Hillary Clinton: I Might Challenge Legitimacy of 2016 Election

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the woods of Chappaqua, New York…

As you may have heard, Hillary Clinton is out there doing the rounds to promote her new book, “What Happened,” which promises readers an inside look at the Democrat’s failed 2016 presidential aspirations. In addition to building up a blame list a mile long – Russians, FBI Directors, and Matt Lauers, oh my! – Clinton is now floating a new possibility that should alarm Americans of all political stripes: She says she might challenge the very legitimacy of the election.

And here TRUMP was supposed to be the big, bad danger to democracy!

In an interview with NPR’s Terry Gross, Hillary was asked if she would be open to the possibility of mounting a legal challenge to Trump’s victory.

“Would you completely rule out questioning the legitimacy of this election if we learn that the Russian interference in the election is even deeper than we know now?” asked Gross.

“No,” Hillary answered. “I would not.”

“You’re not going to rule it out?” asked Gross, mildly astonished.

“No, I wouldn’t rule it out,” Clinton confirmed.


Remember when Trump said “I’ll leave you in suspense” about whether or not he would accept the outcome of the election and all the Democrats lost their minds? Well, here we are nearly a year AFTER the election, and Hillary Clinton still apparently isn’t sure she accepts the outcome. She’s out there on government-funded radio saying that she may very well challenge the legitimacy of our election process! Because she lost!!

Russians, Smushians, this is outrageous.

Make no mistake about it, this is a brand new idea from Camp Clinton. She’s been blaming everyone in the world for her loss, but this is the first time she’s seriously made any comment about the legitimacy of Trump’s victory. So either Gross asked the question in just the right way or Hillary just learned something that has made her think that her White House dreams might actually be once again within her grasp.

What could that possibly be?

Well, there are a couple of possibilities. One, someone on Team Mueller has told her that they’ve uncovered something – some weak, debatable voting problem – that would open the door to doubt. And Hillary and the Democrats wouldn’t need but the slightest shadow of doubt to begin saying that Trump is an illegitimate president. Hell, half of their supporters already believe it.

Two, she may think that raising such questions will give her an “in” to run again in 2020. Sure, sure, she’s said all along that she’s retired, but we wonder. A little time out on the book tour around all of her adoring fans…yeah, we wouldn’t be surprised if she’s once again entertaining the fantasy of finally – finally – breaking Ye Olde Glass Ceiling. By raising questions about whether or not she actually lost in 2016, she could open a door that seems – for now, at least – to be shut and sealed.

We’re not even slightly concerned that Clinton might actually succeed in overturning the election results, but you never know what could happen to a narrative once it gets out among the masses – especially if that narrative is supported by the mainstream media. Not only could it set us up for the dismal prospect of Clinton Vs. Trump II, it could easily do longterm, lasting damage to our collective faith in the election process.

And isn’t that what the intelligence agencies claim Russia was trying to do in the first place? Bet they’re glad to have such a willing accomplice in the scorned Mrs. Clinton…

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  3. Hillary is a Communists, that is why she lost.
    Nobody really likes communism.

    • Hillary is a treasonous lying criminal who belongs in prison. The amazing part of this whole thong is that when she and thedemocrats assumed she would ein, they were do conserned about trump accepting the outcome of the election that they mafe it a major issue. Now, after making up the whole Russia influencing our election story, she is the hypocrite not accepting the results. How pathic.

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      • The one thing the Left is best at is being hypocrites. If it were not for double standards, they would have none.

        The Left pushes this Russian hacking thing as a diversion because their REAL election fraud was exposed by Project Veritas during the last weeks of the Election. If it were not for James O’Keefe and Project Veritas’s efforts, the DNC and the corruption of the deep state would have coronated Hillary.

        Hillary was all about accepting the outcome of the election because there were tons of people that believed the way I do that our Election process has been compromised. She KNEW it was compromised. Even the night of the Election she expected the election fraud system to come through for her….

        Thank God for James O’Keefe and Project Veritas as their efforts drove that voter rigging apparatus underground for this last election.

        • The polls had her ahead. It’s one of the “why I lost” reasons she listed. The Democrats underestimated the number of votes they had to manufacture.

          • The polls were skewed by democrats. It seems their thinking was if people though Trump had no chance they would not vote for him and hillary would win. It backfired on them. Every underhanded thing they could scrap up they did to stack the vote against Trump. It did not work and now they can’t see it. Therefore, they are bound to make the same mistake again. Good.

            One thing we all learned in the last election and that is just exactly what those polls are worth!

          • Hillary used every dirty trick in the book,then created some new ones of her own with the help of Obama to insure her winning the election. She had the dead and the illegals voting for her multiple times and she has the nerve to question it,because,even with all the fraud and cheating that was done for her,she still lost? “what happened” was the people were fed up with the bs that she and Obama were doing to America,but she has a comprehension problem.

          • yep….about as much as boobs on a boar!

          • You are so correct, but they also had to be careful because of the spot light that O’Keefe shown on the process. After all election fraud is a felony.

            She should have also known that the polls were lies…. But she will never admit it.

            I believe the Left uses polls to set the expectations of the public so that they will accept an unlikely outcome. The MEDIA uses its influence to brainwash the public into accepting the manufactured outcome that Hillary and the Left expected.

            “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
            —-Joseph Stalin

            I wrote about the corruption here and would love to here your thoughts.

            Note that the Lefts voter fraud apparatus has NOT BEEN DISMANTLED. It lies in the shadows and will re-emerge if we do not do anything about it.

          • And the Democrap candidates in 2020 will be:

            1. Senator Kamala Harris

            2. Senator Corey Booker

            3. Senator Bernie Sanders

            4. LOOOOOOSSSSER Hilldabeast Clinton

            5. Rep. Maxine “The Mouth” Waters

            6. And a Host of Losers

            Possible Republican Contenders:

            1. Jeb Bush

            2. Ted Cruz

            3. John “the RINO stuck in the past” Kasich

            4. Chris Christie

            5. David Clark

            6. President Trump

            Should be an interesting couple of years.

          • Amongst the Host of Losers:

            7. Rahm-booh Emanuel, the Southside Ballerina from Chicago
            8. Eric Hold’er-up and leave her holding the bag

            maybe even:

            9. Little Debbie Wassermann-Schuuuuuuuuultz, who is currently practicing her lines for court in the Imran Awan case:

            “She saw nosssssing, she heard nossssing, and she knows nosssssing!”

          • okay…so now it’s ROTFLMAO!!

        • It was compromised and the bitch STILL lost!!

      • She did not make up the “the whole Russia influencing our election story,” Far from it! Every day more evidence comes forward closing the noose on such despicable characters as Paul Manafort, who was snugly in bed with the Russians while serving as Trump’s campaign manager, even volunteering to brief a Russian intelligence operative on the campaign. And that is just the latest revelation in a continuing saga of ethical activity in Trump Land. If anything like that had been reported during the 2012 election, linking the Obama campaign with foreign adversarial interests, you wingers would have been all over it like a duck on a June bug. With you goobers, the double standard is the name of the game. Mueller is a skilled investigator and he will get to the bottom of “the whole Russia influencing our election story,” and your defense of the Tweeter-in-Chief will crumble like a dry biscuit.

        Thank God for the free press. The New York Times and the Washington Post, as with the Watergate scandal, are hot on the trail of damning information about the” Russia thing.” And, just as in Watergate, the ultimate conclusion will embarrass you Trump defenders and send you running for cover. The “fake news” from the “lying media” is exposing the corruption in the Trump campaign, much to the chagrin of the accidental President.

        • There is more evidence of links between Russia and the Clinton campaign than anyone even could imagine between Russia and the Trump campaign. There is no evidence whatsoever of any collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.
          Clinton signed off on a deal that allowed the Russians to purchase a uranium-mining operation that extended into U.S. territory. The canadian company involved had a deep financial connection to Bill Clinton and had been a major donor to the Clinton Foundation. Those donations worth $2.35 million were not disclosed publicly despite the secretary of state Clinton agreement to reveal any and all donations to the foundation while she served under Obama. Bill Clinton accepted $500,000 to deliver a speech in Moscow to a Russian bank with deep ties to the Putin government. The bank just happened to be promoting Uranium One stock at the time Clinton spoke.
          Hopefully the FBI will turn the agency’s investigative eye towards the true traitor, Clinton, and let Trump get back to the business we all elected him to do.

          • Those Clinton transactions were duly reported concistent with requirements of law. A bunch of Manafort’s activities were concealed until the “fake media” and/or Mueller reported them. There IS a difference!

          • Clinton’s transaction were reported? just like the way she reported the use of her personal server??
            Manafort is being rail roaded and no evidence of wrongdoing has yet been found.

          • Be patient. Meanwhile ask yourself why Manafort has been told that he will be indicted and why a FISA judge issued a warrant that authorized an early a.m. search of Manaforrt’s apartment and why he specifically authorized FBI agents to pick the lock on the apartment’s outer door before without knocking or otherwise announcing their arrival.

            Railroaded? Manafort’s train ticket will likely.send him to the Graystone Hotel for a protracted period of free room and board.

            The mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine!

          • You got to stop reading the New York Times and CNN.
            Your head may be on straight but it’s in a dark damp place.

          • You obviously have sucked up to the Trump rejection of the “lying media.” You and others will get potty-trained on that issue when all the truth comes out from the Mueller investigation and a whole lot of Trumpites find themselve in deep doo-doo!

          • I doubt that but I know that when the dust settles YOU will finally be silent…

          • FISA would NEVER have authorized an early a.m. raid. The people conducting the raid DECIDED to conduct the raid in the early a.m.

            Manafort was not home, by the way.

            And it is the GRAND JURY and ONLY the Grand Jury that decides whether or not to indict.

          • Play all the word games you want. An indictment will be sought and granted. The raid and the lock-picking were authorized:


          • Learn to read you freaking moron!!

            I NEVER ONCE said that the raid was Unauthorized.

            I said the Court does NOT authorize raids IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!!

            And the indictment IS up to the Grand Jury! That isn’t a word game. It’s just the FACTS.

          • yep, and remember that old saying about grandjury indicting a ham sandwich?

        • Just for you information, Hillary was the one who brought up the Russian Collusion because she lost the election. The only ones colluding with the Russians was Hillary, Podesta. Bill and her entire campaign. Mueller is a fake and is being investigated as being in collusion with Comry and Hillary and other members of her campaign. The new FBI Director will have no choice but to indict Hillary for treason and her Muslim sidekick as well. Trump is NOT an accidental President. He is a legitimately elected President of this country backed by the duly registered citizens of this country. if you don’t like it, then get the hell out and go live in a country whose ideology is more to your liking. You might as well, because Trump will be President of this nation for eight wonderful years.

          • At the conclusion of the Mueller investigation and the initiation of legal proceedings against certain Republicans and their foreign confederates, come back here and tell us it is all a a plot by Hillary Clinton, so we can laugh our asses off.

        • Oh come on now, The whole idea of a deal with Iran is treasonous. Sending them 400 billion in cash, is too. This isn’t speculation, he admitted it, as did his party. Just about everything done by Democrats in this last election was at the very least questionable, if you can’t see that, blind doesn’t begin to cover the level of delusion . Conflict of interest/ obstruction of justice between Loretta Lynch and Slick Willie, the not so mysterious murder of Seth Rich, good lord, the emensity of the Email scandal, Bengahzi, how much more do you need. I’ve been told, that dictators everywhere require blind obedience , but what I see going on here, goes so much farther. Thebstatye if lady justice days justice is blind, Liberals are doing their best to make it deaf, dumb and stupid too.

          • The money “given” to Iran was their money that had been seized by the U.S. and impounded as part of sanctions against that nation. The matter is a complex one and it is is explained in this article that appeared in Fortune Magazine, hardly a liberal rag: http://fortune.com/2016/08/05/money-america-iran/ The Behghazi matter has been investigated in greater depth by the Republican-led Congress than any other matter before that body in the last decade and they found no grounds for adverse action against the then-Secretary of State. The death of Seth Rich? Come on! That absurd conspiracy theory is about the shabbiest one around. Read up on the FACTS about the unfortunate death of this young man:


            And how his own aggrieved family viewed this case: “[S]ome are attempting to politicize this horrible tragedy, and in their attempts to do so, are actually causing more harm than good and impeding on the ability for law enforcement to properly do their job. For the sake of finding Seth’s killer, and for the sake of giving the family the space they need at this terrible time, they are asking for the public to refrain from pushing unproven and harmful theories about Seth’s murder.”

            The e-mail issue is dead. It, to has been investigated by the Congress and the FBI and there is no more to be done or said about it except by those who can’t stand that
            it did not send Hillary or anyone else to jail. Get over it!

            The Lynch/Bill Clinton meeting? Another dead issue!

            You have surfaced a bunch of nothing that utterly deflected from and failed to address the subject of this string, introduced in jim wright’s post, namely the Trump campaign’s involvement with Russia. Neither his post nor any of mine made any reference to the Iran payment or Seth Rich, or Clinton’s e-mails or Benghazi. You threw all that up as a smoke screen to cover your inability to deal with the continuing cascade of evidence
            pointing to collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives long connected to the campaign’s manager, the sleazy Paul Manafort.

          • snopes is far left leading, crooked and with a criminal past….great authority you use

        • Headonstraight- EXCELLENT COMMENT!! YOU NAILED IT!!

