Hillary: The Media Is Viciously Attacking Me!

For Hillary Clinton, it’s not enough that Donald Trump gets 99% of the bad media coverage; no, even one 24-hour cycle of negative press is too much! The fury of her campaign was unleashed this week, when an Associated Press report showed that Hillary’s guest list at the State Department was crammed full of Clinton Foundation donors. And boom, all of a sudden the media was forced to at least put on a show of objectivity. This blunder was a little too obvious to ignore.

Oh wait, no it wasn’t. In fact, this is just a nothing story, invented by know-nothings with no purpose to their lives. Here, let Hillary’s chief strategist, Joel Benenson explain it.

“They took a small sliver of her tenure as secretary of state, less than half the time, less than a fraction of the meetings, fewer than I think 3 percent,” Benenson said on CNN. “This is a woman who met with over 17,000 world leaders, countless other government officials, public officials in the United States. And they’ve looked at 185 meetings and tried to draw a conclusion from that.”

That’s a great argument, other than the fact that this is openly admitted in the AP story. Their reporters limited their inquiry to Clinton’s private meeting/phone call list, where they found that Clinton Foundation donors comprised more than half of the names. Any discussion of Clinton’s broader day-to-day agenda is meaningless. Laughable. It’s like catching your employee robbing the cash register and he says, “Yeah, but look how times I came to work and didn’t rob you!”

James Carville, the campaign mind behind Hillary’s husband, said on TV that people would be “going to hell” for their vicious attacks on the Clinton Foundation.

And the foundation itself wouldn’t even dignify the reports. “We’re not responding to the outside criticism,” said Clinton Foundation president Donna Shalala, explaining away the sudden changes the organization has announced amid the growing swell of, well, outside criticism.

By any standard, Hillary Clinton has enjoyed a charmed ride on the 2016 election float. She ran into a populism snag along the way and narrowly avoided that unpleasant federal prosecution business, but the news media carried her through on its golden sails. Destroying Trump is now their full-time job, which lets them espouse their political agenda in front of actual viewers for the first time. Boy, are they going to miss these ratings.

And maybe it was out of that ratings desperation that they jumped on this story with unusual ferocity. Trump’s been boring lately. Even with the best imaginations in Hollywood on the clock, they couldn’t come up with any way to twist his words into a controversy last week. And in a clarifying moment of silence, they thought: Hey, isn’t that other chick running for president, too? Where the hell has she been?

Oh, she’s hiding. Her best bet – her only good bet – is to remain as invisible as possible for the next two months. Hatred for Trump is the only force capable of putting her in the White House (after you adjust for fraud, etc.). She wants voters to be a little surprised when they see her name on the ballot. “Oh right, Hillary Clinton,” they’ll say with a groan. “Oh well.” And they’ll pick her because, well, who else is there.

But that strategy only works as long as Trump is giving the media enough meat to make a meal out of. If he starts playing it straight, the rock Hillary has been hiding under gets more and more conspicuous.

265 days since the last press conference. 265 days and counting.

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  1. She is in fact being treated with Kidd gloves given all the controversy surrounding her.

  2. What a joke… the media is the one that is keeping her propped up… I pray she goes DOWN…forever … never to hear her voice again

    • Me too!!!!

    • Good one. We shouldn’t be able to hear that voice from HELL.

    • independent thinker

      That will never happen…………………………………………………………………………………………The part about never hearing her voice again I mean. We will be stuck listening to her shrill cackle for years after she dies courtesy of the news media.

      • Let’s hope that death occurs soon.

      • Only respect oldass Benghazi killer bitch Hillary Clinton should get is when a Dr pronounces she’s dead

        • Gloria Bouillion

          You don’t respect someone that has destroyed our country, robbed us blind, she gave no respect to the 4 Americans she let die in Bengahazi, she has taken from our taxpayers funds along with the rest of the corruption. Bill Clinton is her partner in crime with those in the Clinton Mafia Foundation. She is pure evil, name 1 good thing she has done? Taking her last breathe, America can only be better off. I don’t mean her no harm and pray for her evil soul. NO RESPECT DUE TO HER ALIVE OR DEAD. Let God judge her and all those responsible for the mess America is in. GOD HELP Patriotic Americans. Prayers for AMERICA.

          • My opinion I would ra you see bullets in oldass Benghazi killer bitch Hillary Clinton’s forehead along with oldass George Soras,all asshole democrat motherfuckers and Islamic motherfuckers especially bitches

        • She deserves NO respect. What has she ever done worthy of respect?

          She does deserve the gallows or firing squad for her treasonous acts against the USA.
          Capital punishment for her actions is well within the law…for even one instance of treason and she has committed many.

          • I would rather see bullets in oldass Benghazi killer bitch Hillary Clinton’s forehead along with asshole Muslim nigger Obama’s

      • That’d be only if you fail to tune them out, like sensible people will.

    • Me too! Hilly is really boring, corrupt, mentally sick, and very destructive for the USA.
      For one who did nothing as SOS (on our tax payers money), and thinks she is owed the Presidentcy for just being First Lady (which she was a disaster at) and SOS ( again a disaster at), for doing nothing except setting up money
      laundering “Pay for Play,” to line her pockets with money!
      Look how the Haiti people hate the Clintons for not doing the job they promised Haiti. BUT ALL their friends, with contracts to work putting Haiti back together, got large sums of money and Haiti is still a disaster! Humph!
      Africa as well….they too were treated as Haiti was.
      So tell me what good was the foundation other than to line the Clinton and their friend pockets with money!
      How else could they amass that kind of money, after saying how much they were in debt (flat broke), (when they left the White House), to be as rich as they are today!
      It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out.


        • She is unfit.

        • She has herpes from hillbilly Bill Clinton too

          • Wonder if all the women who got it from Bill meet and talk about it. Maybe Herpes Anonymous.

          • Do you actually think that Bill had sex with her? Someone might have because of Chelsea, but personally I think it must have been artificial insemination. Otherwise, someone would have to had sex with her and that would be pretty hard for me to believe.

          • All hillbilly Bill Clinton said exact words,I Only received a blow job from Monica Lewinsky,yeah right

          • And when Chelsia came home on college break Killary asked her if she had sex yet? Chelsia replied “Not according to dad”.

          • The someone is Webb Hubbel

          • It still could have been artificial insemination.

          • Or maybe Hillary did a GARP on him when he was drunk and passed out.

          • If you’ve seen pictures of Web Hubbell, that would answer ALL your questions!

          • I really have a hard time picking out parents of children. I took after my mother and look absolutely nothing like my father. I’m sure that he is because my mother never went in for that sort of thing. To me Chelsea looks a whole lot like her mother and her father could be anyone. Chelsea’s father probably could be anyone that is Caucasian.

          • Oh, I know. I’m just goofing around with this one. Until someone can lift a couple DNA samples off a wine glass or something… πŸ™‚ Cheers

          • It would be interesting to know exactly who her father is, although it wouldn’t really make any difference. Bill has been heard to say that he shoots blanks. Regardless of who her father is, she seems to have inherited at lot of her mother’s personality. I hear that she is married into a crime family which sounds very Clintonian.

          • Yes the little snot is married into a crime family,

          • If she wore a bag over her head…..Maybe then. Lol

          • Two bags minimum, in case the first one falls off.

          • Sorry, but as a young woman, she was pretty. If only those who are beautiful had sex and had children, then there are a whole lot of men and women around that are still virgins. Just saying…

          • If you had to beautiful or handsome to have sex I never would have had any. It isn’t Hillary’s external appearance that I am talking about. It’s more or less the internal ugliness of her soul. That shines very brightly. Her external appearance does not concern me that much. You can be beautiful on the outside, but very ugly on the inside. I personally don’t care what anyone running for office looks like. You are born the way you look and it’s no fault of your own. I will admit that Hillary looked better when she was younger, but she was never my type, whatever that is. You’ll have to realize that what most people say on these blogs is mostly rhetoric. Most of us are not actually that evil.

          • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Somewhere, someplace, someone thinks a dog’s butt is pretty. Look at the photo at the beginning of the article. Don’t show it to your youngsters, they will suffer night terrors.

          • MesaMan, no, thanks anyway. As old as I am, I might have a heart attack or seizure. I’ll take your work for it. But that is what I meant when I wrote that if the requirements were being beautiful or handsome to have sex, many of us would still be virgins.

            Oh, are you from Mesa, AR? (your name is Mesaman. Just wondering.

          • No, I am from the land of many mesas, not AZ

          • UGH!! You just made me lose my breakfast! OMG! What a perverted thought! Someone ACTUALLY that hard up!! Rosey Palmer and her 5 daughters with a little lotion is more palatable than that!! LMAO!

          • David Melnick David

            Yeah…mighty desperate eh. Lol

        • davesnrakleberger

          don’t use google….they are in the tank for Hitlery and filter out anything critical of her. Use ixquick. try each looking for her height and eye color. Big discrepancy in the results

        • As usual and trying to straighten out facts with Republicans, it’s actually Donald Trump medical history is in question her report is actually comprehensive compared to Donald Trump’s report that his own doctor admitted was a joke.

      • Not only that she is the Evil being who wants to use the Powers of the Duel Monsters Spirit world to take over the world and also She works for Obama care that means she works for Serco this means she is working for Prince William and he is plotting for the new world Order and Prince William is behind this whole thing including Abortion Terrorism and Turning the Government and the Courts against the Christians and Catholics

        • And, methinks if old Nero hadn’t forced the conversion of Rome into Catholicism — forcing all the Jews to convert to Christianity — we could have avoided millions of gallons of bloodshed on this Earth. If the Illuminati can succeed in vanquishing the rule of religion from the world, then God bless them.

          • Nero in fact loathed Christians. There were no forced conversions. Check your history books.

          • Constantine. My bad. Editing…

          • I think that the ones that weren’t fed to lions were nailed to crosses. I don’t think that there were that many conversions, forced or otherwise.

          • After Nero… my bad. But it brings up a good point, though. Not a lot of people know the Christians launched a horrifying and deadly terror attack against Rome — literally attempting to burn the city down in a single day.

            Thus the public torchings. Too bad JC never taught anybody else how to fly out of a tomb.

            But the conversions were forced. Ancient Rome is synonymous with a religously pluralistic society. They had all kinds of everybody doing crazy things back then. Then they were all forced to do the same crazy thing by the decree of the emperor. Downright evil.

          • In my mind, a forced conversion is not a conversion at all. You might get almost anyone to say anything under threat of death, but in their heart there is no change. If a person were a Christian before this “conversion”, they would still be after it, in their hearts. I doubt that very many people that have been forced to convert to Islam are really faithful to their new religion. I know that the Romans were willing to accept Jesus as one of their gods, but very few, if any, Christians would accept this because they would have to accept all of the Roman gods also.

        • And the Boogeyman will get you if you don’t watch out.

      • Even Guilian is attacking Hillary – what joke. I just wonder why Repubs, TPs and Trump allow such an ugly man, Giuliani, to talk to them. After all Giuliani has speech impediment. I do not understand him other than he is always angry with the world. We should sue him as part of 911 investigations. Jesse Ventura was right. There is evidence that Giuliani knew something was going with those morons trying to get 10 virgins each in their stupid heaven. Is Giuliani canvasing for USAG position. Trump is not going to be the president for his rating is now down to 13 in red states. Please join me and vote for our Angel-Hillary on November 8 at 9 am. I will there to help you.

        • pmbalele ——If Giuliani has a speech impediment, which I do not think is true, you have a typing impediment and a failure to proof read your obnoxious postings !

          • You may be right. I never proof read my posting. When growing we used to write with our hands. There was no chance to proof read your essays. But I will be right to vote for Hillary. Hillary and Bill are regular people who have been fighting for their existence like you and me. That is why I love the Clintons and the Obamas. Maybe because I have been working all my life and so have they. But there are morons on this site who have no idea what working is. You see them at Trump rallies smoking dope and using illegal drugs. You will note ambulances are busier at Trump rallies carrying overdoses than at Hillary rallies. Trump attendees are dope dealers and users. Please vote for Hillary on November 8. I see you’re still hot – would you marry Giulian with an ugly face and speech impediment? No. Please vote for my angel – Hillary.

