Hillary Clinton: Terrorism “Not a Threat to Us as a Nation”

If you like the way President Obama has handled Islamic terrorism, Hillary Clinton is your obvious choice in this election. In a 2013 speech to the Global Business Travelers Association, Hillary sounded just like Barack when she discussed the threat from groups like al Qaeda and ISIS.

“Make no mistake, as the recent travel alert underscores, we still face terrorism,” Clinton said, according to emails released by WikiLeaks. “It’s not a threat to us as a nation.  It is not going to endanger our economy or our society, but it is a real threat.  It is a danger to our citizens here at home, and as we tragically saw in Boston, and to those living, working, and traveling abroad.”

This matches what Obama said at the State of the Union this year, where he told Americans that ISIS did not represent an “existential threat” to the United States.

It may be comforting to say that – especially when you’re doing a haphazard job of destroying the threat – but it’s plainly nonsense. ISIS and its ideological brethren don’t just threaten the individual lives of innocent men and women; they could indeed destroy the U.S. and the rest of the Western world if left to grow.

On the most obvious level, the individual attacks begin to add up in our collective psyche. With every blast, every shooting, and every stabbing, a little bit more fear creeps into the culture. That fear only intensifies when government leaders seem more interested in protecting the religion of the perpetrators than stopping the terrorists.

Second, don’t forget that feeling you had on 9/11. No one could have dreamed of such a horrific sight. Don’t think that just because something catastrophic hasn’t happened that it couldn’t happen tomorrow. All it takes is for ISIS – wealthy from billions of dollars in oil sales – to get their hands on a nuke, and we will be instantly transported into another world.

Finally, we cannot underestimate this group’s ability to attract and indoctrinate young people with their slick, expensive online propaganda. When disgruntled Westerners and misguided Muslims start flocking to the Islamic State’s cause by the thousands, we will suddenly be dealing with a cancer that cannot easily be cured.

Put another way, Islamic terrorism isn’t a threat to the existence of the United States…right up until that moment when it is.

We need a president who will take action before that day comes.

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  1. And her head is WHERE?!??!

  2. She is dangerous, corrupt, and sick in the head.

  3. Hillary Clinton is an obvious moron, who doesn’t have a clue about the terrorism that has already come to our shores or any of the other challenges we face in this country. Her only reason for running is for the power that it affords her, not for the people of this great Nation. She is the most incompetent, uncaring, corrupt individual to ever run for the presidency and what confuses me more than anything is that she has any kind of following.

    • Hillary is a hypocrite. As long as she has armed security for her and her family, she doesn’t have a problem with Muslim Terrorism. That’s our problem, and she wants to disarm American citizens and further weaken the military in favor of government handouts. How do you think she wsnts to pay for her socialist programs?

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      • cranial rectal impaction

      • You are stuck in the past, move along.

      • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

        Get a clue Jazzy, the KKK was started by the Demoncraps!! LOL

        • That dummy needs to watch Dinesh D’Souza’s “Hillary’s America,” then she would realize that Democrats created the KKK.

          • Yes they were called Dixiecrats and they voted against the civil rights act as did many democrats . It only passes because the Republicans voted for it. The Dems give the narrative that LBJ somehow is responsible for it. He was not. LBJ didn’t want it. He was prejudiced against Jews too. The left says the Dixiecrats became republicans after the republicans passed civil rights . Truth is and all can look it up . Of the 21 Dixiecrats , 20 became democrats. Only one became a republican . Strom Thurmond. Funny it was a Republican who freed the slaves . KKK was Democrat hate group as BLM is today. The left keeps telling lies to people for generations until it becomes truth. It’s really about time that all of us tell the true story to our children and call out the lies fed to our children. Dems and RINOs today do not give a dam about the people in this country. They care about enriching their lives and shitting on the rest of us. The Dems have always looked down on blacks and are still slave masters today.

          • They know who started it and who was members, the late KKK sheets robert byrd from West Virginia is one of hillary’s mentors, it will always be theirs.

          • I’m glad that Byrd is no longer in the Senate. He used to annoy me with his stories about his stupid dog!

          • She knows it, all the democrats know it. They just won’t own it. They think if they keep lying about it, over and over, again and again…that it will make it be untrue. Won’t happen. It’s ingraved in history and they will never be able to undo it. May they rest in hell. Or is that ‘burn.’

          • I’m sure you’re correct. These people are delusional. They lie without consequence and work hard to destroy the Constitution of the United States.

          • A perfect example of how poor our educational system is!

          • Sad, but true.

      • Just look at all these A- hole$ Obama has brought in. they aren’t for cookie sales. They will have to go also. Hopefully they will go on their own but if not, well? Hillary only cares for power and money. We will give her another thing that is wanted. Freedom for a few minutes before jail.


      • You are right. The KKK is an arm of the Democrap Party. But, you are really racist. You fail to give credit where credit is due. There are The New Black Panthers, The Old Black Panthers, The Nation of Islam, BLM, The Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS in America in the form of CAIR, ISA and NSA and the IRS. And the most terrifying of all, Democrap voters.

      • And I believe the main leader is in the White House…..

      • Only because of Obama. He is a traitor. He and Hillary should be jail mates.

      • BLM and the owls supporters are among the terrorists along with Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Albert Gore and others. We can’t forget Hillary and Obama either.

      • yep a bunch of democrats thanks for point that out chucklehead

    • I totally agree with you. She is only interested in power and money,

    • Vote on Immigration and Supreme Court Justices. Protect our children’s future. Trump 2016!

    • She also wants to run to ensure that the Clinton Foundation continues to receive donations from around the world and she will give away our great country in return for the donations as she has already proven to have done. How can anybody with a brain vote for her? Maybe Donald Trump isn’t perfect but compared to the Clintons he is the epitome of perfection.

      • The D’genrats and Rinos have no idea of what this election is all about.

        There’s not a rats ass difference between the D’genrats and the Rinos and there has been decreasing amounts of independence since LBJ was the D’generates front man.

        It is quite obvious from this revelation and defense of the NaNa in Orange PJs that D’genrats and Rinos have no notion of what this election is about. It has very little to do with conservative and liberal ideas. It is about the citizens regaining the initiative in DC and ousting the political parasites both D’genrats and Rinos that have taken over the government from the LBJ presidency ’til now.

        Politicians have increasingly ignored what the people desire and are in office mainly to line thier own pockets. A good example is the fortune that the clintoons have amassed since getting out of office. Another example to a lesser degree is the hiring of boehner by K Street for salaries way beyond his capabilities and worth, obviously a payback for his traitorous decisions and legislation while in office. His former staff have already sold thier souls to K Street and secured a future for themselves. Lest you think I am only picking on Rinos, Bawney Fwank and Cwissy Dood did the same thing with the banks after CAUSING the housing crash . . . congress along with their complicity of bush and the 0webomb are responsible for the great recession but they are protected by thier outlandish salaries.


      • KINDA makes you wonder….how much money is enough? donations that destroy your country and humanity.

        • If she gets her way & wins, she can amass as big a pile of cash, control the populous, but it won’t be enough when Islam takes over the world & our country with it – they will be happy to chop off her head!

      • At least he cares about our country.

    • You’re the moron. Please tell me all of the people in this country who have died because of Islamic terrorists who have come to our shores since 9/11 How many people in this Country have been killed by islamic immigrants since 9/11?