        • Okay so you read the New York Slimes and the Washington Pist……that’s your problem right there…FAKE NEWS

        • ” If anything like that had been reported during the 2012″ – There were significant contributions from foreign interests revealed during Obama’s campaign despite the discovered attempts to conceal their source. These were reported in news stories. Some of them the Democrats were forced to return, but how many were successfully concealed, of course, remains unknown.

      • I am sorry but your comment is so full of spelling errors that it is impossible to make sense of it. It might have been relevant if it had been legible.

        • Typical, you can read it, you just can’t dispute it.

        • There were only six Julia:) ????? How many did I miss?

        • I read and I understood exactly what he meant….no need spelling cops here, we all understand

          • No spelling cop. I didn’t understand and just quit trying to decipher his atrocially spelled words. They made no sense. I am certainly glad you have the time to interpret his spelling. I certainly don’t want this disgusting woman as president. She has already admitted there is no mechanism to challenge the legitimacy of a presidential election and that one would have to be explored.

          • Okay Julia……..I believe the same as you, but it just seemed like you came on really strong. Yep! I have plenty of time! I’m 71! retired! Nothing else to do! LOL! I read Clinton’s comments about no way to challenge, and I think we BOTH know that for her to do that would be the most foolhardy thing she has ever done! Right???

      • Does anyone know how well her “book” is doing? I’ve already seen one at a garage sale & it was priced at $2—-no sale. Just curious.

        • Scuttleass- you are a damn liar!! FAKE NEWS!!! Hillary topped the charts in only 3 days on Amazon& has sold over 300,000 copies of her new book ” What Happened ” as of Sept 14. I purchased her book& just started reading it. It’s a great book & I’m pretty confident that she will sell more copies of her book than Donald Dump’s Art Of The Deal. I would love to see the look on Trump’s face when her book out sells his. His fragile ego will be damaged beyond repair. They say ” REVENGE IS SWEET” LOL!!!!!

          • You got it wrong, the only reason they are buying the book is because they can’t believe that Hillary is that stupid, they need to see it in writing to believe!

        • It was yanked and had to be re-written in certain places…..her ‘my own feeling and words’ happen to have been lifted word for word from another author who threatened her with plagiarism!! Still the same old lier

    • Hillary ran on the Obama administration policies. She didn’t have a program of her own beyond committing herself to expand Obama’s crumbling policies, throw more taxpayer money at them. Those were the policies that had already lost the Democrats the House and the Senate. More critically, since it is the states that elect the President, the Obama policies had lost the Democrats control of the majority of the states. I hope (but doubt) that she has included this reason in her latest excuse folio.

    • And nobody, but nobody likes Hellery!

  4. Hillary Clinton never could have won the election legitimately.

    • She couldn’t even win the popular vote legitimately

      • So true, CA had to fake up about 3 million votes for her. And I do not believe she beat Bernie in CA in the primary.

        • Only her lies and the help of several Democratic Party leaders did she beat Bernie; if she had run an honest campaign Sanders would probably be president today!

          • And God help us if he had.

          • God did help us… Bernie would not have been elected, any more than Hillary would have been elected.

            I think the Elites that have taken over the Democrat party (and the Republicans too) have traveled down a path towards big government communism that the Democrat people do not want to go down…

            At some point in time, all Communist regimes become tyrannical, usually the dictators have enough control over the populace to impose their list. Thank God We the People still have our guns.

          • Trump’s election was, I truly believe, a gift from God.

          • which god?

          • The ONE and TRUE GOD…you stupid idiot. Not your moon god!

          • The ONE and TRUE GOD.and which one is that?


          • Yep, Elena you are correct…Poor Rich Girod…you are godless! …..just like Faye and Shrillery!

          • Elena Bowman- Shame on YOU!!! You believe in god & then you call Rich a stupid idiot? You are what they call a phony Christian& you need to apologize ASAP!! Your religion preaches love, tolerance, turn the other cheek & so on…. Just because someone doesn’t believe in your god , doesn’t give you the right to call them names.

          • There is some truth to that. But, Christians are not perfect…we are still people. We are not to call names. You are right about that. But, Rich was making a comment hoping for that reaction. And, we need not to fall to that, but sometimes we do. To answer Rich Girod, our God is the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac,and the God of Jacob; from Exodus 3:6. He is the one and only true God. It is offensive to us when people want to ridicule what is at our core. Our faith makes us who we are. But, certainly, it does not make us perfect. When we fail to stop and listen to His lead, through His word and through prayer, we will always mess up. That IS the human element.
            Mark 12:30-And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all
            thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.
            Matthew 22:39-And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.
            It is not always easy to live by the second commandment. But, that, and sharing the Word, are what is expected of us. I am sorry for any offense it caused on both sides.

          • We are Christians, but, we are not perfect.. That is why we love God.. He is always there to support us, protect us and love us…We need him, because, we are not, perfect..

          • Faye…stupid is as stupid does…..you and Rich have a lot in common…..

          • Please do everyone A FAVOR! Visit the Grand canyon, take a running leap off of the side sans parachute! Let us know when you hit bottom!

          • Faye Hayes…Shame on YOU. You’re the one who doesn’t believe in GOD. And as far are Rich is concerned he is a stupid idiot and so are you. Apologize for what for calling it like it is. By the way, who do you think you are calling me a pony Christian just because I don’t follow your beliefs. My religion is against suicide. Turning the other cheek when a murderer only wants to kill is not acceptable. Maybe in your religion, you are supposed to submit to the executioner.

          • The one with a Capital G….
            There is only one God.

          • Thanks,

            Seek and you shall find Him…. It is entirely up to you to open the door.

          • Rich is a LibTURD troll!! It’s easier to teach Quantum Physics to amoebas then to teach “IT” anything or get a serious sensible response!
            Or in layman’s terms “Ya Can’t Fix “STUPID””!!!!!!

          • Rich really isn’t the target of my posts… Those that read posts are… And I think I am doing pretty good at neutralizing the trolls garbage.

          • You may be right, but hopefully not. We Christians have to try to make sure that everyone gets the message of salvation. Many will choose to ignore the message, but at least we’ve made them aware of it.

          • there is only one God ,one day you will regret your impudence

          • As God led me to previously respond to Faye Hayes: “The God of Abraham, Issac and Jocob, of King David, of Martin Luther and Martin Luther King is also your God. I hope you realize it and get to know him SOON! Repent of your sins and ask forgiveness for your sins in the name of God’s Son, Jesus, and your sins, all of them, whatever they are, will be forgiven. My God, your God is the only God that can grant you that kind of freedom.”

          • You are aware that Muslims worship the God Of Abraham. Are you not?

          • Yes, I know that. But God’s Lineage of Salvation isn’t routed through Ishmael. So, what is your point?

          • Why to you think Muslims are evil? Why to you hate then? Why don’t you want them to come to our country? This is the land of freedom…this is the land of love. They believe in the same God we do. As a Christian , you know this.

          • You have no idea what I think unless I tell you, and I said nothing about Muslims being evil. Their route to Salvation is the same as yours, mine and everyone else’s (see my earlier post to you). What I said is that the Lineage of Salvation does not run through Ishmael. It runs from Abraham through his son Isaac down to Jesus Christ.

          • I agree Ed. I know I was praying that the voters would have enough sense to see what a disaster it would be if they elected Clinton.

          • I think the gift was from enough people who woke up and voted in the middle of the country. Where I live we just had a primary. Less than 20% voted. Want to know how well my city is doing?

          • May well have been…us Deplorables just banded together and voted her out!

          • It really was God’s gift,Christians were praying all over. We had those here who were praying and at the same time in Israel,they were too.

          • Ed Anderson- Then your god must really hate his people & decided to punish you for all the sins you have committed . You need to repent asap. LOL!!!

          • The God of Abraham, Issac and Jocob, of King David, of Martin Luther and Martin Luther King is also your God. I hope you realize it and get to know him SOON! Repent of your sins and ask forgiveness for your sins in the name of God’s Son, Jesus, and your sins, all of them, whatever they are, will be forgiven. My God, your God is the only God that can grant you that kind of freedom.

          • Faye Hayes, no need to ask what party you are from…sore losers if I m correct. What about your God….saddling you with that lying, using, corrupt, unrepentant mess that you put up for a candidate!!

          • mauisheri- Hey, Old lady, Don’t you have something better to do with your time , like catch up on your knitting , tend to your garden or watch Wheel of Fortune ? Have you read your bible lately ? Most Christians don’t. It’s really none of your business what party I’m from, but I’ll tell you anyway . I am an Independent. Have been since I was old enough to vote. No, I am not a sore loser. I voted for Hillary because she would have made a great president, unlike that orange bozo the clown we have in The White House. What about your god ? Did you pray for a racist bigot like DUMP? Well, I guess your make believe sky daddy answered your prayers. NOT REALLY!! Actually, I am an Atheist & I don’t believe praying to some invisible being is going to do anything. You Christians have all been brainwashed into believing all this religious crap!! If you are a true Christian, How could you have voted in good conscience, for a man who degrades women , calls them dogs & pigs, brags about grabbing them by their Pu$$ies, Makes fun of their looks aso. Drumpf is a racist S.O.B.. Hates Muslims, Mexicans, Blacks, Latinos, but loves The KKK, Neo Nazi & The White Supremacist . Hillary was spot on when she said Trump was unstable & would get us into a Nuclear War with a country like N. Korea. Never dreamed in in a million years this would happen so quickly .Drumpf will be impeached or resign before he gets the chance to fire that first missile.

          • You are not an independent. Why do you on the Left have to lie about that?

          • The left lies and twists everything to fit the rainbow and unicorn narrative… don’t waste your time with Faye Hayes and Rich Gayrod. The two are a couple of trolls whom obviously are as left as you get and have no tolerance for facts. Atheists at the core, they will both tag team bash you and then block you from their feed as neither can accept the truth that Hillary is NOT the President. Faye also attacked mauisheri with all the trappings of the left and typical rhetoric…
            Fvck them both! MAGA TRUMP 2020😎🇺🇸🔥💪🏼

          • I hear you and understand that the trolls will not hear our words. But those reading these posts do hear the words. Most important, we are not letting the trolls lie. A lie unchallenged and repeated often enough becomes the truth. Lies can no longer go unchallenged.

          • which god…perhaps you worship satan?

          • Satan isn’t a god..he’s a fallen angel and definitely NOT to be worshiped. I’m referring to God in Heaven, who answered the prayers of all of us who got down on our knees and begged Him not to let Hillary win the election. In spite of overwhelming odds in her favor, she lost. I wonder how many Hillary supporters knelt and prayed that she would win. Did you?

          • have you ever turn over a rock that you didn’t find a communist under? What year are you living in…? 1950?

          • Perhaps we should have continued to turn over rocks since McCarthy,

            apparently Communists breed under rocks…

            When you come out from under your rock do you shake the dirt out of your hair? I will bet you don’t.

          • Meh…Lame. Communism doesn’t work. It’s been proven…get over it. You seen a bit paranoid about this .

          • If you think Communism is lame and doesn’t work, you really need to do some self retrospection as you seem to be conflicted.

          • Communism breads in supposed institutions of higher learning. You know the places where professors who have never worked an honest job or been further than a 5 mile radius of where they teach teach communism to kids who will do exactly the same . So it’s a mobious inbred system of lies and stupidity ( in short a waste of money for parents and tax payers).

          • If I had a child in the school system, anywhere in the school system, I would pull them out and home school him/her.

            I can’t believe how worthless the higher institutions have become.

          • I am afraid, I agree with this.. The schools and colleges, have become very liberal.

          • the 1950s were the best decade in the last millinum

          • And the elites don’t own tRUMP pleeze…he is one of them.

          • Trump is NOT an Elite Politician, please try to keep up…

          • Krazeehors, Amen to that!

          • Bernie was supposed to make it look like she was not being coronated. All he was supposed to do is make a showing. The Elites in charge of the Dem party were shocked at how much support Bernie got. He in all probability actually beat Hillary, but the Elites knew that he would not stand a chance against a Capitalists like Trump. So they used the same voter rigging machine that Project Veritas exposed to put Hillary over the top…

            I think you meant to say did NOT beat Bernie… ???

          • is there a conspiracy theory you don’t believe?

          • Why yes there are conspiracy theories that I do not believe…

            I do not believe that Bush took down the twin towers…
            I do not believe that the US goes to war for oil or imperialistic reasons.
            I do not believe in Global Cooling.
            I do not believe in Global Warming.
            I do believe in Global climate change, because it has always changed.
            I do not believe that man made climate change can be resolved by paying the Government more taxes and giving the Government control of more natural resources. (which is the Lefts only solution)

            I do not believe that scientist or politicians know when Life begins.

          • MAHB001- Then you are a complete MORON!!

          • Only in your mind Faye…

            If all you have is insults, you have lost the argument… Sad loser…

          • Oh my! Faye…didn’t you just pass ‘moral judgement’ on someone you said was ‘name calling’??? Well what’s sauce for the goose…is also sauce for the gander!
            Let’s see…. let me quote you: “Shame on you!!! You need to apologize ASAP!!
            Just because someone doesn’t believe in your god doesn’t give you the right to call them names.”

          • MAHB001…..I agree!!!

          • You need to work on your comprehension dude.

            The article supports my position that the GOP is controlled by liberal progressive spies working with the Democrat Elites to the detriment of the American people they “supposedly” represent.

