “racist” thing to say, that is just historical fact. I can list them here if you would like, but you can look them up. There have been a whole bunch of them. Google it.

        Calling that a “racist” statement is just admitting that you cannot come up with anything smarter to say. The cry of “racist” is one that I just love to hear from the Whackadoodle Libtard Douchebags whenever they have lost an argument. It is their cry of Surrender.

        Now, sit back down on your toilet, smoke your bong full of weed, have yourself a nice long cry, change your tampon, and stop flapping your c0ck holster.

    • You mean trailer in the park – on wheels. Nah, no one can see your losing flags behind all that debris. Your hate is eating you alive.. poor thing.

      • Listen up, B|tch, my site-built house sits on several secluded wooded acres in a very rural part of the Arizona mountains. My wife and I enjoy clean air, abundant sunshine, plenty of above-ground water, fresh vegetables from our multiple gardens, fresh additive-free meat from the wild game that we harvest every Fall, and life among our fellow Patriots in a small unincorporated community that remains, to this day, over 90 percent Caucasian and Christian.

        Calling it *Hate* would be giving those hip-hopping douchebag barbarian savages more credit than they deserve. To feel Hate would first require the component of Respect, something
        which those barbarian savages do not deserve any more than do the Libtard Whackadoodle Douchebags that seem to infest our nation’s coastal areas. It is not *Hate* that I feel for both groups, it is deep, utter, and complete *Contempt* for all of you.

        So, flying those Confederate Battle Flags around our house is done to keep the Libtard riff-raff out of our neighborhood.

        The fact that our community is over 90 percent Caucasian just means that we never have to worry about hip-hopping douchebag gangsta barbarian savages running amok, raping, looting, assaulting, and murdering our citizens, or burning down our homes and businesses. The only businesses of note in our little community are either book stores or the one shop that sells belts and suspenders, so those would be absolutely safe from being looted by violent mobs of douchebag barbarian savages anyway.

        Blacks, not Caucasians, have been the instigators of very major riot in the United States since the mid 1900s. The last time that white people actually rioted was during the Cicero race riot of 1951:


        In the 65 years since then, every major riot in America has been perpetrated by blacks. That is not a “racist” thing to say, that is just historical fact. Google it.

        Making excuses for the “reasons” for these riots does not change the underlying fact that black people have, for the past 65 years, been much more predisposed to mob violence than any other color group. Calling that a “racist” statement is just admitting that you cannot come up with anything smarter to say.

        The cry of “racist” is one that I just love hearing from the Whackadoodle Libtard Douchebags whenever they have lost an argument. It is their cry of Surrender.

        Now, sit back down on your toilet, smoke your bong full of weed, have yourself a nice long cry, and stop flapping your c0ck holster.

  3. Lol, really ? Hilly must learn how to tell the truth. but that will never happen.!!!

    • Hillary’s definitive press conference. Statement # 1. I always tell the truth. Statement # 2. Statement # 1 is a lie. End of conference.

      • Love your handle, my son’s idol growing up was John Mosby.

      • Beth915 thinks our Stars and Bars are losers.

        • Yes, I do indeed! If you understand what that thing symbolizes you would agree. We live under the Stars and Stripes forever!! That’s the winning side. No one flies that thing who really loves America! Hooray for Stars and Stripes, forever!!!!

          • Not as long as your halfbreed mongrel gay Muslim golfer is in office. The stars and stripes should be flown upside down backwards and at half mast until the fag is executed. She belongs in Gitmo awaiting a rope around it’s neck.

          • You just proved incapable of engaging in sane discourse. You show the horrible condition of public schools. You are, no doubt left behind just like that rag symbol and mad at Black folks for you condition. To bad, I feel sorry for you. Obama saved your sorry behind when George Bush wrecked the economy. He can in and saved the country from a recession. Oh, but you don’t know that, because he is Black, and in your mind, he must be stupid. That is only because you can’t crawl up high enough to know what is going on. You are still in the 19th century. Thus the rag!

          • You are one sick twisted POS. GFY!!

          • Drunk already? Its still daylight. Started early today.

          • It’s dark here. But no, not drinking. I leave that to you. I’m thinking about harvesting liberal organs tonight. Real fresh ones.

          • I figured it was dope, but thought I’d be polite.

          • I get high ridiculing you.

          • You sad pathetic creature. You can’t even come up with your own comebacks. You feel the need to plagiarize. Poor, pitiful beast. I feel sorry for you, really, I do. Your mind is mush from cheap booze, you are jealous of Sarah Palin, and all you have are your cats.

          • obama’s biracial. You must hate the white half – who actually raised him.

          • He “can” in all right-ass first, and wrecked the nation! Idiot.

          • Thanks for the reminder of the typo. You are impressive..you can spell! But sadly you were unaware of the 2009 recession, which was almost a depression were it not for the profound knowledge of POTUS Obama! That means you had nothing to lose.

          • Mine is! And has been for over 7 years. When a new, REAL president who loves the USA is sworn in, I’ll burn this flag & hoist a brand new one that has not had to suffer the ignominy of øvømit.

          • Poor thing! Living in misery! Pray tell me about that state. To hate without cause must be miserable..tut, tut. Your real president left a big deficit and the country was on its knees. Yes, let’s get another Great President like Obama, who will be noted in history to have saved the country from the looneys! Oh, I forgot. You are celebrating a rag losing symbol. So you don’t even count! Your country lost the war and you’re still fighting. Oh, dear…

          • I don’t have a single thing against black folks. Neither me or my family has ever enslaved a single black person. I do not agree with anyone who think they are entitled to anything because of their race, religion or sex. The South nor Civil War were about Slavery. It was about voter fraud, unfair tarrifs, stolen bonds, oppression and taxation without representation. Slavery was what the Union used to rally and unite the Northern States against the South. The Union was doing no different than the British and trying to enslave Southern businesses by leving unfair and illegal taxes and terriffs on cotton, tobacco and textiles. There were people who owned slaves in the Union even after the Civil War. It was not much different then than what we have now.
            You can call me a Rebel. Because I rebel against tyranny, treason,lying and corruption. I rebel against big government who spies on it’s people to enslave them so the goverment can get bigger and more corrupt and their slaves become more dependant on the Government. So you can take your lefty loosey “NY” values and shove them up your Yankee Hillary butt.

          • wapitihunter, no one is looking for a kumbaya from you. This is not about whether you have something against Black folks or not. Nor is it about whether you or your family had slaves. If your ancestors were here they were probably not slave owners. That means they were poor. Poor whites were relegated to the perimeters of society. The term “White” goes back to a time when certain groups were not to be considered as acceptable. Then if you were from Italy, Eastern Europe, Ireland, and some sino areas, you were not considered white. You should read your history before America. You may have more insight into how this American culture evolved. The whites who matter are like Trump. They do not care about the poorer persons. A rich black person is more accepted than a poor white. It’s about economics. The GOP is about wealth. It is not about race.

            You should check factual information to know what you are fighting. Plus, your knowledge of the Civil War is lacking, as is the purpose of that stupid rag flag. Research it, please.

          • It is what you accused me of. My ancestors were actually quite wealthy. My Great grandfather told me once that no man had the right to own another human being. God created Man in his own image so no man should be bought and sold as an animal. So you can keep your uppity snide remarks to yourself. I have done lots more research than you know but I do not study just the politically correct textbooks. I am a member of the Brotherhood founded by Robert E. Lee. I am a student of American History but more so Texas History. You knowledge is flawed.
            I do not believe Trump has anything to do with real republicans and nothing to do with conservatives as he has been a demoncrat most of his life and his political contributions and deals have been with who he could get the most favors from. I am not a Republican. I despise establishment republicans. I am a Conservative for fiscal responsibility and free enterprise. That is the only way. We must get rid of big government. Handouts and bailouts must go. Small government forces people to be accountable and held accountable for their actions. Demoncrats are the lawless corrupt trash of the nation. We have to most corrupt administration ever. Murders, rapist and thieves walking free to spread more corruption. So don’t give me anymore of your liberal lying tongue. Don’t try to analyze me or pretend to know everything because your way off. You judge but have no clue.

          • You know Texas has an awfully low ranking in the education sphere. However, political correctness should never be the guide for knowledge. Facts will always stand on its own. Nothing is gained by manipulation the truth – it obliterates knowledge and stifles ones intellect. Facts may not be what I want to hear or believe, but if I truly want edification that is what I seek. I do not only read what I agree with, but everything of substance to understand the universe in which I live. When I converse, I want to espouse facts, rather than a gut umption, or some stupid fantasy. if what you say is true, why are hanging out on this site. There is nothing here except limited vocabularies and hate mongering.

          • Would you like to become aware of the fact that at this point in this entire 495 comment string, you have entered more comments, and influenced fewer people (as observed by their comments) for you efforts than any other person. Histrionic? No, HISTRIONIC!

          • That says stupid is stupid.. No? Oh, believe me I am not trying to change anyone, nor sink to the apparent low level of thinking. I am getting responses. I am doing research on angry white folks. Trust me, there’s no fit into my circles. Did you actually think I needed acceptance here? Wow, that’s really delusional!!

          • Water seeks its own level. If what you say is true, why are you discontented and on this site? Some of the biggest government largess goes to big businesses. When people speak of small government, I am not sure they understand the many legislators are elected by the monied class to pass and protect legislation to protect and give them advantages over the average person. I am not complaining as I know how it works. The military industrial complex is all about government largess. I just wish folks would not be so myopic and see the entire picture. If you are not in business or part of the 1%, you are part of the proletariat.

          • Intellectual liberal moron, move to Russia or China & give this forum a break!

          • And give up this fun? Nah, no can do;-) You know, I have been waiting for someone to tell me to go back somewhere. Obviously, you are the trespasser. My ancestors were here a long time before there was ever a so called white person on these shores. How can you camp in someone else’s land and tell folks where to go? Hmmmm…

          • Yet America must suffer the ignominy of your childish bigotry and ignorance.

          • You can fly whatever you wish.

          • You are so right! That is what makes this such a wonderful country!! You have a right to stay uninformed…

          • Mulatto would be the proper term to describe it

          • Why is race so important to you?

            This is America. Everyone here is Hinz 57.

          • Hinz???? LOLOLOLOL

          • I’m actually 100% German…. ancesters came here in early 1900’s. And it’s spelled HEINZ, I know, it’s German.

          • Yes, I know. You are correct. I was ridiculing AKLady because she is stupid and can’t spell.

          • I admit to being a bad typist.
            What are your excuses for your stupidity and rudeness?

          • My IQ outdistances yours by leaps and bounds. Your rudeness is likened to the fact that you are an uncouth trollop.

          • I was replying to previous post “wapitihunter” was having a time with terminology. As far as my views on race since you asked is the blacks feel the need for separation between themselves and everyone else and it’s bullshit as far as I’m concerned ! There’s nothing special about them as far as I can see.That’s my answer to you, I know you won’t like it but I don’t care. Oh yeah not everyone’s Heinz 57 either maybe wishful thinking on your part !

          • Blacks are so special, they dominate society…their music, their art, their dance, their inventions, their physiques, their lips, their butts, etc. They are lively, loving, and just plain interesting. Everything they do is copied: fist bumps, rapping, slang, fashion, on, and on, and on….

          • Doesn’t sound like you have “wonderful” things to say about whites? But, that’s your choice, it’s a free nation.

            And, if I would’ve said all the wonders of whites…. and nothing about blacks, on this comment board…. I’m sure you’d have a lot of nasty words for me. See, that’s not equality…. that’s racism.

          • No. Just because I espoused the attributes of Blacks does not mean that there is no appreciation for other people. Blacks are always the subject of such ill intended disdain and unwarranted misrepresentation that I noted a few of the attributes in reply to a nasty statement. I have no nasty words for you because you are not a person of color. There is nothing to disparage you for. History records all deeds. I am just fascinated at the rancor for Hillary and the people who support her.

          • Yep-very loving! Especially in Killcago, with the highest black-on-black murder rate in the nation. You need a new brain.

          • Who are the mass murderers? See how you wish to indict a group because you feel the need be play superior. No one group kills more innocent people than mass murderers. Do I need to start naming and counting. Who were the original terrorist in America? KKK. They killed and lynch innocent people, and would bring their children to watch lynchings and burning. And, oh yes, they pillaged and stole from the Black successful people in Tulsa and in Rosewood, which they burned down because Black were separated into their own towns and had more than the whites who lived around the towns. Check your history.

          • A NEW brain? You mean Beth actually HAD a brain once??

          • So, your trailer didn’t wash away? Crap!

          • I’m upper middle class. Nice try though.

          • You do not want to go “there”! I am so sick of seeing deranged whites shooting up masses of people..Even little children. How crass!! Mass murderers. All they want is a gun and dope to did hideous things. Raping, Incest, killing for insurance money.. That has become so mundane that there are TV shows about some poor soul being killed by a husband or wife. Marrying and then going on a honeymoon or vacation, and only one returns…Wow. And you have the nerve to talk about black on black. Heck, white on white crime and on everybody is where the real danger is. Tell the truth!!

          • Beth915: I wrote another posting on this thread, saying that I viewed you in a positive light, in spite of the many negative comments you have been getting. That’s still somewhat true, but this specific post is NOT one of your better postings.

            No! We don’t need to start naming and counting. This isn’t a game where we keep score. To create a scoreboard would only make certain individuals go for statistics that will forever be in the record books! It would further divide people, whether you want to call it by “race,” “skin color” or whatever. In this posting, you only “point fingers” at
            those whom you believe to be guilty. Coming from an “educated” person, this is very

            I’m sure the KKK is in the running for “first terrorists in America,” but speaking from the perspective of those who fled England to come here, the Native Americans would probably win that distinction. I’d say that the KKK and the Native Americans both killed to protect what they felt was theirs. I won’t say that either group was right. There was a
            LOT wrong with both, but I can certainly understand their motives.

            You haven’t mentioned this, so I’d like to interject here that those in favor of slavery didn’t just kill blacks. I live next to a small town that was very heavily involved in the Underground Railroad. I recently took a tour of the slavery related things in that town. We saw many of the homes that were adapted to house runaway slaves, on their way
            to freedom. We saw the still existing covert sign on the courthouse and were told about many other hidden-in-plain-sight signs that signaled “help” to runaway slaves. These were people who had no stake in the situation, except that they knew what was right and what was wrong, and they felt duty bound to help the slaves, although it meant death if they were ever discovered, and that DID happen! So please, don’t just lump all white people into the same category.

          • Maurice, I really appreciate your comments. However, while I do not agree with some of the more provocative ones, I understand their purpose and delight in the fact that you took the time to reflect on my statements. Thank you.

            As I am very busy today, I thought this was important enough to respond to. I will do a more pointed refrain later. I wish to assure you that you will never find me indicting any group in its totality. Of course, throughout history into today’s society, persons of good will have repudiated the actions and philosophies of the few “outliers”. Without the humanities of abolitionists, and others to assist, the institution of slavery would probably been more extended. Sadly, the inequities were not eradicated with the Emancipation. It continued as it had become an indelible part of our culture.

            The issues are not simplistic or esoteric, but more complicated than I can delve into at the moment.

            The bottom line is we have come to a point in society where we must come together as Americans in order to survive and have abundant lives. I have friends of all ilks who are around the world. One thing I found with all is that beyond the exterior, we are all the same.

            Now as to the acceptance of my comments on this thread – honestly, I did not expect wholesale confirmation of my statements.. The intent was to get an audience to exchange and defend ideas..to induce introspection, to encourage independent thought, to think beyond a group philosophy, to gather factual information…

          • Don’t forget incarceration !

          • Yes, its been proven that there is disparity in the sentencing between blacks and whites. Much of that is being unraveled, particularly since there is a drug pandemic in the white community. White kids – as young as 9 years old are on drugs of all types. So are their mommies… White teens are not going to school or colleges in the same percentages. Whites are committing suicide because of the equality of circumstances that they are beginning to face. The young millennials are doping, drinking, aborting, and exhibiting a general malaise. Chickens may be coming home to roost… oh, somebody else said that…

          • You are so full of shit, and you would have some bullshit comeback with the murder rate in your black communities being black on black murder

          • All the sh-t is on you! You have no facts, but you know you have a drug pandemic and gun problems, and shoot ’em ups every day. Truth, baby! Mass Muurda! Wild West! Hee Haw!

          • Not at all. Also, as they do with obama…. if there is any black ancestry in an individual, blacks claim them as black. They hate whites so much, they hide the fact of white ancestry.

          • You have things backwards. You need to get those history books back out.

            The statement you have just made is almost word-for-word part of the laws which were on the books of many Southern states.

          • Tell that to the descendants of the Founders and passengers on the Mayflower! LOL

          • I am one of those.
            Oh, and some of my ancestors were already here when the British arrived.
            The spanish and French arrived before the British.

            Of course, the First People had already been here ofr centuries. I have some of those genes in my family tree as well.

          • How childish can you get.
            Shut your mouth or change your icon.

            You are an embarassment to everyone who fought under that flag.

          • Not childish. The truth. Is this the Hillery Clinton wanna be Whitch or Bitc…night with all the liberal whore on real website night?

          • There can be no doubt that William T Sherman was a war criminal. And since Lincoln was the commander in chief, he was a war criminal too. The battle flag represents different things to different people. The number of southerners who owned slaves was about 6%. Probably about 80% of southern men enlisted in the Confederate army. I believe that they didn’t enlist to defend slavery but to defend their homeland against the invader.
            Look up the Corwin amendment which was intended to entice the southern states back into the union. All that the southern states needed to do was to return to the Union and to ratify the Corwin amendment and the right to own slaves would have been Guaranteed by the thirteenth amendment of the US Constitution. The southern states refused.

          • I don’t think history bears out that Sherman, nor Lincoln were insurrectionists. Thus, neither were war criminals. The southerners took preference to side with secessionists, who wanted to protect and keep their way of life. The life of being white and enjoying privileges that the slaves had no right to. Slavery is not just about how many whites owned slaves, but how slavery shaped the American culture of racism. The fact is there were many white indentured servants who when freed joined the ranks of the poorer of the society. The difference being that the freed indentured servant had the rights of the privileged just because they were white. The Corwin amendment is a misnomer. The proposition was never ratified – it was meant to satiate the southerner. Not only that, I do not think that anyone believes Lincoln was so altruistic that he it was about slavery – instead, he was concerned to save the nation.

          • blah blah blah blah blah… This is 21st century U.S.A.

          • Yes, and what do you know? NOTHING!

          • The reason that the Corwin proposed amendment was never ratified is because the southern states refused to return to the union. I understand that Jefferson Davis and Robert E Lee were in favor of ending slavery. Seems that slavery was something that we inherited from the British, and just like Obamacare once something gets established it is hell to get rid of it.
            Yes slavery is an evil thing and we have been paying for it ever since with millions in welfare and food stamps and riots and drug dealers and crime and unwed mothers and Michael Browns and Freddy Grays. America would probably be a much better place if these people were never brought here in the first place. We are one hundred and fifty years and still counting ahead of Islam in abolishing slavery.
            Sherman scorched a path that was fifty miles wide from Atlanta to Savannah burning and flooding crops and slaughtering livestock and looting. They tortured civilians to reveal the location of anything they might have of value. To paraphrase John Kerry Sherman ravaged the land in a manner reminiscent Genghis Khan. I believe that Sherman was responsible for the starvation that took place at andersonville.

