Hillary Snaps at AOC for Recent Comments

You would think that having failed to obtain the White House twice, Hillary Clinton would agree with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s recent claim that a woman could not ever be elected president in this country.

But the former First Lady and Secretary of State disputes AOC’s claim.

Responding to AOC’s concerns about the future of a female president, HRC said during a recent interview that “a woman will become our president at some point.”

“We can’t be bullied into silence or giving up on our own dreams,” Clinton said in an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash. “We have to continue to pursue them and encourage others to do the same.”

The former presidential candidate’s remarks follow an interview wherein Ocasio-Cortez said young girls’ dreams of becoming president “provokes a lot of inner conflict” because she dislikes telling young people what they can and can’t do, but she has also witnessed the “hate” directed toward women and women of color.

While Clinton has certainly experienced the obstacles faced by female presidential candidates, she took a more hopeful view than AOC by saying that “a woman will become our president at some point.”

“I think it’s sad that we have so many people who either seem to resent or oppose women in the public arena, whether it’s politics and government or the media or anything else,” she said. “That’s something we have to keep standing up against and speaking out against.”

For Clinton, these difficulties have not influenced her discussions with young women and girls who would like to run for office, noting that she encourages them to do so “with their eyes wide open about how hard it is.”

The twice-failed Democratic candidate for president also pointed to social media, “with all of its misogyny,” as a factor that has made this fight even more difficult.

Clinton has been focused on connecting with trailblazers who provide examples of what it means to be a “gutsy” woman as she releases her new Apple TV+ docuseries “Gutsy,” with her daughter, Chelsea Clinton.

The series, which is now streaming on Apple TV+, prompted the mother-daughter duo to travel globally to interview celebrities like Amy Schumer, Wanda Skyes, and Kim Kardashian, as well as other changemakers.

As of this writing, AOC has not been invited to be on the program.

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  1. Could not be a more enjoyable matchup for a battle Royale among two disposable wanna bees . AOC , the 7 year bartender after attending a 4 year private university and Hilary the lawyer who could not beat kardashian in a bra to head duo on legal quiz . Two winners. I mean whiners.

  2. Hillary–despite your personal faults—is right about one thing ONLY. There WILL be a women President in the country someday. BUT—that someday will be when American voters and only the voters are convinced that person, whoever she may be WILL BE FULLY QAUALIFIED to lead the nation. Unfortunately on the Democrat side at this time I don’t see any women candidate who should be elected. The men, with Biden is already bad enough. Ronald Reagan said in office there would be a women President someday—and predicted she would be a Republican, and I agree. In my estimation, there are at least a half dozen Republican women who would make excellent candidates for the WH. I will not name them here, but some are current Governor’s, and U.S. Senators, and at least 1 or 2 house members who would be good leaders and capable of doing the job. I am 71, and I hope before I am gone, I would love to see a qualified women get in. But people like HRC, or others like her—NO WAY!!!

  3. Clinton , you and AOC do not have to worry , you will not make it.

  4. We will never know if a woman well ever be elected because of the Transgender movement.Woman look like men an men look like woman.Only their restroom moniter will know for sure.

  5. Both of you lowlifes go home


    I don’t know where Hillary Dillary and AOC get their info about women and the presidency. Any one with any brains knows that when a PERSON, male or female comes along with genuine leadership qualities, character, honesty and NO personal and familial dirty luggage in their past and back ground, will gladly be chosen and voted for and vote in if that’s the case! I doubt any person who proclaims to be a democrat in this day age and wants to run for president will never have these qualities!

  7. LMAO…two idiots. Who cares? I feel like a fool for wasting time reading this.

  8. HRC and AOC are two of the worst examples of human beings!

  9. Support our Veterans

    I would vote for a woman if she had the character to represent all Americans, not right or left. Tulsi Gabbard comes to mind…

  10. The only thing these two should be elected to is gitmo.

  11. There are a number of women who are qualified to become President of the US but like another poster I am not going to name them. After seeing what the Democrats have been doing to our nation over the last 50 years or so starting with Carter, I cannot see another Democrat being elected for a long time. The next President will probably be Trump and after that maybe DeSantis will run as he will most likely be elected if he so chooses to run.

  12. First I have the greatest respect for certain world leaders that happen to have been women, Margret Thatcher would be at the top of my list of woman leaders I highly respect) ,,,,but these great ladies are the exemption. Most women in politics are like Kamshaft, Pilosilly, the HillRat, Lori Lightbrain, the clown princess from Michigan, and the shit squad are complete disasters. . Sorry if it pisses off the feminazis but is is a fact. Add the numbers and you find most of the women in politics are total disasters. Of course in the US you can say the same about the men, but overall the percentage of men that are disasters is way lower then the women that are total losses or even highly detrimental. .

    Way back before there was a NOW or any other contrived feminazi “thing” the rolls of males and females at work was set by natural selection, not affirmative action. There were hunters and there were gatherers and there was a undeniable reason for it. Women and men are inhearently different and cannot do the same jobs. The division of labor needed to survive was set not by some equal rights amendment, but by sex. Overall women cannot do the work of men and men are completely unsuitable to do the work of women. -There are exceptions that are few and far between but Men and Women are specialists in their own right. No laws or social justice dunderhead can change that. (Even though some NWO merxists’ say men can have babies ??????). It is not that men are better then women, just different. (Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars – or worse)

    One sex is absolutely no good with out the other. Men and women are men to be partners, not competitors.

    I am more then willing based ONLY ON QUALIFICATIONS AND TALENT to accept and fully support a qualified person of whatever sex,(M or F only. No LBQRS+T Alphabets) Whatever Sex, whatever race,or whatever physical stature makes no difference to me, Only the ability to do the job better then anyone eose matters, but when you start putting people into jobs BECAUSE of any of the aforementioned I draw the line.

    ,,,,, So will there ever be a women president? The laws of chance say no doubt about it. Sooner or later a woman who is perfect for the job is bound to come up (Maybe Tulsi Gabbard?) ,,,,,but let it be because they are the best for the job, not because of the way they go to the bathroom.

  13. No one listens to you anymore, you’re a has-been still trying to run the democratic party. Give it up.
    I’m still waiting for you to go to prison where you belong.

  14. HRC feels there’s a hatred for women , not true just her and Bimbo Hollywood wanna be AOC, among others.

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