            Bottom line, A vote for Judge Moore is a Vote for Trump.
            A vote for Strange, is a vote for Mitch McConnell, or in other words a vote for a democrat operative.

            Please try to keep up, but thanks for the update… First thing you have forwarded that was worth reading.

          • Dude? Really…not only do you find a communist under every rock but you invent your own conspiracy theries,,. u r otl…..

          • Communists breed like cockroaches under rocks….

            This is a win/win for Trump. Both the candidates are arguing who is a better supporter of Trump. The only problem is that one of them has a traitors (McConnell) backing…

          • “The only problem is that one of them has a traitors (McConnell) backing.” And that is a win for tRUMP how? That make no sense.

          • Luther Strange has been in office for less time than Trump. I am good with any non career politician that runs as a conservative. So far his votes have been to support Trump. If he gets into office and still supports Trump, I can live with that even if McConnell supports him…

            It is really hard for us conservatives to know who is a traitor like McConnell and who isn’t. The only way we can tell is by their actions. Strange’s ties to McConnell is concerning, but his actions are true to the President and Conservative causes.

            The Elites lie to both sides. 0bama lied big time, Hillary the same… I keep wondering if and when the good democrat people are going to wise up to the fact that their party is out of the closet socialist/communist?

            Surely the good democrat people are not Alt Left Alinsky Radical Atheists like you and have got to wake up some day. That is why Hillary didn’t win, because they actually saw the corruption within their party..

          • you talk like tRUMP….no matter if he lies or tells the truth…he’s claims he’s telling the truth-

          • Speaking pawn people who do what they are told….Find any commies under any rocks today?

          • Just you my friend, first tell your puppet handler to fuck off, then repent.

            You will be a better person for it.

          • you mean my CIA handler?

          • Possible, the CIA no longer works for the people anymore. They could easily be in the pocket of GS.

          • If you’re referring to “Donna Brassiere” who fed her special information, You’re absolutely correct !
            Oh, but we must’nt Say anything about that because Donna is a democRAT and Black ! Do you want to be called a RAAAAAAAIST ?

          • IMSweetOlBob……..sure I’m whte…therefor i must be according to Ovomit!

          • Sanders would have never been President and never will

          • now he could move to KALIPHORNICATION when it Becomes the West Coast VENEZUELA and give it a RUN

          • as a bernie guy i wish this were true…but it’s not

          • Oh, I would hope not. To elect a socialist, wouldn’t set well here in America.

          • any one with a small dab of common sense would not have voted for sanders , he would have bankrupted the country in unbelievable time

        • Wow think about that for a minute. Either way it makes us in california look bad. Even though my county is 90% republican it surely makes the rest look pretty lame . It’s crook or crackpot communists they want. My state has gone to hell .

          • My question is if California is 90% Republican, why is Jerry the fairy your governor? And why is the legislature overwhelmingly Democrat? Just a thought….

          • Read my reply !! I said my county not my state.

          • My bad, I misread the word. Apologies.

          • Ribert that’s okay I do that all the time…..These 71 y.o. eyes just aren’t as good as they once were…LOL!

          • Me too.

          • Like so many other (Americans) I am so sick of hearing anything about Hillary. In addition I am sick of hearing about Mueller’s investigation (all the members of his team being Democrat supporters). When are we going to hear about a Special Prosecutor picked to investigate the Clinton’s and their 30 years of criminal activity. I suspect the Clinton’s have so much dirt on many in Washington that they will do anything to keep it quiet. Drain the “Swamp”. Everything that Hillary says is a lie, everything that Mueller says is a lie and everything that Comey says is a lie. Stop lying to us because you thing we are stupid. Tell the Americdan people the real truth not the truth you have made up in your warped minds.

          • Richard…..so true….and all that would know all the details seem to be dropping like flies, from suicides……and found somewhere…shot in the back of the head, no gun, covered with a sheet!

          • I would like to know why the Debbie Wasserman-Schultz IT person not have a special investigation. REally these people were banded from the government networks, yet they still have access even while sitting in jail and pakistan. I was in technology since the 1980s and believe me when I say, these folks have backdoors into those systems and unless someone has sniffed out all of them the democrat’s and the house’s systems are compromised!

          • Yes! and why didn’t they backtrack to see if he had any other ways to get info?

          • Yes! I believe only the harshest penalty should be given for this offense. Like death!

          • Richard- Stop lying to us because you( thing ) we are stupid. Tell The Americdan people- the P should be a capital letter, DUMBASS!!! LOL!!! You just proved how stupid you Trumptards really are. LMAO!!!

          • What barn yard did you just crawl out of. Just had a conversation earlier today with a former “company man” and we were comparing notes about how many brainless stupid people exist in this country. People who really don’t have a clue about what is really happening in this country. Guess we can had you to that list!

          • Richard- How many brainless stupid people exist in this country ? Oh! Let me guess. Around 36- 37 %, you know the morons who voted for the orange clown. His base of dimwits & low intelligence. LMAO!! I bet you were all so proud when you walked across the stage at The Trump University to accept your fake diplomas. Your dear leader Drumpf must have been so proud, while he was laughing his a$$ off behind your backs. LOL!!!

          • It is just amazing how many brainless ones can come from one barn yard. You would follow a chicken with its head cut off.but you probably don’t know they can still run without their heads, like you. You actually think you are intelligent, guess what?

          • Richard….ahhh I see you’ve had the (mis)fortune to run into loony old Faye Hayes. I can’t see what she wrote I blocked her and no longer have to put up with her off the wall crap and loonyness……….have fun with her!!!!

          • It seems like there are so many of them. I sometimes can’t resist the challenge to throw something their way. Some would say my language is crude but it seems to be the level they deserve and you won’t change their minds anyway. The question I find myself trying to determine is “are they all the same person”?

          • one is as clueless, brainless as the other, I used to try to ‘talk sense’ to them in a respectful manner….my mistake…now I just laugh at them and taunt them with a sly remark or two…..WTH….can’t watch the NFL!!

          • Me Too! I do not think he got into office through legal means. I believe he too rigged the election.

          • See my post above… Bottom line, the Elites count the votes…. And the Elites chose Moon Beam.

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
            —-Joseph Stalin

          • And why should California democrats doubt “Uncle Joe Stalin’s” wisdom?

            California was once a great state. When all the non-internationalist Marxists have had enough, y’all come to Texas. Texans (not just Anglos, all law abiding Texans) will treat y’all right.

          • grew up there as a kid………might have to polish up my drawl!!!

          • So true…..remember what Shrillery said about rigging an election in another country. I think she also quoted Stalin!

          • Because Berkley has been putting out so many brainless idiots for the last 20 years. I use to live in CA, never again – we need to boycot the state. NO TOURIST INDUSTRY! Make them hurt.

          • And now that lawmakers have made Calif. a sanctuary state, you’ll get your wish. We have no desire to visit, since the court blocked President Trump’s attempt to withhold federal funding. Calif. should have to fund all those illegals all on their OWN! http://www.newsweek.com/hidden-costs-rest-us-pay-illegal-immigration-578549
            But wait! A Calif. Republican friend just got his property tax bill, up $600 over last year. Go figure. Formerly $1,200, now $1,800 annually. Thanks, illegals!

          • That’s cheap. We pay over $8,000 a year in my city in Mass.

          • Ribert….crime!

          • I hate that idiot Brown !

          • You are 90% Repub? That is not what they said in Nov.

          • Read my post I said my county not my state.

          • Believe me, I am very happy you are Republican.. Thank you, for sharing.

          • BTW, I am from upstate NY, and we support Trump, but, the people in NYC are used to being taken card of..So they are Trump haters.. Our politicians are afraid of Trump, as he is draining the swamp and they are the occupants. We have a very corrupt government in NY.

          • The NYC folks forget everything Trump has done for NYC! One instance was the one who saved the City millions for the rebuilding of the Rockefeller Center Ice Rink after the contractor missed the deadline, was millions over budget; trump came in and promised to have it done and no more than 2 million. he came in ahead of the promised date and under budget. This is just one incident where he has bailed others out of projects to help the city’s bottom line. BUt De Blasio cant seem to remember any of this!

          • I live in San Diego County, I am surrounded by disenfranchised conservatives…. my county counts out more democrats than republicans.

            I have talked to literally thousands of people (both D’s and R’s) and asked them if they voted for or against the plastic bag tax…. 4 of 1,000 admitted to voting for that tax… That means that somewhere in CA, there has to be a sampling where 996 voted for the tax, and 4 voted no.. I do not believe that is possible, even in San Fran, EVEN in LA! There is NOT a county in CA that voted 99.6% for that tax.

            If you think it smells like corruption, it is corrupted…

          • Corruption is an under statement in this state . Seriously this state has been hi-jacked and held hostage by the democratic crime syndicate . I know this because nobody I mean nobody is truly dumb or stupid enough to vote in the same Democrats who have held office in this state for years. They literally believe that we the people are here to serve them and it’s so bad that they don’t even try to hide their crooked deeds any longer. Californias politicians are looking to get arrested and jailed in a state wide civil war.

          • I sure would like to see a law that dishonorably discharges any lawmaker that creates and votes for a law that turns out to be unconstitutional.
            One that dishonorably discharges any public official when caught lying to the people.

          • That’s good for sure .my personal take on this line would be to make a law that states this , any “law maker” who authors a bill must put up a bond from personal money never tax payer money and if the law is co sponsored they too must post a bond from personal money . If the law is challenged as un constitutional and ruled as such then they forfeited bond and must pay the legal fees of the challenging party. Never should people in public office be able to use tax payer funds to illegally strip citizens of their constitutional rights.

          • Nice,,, anything that makes them think about the Constitutionality of the bill would be a positive.

          • Another step (leap?) in the right direction would be to prohibit from public office any person that is or ever has been a member of the Bar. Lawyers writing laws is a conflict of interest. Also ban/eject anyone with any criminal record beyond minor traffic violations.

          • I second that….

          • The democrats promote people caught lying and stealing.

          • They do it so they won’t squeal when caught.

          • bvaughn69@comcast.net

            They are not democrats,they died a long time ago,try comunist

          • bvaughn69@comcast.net

            Gee if they did that we wouldn’t have anybody in office

          • Well, then Obama would be booted out, because DACA is unconstitutional, and he said so 20 times before he did it anyway!

          • Wow! That is a cool ideal. You need to push that. No take that back we the people.

          • Support https://www.conventionofstates.com

            The MEDIA and Politicians will never vote it in. We the People will have to take back the power and the convention of states is the way to do it.

          • california is bad but illinois is known as the state of corruption

          • What do you mean? Illinois has only had 4 governors sent to jail in the last 50 years. That’s not even 1 a decade. 🙂 In Illinois, it’s primarily the Democratic Party that is corrupt. Between Speaker of the House Michael Madigan’s 32% income tax increase and Toni Preckwinkle’s 1 cent per ounce sugary drink tax, which also applies to diet soda, the tax and spend Democrats are truly the most reprehensible people in the state. Even when we elect a Republican Governor, he can’t get anything done because Democrats control the legislatures. Every time a candidate runs as a reformer, as Preckwinkle did, as soon as they get actual power in their hands, they become as corrupt and greedy as the person they replaced. As far as Madigan, he’s simply always been one of the most corrupt politicians in the country. He gets his salary from the Illinois government, legal business from the state for his law firm, which is illegal and state contracts for his other companies, which is also illegal. He’s a triple dipper and makes sure that the state’s pension system, which is billions in debt and needs reform badly, never changes because he will make millions from it.

          • with the sales tax of 10.5 the city tax and the county tax it amounts to 42 percent , madigan wants to repeal it now because he thinks it will hurt the democrats in the next election because of the income tax increase of 32 percent and the increase in property taxes . Remember the democratic voters live in section8 housing , dont pay the soda tax on food stamps 900,000 of them and you dont tax welfare its only white workers that get hurt.

          • There are no white workers just illegal mex greazers .

          • Even if all the Workers in Chicago woke up it would not do any good as they all work for the City or the County.

          • I bet…..I have heard that it is so totally corrupt…….sad

          • Yep, Illinois has had like the last 6 governors leave office to go to prison!

          • Both states suck.

          • Here’s the sad news. Not all stores charge the “fee”. The stores get most or all of the money, not Sacto.

          • The original bag tax was voted down by the public because the people didn’t want it and because the stores were against it because they bore the entire cost.

            This second version that people think passed, the politicians said that they would give all the money to the stores (a lie) which silenced the Stores opposition. The politicians simultaneously wrote a separate bill that gave the people the choice of giving the money to environmentalists, OR the stores.

            I believe the People chose to give the money to the environmentalists. I also heard that simultaneously, the politicians pulled existing funding that was going to the environmentalists and put it back into the politicians general fund.

            I believe after the shell game with the funds, the people pay a tax, and the politicians got the money.

            What is most egregious about this tax is that it targets the poor and middle class. Now if you think about it, Democrats are ALL about the rich paying their fair share, YET the hypocrites got away with another tax that punishes the poor grandma that just spent her last $10 bucks on 5 items and needs a plastic bag to carry the items from her broken down car to her kitchen without electricity…..

            Politicians in CA are evil hypocrites.

          • When my sister told me about that tax I thought man their elections are rigged.

          • You are correct, I don’t think 100 people voted for that tax, yet the MEDIA, sold us on the fact that it was going to be close, and the corrupt politicians made it so.