      • There have been at least 78 Americans I can think of, off the bat, who were killed by Islamic terrorists whose parents or themselves immigrated to America. In San Bernardino, Orlando, Chattanooga, Oklahoma, and Boston and Bremerton, Washington. If you didn’t have your head up some imams’ ass, you might know these things.

        • Really, because all of these people were killed by people born in this country. None of them were immigrants who came here to kill. All were raised here and radicalized as american citizens. Wonder why? Wonder if its the morons on the right telling them that all muslims are terrorist, or that they should all be banned because they are not Real Americans. Its not immigrants you morons, its the HATE coming from the right. These people were all born here and raised in our public schools. Stop the hate you ignorant fucks

          • Yup .. FUCK all Muslims and you can not stop me from saying it,, Muslims enjoy FUCKING Goats

          • Another moron heard from.

          • coward, go run to your safe space little one

          • Look to the Muslim world to see where the hate comes from you fucked up degenerate. If the immigrant Muslims who spawned these”home grown terrorists” had taught their progeny that Islam is WRONG, they may not have become terrorists.You ignorant turd.

          • you should be hung for treason you spineless little jellyfish like creature I am giving you 24 hours to get out of my country.

          • Treason? You moron. What did I say that would constitute treason ? You idiots spew this nonsense 1/2 the time you don’t know what it means, the other half you’re just parroting what you hear. Do yourselves a favor and read a book

      • are you really that stupid

    • She is supported by Vote Fraud and corrupt politicians and Illegal Immigrants.

    • Watch the ignoramuses vote her in………

  4. Is Hillary smoking dope?

  5. hitlery has been bought out and sold to islamic terrorists for their caliphate,

    hitlery is a traitor to America!!!

  6. This just keeps showing why she shouldn’t even be considered a candidate for the office! I never knew anyone that lied as much as she does!

  7. That mindset GAVE us 9/11!!!!!!!
    That WAS the mindset of our leadership before 9/11, it was in a report just the year before.

  8. This abominable example of a woman and a worse example of a leader is totally incapable of seeing the truth that America is facing one of its greatest challenges from Islamic terrorism, largely due to her systematic diabolical mismanagement of the Office of Secretary of State, her support of Barack Obama and her own psychopathic personality! There really is little hope for America!

    • She only see’s the Payola she gets for Peddling Influence whilst in any appointive office that she held. Imagine how corrupt she would actually be if elected her version of total power in the Whitehouse ?

      • She wants us to give her our guns and those that don’t have them illegal or remove the second amendment. She wants the global ban on guns just like Obama wanted. She is following in his footsteps. We will fight until they are finished.

    • Yes there is. If you start now and get ready to fight. If you wait until the time has passed you will be too late.

    • How many people have been killed in this country by Islamic terrorist immigrants since 9/11. Do you really think its one of our greatest challenges???

      • I DO! Seeing as when ISIS first started that thing in the WH that is supposed to be our president, and Hildabeast was the ones that said to wait and see what they were going to do, and that they were nothing but like a Junior Varsity team. Remember that?!? And look at them NOW! So yes it IS one of our greatest challenges!!!

        • In other words, you don’t know of any Islamic terrorist immigrants who have come here and killed an american, but since you hate our president, you’ll say anything, regardless of how stupid you sound. Got it

          • hey come on now I know you are faking it you can not fool us anymore, no one is that stupid and not on some sort of life support.

  9. The Clinton outlaw has zero concern about the lives of Americans so long as her agenda advances.
    We can no longer coexist with the liberal dem bloodsuckers.
    We must physically separate ourselves from the parasites, it is the only way, to prevent civil war

    • Great idea, I appreciate your sensibility Gerald…this time.

    • A civil war would not stop the liberal aggression. Remember OWO is the goal of the parasites. Once independence is gained from the blood suckers Individuals would realize what fools they have been and would state deserting the dictators and migrate to the new land that is free of the parasitic dictators, Very similar to the way Californians are leaving Ca because of the oppressiveness of the CA government. Once located in the new land of the free they would begin thier insistence of the adoption of some of the oppressive laws of Ca and start the same cycle all over again. Don’t believe it? Ask the Texans who are experiencing a big migration of Californians deserting the oppression of CA But they are insisting on Texas adopt the CA oppressive laws that they are fleeing. Same thing in Idaho, Nevada and anywhere else Californians are relocating.

      • We would have to be exceptionally stupid to allow entry to anyone from Ca, Or, Wa, Il, or NY
        No immigration for 20 years or so, until we had it wired.

        • .
          I hope you will accept Okies. I’ll even fight on your side.

          • Okies are acceptable, as is anyone willing to work and pay their own way.
            Fight, yep as soon as the liberals realize that they are going to starve to death, we’ll have to fight them/

          • Thats funny. If you look at the map, the red states are the ones that contribute more to the Federal budget in taxes than they take in benefits. The 10 states that take the most and give the least are all red states. The republican states are the largest welfare states in the nation. Also, the states with the 10 worst school systems are all red states. So if you want to separate, be our guest. You’ll have the majority of dumb people and the majority of welfare recipients, just like you do not. Except, you won’t have us to leach off of. ADIOS

          • You and the truth don’t get together much, do you?
            Looks like yuo found your LEFTY MANIFESTO
            Where was it, under the sofa?
            So tell me , why is it, that it is always you liberal dem bloodsuckers, on public forums whining and begging for handouts and trying to raise taxes on some one else to pay for it?
            But, never mind all that, we will take our chances, without you.
            Here is a hint, you had better be right, once we close off our borders, if you try to get back in, we will shoot you, like rabid dogs.

          • Gerald the truth is easy to find. If you weren’t so fucking stupid you’d know the truth. Maybe its because the states with the 10 worst school systems are also red states. So the red states are the ones who take the most and give the least and have the lowest education rates. It’s no wonder you’re for Trump. The only demographic he leads in is uneducated white men. College educated people are overwhelmingly voting for Clinton. And that says it all #DummysforDon

          • How would you know cretin?
            You low life lying liberal dem bloodsucking parasites are so completely unfamiliar with truth that you are not able to recognize it, when it introduces itself.
            Check the list of the top 10 high schools in the country, the top nine are in red states and one in NJ squeezes in every year.
            You cretins , Ca for instance pays a top rate of 18% in state income taxes, Ny 14% Illinois 8%.
            You fing cretins have no money to send to any one.
            I pay no state income tAXES AND THE re taxes on my 4 bd, 5 bath3 car attached garages, on 2.75 acres with 41 fruit trees on it costs me 654$ a year in taxes.
            I pay 64$ a year for license plates, Ca pays about a thousand.
            Yes indeed you stupid life forms are indeed, superior.
            However jut to get rid of you, let’s find out if you are right.
            Tell you what I promise not to get on public forums and whine and beg for more handouts or try to raise taxes on you to pay for my handouts.
            But, you best be right liberal dem scum bag, once we close the borders off you have better be able to take care of yourself, we will applaud as you starve/.

          • Here is a list of the 10 states in order, that take more from the federal goverment than they send
            1 Mississippi
            2 New Mexico
            3 Alabama
            4 Louisiana
            5 Tennessee
            6 Montana
            7 South Dakota
            8 Kentucky
            9 West Virginia
            10 Missouri

          • You stupid liberal fing cretins are like talking to a compost heap.
            Remove the interstate money from those numbers, the Blue states get more money.
            However, it doesn’;t matter, we are perfectly willing to do with out your money if indeed you paid more,. We will pay no welfare or food stamps nor, negative income taxes, we will drop 500 billion out of our expenses as soon as we close off our borders.
            So don’t worry about it, you should be glad garbage, you will save a lot of money when we are gone.
            Half of the people in your areas would be on welfare and paying no taxes , we;ll see how it works out for you.
            Better be right, though, we will watch you starve to death and applaud as you do, if you are wrong.