          • The greatest number of people on welfare and food stamps are white. What are their excuses? Drugs were put into the black communities by the US government and private prisons were built as investments. Prison sentences for the same drug possessions were different for whites than blacks. Blacks was sentenced to longer sentences, which have had to be overturned by the court system and an admission of the government’s wrong doings. Now whites are suffering a pandemic of drug usage in every community without exception of class. Young white preteens are experiencing additions. What is that about. Whites are the ones who commit mass murders, killing anybody in sight. Those actions are of barbaric and dangerous people. Why isn’t there concern here – on this site? There is talk of lies etc, but the history espoused on this site is mythological. Read the History of White People by a Princeton professor. It uses the information from the European masters to weave a compendium of information that was not taught in America’s classrooms. There is a purpose behind the concealment of the truth.

          • Amen. Sherman was a war criminal.
            Several countries have tried Bush and found him guilty of war crimes.
            Trump has publically stated that he supports torture of POWs.

          • What is troubling is that Trump said that he would do worse than waterboarding. Unfortunately George Washington and Dwight D. Eisenhower are not running this year. I watched Cruse being interviewed by Hannity tonight and I think that he is probably our best choice.

          • Only if you are Republican.

            Frankly, despite all the “socialist” insults, I think Sanders is probably the best option for America.

            Even though Obama overcame bigotry and made it to the White House, I sadly believe it would not be possible for Sanders to be elected — simply becausw he is Jewish.

          • Actually I am registered as a Libertarian. I vote for the Republican candidate most of the time because they seem to be the lessor of two evils. Before you vote for Sanders you should read “We the Living” by Ayn Rand. She was there and lived it. As far as Jews are concerned I am a regular follower of Pamela Geller and a member of ZOA. I may be naive or something, but I believe that normal people do not hate Jews.

          • So I fly the Gadsden flag right under my Flag…so what is your point? only a POS racist calls the southern battle flag racist…but then again will hold up the green black and red flag any day and call that their flag while living in this country. You are the biggest bigot and hypocrite on this site! Go get in line for your EBT card. I’m an American and you are a POS.

          • Patd, you are a poor judge of character. Get my EBT card? Really, you probably live on 4 wheels and will need that before I would ever. You do not have a real education or house or profession..you are mad with the world, aren’t you? You should not have forfeited your white privilege…too bad. Bad choices. You wish you could say that about me. I could buy the rest of your life’s earning with the coins in my piggy!!!!

          • And you speak about poor judge of character??? Little does your racist ignorant worthless EBT ass know. I saw another reply from your ignorant racist ass that I worked for you…the only way that is true is if my taxes is paying for your worthless life through EBT…that I believe. And then your description of my life is soo far off that you claimed to be educated but just proved you are the biggest racist Troll on this line of discussion. I have 6 wheels on our 2016 motor home and 2 of our 3 homes are paid off from our working. So I now get to reply to one of the millions of ignorant EBT suckers that need to be kicked back to the ghettos. You have shown your total ignorance and racist attitude as I have worked for all I have so go spew your uneducated ignorant crap somewhere else. And BTW my wife and I both paid for our degrees and didn’t suck off of the government for our education like you did for your 3rd grade certificate from the racist ignorant school of idiots.

          • My goodness, patd! Is that all you’ve accomplished? My “3rd grade certificate from a racist ignorant school of idiots”…? That is sooo funny!! You can only surmise that everybody is like yourself – a worker ANT! Not!! My degrees have served me and society well! They are be treasured for a high achievement with HONORS! Not land grant either, nor based on Affirmative Action. White women benefit more than anyone in businesses bases upon affirmative action. My education is base upon matriculation on a very high competitive level where the likes of you cannot survive.

            If you had more than job training, which most undergraduate degrees are today, you would have greater command of expository skills. Calm down..ok..but, I have to tell you there are a lot of us out here..and we are hiring and firing!!

          • Baby girl, stop insulting poor people. Poverty does not need your insults on top of the suffering the poor already experience.

          • They earned it. It’s the only thing they do earn.

          • Drunk already, or are you doing something illegal these days?

          • You brought up an EBT card as a means of insulting me. I have to remind the likes of you that you should not always assume that people who do not think as you do are lacking in mental capacity or things.

          • Get your facts correct.
            I have not used EBT in any of my posts.

          • That was not to you. Look again, it is to patd!

          • The Civil War was a state’s rights issue. Slavery was only a focus to distract people.

          • States rights had everything to do with slavery! Check it out.

          • Is Texas Gov. Greg Abbott talking sbout slavery?
            Check it out.

          • If your birth date is 9/15, you should apologize to all Virgos for being so brainless! 9/13.

          • Here we go.. Another mindless burp! Why can’t you debate issues or make sensible comments. I suppose you are over 18 and an adult. If so, you shouldn’t be so myopic in your views. What will name calling achieve? Just makes you dumber. Engage in meaningful dialog. That’s what intelligent people do. Here’s the deal – naming calling only shows limitations, and the lack of substance. It doesn’t bother me, but it should make you think once you’re called on it. Honestly, it can’t be that bad..huh?

        • Well, Beth915 would be wrong now wouldn’t she?

    • My response to anything and everything Hillary says: ARF! ARF! ARF! ARF!

    • H-BOMB Clinton…Like the DC DICTATOR…Has NO CLUE on how to tell the Truth….They are Programmed to LIE….LIE SOME MORE…AND THEN LIE AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN…

  4. They have been taxing the hell out of me and all the other working stiffs for decades now since Johnson’s great society’s reward for breeding so how much more humility am I suppose to give.

  5. ya almost gotta feel sorry for this pathetic woman? Just about the time I think she hit the bottom of the barrel she finds a bigger barrel. Those poor demorats this is the best they have. Tish-tish-tish

  6. Coming from the most corrupt, autocratic piece of liberal crap… right after Obama. What a freaking joke.

    • Yes, with hillary: lie to me/fool me once, shame on her. However, at this time and hillary’s campaign: lie to me/fool me over and over again…. shame on me. hillary’s followers are stupid lib followers.

  7. so whites must practice humility? Lets see we have BET and Blackish and Black Lives Matter, Beyonce, and Jay Z but they don’t need to practice Humility? How about you stupid B..th mankind needs to practice Humility and honesty and lets start with you, Bill and Chelsea first. What a dumb as$

    • LOL, and don’t forget kanye west….. leading the pack of stupid ignorant trash

      • yeah, I left a lot out as the list would go forever. Whoopi, Obamas, whole damn family. Samuel L. Jackson. Black Pissers, Eric Holder, Trayvon Martins parents, Al Sharpton, Oprah Winfrey, James Cone founder of black Liberation theology,Martin Luther King III, whose father would be so disappointed, Cornel West, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, I could go on and on.

        • Hold up now!! Col. Allen West is on the most staunch conservatives you’re going to find!! He’s always dogging obamination and speaks the truth about him and what he has done to this country!! I would LOVE to see him as Sec.of Defense with Trump as Pres!!

          • yes and Ben Carson as surgeon General

          • To David Freeze,msueh and melmack1, I would encourage you to read Cornel West’s book, Democracy Matters, winning the fight against imperialism. He supports black liberation theology the same as rev wright very much anti American. His beef with Obama is because Obama is more white than black and hasn’t done more for blacks

        • Purge the list of Colonel West and it’s good.

        • Great job except for Col. West !!

    • and grambling college the vulcan society{black detectives}miss black america blm{black lives matter}affirmative action.desegregation busing.ebony magazine/bet networks.government quoter system for blacks around the 1970,s

    • It’s amazing… these libs/Dems are so good at using vague words/vague talking points, that have no concrete action/solutions/etc. “practice humility”. Sorry, but someone like this Beth or hillary needs to explain exactly how/where/when and is this the only way the blacks can be raised??? is if whites increase their numbers of dropping out of school, increase gang/drug/criminal activity, increase violence, don’t marry their pregnant women????? Let’s hear how!!!! And it will be crickets, as it’s all lies.

      • What do you know. I just finished writing about the folks on drugs, dropping out of school, mass murderers, etc. Pandemic drug use across the country..not in the inter-cities as is the outer burbs.
        It is not blacks – it’s whites that are losing it! There are studies trying to find what is going on with the whites because the middle aged whites are dying out. “the Princeton University wife-and-husband team of Anne Case and Angus Deaton examined mortality and morbidity (illness) data from 1999 to 2013. What they found was shocking: While middle-aged people in rich
        countries all over the world have been getting healthier, for white
        Americans — and no other subgroup in this country — rates of death and
        illness have actually gone up.” – NYMAG

  8. One would think that even the die hard radical leftists who worship at the alter of the Criminal Clinton Enterprise would find this despicable woman’s statement hard to swallow. People need to realize that her humility is non existent and suggesting the American people do so is beyond comprehension.

    • Their narrative supersedes Logic; Facts; and even the Truth itself. They collectively react to Truth like the proverbial Vampire reacts to sunlight. Not Kidding.

  9. Humility? Whats humility is to listen to young whites talking slang with a southern drawl ya – all dog. The baggy pants and hoodies. Can you feel me? Can you smell me? When this devide Obaama has created is died – fried – and layed to the side I might think about it. When I dont see a pimpled face black get taken on before the intelegent skilled worker who has a family I might have humility. No I dont think so this thing that has done deals world wide with her private server, and sells weapons and uranium to our enemies needs to be shot dead. She is the very person that resonates humility for the entire country. Why hasnt she been taken to jail?

  10. This comment is enough reason for 100 million plus not to vote for Hillary! She is all about racial divide.

    • Just like Obama and the communist movement Blacks do not see her for what she is!

      • Or, blacks see themselves exactly as she sees them; weak and totally dependent.

        • You forgot gullible.

        • These comments and the proposition of the writer shows arrogance and consonance dissonance. Why is Hillary wrong? Because you cannot fathom a rationale for your thinking you attack her instead of trying to understand. Most whites do not want to speak about race. When someone else tries, whites retort that they are being divisive. The is contrary to reasonable thinking. One, the problems of race in this country should and must be addressed. To ignore or to presume it is a juxtaposition of insanity reckons for more education or exposure to a recognition of what racism is. Whites must acknowledge the free labor of ancestors, free land, and other privileges bestowed upon them. A culture of usurping what blacks earned by passing laws to make it illegal for black to own homes, etc. Read about Black Wall Street and Rosewood to start. Get out of the simple thought process and deal with an educated mind by getting information to form your opinions. Read the History of White People by Nell Painter. That might help as you will see what your origins are. The information and thesis of that book is reamed from the classical writers – but, the information was not in your history books. Instead of dealing with reality of white history, many resorted to writing about mythological characters to fill the gap. Check it out.

          • What a dipstick arrogant whore for Hillary.

          • Is that all you can say? Only the malcontents, dispirited, or pure jack A’s would bombast another person in the manner as being done here. You are degrading yourselves..and Hillary doesn’t even know it..or care.

          • Most of your ” Rationale ” is based and thoroughly built on a fabrication; a lie. Passing laws that make it illegal to own a home? etc.? In the United States? A vast majority of Whites would truly LOVE to have an honest discussion about race relations in the United States. The KEY word here being; ” Honest “

          • Fabrication, huh? Would you care for me to point the way in Your library? Information is powerful. You do not have to take my word for it. You can read about it. If you wish to have a book list, I will gladly oblige. Yes, let talk about race, please.

            Honesty has to be based on facts that are tangible. Deal?

          • And, as I’ve seen from blacks or libs in this nation…. the discussion of race is only allowed to be one sided by them. Their is NO willingness to have real discussions, that may include a different opinion, or in other words, white or black conservatives.

          • Perhaps, you need to try different groups on different levels. People are people. There is no such thing as race. Did you know that?

          • No such thing as race? Tell THAT to the racist blacks who look down their noses at all other people of other races. Blacks are ALL about race. Did you know that?

          • DoctorBob…feel you will agree that Beth is overdosing her XANAX.

          • Jarhead, you are smart enough to have given yourself the right appellation. No, I do not need drugs to be intelligent. That’s in your house..

          • Jarhead is a term for a marine, you ignorant, emotionally driven moron.

          • No emotions here. I haven’t had so much fun in a while. Let’s meet more often, Jarhead – or is it salamander…

          • You are ignorant. Brainwashed and ignorant. You are a run of the mill, standard issue number in the herd of easily programmable sheep. Your responses are devoid of any fact, any intelligence, or any insight. You regurgitate, already regurgitated talking points you seem to have lapped up after some ignorant brainwashed, leftists professor spewed them up. You are a joke and everyone with an above average IQ who happens upon this thread can see this, glaringly staring them in face. You read like a dime store novel, an average middle class, overweight Caucasian girl who is too stupid and scared to think for yourself. Your ilk, the racist, leftist, democrats, invented white privilege. You are the only ones who have white privikege.

          • IQ of 69 on this post..huh? What does a leftist professor have to do with information that is based on facts evident in the public domain? You need to read more and get away from beer and TV. Get facts and do critical thinking…do not do herd and hate!! Possessions are not what make men great! Good character does!

          • You have no evidence to back up these claims you made about me. You and I have never met. Leftists professors, academics, and scientist own the platforms and control the narratives. Once you set a force in motion that severe, it is hard to throttle it back and force free and open forms of thought. It is also difficult to counter their falsifications and revisions. The world understands this, no matter how much their adherents and fanatics try to obfuscate.
            Leftist frauds, such as yourself are so weak. You are all unable to hold yourselves up on your own without a community of like minded drones, big brothers to run your lives, big government to aid you in your feeble existence. Then you throw wild”beer and TV” claims about as if to try and cover up your own ignorance and inability to stand on your own and be self reliant and free thinking. You denigrate in order to conceal and use the same words I have just written in order to try and counter my exact words. It is so unoriginal and run of the mill as I said earlier. You continue to show everyone what an average follower you can be. It is not very becoming and indicative of leftist programming and propagation.

          • You speak as one who is dispossessed. You lead the pejorative characterizations as do this entire thread’s participants. When you realize you’re treading on impotency in your positions, you start spewing venom. You have attacked leftist thinking, leftist schools, leftist professors, and so forth. I have presented factual information – not what I think, but what has been scientifically proven. You are angered because it does not fit with what you perceive and get very uncomfortable with the truth. Look, it is the same if someone promoted Florida, rather than Southern California, or Hawaii. Knowing that each place has its own attributes, one would be foolish to be angered when a different is noted.

            You are wrong again – I am an independent mind. This site is for followers..folks who think alike and hate if there is a different voice.

          • Now you engage in deceit and dishonesty and claim to be an innocent victim when this whole thing started because you could not practice free speech or the free exchange of your foolish ideas and theories which were handed to you by some, slightly smarter, former filthy hippy professor. The leftist sites you frequent in order to receive your daily dose of programming have banned free speech and the free exchange of ideals. The leftist run university system has all but banned free speech and the free exchange of ideas. You all operate in a bubble, devoid of fact, and full of hot air, inbreeding and intermarrying various forms of group think and liberal regurgitations. Now you spill onto conservative websites, in order to troll and deride those of us who preserve civil liberties and freedom and the Constitution. You are a troll, a liar, a fraud, and white privileged member of the whiny crybully ruling class. Now there is rebellion against all that you have mindlessly embraced through your programming and your ilk are melting down, hence all of your lies. You have not offered up one shred of evidence. Remember, there is a thread here, a trail of evidence which proves by this point what a lying fraud you are. I have offered you some historical evidence. All you have is opinions, disinformation, lies, and vitriol. This entire exchange stands as a testament to your dishonesty and I thank for continuing to make a fool of yourself and dig that hole. It is absolutely hilarious! Believe what you want you fat, self-hating white privilege toting rich white girl, but your own words betray you and the more you respond, the bigger the fool you appear. But this is exactly what one would expect from a lowly, brainwashed leftist devoid of common sense and full of lies, lies which can be proven by your own words in this thread. You will not win here, here there be freedom and liberty. You should just go back to your left leaning sites and be a good little slave with no voice or platform. Especially if you are going to try and exercise the freedoms your ilk are trying to destroy. Be a good little follower and go back to your big brother and the websites he controls, slave.

          • I know Blacks were forced to deal with “race” as a matter of daily existence. Blacks have not had the power to be racist…look up the meaning. Blacks know each day someone will remind them that they are to be subservient in spite of their education. This is a carryover from the past before laws had to be passed to assuage the results of racism and discrimination. Non educated whites still expect to have the more superior positions over blacks – even now in 2016. The young lady who protested not being able to get into the University of Texas wasn’t qualified no matter who the other applicants were. But, she thought she should be admitted over any Blacks.

          • get off the crack before you go full blown STUPID!

          • Crack is in Your house!! Oh, not! It’s an opiate…..!!! If I were you I wouldn’t mention drugs…

          • It appears your leftist brainwashing has been a huge success. Don’t waste out time kissing Hellary’s ass on this forum; I spelled her name the way she really is!

          • Why are you so ANGRY? I am not mad at you. I do not hate anyone. I love to see what makes you guys tick. Hillary really must make you feel badly. Wow. It is amazing to see the vulnerability of folks. Watch it – hide your guns….. Don’t fly off the planet! Whew!

          • There is such thing as race; the idea that there is no such thing is a Boasian (Jew/cultural Marxist) concept at odds with the science of genetics.

            The idea that Christians of European descent must “practice humility” as a race is part of the “white privilege” scam. European whites were enslaved long before black chattel slavery, i.e., by the Muslims and the Jewish Khazarian slave traders. That is the origin of the name “Slav” and “Slavic”.

            White indentured servants were also brought to the New World as slaves. The idea that “whites” should feel guilty about anything for being “white” is ridiculous. Contemporary whites were no more complicit in black chattel slavery than contemporary blacks are in the tribal wars that led to the capture and sale of black Africans to the Atlantic slave traders, who, incidentally, were largely operated by Jews.

          • No, race only exists in your mind. Like Hitler, who was not even an Aryan. Hitler was a crazed lunatic. Eastern Europeans were not consider white, nor Jews, nor, Italians, or people from Ireland until more contemporary times in the early 20th century. They were not allowed to work certain jobs, or live in certain neighborhoods. They were the earlier inhabitants of the “Ghetto”. White has to do with economics. It was a means of dividing the classes. Unfortunately, some whites never comprehended that premise. The GOP does not represent the working class person – black or white.

            Black Africans sold their prisoners of war to the slavers. Tribes fought each other and pilfered the captured belongings. Slave and indentured servants were existence were totally polar opposites. Indentured servants could be free after their time served. African slaves died enslaved.

          • The white who were enslaved, who were of Eastern European origin, were not recognized as “white”. Did you know that? When Black African to the slave traders they did so because of tribal war. When whites enslave Africans in American, the Caribbeans, and Mexico, it was done so on the premise of the black skin. That became the only distinguishing factor for categorizing slaves.
            Contemporary America is not asking for guilt. It is demanding a recognition of the truth of the conditions that brought forth the condition of racism. No one wins in this war. Racism is destructive for the perpetrator, as well as for the victim. The loss of one’s humanity is the greatest loss one can have. Humanity is that which sets us apart from all other animals.

            Actually, the slave shipping Christians had a chapel on the slaves ships above the slave holding areas where the slaves were chained and left to die in their own excrement. That does not fit my definition of what a Christian is or should be. A case in point is John Newton, who wrote Amazing Grace, after becoming converted, then he became an abolitionist.

          • Your contention seems to be that if oppression is done based on skin color it is worse than any other. I do not accept that. Oppression is oppression, whatever the motive.

            The tribal customs and culture of most of the black Africans were conducive to barbarism. Most of these cultures were not “primitive”, they were degenerate in nature, i.e., they had fallen far from the primordial perfection of the first human beings.

          • Did you know about the barbarianism of the Celts, or the Gauls, or the Saxons? You should research it to find what a truly degenerate people they were. Afterwards, we should convene.

          • Of course I know all about the barbarians. In the pre-Christian period, the Celts, Gauls, Saxons and other Nordic peoples had degenerated from a very high ancient civilization or civilizations which we know very little about.