            Communist is as communist does. Democrats in CA are open communist.

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
            —-Joseph Stalin

          • I just found out that the current outbreak of Hep A in San Diego has been intensified by of all things the Plastic Bag tax….

            It seems that plastic bags before the tax were plentiful and used by the homeless for all sorts of things including the containment of bowel movements….

            Now that the bags cost 10 cents, plastic bags are more expensive than just dropping down behind a bush…. ewwww….

            Talk about unintended consequences.

          • I know…I was born there and think my birthstate is so pretty….without the nutcases, that is.I pity the poor real Californians that have had their state hijacked by communists and daffy celebrities that pretend for a living and yet think they have all the world’s answers. And they are sooooo wrong!!!!

          • you put is so eloquently!

          • thank you….it seems such a waste of resources, people, everything that could make that state great.

          • 4 of the last 6 CA governors were Republican

          • I gave up a pretty good job in California because the state was being run by corrupt and greedy politicians who was ripping off the men and women in California. The state has a law against about anything a person can imagine but only enforces them against those NOT in political positions!

          • What a surprise to hear that! Where in the world is that CA county?

          • bvaughn69@comcast.net

            Long before they put the comunist in the WH.How long has moonbeam been around?

          • In a “Handbasket” the once most Beautiful State of California is only in old Movies thanks to the Now Seditionist Party

        • Well, it doesn’t really matter. Clinton and Sanders are interchangeable left wing radicals. If either of them had been elected, it would have been disastrous for the country.

          • Bernie is a pure socialists.
            Hillary is a Communists.
            But this is splitting hairs because Communists use socialists as useful idiots to get into power.

            “The goal of socialism is communism.”

          • “The goal of socialism is communism.”

            Mis-attributed–There is no historical record of Lenin saying that.

            “Hillary is a Communists.”

            You have no factual proof of that statement.

            Please turn over some different rocks-

          • Yes there is proof that Lenin said. If you open your eyes you will find it.

            “The goal of socialism is communism.”

            Big Government is just another form of Communism…. Hillary and 0bama both are communists.

          • Show me the proof-If you don’t… then you are just another extreme right wing blog/website addict…so sad…but true

          • LOL, as if I give a shit about what you think…. Your insults and demands are just silly.

            I have shown you this before, but here goes again. Big Government is just another form of Communism. In Communism the working class works for the STATE and the STATE distributes the WEALTH… (Mostly to the oligarchy)

            Big Government in the US just taxes its serfs. The more we pay in taxes, the more we work for the Government. The Bigger the Government the more they demand. Healthcare, more taxes, free college, more taxes… Climate Change more taxes. And what do you think the Government is doing, distributing healthcare, distributing educations, distributing welfare, food stamps, traffic tickets, and taxing the crap out of us all.

            So Communism, Big Government, at this point what difference does it make.

            Now if you can not understand this you are completely demoralized by ideological subversion and can not understand anything that goes against your ideology… The sad thing is that Soros is using you and once soros has achieved his goal of control, he will squash you like a cockroach…


          • All of these polls are fake-Actually 100% of everybody supports everything tRUMP) says or does(mostly says)They are all communist propaganda and part of an ongoing campaign of the deep state yo brain wash Americams.


          • MSN more fake news. There has not been a poll out there that polled 100% of the people.

        • try over 5 million illegal votes….

        • You can bet your boots much of that illegal voting action in California was being sanctioned and met with the approval of the prior Secretary of homeland security, Janet Napolitano; who was the first real breaking away from our long time tested enforced immigration laws, and now of the grandmother of our major immigration problems we now have in this country!

        • How do you know this? A little bird whispered in your ear, idiot???

          • It must be nice and simple in your world. Never question the Left, never believe the Right.

            Lemmings are easily controlled because they are hypocrites and bigoted.

            How do I know? because I have observed and thought about it. I used my mind and common sense.

        • And California Officials involved in this Ballot Box Stuffing needs to be Arrested, Tried and Convicted and taken to a Federal Prison for the duration of their life!

      • With a billion dollar campaign budget she tried – – and she did -BUY- a lot of votes with absurd promises; something we know her for as we herd her promises when running for the senate; when elected she did not follow through with any of her promises; she is a liar, a cheat and should be a felon (based on her theft form the White House, and should never be allowed anywhere that Tax Payers money supports her or anything she represents!

        • BUT she BOUGHT all the Coastal Morons who vote many times but do not AFFECT the ELECTORAL COLLGE! MORE PROOF that she is DUMBER than DUMB!

          • The Redhawk….and she got all those dead people to vote for her, and all the illegals, and all those out of state folks with expired driver’s licenses…..no voter registration.

        • you forgot to add she eats the placentas of aborted babies…even though it’s not in the made up talking points of right wing Nazi nut jobs against Hillary…just say’in

          • No, no need to believe the obviously made up crap, there’s way too much that can be proven. We’ve just been waiting to see which of them has the balls to go after that whole family.

        • DAInB41….don’t forget the ‘pay for play’ Clinton Foundation.

        • Her problem was she trusted her crooked friends…and they took the money and did little or nothing……..which is her modus operandi……….Karma!

      • Hitlery needs to “hang it up”. Time for her to “pack her bags” We, the people, have had ENOUGH of this garbage mouth!

        • Marlene Dingleberry- We The People who did not vote for the orange clown in The White House, have had enough with DRUMPF’S GARBAGE MOUTH!! It’s time for Trump to start packing his bags when he is impeached or is forced to resign. GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH.

      • Idyhawk549- You’re a LIAR!! Hillary did win the popular vote fair & square. It was Drumpf who started this B.S. that 3- 4 million illegal immigrants voted for Hillary. It was proven that this was not true, just as he lied about his crowd size at his inauguration being bigger than Obama’s. That was debunked immediately. Trump also claimed that former President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower. Debunked again. Trump lies so much you can’t even tell when he is telling the truth. Trump is like the boy who cries wolf over & over again. No credibility, whatsoever!!

        • Come on now, check your facts, California and New York have both refused to comply with the investigation into voter fraud, New Hampshire has already been caught , busing in out of state people to get a win. And why won’t Cali or NY comply, because both turned in significantly more votes than they have registered voters. Were you taught by the common core method where 7×7 now longer equals 49, but 51 ? That’s the only way I see possible for more votes than peoe could exist.

          • Ribert…..Faye needs to explain that fact to us…..how can more voted be counted than voters!! And how long dead people could vote for Shrillery………

        • Faye…..stop using the Clinton News Network’s FAKE NEWS as if they were actual facts. No one believed that crap almost a year ago and you are still whining!! It’s been almost a year and YOU LOST get over it!!!

      • What you talkin bout Willis?
        She did win the popular vote.

      • She did!!!

    • TRUER WORDS never Spoken…I just wonder if she will ever Challange the Ligitimacy of Chelsea Last name…Clinton….Hubbel,,,Clinton….Hubbell … may be that REAL document is hidden under Obama’s Birth Certificate…

      • DNA anyone ?

      • The Redhawk- CUT THE BS!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! All you’re doing is shooting your stupid mouth off. You’re rambling & saying nothing of importance. We have much more serious problems in this country to be concerned with than caring about whether Chelsea is really Bill & Hillary’s Daughter or if Obama is really a citizen of The USA. Try focusing on things that really matter, like a possible war with N. Korea, Healthcare, The Environment, The Economy, Global Warming, Climate Change, Jobs & so on….. CUT THE CRAP!! IT”S GETTING OLD!! BTW, You spelled( challenged) incorrectly & why would you capitalize it ? YOU ARE A DUMBA$$!!

        • Faye, Faye…..no need for a “hissy fit” just because people don’t believe your god Hellery! Take a pill, calm down, look on the bright side….just think………….she’ll come up with another reason why she lost tomorrow!!!

    • Oh, Hells Bells!!

      The Democraps have NEVER believed in the legitimacy of a SINGLE Republican POTUS since George W. Bush!!!

      Doesn’t matter that not a single vote was changed in the 2016 election —

      Doesn’t say a damn word about all the fraudulent voter registrations in ’08 and the duplicate votes in ’12.

      • The Elites have been rigging elections for a long time now.

        Elite D’s = Elite R’s = Elite MEDIA The Elites are counting the votes…

        “It is enough
        that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes
        decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

        —-Joseph Stalin

        • Right!!! Remember that recorded interview where Shrillery said “well, the election can just be rigged!!”……talking about what to do in another country where she wanted a different outcome than polls suggested would happen?? FAYE!!! you are such a Shrillery expert, you must recall that taped conversation…as you seem to hang on her every word.

      • Oh it goes back way farther than Bush, try Lincoln.

    • MAHB001, You are absolutely right. In my opinion she is “OVER-USED GOODS” Time for Hitlery to hang up her “dancing shoes now”, the moron!


    • MAHB001- You could say the same about Trump. We all know that Trump won with a lot of help from Putin & Russia & those are the facts. Fake News ? Then why is Mueller going after every one who was involved with Trump’s Campaign ? They all lied about having any contact with Russian Actors or Putin himself, including Trump. If you thought Watergate was a scandal , you haven’t seen anything yet. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

      • Mueller is going after Any body he can, for the simple fact that he can’t find anything credible on Trump . He’s had a year, and zilch, squat, not a damn thing. Why has he decides to go after Manifort? Quite simply so he doesn’t end up being the fool, and not just looking like the fool.
        Watergate, hmm, I remember those days, seems to me, that tricky Dick just gave Odumdum an idea, yet, the later it seems was given a pass, just like 9 days into office he was given a Noble Peace Prize. Somebody threw that in face the other day, so I asked a simple question, For what? Being the first token half black guy to become President? And tell me, how much peace did he being about? Exactly the same amount as the evidence Mueller has come up with, nada, zilch, zero. Shall I go on?

        • Ribert Koonce- You really are ignorant!! The investigation into Watergate took more than 2 years to come to a conclusion& I’m sure you know what the outcome was or maybe you don’t, because you were living in a cave somewhere far away or you’re just too stupid to look it up. Ever heard of Google ? Mueller has no evidence?? Have you been watching the news ? By the time Mueller is done, Trump will be running to the hills to hide in some unknown location scared out of his wits.

          • Faye……now Faye….remember what you previously stated about name calling…..Take another pill dear…………..

          • Let’s see, Obama supposedly knew about this Russia thing 6 months before the election, but said nothing, why? Because it was nothing. Now that Hillary lost, someone has to pay. But Lord knows it can be the guilty party. Face it, the democrats ran a crappy campaign, Hillary was a crappy candidate, and you lost. Sad isn’t it, Liberals always seem to go backward in progressiveness. But in the end, people forget, and they rear their heads, and try again. Yet you think no one remembers, I do. I remember several peoe going to jail and a Presidentshamed then pardoned and I’m guessing that you think Trump is going anywhere, you re the really ignorant ones.

        • Absolutely true…however they did find out that the Trump Dossier which was total B.S, was ordered by…….you guessed it……the previous administration and the then Secy of State!!

      • TOTAL BS…..
        We ALL know that the Russians had ZERO effect on this election. Don’t drink any more of the koolaid.
        The entire Russian Hacking thing is a load of lies. I believe the Elites created this story so that the people would not focus on the true source of election rigging…. The Elites themselves ARE the tip of the iceberg…

        0bama, Hillary, Mueller, Holder, Lynch, Lerner, Rice, Comey, Kosekinen, Clapper, ALL of them are the iceberg..

        And if Jeff Sessions doesn’t start prosecuting them, you can add Sessions to the list. None should be above the law.

      • faye would you like to explain how the russians helped Trump in truth it would have been a vertual
        impossibility , I know they didn,t stop me from voting for him nor anyone in my family

      • oh that’s easy…..dimorat witch hunt!

    • MAHB001, you are SO right!

    • MAHB001- Hillary would have definitely won if Putin had not hacked into The DNC. Putin always favored Drumpf over Clinton. That is why Rump never criticizes Putin & always praises him for being a good leader, while trashing other countries. Could it be that Putin has info on Trump that could get him impeached? Mueller is hot on Trump’s trail & Trump is scared $hitless!!!

        • 4Pip- Stop living in denial. Get your head out of your A$$. Soon Trump will be just a memory, so enjoy him while there is still time before Mueller takes him down with the rest of his cronies. It’s Watergate all over again, only worse.

      • Lies and totally stupid. Putin did not make me vote for Trump… Putin did nothing to affect the

        Don’t you even listen to your own liberal liars… If this dolt had anything he would be coughing it up all over Chuck Todd.

        Repeating a lie often enough does not always become the truth….


      • faye can you imagine what this country would have become if hillary won , surly you must know
        sheis only interested in money and power especially power and she would turn the white house into a whore house for bill and open the gates so that the country would be over run with illegals much more so than now this is what nightmares are made of

        • Yep and invite all their fellow party goers from Pedophile Island!! Talk about bringing class to the White House……yee gods…….the first order of business…..more cigars!

      • Faye….I have asked you to stop quoting the Clinton News Network….actually I call it CrapNotNews…………….it’s totally fake and you are making a fool out of yourself by quoting it when it has been proven so many times to be absolutely FAKO!

    • NO….even with the ILLEGAL VOTES the Pathological LYING SOW LOST!!!