          • LOL….what ya been smokin’

          • If you believe the swill you are writing, well, it is your right but, it only proves you are a complete and utter FOOL!

          • You are possibly the most uninformed ignorant brainwashed arrested development zombie I have had the displeasure of reading this year! You win the prize! Hands down. Either that or this is a joke. I find it hard to believe it’s the former so I am going to say this is satire and you’re trying to get a response.

          • GREAT… I just couldn’t find the words !!!

          • Hillary: “Putin is Hitler.”
            Trump: “Russia is our natural ally against ISIS.”

            And the mushroom cloud award goes to —

            (You’re holding the envelope, so I’ll let you read the winner)

          • Okay I’ll play, Hillary has a more competent view Putin.
            Trump had a relationship with Putin during the Russian beauty pageant.lol

          • The fascism you’re afraid of is the fascism that’s coming through the TPP. Please highlight any of Russia’s aggression towards us or towards the West. Hillary is 100% with NATO’s expansion towards Russia. The various Soros and NED-backed color revolutions — Hillary can’t help but back all of that as well. The Western propaganda against Russia has been ceaseless through the major news organs like CNN and The New York Times for several years now. Yet any careful reading reveals hyper-bloviating, not legitimate issues. The Western Establishment, which all sides can agree is extraordinarilly well-represented by HRC, has been saber-rattling with Russia, and Russia hasn’t been the aggressor in any instances I can see — though it’s painted as such by our media, of course. So there’s a problem with the news coverage. But there’s a problem with the saber-rattling, too, isn’t there? Because you and I both know — drumroll, please — nukes don’t rattle.

          • Actually We All Can Give Donald Trump Credit for Exposing the Dark Ugly Side of the Republican Party. Ultimately Donald Trump and his surrogates, Convinced Me That Everything the Democrats Are Said about Republicans Is Clearly True.

            I can be a little too sarcastic and brutally honest. But I do enjoy poking fun at right-wingers. Actually I’m a X Republican that gives me a special insight into the coded right-wingers. Until Republican Party makes big changes I’ll probably vote mostly Democrat.

          • Oh… crap !! I don’t know how to even comment on that !!

          • You’re absolutely right I actually went to a Trump rally out of curiosity, it was really creepy in a fascist way.

          • Are you kidding me. He is the joy of our lives and we are voting for him, so say what you wish, but we will WIN, WIN, WIN!!!

          • Your proof, Tromp is a con man, you been played like a piano.

          • Bull!

          • What a pin head………..I have worked since age 13 now 67, these people (Clinton’s and especially Obama has never worked a day, never made a business, never wrote a paycheck to employees, never created anything but a mess and high debts for us to pay off), I see Trumps people as hard working, taxpaying, everyday people and I watched people at different rallies, they are not paid to attend, they go to see a man who says what he means and will make us proud to be Americans again. .

            The late hero Chris Kyle said people are either like sheep to be led around or sheepdogs that protect the sheep…..I’ll take the sheep dogs anytime.

          • Yea, you got it right. So proud of you!!!

          • NO WAY HOSEA, NEVER KILLARY!!!!!

          • You are an idiot and what is ugly about this country!

          • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

            Prove that.

          • All asshole democrat motherfuckers and oldass Benghazi killer bitch Hillary Clinton all need to be poisoned to death and that includes asshole Muslim nigger Obama along with all Muslim and Islamic motherfuckers especially Islamic bitches

          • Gee
            y-o-u don’t sound creepy Fascist or racist at all. lol

            https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/26343e91b515841c30347027683cbfba5d5577bff20b5329d4c9dcd8488606f3.jpg Gee
            y-o-u don’t sound creepy Fascist or racist at all. lol

          • That’s how I feel about the asshole government especially asshole democrat motherfuckers and Muslim and Islamic motherfuckers including illegal motherfuckers all should be hung from a tree especially niggers and illegal bitches and put the rest in front of a firing squad

          • Okay, I get it — sarcasm, right?

          • Amen to THAT, Justified!

          • I understand that Giuliani fell in smashed his head, maybe that’s why sounds so deranged.lol

          • HTC is a criminal senor Carlos and only the criminal minded support her.

          • Give your brain a chance! After all the Republican witch hunts
            investigating everything you talked about they found nothing. If they
            the found the slightest impropriety she would be in prison. You’re
            being played like a piano. Clean up your own party & candidate
            before you make treasonous statements.

            Disregard if you are a ALT right or White Nationalists you have a agenda destroying America as we know it.
            LOLdifferent https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0ed7ca89a312073772b2cb869d19d2069fb63d39a883428f95cc2272fa69e409.jpg

          • i really like Giuliana. I like that he and I have stood with Trump from the very beginning of time!!! Yea for us!!!!

        • Speech impediment?
          It’s more of a New England accent, and certainly not as bothersome as your obvious mental impediment.

        • Satan is an angel.

        • She is a sweet little Angel of Satan !

        • Are you kidding me. I would not vote for Killary for DOG CATCHER, MUST LESS FOR PRESIDENT OF THE USA.

      • Is that true? Or did you hear it on Fox News?

        • No, he’s not adored by family values Republicans, but the hell of this choice is, do you vote for the most corrupt, dishonest candidate in living history, or against her?

          • Wrong, BT and Bandito Carlos, he’s not adored by you and your family values. Don’t speak for more than you represent, it makes you appear to be a dung beetle.

          • Gee, I wish you had picked something other than a dung beetle. You don’t have a dung beetle fetish, do you? Just kidding – got a laugh out of the image.

          • Glad someone out there can see the distinct parallel between the lives of a liberal democrat and a dung beetle. That is my contribution to the fraudulent, cheaters of the left side.

          • Well, I hope you’re not mistaking me for a liberal democrat.

          • You folks keep it up… beats the TV.

          • Can you make a Hillary dung beetle please ?

          • You people are as crazy as Hillary. I have laughed my crazy self nearly to death with all of your comments. You are all hilarious.

          • Everyone has a right to believe in anything they want and everyone else has the right to find it ridiculous.

          • You Seem like One of the Most Reasonable People on This Site. I See It This Way Do You Vote for the Extreme Right Wing White Nationalists Candidate or Extremely Knowledgeable Sweet Intelligent Grandmother Knows the Consequences of the Nuclear Football. All joking aside.

          • All joking aside she is a murderous thug and launderer of illegal money !

          • That’s incredible, now’s the time for you to provide your facts to support your ridiculous conclusion or better yet give it to one of those fake Republican investigation about her. Come on give your brain a chance.

          • Yeah you are joking alright, Grandmother who sees her grandchild for photo ops, has killed people and with her treason and acts of security breaches probably most have been located, she is habitual liar, as healthy to be POTUS as a dead horse, knows no consequences for anything she does, hates the military, wants my guns and self protection while using taxpayer funds to protect herself and extended family……….I will take Trump anyday….

          • Give your brain a chance! After all the Republican Witch https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ab7d573614f5d955a26e4a3eb09c087f451a3526d04676f3438227d587537371.jpg hunts investigating everything you talked about they found nothing. If they the found the slightest impropriety she would be in prison. You’re being played like a piano. Clean up your own party & candidate before you make treasonous statements.

            Disregard if you are a ALT right or White Nationalists you have a different agenda destroying America as we know it.

          • This ‘alt-right is racist’ thing needs to die a horrible death — perhaps tortured, dragged through the streets, and then murdered. H gets a kick out of that type of thing. But on the real, though — you don’t see her latest ad as race-baiting? Calling a whole group of people that have nothing to do with racism “White supremacists neo-nazis dressed up in suits?” That’s beyond despicable.

          • Not my party. Trump’s a media creation. All sides have come to see that, yet they all gaze upon the Emperor, do they not? This kid’s pointed out several times since the beginning: the bankers have won this election. Unless we can shoehorn in a 3rd candidate, the bankers have won this election already. Commensurate with the rise in quality and comedic content of TV shows is the general increase in entertainment quality of this theatre of the absurd — the modern-day travelling clown show known as the US Presidential elections.

          • My apologies for my faux pas. I take full responsibility for my error.

          • Democrats have turned unto socialists/communist.

          • And Republicans have turned into fascists/ Nazis. Got it?
            Reality progressive ideas always win eventually.

          • Still sowing your leftist inventions, Bandido? I thought you had finally figured out that you were as unpopular on this blogsite as Chief Limping Donkey is with conservatives. Need a little prodding? Try Arianna’s Huff ‘N Puff post. They will treat you like a real warrior.

          • Your party is lost, you think anything left of psycho fascists is
            positively communist think about it don’t say anything to you get a
            lot smarter.

          • It’s the democrats that try to shut down free speech at Trump rallies and cause violence. That’s fascism. Nazis? You mean like George Soros? Progressive ideas cause poverty, got it

          • Go to a Donald Trump rally, program like I have, and just look on either side of you, if not front and back and you will see at least two Brown Shirts types. while I was at Trump’s rally I observed many African-Americans being denied access or being asked to leave while they’re on the floor. All was strange I was close enough that I could tell they were doing nothing. As an example they would young one young man wearing a Trump’s T-shirt before the rally started. He was listening to music on headphones, Trump security asked him to leave I was close enough to him to tell that he was very young 18-19 or so, I could tell that he was a solid Tromp supporter. Later I saw the video of his ejection and a follow-up video with his he and his father gave about the incident, if you look closely you can see me and my red hat.. His disappointment was devastating.

            Donald Trump rally’s are very telling of the type of voter that will vote for him.

          • I’m calling you a damned liar.

          • So that’s your scientific analysis? You sound like a Retired clinical psychologist/university professor,Nitwit unsupported by Facts.

          • No, that’s my professional opinion. Your facts are a spurious as your lineage to the nations of native Americans. I doubt if you know more than three indian terms; and kimo sabe, ugh, and yah teh, don’t count. I also posit that you are likely an unemployed whining liberal feeding from Bammie Bojangles’ welfare trough. You are a loser, Bandito, and too stupid to realize it.

          • Actually
            most the time the people that insult people the way you do are really
            paid Republican bloggers.

          • But, Bandido, you are such as easy mark, trying to present himself as a political scholar. You really should find green pastures, all you’re getting here is green manure on your boots.

          • I have gone to a Trump rally in NH. What I saw was Hillary supporters AKA fascists throwing eggs and assaulting people. There were also blacks, Hispanics and aAsians in the audience. What I saw at a Hillary KKK rally was the father of the Orlando terrorist with a prime seat next to old silver crotch. But hell! There was almost 50 people at the grammar school cafe!! Trump’s rally in NH held 15,000 and there was that many waiting outside. His crowds have been as big as 35,000 with thousands that couldn’t get in. It was YYUUUGGGEEE!!! Trump2016

          • HAHAHAHAH Incredible.
            I do enjoy poking fun at right-wingers. Actually I’m a X Republican
            that gives me a special insight into the coded right-wingers.

          • You were never a republican, you’re too low information. Hillary Clinton said in the past that democrats were low information voters. ACA architect Jonathan Gruber said that in order to pass the bill, we will need the help of the low information voter. Not one republican voted for that failed bill.

          • low information: YOU ARE A PAID Republican ALT- RIGHT Blogger.
            You Republicans seem to be confused again.

          • Ugh! Buffalo chips for brains. Heap stupid.

          • You’re funny, you set the bar so low you embarrass yourself.

            Don “The Con” Trump-Business Strategy , “It’s Not about What You Feel= It’s about How Much You Can Take”-Donald J Trump https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/92baa00ccdd069e3ba8d64e20f4f5abce02ade23d9e8b847db9c91c6a011e0e6.jpg

          • Yet you claim to be a learned individual with numerous degrees your comment embarrasses yourself.

            I am concerned about the direction of the Republican Party that I
            Was a member of but the party is moved so far to the extreme right, they actually consider me a X conservative to be blatantly liberal go figure.


