Hillary Says Americans Are Too Dumb to Appreciate Biden

Two-time loser Hillary Clinton implied during a recent interview on MSNBC that Americans are not really smart enough to appreciate what Joe Biden has done for them.

Speaking to darling of the left-wing, woke community, Clinton complained about the successful “exploiting” of social media misinformation by Republicans, blaming the lack of “gatekeepers” and “people with a historic perspective” to help Americans understand what they were seeing.

“You know, democracy is messy. You know, a lot of people got, oh I think, kind of frustrated looking at the messy process of legislation. And they didn’t really appreciate that, within a year, the Biden administration has passed two major pieces of legislation through both the House and the Senate,” Clinton said, referencing the coronavirus relief bill and the infrastructure bill that were both signed into law this year. 

She also mentioned the massive Democrat-backed social spending bill that passed the House last week but has almost no chance of passing in its current form in the Senate.

“By any measure, those are extraordinary accomplishments … But because of the way we are getting our information today, and because of the lack of gatekeepers and people who have a historic perspective who can help us understand what we are seeing, there is a real vulnerability in the electorate to the kind of demagoguery and disinformation that, unfortunately, the other side is really good at exploiting,” she added.

Clinton’s comments join what appears to be a growing trend by Democrats questioning the perception of Americans when it comes to the economic issues that affect their everyday lives. Democrats are facing a potentially difficult midterm cycle next year following a crushing loss in Virginia’s gubernatorial election. 

Earlier this month, Biden himself appeared to question everyday Americans’ intelligence by saying that few “understood” how the supply chain worked and how it affected the availability of goods and services while answering reporters’ questions at a news conference. 

Biden claimed it was “a confusing time” for Americans.

Last week, Fox Business host Mike Rowe argued that the media was also playing a significant role in “gaslighting” people across the country when he asserted that they were being told things affecting them, such as high gas prices, weren’t actually happening.

“We’re in a world where people are doing things that we can see, but we’re being told that that’s not happening … And when you start to stack those things up, it’s enough to make you look over your shoulder and think, you know, am I being punked, right?” he said. 

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  1. She might be right, about members of her own party or the Red Chinese. Biden has done a lot for them. The rest of us just pray Biden remembers were he lives and gets home safe every night.

  2. NO, NO my dear !!!!!!!!!!!!! We are just too SMART to believe the TRASH coming out of your and O’Biden’s mouths !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Precisely!! They are getting upsetbecause we know every move they are making & WHY !! They us Wish we didn’t understand what is going on & why! They alway accuse us of doing exactly what they ARE DOING! That whole party is about lying, connniving, forcing, scheming, cheating, & in Hitlery’s case KILLING , to get what they want!! America Be damned!!

  3. I’d laugh at the utter stupidity of her backing this most terrible choice for President, but the utter failures he has accomplished make it so seriously dire for our country , I really just feel sick .

  4. Well, she’s right if she is talking about Demorats.

  5. With the constant apparent confusion shown by Biden it’s difficult for anyone to understand him though we completely understand Hillary and she is continually rejected by both parties as a presidential candidate. So her opinions mean absolutely nothing to us. Biden is a consistent liar and a complete cognitive mess. His dementia would be sad if he weren’t such a reprehensible and disgusting self serving piece of human garbage. I simply can’t wait until the next election cycle. Then we will see a true mandate from the people. A complete and absolute rejection of the abhorrent socialist agenda is coming and then the world will truly understand the will of the American people. In the meantime everyone should steer clear of Hillary Clinton as too many that get involved with her ends up “suicided”. She is the epitome of the arrogant left and should be deported to a true socialist or communist country that she loves so dearly. The Clinton’s spent most of the Vietnam War in Russia with the young communists. I believe that’s enough to tell us what she really stands for. Or her love for Saul Alinsky. This “woman” will likely burn in hell for her despicable behavior and willingness to do anything to garner power.

  6. Hillary is a Arkansas want to be and corrupt as hell!!!!
    She should be in prison for corruption and being responsible for the lives of Americans in Bengazi.

  7. well, Hillary! We were smart enough not to vote for you!!

  8. Dumb as____es recognize dumb as___es.

  9. As usual, the Democrats do sorry things then point at Republicans and say they are doing it. Democrat gaslighters? I’d say Democrats are outright liars. How Hillary can open her mouth about anything and keep a straight face is amazing to me. Zero scruples.

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