    • She screwed over New York when she promised us jobs but never did a thing to carry out her promise. She screwed the American women and kids when she says she has worked all her life to help women and kids but as a U.S. Senator she never wrote, sponsored or supported one bill that did anything for women or children; failed in her duty as a U.S. senator when she admittedly was voting on senate bills without reading them (she had no idea what the bills actually said – just took others word for it),. When she left the Senate she became the Secretary of State and her record there is even worse than she left us with as our senator; her record there includes the death of four Americans because she failed to do her duty, operated an illegal and unsecure personal server where she was caught dispatching some of the nations highest secrets so anyone in the world with even the slightest ability and desire to hack into others internet systems could read the highly classified information

      NOW; with the major interest and at a HUGE TAX PAYERS COST, accusations that Russia was tapping into our networks to influence elections against Hillary (somewhat like the Democratic party leaders did to Bernie Sanders) is a daily media priority; they are more concerned about tying the outcome of our elections than they are in the fact that Hillary was giving away some of our highest national secrets.
      They are more interested in seeing Trump crucified and blamed for what Russia did than in what Hillary did; they put little interest or comment into the fact that Obama knew of the Russian tampering in early 2016 and he so stated later when he said he was aware of it and told Russia to, “stop doing it.”

    • Well said..

    • The Bilderbergers knew that but they thought they had it covered but they were wrong just like they were with JFK & Nixon we have only had two Presidents since they got away with the Murder of Jack Ronald Reagan ( They tried after only two months in Office) had Ford drop out of the Primary put HW41 in place but they missed. and now Donald Trump he is a Very brave Man I Pray for Him every Day!! MAGA

  5. What a sore loser!!! What she is doing now is doing a lot of harm not only to the Democratic party but to our country. If she REALLY loves this country she would quietly go into retirement and quit the WHINING!!! Yes, you lost Hilary, but it’s your own **** fault so get over it already. We’re all extremely tired of YOU!

      • I think you are right but she cannot see it. She somehow thinks she is the darling of elections I guess. She certainly thinks she was and is entitled to win. That is exactly why she lost.

        • She doesn’t get it due to to her illness, “Latent Criminal Progressivism/Communism” – however there is a way to get through to her because she knows she is worshiped by Saturday Night Live so we need to put it in words she’ll understand, the rephrased words of “Senator”, or was it Senile, Al Franken, a.k.a. Stuart Smalley (his SNL character): she lost the election because “You’re not good enough, you’re not smart enough, and gosh darn it, people don’t like you!”

          • Alec Baldwin made a comment at the Emmys that his portrayal of Trump on SNL kept he and his wife from having a baby!!

            Praise the Lord!!

          • Wow, we dodged the bullet on that one! The thought would be too horrible to entertain; also someone who angrily called his existing minor daughter not living with him “a rude little pig” over the phone just might not be cut out to engage in further procreation.
            Praise the Lord indeed!

        • She doesn’t know she’s the most hated woman in America?

          • She’s a narcissist psychopath, others are things not people to her, and serve only the purpose of serving her. Hence her well recorded outbursts when someone does not perform to her expectations. In her sick mind she believes that others “in their right mind” could never possibly not love her. Delusions of a diseased mind. Socialists by definition display anti-social behavior, meaning they see others not as individual human beings but as components of a thing, the masses, that makes it easier for them to treat them with the ruthlessness and contempt they display in their control policies, and when they steal from them and imprison and murder them (i.e. Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il, Kim Jong Un, Castro, a.s.o. ….)

          • and she believes that people are only there to serve her….or service her…if you know what I mean….ugh…..can’t get that awful image out of my mind!!!

          • Askjrsk- Hillary is not the most hated woman in America. YOU ARE!!! Why are you constantly putting her down? She has suffered enough losing the election to a PU$$$Y GRABBING PERVERT!! It has been almost a year& you’re still attacking her. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! I voted for Hillary& I am proud of my decision to support her. She would have been a great president, unlike the orange clown we have in The White House now. When DUMP is impeached, they will have to fumigate The White House just to get the stench out that he left behind. DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!

          • FAYE PUT DOWN THAT BOTTLE!!! AND GO TO BED!! You’ve obviously had more than enough, or at least more than your fair share…….what are you doing? Trying to keep up with Hellery???

          • faye I,ll bet yours hasn,t been grabbed in years , probably for good reason

    • She does not love this country. What she loves in power. That is why she stayed married to Slick Willie after the Monica Lewinsky (along with all of the other allegations of rape and extramarital affairs) debacle. She probably knew he was cheating on her. Hell, they probably only had sex one time which resulted in Chelsea and when Bill saw how ugly that she is, he decided to not ever have sex with her again. Lol

    • Hillary does not love her country, nor does she respect the people within it. The people running the Democrat party are Communists, and I don’t think the rank and file Democrat people are ready to accept what the Communists have in store for them.

    • The Queen of Sour Grapes will never get over it. I think she has gone mentally ill! I don’t believe she ever loved this country except maybe when she was 5 years old!

    • Anyone can complain and make accusations but only those with suggestions for fixing our mess should be listened to.
      The mess we are in is the results of eight years under Obama and people like Hillary Clinton and the Democratic (and a lot of Republicans) party leaders who set back and allowed the problems to develop without doing a thing to prevent them.
      She seems to think she can write a book and all will be okay; some what like her campaign statement (“America is just fine”) when we had over 30 million American men and women out of work, out of control government spending (biggest debt in our entire history), rampant drugs and murder, over fifty years of gains in racial equality destroyed by a failed White House Administration and the nation flooded with illegal immigrants )
      She can right a thousand books but it will never change the true facts of her failures, lies and criminal offense!

    • I like Hillary Clinton… Then again, I like Cholera.

    • This used to be a free country before tRUMP….so now a person doesn’t have the right to speak freely? Nazi!!

      • YOU are delusional, but then you are a liberal, Marxists, DemoRAT who disagrees with every one who doesn’t bow down to your stupidity. The only people not being allowed to speak freely are the Conservatives..not you disgusting, treacherous Liberals..

        • Ouote Elena Bowman

          “As for the biggest mistake in modern history YOU Joy Behar is the biggest mistake your parents made by not aborting you when they had the chance.”

          Aren’t you against abortion?

    • Sewmama……Hellery…….just GO AWAY!! That’s my new fav phrase…seems it is really catching on with us

  6. This bag of wind couldn`t win a one horse race. The cesspool queen belongs at the end of a rope.

    • OH But I am sure she would win a horse race. REASON: The jockeys would be horrified at that she would scare the horses away by her lying mouth. She would tell the horses that they were the next meal at the white house

  7. Pleeeeease someone put this bee-ach in a home!!!!!!!!

  8. There is already plenty of evidence that tRUMP is an illegal POTUS. So if something new comes from the Mueller investigation, go for it!!

  9. Well if they took away what they are uncovering the ILLEGALS that voted she lost the popular vote too.
    Eat me Hillary.

  10. This woman is seriously mentally ill. Has anyone realized there is a trail of dead bodies following her? The Clintons are criminals and she is a witch – put her back in the Crypt, America, the world needs you and President Trump.

  11. And I might challenge your mental competency.


  13. I truly enjoy the old hag painfully searching for the “reason” for her political demise.

    Hey dippy, the reason is YOU.

  14. OH I wish you would, Killary. You will see that when the dust settles that you lost massively. People don’t trust you or even like you with good reason. Good thing your mother did’ name you Truely

  15. This loony bitch just doesn’t know when to quit, huh?? 😂🤣😃😄

  16. Get over it you BITCH!!! YOU LOST!!!

  17. Throw a rope around her neck and drag the ugly bitch
    for a few miles, behind a 4X4, going at high speed!!
    Leave the carcass for the animals!

  18. Hillary and her husband, “Slick Willie”, need to go back Arkansas and crawl back under whatever rock they crawled out from under in the first place. All this talk about her winning the popular vote is nothing more than a bunch of “Left Wing” nonsense. If all the votes received by both candidates in California and New York were excluded from the computation, Trump beat her by over 3 million votes in the rest of the country. The only reason she received more overall votes than Trump was due to these two highly populated, radically Liberal States. Overall, the people in the other States were smart enough to see that Hillary was the most corrupt, inept candidate to ever have their name on the ballot for President.

    • It is very interesting because slick willie never did get over 50% of the votes in either election. If it had not been for Ross Perot he would not have won.

    • AH but least you forget, all the illegal votes in those states. Those who were proved to have voted twice, those that were caught tampering with ballot box. Of course those areas that had more votes for her than population.

    • So votes from liberal states like California shouldn’t count? Seems to me we used to salute the “one person-one vote” standard. Have you changed that?

      • No, that should always be the standard. When a state, like New Hampshire for example , which is under investigation as we speak, allows the busing in of out of star voters, it negates that standard. The reason both California and New York have overtly declined to cooperate with the election commission, is that both turned in significantly more votes than they have registered voters. Now I don’t know about you, but I think someone screwed up by not replacing ballot boxes , as they have in the past. California , more specifically San Francisco has been caught a few times swapping ballot boxes.

        • And how do you explain all those other states refusing to cooperate with the Trumpite “election commission”? That commission and its wacky chairman are trying to interfere with the constitutional prerogatives of states to manage election process in their sovereign domain. They have been repelled and repudiated by numerous states, not just the two you mentioned.Bad choice of an example by you, Ribert!

  19. The damn fool will never quit. Make America Great Again, just shut up idiot.

  20. Hillary invented the “art” of flip-flop, evidently.
    This is the nutcase who has the gall to ask Trump if HE would accept the results of the election, assuming, of course, that she and her media cohorts had her “win” guaranteed the way the democrats rigged both of Obama’s “elections”.

    • and she’s lying when she says that she will contest the election, or is thinking of doing it. She KNOWS her ‘votes’ and ‘voters’ cannot stand the light of day like Trump’s can.

  21. Only if she pays the cost of it.

  22. I was under the impression that Hillary would be horrified if the election wasn’t accepted….??? Or was it just her lying her ^ss off again….?

  23. I’ve got to admit, I’m loving this. This lunatic is providing a lot of amusement and highlighting just how lucky the country is that Skankles lost. It would be embarrassing for the democrats if they had any integrity or pride. No danger of that. You go Skankles. MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

  24. I’m not very bright but if Russia interfered with the election, what were they supposed to have done ? Did they hack the electronic voting booths ? Did they have Russians marking paper ballots ? If the Russians were involved then they were dumb if they did not support Hillary since she was part of deal that gave Russia the uranium rights over the US. Russia knew the Clintons were easy targets and could be bought easily

    • You need to get away from Fox News and such imbecilic wingnuts as Sean Hannity, Michael Levin and Rush Limbaugh. Try watching Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes a couple of nights a week and get some balance into your perspectives.

      • Why would anyone bother watching a member of the propaganda arm of the democrat party?

      • Why watch them ! Hillary does it to herself. It seems she has an new excuse every day. Sorry but I recall her involvement with the Black Panther Group, White Water and laughing about defending a rapist against a young girl knowing he was guilty. All of that past appears that she has no morals at all !

      • Not if they were the last news source on the planet. I watched before the election, mainly to get some perspective on the other side. It didn’t take an understanding of rocket science to figure out that 99.9% of they were saying was false. I mean come on, I’m not an especially over educated person. Just simple high school grad. Most of what I know now, I learned from our public libraries and the library of Congress. I Don’t have any fancy paper hanging on the wall, but what I’ve read from quite a lot of those who do have that paper on the wall, I have to wonder why they haven’t demanded refunds. Those degrees are almost as worthless as the dollar bill. Any note based on the promise of worth isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on , kind of like the word of the MSM. Did you ever read that old story about the little boy with his finger in the crack on the dyke. Well, the MSM has become the little boy, and nobody’s listening anymore.

        • Now, to validate your complaint, kindly cite one false report from either Chris Hayes or Rachel Maddow. As to the little boy with his finger in the dike, I am not sure what application you are attempting to make, but in that story, which is probably apocryphal, the little boy’s action SAVED his country by preventing further erosion and subsequent failure of the dike, which was keeping sea water out. I suggest that the proper analogy is to the news media, such as the NY Times and the Washington Post, which have become a valued watchdog in ferreting out and reporting corruption that could greatly injure this nation. It was not the conservative media that broke open the Watergate scandal!

          Methinks you are merely echojng complaints by your colleagues or by the wingnut media or by the Trumpster himself concerning alleged “fake news” from the “mainstream media” or the “leftist media.”

          • My God! It’s almost a year and you are still a whining, crying, sore loser who just can’t accept that you didn’t get your way…Wah Wah
            Wah…….grow up! or GO AWAY!!

      • OMG!!!!! That is hilarious……….the leftest of the lefties! Yep now they are a source for real news……NOT!

  25. I say she hears voices in her head

  26. curmudgeon VN Veteran

    Jill Stein already tried this maneuver and failed so might as well try again. More votes found for President Trump than for the old sow. It will undoubtedly find even more voter fraud in the RAT controlled “Blue” states.

  27. Hillary is a murderess, a proven liar a seditious traitor and a tramp. Do you think anyone would actually take her seriously?

    • Someone on this blog does. In fact she defends Hillary as if Hillary was a pure as the driven snow. Just goes to show you how some idiots can’t see the forest for the trees.

  28. The election is being challenged by the Mueller investigation and that will result in Trump, Sessions, Pence and the rest of them leaving office and going to prison for traitorous collusion with Russians.