            The rise of Europe from darkness to high culture during the medieval period was extremely rapid, perhaps unprecedentedly so. Christianity was instrumental in this. But the development was an organic one – a fusion of the warrior culture with the Christian one.

            The sub-Saharan transition has yet to occur. These peoples were given 20th century technology and weaponry, which, combined with a tribal and animist worldview grounded in magic and sorcery, can only be catastrophic.

          • Wrong, during the pre-Christian era Africa was ground zero for high civilization, which spread to what is now called the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Where did you get your information? Please share, and I will share mine. I want the title and author(s) and editions.

          • You might be talking about Egypt or Carthage, but those nations were hardly sub-Saharan and not negroid.

            The civilizations which built Stonehenge and similar structures were far more ancient than Egypt or Carthage. We are talking about tens of thousands of years.

            I would recommend the works of Francis Parker Yokey, Oswald Spengler, Julius Evola (especially “Revolt Against the Modern World”), and Rene Guenon.

          • Thanks, mulegino1, for your list of literary works. I will indulge them over the weekend. In the meanwhile, please refer to the History of White People, by Nell Painter. Painter offers
            critical studies of race — and Painter’s examination of “whiteness” is a great example of critical investigation into the assumptions that underlie the status quo. She has done historical research on the concept of perceived race and race perceptions regarding “whiteness”, and its perception as “good”.

          • We are vulnerable only to the civilization-destructive plans of Killery. Angry? Yeah, I’m angry. I hate to see a FRAUD like Killery trying to assuage her maniacal ambitions to destroy my country. That you are NOT angry about that is VERY disturbing. Either you are a leftist activist with an agenda, OR you are the dumbest woman on the planet. Which is it, Beth?

          • This country? You are not an original here. This country was stolen from people who taught European folk survival skills, only to have their lives snuffed out and their country taken. Why am I dumb? Because I question your unfounded utterances? Do you know what a leftist is? Why would you consider me dumb because I ask for justification for these silly verbal caricaturization of anyone who doesn’t share the nonsense. It is so juvenile, I am intrigued by adults engaging and thinking it’s cool.

          • Quit living in the past. In the past slavery was legal. Blacks and muslims captured and sold the slaves. The first slave owner in America was named Anthony Johnson, he was a free black man. He owned 4 white slave and 4 blacks. In those days, the colonial time before America, people could own slaves for 7 years. After that time, the slave, or indentured servant is free. One of his blacks slaves became free and got a job on a merchant ship. Anthony Johnson tracked him and down and captured him. He then sued the colonies for the right for black slave owners to own black slaves for life.
            At the height of slavery in America, only 3% of the richest southerner owned slaves and 7% of northerners did. The largest slave owner in South Carolina was a free black man. My Irish ancestors came over here as railroad slaves and indentured servants. The were forced to fight in the civil war on both sides. At one time, the Irish were treated worst than blacks. Every culture has owned slaves.
            I was in the Afghanistan, the Arabian Gulf, and Northern Africa for years during the war. I saw many slaves. The muslims own slaves from India and Africa. The Africans still own other African slaves, to this day.
            You seem to offer up a whole lot of emotional drivel and typical leftist propaganda and programming with no facts or true knowledge of history. You are so far off base that it is glaringly apparent that you received a basic public education and you were truly malleable and programmable, for the hippy overlords who run the communist university system in America. You are truly one laughable idiot riding on a high horse that doesn’t even exist. Kind of like the emperors clothes.

          • Sadly, your knowledge is compromised. Half truths are as bad as lies. I don’t understand why you are crowing. You are right Irish were not considered white. Did you know that? Did you know that slavery occurred even in Biblical times? However, the slavery I have spoken of was based on the color of the skin of the enslaved. The slavery by the Africans were about captured enemies of different tribes. It had nothing to do with the manner American slavery evolved. Yes, Anthony Johnson’s slaves were not selected because of the race of the slave. The racial aspect came later. Then Johnson had to be careful to elude being enslaved once America determined that slaves from Africa was the most industrious.

            No amount of historical collage is going to excuse the actions of the inhumanity meted upon a people. It happened – admit the truth and get over it. All the pointing of deficiencies of Blacks does nothing more than to highlight what injustices they have had to overcome.

            Please do not attack my education. That is off limits to you as you do not know the difference between public education (which is better than remaining ignorant), and private education. If you knew anything about education, you would have known the difference in the nuances of slavery in the world. You were so quick to give your elementary quick read of superficial basic history of the slave condition, you exposed the limits of that knowledge.

            Yes, maybe I am on a high horse. You disdain American education? Seems you traveled the globe on the public’s coffer in the military, huh? What’s the difference? Did your horse dump you? Rather be there, than in the dirty muck and mire of the hate on this site.

          • Thanks for proving my point with this ignorant drivel of a response. I like be it when you ignorant sheep shoot yourselves in the foot and prove me right.

          • You have proven my point of exposing limited minds that resort to non-sense and personal attacks when you have no substantive basis for your mythologies.

          • You are now resorting to repeating everything I say, just like a child on a playground mocking another child. I love it when people like you do all the work and everyone can see you for the frauds that you are! You just follow a script, recite the lines I wrote for you on queue, and provide those who may witness this with the spitting image of what I have proposed. It is because you are unable to provide historical and empirical evidence with which to bolster your fictional attacks. Then you try to use the exact same narrative I just spelled out against me. I provided you with facts that can be researched and discovered as truth if one was to do the research. But leftists like you are lazy and apathetic. You assume to know and make up an abundance of words and descriptions in a pathetic attempt to support the lies you built on sand. Then when you begin to lose the argument, you hilariously try to save face by attacking the truth-sayers with denigration, derision, and deceit. It must be sad to be so willing to give in to slavery. It must be so sad to blindly follow such an ignorant gaggle of dishonest and sissified cowards.

          • There is no hate here troll, other than that you fictitiously, maliciously, and deceitfully create. I understand why you are here. Your leftist overlords have banned commenting on their websites as the vast majority of people disagree with the insane, ignorant, and crybully social justice warriors. They banned commenting, depriving their easily programmable, robotic minions of a platform in which to have their voices heard. They have told you that they are not concerned from hearing from you all and that they would rather dictate to you and lord over you.
            Now, having no more avenues to be heard, you spill onto conservative websites in order to taste the sweetness of freedom you so ignorantly hate!!! It is absolutely hilarious and the best part is, you leftists are so stupid that you are completely oblivious to this fact!!! LOL!!!!

          • If you hate America so much, why are you still here? Your life must be miserable not being able to straighten everybody out because you are so superior to everyone.

          • Wrong! I love AMERICA! I have traveled the world, and love a lot of places, but America is the home of my ancestors for centuries. I should wait for the invaders to leave or die out.

          • “This country? You are not an original here.” I was born here in 1976. I am an original here in America. Judging from the ideals typed forth and the words used by doctorbob, I would venture to say he was too, probably a little earlier than you or I. This would make doctorbob slightly more original than us. This country was not stolen from anyone. To say that we are not original here is a bald-faced lie, a little crazy, and ignorant for ignorance’s sake. I was born here and there is a birth/stock certificate to prove it. I am original. None of us were here back in the colonial times. You have no clue what went on, only what you have come to believe through the brand of academia of which you so obviously subscribe to. It happens to be the brand that is false.
            The natives of old did not believe in private property, they just inhabited space and time. Europeans discovered this place and decided to inhabit it as well. There was a struggle. The settlers and natives fought. The natives lost. They should have fought harder but they were not as motivated, dedicated, intelligent, innovative, courageous, fierce, industrious, and prolific as the “white” man. This has been the case throughout history. I am proud to have descended from this tribe of fierce warriors. You are obviously ashamed, little miss middle class white privilege. I dare say you hail from the class who has never had to send their sons into battle in order to preserve the white privilege of the ruling white class for which they toil. You reek of white privilege. My family had to slave for those settlers and protect them and fight for them. We did not have the privilege your lily white ancestry had. I imagine if we did, we wouldn’t be Irish and my old man wouldn’t be riding in an outlaw motorcycle gang.
            Get over yourself you fraud!.

          • Noncompliant, you are responsible for your own knowledge no matter where you hail. It is not about privilege, but about recognizing the difference between truth and falsehood. I can communicate without lowing per character by attacking you. I can disagree without being abusive, or abrasive. No one can be held responsible for their birth circumstances – something only God determines. Therefore, to attack and apply pejoratives to anyone because you dislike them or what they stand for is nonproductive. What is productive is when people engage in sensible dialogs based on facts. Perceptions and barriers are usually broken. There is no useful purpose behind avoiding facts, or contriving something to accommodate conditions you long for.

            People are people, no matter who you are. We are all to be honored and appreciated!

          • You have been denigrating the white race the entire thread and now you are saying that people are people?!!! You continue to prove my point, reveal yourself as the fraud that you are, and portray your white privilege in a matriarchal way as if to assume that you are granting me some right. This is exactly what the ruling elitist white clas from which you descend has been doing to the black slaves, the natives, the Irish, the Italians, the Polish, and every other culture in the world. You are such a typical Anglo-Saxon elitist. You really do need to continue to work on your white privilege. Maybe you should fix yourself and all of your many faults before you troll conservative websites and admonish others, judging their specks and splinters while you smack everyone with the log in your eye.
            Like I said, get over yourself, you are a fraud. You are like a speak and spell.

          • Oh, dear! You are reeling almost off your rockers! The truth hurts, but cannot it can never denigrate. It’s called enlightening – knowledge is power! Your indictments cannot change anything. There is some truth there and it stands on its own. Only a fool disputes what is factual. Thing like climate change denials, etc.

            Hate bring nothing to the fore other than devastation..this is why America has mass murders, and terrorist here and around the world. Hate eats it young! It feeds on itself!

          • Hey beth blow it out of your black a ss

          • More hilarity! I have always wondered what stupids think of. Now you are a prototypical
            imbecilic buffoon! You sound like someone who hates himself for his inability to produce melanin. Maybe next time..lol!

          • Just because ignorant leftists make up drama and claim it to be true and “science” does not make it so. Your blind embrace of falsehood invented to further a totalitarian and fascist political agenda and your willingness to trade free though and individuality for slavery, group think, and herd mentality is very pathetic and you continue to regurgitate the same talking points. You also seem incapable of creating original thoughts and all too willing to plagiarize my words in a pathetic attempt to use them against me. I thank you for this, it shows those who happen upon this what typical, unoriginal follower of the leftist herd you are and that you are quite the uneducated buffoon. I also encourage you to shut your mouth and go out into the world on your own to experience some reality, as it appears you exist is some bubble, most likely a dorm room. I am willing to bet that you are an angry, unattractive, overweight white girl who hates herself and hides behind blue hair dye in order to avoid the reality of which I speak.
            I suggest you take your ignorance and your pre-programmed liberal talking points and head to Afghanistan to make a difference. This way you could get out of your small town, away from those you obviously try to emulate, and put your money where your mouth is. Using my own words against me does not make you appear intelligent. It just proves what and ignorant and average follower you are. You are a dime a dozen. People like you cannot see the truth until it slaps you in the face and even then it is too late. It is a really good thing that my type has all the guns.

          • Also, now you believe in a god? I do not want to be preached to by a fool, a leftist, or a white apologist who descends from the racist, ruling elite. I provided you with many facts. I also attacked you with truth and an honest analysis of your own ideals. I countered you in way and exposed you for the fraud that you are. You can try and take the high road now, but there is a thread, a trail of evidence which you offered up so willingly. You trolled this site with the sole intent to mock and ridicule. I responded in kind and there is a stream of information which proves this to be true. Now you cannot take what you tried to dish out. It is apparent to all and quite hilarious. You are a fraud and you reek of white privilege. Go deal with that.

          • Yes, I do believe in God. I am a monotheist. I am not ridiculing on the site unless there is silly pointed my way. On the contrary, I have sought to find the nadir of the hate for Hillary and Blacks, or anyone who is not discontented. I think you are making up terminologies because I do not understand why I am a fraud. There is nothing to hide. If I am privileged, so be it. The premise I have espoused has nothing to do with class. I have written about the perception and acceptance of so called white and black persons. It has been truly edifying to witness and partake of the verbal exchanges. I am still on the same road as the beginning – you characterize it as a high road. That’s your privilege to do so.

          • I am of Irish Catholic blood, we do not have privilege, that is for your kind of white. You are a total fraud and the thread proves it, your own words betray you. Go check your privilege elsewhere you racist democrat. This is also Hillary’s downfall, she is a racist, totalitarian Democrat. The democrats have always been racist, hence slavery, Jim Crow, Segregation, Margaret Sanger/planned parenthood(the racist eugenicists behind the mass murder of unborn black babies and Hillary’s hero). If you are unable to see what is wrong with the racist white trash candidate fro Arkansas and her rapist husband, then there is no hope for you, you are a mindless zombie, a tool, and a highly programmable robot devoid of common sense, free will, and critical thinking skills. Also, the high horse on which you ride is completely imaginary, anyone who views this exchange will see what fraud you truly are, but that is not your fault, you are too feeble to stand on your own and appear to be in desperate need of a community, a herd of other leftist weaklings in order to have a sense of group think identity.

          • Actually, your anger shows through everything you write. You can’t hide it.

          • Mallen, I do not have anger. I do admit an intolerance for misinformation or mis-education. That has a devastating effect on the whole of society.

          • Hm. I’m thinking you want “cognitive dissonance” up there, oh, most educated one.

          • Yes!!! Yes!!!

          • Don’t respond to her. She a troll. A liberal plant on a conservative site sent to stir up trouble. Ignore her stupid ass and she’ll leave.

          • Liberal plant. You know, it is interesting that you just do not have the ability to speak of nothing more than non-sense. You cannot engage in sensible exchanges of information. Because you feel inadequate you hate and try to identify with a group of dispirited people. That is really empty. Do you really know what a liberal philosophy is, or a conservative one. What does it mean to take your country back. How do you take a country back that was not yours to began with?

          • Oh, but it is mine. Along with millions of other patriots, dead or alive. And we are taking it back. And when we do, you won’t like it. So feel free to leave anytime.

          • You’re “Hillarious”, Hillaryoncrack! You have a hard time finding a door! Taking a country back…what an asinine joke! We don’t have to worry about the likes of you existing too far into the future…LOL!! Remember the dodo bird?

          • Remember it! I’m having intercourse with one right now!!

          • Oh, dear! I knew it..Smut, you are!

          • Smut? What Smut?

          • So you believe in racial guilt? That we are responsible for what was done before we were even born. That seems racist and unfair to me. I have been subjected to that Jim Crow law known as affirmative action for decades.
            Hillary should show some humility herself and return to private life for the welfare of America.

          • No, Warren. I do not believe in racial guilt. What I do believe is that we should tell the truth, rather than pretend the atrocities did not occur. America needs to talk about its history, rather embrace and romanticize lies. None of us are responsible for earlier generations. We are responsible for be honest about the history. In that honesty, truth would bring this country together. Everybody came from Africa. There was no such thing as race until the last two centuries. People were known for their origin, their professions, etc. Scientist have proven that there is no such thing as race. Yet, because that category of persons was used to enrich a certain group, we are all divided now. That certain group were not all called white at the time. The members of the group evolved over time to include folks who were left out.. persons from Ireland, Eastern Europe, Italy, etc.

          • If there is no such thing as race, how can any of us be called racist? And why are Democrats constantly playing the race card?
            Seems that all the bad things that have happened in our history has been well documented on TV. I could go on to list many of them, but unfortunately it is time for dinner.

          • Quit living in the past. leftists always live in the past. They distort the past to deflect from the fact that it was the leftist Democrats who championed American slavery, whilst the Republican party was formed to fight Democrats slavery system. It was the leftist democrats who created Jim Crow laws. It was the leftists Democrats who created segregation. It was the leftist Democrats who created and willingly supported and flouted the Klu Klux Klan. It was the leftist Democrats who gave us Margaret Sanger, the racist eugenicist who championed using abortion to exterminate the blacks. It was the leftist Democrats who created the Civil Rights Act which transferred the blacks from the plantations to the housing projects, replacing their gardens and livestock with foodstamps and welfare. It is the leftist Democrats who continue to force the blacks to face imaginary racism in order to continue to keep them down and locked up on the voting plantations. It is the racist leftist Democrats who control the college system which changes history through marxist procedure, lies, and ridicule in order to hide their sins.
            It was leftist Communists who killed over 20 million people in Russia. It was a leftist socialist who murdered over 6 million people during the reign of Hitler. It was leftists who murdered over 2 million in Cambodia. It is always a leftist behind the mass murder or genocide of masses of people.
            You are a programmed robot, easily manipulated by your slightly more intelligent, leftist overlords. A willing tool in the propagation of others in order to sway them into a system of belief which enslaves and destroys humanity, freedom, Liberty, creativity, Individualism, free thought, and the free exchange of ideas, no matter how extreme. You are truly a sad individual. My guess is you are younger. I used to be a big fan of socialism and multiculturalism. Then I took an oath, went to war, had children, bought homes, bought land, started a business, lost everything, and restarted again. I have been around the world and seen socialism in action. I have witnessed the brutalities of leftist totalitarian regimes and dictators. Now I am a freedom loving, individualist, Constitutionalist, Liberty minded, free thinking American. I am free of guilt and due to my Irish-Catholic ancestors, I am the wrong kind of white and free from white privilege, unlike you, you are full of white guilt and white privilege. This is why you are trolling a blue collar, conservative website preaching to everyone about white privilege and denigrating your own kind. You are the only one on this whole website who has white privilege.
            But you will grow up one day and see the light, especially if another racist leftist Democrat gets the presidency again and this nation tumbles onto the ash heap of fallen empires.

          • My comment fits yours: Pffftt.

          • Limited vocabulary? It’s ok…You were doing swell for a while. Maybe tomorrow is better for you to come up with another word,

          • You’ve got to be kidding: “arrogance and consonance dissonance?” Who are you writing for, a music major? Otherwise, you’re not making any sense. If you’re just showing off your vocabulary, you’re doing a poor job of it because the rest of your diatribe is pure nonsense with regard to the article. At least you get a good grade in spelling, but in making sense, you get an F-. Go back to your dictionary and learn how to express yourself so that people don’t think you’re an absolute loony tune.

          • I knew if I engaged you, your limits would become evident. See, stupid you looked the phrase up and took the first definition. Please go back to the dictionary…you will have learned a basic term. Did you find the word “diatribe” when you were searching? This is good for your edification. Now google that. Get the right meaning in the proper context, ok?

          • Very hard to get past Killery’s pathological penchant for LYING, Beth. You can’t have an intelligent dialogue with a liar. It’s also impossible to have a dialogue with a Killery Sycophant who actually has to ask, “why is Killery wrong?” Wow! Hard to continue beyond that fixed point of stupidity. Anything we say would obviously wasted on you because you have no ability to learn anything. Sad to be you!

          • DoctorBOB = she is carrying a huge menopause monkey on her back remember!

          • Lying? How about weapons of mass destruction? How about stealing an election? Lying? Please stop it right now!!

          • Save your sympathy, doc. I am a sycophant for Hillary? I do not think so. I am not in her camp, but I will never say never. I find it compelling to participate in exchanges with people who just hate. They feel so powerless they resort to pejoratively characterizing the objects of their hatred beyond reason. I wonder if this all encumbering hatred leads to insanity, where a gun toting crazy goes on a shooting spree because of this imbibing hate.

          • Beth, go back and read what Maurice wrote and try to live in reality.