          • We would gladly give you away. You are an uneducated drain on our economy. You’re all uneducated takers Keep your guns and your inbred morons. We’ll take the financial and banking industries and all of the bright people who are employed there, the media and entertainment industries, all of the best universities, you keep having sex with your cousin

          • Yes of course you will cretin.
            That is why al of you liberal dem bloodsucking parasites get all crazy as soon as we talk about bailing out.
            Just curious, you fing feces pile?
            Why do you scum assume that the rich people and business will stay in your areas and pay the 90% in taxes that you leeches want to charge.
            Why would you think, that they would go where they don’t have to pay the highest taxes in the civilized world.
            I operated a business in Chicago, for 22 years, I left there in September of 1999, because I became weary of paying for handouts for you liberal fing ticks/leeches/parasites.
            2012, when you compost heaps reelected the inept lying outlaw in the white house now, I moved a business out of the USA, before that POS took the oath again.
            Obama has averaged the loss of 307 businesses a day, since the scrub took office, to offshore and bankruptcy.
            The federal register tell us that the number of the rich ceding their citizenship and leaving the USA is up 724% since 2009.
            I have options on a site right next to where I moved the first business to, My family and business will be in Costa Rica, before the Clinton outlaw could take office.

          • I have no problem paying my taxes. My business can afford to pay me a handsome salary and still pay taxes. I guess if I was a lowlife I’d have to run away from the good ole USA and head to some banana republic. No need. Those who can make it, make it. Those who can’t have to flee to third world countries. Good Riddance. Its parasites like you that drag this country down

          • Cretin, where the first business is located now, the industrial park is full has been for 4 years.
            There are now 18 former US businesses located there
            4 kilometers farther north they have built another industrial park.
            They have 46 sites, they are all optioned and all by US businesses..
            Parasites, liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical scumbag?
            You mean that people that refuse to pay for your handouts?
            I have a circular gazebo in front of my home there, about 40 ft across.
            If the Clinton outlaw is elected, I will be gone before she takes office..
            I have a Tv out there with satellite antenna service.
            if you scum elect here, I will watch you on TV, when you fing garbage are in the streets rioting and burning, because they can no longer fund your handouts
            be fun to watch, listen, why don’t you post your name and address, I will send you a RED TOP HAT, watch riots and burning is a lot more fun when you know someone.

          • ha ha ha fraud you own nothing ,you collect welfare, you are such a liar, typical liberal liar. Just like AK lady you can not keep your lies straight. I know for a FACT you do not nor ever did own a business you are not smart enough. It is the real people of this country that do in fact employ people that will save it ,not the leaches like you that live off what the hard working tax payer earns you sponge like scumbag. If it was up to me people like you would be taken to the vet and euthanized if we could not find a good home for you that was willing to feed and care for you with their OWN MONEY.

          • So just because we carry guns then we are inbred morons? Then you don’t know us very well.

          • you will be at our mercy once we take over the government and remove your welfare benefits you will do what we tell you to do or you will starve to death you weak excuse for a human being

          • I receive no benefits. Actually I would greatly benefit from trumpochio making the corporate tax rate 15% But I’m willing to not have the extra cash in my pocket, in exchange for not having the country go down the toilet under that moron’s administration Luckily I don’t have to worry He is tanking

          • Who let you out of the Loony Bin? Nothing you typed here is is within the realm of what you meant to say or true.

          • NOPE you are a liar!!!

          • HAHAHAHAHA The information is out there Moron for anyone to see. I know you’re not smart enough to look something like that up, but that just goes to reinforce my point about the schools Stay Stupid Joe

        • Texas now has a pile of Syrians that needs to be removed. You had better get them out, the sooner the better.

      • Not so much! We, here in Texas, find that most of them trend to settle in the large cities where most of the Dems and Libs live. They all have liberal or Democratic government, but they do not have enough of them to cause Texas to change our “ways”! In Texas the Dem’s have not won a State-wide or national election for almost 20 years! But, I do see the problem from them, but more so from the “Victim and Race” folks. Even these folks can’t remember or look back at the “old days” when the Democrats ruled Texas and people of color or Hispanic were 2nd & 3rd class folks, by law!

    • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

      Split the nation into two, one for the insane liberals, the illegals, the BLM types, the entitlement non-productives and the Muslims, one for the real humans. No crossing, no going back.

      • 1. Close our borders.
        2. allow no immigration until we had stopped any possiblility of the liberals altering the constitution to do what they have done.
        3 stop all programs, that pay anything except SS, the liberal scum would not come here.
        $. When the liberal parasites start starving, make sure that nothing is sent to them.
        After they are all dead, clean up the bodies, start the country again.

        • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

          I love it, you just surmised the fastest way to make America Great Again.

        • If you were to allow the scum buckets possession of any part of America, they would just make treaties with China, Russia and the Sand Fleas and beg them to wage war on us. NOTHING TO TRAITORS, BUT WHAT THEY DESERVE.

        • Rev. Walking Turtle

          Errrmmm… In that scenario, desirable though the final outcome may indeed seem to be on the surface, it is plain as the nose on my own Red Injun face that the Tree of Liberty would then be watered, in great measure, with the blood of Social Security-backed retirees such as myself. Now, I can defend my own person right handy and well. But most of the folks my age cannot.

          So maybe, come the Great Day of Cancellation, us retirees should all get our butts right quick over to the nearest FEMA Camp and let THAT gang slow-starve us to death while the poorer-than-even-us crowd ruins everything outside those hellish gates?

          I… don’t… THINK… so. And that is all. 0{:-|o[

          • Just turned 74, last 2 years in the Marine Corps were spent as marksman ship instructor on the weapons range at Quantico, Va.
            Can’t think of any way that, I had rather go as, shooting at liberal dem bloodsuckers, legally.

          • I’m Cherokee. You?

          • Rev. Walking Turtle

            Ayup by 25%… Also 25% MicMac Nation, with the balance o’ th’ bloodline being old-world Ashkenaz’ with a fair dollop o’ Swedish on the side (just for the Reputed Dumbness of it).

            Just another old-school “Melting Pot Kid” who knows what they LOVE… Good of you to ask! And that is all. 0{;-)o[

          • Rev. Walking Turtle

            A quarter each of Cherokee+MicMac, in fact – one Nation each from Momma’s and Poppa’s side of it. Both had one full-blood parent, back in the 19-teens when Native women were still buying pale-toned Face Powder so’s to “pass for White” and avoid Social Trouble in public.

            Some “Melting Pot”, ain’t she, these days? Hope to live to see the Day it all comes back ’round RIGHT. Hang on tight and stay alive – would love to meet up at any point whenever Kind Holy Creator should arrange it! For now, though, the Good Fight yet rages… It IS winnable, all gainsaying to the contrary notwithstanding.

            So many hearty thanks for your shout-out! You have made my day today. And that is all. 0{;-)o[

      • Why should we share our country with the idiots who want to destroy it. War, the way God meant it to be, destroy all of the enemy and all that is the enemies. All of America for All-Americans.