  29. The Obama birth certificate has been factually shown to be a contrived document….and is therefore shown to still be a real issue, regardless of the churning of countering news reports…..that questions his own legitimacy as president. Why isn’t the press even mentioning that? Oh right!…because it loves a left-leanjng agenda…. And Hillary?….she should be incarcerated for her proven and clear felonies…..not instead to rake in $$$ on a new book deal or challenge a legitimately elected president. More here, this ran prior to the outcome of last year’s election—>

  30. Hillary is totally disgusting.

  31. Will this blabber mouth ever shut the Hell up & for ONCE in her long shady life time, face the truth???

  32. I don’t even like to sound negative, but….. this once mighty and blessed country has been severely damaged. I’m not quite sure if it will ever be repaired. Satan has maintained his headquarters within a stone’s throw of our white house, making plans. Added, there are still far too many muslims “hidden” within our govmt. GOD HELP OUR COUNTRY! 😣☹😢

    • Ahh…I know the feeling….but I believe that the regular Americans….people of all creeds, races, and colors…have awoken……if just Republicans voted for Trump he would have lost! More and more everyday they are more determined that the previous administrations policies will be taken down, new days are coming and we are Blessed…..remember….our founding fathers truly believed that this was ‘God’s Nation’ and so do we……….MAGA!!!

  33. Hillary once a looser always a looser…America do not want you as a our President….

    • Losers are those who can not even spell “loser” correctly, do not know how to apply verb forms correctly (“America do…”.), and fail to proofread even their shabby little two-liners (“as a our President”).

  34. She is going to try to run again!

  35. why don’t this crazy old bag go somewhere crocked criminal bitch u got knock the f..k out

  36. this fool muller lock him up

  37. This woman has no idea of what honesty is! She epitomizes the psychiatric diagnosis of “Character and Behavior Disorder”! She is dangerous!

  38. She needs to get a hobby and stay the hell out of politics. No one in their right mind would vote for her to be president or any other high ranking job in our country. She is washed up and finished. I don’t understand why she can’t accept the fact she lost the election. Every presidential election we have ever had provided a winner and a loser. Trump was a winner.

  39. Please lock her up and place her in Solitary Confinement so we never have to hear from her again. You don’t
    want to know what I really think.

  40. Go away we are tired of you m.ask.com

  41. What an idiot!

  42. It’s time she realize no one wants her, not the Republicans nor the democraps. She has destroyed the Democrat party, and the other crimminals in the democrat party have made it clear, if your a democrap you steal, lie, cheat, kill to get our slice of the American pie. I have about had it with all these republican that won’t repeal what they said they would.

  43. Lock Her Up, that’s all that needs to be said. She will never go away quietly.

  44. Why the hell isn’t Trump having her prosecuted for treason? She should be headed to prison. This is insane!

  45. Does anyone remember the election of 1960 when Chicago mayor Daley rigged the Cook County vote to swing the election to Kennedy? Nixon could’ve protested the election but chose not to do so for fear he would divide the country. It’s too bad Hillary Clinton doesn’t care for our country and won’t follow the course chosen by Richard Nixon…who won the election but had it stolen from him.

  46. Is this on the advice of General John Kelly? He voted for and supports the senile dysfunctional most hated woman in America. Now he appears to be suffering brain problems, evidenced by live television coverage of his discomfort at the presidents UN speech. He either has a brain tumor like John McCain or he is consternated . Which should make the voters and our president question John Kelly who supported Clinton and Obama very ineffective dangerous policies and voted for Hillary. Has he collided with Hillary? He believes that he is so above the American voters, and he is in his own class. The ruling class. John Kelly has some explaining to do. He is inept in his position.

  47. It will take more than a book from Hillary Clinton to FIX her past!
    What happened to her campaign is easily summed up I one word; HILLARY!
    Her failures as a senator (made a lot of promises in her campaign for senator and never kept one, was voting on bills without reading them so did not know what they said (only what others told her), with an opportunity as a U.S. Senator to support women and children’s rights she never sponsored or co-sponsored one bill that related to the subject; as Secretary of state she ignored her obligations, duties and responsibilities to her people, to her position, to the President, to the American people and the nation! Her reputation as a world class liar is well known. Her illegal use of a personal server and dispatching some of our nations top secrets over unsecure internet systems THEN blaming it onto her aids is far more serious than Russias tappig our internet to tamper witih our elections, or her ignoring advice to put security at Benghazi. WHAT HAPPENED TO HER CAMPAIGN – HILLARY!

  48. She needs the men with butterfly nets to take her away.

  49. My “give a d@mn” is broken. Hillary, build a bridge and get over it. You’re history. You are like the New York Times. “All the news that fit for wrapping fish”.

  50. What kind of masochist is this woman? She humiliates herself over and over with this nonsense. Not to mention the humiliation she has suffered time and again from Bill. Maybe if someone, an illegal immigrant perhaps, just jumped up and beat the flying dog ka-ka out of her on national TV, she would be happy.

  51. Good golly miss Molly you just can’t move on!!! You are making a joke of yourself please stop!!!
    YOU LOST GET OVER IT!!!! Geeze you are getting monotonous!!!!

  52. The woman needs to be in a straight jacket

  53. Hillary’s biggest problem looks back at her every time she looks in a mirror.

  54. Comparatively speaking; this guys activities are far less sensitive that Hillary Clintons;
    (See the story at REFERENCE: http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2017/09/18/russian-spy-engineer/?utm_source=360Works% cloudMail&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=NewsWatch – LOS ANGELES (CBSLA)
    – A Culver City engineer who worked for a defense contractor was sentenced Monday to 60 months in prison for selling sensitive satellite data to a person he believed to be an agent of a Russian intelligence service, authorities announced.

    # # #

    -Hillary was dispatching some of Americas most sensitive TOP SECRET information out on her unsecured and illegal server, a violation she, as Secretary of State, had to know was totally illegal. It was her duty as Sec. of State to ensure the
    employees within her department was fully trained and qualified in handling
    classified information; not only did she ignore her duty to the nation and the American people, she went further by making the top secret information available to
    ANYONE, ANYWHERE who has the basic skills (and interest – as all nations would) in hacking into her emails.
    In spite of a massive one year cost to the American tax payers in paying for 100 FBI investigators and numerous Justice Department investigators and significant information made available to the American public, she is still walking around our streets and maintains access to significant national secrets.
    As a first lady under the Bill Clinton Administration, as a U.S. Senator and as Secretary of State, she has had extensive training and refresher training and briefings on handing secure and classified information; she ignored it all as she made Americas top secrets available to the world. Her integrity, trust and American values cannot be any lower.
    Compare the level of information she deliberately and willingly passed out to the sentence this guy got; not that he should have gotten any less punishment for his acts – BUT – the information he was marketing to one person is far less signifcant and sensitive than Hillary was making available to the world.

    • That was enough to arrest and charge her for treason. The penalty for treason during a time of war is the firing squad. We may not be officially at war, but she should have gotten that punishment for selling national secrets for her “twenty pieces of silver”.

  55. Clinton and the dnc want it won by popular vote????
    A. Only legal voters can vote.
    B. Voter ID is mandatory, no declarations accepted.
    C. National instant cross references to voter ID shown.
    D. College students vote in their home residential areas and not in both places.
    E. All death certificates, immigration, birth certificates are cross referenced
    Then a popular vote count may be ok.

    • Not really. Because the majority of people live on both sides of the country. If that was allowed only California and New York where the biggest population of the country reside would be picking the President all the time.

    • But we still need the electoral college to guarantee BUT it’s rules need to be solid also.

      • Agreed BUT I believe that the electoral votes should be appropriate to the ratio of votes to candidates, No matter what the population each state should have 10 votes and ratio it as that. Simple…………..NONE of this winner takes all stuff, if you get 45% of the vote then you get 45% of the electoral votes and so on………the winner takes all thing leads to voter fraud which is proven and did in Va..but the liberals even with proof says “OH no it never happens”.

        • I agree we need some sort of system and I like your idea, but until we get Congress being a get more power/money job for each and every representative, and clean out the perks and privileges they take home with them for the rest of their lives, the votes will always be rigged as much as they can….too much graft and corruption in the congress!
          Then(!) we can next work on great ideas like yours…….

          • except…..if you look really closely at your idea……ratio of votes….then all states with big populations will still elect the president and low population states will be left out, OR am I reading your idea wrong???

          • If we could somehow get a system like this installed then there would be 3rd, 4th etc parties involved and who knows what kind of good people we could get. The way it is now is like you said full of greed graft etc….A constitutional convention could revert everything to maximum of 2 terms per elected official, no lifetime retirement and expenses, no life time NOTHING just the pleasure to serve the people. Then no buying officials, lobbying etc. I personally know a lobbyist who makes over a million a year and laughs when he tells people he can buy anyone anytime in DC.

          • yep, allowing lobbyists started it all downhill! Well, let’s keep draining and see what’s next!

    • NOW this I like!!!

  56. If killary does this I hope someone shoots this bitch.

  57. SHe needs to give it up and go back in the woods, I understand that the Clinton Machine is still running in D.C. So
    her and Obama could cause some troubles for President Trump in the near future and that lawyer Mueller is big trouble he has Hillary’s lawyer working with him. Please God help us from this Machine.

  58. Hilly, Swetie ! Bless your heart ! It becomes more and more apparent every day, as you proffer excuse after excuse, and carp, bitch, and squeal, that the United States was saved from suicide. That by electing a grasping, lying, fit throwing, self entitled twat, to the office of president.
    Please darlin’, be as nice as you can be (OH BOY !) and go quietly back in your hole and count the money your personal fortune accumulated while you were playing as Secy. of State.
    When you finish that, you can count the money that The Clinton Foundation accumulated from foreign governments hoping to gain favors from your official capacity.
    If you live long enough to finish those pleasant tasks, you can count the Emails you destroyed (you thought) and then the ones that still remain, showing that you violated the law and your oath.
    There, Sweet Baby, that should keep you busy and QUIET for a couple, three years, minimum, and give us all a rest.
    Warmest personal regards.

  59. Becareful hillary, chelsea may challenge the true name of her Father.

  60. I don’t even like to sound negative,

    but….. this once mighty and blessed country has been severely damaged. I’m not quite sure if it will ever be repaired. Satan has maintained his headquarters within a stone’s throw of our white house, making plans. Added, there are still far too many muslims “hidden” within our govmt. GOD HELP

  61. Hillary Clinton is obviously as lousy a lawyer as she is a politician as she is a person. There is absolutely no way possible for her ever to challenge the results of the election which SHE LOST.
    Instead of running about spouting such inanities she should be on her knees thanking God that the man who beat her appointed a feckless, pantywaisted little shlep as Attorney General because had he chosen a man instead of a worm she would be up to her lying gills by now in legal proceedings staring significant jail time right in the face.

    • She’s not going to thank God for that wimp Attorney General. I’m waiting for her to put HIM on her list as the reason for her lost…I can hear her saying:. “It was God’s fault that I lost.”… Actually, it was. He chose Trump not her. HE knows who and what she is and HE was not about to let her further destroy HIS United States.

  62. Dillary! You lost because of our elective process…..majority electoral votes. That is how America determines who the winner is. You claim you won the popular vote….And now we are finding numerous illegal votes for you. All you progressives want is illegals so they can vote for democrats.
    We are tired of hearing your name and even more tired of hearing about all the “supposed” Russian collusion.
    Get over yourself!! You are a has been…why don’t you just go back into the woods with your dignity and just accept you lost and someone more popular won.
    If any one needs to be investigated it is you, your husband and the foundation. You are more crooked than a back wood Arkansas dirt road.
    “Pride goeth before the fall”.

  63. As we recently learned an eastern state has so much fraud that it actually went for DJT, maybe it is time to contenst the 2008 and 2012 elections.

    • The Senator from that state should resign. She didn’t win, her opponent did. It was an out and out fraud and the fraudulent votes prove it. This is a case where the person who lost will be justified in contesting the election since the proof is already in the pudding.

  64. Richard Muccillo MDDCM

    The troll had her primary fixed and lost big time –had to fix the voting for the election to get illegals and zombies –walking dead [even people she had bumped off] counted –and it backfired—tried to do what that monkey obunga did in 2012 [fixed]–can fool some of the people some of the time but not all the people all of the time!–Trump needs to keep his word and jail her and hillbilly needs to be put in the funny farm and he can hit on NURSE Ratchet

  65. De–fund NPR!!! I’m sick of subsidizing that gang of liberal propagandists.




        • THE GOOSE IS NOT the PROBLEM…..Remember when she Spent a TON of Tax Payers Cash to Upgrade the Paris Us Embassy instead of Benghazis???? and that “RED BUTTON” FARSE that had Russia laugh their A-s off??? WELL FRENCHIES paid her in a SHIP LOAD of “GOOSE” and she Over DOES IT since it was FREE!!!
          THE SOW is a SICK BEAST!

        • It sure wasn’t ‘sipping chardonay’

  67. We really would be in trouble if she had won. Thank God she didn’t!!!!!!

  68. This women is off her rocker and the American Public is sick and tired of seeing her face and $hit every single day. GET OUT you corrupt bitch…


  70. It’s long been demonstrated but there as no Trump campaign collusion with the Russians. It was fake news by the left-wing press (that’s almost all of them, isn’t it?) and it is now known that there was no Russian collaboration with Trump’s team for with election officials in general.