          • Beth915: I get the feeling that you’re a pretty good kid, but I don’t say “kid” to put you
            down. To me, being a “good kid” is a good thing. But because of your specific style, I believe you are being misunderstood by some of the posters, and it really doesn’t help your situation, that you’re so naive about Hillary Clinton. Your lack of knowledge
            concerning her shows your youth and inexperience.

            I’m very thankful that you have taken advantage of the educational system and are attempting to make something positive of yourself. Far too many young black people refuse to take advantage of the one thing that could get them out of the despair they’re living in; an education.

            Concerning Hillary Clinton, it’s not transference, we really do hate Hillary’s AGENDA! If you think she’s a good candidate for president, you have a LOT of learning to do. I
            believe the earliest that I had heard of Hillary was because of the instance in this link: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-bloggers/2004353/posts Read it and decide for yourself.

            I’m plenty old enough to recall the Bill Clinton presidency. I’m a Vietnam veteran, so it really spoke volumes to me when I learned that Hillary was always very cold and unfriendly to the soldiers who protected her. She was very ungrateful to those who were
            charged with lying down their lives to protect her.

            I was very upset when Bill Clinton used the Oval Office as his own personal sex pad. That was very disgusting and very disrespectful of the office of president and disrespectful of all Americans. Hillary was an enabler to that sexual predator.

            Then, during Bill’s impeachment, Bill and Hillary were both asked questions that we were sure they knew the answers to, but they both said repeatedly “I do not recall!” We all knew they were lying, but we couldn’t prove it. After Clinton was out of office, they both wrote their memoirs and made millions of dollars telling the answers to the questions they had earlier said they did not recall.

            Unless you’re in denial, you have to feel that Hillary is guilty of withholding help from our ambassador in Benghazi. She has been caught lying almost as often as Obama.

            It was said many times that Hillary was the “co-president.” Whenever there was an attack on American forces, Bill would very solemnly say something like “Those who are responsible for this will be hunted down and punished.” But he/they did nothing!

            Hillary is largely responsible for the small arms treaty that has already been signed. It’s a way for them to go around our Constitution and confiscate all firearms from law abiding citizens. Hillary is much like Obama. They both seem to want to bring this country down, so they can punish us, including YOU.

            I believe it was Hillary who came up with the statement “It takes a village to raise a child.” My wife taught first grade for forty years and she gets angry when she hears such lying drivel.

            Hillary wrote her senior thesis, a critique of the tactics of radical community organizer Saul Alinsky, under Professor Schechter. (Years later, while she was First Lady, access
            to her thesis was restricted at the request of the White House. I’d say that’s very questionable behavior. There’s more, but on to other things.

            You seem to think that the American Indians were the original inhabitants in this country. But how do you know they didn’t drive the previous owners away, long before white men arrived? The different tribes of Indians were always fighting among themselves. How do you know which tribe arrived on the scene FIRST? They would seem to be the original owners. But the earliest reference to the ownership of property was in the Bible, when God gave Adam and Eve the Garden of Eden, from which he later drove them. After
            that, how was land acquired and how do we know if it was done legally?

            There is no way to determine exactly who owns whatever property, and now you’re bringing legality into it. Must we now research the ownership of every tract of land, to determine if the present owner murdered the previous owner, or if deceit or treachery were used in the acquisition of that property?

            I don’t want to become confrontational, but I don’t believe it’s either your responsibility or your right, to hold America’s feet to the fire when very similar things were happening in other countries around the world. It’s fine to genuinely question elements of the past and to discuss that many things were done that were not right, but we can never go back and make things right. This country had made a lot of progress over the past few decades, but you need to research all the things that Obama has done that clearly cause more friction between multiple races. His skin color may be similar to yours, but
            he’s not your friend. He was raised by people who live to cause chaos and murder innocent people.

          • Maurice, I am certain you have little malice in your posit to me. However, your assumptions are not accurate. I am not a young person. I am traveled, educated, and exposed to many philosophies. What I have learned is to have informed opinions. Information is powerful. Misinformation and mis-education are destructive to the bearer of such. The most important aspect about “knowledge” is whether it aligns with facts. One may placate themselves with all manner of contrivances, but facts may not support them. On the other hand, if one is to be held accountable for behavior, then all persons should have the same measure.

            I notice that is not the case when vilifying Hillary, but not George Bush for the lie of “Weapons of Mass Destruction”. We lost young men to a war that should have never been. We lost thousands of innocent lives in 9/11. Why isn’t this group cognizant of the similarity of these situations?

          • Beth915: I read a few more of your posts and sadly, I don’t know that I still see you as a “good kid” anymore. I noticed a lot more of the abrasiveness that the other posters must have seen. I can still appreciate much of what you say, but I feel that you deliver it in a harsher manner than is necessary, and that’s probably why you receive so many negative comments.

            My assumption that you’re a young person is based largely upon your positive impression of Hillary Clinton. Those of us who have been around for a while have long ago become tired of her many lies and smug demeanor while she lies to us. I find
            both Clintons to be quite unsavory and untrustworthy. I can’t help but question the character of those who still support her.

            Another thing that hinted to me that you’re a young person is the several spelling and grammar mistakes I found. I would think that someone who refers to themselves as “educated” would take better care of such things. I’ve had several years of schooling, but I would never refer to myself as “educated.”

            I don’t mean this as a negative against you, but is this really how you talk all the time? Your posts seem quite awkward, as if you’re writing very slowly and very carefully choosing the words and phrases you think make you seem the most intelligent. I don’t
            think that way serves you well. You’re obviously intelligent enough to just let your speech flow, and at the end of your post, your intelligence will still be obvious. (That’s just my opinion. I may not always be right, but I am always sincere in my beliefs!)

            Please tell me; which war SHOULD HAVE BEEN? (How YOUNG did you say you are?) I’ve been in a war, and I’d vote for NONE!

            Don’t make too big of a deal about me not also voicing negative comments about George Bush. There just isn’t room for making comments on everything, and I already had about two and a half pages for that posting.

            Actually, I’m still undecided about the George Bush/Weapons of Mass Destruction thing. The usual WMDs that they expected to find… weren’t found, but I believe enough other things were found, that build a credible case of circumstantial evidence.
            Just because they didn’t FIND the WMDs doesn’t mean they were NEVER there!

            Concerning Bush’s “lie” and the “war that should have never been,” if I recall correctly, before we actually went to that war, several members of BOTH parties were “on board” with the war, so I don’t think the blame should belong to George Bush alone. Many abandoned ship later, but they voted for it at first.

            Perhaps you would like to be president. Presented with the situation that Bush had, would you have acted swiftly on the intelligence reports you had, or would you have waited, like a deer in the headlights, waiting for an unmistakable sign? Bush was the president and he did what he… and his advisers… felt was the best thing to do. It’s unfortunate that George Bush didn’t have the right… as Obama evidently has, even seven years into his term, to blame his failures on the previous administration.

            Concerning Bush’s decision, he had approval for the war before we began. He did it according to the Constitution. Obama, on the other hand, has acted unilaterally
            several times, not giving Congress a chance to do their jobs, assuming that they eventually would. That’s not in keeping with the checks and balances of our government. He usurped that power, and nobody dared call him on it. Neither is that holding everyone to the same standards!

            Our Constitution isn’t a perfect document, but after 220 years, I’d say it has easily withstood the tests of time. Don’t you find it odd that it has just come under fire since Obama has been in the White House? There is much more at play here than just his
            presidency, and Hillary Clinton is an equally guilty party in that whole attempt to overthrow our form of government.

            I was in the military and swore to uphold our Constitution. I think it’s what has guided our country so well over the past 200 plus years and I still feel the loyalty to protect it from enemies both abroad and here at home. It’s especially troubling that he’s the first president who has ever been so brazen as to want our military to be loyal to HIM instead of our Constitution. That’s very arrogant and UN-American. It’s also very disrespectful to all Americans, especially those of us who have been in the military.

            I’d think that you, as someone who considers yourself “educated” would be well aware of the changes that Obama has brought about. If they had been changes for the better, great, but they haven’t been. He bullies Americans and American businesses,
            but continues to give millions of dollars of OUR TAX MONEY to illegals and other “immigrants”; even those who have sworn to kill us. He’s taxing us to death, but we get no say in the matter. Where is YOUR disdain for those actions? George Bush didn’t treat us with such disrespect.

            My mistake! I should have used the term “Native Americans” when I was talking about those who were in this country before the white man came here.

            However, you went too far when you assert that “Amazingly, you find that the ownership can only be attributed to the Europeans…” I made no such statement!

            I’m not refuting that all people came from Africa. That’s where the Garden of Eden was and that’s where Adam and Eve were created. But if Black Africans came here first, what happened to them? Did the Native Americans buy the land from them, or did they kill them or drive them out? The Native Americans are red in color, not black, so they’re not the same people.

            You’re disparaging the Europeans whom you say came here and “tricked, schemed, and stole what the natives had, including their women.” How did the transfer of land ownership happen, from the Black Africans to the red Native Americans? Was it all legal and fair? What about the change of ownership between the different tribes of Native Americans? Did they do it legally and fair, or did it happen by violent wars? What about the ownership of land in Africa. Did the Black Africans determine the
            ownership of land legally, or was it acquired by war? Why are the Europeans the only ones who draw your criticism? It’s like you think the Europeans were the only ones to do anything wrong or at least questionable when acquiring land. Isn’t that a racist

          • Maurice, It appears to me that she/he/it is an older person with restricted experience. The reference to consonance dissonance is more likely a reference to cognitive dissonance, and if you have shown it, I missed it. To accept Hillary ipso facto as a reasonable choice for president is to be confronted with the question whether the trephination of the frontal cortex was so extensive it compromised logic and rational behavior. Alas, she must view herself as a Donna Quixote slaying conservative windmills in the name of the Wicked Witch of Arkansas.

          • It is leftist liberals and progressives who control academia and science. It is leftists who create, control, and manipulate the curricula. This is a known fact. I has been this way for almost 100 years. Look it up. The history in the books was white washed by racist leftist Democrats and marxists. People like you, who use deceit in order to manipulate reality so that you can erase the sins of those who have come before you. This is also a way to try and smear those who do not believe as you do and those who know what the truth is and can see reality for what it is.
            You offer up vagaries such as, ” the information is not in your history books” which is a way of deflecting from the fact that you are so full of shlt!!! You are a fraud and your choice of words betray you every time you type because you are not intelligent enough to cover your tracks. You are an amateur leftist, a follower, run-of-the-mill. The whites you speak of are a small percentile known as the elites. These are the same people whose privileged little lily white kids protest in the colleges today. These same privileged whites of which you speak are your own ancestors, and the ancestors of the privileged leftists who control the media, academics, the entertainment industry, and politics. The same privileged whites who can send their kids to college. People like you. What is most disgusting is how you all project it on us, the vast majority of blue-collar whites whose families immigrated here much later, like the Italians and Irish and the Polish, etc. You also project your ancestors sins on those whites who were brought here to toil under your ancestors and fight for their cowardly existences. If you want to admit you white privilege go ahead. You need to you leftist totalitarian, racist democrat marxists. As for me and my family, we are proud to hail from the race of the most prolific nation builders, fiercest warriors, and most intelligent and innovative creators and makers the world has ever seen. We are also completely guilt free when it comes to your “white privilege”, as my bloodlines have never had the wealth or the privilege to be your kind of white. Not since the ancient Celtic times has my family had any power or privilege and even then, they were aggressed upon by your white ancestors.
            Get over yourself you foolish little petulant child.

          • Noncompliant, I am loving your words! I could not have stated them any better. But the difference is I would point them a different direction. Thanks!

          • I know you could not state them better and so does anyone who reads this. It is obvious when you repeatedly try to recycle the words I smith and then use them, back on me. Of course you could not not think of better words than me, as you are completely limited by your leftist programming that eliminates free thought, individuality, and Liberty. The leftist ideology in which you subscribe imposes group think and herd mentality and prevents you from using words like mine. Liberalism, as it is known these days, is truly an impairing handicap.

        • Blacks see themselves as Slaves but it is the Democrats (rats) that want them were they are on the Salve Ship called the ghetto and they think Democrats like them Sad to see they cannot speak for themselves!

          • I am doing a study on stupidity. I am loving this thread!!

          • Than you should adore your mirror.

          • Dag! You know what a mirror is? Just stay away from it so you don’t become terrorized. I figured you were looking into water – didn’t you know you had evolved. Wow!!

          • No, just speaking to cuckoos…. I’m the sane one. I haven’t called anyone out of their names or tried to denigrate their person. I am wide eyed watching these silly and nonsensical exchanges. I am wondering how you integrate into society on a daily basis. You probably look like normal people, but have minds of children. This has been a very interesting experience.

          • You are just another walking dead that roam amongst the American People. You don’t even know that you are deceived. And they let you vote. Shameful.

          • I bet you make less than $50K per annum, do you not? Please tell me the last book you read. That would be interesting.

          • Have you always walked around mumbling to yourself. I bet you are homeless and using the library computer.

          • Sweetie, I am blue collar and make over $154,000 per year and my last book was watership down, you?

          • I really got stuck in your craw, huh? I suppose I’m to be impressed – NOT! You actually allowed me to goad you into exposing your income. Well, good for you, blue collar..keep at it… Whatever it is you do. That’s not considered high income in these parts. Even $1M only buys an average house here as well. Last book:Watership Down. Good lightweight fiction. At least you’re reading!

          • More so than you (reading). You did not goad me into anything, fool. Just because you are dumb enough to live where no one can afford to live doesn’t mean a thing except that ya’ll aren’t too bright and value material things over a good life. Sorry for you. PS, where I live that is more than most bachelor degrees people make here. I was actually happier when I made less.

          • You are sane? Thank God for the deranged.

          • You know, that’s funny because the mentally challenged people never think that they are mentally challenged.

          • Your self-righteous arrogance is showing.

          • Open eyes and closed mind, not a good way to live, but you do excell at it. I wonder how you feed yourself? You always try to denigrate anyone you reply to, or should I say attempt to verbally assault. Your childish ramblings would be cute if you were two, now they are just proof that Darwin was correct in some cases.

          • Every post you have is an attack on everyone else. Funny thing about that piece of paper is that it only proves you can read, it doesn’t prove you have any sense at all. Your post attacks prove you aren’t anything at all. You are a legend in YOU OWN mind.

          • csmith, it is amazing that most of this thread consist of mockery, insults, name calling, and oodles of foolish and foolhardy comments. Yet, you would hold someone who is not of that ilk accountable for responding in kind. Even you have not been capable of offering substantive discourse. What could you speak of if it wasn’t an attack on a differing opinion, or person, or the weather? Not much – right?

          • Quite a bit actually.

          • You know a vampire can never see itself in the mirror. The reason is, evil can never see itself for what it really is.

          • Yes, a true pain in the neck.

          • I’m sorry, I forgot. You don’t cast a reflection do you? My bad.

          • That is funny. We have cuckoos who visit once in a while.

          • No, this is a visit by your therapist!!

          • did you get your sheepskin from a mail order house whose ad was on the back cover of one of your comic books..??

          • That’s funny!! How do you know about mail order sheepskins? Did you flunk getting one? I bet you don’t even have a good secondary cert. Blue, blue, collar? Get paid by the hr?

          • It ceases to amaze me that were have people like you that roam amongst us. Actually it is scary, because one day with all the breeding of your kind, our Nation’s Liberty will be severely challenged to the point that we will not have the United States of America anymore.

          • What breeding of what kind? No, you should worry that your aunt is not your mother….

          • I can look at all the comments against you. If TRUMP was commenting with you, his words would be, ” beth is the most vile kind there is”. Really don’t have any more time to waste with a half breed. Hasta~la~vista.

          • No Trump and I think alike! You happen to misconstrue what he means and will do. Half breed, Herr? Don’t throw stones for you may be your own daddy!! Check your DNA!!

          • I actually feel sorry for you. Your life must be miserable, the way you are making comments. Hasta la vista.

          • How about YOUR uncle being your father egghead…or was is your older brother…??

          • Check for your daughter in the tent in your back yard…before your wife finds out..Everyone will know those are your children and grandchildren all in one.

          • You should check for your daughter in a carnival tent servicing the carney’s.

          • Fortunately her type is a big proponent of abortion and they themselves will severely limit their genetic influence on the human race!

          • We can only hope. They seem to multiply quite rapidly though.

          • Which takes us back to doctorbob’s statement regarding cockroach’s.

          • I eliminate those mother f*ckers when I can.

          • Keep up the good work.

          • I have to give credit to “Men In Black”.

          • Tommie Lee Jones and Will Smith?

          • UROK. Only in America.

          • Yes, yes, I know I rock. I am the American Dream!! People love me, old people, young people, women want to be with me, men want to be me, I am a white God.

          • Ignore this person. He/she/is is not credible.

          • It is shocking that we have people like that that roam the waste lands. She definitely has mental issues.

          • Unbridled egoism is not a sign of intelligence.

          • Are you speaking of Mr. Drumpf? Of course you are.

          • Non. Je ne parlais pas de M. Trump. Je parlais de vous.

          • Vous avez appris beaucoup , non? Pourquoi êtes-vous sur ce fil misérable ?

          • Oui monsieur. Vous êtes très appris , non? Alors, pourquoi êtes-vous sur ce fil misérable ?

          • Pour me défendre contre les imbéciles, naturellement.

          • Quelle noble cause! Quoique, un peu égoïste, je dirais:-)

          • There are cuckoos here all the time. We call them liberals.

          • Now, watch out, you might have some of the PC part of PETA coming down on you for defamation of a species of birds by calling them liberals. I’ve had several birds that were far smarter than any liberal ever thought about being. Even the common sparrow knows that he’s got to go find a worm, a bug or something to eat, after all, it’s not going to be given to him as liberal theology goes.

          • My apologies to our feathered friends. No disrespect was intended. And, to show my sincerity, I will stop calling liberals “birdbrains”. Lord knows there is a world of other euphemisms for them.

          • Try “BBB”, (bee bee brain as in those little round lead things that kids use in their BB guns
            or used to until PC became the norm).

          • Henry J. Gilbertson

            Actually the democrats and liberals brains are to small to be the size of a BBB Because if brains were gasoline they wouldn’t have enough to drive a knats mini bike half way around the BBB

          • RATS, REPTILES, LIARS, MINDLESS, SLOBBERING FOOLS come to mind along with socialist democ-RATS and Stalinists

          • All of those certainly apply. I was thinking of more colorful metaphors usually used to describe people who practice maternal incest, are off springs of female dogs, children of unmarried parents and people who perform oral sex on men. But yours are good too.

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          • Come on, she did spell study correctly. LOL

          • How do you know? Can you read more than 5 letters together?

          • Obviously, can you think? I thought not.

          • Why are you continuing to engage in babble? Obviously, you function on a really low level of thought. Continuez s’il vous plait!

          • It doesn’t please me to converse with you in the least, and you obviously don’t understand sarchasm. It is funny to read your rantings from the psych unit. You attempt to ridicule without knowing anything about anyone, which makes you a fool. You are so much fun to mess with, and it is soooooo easy, THAT is why anyone on this site responds to you.

          • Bad spelling and grammar…go study:-)

          • How about piss off?

          • Now you’re gonna get vulgar…you’re already on the ground. Can you go any lower?

          • No, then I would be you.

          • I just saw something descend flying downwards! Just checking to if you are ok! Hold on, I’ll see if I can summon someone with a shovel to dig you up!

          • Forget it. You have no friends.

          • Not my circle…my friends are required to be able to have command of languages,written and spoken, and be informed…they must seek information and facts..not regurgitate a single, simple mindset…

          • So in other words Your friends are all liberal idiots like you. Why would you support a criminal? Typical liberal.