  10. WTF ? I suppose for the ghastly Mrs. Clinton the 9/11 atrocity was a figment of everyone else’s imagination. How much are the rancorous Middle Eastern Oligarchs pay her for her support by ignoring the fact of Islamic Terrorism aimed at the U.S.A.
    A vote for Clinton is a vote for yet more treacheries to come.

    • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

      25-30 million from Saudi Arabia, 5 million from Quatar, that’s only what has been reported, then there is that missing 6 BILLION from her time as Obama’s Sec of state.

    • How many people have been killed by Islamic terrorist immigrants in the country since 9/11?

      • Use your search engine, you lazy idiot.

      • Have you been living in a cave for the past 10 years without access to media???

        • I notice you couldn’t answer the question No I have plenty of access. The majority of terror is from American born people. NOT immigrants or ISIS coming to this country to kill. They were born here, raised in our society, educated in our public school system and listening to the right tell them that all muslims are terrorists. That all muslims should be rounded up and deported. The right created these killers, they did not infiltrate this country or sneak in across a border. They are your next door neighbors.

          • You are totally full of it. First the right has never said that all Muslims are terrorists. Second Very few people have advocated rounding up & deporting all Muslims. Third they are NOT teaching hatred of Muslims in public schools. The right didn’t create this problem, the Muslims did.

          • As to your question, it’s been a LOT more than 10 people killed by Islamic terrorist immigrants since 9/11. You might want to do a little more research.

          • Your game is so weak you need to make up outright lies. Our public schools are trying to force children to accept sharia law and to tolerate the hatred that is brainwashed into Muslims concerning the treatment of women and non-Muslims. The killers are created by their own “religion”, which is anything but a religion. The FBI has recently reported their are unknown numbers of ISIS sleeper cells in the US, waiting for the signal to create unholy hell in the US. And Obutterbutt continues to flood the nation with rapeugees.

          • you are uneducated and uninformed and by the way who is telling you to say this stuff.

      • Well, there’s you for one. Your brain must have been one of the first casualties.

        • I notice none of you morons can refute anything said. All you can do is call others names. It just goes to prove my point

  11. Everybody needs to read the book Hillary Cash and Hillary America it explains what she did and her brother to Haiti my prayers are with Haiti and hope to God that Hillary and her brother gives all the money back to the Hades and rebuild their country that’s what Hillary should be doing nowand not be a president of the United States she’s gonna ruin this country

  12. ‘It’s not a threat to us as a nation……But it is a real threat???? It’s not a threat to us as a nation……It is a threat to us here at home???????’
    Were we just treated to classic garbled, incomprehensible, democrat doublespeak? Or is she smoking crack? Maybe that’s why she’s so unsteady, all the crack she smokes. It does explain a lot, the careless incompetence, The odd, rambling, often incoherent speeches, the complete inability to answer even simple questions. If she cheats her way into our Whitehouse, like a worm boring into an apple, rotting it from the inside out, will we be expected to call her Madame crackhead, or will that be optional?

  13. Richard Daugherty

    Clinton’s only option is for she and Willy to come clean.

  14. Obama….not surprised to hear him say these things at all, but it absolutely amazes me when Clinton says these things….maybe. This is the delusional left liberal rhetoric…..speak of a lie long enough and enough people will believe it that you can no longer call it a lie. ANYONE who thinks that ISIS is NOT a threat to America is clearly delusional. America needs to wake up and Hillary is CLEARLY not the answer. Her foreign policy has been a DISASTER (Again, if you cannot see that, you are delusional) and America cannot afford to take ISIS lightly.

    • RE: speak of a lie long enough and enough people will believe it that you can no longer call it a lie.
      Liberals have gone beyond that.
      They cannot prove global warming is man-caused so to silence any opposition to thier oppressive programs they have attempted and in some area succeeded in making it illegal to voice any opposition to global warming including PROVING thier “research” and ‘scientists’, are faked.

  15. Non of these progressive liberals see isis as a threat! They live beyond reality!

  16. Beeotchstewie the deplorable

    Yeah bitch, tell that to the families of the San Bernadino, Orlando, and all other attacks by the satanic Muslim killers.

  17. She means it’s not a threat to “her” as long as she has armed guards.

  18. Michelle Minze-Bryant

    Yea, they aren’t a threat to the US as long as everyone will bow down to Allah and recite the stuff they are teaching kids in school. Is it just a coincidence the Muslims do to the Christianside and Jews what it says in the Bible? I don’t think so. Then, on the other hand, is it coincidence that Muslims are doing what they are told to do in the Quarn and countries are just ignoring what they are doing?

    Wake up people. Hillery doesn’t want peace, she wants world domination so no one will stand up to the government and what they do. Controlling the media takes away our free speech. Controlling the internet takes away our free speech. If you just see they are doing this to find out who terrorist are, your blind. They do it to find ALL threats to them, political and anything they are trying to hide from anyone that tells the whole truth, and not bits and pieces of what they want us to know. It should be so apparent after all the Benghazi email stuff.

    IF Trump doesn’t become president, I’d really like if we can seperate from the United States and build our own country. Virtuous moral Laws. You don’t have to profess to being a Christian or Jew, but you must abide by the basic principles of the Bible. Start this nation over again like it was meant to be. Total equality, any hate groups can leave back to the hate states. Every man must abide by every law. If you don’t, plan A, leave, plan B serve your time

  19. IF Hillary gets in as president Old Bill will have a free licence to rape women all over the United States and Hillary will let all ISIS in to the country free or pay their way so they can kill people that don’t believe like she does. HEY hard working tax payers work hard so you can finance the Clintons and Soros taking down of this great country!!

  20. She is a traitor to this country and we need to hold her accountable for that

  21. i guess i would not be worried about it if i was living in an Ivory Tower and surrounded by armed guards 24/7 like she is. what she forgets is that these women hating male Muslims would kill her just as fast and dead as they would the rest of the non-believing women. all her money would not help her a bit.

  22. “The Butcher of “Benghazi” is like obama, she will stand with the muslim terrorists against American citizens. Her BFF and traveling companion, Huma, is a muslim and her family members are members of the muslim brotherhood. She is hillary’s Valarie Jarrett. She wants to bring in thousands of so called Syrian refugees.They will invade our country like they have the European countries and commit crimes against our citizens the way they have in those countries. She does not want to lead our country, she wants to rule our country.

  23. No Islam isnt a threat to Obama or Hillary no one says that she had converted to Islam a long time ago, why not? These people running our country have been at it for decades and it appears they finally made it. When a guys shower room talk is worse than a rapist of several women. I cant stand being around this ignorance? If you vote for Clinton you get what you deserve. There should be a hang mans trap door under the footing of the very people who are running our country.

  24. She is not only wrong she must be stupid. Check out 9/11. I think that was a national threat and nothing has changed how these savages think about the West. This woman is SCARY and dangerously insulated !!!!

  25. Added to all Hellary’s faults and misdeeds, this statement that ‘terrorism is not a threat to the US as a nation’, proves beyond a doubt that she is an ‘ostrich’. However, she has her head up something else than the sand!!!!!

  26. Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    I believe that Hitlery won’t be happy until the United States is totally destroyed. She is a career criminal who will stop at nothing! She is backed by George Soros, and has an evil agenda straight from the depths of Hell itself.
    Her demonic minions are “Stronger Together”. The rich and powerful cavort around in the nude at the Bohemian Grove, while creating governmental policies. They worship the “owl god” and simulate the sacrifices of small children to their god, Molech. Past presidents and other powerful people attend regularly. It is no wonder that Roe v Wade has never been repealed. Abortions are probably tribute payments to their demonic deity. How evil and depraved can our government get? People tend to disbelieve this or don’t think it is serious that our “leaders”
    worship the devil. Trump is our only hope to stave off total destruction. He is far from perfect, but better than Hildabeast!! Women are not allowed at the Bohemian Grove, but I’m sure the Bushes and Bill Clinton are members.

