Hillary Clinton’s New Attack On Republicans

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has criticized those Republicans that did not actively condemn the attack on Paul Pelosi, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) husband, and added that it is hypocritical of them to be blaming Democrats for the crime after the events.

Clinton in an appearance on “CNN This Morning” noted that she had seen several Republicans joke both online and offline about the attack. These are the same people who are actively campaigning and saying that they care about crime. As Clinton pointed out this is incredibly hypocritical.

She also continued by saying that she asks voters if these are the types of people they want to trust and give authority to, people who would laugh about the attack on another person.

Nancy Pelosi had been in Washington, D.C. when an intruder with a hammer broke into her family’s home. Allegedly the intruder had been actively asking “Where’s Nancy?” before attacking her husband, Paul Pelosi. Paul Pelosi had to undergo surgery for a skull fracture caused by the attack. He also suffered many injuries in his right arm and hands.

The suspect, David DePape, has told the police that it was a “suicide mission” where he was planning on kidnapping the Speaker, holding her hostage, and breaking “her kneecaps” if she “lied.”
Democrats have criticized the incident publicly and have even called out their Republican colleagues over their failure to do the same.

For the most part, some Republicans have condemned the incident, but they have also been using it to point to the policies on crime that Democrats have imposed. Clinton said during the interview that statistically the states with the highest crime rates are all run by Republicans.

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    • All the democrats had a big laugh when Pelosi’s daughter said that Rand Paul’s neighbor should attack him again after breaking six ribs and punctured his lung.

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  4. Anyone that wonders what the Demonrats are doing or thinking about doing needs to just listen to what they say the Republicans are doing! Think about that for a few seconds!

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