          • You lie because you are a liar. You lie about your past experiences and your birthright. Your arguments are founded on lies which you use to bolster the strength of your allegations. You are nothing more than a political house fly whose purpose is to annoy and irritate. You have not persuaded one person to align themselves with you and we have not persuaded you to move one millimeter in the direction of objective thinking. You have been discovered for what you are and only the other dung beetles in your party will pay any attention to you.

          • I will welcome any credible evidence you have to support your

            position but I still reserve the right to make fun of GOP ,
            First Amendment


          • All of your comments are laughable. You all made my morning.

          • Well I hope when she short circuits she won’t have her finger on the button.

          • Except for the villages in Libya. That sick murderous scum whore doesn’t give a flip about THOSE villages, am I right?

          • W Bush Invasion of Iraq Started It All. Am I right? Give your brain a chance Keep things in perspective.

          • I’m going to link to a fascinating list of items elite secondary schools teach their students, as compiled through personal interviews with relevant parties by John Taylor Gatto:
            I would like to especially highlight the third item —
            ‘3. Insight into the major institutional forms (courts, corporations, military, education).’
            as it seems to be relevant in this case since it includes the topic of basic government function.

            Now I’m going to reply to your comment with one word:

          • War hawk Hillary led the charge in Iraq.

          • .Republican Pres. Bush and Dick Cheney were in charge and pushing for the war in Iraq. They were successful in convincing all of us that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction which turned out to be a blatant lie.

          • You Republicans seem to be confused again.

            George W. Bush and Dick Cheney led the charge for the war in Iraq. George W. Bush payback for his father Dick Cheney pay for Halliburton.
            All of us believe Bush and Cheney when they swore to us that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Which is a cheap Republican lie. Please make the effort to do fact checking of your Fox News type new sources.


          • It takes two parents and not a village to raise a child or they turn into village idiots like yourself!!

          • And you’re from fantasy land, you just insulted all the single parent families. Typical Republican reasoning

          • I’m sorry are you implying Hillary wants peace with Russia? Any f—ing idiot can see the “consequences of nuclear football!!!” It doesn’t take a lot of imagination. Watch T2 again for a f—ing refresher. HILLARY IS CALLING PUTIN HITLER. Please: remove head from hole. We need you here.

          • No I think she’s for containment. I believe there’s no difference between a fascist dictator and a communist dictator. I look at these labels not in a straight line method but in a circle, in my circle dictators are geometrically on the same point.
            Do you think that Putin is interfering in in our elections because Trump owes the Russian pack money and is Trump is trying to manipulate Russia a warm weather seaport?

          • Containment is an act of force. Putin’s not a dictator. I don’t know how they do their entire process over there, but I know that calling Putin a dictator is just a slur. If Putin ever faced Obama on the debate stage, Obama would crawl away crying. Every charge levied against Russia by the US the US is guilty of. Every one. Accusing Russia of involvement in Ukraine when NED (Nat’l Endowment for Democracy) had spent $5 billion the previous several months stoking the demonstrations that eventually toppled the government leading to mob rule and the people of Crimea, left without a government to protect them and vulnerable to deadly attacks, to vote over 95% to rejoin Russia — in this instance, to accuse Russia of imperialism or of undue influence is beyond absurd.

            War with Russia seems to be in the cards — and that is nuclear war — and these people are psychopaths. I would say “hopefully the plan is to use the threat of nuclear war to enact some change — the next step towards oligarchical-controlled globalism” — but the nonchalant attitude of the march towards the fake Russian enemy is alarming in it’s very cartoonish and blase nature — truly the banality is its most striking feature — and nuclear war is at the end of the path. There is no way around it. Russia will not lose. The US will not lose. What in the flying hell are we doing? I live in a high-potential strike zone for a nuclear attack, and I’m seriously considering moving, like pronto. I kid you not.

            If you’re not aware of Antony Sutton’s take on the creation of Soviet Russia, do yourself a flavor and check out some of his interviews. Here’s a link to part one of three, Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development, 1917 – 1930:

            I don’t pretend to know what’s going on. For all I know it’s all theatre. Putin and Clinton are proably making plans right now to meet up in the underground city and play Pokemon Go. No one can fly the Confederate Flag, but Albert Pike’s statue still stands tall in the middle of Washington, DC.

          • The one that’s not Hillary.

          • Hahahahahah! Good one!

        • What a joke! When having fun attacking Rosie going back and forth, yes, he DUD call her a fat pig. You see, Trump can do that showing his other fun comical unserious side. And on their knees he never said. That was said on Celebrity Apprentice when one celebrity was on her knees begging people to buy their products in one of the contests. This was described to Mr Trump, and the begging celebrity, being a fairly attractive woman, Mr Trump said that must have been a pretty sight. They all had a laugh. See how you get your “facts” all screwed up? So you really have little to attack him on however Hillary, being one of the worst gangsters this country has ever seen – just wake up please.

        • Hey look Trump is taking a dump on Hitlary and it looks like a big one !

        • Do you want to go back 30 years on the Clinton’s fiascos???????????
          I would think you are talking about Bill up there except he has cheated on one wife hundreds of times, Hillary has Huma, both hide the CF finances, both are under federal investigation for fraud/treason/security breaches, etc, Bill refers to child prostitutes and women as his to be used anytime her wants, he is convicted of the :knee” position and Hillary is bi but won’t admit it………..they have no values!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Who pays you to do satan’s job? Or you’re simply a misguided, twisted fool?

        • tbs didn’t even mention Trump in their post. We all know the lying hag told the world she was penniless after leaving the White House. That kind of talk is dangerous. Anybody hearing her say that is in grave danger of projectile vomiting. They would probably hit their laptop if not the family dinner. That cow needs to be put out to pasture.

        • I can guarantee you if anyone runs for a public office such as governor, president and all the other offices, people will dig so deep and find out things that are not a savory story. There was only one person in this world that never sinned and it was certainly not Bill and Hillary, Obama and Michelle or Trump and his wives, I can’t remember their names.

        • Bill Clinton’s history of raping and groping women including Paula Jones. He only called Rosie O’Donnell a fat pig and guess what! She is a fat pig with gender disphoria.

        • And you have a drunk drug addicted groping rapist, Bubba Clinton, AKA Bubba the love sponge.

      • When they left the White house, they were collecting retirement fot Arkansas Governer,Arkansas Attorney general retirement, plus Potusbretirement + whatever they stole over the years. Broke my A$$!

        • Potus retirement. sorry for the typo’s.

          • You know that you can edit your posts. Mine would be pretty much unreadable if not for that.

          • I do now, thanks. My eyes are going crooked. I am having to delete and retype before sending the message.

          • I don’t know why so many people miss the edit button right beneath their post. I type gibberish a good bit of the time, but fortunately there is that edit button. Unfortunately, it doesn’t show up until you post. Of course, I suppose you don’t need it until you post.

          • “Edit” button below your post.

        • Well, at least they had some secondhand memoribilia they could sell on ebay!

        • Those are monies to which they are entitled under the law of the State of Arkansas and under Federal law.

          • Get the whole story, Richard. Monies which the tax payers of this nation and taxpayers from the state of Arkansas are paying. You do have the socialist mentality, so vote for Hildy, the wicked witch of DC and I will cancel it by voting for Trump.

          • That is true. Are the laws which permit this socialist laws? It’s not as though people don’t get retirement pay all the time.

          • And federal employees are paid for out of the tooth fairy’s account. I got it.

          • Richard, I watched a talk show on Fox News and it was Judge Jeanine, (I think that is correct spelling),and she said that Hillary gets at least $35,000. per speech, like at commencement services, and Bill got $1,000.000. for some speech he did. They may have been broke when they left the White House, but after a month or two they had a steady income. Plus their retirement and that is some serious coins there. brother.

          • A Governor’s pension, a POTUS’ pension, plus the extra set of antique silverware… and these “middle-America success stories” are “flat broke.” Head meet claw hammer.

            It’s very dangerous to get close to Hillary. She is guaranteed to create a situation in which the bile surges at the same time the vomit hits the throat — half the Arkancides are probably people that literally choked to death on their own disbelief at this evil witch’s audacity…

          • You betcha! My vote goes for Trump also!

          • Yepper! They were not BROKE~!!

          • Arkansas, isn’t that the state where Bubba was running his coke operation?

          • The pensions yes, the furniture, china and other valuables, not so much.

      • Well… Thinking on it, I think that she still takes a back seat in disasters to the incident in the WH right now.

      • Repetition does not transform a lie into the truth. FDR

      • I am Democrat, but I am definitely, positively not voting Democrat. Matter of fact, thinking strongly about changing that after this election. I am so disgusted with what I see with the Democrats, I could throw up all the way to heaven & back.

    • Dorothy: I am with you 100%! Hope Clinton sinks lower than the bottom!
      I will be so glad when the Clintons and obamas are gone for good and
      out of our lives forever never to be heard from again! All of them are a
      complete disgrace to America!

    • Hopefully the upcoming cyber rectal exam of her e-mail that is said to be forthcoming in October will knock her off her feet and into prison where she belongs. Oh well-one can only hope!

      • The FBI and other agencies are PISSED and will expose her before the election. I have faith we have good people that are patriots and will do the right thing. She’s toast. Unless Obunghole pulls a false flag, a civil emergency or other (a war) and Trump can stay alive and can maintain honest voting tabulations from the lying cheating DNC, he’ll win.

    • With her health the Good Lord may call her home any moment. Let’s just hope there’s no time for Biden to get and momentum with the democraps.

      • Who would vote for Biden; a touchy, feely,freakin ‘ pervert who can’t keep his hands to himself and off everyone else’s wives and daughters as the freak he is , LIKE ALL LEFTIST LUNATICS WITHOUT MORAL CONSCIENCE OR COMMON SENSE, OR ANY SEMBLANCE OF TRADITIONAL AMERICAN VALUES.

        • Have you seen the news coverage of biden-the-groper on his current trip to Riga, Latvia, Ankara, Turkey and Stockholm, Sweden?

          Grabbing and groping every single head of state, etc that he can get his hands on. Search out some online coverage of the trip with longer video than the msm short clips. In host country receiving lines people recoil from his advances.

          What an idiot.

          • Pervert and idiot is more like it. He , like his boss is an EMBARRASSMENT TO all real Americans. Boss buffoon is always on a golf course in crisis or taking abuse from Castro, or Dancing the Last Tango in Venezuela ; everything but attending to business he SHOULD be attending to. I had not seen the reports on Biden’s perverted proclivities but it wasn’t unexpected. I did figure though, even Obama would have put police on him to prevent his OWN EMBARRASSMENT by this mental defective. Hopefully , some foreign politician on his own soil will flatten the feeler. Wouldn’t you LOVE to see THAT all over the leftist media? I SURE AS THE DEVIL WOULD, but you know we never will even if it happened because it would NEVER be reported by American media. period.So much for liberalism and lunacy.

          • Absolutely correct as to the news available to most. It takes digging to find the posts with the unedited footage — and then the best you can do is watch it yourself and fwd to a small number of people.

            I’d like to see an “Uncut Footage” like youtube where it would be easy for anyone to locate this stuff online.

          • If I sound angry and resentful it is a correct assessment as I am a disabled Vietnam vet. Of the 3 million of us who served there, so badly have we been treated by our own government and worse yet by THIS one and our own people that there are only an estimated 850,000 of us left and they are expected all to be deceased within the next 6 -10 years. I am ambulatory but 100% disabled by Agent Orange with a multitude of problems with diabetes, cancer and a class 3 Heart attack, two strokes, two lesser ones called TIA’s, gout and celluilitis, High BP and cholesterol and take 22 doses of various drugs and supplements just to remain reasonably healthy or as much as one like myself can be. I am bitter because We ALL served Honorably but were vilified because of excrement like John Forbes Kerry, Al Hubbard and others in the Winter soldier hearings in 1971 and “Jane the Traitor,” Fonda sitting in a North Vietnamese Gunmount and making as if she was shooting down AMERICAN fliers whole our POW’s were being tortured in the Hanoi Hilton in 1972, Those diseases and conditions and diseases survived being only the tip of the iceberg, I am a fighter and when, not if the TSHTF, I hope to last long enough to mete our a measure of revenge on those who caused so many to lose so much: for absolutely NOTHING! and, I apologize for NOTHING to any lunatic liberal loser. If they wish to confront me personally, as a few have here in my MA hometown, they will find I am not an easy target. as the other morons already have discovered for themselves; THE HARD WAY!anic Granny: I do not know how old you are and being a gentleman will not ask but, I will be 72 on St.Valentine’s Day and come from an educated, not indoctrinated period of public education in this country’s history; perhaps one of the last such. I would NEVER have served in Vietnam if the country had been as it is today then, It was not worth it then, Anyone who served for this regime and who will be courtmartialed for DOING ASSIGNED DUTIES as many have, is a fool. More is the pity.

