Hillary Playing Both Sides on Clean Energy

Last week, Hillary Clinton dropped her coy “we’ll see” approach to the Keystone XL pipeline and finally said what everyone already knew: she was against its construction. Writing a post at Medium.com, the Democratic frontrunner (for now) said she was moved to speak out by the acceleration she’s seen in climate change.

“Since the application was filed, the effects of climate change have grown more acute,” Clinton wrote. “More than 8 million acres have burned in the United States so far this wildfire season. California is in the fourth year of a historic drought scientists say has been made worse by climate change. More severe storms and extreme heat waves have wreaked havoc around the world.”

No, Hillary, that’s not why you decided to come out against the pipeline. A more accurate explanation would read like this:

Since the application was filed, the effects of climate change propaganda has forced the Democratic Party into bed with environmental extremists who think nothing of destroying the American economy if it means saving a single birch tree. I stand with them, because I’m terrified of leaving any room on the left for Bernie Sanders.

In any event, Clinton’s climate strategy seems at odds with some of the company she’s keeping these days. The Keystone pipeline may be a “distraction” from her clean energy plan, but donors who have made a fortune in the oil industry are still readily welcome at Clinton fundraisers. According to a new report, Clinton met with hedge fund manager Cliff Robbins in Connecticut on Friday. Robbins is a reliable Democrat donor, but a great deal of his wealth comes from investments in the oil and gas industry.

In other words, Clinton is ready and willing to sacrifice construction jobs for the environment, but not so willing to sacrifice donations. It’s easy to stand on principle when it doesn’t cost you anything.

It’s so obvious where Clinton and the rest of the climate-crazy Democrats want to take us. They’ve already managed to turn healthcare into a government-run industry, and now they want to do the same thing in the energy sector. Climate change is just a means to an end. Al Gore called global warming an “inconvenient truth,” but the reality is that this hoax couldn’t be more convenient for these statists. It leads them right to their goal: full federal control of America’s energy production.

The usual argument is that the Keystone pipeline doesn’t matter because the construction jobs are only temporary. That’s ridiculous. First of all, a temporary construction job of this magnitude could be a godsend for thousands of American families. Second, our economy benefits enormously from expanding our reciprocal relationship with Canada. Finally – and perhaps most importantly – we should never stop pushing back against the left’s insane environmental agenda. Even if the Keystone XL was only projected to provide one job, it would be worth it. In this war, even the smallest battles are worth winning.

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