Hillary Clinton Urges Us to “Get Over” Biden’s Creepy Touching

How Hillary Clinton can live within the complex, hall-of-mirrors that is her own Fortress of Contradictions, we’ll never know. But somehow this woman can do it. Maybe she has something of a split personality, where she can simply construct rooms within her own mind, lock them (even to herself) and then never have to deal with the ugly implications lying within. Your guess is as good as ours; it could just come down to the fact that she’s a relentless partisan who is willing to say anything as long as she sticks with the “right team.” Yeah, actually, that’s probably it.

Still, it just looks bad when, on the one hand, you’re a fierce proponent of the #MeToo universe…and then, on the other, you’re waving off Joe Biden’s weird forehead kisses, ear whisperings, and back massages like they’re no big deal. Even when women have come forward to complain about them. But no, since he’s the Democratic frontrunner (or at least close to it), he’s to be given a free lifetime pass.

“You could take any person who sticks their little head above the parapet and says, ‘I’m going to run for president,’ and find something – a little annoying habit or other kind of behavior that people are going to pick apart and disagree with,” Clinton told People about Biden’s behavior. “We can pick apart anybody. I mean, that’s a great spectator sport. But this man who’s there in the Oval Office right now poses a clear and present danger to the future of the United States. So get over it.”

But why should anyone be surprised to hear Clinton say this stuff? This is a woman who has been relentless about the unproven allegations against Trump and Kavanaugh…but who seems to have nothing at all to say about Juanita Broadrick, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, or Monica Lewinsky. So to hear her excuse Biden for behavior that women have complained about…well, it’s just par for the hypocrite’s course.

Say what you will about someone like Kirsten Gillibrand, but at least she had the integrity to go after fellow Democrat Al Franken when his #MeToo scandal erupted. We have a tendency to think Franken’s scandal (like so many others) was overplayed, but at least Gillibrand is consistent in her principles. She doesn’t just pick and choose which women to “believe” and which ones not to based on her political alliances. More than Hillary can say.

Trump had it right from way back in 2016: What a nasty woman.

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