          • Same era, with many friends/family who served. Some came home, some did not, some had a military career after nam.

            God bless you for your service and sacrifice.

          • Those of our generation understood concepts of AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP, duty , honor, obligation and responsibility and the acceptance of accountability for one’s actions. Those values which once made this country the greatest on earth are ridiculed and attacked by the NWO leftist scum 24/7/365 and the time is coming when there WILL be a confrontation because it is human nature to rebel when oppressed; even against horrible odds. The Huns and Muslims ravaged whole populations in Europe from about 800 A.D to the Rennaisance and after. Whole populations of cities and some countries died but that did not stop them from fighting the odds. The same will be true here. and, our terrain will make Afghanistan look like a picinic for the 30 million Vets and others , many of whom will die but many of whom will NEVER surrender until they prevail. THAT is what a Real American does. There are still some of us. And, the youngest of Americans are beginning to0 realize the error of their ways, let us hope it is no too late .

          • Our local high school has a very active NJROTC which all of my kids were part of. Every school should be so lucky. They learned so much additional history, civics and govt in the JROTC classes than the regular curriculum offered, plus the activities and events are absolutely awesome. Like anything else, it takes lots of parent and community support, but it’s such a worthwhile investment of time and effort.

          • My High School had Compulsory Army JROTC for all males after the Freshmen year. We never had Senior proms . We had in place of them, a military field day with studies completed and a pass in review on the day of the prom which was called the Sergeant’s Party . W has A regular Army colonel and several enlisted RA sergeants as aides who taught the courses and we had an Armory on the school premises containing 600 functional M-1 Garands. We used them for drill both armed and unarmed but competed against military schools with .22 caliber tournament rifles and in the Spring of Each year, our senior class would go to West Point and kick the Plebe’s asses because we had 3 years of regular Army training to their one. The Cadre at West Point LOVED seeing us come every year. The Vietnam war ended that tradition for about 20 years but then the High school , not able to replace its much better than 100 year old former program signed a voluntary agreement with the Marine Corps and just two years ago, The former Army program , now Marine finished # 2 of 50 teams nationally at a competition in Daytona, Florida. so the tradition lives. It is not mandatory but it is open to both genders. My home town is under 30,000 in population and is about 40 miles north of Boston but we have better than 300 of our ROTC grads in all five services currently on active duty and so, the tradition not only lives; BUT THRIVES!. Our Waterfront Boulevard has a row of American Flags displayed 24/7 from Memorial day to Labor day for the length of the harbor and pity the liberal loser who defaces one of them in THIS town if he or she is caught doing so. It is my considered opinion we ought to make such program availability Mandatory in every high school in the Country. We would live in a far better , united NATION and one much better informed about the meaning and conduct of one’s CITIZENSHIP. Every member of Congress should be required to go through one of these programs. If we did have such a requirement , we would have a much better, more efficient and responsible and accountable AMERICAN CITIZEN ORIENTED government , rather than the professional , dishonorable thieves, cretins and pathological prevaricators and parasites we actually have. and, Parents here for the most part are local and remember the old Army Program and are extremely supportive of the Marine program; this even though many of the newer families are originally from NY and CT but find the 170 year tradition hards to criticize in any way and if they did, the locals born here would run them out of town in a rail, and I am NOT joshing; the feeling is that supportive and strong here and always has been.

          • Yes, God bless you for all you did for our country. We appreciate you if those idiots don’t. We care very much about our Vets.

          • Yet it was the Republicans in both houses cut many of your veterans benefits, it’s hard to pop your bubble, plus it is also cut many entitlement programs that may have been helpful to you.
            I’m a veteran also and I will never vote for another Republican until they clean out all the right wing extremists.

          • It was the president of the United States who has authorized cuts which were then used to provide benefits for unaccompanied Border brats and transportation to Sanctuary Cities at Taxpayer and Veteran Expense. If you believe otherwise. You are a fool. I have had a degree in Government since a year BEFORE serving during the 1968 Tet Offensive with a tour of 18 months at Walter Reed Amy medical Center watching filth from BOTH parties, people of power and privilege abused, who are NEVER held responsible or accountable. I may have to endure it and fools like you, but I don’t have to like or enjoy it, and I do not. I dissent , rightfully so, with all the abuses. Veterans, All of them ,earned specific rights and treatment being denied to enhance and assist foreign felons. The democrats want them all to be eligible to vote in contravention of Existing but long unenforced laws on the books because they wish to establish a socialist government in this Country. You say you are a veteran, If you are, then you took an oath to defend and uphold the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. We have plenty of both and most of them are in Washington , D.C, . This is NOT the country I fought for as part of my citizenship obligation under Selective Service. I enlisted after getting my degree because I did not want to write next of kin letters as a 90 Day Wonder, though I had 3 years of Army JROTC in HIGH
            SCHOOL and two more of AFROTC in college. The High School armory had 600 M-1` Garands we drilled with for armed and unarmed drill though we did not fire them . I never had a senior prom, only a field day, pass in review and then the formal ball in the evening called the Sergeant’s Party. It was a grand tradition and had it been so throughout America, we would not BE in the trouble we are today. period. and, for these and other reasons like the clandestine dealings of Obama and company with Iran, the same clandestine dealings being conducted for decades by the Clintons and the miasma of the totally corrupt government overall, I will NEVER vote for another Democrat. and i am saddled with a complete clown as my senior Senator in Elizabeth Warren, another turkey 37 years in the House now her Junior as he took Kerry’s place and a Representative who thinks of only how to advance his career and denied me the right to speak in a public forum though I was the only disabled veteran in the forum of less than 100 people and seated directly in front of him with a brace and cane from Agent Orange caused disabilities for which I have a 100% VA rating and this jerk is on the Armed Forces Committee! His name is Seth Moulton, MA 6th Congressional District so don’t lecture me when you haven’t a clue as to what you are talking about or to whom you are speaking.; especially since ALL 3 OF THESE WASTES OF OXYGEN ARE DEMOCRATS!

          • Yea, that is the way to go. Vote Trump and things will get better.

          • https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f180d22a5ec1c90b33608a1427c1a6b38675cc950bbc3cbfd7a1e3634c6fb3f8.jpg You have no idea our government works do you only what you hear on Fox News. The president only enforces the laws and budget made by Congress. He’s been asked in Congress to do their job for his entire administration.

          • And peyote made you smart, right? You should have a tattoo of your delusional comment, and sign it with “Obummer” on that thing below your navel.

          • “Yes and it already reads” Joe’s bar in Greer Grill Waxahachie Texas,75165
            Another Line That Says “,” Thanks Obama for Saving Us from the Depression Created by the Republicans and George W. Bush “.” Half-Inch Letters. LOL

          • All that on your ‘thingy”? Is that still in Texas or did it slide across the Rio?

          • Trump is trying to do just that, so vote for him and you will do just fine.

          • You really have since swallowed the hook line and sinker of the Fox News right wing propaganda. You will regret voting for your own best interest someday. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a24e3f09c85aebcd01dbb3c627f12ad0e9ec98a6dba9b24bd0a29cbff859e398.jpg

          • You know why he didn’t run because he has a big closet.

        • I will NEVER VOTE FOR BIDEN. Never. Come hell or high water.

          • The fact that there are so few replies to the premise shows one very scary thing about American voters; Indifference is how we got Obama, a tripled debt , the loss of freedoms and choices, attacks on EVERY founding Constitutional principle from an emperor wannabe with delusions of Godhood and the current candidacy of Hillary Clinton who if elected wll make things 100 times WORSE and in a single term would resettle 1 million More Muslims into this already sadly saturated country. She will at the same time, raise YOUR taxes another Trillion just to support the welfare to illegals and indigent thereby increasing the debt; the height of both stupidity and Chutzpah!~ The thought alone is scary as hell. but such indifference and utter irrationality just goes to show how completely mindless American voters ARE. Our children will have nothing at all, including a future since we have the current death tax which she will undoubtedly raise . anyone who would vote for her is voting for enslavement and a New world Order traitor and dictator. God rest he se murdered at Benghazi and all who will FOLLOW.

          • Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah typical extremist rant without merit.

          • What year do you think it is? Biden is not even running?

          • Come on Carlos, I know that Biden isn’t running. I just remember what he did to one of the fellows that was running as VP in the past. I would NEVER vote for him either for ANYTHING ON THIS PLANET. Trust me, I watch everything there is to watch about politics. I was laid up for 7 weeks and watched every debate, every thing CNN had, everything Hannity said and everything MSN had. I know, trust me!!!! I am 74 years old and used to work for Judges, attorneys, District Attorneys, so I know how politics work.

        • Like maybe Fox News Roger Ailes?

      • The good Lord? Try again.

    • Whine and whimper you spoiled, over-stuffed witch. This will go down in history as one of your most ridiculous, outlandish lies you have told, that didn’t imperil the nation’s safety and security. No emails to cover this? Where’s Humper your little muslim pillow? She could have protected you using the brotherhood.

    • And i hope the media that is protecting her goes down with her

    • Oh yeah, when the so-called ALT-Right, White Nationalists line you up in front of the gas chamber you’ll be wondering who will help you now. Be careful what you wish for you may get it.LOL https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/aa951141ba819e8985e4f679d09e9a325ae058041bf3e60756ff9a8a95678f32.jpg

  3. As usual they take a fact and twist it to mean what they want it to mean. Lie, Lie some more and if needed Lie again. The whole of the clintons and their cast.

  4. Richard Daugherty

    Jail for this person.

  5. I want my president:

    to be a criminal, to have mental issues from head injuries, to treat people (who don’t give them money) like crap, to be the most corrupt president in history, to be above the law, to be an FBI certified liar, to lie about their lies, who supports islamic sharia law for women, who is anti-business, who is compromised from being hacked, who has no accomplishments, who supports iran having nuclear weapons, who doesn’t want to secure our borders, who wants illegals to come in and kill our citizens and kill our economy, who wants isis to come in with refugees but doesn’t want Christian refugees, who is a foreign policy failure with everything they touched (Benghazi, Libya, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Russia,…), who wants to abolish our freedoms and 2nd amendment rights by making SCOTUS anti-American forever,

    that’s who I want for president

    • Well said, Patriot. Let’s beat the HIlldeBeast in November and stop this nightmare.

      • He’s a Nationalist, a patriot and truly loves America and wants a peaceful – no more wars – world. Something wrong with partnering with Russia? Oh yeah, conflict of interest – gas pipelines! And global supremacy. And the military industrial complex. He is against the NWO, TPP, NAFTA and on and on. Just what we need!

      • I am doing my best. I am voting for Trump, Trump, Trump all the way!!!!

    • We already have one like that,even worse. We don’t need another crooked,paranoid maniacal dictator in office. We know what kind of a disaster Hillary will be [just look at the last 8 years],but we don’t know for sure what Trump will do. I believe that he’ll delegate most responsibilities to competent people like any CEO would do.

