Hillary-Tantrum: Clinton “Sick” of Bernie’s “Lying”

Hillary Clinton, clearly ready to forget about Bernie Sanders and turn her campaign’s attention towards Donald Trump and the Republican Party, let her temper get the best of her in New York on Thursday. As Clinton shook hands with supporters outside a rally, she was questioned by an environmental activist named Eva Resnick-Day.

Resnick-Day complimented Clinton for addressing climate change before asking: “Will you act on your word to reject fossil-fuel money in the future in your campaign?”

This was enough to get under Hillary’s skin. She put her finger in the activist’s face and said, “I am so sick of the Sanders campaign lying about me. I’m sick of it!”

She then quickly moved down the line, leaving Resnick-Day to wonder what species of vermin may have crawled inside Clinton’s colon. In an interview with The Washington Post, though, she said she wasn’t bothered by Clinton’s attitude.

“The tone at which a candidate talks to me is not what matters to me, it’s the substance of what the candidate is saying,” she told the paper. “And I’d love to see Hillary come out and take the pledge to reject fossil-fuel money, especially if she’s saying she did not take any, there’s no reason that she can’t sign the pledge.”

She did take exception to Hillary’s assumption that she was part of the Sanders campaign. “I was upset that she felt that I was a Bernie campaigner, because I’m not,” she said, insisting that she was representing Greenpeace and not Sanders.

The Clinton campaign stands by their claim that she is not being funded by any companies in the oil-and-gas industry, even though there are Pro-Clinton super PACs which are affiliated with those companies. They claim that any direct donations have been from employees who just happen to work in the industry, and they reiterated their candidate’s strength on climate change.

At this point, Sanders would need a miracle to actually beat Clinton for the nomination, but his persistence in the race is a blessing for Republicans. Every day, the crusty socialist is gaining steam, just as Clinton is ready to take up the mantle of “presumptive nominee.” She wants to start in on Trump, and Bernie wants to remind her: Hey, game’s not over yet, honey. And the more he beats on her from the left, the more she’s going to be pulled to the left. Every time she does, it makes her a little bit less electable in November.

Go, Bernie, go.

Uh, but not too far…

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