  27. S he should be locked up. Terrorism Is Not A Threat To Us As A Nation, if that’s the case she must truly believe Hitler and his Nazi Regime weren’t a threat to the world either..My father as did many fathers, fought in WW ll to give us the freedoms we, as Americans have enjoyed for many, many years now . I as a veteran took an Oath, this Oath stated
    Oath of Enlistment
    “I, _name____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”
    This Oath I took when I enlisted, will be with me until the day I die and I’ll be damned if this regime will ever cause me to think differently about OUR country.

  28. This is not only an ignorant response about terrorism, it is a stupid statement which should disqualify her or anyone running for the presidency, but it won’t. Only a grievous illness or death will take this vile, evil woman out!

  29. Keep in mind that if she is elected president there will be no more freedom religion anyone who practices anything other than Islam will be presecuted since she headed OIS. Not only will she get rid of the 2nd Amendment will will completely wipe out the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

  30. Killary’s ignorance and complete stupidity knows no bounds!!!If I ever saw someone who is a total waste of space it is the hag Hillary. I am absolutely baffled by the people who continue to believe all the B S that the Democratic party is shoveling down their throats!!!As well as the main stream media which has lost all credibility!! The Clintons are the worst thing ever to happen to our beautiful country!!! Please vote TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!! Save the USA!!!!!!!

  31. Not a threat to her or her gang, they are part of the terrorist organization.

  32. Clinton needs to listen to what she says. “It’s not a threat to us as a nation. It is not going to endanger our economy or our society, but it is a real threat. It is a danger to our citizens here at home, and as we tragically saw in Boston, and to those living, working, and traveling abroad.” Is she an IDIOT?


    For God’s sake hillary, get out of your pretend world inside your head and experience reality. We have millions of muslims “inside” the U.S. and many of those are young fighting age men who are discouraged because of the new culture they are in and their inability to find jobs. “THESE” are are future bombers and killers of American families. Remember the Boston Bombers? Remember the San Bernardino couple who killed all those innocent Americans enjoying their Christmas Party? Law Enforcement has stopped numbers of other “attempts” by muslims to maim, hurt and kill Americans…but you won’t read about those events in the media because it would color killary’s (and obama’s) agenda as BAD!

    DO NOT ALLOW KILLARY TO BE ELECTED AMERICANS! She will throw you and your loved ones to the wolves in sheep’s clothing by allowing even greater numbers of muslims inside our ailing country. TRUMP WILL STOP THIS CANCER SHE HAS EXPOSED AMERICANS TO BY STOPPING ANY FURTHER MUSLIMS FROM ENTERING OUR NATION UNLESS THEY ARE PROPERLY VETTED. KILLARY WILL JUST LET THEM IN…NO VETTING (she lied at the debate, she has no intentions of vetting even one muslim refugee, none).


    How stupid could she be to ever think we do not have a terrorist issue? Oh, I forgot. She has surrounded herself with muslims and was obama’s – the fraud muslim president – right hand man in all his illegal legislation to damage our Nation. Throw the witch in the ditch — that’s where she really belongs!

    • I wholeheartedly agree!! However, our biggest problem isn’t the fact that Hillary is so corrupt, evil and an all-around horrible person… our biggest problem is the mindset, gullibility and stupidity of the people who intend to vote for her. THAT’s who are the biggest threat to the nation… the scads of people drinking her “koolaid.”

      • Interesting you mentioned that. I just added a comment exactly about that issue which is much, much larger than hillary ever being elected. Check it out below.

  33. Here’s a much bigger problem for our Country: where has all the “smarts” gone that American’s used to have? Those drones that support killary are definitely UNABLE to differentiate between what is “good” and what is “bad”. If they can truthfully accept all that killary has done to Americans in her career in our Govt and think that it is okay to do that to our people, well, there is a gigantic issue here that needs to be addressed quickly!

    Is it that killary’s supporters are totally immoral or lacking of good judgement or is it that our society has turned its head away OR IGNORED those that kill, defame, and slaughter innocents and doesn’t recognize those actions as being wrong? Whatever it is, if God isn’t brought back to this Nation pronto, the “sick”, the “twisted” and the “ugly” residing in the LEFT will be leading America down a path we will never be able to recover from. STOPPING HILLARY IS OUR ONLY OPTION — ANYWAY WE CAN!


    • That’s what many”useful idiots” thought when Communism took over Russia and Nazism[National Socialism] took over Germany. These useful idiots were slaughtered when no longer useful.

  35. HRC is a greater threat to America than terrorism…they can/will destroy many while she will destroy everything we perceive as democracy and or freedom! With that said we the people need to make a stand and destroy all threats both foreign or domestic!

  36. I agree whole heartedly with the author. Obama and Hillary’s apathy toward ISIS will lead to disaster right here on American soil. Their denial of terrorism will cost many American lives and make 9/11 look like a misdemeanor. If Hillary is elected this country will likely become a battleground.

  37. Is she serious, or is she just STUPID!!!!!!!!!

  38. Breaking News: the grandjury investigating hillary clinton, will release a True Bill of Indictment next week, she will surrender on Friday, October 21,2016.

  39. michael schimanski

    How true this artical is . obama and hillary have started a movement in the world that will not quit . Americans and our children will pay the price for there decision in this election . obama and hillary have already started the wheels rolling for the destruction of our constitution and along with there open borders and globalization plans America will not servive . When the immigration flood starts the cost to the American taxpayer will be unbelievable . When the terrorism starts , under hillary’s policies , We The People will not be able to stop it . It will all be too late and the foolish people who have voted for her will be the ones crying the most . At this time in America we need a strong president like Donald Trump . America faced a problem back in 1961 and because of a very strong president , { John F. Kennedy } America can through it but with a president hillary clinton America will go down in flames . The writing is on the wall , hillary will destroy the United States of America .

  40. I can’t believe I am actually agreeing with something she said!! She is correct to a certain extent….S H E IS MORE OF A THREAT TO OUR COUNTRY THAN ISIS I!

  41. When did Boston secede from the Union?


  43. Yes, Hillary, I (kind of) agree w/ you. Terrorism isn’t the biggest threat to our nation. Look in the mirror. THAT is the biggest threat to our nation. . . . .

  44. Does anyone understand the tern “existential threat”? It may sound harsh but when a nation’s population is over 300 Milliion, losing 3000 on 9/11 is a bee sting.

    Even if our country did nothing to fight ISIL/ISIS/DAESH, each and every one of you would still be more likely to die while crossing the streets. Those of you who own firearms would be more likely to kill yourselves or a family member. Those of you who are highly religious would be more likely to attack someone claiming it to be driven by god or the devil. Check the statistics!

    So why do you let charlatans whip you into fear? Why would hand an unstable person major control of your life in order to avoid such a trivial risk when you wave away so many greater ones? The answer is that all of us act out of fear in the moment.

    We eventually have time to think. Some of us then place the risk into perspective while others just call everyone else names.