    • Then move to a country that supports your ideas! It certainly isn’t the USA!
      BUT don’t shove it down my throat to believe in your anti American ways to destroy this country’s rich heritage to become another slum, dirty, racists, non religion, poor, government run, communistic/socialistic, dictatorship, lack of freedom, Hitler/Stalin country!
      That is why my great grand parents, immigrated to this country, to get away from! Why in God’s name would I want to go back to that and destroy what my immigrant great grandparent (who struggled to get here), built up!
      Hitler was a liberal and tried to destroy Germany, as the liberals of today, are trying to destroy the United States!
      Just leave or don’t come unless you are going to give up your country/flag, accept our laws/Constitution, and become a great citizen in a free country!
      God bless The United Ststes of America (and its people) and God bless Trump to save it, as Hillary certainly will not do it!

    • Hillary should fit THAT perfectly!!!! I can’t think of a more DIS-HONEST woman in America!!!!!!!

    • And we will kill all those motherfuckers

      • GEEZ HOW stupid ARE a bunch of you? Are you sure you’re not hillary fart sniffers, Because you sure spew like it.

        • Hell I hate that oldass Benghazi killer bitch Hillary Clinton,I would rather see Hillary Clinton dead exactly the same way people in Chicago are being killed

    • Me too my brother, Or better yet just have the Royal Exalted Boma just declare himself dictator for live.

    • Thats a funny name,,I like it

    • Who sold 20% of our uranium to Russia.

  6. Ohhh,,,poor hilldabeast, ,,TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT, !

  7. If we actually had a unbiased Media it would be a full blown attack on the questionable activities of the
    Democratic socialist part of Racism and Corruption. That is not to say that the GOP would escape a
    serious investigation with some of the actions of various depts. of the Government from Justice, to Legislative
    and especially the Executive Branches being pounded daily. But since the so called media whores are in
    the pocket of the left wing liberals such a Soros and others who hate our nation and want to destroy us for
    their own personal profit and gain that will never happen. There are a few, very few, new outlets that
    actually report the truth and you can find them if you take time to look. You can also view foreign news
    sources that give a much more accurate report of events that are happening both here and abroad. We
    seldom even get a report that is accurate about events overseas except when they need to divert attention
    away from the occupier of the Oval Office or Hildabeast.

    • Now we have the daughter of a Dem. Sen, W.Va., raising prices on a NEEDED, LIFE SAVING, pen, (Epi-Pen) this is sinful, another Dem. is arguing against it, but I bet he’ll sit down w/o results. Dems. for most part, are money hungry , and care less about those they are SUPPOSE to serve. Those of the early Congresses are spinning in their graves. Recesses need to be changed, they were set so that the men could go home to take care of affairs, mostly farm and Plantations, also went by horse back or horse drawn carriages which took up to a week each way, now these ae career politicians who go on vacation with recesses, and use jets to go home.

      • They are all in it to line their pockets – a bunch of bottom feeding scumbags.

      • Interesting, Republican Party controls both the House and the Senate which makes laws. You think they would be taking this issue, but don’t hold your breath they don’t call them to do nothing Congress for nothing.

        • There is a fact that most don’t consider, first majority YES, But not enough to overturn a VETO, second , there are a lot of RINO’s , third, many do listen to their constituants, while others vote listening to the money, Since I’ve paid attention to what goes on across the river (Potomac) when FDR was in last term, I have seen many “do nothing” Congresses, mainly the fact NOT enough of other party will support motion. Right now we as AMERICANS, need to protect our CONSTITUTION and make sure we do NOT allow it to be shreaded.

          • Interesting, but your view reminds me of Fox News version of the
            Constitution. You’re not mentioning the safeguards built into the
            Constitution for balance of power. Fox News version Does not Allow The
            design to take a bad bill and send it back to Congress so they can turn
            it into a better bill. Unfortunately every bit Republican B https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a0a4428b60a799ea6c5887020b1f134efb2f9080258a2ea28c59f018532a3a31.jpg ill has built
            in tax breaks for wealthy and large corporations. It’s Congress duty to
            make a bill satisfactory for our country not special interest. This
            president hasn’t vetoed very many bills because not very many were ever
            presented to him.
            For example Senate is in direct violation of the
            Constitution for not confirming the presidents nominee to the Supreme
            Court. Keeping nine that this nominee was suggested by Republicans in
            the first place as a constitutional expert. So we all know why they’re
            not confirming him is just a continuation of obstruction of presidential
            power as set forth in the Constitution.
            I can loan you my copy of the Constitution.LOL

          • You are seriously unbalanced, No where did I say anything about Obama, My views come from, 1 My grandfather, who was an ATTY., and in USAAC, JAG and practiced before Supreme Court in behalf of USA, 2nd, from a GREAT Civics teacher in HS, 3rd from My History Proffessor at Georgetown Univ. I do not need your copy of Constitution, I have 3, one in my purse from Heritage Foundation. Correction 4 copies, one on Parchment, copy of original purchased in Philadelphia at Liberty Hall. I am far from a traitor, be careful of name calling, I am the proud descendent of many PATRIOTS, who fought and some died at Lexington, Concord and Bunker Hill.

  8. F**K YOU BITCH……How does it feel?…You can dish it out but cannot take it

  9. POOR Baby!!!!! If it weren’t for the biased, liberal media, she’d be out of the running. Most disgusting big, lying mouth ever! CRIMINAL!

    • Don’t you think something is really wrong with her. She always has her mouth open. Could that be a sign of what she is thinking of doing?????

      • Yes, I do. She is a lying criminal, crook, IMO. I’ve never seen the big mouth expression that she seems to wear these days. Usually, it is the mean frown. She seems to have the protection of the higher ups.. Our DOJ is a joke! I believe she has sold this country out, to benefit herself.

  10. Just read that Bill Clinton might have AIDS. At the risk of sounding unchristian-like, this would be poetic justice – some satisfaction to all the women he raped.

  11. To jail before the election, before she has a chance to seal records

    • If we stop her now it would stop her from giving herself a pressidential pardon from prossicution of her crimes .has anyone thought about that one the Clintons are not above that

      • No, but it’s going to be hard for the cackling witch to do, because President Trump won’t let he out of jail.

  12. OMG she is something else! Trashes Trump on far less issues than she is has herself. As for the media, the only way to keep them to start reporting the TRUTH is to cut them where it hurts….financially. Do not buy products the liberal news has on commercials. Stop watching liberals stations. I think when they get hurt enough in their pocketbook they will be forced to change their ways!+-

    • I have voiced this before with no response. But am with you and have started to writ these news media people and advertisers that I will not buy their products or watch stations their ads are on!
      Fight them in the pocketbook as that is the only thing they underdtand!

    • Good point – stop watching MSNBC, CNN – do not hit on their ads.

    • Going to be hard for me to do,,,I don’t see the comercialsbecause I don’t ever watch the big networks or CNN.

  13. After seeing her reaction to getting booed at the rally? a while back, the look on her face was like someone accused her of murdering someone at high noon. She looked like she was going to break down and cry like a baby. You can hear her keeper that it’s ok, we ok. Weird Weird WEIRD

  14. Secretary Clinton is not only visibly ill…she’s delusional!

  15. It is amusing but also sad that supporters of the party that booed God three times at its 2012 convention are calling for critics of the vicious corrupt brain-damaged bulldyke they have propped up to run this time to be taken to hell. The entire campaign of the bloodstained bisexual battleaxe is nothing but an attempt to bring hell here.

  16. Hellary getting a taste of her own evilness? Truman said “if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen”!
    It’s not just wanton attacks on her character and background, it is revealing the truth of her misdeeds. This will come out stronger (I hope) in the weeks to come! People should realize this crooked lady and her slick Willie must not regain the W.H.

  17. she should be in Prison she is a crook

  18. If the media was even partially balanced, this bitch would be pissing her pants hoping for a Presidential commuted sentence from Death Row !

  19. Hillary, surrender to the U.S. Marshall’s Service, for incarceration and no one will bother you, you’re a stone cold criminal. PERIOD

  20. Awww, Poor baby. You sometimes get called on your past behaviour and you say it’s unfair. Probably you should be treated in a different way. Dont cry. Let’s look at things. Your first job with whitewater investigation group, fired for unethical behaviour(lying). An early job as defense attorney for an adult rapist, you ridiculed and attacked the then 12 year old female victim. Hmm. skipping over the 50+ deaths that just seemed to follow you around. let’s look at SOS and ignoring security procedures for classified material, theft of government property(emails on her server), stonewalling requests for help at benghazi, or let’s look at support for the muslim brotherhood and radical Islam. Well, i see lack of ethics, morals, criminal lack of classified security, criminal lack of protection for employees, SOS seems to have helping muslim brotherhood overthrowing Libya, Egypt and Syria during her reign. Ukraine revolt happened after her reign but she probably helped plan the revolt support which set into motion a russian invasion. Perhaps fair treatment for upsetting world peace, treason, lack of ethics, big time corruption should be very harsher but cruel and unusual punishment is against the constitution.

    • Think you hit it all, One Problem, How do you open the minds of those who neither hear or see these faults. I talked with a woman the other day, she says she had a much better life under Clinton and the Rep. ruined it for her, I think she’s deluisinal, I had better under Reagan, under Obama I’ve gone down hill, my SS is not up with COL, and Medical Insurance, both Part B and my Suppliment both keep climbing. Under Obamacare, Hospitals are now being bought up by corporations and Medical care rationed so that they can show big profits, VERY BAD for elderly, family or Primary doctors are NOT even notified if their patients are admitted, THIS IS NOT ONLY BAD MEDICINE, IT’S DANGEROUS MEDICINE, and under Clinton will get worse.

      • pretty hard to make brainwashed people see. Like alcholics they need a god given blessed moment of clarity. However you might consider that Bill’s first 2 years were a spending spree with a democratic congress. The remaining 6 years were with a GOP congress and would not let bill get away with much. I credit the GOP congress for a productive 6 years, not bill.

      • Hey I agree, I had things much better under Bill Clinton then the last 7+ years under his Royal Exalted Boma. ,,, 8 more years of this and I won’t have anything at all.

  21. The entire Clinton group are pathological liars!! Yes, even supposed angel Chelsea! She was raised by her two criminal parents, or is only one the real parent?? But, I digress. If you think the Clinton foundation is legit then you are a moron. If you think the foundation has helped anyone besides the money greedy Clintons, then you are a moron. If you believe Billy Boy is really going to leave the board of directors of this illegal foundation, then you are a moron. If you believe any of the multitude of lies that this group of criminals have told over the years, then you are a COMPLETE MORON!!! If the biased liberal media has now turned their attention to the BITCH negatively, and they SHOULD, it’s only because they have nothing to twist and lie on Trump!! Hey BITCH, stop your FAKE WHINING and STFU!!!

  22. I fell out of my chair laughing at that one. The Media is a major part of the Hillary Machine. Viciously attacking? Not freaking hardly.

  23. Really hadn’t paid much attention to the health talk until I saw this picture.
    This lady is not 100%

  24. Can’t wait for the October surprise.

    But 17,000 world leaders? That doesn’t add up. Define leader, I guess. There are only 195 countries.

    • That is counting islamic terrorists.

    • It’s not too far different than the 57 states that Obama originally claimed in the U.S. ! Then hearing Austan (Droolsby – Professor of Economics) claiming that welfare in the black communities is down, that employment is up as well. Simply disgusting and deserving of a tight noose around their necks.

    • Let’s see. The cackling witch was only there for under 4 years right? 1700 over 4 is 425 per year. or more then one a day if she worked 7 days a week, which she didn’t.

      Who is BSing who?

  25. What?? They finally cover one series of incidents and they are picking on her?? This after about 25 years of aiding and abetting the various cover-ups, suspicious deaths, frauds, etc. she and the Slickster have participated in. There is a special place in Hell for Hilliary Rotten Clinton and her ilk.

  26. It’s about time, that CNN and MSNBC are a crooked bunch alway’s after Trump, no matter what he say’s they twist it up, and alway’s try to make Killary smell like a rose. She should be in jail !!