          • Its people like you who think that others want to look at your comments which have nothing to do with the article. You are a bunch of jerks.

          • Hey, cat patrol, you should be speaking to your silly childish cohorts. I spoke about the article and presented conflicting information which was uncomfortable for some to ingest. The results has been, not meaningful dialog, but a barrage of personal attacks, as they were doing concern Hillary, Michele, or anyone whom they deemed be outside the sphere of their thinking.

          • Well it’s been fun, but now you are clearly grasping. Goodbye.

          • Beth loves it when you talk dirty to her. That’s why she keeps egging you on.

          • Beth has major mental problems. She proves it in every post.

          • I’m talking to you, Beth. I guess that’s about as low as I can go. Now go take the meds you skipped this morning.

          • Funny, if its not welfare, then it’s drugs! Prescription drugs, at that! Your universe is revealing. Watch what the accuser accuses… it’s usually based on his own behavior!! Check you med cab before you empty it!

          • He will never get as low as you.

          • Beth, Psychiatrist. Go make an appointment NOW.

          • There has never been a nut who didn’t think he wasn’t sane! Doctorbob, you cannot ingest truth. So your little imagination has been obliterated and you try to insult. The fact that you are an institutional regular on the site shows you have no standing. Now go put the fire out that’s burning your house down!

          • Too many negatives for you to handle with your grammar expertise, it seems. LOL

          • Oh .. Kudo’s to you! You noticed, huh?

          • I was going to say that you function at the level of a cockroach, Beth, but then I realized that was an insult to cockroaches.

          • Limited vocab, doc! Live long enough and maybe you will evolve enough to see and think above where you are…but you’ve gotta read!!

          • ❝my .friend’s mate Is getting 98$. HOURLY. on the internet.”….two days ago new McLaren. F1 bought after earning 18,512$,,,this was my previous month’s paycheck ,and-a little over, 17k$ Last month ..3-5 h/r of work a day ..with extra open doors & weekly. paychecks.. it’s realy the easiest work I have ever Do.. I Joined This 7 months ago and now making over 87$, p/h.Learn. More right Here:;/410➤➤➤➤➤ http://GlobalSuperEmploymentVacanciesReportsJobs/GetPaid/98$hourly…. .❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:❦2:::::;/410………

          • Give it up, Lynn. You’ve posted this garbage all over the blogs, and it gets tiresome. Do you REALLY think we’re going to swallow your fraudulent scheme? REALLY? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA what an ass.

          • I’m doing a study on mental illness, Beth915. Say more things so I can take notes. Meanwhile, you might study up on the term that describes YOU: Egotistical Narcissist.

          • doctorbob, how can you study yourself. That’s impossible! Do you actually have the capability to take notes?…oh well, you couldn’t understand them if you did. Why am I an Egotistical Narcissist? Because I question nonsense and hate? Do you know the meaning of that expression? Really… interesting what you think..NOT!

          • You don’t question anything, you just hate, that is who you are. Take your psycho babble and hit the trail. Or attempt to make sense, that would be acceptable.

          • For you, Beth915, the annointed one, the classification of histrionic is more accurate. There is a secondary disorder, delusional, grandiose type, that might be applied. No doubt about it, you are the ideal prototype of out of contact with reality liberal socialists.

          • AWE.. Is that a diagnosis? Hmmm, so liberal means knowledgeable? Ok, I’ll take that! I can’t take delusional as that is what you folks are fighting to keep. You come to this site to assuage each other and spew nonsense for therapy!! Face it, you’ve squandered opportunities sitting around ingesting bs about your innate superiority. Now you can’t deal with being on the bottom of the pile – you see yourself falling fast. When Obama broke the last major remaining barrier when he became president, reality hit home. Now you’ve sunk to being juveniles throwing rocks.

          • Liberal means stupid, and you can take that for sure. Say, do you have to take a drug test before you pick up your welfare check? I know they were trying to pass a bill on that, just wondered if it has affected you yet.

          • I am amused that you think I would know about welfare. The fact that welfare resonates so often with you who want to believe minorities are destitute, on welfare, or drugs. This belies the lack of exposure to information. I can site a number of research studies and papers that show who is on welfare and drugs. It is not Blacks or other minorities. Yet, this is the continuing mantra of you yo yo’s! Your house is on fire and you are to stupid to know it! Please read so you won’t be so lacking when you try to make a point. You cannot discuss issues because you don’t know enough to make a case, so you try to attack. That is the behavior of idiots!

          • You are an egotistical narcissist simply because you are one.

          • poor beth is a cuckoo.

          • Poor supergun is a joke:-)) So he needs a gun to feel like a man..por fella.

          • Now you are the expert on guns. Bet you never held one. Probably would drop it on the floor is someone handed one to you. Your sorry little arss would not be free if not for the GUN.

          • enjoying your middle school sociology project? good for you

          • No, Beth, you work for Killery, and you are spamming this and many other threads that criticize The Hildebeast. You post this same comment on every thread, trying to divert attention away from the criticism of Killery by posting idiotic posts insulting the posters. Got your number, Sweet Cheeks. Now, go back to your handler and tell them you’ve been exposed. Oh, and you REALLY need to make an appointment for a psychiatric exam. You NEED it.

          • What is your psych’s name? It must be helping as you keep recommending. I think knowledge is better than the desperation of a couch! Maybe you should try circulating among secure folks without the issues found in your psych’s office. Ok?

          • joseph krushnowski

            Yes, there is enough valid information here on Hillary and family to win you a Pulitzer Prize.
            Now go finish your “study”.

          • Not only that, the GOP is for businesses – big or small. The people who are the folks with money left many so called whites behind because they never got beyond being average worker, even with white privilege. Most of these whites do not know how much they are loathed by the monied class.

          • Okay, so you really like hillary’s “practice humility”. You also seem to agree with what she is saying. Please, tell us white or other conservatives exactly, what/where/who is to be doing this? Be specific, you know it’s hard to understand such vague talking points. And, how it will HELP blacks.

          • I am not following you. Have you seen anything I’ve written about humility. I do think Black care one way or the other about what whites do. Really, as long as they stay out of their way – leave their men alone, etc.

          • Ok moochele enough we all know that it’s you Go fix your face or whatever you call it

          • Beautiful Michele. Fashionable, fabulous! Oh, I must mention that she is tremendously educated!!! Really, the most beautiful and innovative first lady ever! Sure will miss that original thinking. Speaking of face fixing…how about getting a barrel of depilatory for your bod and mug? You know it’s furry. Fuzzy wuzzy wuz a burr!!!!

          • Michelle is a DUDE. She is not making as much effort to hide the package, and no, she is not transgender, but old school drag artist. The adam’s apple is noticable, as is the serious shoulder issue, and hand wrist ratio.

          • Sounds like sour grapes to me. Do you think she knows of your existence? You’re like a fly to her…sorry, just facts. You are hating because you feel helpless. Get a life!!!

          • Excuse me, hatebait, but how is it hating to point out the obvious? This is not about politics. This is about pointing out the manly bits in the room, and getting people to stop having a bad romance with the first “lady” and realize that is the first man. I have a life, and I have no problem with Obama having a male lifemate, but you, Queen Suckup are a problem, because you are fixated on keeping a lie going, that even the gay in Chicago admit is a fraud. Obama is a man chaser, and has a man as his consort, so just deal.

          • If that’s true, does it bother you? Are you mad because it’s not you? You do not have a life. If you did, you wouldn’t care what people do with their private lives. To sit and fantasize about the 1st family is sick. I suppose your next lie is that the children were adopted…

          • Do you have a problem reading? I do not care what Mikey is, but I do care that you gush endlessly on the facade of the first couple, and try to sell the narrative Mike is a woman.
            What is your problem with a male “first lady”? Does that bother you? So what if they adopted? Many gay couples do.
            It is not a fantacizing if there are repeated photo’s and films of Mikey having his load shift in public, and coming unstuffed. Mike even gets tired wearing his gear and has traveled in public with no hair, and no bra, and tooling around in workout sweats.

          • Should write a novel…good fiction!

          • Go for it, you are the best at it.

          • Back at you.

          • Aw go ahead and say it, Bethie, you’re around normal rational people here and they can take the word that’s clogging up your virtuous conscience.

          • Norms are relative…. Like frames of references…

          • Trangender Michael you mean.

          • Boy are you brainwashed, There have been many first ladies that Moochelle cannot hold a candle to, starting with Martha Washington, Dolley Madison, Laura Bush, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Barbara Bush, Mamie Eisenhower, these are just a few.

          • be advised that only someone with a brain or any intelligence can be brainwashed….the ignorant racist troll above can never be brainwashed!!!!

          • Sticks and stones—–! Pathetic, aren’t you! Helpless, aren’t you? Angry and full of hate, aren’t you. So you call people names. Tut, tut, that is so juvenile.. Go shoot a light out like you normally would do. Get it out of you system, buddy. Now so much for name calling.

          • Certainly, you have a right to your opinions. The first thing one notices that you are using an appellation to Mrs. Obama that is a testament to who you are. Secondly, you are probably not familiar with Michele and what she stands for. You are blinded by hate. You say you’ve lived in DC? So did I. My experiences were probably opposite from yours. Block busting was done by whites because of greed. Steering was also done by whites to keep blacks from certain neighborhoods. Both practices were outlawed.
            The next weapon that was used was disparate loan products, which was one of the causes of the recession where people lost homes around the country. The causes of that disaster was done in the Bush years. When President Obama came to office in 2009, the US was in a financial morass. Was it caused by blacks on Wall Street?

            No, of course not! Whites invaded DC by buying houses taken from minorities during the recession when banks would not refinance or lend to working class people. There are young blacks who are resentful of what they perceive to be white advantages. They have developed hateful patterns as they have seen perpetuated by some whites. Therefore, Hillary, Michele, nor Mr. Obama are responsible for how White history is seen by the younger black generation. This has been my point, history shows the history of slavery, discrimination, and other abuses of blacks. Young blacks do not think much of white people as they see them as parasites. They think that a people who would use, abuse, and lie about their deeds are not to be trusted. They think whites will do anything without limits. Kill their own and anybody in their midst because they love guns, and hate it when it looks like society may have allowed other to gain parity.

          • It never ceases to amaze me how Democraps ALWAYS say that “ONLY REPUBLICANS ARE RICH,” when, of the 268 millionaire members of Congress, including 40 in the Senate, MOST of them are Democraps.

            Also, you can easily look up on the Internet “The 100 Richest Millionaires in America” and get a list of them all, to include how much EACH of them have given to Conservative and Liberal causes. It includes George “Nazi Sympathizer” Soros and TWO of his kids.

            In case any Democraps are reading this, these are just a FEW of the Democraps ON and OFF this list:
            George Soros,
            Bill Gates
            Mark Zuckerberg,
            Warren Buffett,
            Michael Bloomberg,
            Shel (?) Silverstein,
            Harvey Weinstein,
            Hillary and Bill Clinton,
            Harry Reid,
            Nancy Pelosi,
            Dick Schumer,
            etc., etc., etc.

          • Black LIES Matter. The Hildebeast lies about everything, most significantly, her destruction of National Security. She needs to be arrested for treason, and hanged in Ft. Leavenworth!

          • Connie I though I was radical I agree!

          • Not all Blacks! The very first slave-owner was black…who owned other blacks! Democrats have historically
            denied Blacks, vis-a vis, founding the KKK, blocking school entrances,
            such as George C. Wallace, Wilber Farbus, practiced Jim Crow, both north
            and south.
            It’s that too many listen and are taken in by a Hillary who have learned to speak in “that ol’ down-home preacher” talk, many all lulled into a fantasy of “we is victims”.
            Tuskegee founder Booker T. Washington warned against this. He was publicly ripped apart by pro-communist W.E.B DeBois. Much as Rev. Jesse Peterson is ripped apart by the likes of Al “serwer rat”. racist Al Sharpton

        • That’s right, being a professional “victim” has proven to be very profitable with all the “entitlements” and “affirmative action” advantages. This nonsense which involves open and blatant discrimination against whites living in similar circumstances has been going on since the early to mid 60’s with Lyndon (may he rot in hell) Johnson’s “great society” and what advancements have we seen? More people on welfare is one result but that is the fault of the white folks I suppose.

          • The greatest entitlements were free labor of the slaves. Where is the economics of that labor? What about the free land given to whites? A prime example happened recently with the crazies in Oregon wanting free grazing. Do I need to remind you more to shock you out of your intellectual stupor? How can whites be discriminated when they aree the original terrorist. There were people living in North America when they came – stealing, killing, pillaging, raping, and bringing diseases that killed the natives.

          • Do some history. 3% of the people in the South actually had slaves, and the rest were just poor. The slave trade in whites by Muslim slave traders in the Carribean and Atlantic and Mediterenean was vigorous in the time of the Founding Fathers, and Jefferson had to create the Marines to get the US citizens back who had been stolen off US ships.
            Arabs were very feared pirates, because the male white slaves were castrated and molested, and the females had any babies conceived, killed by the Arabs, to prevent any minorities in the Middle East. Slave trade of Tripoli pirates continued into the eighteen hundreds, and the africans taken were sold by Arab land slavers up until 1961.

          • World history is not the catalyst for this American society. Focus on what happened to a people here in America. Just because slavery occurred in other parts of the world does not justify the state of slavery here in America. An America who engaged in slavery is not absolved of his actions because slavery was accepted in other places. The American constitution that conservatives love to refer granted freedom to all citizens, which Blacks did not enjoy for centuries. Firstly, they were considered at one point to be 3/5th of a man.
            That is shameful for the people who forced that upon humans and are thought to be worthy of praise as founder of this country. Yes, that is a shameful history. I am not whining, pointing fingers, or assessing blame. Just be honest and truthful. I want people to stop the obfuscation of America’s history.

          • Excuse me, Miss, “I am not casting blame, but I am casting blame”, but slavery is a world problem then and now.
            You can focus on the white devils, which apparently include any human with a melanin deficit, to verbally slap for the suffering of you and yours, but be aware that the MAJORITY of people then and now had no say or control on the elites who used slavery, and kept it in place. Eff the genetic guilt and Eff the Only Black Lives Matter mentality. Slavery was a sin in the US, but many crackers died in the civil war to stop it, and many saltine americans worked like mad in the underground railroad, and reconstruction to shut it down, and keep it from coming back.
            It may hurt your narrative, since all whiteys are clearly then and now, members of the KKK, or whatever, trying to keep you down. Unfortunately, slavery then was a world problem, and is so NOW.
            The Muslim americans like to snuggle Islam, without accepting that Muslims have slave markets today in ISIS territory, and sex slavery is around the world, run by the same Muslims that the US black community swoon over.
            Secret slavery is still happening in Islamic countries, and is often imported to Europe and here by rich Muslims that bring their slaves with them, listed as family.
            I have noticed cricket sounds when it comes to Black activists addressing the current ideology of enslaving blacks by arabs and other Muslims today, since only you matter.
            I will care for your concerns, when you care about other blacks who suffer today at the hands of slavers called Boko Haram, and others in Africa and the Middle East.

          • Jonathan Brooks, here’s the deal. There are facts that cannot be tucked away and forgotten in the manner that the majority population in America wishes. It is tantamount to starting a race with one party shackled while the other party starts running. When the party who started running achieve a significant distance, the shackled party is told to join the race. Along the way, when the previously shackled party began to gain on the one ahead an obstruction is placed in the pre-shackle’s path to slow his pace, while skates are given to the first runner. When the first runner makes it across the finish line, he lies about how he got there. Then he cannot understand why the shackle party took longer to get to the finish line, nor could he understand the obstacles he overcame.

            Take a look at Flint. The republican governor knew about the lead in the water for more than a year, but refused to do anything because he wanted to save money. There are minority children and poor white children who will suffer the effects of lead poisoning for the rest of their lives. That is another example of benign neglect when a function pertains to minorities.

            We do not have to deal with the universal practice of slavery and/or economic or social disparities around the world. America needs to get its house in order first. The first step is to recognize the racial divide is perpetrated by the historical misdeeds and the continuous ongoing misdeeds against minorities. The second step is to correct it. No one blames the average white person for the political situation here in America. Most whites are losing the statuses they’ve enjoyed for millennia. A house divide against itself cannot stand. A national dialogue would assist the nation in moving beyond the static quagmire of racial misunderstanding and mistrust.
            Ironically, when anyone, black or white, tries to bring the discussion to the forefront whites began to believe it is an attack on them.

            In today’s society, for whatever reasons, whites are having a difficult time. There are studies about their life spans being reduced by their lifestyles. I do not think blacks are looking for whitey to blame, because whitey’s house is on fire.

          • Well stated and well spoken, but you speak only for yourself. The Knockout Game, BLM riots, and the ongoing love affair of the black community with greivance means you stand alone in your desires for dialogue. You are a voice crying in the wilderness, and the angry majority means you are drowned out. I do not care to have a dialogue with the black community, but maybe you can find others who will want to, because I think that addressing actual slavery going on in secret in this country, and in all Muslim countries is more pressing than grievance before my time. You give me no reason to care, because you do not care for those actually held in sexual or physical slavery here and now.

          • So what has slavery got to do with our current status in life? The Jews were once slaves and look what they have managed to accomplish in life by adopting the principles of strong family values and education. The current generations of Germans are not responsible for the holocost and we sure as hell are not responsible for slavery that happend 200 years ago. The democrats were responsible for the Jim Crow laws and the KKK and for repressing the blacks after the Civil War. For generations, we have tried to improve the status of blacks in america by making them “more equal” than ourselves. It does not seem to have worked all that well. It seems to me that you have been “brain washed” by some liberal communist professors and have bought in to their nonsense.

          • The democrats you are speaking of was the party of Strom Thurmond. Thurmond bolted the democratic party in 1964 and changed to the Republican party because his was a staunch segregationist. Although he was a segregationist, he fathered a daughter whom he paid tuition for when she went to college. The is the type of hypocrisy rampant among “conservative” whites.

            Several of you speak of slavery, and feel time nullified its effect. Slavery was not the only institution legislated to keep blacks from progressing. KKK was formed to keep black intimidated. In the south, white collected poll taxes from blacks as well as other taxes. But, the roads and other public facilities were developed and maintained for whites.

            One of the reason so many on this site become belligerent is because they don’t comprehend enough about America to have a decent conversation. Being conservative shouldn’t mean you never get more information and hold on to old presumptions. That keep one dumb. The ruling class loves dumb people because can be manipulated. Trump’s campaign is a great example. He even says he likes dumb people.

            It is sad to see what appears to be normal people afraid of facts, so they stay behind with their misinformation and loathe anyone who sees through the ignorance.

          • Is the late Senator Byrd democrat enough for you? He was a former member of the KKK. Of course Bill Clinton excused this by saying he was just a poor boy trying to get elected. When Hillary was running against Obama, Bill said to an acquaintance ten years ago he would have been serving us coffee. It’s amazing how the liberals with the aid of the traitorous media are able to excuse conduct that they would never condone if done by a conservative. The operative word is “HYPOCRITE”

          • you have no knowledge of how the slaves were treated, used or sold or you’d have your ignorant racist ass demonizing the Africans that sold your worthless ancestors’ into slavery and the black land owners that bought them to start the migration of the worst mistake any American has ever made. But you sure love to suck off of the current working Americans by getting your EBT reloaded every month. Go back under your bridge you ignorant Troll racist POS! Everyone here will testify at your mental competency hearing that you are really so delusional that you should be given lead poisoning immediately.

        • Robert,
          Precisely. as long as the liberals can keep the poor in their back pockets through their welfare programs, the more those voters are dependent on them. What we need is a different program that says, yes, we will help you but then you are on your own.

