Hillary Playing Both Sides on Clean Energy

Last week, Hillary Clinton dropped her coy “we’ll see” approach to the Keystone XL pipeline and finally said what everyone already knew: she was against its construction. Writing a post at Medium.com, the Democratic frontrunner (for now) said she was moved to speak out by the acceleration she’s seen in climate change.

“Since the application was filed, the effects of climate change have grown more acute,” Clinton wrote. “More than 8 million acres have burned in the United States so far this wildfire season. California is in the fourth year of a historic drought scientists say has been made worse by climate change. More severe storms and extreme heat waves have wreaked havoc around the world.”

No, Hillary, that’s not why you decided to come out against the pipeline. A more accurate explanation would read like this:

Since the application was filed, the effects of climate change propaganda has forced the Democratic Party into bed with environmental extremists who think nothing of destroying the American economy if it means saving a single birch tree. I stand with them, because I’m terrified of leaving any room on the left for Bernie Sanders.

In any event, Clinton’s climate strategy seems at odds with some of the company she’s keeping these days. The Keystone pipeline may be a “distraction” from her clean energy plan, but donors who have made a fortune in the oil industry are still readily welcome at Clinton fundraisers. According to a new report, Clinton met with hedge fund manager Cliff Robbins in Connecticut on Friday. Robbins is a reliable Democrat donor, but a great deal of his wealth comes from investments in the oil and gas industry.

In other words, Clinton is ready and willing to sacrifice construction jobs for the environment, but not so willing to sacrifice donations. It’s easy to stand on principle when it doesn’t cost you anything.

It’s so obvious where Clinton and the rest of the climate-crazy Democrats want to take us. They’ve already managed to turn healthcare into a government-run industry, and now they want to do the same thing in the energy sector. Climate change is just a means to an end. Al Gore called global warming an “inconvenient truth,” but the reality is that this hoax couldn’t be more convenient for these statists. It leads them right to their goal: full federal control of America’s energy production.

The usual argument is that the Keystone pipeline doesn’t matter because the construction jobs are only temporary. That’s ridiculous. First of all, a temporary construction job of this magnitude could be a godsend for thousands of American families. Second, our economy benefits enormously from expanding our reciprocal relationship with Canada. Finally – and perhaps most importantly – we should never stop pushing back against the left’s insane environmental agenda. Even if the Keystone XL was only projected to provide one job, it would be worth it. In this war, even the smallest battles are worth winning.

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  1. Both sides of Hillary are lying….

    One would be a fool to believe either side…

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    • Hillary is a fraud just like Obama.

      • They are both socialists… Liars, and Cheats…

        God help us if they have corrupted our society enough to have a successful coronation of Hillary.

        • No, they are stone communists as Trevor Loudon reveals on this radio program at this site below – an hour Sept 26th broadcast with his guest reveals the communist takeover of AMERIKA!

          In the most recent must-hear episode of LoudonClear on the TK Radio Network, Trevor discusses the communist ties of Obama and his cronies.

          • Socialist, Communist, at this point, what difference does it make??? 🙂

            They are the same in my mind, and by definition, as pure socialism does not exist and socialism’s goal is communism…

            Trevor is awesome, got to meet him when he gave a talk at our local Tea Party…

          • Where is AMERIKA’S Trevor Loudon – that is what we need! Rush could be him but he is more interested in making money. I know that the country had better realize that this is the case!

          • That is a good question… Rush, Levin, Coulter, Ingraham, and Beck, Hannity, all say things that need to be said.

            I guess, we have a lot to choose from…

          • None of them have the courage to use the C-word to describe these communists nor admit that we have a Muslim-Marxist jihadist in the “Outhouse”! We need to hear the un-PC truth! PC is nothing more than a ruse for the truth not being told which is to use bully tactics and ostracize the opposition!

          • Not exactly true, each of them have had their moments… Beck especially. He was the first to call the caliphate and several others. However, I do not listen to any of them with any regularity, so I probably should not be judging. .

          • Obama said it himself when being interviewed by that wuss Chuck Todd when he said, “John McCain did not question me about MY muslim faith.” His own words, “MY MUSLIM FAITH.” I guess he truly is a muslim.

  2. Taking care of business!

    What doesn’t Hillary the Horrible play both sides of?