  27. That’s just a PLOY on Words for more sympathy for the “Lying Murdering, Law Breaking, Crooked … BITCH,”

    GO TO HELL ……. HILLARY and TAKE “OLE SICK WILLY” WITH YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Oh whaaa,, news media being mean to Hillary … Hillary needs to be put in prison for life, for placing american people in danger do her sloppy Email scandale, whole world knows all of america top secrets by now,, Thanks Hillary and Obama

  29. Looking at this photo I realized that this is pretty scary that 2016 holloween witches are less scary th

    • I am killing myself laughing. I am suprised she didn’t spill the pickle juice on her beautiful, gorgeous dress. Looks like at times she came from some rag shop.

  30. I think the Lord might think about giving up on the U. S. if we let her go to the White House.
    I think he said “Dont put your head in a Lions mouth and ask me to save you”
    Just Saying !!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Oh, by the way, the clothes she wears would be enough to keep me from voteing for her !!!!!!
    Where does she come up with all that crap?????

  32. The medias coverage of hillys pay for play is a joke along with all the other scandals they can’t find.

    • Are you on drugs or just that dense?

      We see how you useful idiots are in balls out panic mode. No longer have any time to attack Trump because you are too busy trying to keep the Cackling Witch from imploding. Sorry to tell you, the worm has turned and she is on her way down and out,,,,,Comrade.

  33. David Melnick David

    Lotf! She has nearly all of the mass media on her side. However, the few that aren’t she & BO panic. Perfect eh.

  34. I hope Julian ASSANGE will be close her mouth forever .Hurry julian with the surprise .

  35. Haha what a freaking joke they can say boo without Trump falling out of their mouth first I will be glad when Clinton finally pays the piper politics is a slimy sleezy business and she fits the part I wouldn’t vote for her if my choice was a firing squad or vote for her I pick firing squad the woman is pure evil and doesn’t care about America all she cares about is lining her pockets

  36. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    Well HILLARY if the shoe fits your foot just wear it cause you deserve it for all your lies and what you and OBAMA have done also all that have flake us. YOU LIE AND NOW YOU;ER A SICK OLD LADY THAT SHOULD BE PUT OUT TO PASTURE.

  37. hey all just want to share another point on hillary. If you look at the 2015 tax returns that the clintons filed you will gsee a charity deduction for 1.1 million. That really sounds great, however if you did deeper you will see that 1.01 million was donated to the clinton foundation. So the clintons took a charity deduction, avoided paying federal and state taxes and gave it to them selves tax free to spend it any way they choose. Remeber that the clinton foundation is tax exempt, spends 15 cents of every dollar on doing good and the 85 cents goes to expenses of the foundation. I always said the clintons were slick and they talk about people not paying their fair share.

  38. Caption under the photo accompanying this article; “MY G** SOMEONE HAS STOLEN MY BROOM”!!
    Poor ‘old Hildy, too weak from her multiple organ failure to stand her ground and pound her chest while booming out “We be the ones, go with HLM (Hildy’s Life Matters)”. Her lies are becoming more pathological and lack the usual complexity and intensity of the old lying witch of six months ago.

  39. they should have attack her and the rest of her club long time ago. i just hope some day the will get the people that are killing all Clinton’s assoc.

  40. She screams “victim” when the media reports the truth about her.

  41. Playing the victim, I see.

  42. One way to stop this beast from entering the WH is to get out and VOTE! Do not let the poll reporting fool you. VOTE! Go Trump 2016.

    • Right on ML!

      Let’s all stick together and vote for our guy. – Don’t believe the phony polls either. They are just trying to get you to stay home…besides wouldn’t you rather go down swinging…(Fat chance. Trump is going to win!)

      Do your part anyway, VOTE! Your right to do so was REALLY expensive.

      Trump for the White House
      Clinton for the BIG house

    • I am going to vote if I have to crawl on rocks.

  43. It has become blatantly obvious that this woman should not be – SHOULD NOT BE – campaigning for the Presidency of our Nation.

  44. If there was ever anybody unfit for the office of POTUS…., it’s Hillary!
    Trump is a close second……

    • Just make sure you vote for him or you are going to get her. The polls are all just like her,,,,Lies, But vote for Trump anyway.

      • It’s not you or I that determine who becomes president. It’s the electoral vote that decides….. And with the Republican Constituency despising Trump so much…, I fear we might just end up with the single most hideous, corrupt, lying woman in America as our President.
        In my entire life I have never despised or disliked a candidate, or woman for that matter, as I do Hillary. I can sum up our candidates with three words….” Lack Of Integrity”.

  45. What was ever done about Bill Clinton “soliciting votes” in & near the voting booths in Mass?!? That was against the law!!! Never mind, I know what was done,……absolutely NOTHING!!! These Clintons are the slimiest slugs to ever crawl into American politics!!! There’s NONE worst!!!!!

    • I didn;t get that either. If you tried it your feet wouldn’t touch the ground until you were standing in front of the booking window. – Of coerce I don’t think the statute of limitations will run out on that one until well after president Trump is inaugurated.

    • Well, trust me, they will try it again. I pray Trump has guards around the voting booths.

  46. This killary bitch (and I apologize to female dogs for the association) is as crooked and greedy as any two bit whore on the street. She’ll do anything for a dollar. I heard slick willie had to put a flag over her face to “F” her for old glory. The Clintons are trailer trash from the time he ran for governor. She is a manipulative POS that deserves real punishment—I wish they would water board her they next time she is questioned. But she is such a professional liar she believes her on lies. That happens with psychotic people. Her rages, as reported by her security people, are indicative of a person who has no mental control of what she is doing. Who cares about her diapered physical condition it is her mental health that we should worry about if she should ever win the election…….but she won’t. Even her biggest supporters know when she gets in she will screw them, too! 74 days till the election. The next porn movie will be killary going down.

  47. While it was never completely so, when I grew up news was supposed to be truth. It was not the whole truth as scandals like Kennedy’s mistresses were not reported. That was probably a good decision since the mistresses did not affect the quality of his Presidency.

    Today, news is chosen for its ability to attract viewers and does not need to be true. Indeed, there is a competition to turn any accusation into a scandal feature for immediate airing with no time to assess its truthfullness. The networks do it to BOTH parties because it is just business.

    The scandals that do not turn out to be complete fabrications are still below the level of Kennedy’s mistresses. Were it not for both parties the networks would have to concoct them to fill the time. No one wants that.

    • Agree that the news was sometimes true back in the day, but the way they lied about us in Vietnam (especially about the 68 Tet) was a sin, and then it went down hill from there. Now I wouldn’t believe them even if they said it will be daytime tomorrow at noon.

  48. To Me, taking any money from a foreign source to prop up a money laundering foundation, while holding public office, should be considered a felony and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. It’s nothing more than bribes to get future considerations. Make the Clinton’s’ give every dime back now , not after the election, or go to prison. If i gave them a load of cash and they didn’t return to the white house, I’d send some fellows to break some legs. There wouldn’t be a rock they could hide under. Why take the chance? Please don’t put these criminals back in the white house. They are rich enough off our dollars. They deserve to wind up on the trash heap.

    • Dear God, Tony, I am praying with all my might that Killary doesn’t go to the WH. What a disaster!!! Why can’t people see that? Are they really losing it or what?

  49. The reason she seems to be so shocked, is because all these years the press has been paid off through ~ guess ~ you are right ~ The Clinton Foundation. Between those two, and Soros, the father of everything EVIL ~ to find a line in any publication that was word for word ~ true, would be some search! Now, Hitlary is feeling pressure, so pull the old feminine act, everybody is picking on me. Listen, crooked, lying Hitlary, the worst is still to come.

  50. What a joke.

  51. Hillary for the death camp.

  52. Just take one screw up to wipe out all the good. But in her case there is so little good to wipe out her swipe with her hand (taking our erasing emails) is enough to remove her whole record of anything.

  53. Which prison will Bill and Hillary be calling home? Leavenworth?

  54. Tyronne Shoelaces

    Let me tall you what a liar these people are. In order for her to have seen 17,000 people over a 4 year span, she would have to have seen 11.8 people per day for every day of those 4 years. This is how stupid they think Americans are. They just will not stop lying.

    Just stroke out woman, we are done with you.

  55. Michael Dennewitz

    soros OWNS the media, including ALL the TV news shows, and he OWNS the dumbasscrats! He’ll keep propping the Benghazi Bitch up!!

  56. It’s about time that HRC got her turn at being a target for potshots from the liberal press..

  57. Another lie to gain sympathy. If that is a sample of her judgement GOD help the USA if she gets elected. If she doesn’t she can always right a book on how to get rich by lying. With a chapter on how to successfully launder money. Something the Mafia failed at.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      With the Benghazi Bitche’s health issues getting worse N worse, my fingers are crossed that she’ll soon be dead…?

  58. Who is going to hell !

  59. I would rather see oldass Benghazi killer bitch Hillary Clinton dead

  60. I bet Bill would love to show Hillary’s intern’s the Oval Office
    while Hillary is out selling off America to the highest bidder’s.
    Putting Bill Clinton back in the
    W.H. where he committed sex acts, and disrespected the people’s house, makes all the sense in the world to a liberal democrat, the Clinton’s have no
    respect for anything but money, the Clinton’s are the dirtiest politicians in modern history, laughing at the fools who vote for them while they enrich their
    lives by selling you out, the Clinton’s are nothing more than swine in a human form.
    Trump / Pence 2016

  61. Poor little LYING bi##h,breaking my heart….NOT

  62. GODBlessRealAmerica#1

    Crooked evil lying Hillary a disgrace!!!

  63. About time!

  64. Hit delete , yes that one for sure it’s enough to hang me
    I’m not a bigot, I just loved old robert byrd
    Let me tell you all I’ve never lied once
    Landed under sniper fire, I was scared to death
    Always looking out for the middle class
    Republicans are racist
    Yes I love honesty

  65. Typical CLINTON response. CLINTONS do the crime and then blame someone else for stating the TRUTH. Her corruption is selling out America to the likes of her ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT.

  66. I have noticed the democrat Trolls on thses blogs have stopped attacking Trump and started defending Clinton. I see some in an out and out panic.

    The Cackling Witch is starting to implode and her useful idiots are scrambling to stop it,,,,,to no avail.

    Trump for the White House
    Clinton for the BIG house.

  67. Hey hilldabeast, ,,just think how your cellies are going to treat you in prison,,lol

  68. Hillary For Prison 2017

    • Yep.

      That’s what it says on every single Clinton Bumper Sticker and sign I have ever seen All say :Hillery for Prison” , – Actually almost as many of those as the Trump for President and Trump/Pence signs I have seen.

      Trump for the White House
      Clinton for the BIG house !

  69. It may also be the fact that she has lost the trust of the American people… She lies as much as 0’bumma, or “tells the truth” as she would like it to be, and she has foreign sponsors, which is a ‘conflict of interest. Like 0’bumma, she said the Benghazi murders were because of a movie, when in fact she denied added security measures, and the Seal rescue team (aware or the attack) was told to ‘stand down’. Saudi Arabia, like Iran, is host to terrorist (Muslim) activity = one of her major donors/sponsors. < it's just a money thing) She was spouting gun CONTROL, socialized medicine, and One World Order when slick Willy was POTUS. SOME people will vote for her just because she is a "she", unlike Michael 0'bumma. America needs GOOD, HONEST leadership – NOT Muslim interests. Her "right hand advisor" has Muslim ties.

  70. Oh really? In reality they are sheltering you.Keeping the truth from the masses.Call a waaambulence.

  71. She did what she did and she should be held responsible.


  72. Doesn’t matter if 17,000 meeting were related to her job responsibilities, even if one meeting was done as a favor to a big donor, that is a serious sale of U. S. Power and influence. It is covered under the RICO act (Rackeetering, Influence, Corrupt Organization). That sold ‘influence’ is government influence and that makes it ‘treason’. This isn’t a 3 strikes and your out law either. It only takes ‘One sale’ for RICO.

  73. And she also claimed that the KKK endorsed Trump but…


  74. For what it is worth, I just cannot stand this woman. What she says, what she thinks of herself. How she dresses, how she looks. How she has accumulated money. I cannot understand when one reads about this woman’s history, as a wife, as a mother and most importantly how she has used people. NO THANK YOU !!!