      • They are just like her…Now they can break the law and kill like Hillary
        has, and a traitor and get by with it all!

      • they hear the promise of a better free ride- that’s all they need

    • Many blacks will continue to vote for their Democrat “Massers”. Democrats learned long ago, “If we keep them poor and dependent, they will always be our slaves.” Most Republcans want blacks to be prosperous, truly independent, and free. However, as long as black loyalty can be purchased with a cheap cell phone, there is little hope for change.

    • She is a racist and she is the one who should practice humility

    • they think if they keep her in office it will be more FREEBEES FOR THE BLACKS

  11. Maybe it’s time for minorities to realize that conservative principles, as insensitive as they may seem, are the foundation of American success, regardless of color.
    unfortunately, that is their misguided definition of “white privilege” They can never fix a problem they won’t admit exists.

  12. And I thought te Yankee Civil War settled all that. Is that another lie from her lips?


  14. I believe she has that backwards. The black community expects things from white people regardless whether they have earned it or not. The white race has sustained the black race for too many years. It is time they rise up and make something out of their individual lives and their community instead of depending on the white people who earn the money so they can have things given to them for nothing. I don’t believe this will happen as long as the demoRat party controls them. The black people who have risen above their “poor me” attitude are to be commended and appreciated.

    • They need to look up to men like Col. Alan West and Dr. Ben Carson, Now they are men all America’s can be proud of. Women like Condelissa Rice is another good example

    • Mallen11, please explain exactly what White people have that wasn’t taken from the backs of Black folks. Where did the economics of slavery go? Where is the economics of low wages, attempts to inhibit Blacks from decent education and housing. Where are the savings for the taxes paid by Blacks, but given to the white community and neighborhoods in streets and sidewalks while blacks were on dirt roads. This was never about Blacks not being capable, but Blacks were prohibited even after Reconstruction from owning land. There is so much for white Americans to learn about American History as well as White and Black History.

      • You have lost sight of the years that blacks have achieved great progress until -0 was slithered into office and has done nothing to help them; only made things worse. I do not believe your accusations. I have worked in companies that had quite a number of blacks with the same opportunities as us white folks and some did and some did not achieve. One of the best bosses I have ever had was black. Slavery should never even be mentioned. No one is living today who owned slaves and I doubt any of their relatives. I still say, it is not the white man that has kept the black community down in the dumps it is their own volition and the demoRat party.

        • Mallen11, I believe most black have passed the point of assessing blame. The difficulties heaped upon blacks by through the “Black Experience” in American have actually helped Blacks. They are stronger and can surmount adversities that whites jump off the bridge for, or if they can afford it, continuous miserable consultations with psychiatrists.

          The fact is there ARE some descendants of slave holders still around, and the cultural effects of slavery still permeates our society. No slave holder shared his ill gotten gains with any former slave or any of their descendants. That economic based was passed down through generations. It is so important to talk about the “racial” divide. This country has the disease of racism. It needs to be addressed. If you had cancer, you would seek a solution, would you not? To ignore would be a death knell.

          • You are radically delusional about slavery. As long as people like you think that the white race is to blame for the lack of the black community to better themselves, they will continue to do so. This country was getting over the black people’s racial problem until -0 slithered into office and things went sour very quickly. I know, because at 76 years of age I have seen the changes take place in our country. No, it is not important to talk about the racial divide; that is what is making it worse. Legislation cannot make people accept people; it has to start in the home. When the government stepped in and forced the white community to accept the black community, resentment became worse. I saw beautiful expensive white communities go down the drain when blacks started buying the homes. Now they look like a ghetto. Personally, I have some wonderful black friends and have worked and socialized very successfully with them because they are not “black” to me; they are people. If the radical blacks continue to protest as they are doing saying black lives matter; the problem will get worse. All lives matter. The white community will only resent the black community more and we get no where for improvement. You can’t force your ideas on people and expect them to accept hostile aggressive people.

          • No Mallen11, I am hardly delusional about slavery or white people. I have spent time studying and living with and around them. This blog and thread highlights why Blacks are not waiting or wanting white acceptance. Blacks just want to be free to enjoy and participate in education, housing, and everything else. They are not thinking about whites and are seeing the fallacies of the system setup for white advantage.

            In spite of that system, there are problems in the white community and still there is still a lack of education, especially now in the information age. Whites are now killing themselves and committing suicide. Drug use is rampant in the majority white communities. The media show the crime in the black communities, but fail, historically, to expose the insidious crime in white communities. That is historical. Now, with the advent of the internet the misdeeds are difficult to hide. Mass murders happen so often, it has become a norm in America. The same hate harbored against non-whites has come back to haunt the hater. When people feel left behind and helpless, without hope, they hate. When ideologies are proven false and crumble hate is manifested. The comfort zone of being white in America has dissipated.

            No, trust me, Blacks are proud of being themselves. They know from whence they came. They know that they are the original people. That is why Rachel D wanted to be and concealed her true identity and tried to live as a black woman. She was called crazy because of how she wanted to identify herself. When some blacks crossed the line and concealed their true identity, no one called them crazy. Now Blacks are advancing and the few who cause problems for society is acting out on their perceived societal expectations. Sadly, it seems that is not a race thing, as young whites are doing just as badly.

            Michele Obama, who is vilified on this thread, represents Black women in America today. The black woman is the most educated of all segments of the American populace. Black women have borne the brunt of racism, first in slavery, then throughout the history of the US. Black women were raped and made to have the white man’s children. That didn’t not end with the slave generation. It’s effect is evident in today’s population. Just look around.. The irony is that many here quickly denounce references to slavery without thinking of how a people were adulterated. Most whites do not know their history, nor read and research enough beyond a romanticized Europe.

            The human species originated in Africa. Once out of Africa, humans mated with Neanderthals. That and climatic variances contributed to the variances apparent in the human population today. This is the short and simple version made for comprehension.

            If whites understood that there is no scientific basis for ” race”, there would be less hatred in the world.

            My participation on this blog is empirical.

          • I pity your lack of insight to the problem of racism. You have many blind spots and are not willing to know the truth. Your lies are abundant and you can see how many people on this post know how you have been educated to hate white people and that makes you part of the problem. Read Maurice’s post; he makes it very clear what your problem is and the way you see things out of focus. You are a race baiter. You are only parroting what you have been taught; I have lived what I know to be the truth. There is no need for you to respond to my post since your cutting and pasting is a waste of my time.

          • Save your pity. Ignorance is bliss, but not blessed. I do not have to cut and paste because I expose myself to knowledge that is tangible. This site has haters who do not want to go beyond their excuses for not advancing over others. I am not the hater – I do not need to hate, nor do I want or feel hatred for anyone. Honestly, this is a learning experience about how warped some minds are concerning people who do not look like them or share their excuses. What is to be noted is how many personal attacks there are instead of meaningful dialog. There are no real exchange of ideas – only recycled bombasted balderdash. What is a race baiter? Someone who shares facts, not contrivances? Your experiences are limited for broad discussion and is considered anecdotal. This is not meant to demean what you experienced, but it may not apply to all persons.

      • so according to your ignorant ass the only reason whites are successful is because they took everything from blacks?? Each comment of yours shows that you are ignorant and an oxygen thief that has no clue about anything but are the biggest racist on this site! Take you BS a go STFU!

        • Why are you so angry? Truth hurts and brings you out of you ignorance. All of the excuses and bs you’ve fashioned to believe you were superior and great. Read and find the truth. You wouldn’t hate Hillary so much if you only had a brain.

        • You work for me every day!!! I love your type. Instead of gaining knowledge you are stuck in a cesspool of nonsensical name calling and contemptible brass. That’s why you are stuck in low level existence. You think it alleviates your angst to spew discord.. No it actually hurts you. It does not hurt the objects of your disdain. What a life..keep on and you will be a loser. Hate hurts the hater more than it hurt the hated.

          • Like I said to one of your other ignorant rants….the only way I or anyone else works for you is because we are paying for your reload on your EBT each month. The cesspool that you are familiar with is your own simple ignorant existence. You are the racist sewer of crap on this discussion and it appears that everyone knows it but you. You throw around what people make and at least everyone here but you pays taxes. You need your dose of lead poisoning already.


  16. I am white and I had the Privilege Of serving our Great Country for 25 yrs.in Vietnam,Beirut Somalia and other assorted hell holes. What is this spoiled Liar done. People like this make me laugh. Scarier there are people that will vote for this Libtard who should be in jail. SMDH

  17. I am an average white American who was NOT born to privilege, wealth, etc. I have worked hard all my life and was never handed anything!! I feel strongly that ALL Americans can achieve whatever they want IF they want to work for it. It is very simple. Set goals for yourself, work, get an education or trade school skills, and live within the law. It’s really very simple, and achievable for everyone.

    • Same here, born in the depression, father died when I was 20 mos. old, Mother had to work, then WWII, rationing of about everything, my husband and I both worked to provide out kids with a home, food and clothes, BUT we instilled in them that luxuries were not to be expected but worked for. All our kids had jobs, started with paper routes, worked in fast food, one became a mgr. of Sea food in a grocery store, another owns his own surveying Co. , all have done well, my daughters both worked, step daughter was a business executive, it’s parents that need to INSTILL VALUES and not rely on schools, today they are for brain washing. An old saying, “as the twig is bent so grows the tree” and this starts in the home with first word to learn, “NO”

    • Well not all whatever they want. Hillary will never achieve the presidency.

  18. This is what happens when you feel you were born too late for the Civil Rights Movement. …you make up another one. Half a century is more than enough time to get your, (black) culture together and integrate with the country YOU CHOOSE to live in. They chose a half- black foreign White guy to be President, It didn’t work, so now we’re supposed to feel humility and guilt and try a White serial criminal because it might be female?

  19. This woman doesn’t have a humble gene in her body. She has always been an attention getter, a liar, a soulless waste of a human being. What she knows about regular citizens is zero and the poor dumbasses that think she cares for them. Are they off base?


  21. Hillary’s canned speech causes genuine laughter….

    Would it not be a practice of humility for her to admit she has lied to the American people? Don’t think she will be taking her own advice to heart.

  22. Hilary needs to practice humility after she goes to prison. Blacks need to stop killing cops & committing majority of violent crimes. Respect is earned not given.

    • She will practice humility when Big Bertha makes her her bitch. La’Tasha will be whipping that cracker ass.

      • Hillary must practice humility when she finds out her hubby Billy is being intimate with another woman. Maybe though she gets back at him with her lesbian contacts. That is a marriage of convenience. Enjoy your life while I enjoy mine.

  23. This woman will sink to any depths of lies and cynicism to obtain her own “privilege”. It is beyond sickening. This should backfire on her.

  24. Hillery is pushing hard for the tail to wag the dog…guess she thinks she won’t get bit that way …. LMAO

  25. She actually said that without choking to death on the words? Amazing !

  26. There is NO SUCH THING as White privilege. God made every one of us the same except for our skin color. Every last one of us came into this world butt naked, some White, some Brown and some Black, otherwise all the same. Rich White compared to rich Brown and rich Black all the same. Poor White compared to poor Brown and poor Black all the same. We all have the right to study hard, work hard and be special if we so desire. Or we can set on our butts and get high every day and live off the sweat of other people. We all have a choice.
    White privilege is a myth, invented by the left-wing Progressive, Socialist, Communist crowd as a way to empty the pockets of the hard working, God fearing, American people who are willing to make their own way through life opposed to living off the hard work of others.
    In simple terms, White Privilege is pure BS.

  27. You are PATHETIC Clinton!

  28. Killery needs to practice keeping her fat mouth shut and fading back into her well-deserved obscurity. she couldn’t or wouldn’t give Bill his due, so he took up with anything wearing a skirt, Perhaps it was all those pant suits she wears, NOT feminine at all, but they do hide her cottage cheese thighs.

  29. Where IS her humility?

  30. It was never OlBluegums goal to improve the lives of the black community, he needs them to remain poor and uneducated for the votes. It they actually learned that they could earn a good living, improve their lives and, learn the pride of home ownership, they would see that the conservatives are actually onto something. If they learned to have pride in a job well done, they wouldn’t go around gang-banging and pimping their women. Shitlery is nothing but a conniving, cheating, lying POS. She’d turn tricks in the alleys of the ghettos if it meant she could get those votes. The black community has NO ONE to educate them on the evils of the Demoncraps. They have the crooks who steal from them like Sharpton who also loves keeping them right where he needs them. His is also a glowing example; don’t pay your taxes, people. Then claim that if the government comes after you, it’s because you’re black. We MUST all remember that if Shitlery gets in she’s going to EXPAND on OlBluegums failed policies. That means there will be little left to hope for.

  31. Liberals can’t even spell it , much less practice it.

  32. Not to sound like a racist; clinton is reaching out to the black community because the white population realize she’s no damn good! Besides, like sanders, she’s gonna give the lazy and, ignorant all they think they’re entitled to!

  33. If liberal democrats were not able to keep the races divided with all of their underhanded actions, the Democrat Party would cease to exist!

  34. This is absolutely ludicrous. Look around and anyone can see that it is a large percentage of black Americans whom are defiant rather than humble. Many are loud and boisterous to police who are only doing his or her job to protect everyone. How often do you see large groups of whites walking around in an ominous manner, or crossing the street as if they were tall ducklings. How about walking in the street when a nice safe sidewalk is a few steps away. If you can’t stand crude and annoying rap music, too bad. The majority who have huge woofers blasting away the eardrums of passerby’s are (you guessed it) black Americans. And, to add insult to injury, Black LIves Matter? Until African Americans can show as much courtesy to others as they expect for themselves, most other people are going to keep their humble distance. Nuff Said!

  35. I believe that Hillary needs to better explain her definition of “humility” (or use a better word)!

  36. You no good bit ch, you should practice being American your racist bit ch, I can’t believe something like you is allowed to run for President.

  37. She should practice what she preaching she hates blacks and They believe she for them just like Obama ask her how many Ghetto blacks she lives next too!

    • Kinda reminds me of old LBJ when he signed hid Great Society bill and commented “I’ll have them n***ers voting democrat for the next 200 years”. LBJ was obnoxious and corrupt in his dealings in congress and as president. His size and demeanor were intimidating at best and down right corrupt at worst. His smokers and drunken breath were met with invites for a “fist sandwich” out into the parking garage for those that opposed him. He was opposite of the real man he succeeded, JFK.

  38. Hillary is Obama’s lap dog, who plans to do his dirty work if she is elected. I wouldn’t vote for that bit ch for dog catcher let alone President. Hillary is a shame to America, we should be ashamed this liar is even able to run for President.

    • Her, and old Bill “Slick Willy’s” history, all the way through his governorship of Arkansas and to the WH, wrought with deceit and corruption and murder. I’m surprised many more haven’t “disappeared” from the face of the Earth. They would have given old Al Capone a run for his money

      • Your so right, she lies when she don’t even have to lie, she has never been able to tell the truth. In College people that knew her said she only hung around with radicals and communist who hated America. I think she has not changed one bit, she uses everyone to advance her goals.

        • Their commie experience began in the late 1960s and early 1970s with the commie led riots and protest. Their association with Cloward, Piven and Sal Alinsky (Rules for Radicals), radical socialist and union thugs, was only the beginning. They adopted the Karl Marx, V Lenin and J Stalin socialist saying:: A lie repeated enough will eventually become the truth.

  39. Hildebeast must practice idiocy, she is already adept at being stupid. Why would a person have difficulty reading or listening to what this fat, lying, deceitful, ignoramus? Is this a genetic disorder or is this a DNA trait of all lying, deceiving liberal-socialist-democrats?

    • wig·ger; ˈwiɡər/
      noun: wigger; plural noun: wiggers
      a white person who tries to emulate or acquire cultural behaviour and tastes attributed to African-Americans.

  40. i think hillary has a need to understand humility. Perhaps jail time would be a good experience for her. right now i wonder if she has ever had a job doing menial work in all her life.

    • She and Bill “Slick Willy” joined the commie led peace protest and riots of the 1960s and 1970s. Does that count ???? Hard core socialist Cloward and Piven and Sal Alinsky were there. That’s where they got their “education”.

      • Thank you. You have done your research, Everyone needs to

      • she complains about something called white privilege but in reality she is the person most guilty of this. as far as her socialist background she was a botique commie wanting all the privilege for herself but none for others of her class. A good version of hell for her would be scrubbing toilets under black supervision. Having finished high school in 1965 i am disgusted with many members of my generation and the liberal spawn that have followed them. i am seeing some youth being upset with liberals today so maybe there is hope.


  42. I have personally known dozens of people of African American, Latino American, Asia American and Native American males and females (I refuse to be PC) that have over come at least some difficulties and barriers in their pursuit to a successful job and life. Many pulled themselves up with their boot straps and decided to make something of them selves. A fella that I knew as a young boy on our small family farm whose father and mother were seasonal laborers that lived in our extra living quarters, eventually became my math teacher while attending Texas Tech University in the early 1970s. William Sanderson, PhD Mathematics is definitely a success story as many more. As MLK Jr. stated, “the content of character’ is what counts.

  43. Tragically, a lot of blacks don’t even know that she only said that to manipulate them. She wants them to believe it so they’ll need her communist regime. They don’t even know that she’ll dump them once she’s elected.

  44. I work in costa rica and have spent much of my time there. The highest compliment one person can pay another is to say that the other is “humble”. What a concept. No wonder they are one of the countries with the highest happiness index on the planet. The people are lovely and kind and caring and… Humble. Maybe we can learn a thing or two from their rich example.

  45. Is she sending someone to Kiss my a_ _?

  46. if she really cared about blacks and wanted to make their lives better she would stop the illegal immigration which has taken their jobs, their self respect and their chance for the American dream

  47. Just because that Betch Hillary wants to get on her knees to Obama and his regime of thugs don’t mean real America are going to.

  48. What ever happened to common sense? We need to wake up to the dire situation in urban poor areas no matter what color they are. Then we need to fix them. But that is no short term solution. It is going to take a long time to undo the mess we have created in these urban areas. WE also have to face the facts that many in the current generation are not going to learn what they need to learn and may be issues in the nation for quite some time. That is no excuse for not working on the problem. The problem begins with loss of self esteem and he fact that employment in these areas is not happening. No jobs is because there is no labor force because those who are there are not qualified for any better jobs. There lies a issue that is not being solved as no one seems to recognize the problems.

  49. Fuck you slimy ass cunt

  50. Hey Hilabeast I got you humility right here ! asumming the grab my crotch position.

  51. Hillary Clinton can BS some groups in this country but the majority now know what she is about and will never stoop that low to put her in the White House.Two many Americans have paid the ultimate to let that happen when neither of the Clintons ever spent one day wearing the uniform of their country.

  52. Hillary’s suggestion may sound good to some but it only creates division rather than heals it by perpetuating an “us versus them” mentality. We are all in this together and we need to focus on righting this ship before it goes under, not promote animosity for personal gain.

  53. When Hillary speaks all that comes out of her mouth is lies or tripe, Check on her clear back to the Nixon investigation, she was fired for lying and behavior un becoming a lawyer. She is not for women, She went after the women who had affairs with her husband and ruined them. It goes on and on


  55. The racist speaks and we are suppossed to listen. Who the fuxx is this woman the devil incarnate.Her heroin was a killer of black babies,Margaret Sanger!!! Who does she think she is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Axxwipe


  57. soldier for liberty

    F..k Hillary Cankles Clinton. Some where there is a haggan dazs missing a night manager

  58. Killary’s is just like the PMIC, she’s kissing black ASSES across the country, just to get nominated. Dog shit has more intelligence than that evil bitch!!