  45. Comey, Lynch and Hillary Clinton, will be Indicted by the current grandjury investigating her e-mail server.

  46. That certainly explains why we tax payers have been paying for their bunkers, right?


    As we all go our merry way in Lala land. We refuse to recognize the shadow of death that hangs over our country. The violent crime rate is staggering. Hollywood movies can’t be seen by children up to the age of reason which is 39 today in the USA. Our military skeleton crew is either pregnant, wearing high heels or totally demoralized. Our last naval engagement was two ships captured by an Iranian fisherman with an AK47. Obama bin laden wants to release his brothers from Gitmo and put our sons and daughters in Fort Leavenworth, There are at least ten American GI’s rotting in prison charged with un premeditated murder for fighting back on the battlefield. Ten families with no father and no benefits living in shame and broke. Selling the little they have to be near their father. But a democrat crook can get a pardon for making deals with Iran. The only real crime these Americans committed was serving their country. But a Nation with no skin in the game cares not. As we watch moslem terrorists sweep over a frightened Europe beheading people and raping women according to the holy Koran. Propagandists tell us it is only the radical moslems. You can read the koran from back to front, the word radical is nowhere. The word Shehadi martyr is everywhere. The reward for killing the innocent is 72 virgins 80 with a coupon. Who left the gates open? The bribe takers. We know them as democrats and rino rats ONE AND THE SAME.

    Along comes America’s El Cid who was described today as America’s right hand and Trump is the middle finger. So the people who mastered the art of corruption and destruction and gave us ten trillion more in expensive debt over the last 8 years want more.Nobody will tell how bad a fix we are in. THE PARTY OF DEATH who gave us a 50% divorce rate, 10,000 heroin OD’s in 2014, 4700 aborted babies a day chopped to pieces and sold for parts. Baby brains sell for $3400.00 per head. Do blue eyes cost more than brown eyes?

    The fools who like to lose will chirp we defeated communism. Then they add the sentence that makes me vomit. We are the strongest nation on the face of the earth. Tell that to the real Americans betrayed by Obama and Kerry Clinton in Benghazi. All rescued witnesses were made to sign NCND’s under the penalty of prison if they told the Truth.Now the FBI is doing the same thing to 25 employees to cover up their allegiance to the Party of death. To stop Trump they are playing the sex card, The race card failed, The hobosexual card failed, The rich guy card failed. That does not apply to Hitlery because she left the white house poor and had to steal the silverware to pay her bills. While we are watching sins of the flesh accusations no one is talking about. Bill Clinton’s harm Monica lessons in the oral office. Who cares how they dived?

    Speaking of un mentionables. How about renting out the Lincoln Bedroom. Decorating the Christmas tree with dildo’s and condoms. Alleged.

    The champion of women’s rights Megyn Behar Kelly had no problem on Howard stern talking about the P word. Her husbands penis size and her super bees. Then we have his rightiousness Obama Bin Lenin talking to audiences about ribs, chicken and the P word. Not going to the jungle or the desert with A rabs. Another clip shows him telling his constituents he has an erection and the ladies in the second row are telling the ladies in the first row to sit down so they can see it.

    A LADY BLOGGER asked her outraged lady friends how many of them had 50 Shades of Gray? Silence…O’Reilly spent two million to keep his rep intact.


    Once again Jesus teaches us not to throw stones. When the democrats were preparing to stone an adulturess to death. Jesus wrote their sins in the sand. Archaeologists recovered the names of Kennedy, Clinton,Barney Frank, add your favorite here.

    ONE THING IS FOR SURE. Trump is our man. He has almost as many enemies as Jesus. Why are Rino Rats and Demon crats teaming up to destroy the peoples chances? Why are trusted Government agencies no longer trusted? How can Bill Clinton meet with the Lynch mob on Loretta’s plane for 29 minutes and not do a deal? Are you that blind? Can you not smell a rat?

    While the party of death plays the sex card here is what they don’t want you to know.

    1-Your earning power will require you to work more jobs.

    2- you will pay more taxes, hidden and un-hidden.

    3-the no choice draft may come back. Less than 1% of the nation defends it.

    4-Russia is getting bolder and has gotten around MAD by helping our enemies get nukes.

    5-Russia has moved a division to within 50 miles of Alaska.

    6-China is building airfields near the Phillipines and Japan.

    7-Japan realizes the American umbrella is BS and will go nuclear for their own protection. Japan is the master of the first strike.

    8-Drugs is communist chemical warfare, Junkies are POW’s and drug slaves.

    9-The biggest Mafia in the USA is the government.

    10-8 years and the repuppys did nothing but cry.

    11- Trump starts work at 3:00 am Don’t be late.

    12-The words that all politicians and influence pedlars fear the most are: Hi I’m President Trump. What do you do here?

    13-Trump is the great American hope for the little guy.

    14-What do you have to lose?

    15-CHINA spends 17% of their GDP for defense. They have whole divisions of unmarried no family men. ALL DISPENSABLE.

    16- If we defeated communism why do the democrats use communist tactics outlined by Saul Alinsky and Antonio Gramschi.

    17 Where did the 10 commandments.go?

    18-Was the take down of the rebel flag rehearsal for OLD GLORY and the CROSS?

    19-Why does a politician spend 10 million dollars to get a government job that pays $179,000?

    20-Would we be better off making it one term per termite and the only lobby is in a Trump hotel.

    21-Is 30% of the republican party democrat? they sure vote like it.

    22-What percentage of the American population did Bill Ayers say would have to be liquidated?

    23-How many colleges are communist training/brainwashing schools? Only guessing 70%. Prove me wrong. Let’s rate them.

    attn Bernie Sanders Followers. You got screwed bad. I believe the fix was in day one. How can the party of color only have two white candidates and you let them get away with it. Bernie was the side car. Hitlery was the bike,Bernie was told when to get on and when to get off. He should have betrayed you after he got you to the convention as he promised. Instead he bought a third socialist home for $600,000 dollars. Go trump at least you can get satisfaction.

    Gary Johnson followers. Loyalty is a beautiful thing but you are 9% of the vote, Doomed to fail but your 9% can put Trump over the top, Then you will have a fighting chance to be heard. Trump is fighting both party’s and he is for the little guy. Now you can see all the big money boys paying to destroy him. just look at who he is up against. With out the people the bad guys win again. Vote as if your life depended on it.

    Side bar to people of color. You are only a minority because the communists say you are to use you. You are an American that makes you the majority.

    Take a knee for Jesus not Stalin, There are no blacks in Russia or communist China. If we fall you will die as an American.









  48. Hillary doesn’t think terrorism is a serious threat to us, is that why she and Barak gave Islamic terrorists in Libia 2011? The weapons they gave the terrorists were used in the 2012 attacks on Benghazi. The way the world is today, we need leaders who acknowledge the ithreats facing the world and deal with them, not pretend they don’t exist.

  49. What a pathetic insane woman she is! She has totally lost it to think terrorism won’t hurt this country. Look what it is doing in Europe!

  50. Wow!….She really has a way of turning around the meaning of words and phrases, doesn’t she!

  51. She is a moron. I’m afraid that the next attack is going to be huge. How will it feel if they blow up 10 elementary schools all over the country? All at once. Something like that has to happen for her to pay attention to it. Then she will probably say that it happened because they didn’t have a job. Plus it’s Bush’s fault. Give me a break.

    • I hope it never happens, but if it does I hope they blow up the White House with the Clintons in it. Blowing up Obama’s house with him & his wife in it would be good too.

