Hillary Trashed on Twitter for Criticizing Trump’s Coronavirus Response

Hillary Clinton has been laying in the weeds for years, waiting for the day when a crisis would unfold in America and allow her to slam President Trump for things entirely out of his control. Such a crisis is indeed upon us, and she hasn’t wasted any time using her Twitter feed as a means with which to throw darts at the man who demolished her in the 2016 election:

I know this is all hard for you, @realdonaldtrump, so let me spell it out:

– Free testing

– Fee waivers

– Emergency sick leave

– Quarantines

– Cancellations

– Giving a damn

This response to this arrogant piece of advice was blistering.

Benny Johnson of Talking Points USA tweeted:

    I know this is hard for you, @HillaryClinton, so let me spell it out:

    – You are not President

    – You are not President

    – You are not President

    – You are not President

    – You are not President

    – You are not President

Bradley Scott was even more ruthless: “Hillary ‘thinks’ that smart people care what she thinks. The truth…every tweet reveals a person who STILL doesn’t understand how much people dislike her. She’s truly pathetic, the has-been who won’t let go!”

“Is Satan in a pantsuit seriously is pushing for a destructive economic panic over the flu?” asked Mindy Robinson. “But of course she is, because ‘petty beef with Trump’ > ‘doing the right thing’ for Dems.”

Kash Jackson put it in blunt terms that anyone could understand when he said, “You would have made an awful president.”

There may or may not be room to criticize President Trump’s response to this virus, but Hillary Clinton in any position to play critic. Her contempt for Trump is palpable, and her ability to see this crisis clearly is in serious doubt. She wasn’t rooting for the president to succeed here, she was rooting for him to fail. She still is, which is why she’s hammering him to do things that he’s already done.

But of course, Clinton is far from alone. The Democrat/Media Complex has decided to turn this into Trump’s Disease instead of putting partisanship aside for the sake of American unity. While Trump is limiting air travel into the United States, Democrats are crying “xenophobia.” While Republicans are looking for ways to fight the Wuhan Virus, Democrats are crying “racism against the Chinese people.” While Trump is demanding a coronavirus appropriations bill on his desk, Democrats are trying to sneak in ideological wishlists that would have American taxpayers funding abortion.

COVID-19 is not a hoax. But with the way Democrats are capitalizing on this crisis, you almost can’t blame people who are still skeptical.

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