  71. She can’t understand how she lost, because of all the cheating that went on. I think it’s hysterical. And everytime I say President Trump, I have to laugh. Soros had basically promised her the win, & spent millions to make it happen. However, people around the world were praying that Hilary wouldn’t win. And, when God gets into the arrangements of things, miracles happen!! And, so far, all the election fraud they’ve uncovered has been done by Democrats! So if she DOES contest it, she’ll really be embarrassed by the outcome. Plus We The People won’t sit idly by while she tries it.

  72. Candidate Trump to Candidate Clinton: “You’re going to prison.”
    President Trump is under investigation and Hillary is promising to take the White House away from Donald Trump.
    We now can all ask: “What Happened?”

  73. i would love it if Hillary challenged the election. the investigation should be a no holds barred type. it should especially investigate southern california, new Hampshire, massachusetts, illinois, ohio and florida. while the focus should be on the presidential election; if a voter ballot is not legal it should also affect local elections and propositions.

  74. 156 years ago, the Democrats could not accept the results of an election and they seceded, thus starting the Civil War – It seems we are again at the tipping point. In HILLARY’S OWN WORDS: “Failure to accept the election results is a direct threat to our democracy” “Peaceful transfer of power is a must”

  75. Hildabeast should just go away and leave us alone.

  76. She’s mad at her ‘team’ because they didn’t come up with enough fake votes from illegal foreigners and cemetaries for her to win. Also, these left wing radicals just can’t figure out a way to beat the picture ID, one person one vote law. Anybody with an IQ above 10 realizes that when they start screaming about it being racist to have to show a picture ID to vote, what they’re really meaning is that they’re mad because the same black, Mexican or white left wing imbecile isn’t being allowed to vote multiple times.

    • Democrats keep complaining about having a “Picture ID” is “RACIST” – So, based on that statement it appears that Democrats think Minorities are too dumb to get an ID, yet, if they are working (legally) they need an ID, or if they are sitting on their ass & collecting WELFARE, they need an ID – almost everything needs an ID – In Fact, to get a ticket at a Berkeley speech you HAD TO SHOW AN ID.

  77. KilLAIRy is being a deplorable sore loser! She lost the election because she was a lousy candidate who promised to continue the Obumanation’s failed policies!

  78. mistyl@windstream.net

    Go away Hillary Clinton. Except the Fact You lost . The American People don’t like You. If she had won I would hate to think what Damage she could have already done to this Country. especially letting in all these refugees. I want America Back I hope this Country can be Saved.Hillary Clinton SHUTUP.

  79. If you take away the votes she received from the
    disease ridden Illegal maggots she wudda really lost why doesn’t Father Trump just pass her nameover to the Navy Seals for processing ?

  80. Send that terribly sick woman home to rest, she has a terminal mind disease–called rottenness. She is rotten to the core and refuses to think anyone is right but her. If the American people would quit listening and forget about her, she would just dry up and blow away. She does not know what being HONEST is about. She is a thief, murderer, cheat, swindler, if it is bad, that she is. When she dies on her marker these words should be inscribed–Here Lies The Truth Because It Never CAME OUT of MY MOUTH in life. Enough said.

  81. No she could not have won and they have found evidence of some democratic hijinks as it is. This woman needs to check herself into a facility that can help her. She has become a pathetic loser and she cannot understand that she is not wanted for president. Someone somewhere needs to get through to her. She is destroying America along with her pals.

  82. And on behalf of Webb Hubel’s family, I just might challenge Bill’s claim that he’s Chelsie’s father.
    Hmmm, I wonder if I could get a discount from the lawyer handling my suit if I threw in a challenge against Obama’s claim that he’s an American and Michelle’s claim that s/he’s a woman.
    Anyone care to join in? This could be a whole lot of fun 😉

  83. Hillary is totally a lose cannon now and the democrats own these whining objections—–Hillary is a loser and will continue to lose

    • until the Democraps begin to worry that she actually will be prosecuted and then she decides to ‘spill the beans’ and tell all…ratting out all her coherts and fellow gangsta’s in the previous administation, then we will find her……..and she will be still another victim of ….suicide….karma…..

  84. Betty Meyer Demarest

    PLEASE DO. If you want to be president by the popular vote, you go right ahead. Every city and town’s votes should be verified, just like in Philly yesterday where they found all of those illegal votes. How many were Democrat? How many were Republican. YES, BY ALL MEANS, call for those votes to be verified and recounted. And no dead people!

    • Democrats keep complaining about having a “Picture ID” is “RACIST” – So, based on that statement it appears that Democrats think Minorities are too dumb to get an ID, yet, if they are working (legally) they need an ID, or if they are sitting on their ass & collecting WELFARE, they need an ID – almost everything needs an ID – In Fact, to get a ticket at a Berkeley speech you HAD TO SHOW AN ID.

      • this is just a small list of things that require an I.d.:
        Purchase alcohol or cigarettes
        drive a car, buy a car, rent a car, open a bank account, apply for welfare/foodstamps/social security/medicaid/job/mortgage/hunting license/fishing license/rent a house or condo/buy a house or condo/register a car/rent a hotel-motel room/boarding a plane/buying a gun or ammo/adopting a pet/get a prescription/donate blood/ buy or rent an M rated movie or video/or any pawnshop transaction………….and the list goes on…..

  85. In my opinion, Hillary needs to pack up her “dancing shoes” and move on. She doesn’t get it! We, the people, “DO NOT WANT HER” — NOW OR EVER! If she could ever tell the truth, we may consider her — but we will NOT hold our breath over her “honesty and integrity” (which has looooong been gone!

  86. I, like so many other (Americans) are so sick of hearing anything about Hillary. In addition I am sick of hearing about Mueller’s investigation (all the members of his team being Democrat supporters). When are we going to hear about a Special Prosecutor picked to investigate the Clinton’s and their 30 years of criminal activity. I suspect the Clinton’s have so much dirt on many in Washington that they will do anything to keep it quiet. Drain the “Swamp”. Everything that Hillary says is a lie, everything that Mueller says is a lie and everything that Comey says is a lie. Stop lying to us because you thing we are stupid. Tell the Americdan people the real truth not the truth you have made up in your warped minds.

  87. The ONLY thing HITLERY and all her minions deserve is to be is…. LOCKED UP for TREASON.

  88. The nerve!!! She should be behind bars.

  89. Are you had to do was look at the people who showed up for Hillary’s rallies there was no one there that tells it all in one word loser. Hillary Clinton is a Socio path of the worst, she has more power hungry than Hitler, or Stalin ever was,and they were sociopaths but Hillary is one of the most dangerous kinds of sociopaths she is so delusional she lives in her own world revolves around her and that’s it.

    • Only the rabid ‘leftie loonies’ came to her rallies…….wearing va jay jay hats, screaming about killing fetus’s, my lord…no wonder she lost!!

  90. She is ticked off because even with the millions poured into her coffers by Soros, she still lost the election! Even Bill Clinton told her she had no message! She doesn’t believe in God and neither does Soros. Both are too corrupt and too ignorant to realize that it was Almighty God that made Candidate Trump into President Trump!

  91. Hillary go away! You lost.

  92. OK, you challenge the legitimacy of last year’s election, and we, the voters of America will challenge your legitimacy to call yourself a rational human being with so much as one redeeming quality.

  93. Just how are you going to challenge the election? Nobody’s listening to you. Even your own party wants you to leave down. Useless POS/communist/lesbian/rug munching/dipsh*t/liberal garbage.

  94. She sells USA’s Uranium to a Russian company and pockets millions of dollars in her foundation. And SHE thinks she has standing to challenge the election. She has lied about almost every thing she says or does. She’ll never be believable by sane people.

  95. She’s a disgrace, and a moron, with bigger balls than Billy Bob!

  96. Yes she could and yes she should have won and Hillary should challenge the Imposter

    • And you, evidently, are brain dead.

      • To funny,I had a good lough,what has she ever done to you?The character from the present person must be your idol, I feel sorry for you hopefully in time you will learn the different and the light will go on.

    • Nate-the-Pedophile sock account alert! ^^^

      Here’s how you block the trolls if your “report” feature isn’t showing on the comment boards……

      Right click on the avatar, and when the profile page opens, click on the 3 dots next to the name (***), and report him for impersonation, click on the dots a 2nd time, then block from there.

  97. If anyone or anything needs to be challenged, it would be the legitimacy of the Clinton Foundation; Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State; Clinton’s presidential campaign; and the Clinton family in general. They are nothing more than political gangsters and prostitutes posing as “friends of the common man.” What nonsense. I am convinced that her so-called popular vote was filled with fraudulent voters who were recruited by the DNC to cast their ballot for her. She would make a horrible President.

  98. Maybe she should consider whether she is legitimately American by heart.

    • As a disciple of Saul Alinsky it is very doubtful. I would imagine her total allegiance is to the establishment of a Marxist oligarchy with her as head of the so-called “ruling class.”

  99. This is a community service announcement….

    Here’s how you block the trolls if your “report” feature isn’t showing on the comment boards……

    Right click on the avatar, and when the profile page opens, click on the 3 dots next to the name (***), and report him for impersonation, click on the dots a 2nd time, then block from there.

  100. What she should do is send herself far far away! Forever!


    Semper FI………God Bless you all & Stay Safe………

  102. Yeah, and a comet “Might” hit the Earth…next..

  103. Why doesn’t she understand that there are no ‘do-overs’ in America’s election system? Is she really this stupid? I guess she must be. Even if there was actual evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia, unless there is a quid pro quo, or money changed hands, it’s not a crime. Two separate entities working for the same goal happens all of the time. You have to have an illegal intent in order to have an illegal action when it comes to this type of collusion. It’s not like when you are talking about not having your e-mails on a secure server where all you need is reckless disregard in order to be guilty of as crime.

  104. “I might not ” if I were you Shrillery…….. you keep claiming that you won the popular vote and you may well find out the whole election was a total Landslide….For TRUMP!

  105. Hillary is in her professional death throes. If smart she would shut up an go away as she has committed thousands of felonies and could go to jail for the rest of her life given the state of her health. Hillary is not very smart in spite of all the heavy-duty propaganda she floated during Bill’s Presidency. She made every fumble in that campaign and Bernie would have won as he promised everyone a “pony,” the only really clever thing Hillary has ever said and it should be inscribed on her tomb.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.

  106. Hillary and the Democrats who tried to force her down our throats and rig the primaries in her favor can’t face the face that their crooked game didn’t work. If they had backed the legitimate winner of the primaries, Bernie Sanders, we wouldn’t be where we are now with Trump. Hillary needs to get out of politics and go home and babysit her grandchildren. She’s worn out her “welcome” in politics.

  107. Killary, you cheated and still lost, AND YOU NEVER WOULD HAVE WON THE POPULAR VOTE WITHOUT CHEATING, go away!

  108. Would someone please explain to this woman that she lost the election, has been rejected by the majority of legitimate voters and no one anywhere cares what she feels or thinks.

  109. The dumb drunk called Trump & conceded the election! Her brain died from the alcohol & drugs!

  110. I question the legitimacy of the rag, Killary KKKlinton.

  111. I question her legitimacy of being human. She should trade in her pant suit for an orange jumpsuit and head off to prison where she belongs.

  112. she needs some more electroshock therapy

  113. Nobody would want that idiot Hilary as president shes lost, shes a sore loser and a sore loser could never run this country besides she’ll just get more American killed !

  114. I question the ligitimacy of HRC. OH WAIT, at least she was not born in Kenya and smuggled into Hawaii. At least, she has a valid birth certificate. Just sayin….

  115. Why won’t this awful woman just go away? Seriously she’s peddling that load of crap she has the audacity to call a book in the toilet paper aisle at Costco, and more people showed up to protest, really protest, not the fake liberal kind, her extremely offensive presence than showed up to congratulate Felonia Von Pantsuit for her masterpiece of narcissistic whining and delusional finger pointing. Can’t she take a hint?
    You lost, we don’t like you, no one wants you to be President but other delusional liberals and fellow angry, arrogant narcissistic feminists with vaginas on their heads.
    Instead of walking in the woods pondering why millions of those you so obliviously insulted didn’t knock down the voting booth to drop a ballot for you why don’t you do us all a favor, and take a long walk off a short Pier?

  116. What the hell is wrong with this idiot? People HATED her. So glad she lost! If she’s so stupid she can’t see the truth, says a lot about her ability to be POTUS.

  117. This very evil woman Hillary, when is the AG Sessions going to indict her? Oh, but I forgot this no balls AG will never do it. Just like all the other Demorat criminals he let them walk free. The only way Hillary will pay for her crime is for God to punish her.

  118. Killary would have to fight the majority of Americans to try to prove the election was rigged against her. She is the sole reason she lost – Trump had nothing to do with it and neither did the Russians. Their implication by the Democrats is a wet dream for killary…but we have all seen how far she can stretch the truth!

    Americans got to see the real liar inside killary throughout her campaign – and it turned their stomachs!

    Hillary: Don’t waste everyone’s time and money trying to prove you were cheated out of the election. Americans can’t be fooled any more by your lies and innuendos. Go retire and spin your lies in an old folks home. No one cares about your sad book blaming everyone but yourself for losing the 2016 Election.

    FYI: Most merchants can’t sell Killary’s book and have resorted to putting them on sale – buy one, get the second 50% off – and they still aren’t selling. Wait for another few months and you can pick a copy up at Big Lots for a few bucks!