    • Me too. I remember her and the rapist at their inaugural ball. I wanted to reach through the TV and choke the bitch right then, I at that point I knew nothing about her.

      Trump for the White House
      Clinton for the BIG house !

  75. Just what does that “B”-with an itch expect? She is foul mouthed and evil and has used Her Office to attack all Her percieved enemies—–the White House “enemies list”—–She has had the I.R.S. attack Bills rape victims—-just what mercy does She believe She deserves?? She has Media whores indebted to Her; however, not the average American—–We have not forgotten the “trail of tears”, left behind by the ones ( Vince Foster, Ron Brown ) Those that have crossed the evil One.

  76. Tough luck, Hiii! How do you like? It is okay when the Democrat, Liberal, Socialist press criticizes Trump. However, when the press criticizes a Democrat, Liberal, Socialist (Hillary), she cries foul!

  77. “The media is viciously attacking me!!!” Hahahahahahah!

  78. this screeching whining bitch ,, wants to play the victim when she is the perpetrator. God is dealing with her and he will deal with the Democrat party in those corrupt in the Republican Party and is knocking on the door.

  79. 17,000 world leaders . . . . . come on “rodham” . . . there are only around 196 countries in the world.

    But, if you count your interstellar travels that might be a believable number . . . by the way, how was Mars?

    If she thinks her back pocket media is attacking her . . . . just wait till the debates when she will be reduced to her essence . . . . a steaming cow patty, on stage, right before all of America πŸ™‚

    Mr. Trump is the only Real Conservative that Lemming of the Left have ever encountered . . . this is her and the Lame Stream Media’s problem. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of perverts. πŸ™‚

  80. They have every reason to. The problem is that the same people that back you own them.

  81. She’s a liberal. If anyone asks her a tough or revealing question, she’s flummoxed in terms of giving an answer, and has to spin a web of lies or cry “foul” to maintain her dwindling support.

  82. Trump is playing these fools like a violin. And this is good because economically he is running his campaign, from the primaries until the present, on the cheap. He is in the alt-left big time, rent free. He will get that wall built on someone elses dime

  83. I hope this worries so much that she ends up stroking out.

  84. If this feral fraud did not have the entirely biased media all over Trump and distorting EVERYTHING the man says, She would have no place in this so-called Race at all. As it is, she should be in prison for her negligence, incompetence and for huge donations from American inimical Middle Eastern donors She expects us to think were given to her because they like her! She is a bigger fool and fraud than the man she wishes to replace if she truly thinks THAT! The assumption of all politicians is that essentially, all the constituents are fools. One man who when asked said: and I quote: “Politicians are the lowest form of life on earth. Liberal democrats are the lowest form of Politician!” I personally think this man knew EXACTLY what these vermin were and you all know who he was: General George S. Patton. HE, were he alive today, would have been just what the doctor ordered to cure the ills of Establishment Washington and he’s have imprisoned and shot a lot of them for what they have done to this country he did so much for in totally HONORABLE service and devastating loss for our enemies by applying something very few in Government have any concept of: HONOR , DUTY AND OBLIGATION!

    • Millertrump has the bias of tin foil fascist radio.

      • And you have as much credibility in your pointed stupidity as Hillary does: None! Michelle Obama’s mandates to menus in the schools are costing millions in waste as the kids throw them away, Healthcare is being decimated by Obama care whose exchanges are already @ billion in arrears, marriage is between a man and a woman, civil unions are between those of the same gender choosing ,to live together. with all the rights thereof, same as married couples but don’t force us to accept YOUR views , I am a disabled Veteran and the VA is as corrupt as the entire Obama administration . Global warming is BS, climate change is and always has been CYCLICAL.Equal pay for women is fine as long as they can do the work required, some , just as some men, CAN’T. Genetically engineered food may not be safe; especially if the Government is responsible for it as they are responsible for NOTHING, Voters have no rights when illegals are allowed to vote to sway elections and fraud is rampant, Separation of Church and state was always adhered to, until government decided to persecute Christianity since it doesn’t fit revisionist Attacks on Constitutional liberties, Their notions of a New World Order under U.N. Agenda 21 which is treasonous in itself, I was taught evolution fifty years ago in the then educating public schools! The indoctrination of kindergarteners did not begin until teachers were allowed to unionize, Now they pay for pens pencils and construction paper though they make far more than they used to because the government has run us into $19 trillion of debt and everything costs much more than it did after WWII and has been increasing since LBJ created the welfare state Great Society, the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution expanded the Vietnam War, Killed 60, 000 Americans for nothing in a war they were NEVER allowed to fight to win and I have had a degree in Government since 1967; a year before I served in Vietnam with the 199th Light Infantry Brigade during the 1968 Tet Offensive , then my last 18 months at Walter Reed in Washington where I dealt with combat traumatic multiple amputees and congress cretins who received preferential treatment only BECAUSE they were congress Cretins. You may be entitled to your views , but, it is those who served so; vilified and excoriated, dishonored and cheated , denied EARNED benefits and employment opportunities that GAVE you that right. You really are not very bright but, that is the usual case with liberal loudmouths . The only thing more intrinsically wrong and convinced of the fact they have all the answers before anyone asks a question than a liberal lunatic is two or more of them.

        • Thank you for proving my statement, I hear a number of these whack-a-doos on the radio daily, cringingly, with a group of concerned university educators from Communications, History, and Political Science Departments. We meet off campus with no schools sanctioning and no monetary gain, just active patriots. We track the consistency of daily messaging of 8 leading far right radio jocks and their verbatim word usage. We follow/track their affiliated station connections and their ownerships as well as how the coordinated scripting affects the public , which public and governmental policy by affiliated officials . The group researches the fabrication by these organizations,( which all converge into one down the line), and their end game. We are a monitoring body and our collective information is shared with (nameless for you, sorry ), a government communications group, an independent center that studies hate and mooks in our country as well as an organization of lawyers who employ our work that connects ‘speak’ to civil rights violations . I am certainly more credible than you give credit, after all, I typed 9 words of ‘button pushing’ and you sent me 300. The things I learned about you … You are a window to a ‘special’ kind of citizenry . Thanks again Nikita .

          P.S. I’ll be looking forward to your predictable rant about education and educators.

          P.P.S. French public schools each employ a Chef and a dietitian. Meals are planned weekly. The students eat at tables with cloth coverings, cloth napkins, dishes, glasses and flat ware. The food is served 2 days a week and family style 3 days . The students learn table etiquette(civility), a respect for food and by serving one another, a capacity to care for each others needs. The program of course is funded by tax dollars because the people care about their children. This is an American idea adopted by the French, not accepted here. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/960f5f2b9ab24397dc665196766f47fa91b3aab756d044991c5efe8326df4bba.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/68bdd565a67c125a3f683ecf175705a4506ee8bcc91ca01c0fddf7ad096e3085.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/608d5bcdb18eda6fc0202769870d144b1d49c0799c5ca83a8c69d7ff41968138.jpg

          • You are entitled to your ,opinions, I to mine. Mine are based on the harsh realities of a combat tour in Vietnam within a year of my achieving a degree in government in preparation for an idealistic view of the America I grew up in which in no way resembles today’s sad reality. For all the technological accomplishments, we have lost our humanity and it shows. We are conditioned to be good little automatons and blithely accept what ever we are told by authority, because the government always knows what is best for everybody; which is the biggest crock of bull kaka Ever. Hell, they are so incompetent and crooked they spend 124 days in session and the rest finding new ways to further CONTROL every aspect of your life while taking Fact finding junkets at our expense. , I am a disabled vet, thanks to our own government’s use of Agent Orange on us all though lied to and assured there were no harmful affects to humans, Right, And if I or any of us believed THAT, We could have been interested in the purchase of the Brooklyn Bridge.. You can be the soiled savant you wish to be. FOR NOW!! One day you will awaken to find you are a slave and wonder how it happened. I am a pragmatic realist but, this is not any longer my fight at 72 and in poor physical condition thanks to honorable service for a dishonorable people and government: OURS, I did not prove any contentions ,of yours but foe a singular interpretation of such on YOUR part. But, it does not matter. And Why you even mentioned the collaboration of the collection of clowns you apparently belong to and then try to impress in a complete non-sequitur about French cuisine and studies in THEIR public schools. As you yourself pointed out. The Accepted and tax supported program in France was an American Idea: IN FORCE when I was an elementary student beginning in 1950. We have certainly lost our ways, values, morals traditions and freedoms since. So, if this is what you prefer , Vote your conscience if you have one and I will do the same and the one thing I guarantee is that whichever way either of us votes, we WILL be at opposite ends of the Spectrum.

          • I appreciate your service and your loss makes me sick and angry . I don’t disagree with your assessment of our government, however it is not one party or the other, it is in large part the failing hearts of our people for one another’s best interest,(i.e. school lunches as a micro example), greed and desire to control. We choose the gain of earthly treasure over experiencing life, ourselves and others,the inner perfection of divine fire. Micro: We pilot vehicles through neighborhoods tossing trash from a window flying to the next conquest with no thought for the squirrel, family pet or child that may slow our roll; what we have lost is a respect for anything, anyone outside ourselves save our judgment of other. Evolution must happen, change is the only constant in the universe and it bends toward positivity. Our job is to allow that, not attempt to move it backwards, forward or freeze it. We are not in control never have been, so we have the faith of a child and we find happy contentment; life’s hardest struggle is not to struggle. Trust life’s process, care for each other and stay in neutral. Best wishes.

          • What makes me sick, angry and resentful is the utter disrespect for HONORABLE service by ALL veterans honorably discharged, especially now in an All volunteer Military I would NOT EVER join after the abuse heaped on their individual liberties regarding Freedom of Worship and the acceptance of Transgender and Gay personnel because of the effects on overall, morale and therefore Combat readiness and Goal orientation achievement. I enlisted at a time in our history when most my age were burning bras or draft cards under Selective Service but, my feeling as son of Greek Immigrants who came her lawfully and became American CITIZENS, served in the military, made the most of opportunities not to be had in Europe was that I OEWD the Cuntry the servio9ce in accordance with the legal requirements and duty anf Obligation of Citixzenship[. I had fivce years of M<ilitary traimning; 3 of Army, 2 of AF but did not want to be an officer because mkore than most, having had the initial training was far kore awaree ,of ther realities . I did NOT want to lead others at 23 and have to write Nectxt of kin letters as a unit commander. . As it turned out, The Army made me a Chaplain' S assistant in the 199th LIB and protection under the Geneva Accords for an Awardee of the Medal of Honor. I did not ask or expect it, but I did my job and did it well and BOTH of us remain alive, he in CA, me in MA and both another year oplder on Valentin's Day. he will be 86, myself 72. I have lived and run the entire gamut of the Korean War, Vietnam, and every conflict since the end of WW2 big and small, met Dr, Martin Luther King on the Edumnd Pettus Bridge in 1965 and was at Newark Airport the day he was assassinated, April 4th 1968 awaiting a flight home for 30 days leave prior to departure for Vietnam. I have had a degree in Government since June of 1967, spent 18 months at WRAMC, witnessing the corruption and preferential treatment received by professional pathological liars and pond scum congress cretins. Respect is EARNED . Obama and his entire Administration EARN only disdain and rejection as they are incompetent and UNAMERICAN, All of them, and their Performance record does not lie; only their spokesmen for it. The problems we suffer from I did not cause, nor did I ever vote for those who created them , in either party. I am independent and conservative but I vote my conscience since I have one and liberals have NONE. If that is an unfair characterization: so be it! It is the obvious conclusion for anyone of moral conscience and average intelligence and is plain to see and determine if they are not in fact, blind, deaf and dumb as every lunatic liberal I have ever had the misfortune to have truck with , IS! I simply wish to be left alone in my remaining time to enjoy the life I deserve after having worked for that retirement all my life and God help and rectal cavity politician who would deny me what I have EARNED no matter what they SAY as what they Say means NOTHING to me and I will die before I comply. If they try, they WILL find no easy mark as I have prepared to defend what is mine for the last 8 years. And, if they so desire, MOLON LABE! I come from a tradition 2500 years old about which histories have been written and major movies made as a tribute to the memories of those who have served as the model for EVERY professional military since, regardless of politics for their willingness to die for the concepts of family , duty, honor obligation, responsibility and accountability at Themopylae in 480 B.C. There are worse ways to go and I would be proud to be in that number and fraternity, especially since we ALL die someday and today is as good as any other and better than most if you can achieve a meaure of retribution for yourself and those you love. period. I do care when many, too many do not. It is the way I was raised and in my familial tradition but I will NEVER remain in Neutral as long as others refuse to do right by their obligations not simply to me: BUT TO ALL OF US! AS AMERICAN CITIZENS.! And, best wishes to you and yours if it can be at all attainable in this moral morass we have become; especially if Clinton prevails

  85. Trump in a landslide.

    • Good one. Millertrump is running 4th/14% with 18-35; 4th@ 1-2% black; the only demographic he leads is white men with high school or less(who knew that was still a thing); and 22% of college educated women … you’re dreaming and not paying attention. . .