  3. Hillary should explain that most of that 8 million acres that have burned was unconstitutionally under federal control and never maintained to minimize the fire load. This is reason for most of damage. Select cut of trees would have kept underbrush minimal reducing fire load.
    Drought is because people like Hillary stopping use of water by the people for minnows. Shows how democrats feel about We The People.

    • Francisco Machado

      California Democrats care. High speed rail so the drought stricken can get somewhere where’s there still water to drink beyond the range of their battery powered auto, then get back home on the same day. Infrastructure investments: Droughts come and go, interspersed with floods and mud slides, but High Speed Rail is a monument to their dedication to the people (who’s taxes pay for it).

      • It is confusing what you are saying. It isn’t in response to my factual statement. Reservoirs built to prevent washouts and preserve water for human consumption instead of sending the water to the ocean so fishes can swim in is much more detrimental to humans. The high speed rail would not be needed to run from a very low populated desert. ALL AMERICANS taxes pay for this rail system that would hurt the poor desert animals instead of little fishes. If you believe just the California Democrats pay the subsidies for the rail way you are surely brainwashed by the wicked witches of the west like Pelosi or the prince like lying Harry.


    Until the sheeple have an epiphany there will be no “Hope & Change! AMERIKA needs to be informed ASAP of the reality of the communist takeover which 95% of them are not! We no longer have a free press because if we did then news such as this would be heard on the daily propaganda spewers – FOX FAKERS included! There are three radio broadcasts, I have listened to the Sept 26th one – an hour – and it reveals just how successful the communist revolution has been as it gives a history of our current communists in VERY HIGH places including our Muslim-Marxist jihadist in the “Outhouse”, his regime, senators and congress persons – former and present – and media! Unless the nation can be informed about this then they will continue down the highway to TYRANNY; misery, squalor and servitude and that is why it is imperative to get our guns and that is why we have all of these False Flags occurring at an alarming rate! Educate your friends and family and spread the dire truth by listening to these damning radio broadcasts or doi nothing!

    In the most recent must-hear episode of LoudonClear on the TK Radio Network, Trevor discusses the communist ties of Obama and his cronies.

  5. Oops she is opening her mouth again more lies and confusion being spouted especially if it may benefit her pocket because do not forget how broke they were..Who in the world could forget that lie..

  6. I remember that back in the 50’s we had 4 years of beautiful summers in New England. I later read that the cause was a 4 year drought. In the winter of 47/48 we had some really bad snowstorms. Point being that weather and/or climate change and there is very little that mortal man can do about it. Have we found out how to control sun spots yet? I suspect that Al Gore has done very well with “Global Warming” as well as a bunch of supporters and cronies.

    • The owner of four mansions had 1million after leaving the White House. Now he has 90 million from…..you guessed it, Greed ,er, green fraud investments.

  7. Canada has already said that if we, The US, doesn’t build the Pipeline, they’ll just sell the Oil to China.

  8. Hillary could not tell the truth about where she stands until she checks out who will pay her the most to be on which side! Such a liar and hypocrite!!

  9. Hillary is going to use the money saved on the pipeline for installing solar panels on all of the nations vehicles so we will cut out emissions completely and we will learn how to get along without them deadly gases in the air just think of how great our country will be and maybe politicians won’t have to retire when they are 80 they might still be going when they are well into their ninetys just think how great that will be.

    • Dream on.

    • Wow, that’s a long sentence for a 3rd grader.

    • not only that there is a new group out there that is promoting genetic engineering to create humans that see in the dark and grow huge amounts of body hair…oh and they eat insects and rodents…that way we can do away with power plants and cows….more insanity on the way just bet on the idiots to actually put crap like this out there…when I get the reference I will post it, you can not make this up….well yes you can shortly after ingesting large quantities of bad drugs…and attending school in the USA..

  10. Yes, Hillary is a fraud just like Obama. But Hillary is more sneaky than Obama, with some of the things she does.

  11. The words, “forced into” are incorrect. The Demoncrap Potty has helped, is helping, and will always help the environMENTALists with stripping the U.S. of her industrial might, and turning her into a turd-world, God-hating, pagan, Soviet Socialist country. The environMENTAL movement is a cover for the Communist party’s perpetual, worldwide revolution, and most Demoncraps have been, and are in bed with them willingly and knowingly.