  119. I just might challenge the very legitimacy of this Criminal Traitor Murderess being free in Society !!

  120. Ginny Camier Sometimes I don’t believe what the press proclaims. Hillary is not stupid enough to try to get revenge on anyone and will never be president, no matter who she tries to blame. I think she’s evil and also I think she has lost her common sense. Poor Chelsea is a cute girl and it’s too bad she has such offensive parents. Hillary ought to shut down and try to make herself invisible and try to live a quiet life from now on.

  121. Hillary is so use to lying and cheating to get her way, that she will do anything. That old bitch needs to be in a mental hospital. With her kind of leadership we might as well find a place to barricade yourself and your belongings because she would suck everything you own. She is a true communist a long with her butt buddy Barack Obama. If you were to get points for human kindness, and goodwill, these two would be in the minus.

  122. This woman just can not get it through her head that she LOST the election. All that she is doing is just HURTING the Democrat party. Don’t you just love it! Keep going Hillary, as you look and sound worse with each passing day.

  123. Hilly had it her way for so long she cannot handle the loss. Soros and Obie guaranteed her she would win, the fix was in, to this day they cannot believe it. She remains in shock. Just saying.

  124. that asshole just does not know when to quit!!!!!!!!

  125. This hag won’t admit it’s time to take the fork out. She is over cooked. Most people in this country just want her to go away. In her utter insanity, Hillary said if they make a collection and send her to a nice place she might consider it. After all the money the Clinton Foundation took in in its pay-to-play scheme, where does she have the audacity to say something like that. Proves she’s a lunatic. Don’t understand why her husband and daughter don’t stop her from making a fool of herself. Could it be they enjoy watching it? Otherwise all three of them are insane.

  126. for gods sake , will somebody SEW THIS BITCHS MOUTH SHUT ,, OR LOCK HER IN A JAIL CELL WHERE SHE BELONGS.!!!!

  127. Hillary Clinton challenging the illegitimacy of anything is laughable. STFU and leave the room, Hillary. And take Bill with you. You were NEVER anything more than Monica Lewinsky’s boyfriend’s wife even on your best day and as a candidate ………………..well two time loser says it all.

  128. Hitlery is a lost cause and time for her to go the way of the dino……

  129. THE ONLY THING THAT HITLER HILLARY IS GOOD AT??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? NOTHING.

  130. She was an illegitimate candidate to begin with. She’s as crooked as a dog’s hind leg and lies about virtually everything. As Secretary of State she violated the Federal Records Act by destroying thousands of government documents, many of which were classified Top Secret which she had stored or her unprotected server secreted in the basement of her home. She should be sitting in federal prison as we speak…

  131. Let her do her damnedest!! She got the rat’s nomination by “legitimately” beating our Bernie…didn’t she? LOL

  132. Hillary has been believing her own press. She needs to just fade into obscurity along with Obama. Better yet in jail.

  133. So what is she already doing with her book “43 ways I was screwed out of the presidency”? Should be 44 ways: she left out “I’m a crook, and everybody knows it”.

  134. Would someone please shoot that worthless piece of shit. I’m tired of opening my news feeds, and having her in them. She’s a bottom feeder, and needs to just go away!

  135. The Democrats did everything in their power to see that Hillary Clinton was the winner of the 2016 election. They rigged the primaries for her even though it was obvious that she was not the candidate the people wanted. And, as a result, good old Hillary lost the election, not because of Trump, but because Bernie Sanders was the rightful Democratic candidate for the presidency as adjudicated by 3 separate courts. Anyone could see that. At Bernie’s events there were thousands of people, while at the same time Hillary was lucky to get 200 or 300 people to turn out. If Bernie had been the candidate, he would be our president right now. The reason Hillary couldn’t beat Trump was because the thousands upon thousands of Bernie supporters were very angry and many of them went with Jill Stein, while others stayed home. I wrote Bernie in when I voted because there was no way in Hell that I was going to vote for Hillary Clinton. Now, she won’t let go and accept that she IS a LOSER. She and BIll need to move back to Hope Arkansas and stay out of public life.

  136. Hillary give it up we the people don’t want your corrupt ways any longer. Take the quote from General MacAuthur old soldiers never die; they just fade away. And be the old politician that you are and just fade away.

    • Vic Cusworth- I think it’ time for you to take a long walk off a short pier. While you’re at it, ask Drumpf if he would like to go with you. He could use the exercise . Have you looked at him lately? He really has put on weight. What a FAT A$$!! LOL!! I don’t understand how Melania can stand sleeping in the same bed with him. LOL!!!

  137. Clinton , VAIAFFANCULO .

  138. Faye: After reading all of your posts here I am truly sorry about your mental problem perhaps in the future you might see someone that can help you !

  139. i want to challenge barrys birth certificate

  140. Enough of Hillary is enough of Hillary.

  141. I question the legitimacy of her not being in jail!

  142. The democrats should add Hillary to their hit list. In her mental state she could be dangerous to them.

    • Hell, let her keep blabbing on. She is just bringing to light, how mentally unstable the democommie party is… SHE will only help PRESIDENT TRUMP and his administration “drain the swamp”. (even though she doesn’t know that)

  143. And the Majority of the Patiots who kept you from being President of America will “launch at you with another lost” and you need to live with your decisions you have made to “be a criminal…to be a part in the killing of Our American Citizens in Benghazi….to run with and abide Obama and his criminal activities against America and whatever has happened ….and the biggest was putting up with your husband!” No More of the likes of you or anyone like you will ever be elected to the Oval Office of America!” We came together to put Trump in Office and
    We will Do It Again!


  145. The only way for the best voting results to be valid is voter I.D…..without voter I.D. nothing is really leg…..plus some type of data base in needed between states so that someone cannot for example be registered in two states…..early vote in one state than travel to the other state and vote there…..also if a town has say ten thousand registered voters of legal age than ten thousand five hundred should not be voting!…..add to that No dead people or pets should be voting

  146. The only contest Hillary could win is “How to Lie Your Entire Life & Get Away w/ It”.

  147. She is a power mad woman. I realize she beat Trump by some 3 million votes in the popular vote, but in land mass she fell way short. She took all the big cities and NY plus CA. How many of those votes were legitimate? I don’t know. The older I get the less and less I trust the political, business, labor, educational establishment. In fact, I really don’t trust much any more, and I certainly don’t trust the Clinton’s. Jury not out yet on how much I trust Trump, but I will say I trust him more than Hillary.

  148. Russian interference “deeper than we know now”?? Where in hell is the evidence, (besides in your own mind that is)….So far this fishing expedition has brought absolutely NO results. All it has managed to do is to cost the American taxpayer a few million bucks and paid the salaries of dozens of Muellers lawyer friends he has hired.
    As for that skank Hillary, just go away you dumb bitch. You lost. Get over it. Go home and bake cookies, (if you know how that is)..

  149. Is this plan 25 to remove President Trump ?

  150. She needs to go away………She lost PERIOD end of discussion….

  151. Hitlery got NUTS……they already challenged it REMEMBER what’s her name —– and the only thing that came outta it was people stuffed the voting boxes…..let alone the fraud……

  152. Damn I am tired of hearing about Killary. The only time I would not mind hearing about this felon is if she is put in jail wearing a stripped jump suit. Would be an easy transition for her from her pantsuits.

  153. This woman is not only corrupt, but is mentally unstable. Whatever it takes, Bill and Chelsea need to curtail her public performances, or perhaps it will take the Democratic party to do it. Every time she appears or says anything, it gets worse. It’s very sad that people are now laughing at her. Her saying that women only voted for Trump because our husbands TOLD us to? Absurd in this day and age. We women didn’t vote for her because of who she is and that is not any example we want our daughters to see or follow.

  154. I think the Department of Justice and Attorney General Jeff Sessions should Hillary Clinton’s freedom by reopening both the Benghazi and emails server scandals and following through with the indictments that should have been executed on July 6th, 2016. Hillary Clinton should be silenced and sent to prison for her treasonous actions while serving as the Secretary of State.

  155. Clinton’s freedom should be challenged………

  156. Why don’t they start looking Hillary scandals and the 4 dead american and put her in jail were she belong,Hillary why don’t you craw under the rock were you came from.



  159. I wish she would shut the fuck up and go away for good. She is a terrible person.

  160. Father Trump needs to smoke that criminal.

  161. Go for it. But use your own money Hillary. Not the taxpayers.

  162. Hillary is the one that colluded with the Russians among other low handed things that she has done. Why in hell she is not in jail is a complete and utter mystery to me. The swamp is a lot deeper than expected. Just hope our new President keeps draining it.

  163. Hillary would only find more illegal immigrants to vote, dead people, all of Obama’s family members in Africa, Muslims, dogs, etc. No wonder Bill got sick of her. She always think she is right and everyone else is wrong. The real morale to the story – she’s the one who is always WRONG. THIS OLD BEG CAN’T TAKE DEFEAT.

    • they just found out in democratic chicago that 16,000 more voted in the last election than existed and they all voted for the witch

  164. Hillary is in need of some serious mental help! What a wackadoodle!

  165. Obama told illegals it was their duty to vote for Hillary, to keep them and their relatives from being deported. Plus he promised them, No prosecution by the feds.
    Whatever happened to America being a country of laws? Obama broke the law by encouraging illegals to vote illegally, yet he faces no charges.
    Obama wanted Hillary elected because he didn’t want anybody questioning what he wasted 10 trillion dollars on, in a short 8 years.
    Hillary is a Traitor, and needs to not be in jail, but under the jail.

  166. It is, precisely, because approximately one-half of the electorate of the United States questioned her legitimacy and she does not understand that fact, that she attributes blame to the diversity of her own party. There is a pervasive truth to the overall tack which she has taken in “explaining” what happened. The first is a lack of unity in the country over fundamental values concerning the law and obedience to it. That said, the fact is that not one member of the electoral college would admit to bribery by Russians regarding the constitutionally-prescribed process of electing the president of the United States. So, Hillary needs to find a back porch with a rocking chair in Hope, Arkansas (sorry, Arkansas!) and learn to rock the cradle, because she will never rule the world.

  167. WHAT A JOKE AND ANOTHER LIE….Let’s face it, for over 50 years Hillary Clinton and the rest of her family has shown herself to be an unethical, unscrupulous, deceitful, stupid, heartless conniving, evil with no redeeming factors.

  168. I will never ever challenge Hillary’s insanity….

  169. Does one need a psychological examination before one attempts to undermine our President or should one just be convicted of the illegal things she’s done? If I were TRUMP, I’d get tired of the noise and just let her answer for her crimes.

  170. Americans Our Government from Allowing Hitler Hillary to Test The Waters Why She Did Not Win the Election…WE Know why because she is a Murderer and Criminal And Thinks She Should Be A Dictator Like Obama planned to be! She should never be allowed to run for any Public Office until she is is Arested, Tried, and Imprisoned and then We do not ever have to worry about her again ruining Us and America!

  171. Hillary was not going to win because Trump is God appointed

  172. ALREADY DONE MORON —– and all she did was to expose voter fraud which is being covered up…..

  173. If anything or anything needs to be investigated for wrongdoing it would be: HRC, THE CLINTON FAMILY AND CARTEL; THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION; THE DNC; SOROS CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION, ET AL. They are the enemy.

  174. Clinton has no constitutional standing to do ANY SUCH THING. Therefore , in addition to being stone stupid, a crook, mean, rotten , a lousy candidate and possessing the personality of a pig’s anal eructation, she is also a lousy lawyer.

  175. Is there not a statute of limitations on such actions? If one wants to challenge an election she should have done that over 8 years ago. (She didn’t then because she did not want to upset the DNC for her run in 2016) Bring it on Hilly, let’s get all the illegal votes deducted form your counts and we will now see you didn’t really win the popular vote legally. Why not ask the IRS to audit your taxes for the past 20 years while you are at it. Careful what you wish for Rod Ham.

  176. I think Hillary Clinton is approaching the steps and door of a mental institution. She is obsessed with her 2nd loss for President. I would think she would shut up and disappear from the scene. No one wants her as President.
    1 election + 1 election = no one wants you for President Hillary.

  177. Hillary “at this point, what difference does it make,” you lost, get over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  178. Use youth own $$$$$$$ to contest the presidency. You’ve used the taxpayers enough over the years.

  179. She better watch what she asks for as Bernie Sanders might challenge the Primary results then her and the whole Democratic Party will go Down in Flames !!! all kinds of fraud including the Russians and the Ukraine probably China and the Muslim Brotherhood on & on—-

  180. No, she won’t be able to challenge the results of the election- Nearly impossible to do, from a jail/prison cell! MORE info coming out about HER totally illegal email server! IF any other person did what she did, they’d already be in Leavenworth!

  181. She is still reeling from her loss. Soros & Obama assured her she would win, the fix was in, right, Van Jones??

  182. Hillary all wrapped up in her depends is a disingenuous hypocrite…she claimed she would be horrified if the election wasn’t accepted at the debates…well…??? Why aren’t you horrified at yourself Hillary?

  183. Hillary you certainly are a gracious LOSER?? What you need to do is go for a very, very long walk preferably off a tall cliff but somewhere because your A$$ and legs are getting huge. your slacks are starting to look like leggings, maybe they are too tight and that is why your brain is losing it. You are starting to look like a white Whoopie Goldberg.

  184. mueller and his minions are setting it up and clinton expects to walk in and take over…….

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