  52. terrorism is not a threat as long as it donates to the foundation

  53. Hitlery Rotten Clinton is the Andrea Merkel of America! She is a vile hypocrite who would sell America out to the Radical Islamists for power! She sees herself as an elite! We are the serfs ‘serving’ her. Her father did not run a sewing machine for a living; he was a textile baron. She is a compulsive pathological liar!

  54. No she is a socialist at best. My question is how can do many people in this country support her for POTUS. Shows how far we as a nation have fallen. She should be in prison. The FBI is complicent. Coney is a scumbag. The FBI will have no relevance again with the American people. Clintons are the most evil people in this country. God will have the last say, not the devil.

  55. Grab pussy! Vote for Trump! I’m in the basket!

  56. Tea party activists are racist for waving the American flag and BLM are peaceful protestors who just happen to burn the flag,, burn down cities, loot and murder. That’s Hillarys America.

  57. Hillary has Secret Service Protection. We don’t. She doesn’t care about Islamic Terrorism. We Do. It may not threaten The United States Government. But it sure threatens our families and us. Make America Safe Again.

  58. Dems at work . Why do people give them a pass

    Donald Trump was a political target of the Democratic National Committee two months before he officially joined the 2016 presidential race, according to an email released by WikiLeaks on Monday.

    The April 7, 2015, email from Hillary Clinton’s campaign to the DNC is designed to help make anyone nominated by the Republican Party “unpalatable” to the voters. It states that the goals of the Clinton campaign and the DNC are “one and the same.”

    The email labels as “Pied Piper” candidates three men who, the campaign believes, would move the GOP in a direction that would make it hard for Clinton to lose the presidential race. The memo lists the eventual GOP nominee as well as Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson as “Pied Pipers.” At that point, only Cruz had publicly said he was running for the White House.

  59. It really is a joke hearing Hillary spin her own campaign as being positive and having a bright outlook for Americas future , then going off that Donald Trump is negative and pessimistic about America. It is the opposite of course. If Hillary won – America would not be America and you could bet that your life would not matter any more than the people that she has been pandering to really matter. It is all about power for herself and her own elite group , not about Americans or all of it’s citizens. Donald J. Trump is positive. Positive that it can and must be fixed . Donald J. Trump is the man to fix what has been broken by incompetent, greedy politicians . The fabricated stories about him being an abuser of women is Hillary Clinton supporters spin.
    Go to Youtube and look up a song called”Hands all over The place” , by The Velvet Underground”. Words that are spoken by the 70 year old Hillary supporter that says she was assaulted in plain sight on a public airplane 30 years ago by Mr. trump. A complete lie of course. Stupid as well as media spin.

  60. We and our country are screwed if Hildebeast is elected. I cannot believe how the Republicans are helping this witch get elected. Mark my words, if she wins there will be a war not far behind. All this crap that’s being released about Trump is such a blatant lie. This is what you get when you have government in bed with the media. Total fake hit job on Trump and there are functional illiterates out there who will buy this crap hook line and sinker. God help us because we are now facing Satan at our gates.

  61. The biggest threat to our Nation IS hillary clinton!

  62. BunkerHillLightMan

    Yup, spoken like a true whack job she has demonstrated these last 4+ decades. Why she not behind bars yet?

  63. Donald Trump for president!!! Gods anointed one to save our Nation from the H’s and O’s and billionairs here to destroy us

  64. H and O have a clue…its just the clue to destroy us. They are a very clear and present danger!!! to every american here, and other innocent people here in our mist. They know exactly what they are doing!!! while playing dumb… and the evil they are standing true to… against the american innocent lives here.

  65. So if terrorists are not a threat then if we bring in massive numbers they will be? Is that the objective?

  66. And this POS wants to be PRESIDENT!

  67. Not as big a threat as you are, but a threat none the less.

  68. This wasn’t “HACKED”. It’s the real deal. And this POS Hillary Clinton has promised to bring in 650% more Muslims than Obama. A CORRECT count: there are 51 more mosque in Florida alone than when Obama took office. And the estimate is about 1200 across the US. Cannot believe anyone would vote for this person

    No need to Snoops this….Channel 12 in Beaumont Texas did the reporting.

    This is true. Go to channel 12 Beaumont Texas. It happened on Jan 6,2016.

    This is for real . Story appears on Beaumont TV station Channel 12

    According to the Beaumont newspaper and reports from a
    couple of Beaumont TV stations this really happened.

    Subject: Hillary in Beaumont, Texas – Got to read this!!

    Hillary Clinton made a campaign
    stop yesterday in Beaumont, Texas. Only six people were
    there to greet her. Her security detail outnumbered her
    supporters by quite a bit. She wouldn’t talk, wave to or
    even acknowledge those there to greet her. As bad as that
    is, it’s not the real story here. The real story is who
    she took a private meeting with. After landing, Clinton
    headed off to a fundraiser in West Beaumont, where she was
    greeted by around 150-200 Muslims, most of whom were of
    Pakistani origin. The event was held by Pakistani
    businessman Tahir Javed and Hillary raised approximately
    $500,000 by pandering to Muslims, making it “one of the
    top five private fundraisers Clinton has had in this
    country.” She’s bought and paid for by
    them. Spread this far and wide. You will
    not see it on national news but this is what is going
    on. Shelia Jackson Lee was there as well.

  69. Obama and Clinton have bankrupted the nation on costly OBAMAcare and paying terrorists.

  70. Watch ..” Hillary’s America “….history lesson…

  71. Don’t kid yourself. Hilly knows exactly that terrorism is a real threat to the people of the US and our Constitution! Why? Because she is in bed with them through the money the Clinton foundation receives from them! She too like Soros, Obama, elite Republicans want the money that it puts in their pockets through our taxes to make us poor like a third world country!
    We need to wake up! Get rid, of the link and cause, in letting the terrorists into this country, to save it for our children and grandchildren!
    Hilly is so false and plastic in addition to being a hypocrite to the American people!

  72. More than 50 dead Americans courtesy of San Bernardino and Orlando? No threat?
    I cannot believe anyone would think of terrorists as not a threat. I guess bombs that did not kill anyone in New York was not a “threat”. Bombs in Boston that killed several and horribly injured many more was not a “threat”. Then there was 9/11 that was an unfortunate “accident”. No, terrorists are not likely to destroy the whole country, unless we keep thinking like HilLIARy.

  73. My post was taken off because it was too truthful for the Hillary people to handle and deal with! Boy what spoilers they are and really deserve to lose due to their cheating!
    Wake up people we are being micromanaged to think she is innocent! What a mess her mental make up is!

  74. This woman, (I won’t call the potty mouth killary a lady), is not qualified to be president because she should never be given a security clearance. She’s sold out our country for donations to the fraudulent Clinton foundation. She is a power hungry greedy psychotic liar. And I figured it out from that stoned smile and glassy eyed look she had in the first debate was because the wire we saw she was wearing was to her vibrator.

  75. I can’t believe stupid MF idiots would still vote for vile, liar Hillary Rotten Clinton, they must hate America. That witch will tear this country apart, and all those religious fools will be banned and forced to change to Islam.

  76. Hillary Clinton hates America so much the witch is capable of becoming another Hitler, she has a long list of dead behind her.