  12. Just watched a wonderful interview with Donald Trump. He absolutely has a solid plan to build the economy and was very specific on how it could be done. He continues to roll out a plan on how to make America work again. He actually appeals to blue collar democrats……….I know because 2 of my democratic family members are ready to vote for him!

  13. ANY SURPRISE???????
    That witch has been lying about many things including who chelsey’s real dad is.
    Not billy-boy the pervert,..no its Web Hubbel.

    If you people are stupid enough to elect that witch then say good bye to the once great USA. SHE WOULD SURELY PUT THE FINAL NAIL IN OUR COFFIN THAT OBAMA HAS BEEN BUILDING FOR 7 YEARS.

  14. Obama and Hillary should be Mr. and Mrs. Obama, there two of a KIND. The biggest lying P.O.S. this country has ever seen.

  15. Hillary has always played both sides. She even plays both sides of sex. Lets hope she only plays on one side of the cell door.

  16. Nothing new here. Hillary played both sides and the middle when as Secretary of State she gave Russia 50+% ownership of uranium mining in the US. And she and Slick Willie have been cleaning up on world wide companies and despotic governments which waste the environment to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.

  17. She is a pathological liar just like her former boss.

  18. Has she ever been questioned about”SSM”(?)?.

  19. Surprise! Surprise! Once a douche bag always a douche bag.

  20. Both sets of lips are lying. All depends on which set is upright at the time!

  21. I see lots of slams at Hillary but not much on climate change. Perhaps we are all tired of it. Yes, we have climate change. According to archeologists and geologists we have had many comate changes in the past. So, what’s new?

    • Nothing is new, it’s a normal cycle. al gore, you know, the one that invented the Internet? He got richer fooling the People with Climate Change.

      • Coonass,
        While such cycles are normal, we have to keep in mind that there now are 300 million people in this country that did not exist prior to 1607 and all the air pollution that goes with it. That has taken a toll on our air quality. How much is the topic for debate. Eventually we will have to go to alternate energy sources anyway. If we do nothing else between now and then, we will find out then how much the dirty air was contributing to “global warming”. Since neither wind or solar power is a viable energy source at present, we have to use the sources of energy that we have whether we like it or not. But can we afford the huge amount of money to reduce the air pollution enough to really make a difference?
        Note that China is trying to convert all its transportation to electric power as mass transit is the only real answer for China’s huge population. But they are forced to use coal as the power source to create the electricity. As such, their air pollution is horrible and many times over worse than ours. I know. I have been there. The sun is orange during the day and red at sunrise and sunset. I have photos of it.

  22. Hillary does not even know herself!! She changes from week to week. This is so sad to me. She is a criminal and she will not finish this campaign IF the FBI and JUSTICE DEPT do their job! Valerie Jarrett and OBAMA both want her out, so maybe Obama will allow her to be stopped!

  23. F#@K that Bitch. She’s fixing to come out of the closet on that other carpet muncher, ellen degenerate’s talk show. hilldebeast’s daddy should have masterbated on a tree and let the ants eat her ugly A$$.

  24. Hos work both sides of the street…have to work the tricks, cumming and going…oh did I say anything about two faced ho ??

  25. Has lied to congress

    Alinsky lover

    Missleads and if caught she denys she said it

    Cancer to our society






    Tax loving B—H

  26. Why should any foreign county be allowed to invoke eminent domain on US Soil that land belong to US Citizens? The oil will NOT benefit the US,it will be refined and shipped overseas. The Canadian Oil Company have been allowed by the Republicans and the some Democrats to waive ALL liability or responsibility of any oil disasters from the Keystone pipeline. Industry insists that pipelines are safe, but ruptures and leaks are a daily occurrence. Eighty people have died and 389 have been injured in such incidents in the last five years. They also released toxic, polluting chemicals in local soil, waterways, and air.

  27. Anyone that supports the democrat/communist ticket does not have any lights on above the basement and dumber than a stone. Man does not have the ability to affect climate change on a global scale and only does a half backward job on a small scale. The Lord will not hand over the climate to mortals to mess up.

  28. Doesn’t she play both sides of everything ????????

  29. Hil’s ass is so big that she can get to more sides than just two …Each side has its own zip code already.

  30. America’s population are mostly like the snakes that St.Patrick drove from Ireland. It takes a lot of strikes to kill a snake.

  31. Hillary is an arse and only arses will vote for her!

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