  59. Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

    I have been through 49 Years of being told I am not being hired because I am White under Affirmative Action, Hillary can shove it where the Sun Don’t Shine !!! Just wait till the smarter, more educated, Better Armed 70% of White Americans decide it is time for pay Back, Which will be about the time Mr.Trump Takes Office in the White House !!!

  60. Says one arrogant white B!

  61. soldier for liberty

    They all worship at the Sal Alinsky alter.

  62. Democrats remind me of the old adage: IGNORANCE IS BLISS!

  63. Hillary “if” you need VOTES………….and you are pandering to ‘Special Groups’…….
    Well, the ‘Special Groups’ of White Folk will NOT be voting for You or Your rapist Husband !

  64. WHAT FRIGGING PLANET IS THIS IDIOT ON!?!?!?!?!?!?!? NO other race has had MORE legislation passed on ITS behalf and done so little with it. Its leaders care little about the masses and only say what they do for THEIR OWN wealth and power. In Fergueson, the blacks there told Sharpton to “Go Home,” as they stated and asked what has he done for them BEFORE Michael Brown.

    Add to the FACT that Hillary wouldn’t know the truth if it bit her on BROAD BUTT !!!!!

  65. Hillary wants ‘Whites to Practice Humility’……..
    When did the ‘White Hillary’ change color ?

  66. Bout time for our group of TROLLS to come in and spew their shit! Nastyass, croco shit, headuphisass, UNreality chick – you name em.. I’m outta here!!

  67. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! A democrat and a Clinton, telling us that we need to be humble. Being kindhearted and considerate is the main reason we’re in the mess we’re in. As far as pandering, that’s all they know how to politic. A democrat always has their finger in the air trying to find out which way the wind is blowing.

  68. Hillary has so much humility she only owns five houses worth millions, further, her humility the last I heard was a net worth of more than two hundred million.
    Boy, I should have such humility! Lol

  69. this slime bag is so pathetic,telling me and you we should practice humility,,,,is there no depths to which this scum will go to make black people think she gives a damn …..Remember she said she always tries to tell the truth,,,I guess I could say I always try to be humble,,,,I have a better chance at being humble than she has in telling the truth

    • She doesn’t know the meaning of “humility”, nor how to have compassion, she’s one of the “Elite”, remember it was from the Gov. house to the WH, and now owns 2 large, expensive houses, in DC and NY, she hasn’t driven a car in years and don’t forget 24/7 armed guards.

  70. Some how, myself, my relatives, and all my white friends missed out on white privilege. We had to work hard for everything we got. If there was any “privilege” for good jobs, they were given out to minorities firs Maybe we were just not “white” enough like Hillary is.

  71. Oh, Hillary. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. You Clintons are a scream!

  72. Actually she could start by not lying.

  73. Does hillary practice humility? No she practices huma.

  74. No more questions, no more talk.
    Do not talk to the liberal dem bloodsuckers, do not deal with them in any fashion.
    We all know, that, we can no longer coexist with the liberal scum, time to physically separate ours selves from them

  75. I grew up In the DC area, I saw Jim Crow enacted, I also knew blacks from and early age, and just as with any race, there are both Good and Bad. I saw racial barriers fall away, I also saw my In-Laws forced from their home, in what was called “block busting”, during that time, street lights were shot out to cover the slicing of tires, garbage strewn on front porches and other acts, to force the whites out of the neighborhoods they had moved into. That subsided and soon Blacks and whites became neighbors, children no longer went to segregated schools, fast forward to 2008, Black crime increased and nastiness, name calling increased, police are under fire for doing their job. We don’t hear about Black on Black crime or Black on White crime, BUT if a white LEO goes after a Black suspect, well we all know the news, Now in DC this last week, 2 Veterans have been beaten, roobed and left for dead, Thank God both have survived, another was a Robbery on Metro, another man shot after being robbed, this suspect and his pals, are known criminals, yet we are suppose to look the other way, about 40 years ago, a friend of my son’s was killed, it was covered up, I told them, I would always stand beside them but never lie for them and that I hoped I had raised them not to do such acts , all are adults and passed this same idea to their kids.

  76. She expects white people to have HUMILITY and support BLM when their activities are based on a LIE exhibiting RACISM toward WHITES while HILLARY and OBAMA let four WHITE AMERICANS DIE because they REFUSED to send HELP to save them. HILLARY and OBAMA are bringing SHARIA LAW to America which puts our MOTHERS,SISTERS,WIVES and DAUGHTERS in jeopardy from BARBARIANS practicing their ISLAMIC FAITH. The SOCIALIST DEMOCRATIC PARTY would put all Americans in jeopardy as long as the BARBARIANS VOTED DEMOCRATIC.

  77. Hillary just needs to S T F U!

  78. It is interesting just how much of a hypocrite she is. When she lived in the governor’s house with Bill in Arkansas she said, speaking about the African American lady that kept the mansion restrooms clean, that if she kept doing such a good job she (Hillery) would have to start thinking of them, (Blacks), as people. This is found in a quote written about the Clintons in Arkansas.

  79. Maybe Hillary should stop pretending she is Black , She needs to look in the Mirror . Bill Clinton and Hillary have lobbied for the 3 strikes rules for convicts . Hillary and Bill , have put more Black people in Prison with their laws they passed while Bill was in the White House ,and Hillary was in the Senate . Hillary and Bill pretending they care about Black people is a joke . Black better open their ears , once Black people vote for Hillary ,they will not hear from her until 2020 to get re-elected again . Unemployment will continue on Blacks and nothing will be done for them . Obama did they same thing ,made promises and the Blacks unemployment doubled . You have to understand the Democrat Party ,just wants your vote . That is it , I heard Obama tell a bunch of Black people when he sent that Rahm Emanuel came to Chicago and run for Mayor . When he was have problems , and Blacks were mad about Young Black men getting Killed in the Streets . Rahm was having problems, he was down in the polls . Obama lectured Black people and told them to get behind him . After they re-elect Rahm , that is when tapes came out about Police killing young black men on a video . But it was to late then , every time Blacks back the Democrats , they continue to get no jobs and no help from the Democrat Party . Unemployment double on Black people under Obama .

  80. I once claimed humility, and lost it immediately. I wish I could master it luke Hillary. I guess I don’t practice enough. Sigh …..

  81. She is the racist liar in chief. Hillary for Prison 2016!

  82. When will someone like Illary tell Black Lies Matter the truth about some of the shootings. African American young men evidently have no clue as to how to behave with armed police. Going for their pistols should be forbidden, a no no unless, of course, they want to be shot. In which case, someone should be told the little jerk has a death wish.

  83. I’ll start practicing a little humility as soon as they begin practicing a little respect.

  84. Spoken like the multi-millionaire socialist that she is.

  85. And YOU, Hillary, must begin to practice telling the truth!!! Take your barking, truth-sniffing dog with you wherever you go – he will help you decipher what is the truth, in case you don’t know. Actually, I think you have lied so much that you do not recognize the truth anymore. That’s really sad for a human being.

  86. You first Hillary get on your knees I’ll be right there

  87. That’s like calling the kettle black isn’t it? Everytime I see a picture of hillary with her mouth open, in my head I hear HEE HAW! HEE HAW! HEE HAW!.

  88. I will vote for the person who says: “Black Americans need to do a better job of listening when White Americans talk about the seen and unseen barriers that you face every day,” Clinton said. “We need to recognize our privilege and practice humility, rather than assume that our experiences are everyone’s experiences.”

    Of course it doesn’t mean anything when two people, with identical qualifications, are applying for the same job…one’s white one’s black. The black one gets picked .. race preference. Two people, with similar qualifications, apply to Harvard…one’s black one’s white. The black one gets picked. Race Preference. But the white one never is outraged. Never demanding more than he or she deserves or needs. Why is that? But the black one mentions racial bias and they are given the keys to the city. Pull the race card and the magic begins.

    It’s whites that are given the shafted….and not the race privileged blacks. Their whining needs to stop.

    • Paula, what you missed is that Blacks are trying to gain parity for the lost opportunities when they worked for whites free. There were laws in place prohibiting Blacks from owning land or voting, when white men could stake claims to free land – as much as they could defend and care for. What you see in today’s society are feeble attempts to reconcile the misdeeds of centuries of slavery, discrimination based on nothing more than the color of one’s skin, etc. There is so much that compels this society, if reasonable and educated, to come together. Whites must acknowledge the system of privilege was created for themselves at the cost of the indigenous peoples of America and the African people who was brought over against their will who built the economics of this country.

      • aren’t you the POS next to the ex prof from MO university that was fired? Your comments show that you are living over 150 years ago and are more ignorant than killary. just STFU!

  89. Hilly doesn’t know what humility is.

  90. Is this dumb blonde for real??? She is the “truth bomb” regarding the adage of “dumb blondes”!!!

    On second (and third thought), let me say I think she is a mental case and really needs the services of a good psychiatrist……That would make two crazy people in the room..

    • No she is not for real and she’s not even a real blonde and neither is Megyn. Nothing about Hillary is real except her mouth. She cackles like a hen and barks like a female dog. She’s also a lesbian. She’s like Barry Soetoro, one big lie.

  91. mustanggoody67Alan Goodrich

    Hey Hillary, shove it!

  92. Clinton and even Obama see black folks as easy and for a few “free-bee’s” are cheap voters to keep the democrat plantation running.

  93. That ‘white’ beatch said that?! No to Hitlery. Yes send her to prison. She is nothing but a liberal/socialist pathological liar!

  94. I do not know which crown she should wear. I don’t know if she is the biggest hippocrit, the biggest liar or the biggest criminal alive today. Her treachery goes back before Whitewater. Her democratic boss said she was a lying, corrupt, unethical attorney. Now that’s pretty bad.
    What Black People must realize is that Democrats say one thing to your face and another behind your back. Have blacks really progressed under democratic control. LBJ really did a lot for black people didn’t he? Jimmy Carter, did he do anything? Bill or Barry? Progress was being made until about 8 years ago then we became more racially divided since the 60s. Reverse discrimination have been practiced since the 70s but has not helped. Giving people things hasn’t help anything. Real progress is made when people overcome on their own merit.

  95. Excerpted from the above article:
    “What the hell would Hillary Clinton know about the experiences
    of the average white American? Where does she get off lecturing middle
    America on how they should behave? She’s never spent a single day in the
    shoes of an ordinary citizen.”

    What does she know of the troubles, concerns, problems of “the average anything”, male, female, black, white or what have you

  96. at least the POS in the WH now could do ‘standup’ comedy when he leaves office…cuz some things he says ARE actually funny…..
    but the GRATING, SCREECHING, Benghzai Bitch is so pathetic she makes me GAG.

  97. That’s not Humility that The Hildebeast is demanding of us. What she is demanding is our Submission.

  98. Gotta wonder why blacks would vote Democrat.
    Do they see any blacks running for President?

  99. When is she going to learn to show or practice humility? She doesn’t even know what it means. She hasn’t got an honest bone in her body.

  100. Lancelot Blackeburne

    Yet another reason to not vote for Hillary Clinton.

  101. What a disgusting woman Hillary is. She will say ANYTHING to get elected. I hope most black people can see through her bull-sh*t!

  102. Funny a criminal who has nothing but political privilege wants to tell the rest of us to show humility. Give me a break, and as for you dems who will vote for the hilly you may need to check in with a shrink.

  103. Not only are you a hypocrite, you are the most despicable person I know of other than your ex-boss.

  104. yea when lying Hillary practice’s honesty

  105. PERSONALLY; I Embrace my ” White Privilege. ” Work Hard; Earn EVERYTHING you get; pay your taxes without fail; obey the law; watch out for other Human Beings; DON’T go looking for Black People to ” Play The Knockout Game With ” and strive to put your best foot forward; to the benefit of yourself; and whoever you happen to be surrounded with at any point in time. NOW; what am I apologizing for again?

  106. These comments and the proposition of the writer shows arrogance and
    consonance dissonance. Why is Hillary wrong? Because you cannot fathom a
    rationale for your thinking you attack her instead of trying to
    understand. Most white do not want to speak about race. When someone
    else tries, whites retort that they are being divisive. The is contrary
    to reasonable thinking. One, the problems of race in this country
    should and must be addressed. To ignore or to presume it is a
    juxtaposition of insanity reckons for more education or exposure to a
    recognition of what racism is. Whites must acknowledge the free labor
    of ancestors, free land, and other privileges bestowed upon them. A
    culture of usurping what blacks earned by passing laws to make it
    illegal for black to own homes, etc. Read about Black Wall Street and
    Rosewood to start. Get out of the simple thought process and deal with
    an educated mind by getting information to form your opinions. Read the
    History of White People by Nell Painter. That might help as you will
    see what your origins are. Theinformation and thesis of that
    book is reamed from the classical writers – but, the information was not
    in your history books. Instead of dealing with reality of white
    history, many resorted to writing about mythological characters to fill
    the gap. Check it out.

  107. What you missed is that Blacks are trying to gain parity for the lost
    opportunities when they worked for whites free. There were laws in
    place prohibiting Blacks from owning land or voting, when white men
    could stake claims to free land – as much as they could defend and care
    for. What you see in today’s society are feeble attempts to reconcile
    the misdeeds of centuries of slavery, discrimination based on nothing
    more than the color of one’s skin, etc. There is so much that compels
    this society, if reasonable and educated, to come together. Whites must
    acknowledge the system of privilege was created for themselves at the
    cost of the indigenous peoples of America and the African people who was
    brought over against their will who built the economics of this

    • I assume you taking that magical trip back in time to America circa 1850 or so. I agree slavery was wrong. I also wasn’t here in the mid 1800’s; and neither were you. My grandfather came over from Czechoslovakia around 1915. My other great great grandfather arrived around 1840 from Ireland. They didn’t engage in slavery; mom & dad didn’t; and I don’t. Neither does anyone I’ve ever met; seen; or heard of currently in America today. In America 2016; Blacks are given every preferential treatment under the sun. Its NOT my fault they can’t stand their own self made failures individually and collectively; and then turn around and blame everyone under the sky; except themselves.

    • Tell us what blacks worked for whites free and have been blocked from owning land? How was one of the first slave owners a black but didn’t own land? You are as ignorant as the killary is! I have been screwed by blacks in the military that were appointed over me but I always treat everyone equal. So is that your idea of blacks getting equal? And I had ignorant blacks telling me that I didn’t have to worry because I was white and rich….BS my family was on welfare until I got out of school and I’ve worked minimum of 2 jobs in the civilian sector and never less than 12 hours day for 22 years in the military so you speak BS. My wife and I have worked for everything we have and we didn’t get anything given to us so cut the BS out that whites have it made because of the color of their skin. You are just showing your ignorance and racism!

  108. What a waste of D.N.A this carbon unit is !

  109. killary is full of SHIT!!! So blacks can be proud but if you are white you are supposed to bow to everyone??? She needs to just go shoot herself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t fix a STUPID libturd!

  110. Hillary Clinton can cause a racewar if she coninues to divide the races with her ads and speeches. I have black friends and white friends and am proud of both

  111. People are supposed to take advice on humility from one of the most arrogant, elitists in politics? Only a liberal would be that hypocritical!

  112. She can kiss my heiny before I practice humility for being white.

  113. “[….] force American companies to hire X number of blacks?”- um, that’s what affirmative action was all about, and it was a disaster. I know of enough businesses that went under & good people lost work because the business had been sold to an AA-supported black who had NO clue how to run a business. But he was black, and that was the only qualifier.

    • I work with whites who have no clue of how to run a business or a start up. I refuse to teach them.

      • Why would you not help someone just because of their skin color? It is this type of attitude, which is abundantly evident on both sides of this discussion, that perpetuates the divisiveness that is destroying us.

        • No, the reason is the arrogant supposition of superiority just as evidenced on this site. Once the reality of the lack of productivity is no longer possible to elude, then I will step in.

          • Sorry but I disagree; people should consistently do the right thing because it is the right thing. Arrogance, which cannot exist apart from ignorance, is present on both sides and will never go away because it is part of the human condition. You justify your bad behavior based upon your perception of the bad behavior of others which perpetuates the divide. It is only by embracing our commonalities that we will overcome our differences.

  114. Excuse me but Hillary is totally full of s__t!
    Did hubby Bill practice a little humility when dealing with intern?

    Pandering for the black vote!
    You would think the blacks would wake up one day and realize that the Democrats do nothing for them except allow them to go on welfare!

  115. Piss on the liberals with their white privilege and their BLM !

  116. People have forgotten that Hellery was an Alinsky student just like Barry O was. Her statements don’t surprise me, or anything about her. I’m a realist and I know that sometimes blacks get treated wrongly, but so do whites. The big difference is that whites don’t whine about it for centuries, and they don’t expect someone to pay cash because their great-great-great granddaddy had his tail kicked by a white man. Most slaves were treated well because their work was important to production. “Humility”? Let her tell that to Vince Foster and the others.

    • That is the most asinine bane nonsense proffered anywhere. The problem is the lack of facts -so you pass assumptions and gut feelings for facts. Facts are ignored because it will conflict with your fantasies. Speak of whining, who whines more than the Donald? He is WHITE, is he not? Whites are whining saying we want our country back. That’s whining. Are you kidding yourself? So called white folk like you were left in Appalachia because the people with money did not want to associate with them. Truly..

  117. What’s next we kiss their aholes cuz we’en’s white?

  118. Again, gobbledygook double talk of lieberalism.

    The definition of Hitlery’s “white humility” is that YOU MUST LOOK DOWN ON NEGROES! And continue to do so the rest of your, er the Negroe’s life!

  119. If there is enough idiots to vote for Hillary and make her become President there is no hope for America ..

  120. untill hilary pushes for 3000 low income housing units in Chappaqua plus lets 10 ghetto blacks live in her house, she can go FO

    • Racism.
      Foul language.
      The right-wing makes us so proud. (sarcasn)

    • Why can’t you dummies learn that poverty is the domain of a larger segment of the white population then anyone else. You sit in your glorious ignorant cocoons, unwilling to learn facts, because you want to avoid the reality of who you are! Your generations have been free since coming to America, yet you are uneducated and unlearned and angry. You are lazy! If you weren’t, you would be doing something meaningful. You spew nonsense to make yourself think you are superior to other mankind. What a waste of protoplasm!

  121. Ms. Clinton – YOU FIRST!

  122. She MUST first practice honesty. There is no humility without honesty. This evil C U Next Tuesday needs to rot in hell and, the sooner the better. She is NO GOOD in any way.

  123. All whites except her, of course! This lying witch is Enemy #2, after her former boss!
    Vote Trump in November, to restore the nation and keep it out of the 3rd World of tyranny, corruption, crime, poverty, disease, and general hopelessness; probably under a Marxist-Muslim one-party dictatorship!

    • As all votes have been (honestly) the lesser of 2 evils (as no person is perfect) should get OUR VOTE. And I will make certain I vote, and will vote for any person OTHER THAN HILLARY.

  124. Hillary??? The biggest babble head on earth. Anyone supporting her is a “no-brainer.”

  125. Vote for Trump, Rubio is another Hillary! Trump will make America great again, Trump will run the table from here on in. Vote for Trump! Now, if you do not vote for Mr. Trump, here is what Billyboy and Hillary are going to give you next January and eight more years. Read and weep!

    This is the tip of the iceberg.