  77. There is an estimate of 7 to 10 million Muslims in this country. And, most all of the devote Muslims will respond to an ISIS call for “war Jihad”—-that is roughly seven hundred Jihadist per county, and most, including young people, have been trained in some capacity to create chaos, including the use of “body bombs” being carried by people of all ages. There might be a very few who might be listed as “moderate”, but they are not going to admit it, as any deviation from Islam is punishable by death. Keep in mind the Muslims do not have a large standing army, air force or navy. They do their initial fighting with their civilian citizens being called to Jihad either as individuals or small groups. . Only when they gain strength do they actually invade and take over and occupy land and cities. Look to what is happening in those countries where there are ongoing civil wars and wars of Jihad—-often it is difficult or impossible to tell them apart. .I understand (not verified) that Hillary and the President both have several Muslims on their staffs and in important government positions. I don’t see how those devout Muslims can be properly vetted and receive appropriate security clearances. Something is greatly “amiss”, and we had better find out what it is and take action. Keep in mind, about 80% of the Democrats are good people—they are your neighbors, fellow workers, church members, business associates, and perhaps one’s spouse or siblings. It is the top 20% that basically cause problems.

  78. This was the bull sh*t Bill Clinton and ALGORE were feeding America before the USS Cole was hit and later on The Twin Towers. Perhaps it is time for a major catastrophe before Americans finally wake up. It appears, Hillary and her bare faced lies will win the day. Why? Because Americans are TOO STUPID to see reality when it stares them back in the face. I am curious how many thousands of Americans are going to have to pay the ultimate, before we as a nation wake the hell up. It will take generations before this rift can be healed if ever. America is a Nation in DISTRESS!!

  79. Killary, Oslima. Podesta. Paul Ryan, Piglossi, Schumer, Kasich from Ohio , the Mormon from Utah and the elites and don’t forget Pig face old George Soros and the so called elites, load them all on a large plan and let it sink in the middle of the ocean!!

  80. Hillary does not know what is going on in this country from a whole in the ground and if she would be elected President a lot more Americans may end up like those in Benghazi

  81. ISIS is not nearly as much of a threat as Hillary & the Muslim Marxist Mutt Puppets for NWO

  82. That is a repeat of Obama’s message in 2012…ISIS is on the run….well her dumb comment tells you right there how inept she is for the job…ISIS is in 130 plus countries causing havoc. Beware of forked tongued pant suit wearing idiots….she needs to catch the news on a different media station…and not the mainstream ones.

  83. Hillary is just as corrupt and delusional as the idiots we have in the white house now.

  84. Hillary would not know Terriost if it bit her where the sun don’t shine.

  85. She and her former pimp, the Muslim-Muslim Marxist jihadist in the “Outhouse” have been terrorizing “US” for the last eight years! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION – guaranteed!

  86. Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    What planet does she and Obama live on? What alternative reality are they attempting to relay to the American citizens? They know exactly what the threat of terrorism is to us, and are probably well-prepared for it. It is the
    reality that they are wanting. I hope that they can live with what they are bringing about. I wonder what kind of an individual , one would have to be, to have no feelings for their fellow man? We already know that they hate America and are working feverishly for its destruction. When they kill off the working people, who will wait upon them?
    Who will drive their cars, cook their meals, clean their homes, wash their clothes, etc? Not us, we will be dead!

  87. Even if it were true, like she says, that “terrorism is not a threat,” that is not the attitude to project. The purpose of terrorism is to terrorize, so if we are not cowering in fear, they see that as a challenge. Tactically the solution is to feign acquiescence while readying a knockout blow.

  88. What can you expect of a woman to make some comment like that when she would give at a speech he recently gave in front of an audience of businessmen if you think that comment is bad when you read this one. I am going to show you what alunatic she really is. I’m that speech she stated that part of te cure for the economy was increasing the amount of food stamps given out.
    you know I read a great deal of the statements this idiot says and half the time I honestly beleive she must be drunk or high on something when she stated there things. ole Bill recently stated that the way to fix Detroit and revive it was to give all the jobs And housing to Muslim refugees just turn Detroit completely to Muslims and they would fix the current problem. he went on to say how wonderful and hard working they were. I thought what the he..I planet did he just drive from
    what about giving the jobs to the young black people and what I’m the back did he want to do with those who call Detroit home. I found his comment and it was a news interview to be completely stupid and insulting to the people who live there and need work but Bill Clinton wants to give all the housing and jobs in Detroit to Muslim Refugees because somehow to him they are much better people than anyone already living there. so we go from dumb statement to stupid statement back to more stupid statements and the people of America are the ones who suffer from these idiots and their ideas of what is write and what is wrong. if I read much of eather one of them , my blood pressure goes up to almost boiling. there people are complete the most corrupt two people I have ever met it read About and I must admit I have met some real dooxies in my time. If trump needs help building that wall. I will volunteer my services to dig anything to get that wall built.
    I just keep praying on it Donald Trump wins the election I want him to win for lots of reasons mostly because every damn body in the world has tried their best to keep him from winning even women waiting 3035 years two alleged that someone attempted to kiss them what a bunch of liars there people are and Gloria Aldridge ain’t nothing but an ambulance chaser. I lived in California as a paralegal for 14 years I know exactly what kind of lawyer she is because I worked for lawyers exactly like her. If a lawyer from another state if he has no honor no Integrity no respect for himself no respect for the law and the truth he would do well to move to California I’m not saying all lawyers in California like that but everyone I work for was. I have seen the Headhunters come in the office and I’ve had to do the intake all people that didn’t even have an injury until the Headhunter told them that if they didn’t have an injuries he couldn’t get them any money. I had Hunter averages anywhere from 500 to $750 per person he brings in the office . I know because I work for them and I know what they got and how it all works. When a person refers to a lawyer as a ambulance chaser it’s not the lawyer that does the chasing usually they’ve got someone there working in the office he is she would do it and if they don’t they may have as many as three or four five Headhunters who go out and they find the cases for the lawyer and these Headhunters may know as many as 20 different lawyers and they just go from one lawyer to another sometimes selling the case even if it’s a fraudulent one they don’t care most of the time . You can be assured that Gloria Aldridge more than likely uses Headhunters and the headhunter came up with this case. some woman that a headhunter has used before for various type cases and trust me. the crap I have seen in some law officer in California would make an attorney with morals and principles blush .


  90. Well let’s hope the next target is Clinton herself this bitch is just unreal she is so crooked and the fact that liberal morons are just willing to ignore it is astounding how stupid do you have to be to want to put a murderer in the office of president. I have always known liberals were weak minded and cowards that REQUIRE a government to tell them how to live and what to say and think but the ignorance I see coming out in these twisted freaks even surprises me.

  91. Im Sorry, with Truths of WikiLeaks coming to Light, Hillary Clinton Deserves Every NASTY word said About Her.
    Petitioning for the REMOVAL of All government officials who are Not Upholding their Oath of Office. All Pay Frozen, Benefits Frozen, Assets Frozen, until a FULL INDEPENDENT AUDIT OF GOVERNMENT can be Completed. ANY FOUND GUILTY OF ILLEGAL ACTIVITY IN POSITIONS, Hold the Accountable and Sentence them Accordingly. The Only way to Stop CORRUPTION is to Stop Funding the Perpetuaters! Why is this Proven Treasonist Government STILL IN THE PEOPLES WHITEHOUSE? MORESO, Why are The People Still Paying their Salaries for their Blatant, Illegal, Corrupt & Dangerous, Reckless Decisions that has Endangered the Security, Sovereignty and LIVES of Americans? Why?
    I Think Wikileaks Has More Than PROVEN the Corruption at ALL Levels of Government and WHEN IS ENOUGH…ENOUGH?

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