  86. Debates, debates, debates…

    Mr. Trump, please prepare so you can destroy the dem opponent on national tv.
    Expose her corruption, her lies, and bury her for good.

    Take her down and throw her out. Bury her in the scrapheap of history.

  87. Can anyone help an old broken down man figure out how many people has died since Clinton announced her presidential bid? I have tried, but can’t even find it on Snopes.com. I don’t want to respond to anything that is not true until I check with them to see if it is true, false or undetermined.

    Thank You

  88. Even crazy people think she’s crazy.

  89. Hillary is SUCH a lowlife scumbag. The worse it gets, the more easily she walks away! That makes NO sense…

  90. Breaking:
    Yet another death on the clinton kill list:
    August 26, 2016


  91. Kinton’s about as charming as a pit viper!

  92. As for myself< I have personal experience as to the media "objectivity". The media has proven itself incapable of simple reporting. but look more and more like paid surrogates and advocates for crooked HIllary.

  93. She calls Trump a racist because he is being supported by the KKK. She is just as racist since she accepts support from Black Lives Matter which is also a racist organization.

    • The first is racist; the second about innocent citizens murdered by rogue cops, what’s the connection ? Racist cops?

    • She’s been a Racist for 50 yrs. or more. Democrats have not changed since the days of segregation, oppression of Black Folk after the Civil War, KKK, Blocked integration of schools, on and on, They have only changed their methods, not their goals.

  94. Hellary is going to hell, and I feel fine!

  95. Hello, Thank You for calling the State Dept. For bribes, dial 1, for scams, dial 2, for coercion, dial 3, for an accidental death dial 4…For all other mayhem, please hold…,Hillary will answer your call shortly.., just have your credit card ready.ο»Ώ

  96. She’s so dumb she doesn’t realize it’s the media alone who stands between her and a tar and feather party with WE THE PEOPLE. Imagine if the media reported the truth and the facts.

  97. I have watched CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, etc etc etc all except Fox and they all white wash everything she does and has done, sweeps under the carpet all her miscues, treasonous acts, killing of servicemen and diplomats, denied her criminal doing with the CF, her pay for play thru the years, among a few and she has the gall to say the media is against her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have protected this wrench for years and will continue to do so even knowing she is unfit health wise to hold the position, not even can pass a security check, her family (husband) is in cahoots with a known and convicted child pron and sex slave criminal, he himself is a rapist/abuser of women, and can’t keep himself in check…………..White House and Commander in Chief?????…..NO FREAKING WAY.

  98. So, she met with 17,000 world leaders. Are there that many world leaders? She had to meet with nearly a dozen a day seven days a week. They must have all seemed like a blur to her. Of course, everything probably seems like a blur to her. I wonder if seeing the same one twice counts as two world leaders?

  99. Well it can be said for sure that James Carville will be going to hell for defending the lying Clinton’s! She thinks she is above criticism! After all, she has been First Lady, in the White House. Of course she treated everyone there like hell and stole the furnishings as she left…you know, the ones we all paid for, not her or her little loose cannon hubby! For you get in line voters, she is lying about what she wants to do guys! She knows in her hard heart that politicians are expected to lie and promise change! It’s part of their game! If you don’t believe it watch James Carville when he speaks about the Clintons. His face will contort from the stain he knows is crossing his teeth and lips!

  100. At least she has the KKK on her side.

  101. The media has been attacking Trump every day, 24 hours a day and she gets a little attack, and I do mean little, and she is up in arms. She needs to be attacked and sent back where she came from. She is one of America’s biggest traitors.

    • I guess you don’t watch Fox News, your assumptions are wrong. You’re the
      same person that be whining if Tromp wasn’t on the news, I think the
      news coverage of Trump’s been quite cordial and factual. Except for the
      extreme right news media .lol

      https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/28f9db6752748ffab375eae9716cb9f9bce7646b4fd9435b18fd44456b4d0aa6.jpg I

      • Then, by process of elimination, if you happened to watch Fox news you would then eat out of the toilet. I don’t watch Fox News either, but that’s not why I don’t eat out of the toilet.

        • How did you know where Kimo Sabe sated his appetite? And it wasn’t from watching Fox News, it was from staring at Hildy’s hindend.

        • Actually I do watch Fox News to see what kind of spin they’ll put on any story. But I can take a very long, I consider everything they say is a lie and tell proven otherwise. Their truth rate is only about 20%. It’s fun to make fun of the extreme Republicans, you can make one little post and they go out and start putting on their wide pointed hats and crooked armbands. The truth is they’re afraid of the truth!
          I am concerned about the direction of the Republican Party that I used to be a member of but the party is moved so far to the extreme right, they actually consider me a X conservative to be blatantly liberal go figure.

    • Killary came from Chicago, home of Al Capone, commie and union thug Sal Alinsky, Bill Ayers and his communist family, where incidentally, Barry Soetoro lived for several years and where he met not only Mooshell, but his commie mentor Valerie Jarrett and many corrupt politicians and dead beat criminals.

  102. BunkerHillLightMan

    This (very bad word deleted so this will be posted) a train wreck that seems to keep moving regardless of strong the evidence of malfeasance is from her, billy bob, & chelsea where the ugly did not fall far from the tree in all facets of their questionable crap.. billary is a full fledged scum bag (again with the fill in the blank section). She makes harry reid look almost like a good person, but not!

  103. The photo of Hildy, wicked witch of DC, scared my doberman so badly it has run away, and it gives me night terrors. Put a poster up with this photo and the caption: “Your brain on drugs”. Might turn the tide.

  104. Cry Me a River of blood, that’s something I would really love to see…

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  106. The radical UN and EU top 1 % spin masters (Georgie Soros and his minions and sheeple) will be out in force to save Killary. Bought-and-paid-for armies of radical far left liberals, progressives, socialist and commies will be everywhere.

  107. Oh Boo Hoo…just another lie in a never ending string of lies. If the media were attacking you, you wouldn’t be in the position you are now. Your water carrying MSM has kept you and your pervert hubby out of jail, if you want to ever confront the truth.

  108. Who cares what Carville thinks/says? Clinton suck ass talks for money. Clinton money!

  109. Elizabeth Cantarero

    Killary Rotten: what do you mean that The media is attacking you viciously? They attack Mr. Trump. He does not hide and he is trying to take on all the mistakes that you and Obama have committed during his administration. You need to confront the American people: explain why you did not send help to the Embassador in Benghazi, why you only think about the African American and Hispanic groups at election time, explain why did you destroyed 33.000 emails, explain why you had a 2nd system at your house jeopardizing our safety, why did you take millions of dollars from countries like Arabia Saudita, etc etc etc. DON’T HIDE. You must STOP lying and face the consequences!!! Honestly, I do not want you as my president. I want honesty and I don’t want our country to end up like Venezuela. You, obviously, can’t tell what is right or what is wrong!!! You should not be running for the presidency of this great country. You have already done enough damage!!!

  110. Joel Wischkaemper

    This helps them a lot!
    NEW YORK CITY, New York β€” Retired Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, who served for more than two years as the director of President Barack Obama’s Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), leveled explosive charges against the President and his former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in an exclusive hour-long interview with Breitbart News Daily on Friday.

    Roseanne: Hillary and Her β€˜Nazi’ Advisors Will Be β€˜Death of Israel’

    Makers of App Used to Destroy Clinton Emails Boast About Hindering FBI

  111. Joel Wischkaemper

    She has been whining about the Wall since day one. She says she is going to amnesty all those folks. This is a study on migrants that have entered and terrorize the Sweds.
    Respected Think-Tank: Border Fences Much Cheaper Than Mass Migration

    One of Germany’s best known and respected think tanks has found the five billion euro cost of closing Europe’s borders is just a β€œfraction” of the cost associated with leaving them open and experiencing continued mass migration.

    The Munich-based Institute for Economic Research (Ifo) has released new figures quantifying what exactly the damage to the German and European economies would be, and it is significantly lower than previous estimates. Taking into consideration the inconvenience and delays to trade introduced by taking action at Europe’s borders to prevent illegal migrant incursion, the Ifo put the figure at €5 billion a year.

    Although a significant amount of money, report author Gabriel Felbermayr said β€œthis cost represents only a fraction of the burden which would be incurred by continuing unregulated mass migration”. By way of comparison the cost of reception and initial care of refugees was estimated to hit €20 billion a year for just Germany alone, reports Die Welt.
    Amnesty for the illegal aliens would be a freaking nightmare. Oh yes Hillary.. they are getting a look at you and you are scary.

  112. OK, I am signing off of this discussion. It is past my bedtime. As an old man, I need more rest than all you young folks.
    Have a good time, I’ll try to log back in tomorrow.

  113. Monserrategdavis3

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  114. Google is paying 97$ per hour! Work for few hours and have longer with friends & family! !mj104d:
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  115. Whattttttt????!!!?? The media trashing the HAG. OH HOW I WISH THAT WERE TRUE.
    As usuall the Dems not based in reality, living in that dream world , geeze is she serious?

  116. hillary the scales are equal. You have viciously used your political power to benefit yourself. But I still do not see where this lying press is attacking you. Like you they Lie BIG TIME. Distort and twist statements to suit their agenda completely favorable to you. This is just another plea for sympathy. I often wondered how anyone can accuse a man who has been married three times and every time married a women that he hates women especially when he has two lovely daughters that I’m sure he loves being a father of two daughters myself and just encase you didn’t notice they are WOMEN.

  117. If she thought little girls with flowers were shooting at her in Kosova, I suppose she might think all these media pukes crawling up her ass is an attack.

  118. And rightfully so you POS!!!!!

  119. If even half the truth about this lying criminal came out she would not be safe on the streets of this country anywhere let alone be running for president. All we can hope for is that the blood clot in her brain kills the bitch before the election, I got my fingers crossed

  120. I want to give Hilly a red handled Hurricane. It folds up with a wrist strap. I want to take out the springs on the bottom section. Its to remind her how she never was on the job it just looked like it.

  121. GODBlessRealAmerica#1


  122. GODBlessRealAmerica#1

    crooked lying Hillary OMG

  123. As Trump calls out to the media wolves in the balcony filming his rallies, that refuse to show the crowds even when he points to them and asks them to, without them Hellary would be gone. Never even started. We can only hope a Greater Power takes care of them.

  124. Notice that they didn’t mention that at the Clinton Foundation, women are paid only 70% of what their male employees are paid for the same job.

  125. GODBlessRealAmerica#1

    The Liberal racist Media lost I luv it hahhahahahahahhahahahahahhaha lmyassoff @ Racist msnbc, Huff post, Cnn lol I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE IT!


  126. It’s possible that Hillary is distraught because no one calls her brilliant any more. She lost a winnable election and has been trying out culprits ever since. Look in the mirror, Madam Hillary.

  127. Hillary Clinton who met with over 17,000 world leaders, countless other government
    officials, public officials in the United States. And they’ve looked at
    185 meetings and tried to draw a conclusion from that.”
    She accomplished nothing except more contribution to her money fund, which is doing so well since she can’t sell the Secretary of State Office any longer.

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