    Please type into your browser the following headlines:

    1. Clinton’s Loot White House. [type into your browser]

    2. Hillary Clinton is a career criminal. [type into your browser]

    3. Charles Krauthammer: What has Hillary Clinton done as Secretary of State? [type into your browser]

    4. All the terrible things Hillary Clinton has done in one big list. [type into your browser]

    5. Bill and Hillary Clinton: A life of violating people. [type into your browser]

    6. Who is Chelsea’s father? [type into your browser]

    7. The Benghazi shuffle. [type into your browser]

    8. Five lies Clinton told in the debate. [type into your browser]

    9. 3 big reasons Hillary Clinton should NEVER be president. [type into your browser]

    10. The Clinton Crime Family Exposed. [type into your browser]

    11. Stopping The Hillary Express. [type into your browser]

    12. And Her Fans thought Hillary Was Smart. [type into your browser]

    13. Beirut Lebanon Marine Barracks BILLY BOYS WATCH [type into your browser]

    14. The U.S.S. COLE. BILLY BOYS WATCH [type into your browser]

    15. The Twin Tower’s dynamite truck bomb BILLY BOYS WATCH [type into your browser]

    16. List of people pardon by Bill Clinton: Commutations 41, Pardons 151. [Type into your browser]

    17. Hillary Clinton’s Pardon Scandal. [type into your browser]

    18. Clinton Corruption Is Ongoing. [type into your browser]

    19. Pardon gate: Clinton blocks Release Of Pardon Papers. [type into your browser]

    20. Pardon gate Play-By-Play. [type into your browser]

    21. Hillary’s Greed Is Destroying Her Presidential Campaign. [type into your browser]

    There is so much more of this garbage. Please Mr. Trump, expose this terrible family to the American people and build the wall, rout the 13,000,000 (million) illegals and Muslim cockroaches out of this once great country. Christians can’t do it, you do it sir. TRUMP IS GREAT, TRUMP IS GREAT FOREVER! AND I WILL BE FOREVER GREAT FULL IF YOU WILL DO THIS GREAT DEED.

  126. I actually think she is right. We should practice any way that we may find to humiliate Hillary each day until she goes home with her wicthes tail between Bill’s legs.

  127. There’s no such thing as white privelege. Just another fabricated phrase to make blacks feel better about themselves at the expense of others, and jumped on with both feet by the liberal elite. And yes, it makes the lib elites feel better about themselves, too.

  128. The blacks need to understand that ALL LIVES MATTER. They are not the chosen ones, we the people are. Hillary is a lying piece of crap and has alot of blood on her hand from Benghazi, where four good men died waiting for her to give the go.

    • Did you know your folks originated in Africa…Black Africa, at that! Must have been a special place for man to have originated. Plus, they were Blackkkkk! Did you know that? Oh, My..this is riveting information, isn’t it? Africa – where we the people began!

  129. Question! Should Killery become 1st lady, will she allow for Billy Bob to have sex with children at the White House, or does he have to go off shore?

  130. Hilary is a fucking idiot.

  131. When I need spiritual advise from Killery, I’ll let her know. Until then, she has NOTHING to say that I care to hear. Meanwhile, here’s a little spiritual advise for you, Killery: STOP LYING CONSTANTLY! It is intellectually insulting that you actually think we believe you.

  132. Tell you what “your thighness” You start telling the truth about how you can’t stand blacks and maybe just maybe some one might listen to you

  133. Here’s hoping she ages gracefully in prison – with some humility, lots of humility in her case.

  134. With her character traits , I’ll past on any advice from her !!!

  135. HilLARRY needs to start first and she should give all that she has to “Black Lives Matter” if she means it

  136. She is full of it.

  137. When did Hillary what difference at this point does it make Clinton ever practice humility?
    When did Hillary I don’t give a damn about anyone but me Clinton ever practice humility?
    When did Hillary I don’t give a crap about american’s dying in Benghazi practice humility?
    When did Hillary the WPOS, Clinton, the failure ever do anything but lie, cheat and steal?

  138. There are truly enligjtened black Americans. They’re called Uncle Toms.

  139. Why does Hillary use such a contentious ad for supporting the black injustices, I mean really Travon Martin was a thug and a thief. George Zimmerman was working as a watchman because of the crimes committed in his neighborhood and the pictures would have Travon as a small child still in middle school. That picture she uses as an example on her tv commercial is deceiving just like she is. She needs to get real and believable if she wants people to vote for her. just more of an example of her honesty or lack of honesty.

  140. “We need to recognize our privilege and practice humility, rather than assume that our experiences are everyone’s experiences.” WHAT A CROCK. As human beings we judge people all day long, not handsome enough, not smart enough, to religious, not religious enough, etc etc, etc. Only you can decide WHO YOU ARE, and by buying into this argument that someone else can hold you down, well then you are already defeated. She’s trying to divide us to get ELECTED, rather than lifting us up, ALL OF US.

  141. Hillary wouldn’t know humility if it hit her between the eyes. Her mouth opens but all that comes out is lies and innuendos.

    “The Humility of Hillary” — sounds like a sitcom with a ditsy damsel. Wait! It IS about ms. Clinton!

  142. Hey you ole ugly commie whore, you need to practice what you preach, bitch!

  143. We have seen how placating anyone works, fools only understand one thing.

  144. Do we need a lecture on morals from Hillary? If she wants to talk morals she should worry about her honesty first.

  145. Just like Obama, Hillary is playing the race card at every opportunity. Obama has divided this country like no other president ever did and Hillary is looking to capitalize on that stupid Obama blunder. It is just too bad that the black population is so wrapped up in “free” stuff that they cannot see just how the Dems have used them for so many years. Dumb is dumb I guess and will never change.

  146. I think this is one of those cases where “practice what you preach” is appropriate. Should this woman become president it will finish this disaster we are rapidly approaching. And the African American community will suffer along with everybody else. Already, if you carefully check it, the African American unemployment line is a growing 24% in many parts of the nation. But that is being ignored. Being logical, and relating to past experience, any government “help” that places the white community in bad economic condition puts twice the disaster on the African American community. Since she has said that she intends to follow the current plan for “help” is openly saying she intends to further the agenda that has already placed the African American family in extremely bad economic health. She will do and say anything to increase her chances of winning and her concern for any of the American people is non existent.

  147. Just another Liberal Nitwit!

  148. Humility? I don’t think so. Remember, “Separate But Equal?” The blacks had schools equal to the white schools. New High-Rise homes were built especially for the low-income blacks. What happened? The black schools suffered vandalism from their students to the point they had to be closed. The low-income housing turned into high crime ghettos also suffering vandalism and lack of maintenance. Blacks ruin everything the taxpayers give them. They should practice humility out of respect for what they have been given.

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  150. Oh yeah ! Hillary? Let’s see if you could tell us about the murder of 4 people in Benhazi, emails, STINKIN TROLL CRAZED LIAR ! YOU BITCH !

  151. Well, me being a half breed indian then that lets me tell all of the O- bozo’s & their so called PALS to just KISS MY A**, I pick the people that I WANT TO friends with, some one just needs to CHOP her head off & put her OUT OF OUR MISERY. This so called woman is a TOTAL FRUIT CAKE, LIER, CROOK & tied to a whole lot of DEAD PEOPLE, Vince was not the last one. This goes back to the Arkansas days.

  152. The only ones flaunting the current state of affairs with little or no humility are BLM (black liars mutter), Hitlery (murderer, liar, thief, traitor), gang bangers, and other welfare punks, stupid white kids in college, who couldn’t walk a dog in the real world, and other political hacks. Add to that the VIEW, a show of monumental stupidity. several other retarded leftist programs, and most of all the Odicktaster in the white house, a real humble (NOT) former male prostitute, drug offender, and communist lying muslim. Hitlery can go hang herself, and no one, not even Bill the pervert would miss her. Many more far too many to list.

  153. OF COURSE, Hillary is NOT speaking for herself but for the ‘peasant’ whites she wants to rule over!!!

  154. Whites have done their part for the segratation to end…this is the fault of the establishment causing racial division and blacks that are involved go along with it all!
    Both blacks cannot move out into white communities because the first place they do not want to since they would not have anything about it all to complain about….they
    would have to have a full time jobs to pay their rents and mortgaage payments, and
    they would have to be nice and not racial! ???? It all depends and lays on blacks to
    make their World better!

    • they want to “elect” democrapo racists and thieves to achieve that end, not make it function personally…those twits think it is time for them to “rule”, not live alongside…

  155. the ho needs to practice seppuku….give Real Americans a long break from hearing, or worse yet seeing that bag on TV..

  156. Media needs to stop writing crap racial news and quit backing any racial problems from anyone! And Hillary is a sick-o waiting to happen…she played half the music for the Benghazi murders, she knew not to have those emails sent to her own account, and she is trouble just like Obama! She needs to be arrested and tried fror her crimes! Everything that went on under her watch with Obama is guilty!

  157. Hillary sounds like a nominee interested in Blacks/Hispanics only and they vote as a block practically so why wouldn’t it be OK for White people to vote against her and the Democrats agenda? It seems obvious Whites take a back seat with Democrats while paying the taxes for a racial motivated party. Obama did the division of all type people in this country hurt the Blacks the most as Hillary will do as well just as long as she becomes President. This women should be in jail

  158. So perhaps that lying twatwaffle should practice telling the truth, and stop catering to the ignorant and clueless voters who don’t understand the harm she has already done to the USA?? Humility for WHAT?? That woman grinds on my very last nerve. NO American should vote for her lies, BS, and national security issues. #HildebeastForPrisonIn2016

  159. Black’s PROVE their “Stupidity” everyday by listening and liking … actually their WORSE enemy in Hillary Clinton and right behind her Barack Obama!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey …… When TF are you “Ignorant African Fools” going to THINK like the “Caucasians” and “WAKE THE ‘F’ UP,” DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  160. When TF is somebody going to “BITCH SLAP” this POS for a Woman, anyway????????????????

  161. HILLARY, You practice “Humility” towards the BLACKS ….. us Caucasians, DON”T HAVE TOO, Got it you “Lying Bitch,” and Murderer too!!!!!!!!!!!!


  163. 110 million on welfare and this dimwhit promises more free stuff, more freedom to jack up whitey and get away with it, better health care so they can pump out more nigglets.
    Clinton is going to the w.h. for sure
    only 140 million work for a living- 110 million unwilling to work. seems like there is a chance
    but- fact is- the working class is too busy trying to work and pay bills- many just can’t spend the time to go vote
    Hillary’s clintorus stinks but she’s in

  164. Any white person who would vote for this silly a*s is out of their mind. Of course, Democrats are usually out of their mine so she probably won’t lose one vote.

  165. Hillary kiss my ass!

  166. The hell with KILLERY, she has been a dishonest person BEFORE she was a dishonest politician. she is personally responsible for more deaths than most people would ever want to accept, but she real good at covering it up and making excuses. Can ANYONE read between the lines and realize that this woman says ANYTHING that she thinks will make her look good and get her elected.
    I am so sick of hearing how I am responsible for the black mans demise. There are thousands of black people who have made it to the big time and make millions. If the white man was still holding them back they wouldn’t be millionaires, or movie stars, or politicians, ect. I did NOT OWN any slaves, nor my father OR grandfather. You have JUST as many rights now, IF NOT MORE than I have. SHUT UP, and buckle down and go to work, if I see you getting screwed over, I will be one of the first ones to say so, I respect ANY man who is hard working and respectable, who loves God and Country and supports their family and treats all other lives with respect. If you act the BLM is acting I have NO respect for you at all, cause like I said, ALL LIVES MATTER

  167. Sure wish that white privlege would swing my way.

  168. Start with yourself, madam secretary. Humility is not one of your attributes.

  169. I have this sinking feeling that all white men on this website are closet ISIS and/or ISIL members. Any truth to that???

  170. Can you imagine killary being humble? Did you see her when she was being questioned about Benghazi? How about when she was questioned about her emails? How much does she get for giving a speech? Her net worth is over 30 million and it would be a good idea to read books written by or in cooperation with Secret Service agents who were punished (their words) by being assigned to guard her. Meanest b—- in the world.

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  172. Oh, how condescending of the Hilda-BEAST. No Hillary, I don’t need to “practice humility”. You are only practicing racial pandering. You wish to hate your racial back-ground, that is your business. Ignorant, but your choice. YOU, you hag do not have the MORAL Legitimacy to preach anything to anyone. You are a liar, a murderer and a fraud. You had your 3 a.m. moment and got Americans slaughtered. You had the opportunity to empathize and console the victims and chose instead to LIE TO THEM. You lied out of your teeth. You nasty, ugly, disgusting hag

  173. And we Blacks should learn to think for ourselves!!


  174. Translated: You people need to stay on Missus Hillary’s plantation while, as president, I fixes the economy so yo white bros and sistas are obliged to join you there.

    • If your behind is poor or working class – especially if you work and is paid by the hour, the GOP only needs you on election day! You vote against your own self interest because you think the GOP is about race. It is not! The GOP platform and philosophy is about economics and class.

  175. We get it, Killery. You’ll say anything to get elected. And you LIE, LIE, LIE. We understand. Now go crawl back under your rock.

    • You know, you guys are actually very silly and childish! I understand now why you think the way you do. You’re left behind in many ways. Wow!

  176. Since when has Hildabeast been humble? This is the most self absorbed, incompetent, narcissistic, lying, thieving, phony ever to come on the national scene. Minorities are very smart and talented people. Their obvious major contributions to our country are what has made America great and continues to do so despite Bathhouse Barry’s attempts to tear us down. Why they flock to the Demotwit party is a mystery–and Hildabeast in particular?
    The Demotwits purport to love poor people. Yes, they do. They work very hard at keeping them poor so the so called poor will continue to vote for free stuff. They should know by now that the Demotwits consider them too stupid and lazy and cannot become self sustaining on their own. Of course, is so wrong and flies in the face of reality. They should know that continuing to support the Demotwits, regardless of the character of the Demotwit hierarchy, they have accepted a form of virtual slavery that is just as personally destructive and demeaning as the real slavery of the past. Unfortunately, many of them disregarded M.L.K’s admonition to judge by character, not by color. Fortunately, many more have not. Bless them.
    Guess I answered my own question.

  177. Why do we continue to deal with these liberal dem bloodsuckers
    We all know that it is not possible for us to continue to coexist with them, we must physically separate ourselves from the, it is the only way to prevent civil war.

  178. Hitlary Clinton lecturing anyone about anything is as disingenuous as were the Nazi’s when they attempted to prove to the world that the annihilation of Europe’s Jewish population was in the ‘best interest’ of all concerned. She is without a doubt among the most vile, blasphemous, filthy mouthed, lying, unaccomplished, inept, and feckless, people to ever taint representative government, and is hands down the worst among those who now graze in that pasture referred to as ‘the beltway.’
    Semper Fik


  180. The Wicked Witch of the West, Hellery Rodman Clanton, has spoken another lie to cover up the 50 year demoncrat scandal commonly referred to as The Great Society.

  181. Go into any American city and what do you see? Illegal hispanics everywhere and blacks/poor whites begging for loose change. This massive problem will only get worse under a Clinton Presidency. We’re a broken nation because we don’t enforce our laws. Immigration, bankruptcy, violent crime, government program fraud, bank fraud, health care fraud on and on we in law enforcement see an almost total lack of effort to prosecute these crimes. Failure to honor the rule of law corrupts everything else in its path. Now we have the added problem of Islamic refugee immigration being slammed down our throats and there is simply no way law enforcement can keep up with the ever broadening national security threats. Hillary Clinton in any position of public trust is laughable. If American who still care don’t show up at the polls in the tens of millions and vote for our survival we won’t. Never in our history have we come to a point where the continued lack of respect for our Constitution and the Rule of Law have brought us to this horrific existential moment in time. The land of the free and the home of the brave has turned into this massive welfare state of lazy unskilled millions with theie hands out unwilling to do much of anything to become independent self supporting assets to our people. They are takers and seem quite content to stay that way and vote for people like Obama and Clinton who promise them the free stuff will continue. To hell with Obama and Clinton and to hell with everything the Democrats and most Republicans now stand for. What is the world going to do when the USA is no longer there to save them?

  182. She should practice walking in a chain gang if there really want social JUSTICE!!

  183. Just when I think this sociopathic nut case can’t get any worse! HOW, with all the millions the clintons have amassed (legally, of course), are so many people still supporting her? Incredibly unlikable, swimming in a sea of maggots, fraud, lies and scandals.?? This is NOT a woman worthy of office and we know many women will vote for her as they did for obama as the first black American…….50% white I might add. MIT’s Dr. Graber hit it on the head when he said that voters were stupid and I imagine what he truly thought about those unquestioning lemmings but exercised caution and avoided saying something much more derogatory. I am an independent who left the democratic party which is now a joke and I seriously question the intelligence and common sense of anyone who would vote for the darlings of the democratic party…..the clintons.

  184. there’s the pot calling the kettle black. if she wasn’t running for president ….she could care less about blacks and the minorities in general. what a hypocrite, typical democrat.




  187. Not voting for Hillary, Unbelievable…whites need to show more humility..REALLY! How much more do you think americans

    • need to tolerate with a bunch of people that feel the need to entitlement…black people want to claim all black people…well do that then…get your asses into the areas where the drugs and random shootings are being committed where the majority are raised by one parent if by their parents at all…go to the schools and mentor…do something about the problems and quit blaming white people., black men in America have given themselves a bad name…and get on the phone and call kanya tell him to shut up…hes not helping, hes hurting.

  188. Like she does?

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  190. Mrs. Leroy Goldberg

    Coddlers and enablers, here are your marching orders.

  191. Hey Hilda-Beast, you are the one who needs to Practice Humility! You are going to need it for your criminal proceedings. Tell us Hillary, have you practiced your PERP WALK YET? Its coming!

  192. If that clown wants to get on her commie knees for a bunch of thugs let her, I don’t plan to, nor do I owe them a dam thing, now or any other time.

  193. Hilly, shouldn’t all people practice humility? Besides, whites are a minority in the Americas, maybe Hispanic invasion advocates and their apologists, could practice a little humilty too.

  194. As a person of color. I foresee it’s only a matter of time before the Race Card is dismissed as an excuse. Already, most voters disregard the “Black Vote” as irreverent, irrelevant and a lock-down for the Democratic Party, despite their recently past sordid, violent anti-black racism, i.e., founders of the KKK, virulent attacks against proposed anti-lynching laws Republicans proposed pre and post WWII; right up to today with Democrats profoundly supporting infanticide which includes 1,400 black babies daily.

  195. Typical do as I say , not as I do. When has this arrogant , disgusting piece of garbage ever showed humility ? I do not have to abase myself for any of my thoughts or writings about race.This is America and we are all equal. There are no slave owners alive here in America and I will not pay any kind of compensation to the descendants of people who were freed by the blood of 600,000 young men and countless civilians.My family wasn’t even here for that war. Hillary walks around with her entourage because her head is so far up her rectum that she cannot see and must be led around . Anyone who votes for this witch truly deserves every bad thing that will happen if Mrs. Clinton is elected. ALL LIVES MATTER. If you want to encourage black lives matters, then encourage schooling, religion, self awareness and beauty instead of what passes for black lifestyle.

  196. Maybe we will think about it when you and your scandalous husband show some just once in your wicked lives.

  197. Blast! I didn’t know the word “humility” was in the [email protected]@’s vocabulary…

  198. What a liar. Of all the people to speak of humility. Yugh joke!

  199. Definitely a culture clash between whites and blacks. Left knows it but they don’t care. they want to dewhite America and turn it into a hell hole. But that cant be achieved unless there is a race war but before that happens whites have to be demoralized, defanged & declawed. Left has had tremendous success with that. Not with me tho’

  200. what whites MUST do– be prepared to use deadly force at the first sign of aggression. blacks are rallied by blm spokesman to murder white men and their families- and without saying openly Obama condones it.

  201. Why would a white person want to unite with Black Lives Matter, whose members want nothing to do with whites other than to violently attack them for doing things like studying in the school library? The honest response to these hooligans? @#$%^& them and let them stew permanently in their own juices.

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