Hillary Clinton Has Her Sights Set on Guns

Perhaps looking for a way to prove that, on at least some issues, she’s even further to the left than Senator Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton is signaling that gun control will be a cornerstone issue for her campaign. Speaking Tuesday in Iowa City, Clinton said, “I’m going to speak out against the uncontrollable use of guns in our country because I believe we can do better.”

Clinton acknowledged that her stance against guns would be “controversial,” but she told the audience that she was determined to fight the good fight. “I think it is the height of irresponsibility not to talk about it,” she said, vowing to go after gun lobbyists if elected.

Clinton follows in the footsteps of her husband, whose presidency saw the passage of both an assault weapons ban and a national background check system. But we live in a much different time now, and most Americans have educated themselves on the uselessness of strict gun control measures. That doesn’t mean her message won’t appeal to the liberal base, but it may not resonate with moderate Democrats and independents. And without their support, Clinton is doomed.

Still, it’s unlikely that many voters already disposed to vote for Clinton will change their minds solely because of gun control. So we must prepare ourselves for the possibility of President Hillary Clinton, like it or not. The man in the White House today has been a fierce advocate for gun control; only his ineptitude has prevented a Second Amendment disaster. Clinton is much more politically savvy than Obama, and more likely to succeed where he has failed. That means that all the warnings gun owners have heard about this administration will carry over to Clinton. And this time, the worst-case-scenarios may actually come to pass.

“How many innocent people in our country, from little children to church members to movie theater attendees, how many people do we need to see cut down before we act?” asked Clinton last month.

These are the kinds of sentiments that appeal to ignorant, emotional voters, oblivious to the fact that gun control laws would have done nothing to prevent these tragedies. If Americans want to kill, they will find a way. Stricter gun control measures will only ensure that their victims have no way to defend themselves when the terror begins.

The dark era of Obama is almost at an end, and for that we all deserve a sigh of relief. But if it is replaced by a dark era of Hillary, that relief may be short-lived.

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  1. Can it be said any better than this?

  2. If and when the socialists disarm the public, they will immediately turn into fascists.

    Hundreds of millions of dissidents will die, proving that liberals are the epitome of hypocrisy.

    • How are they going to collect 100 million weapons? Lets, for the sake of discussion, say they were able to do this. What comes next? Knife control? Baseball bat control?
      Murder is in the heart, not in the hand!

      • They aren’t but they are still trying, and socialists have lofty goals. I agree with you 100%.

        History shows that a disarmed public are nothing more than subjects.

        • MAHB001,
          One needs only to look back at Nazi Germany and present day China to see the effects of gun control.

          • Acthung Jawhol Seig Heil!

          • Look at Chicago. The worst gun control than any other state but with the worst crime than any other state. Sounds like where Obama took control.

          • I’ve seen more black crime since Obama took office than any other POTUS .An there getting away with it coc of him.HillAbeast would be 3rd term of same shit.

          • the chinkees think of gun control as a good soldier keeping his tank moving straight ahead as it rolls over protestors….they were paying attention to Hungary in 1957..

          • Kent2012,
            Since I had a daughter and son-in-law in China when the tank incident too place, I know very well what you are saying. My son-in-law had to go from Chongchuen to Bejing to get passes for the Trans Siberian railroad in order to escape China at that time. The cab driver made him get down on the floor while taking him to the place he had to go.

          • I saw a movie once where only the government had guns… it was called Schindler’s list

          • IMPCALGI,
            I am old enough to remember WWII. That was sort of that I specifically remember.

        • and ultimately victims..the second wave of victims…the first wave will go in the initial struggle…

      • There are a lot more than 100 million firearms in private hands (more like at least twice that amount). The number 100 million is a good estimate for the number of armed American citizens, however. But, even if 95% give up their guns, the other 5% works out to several million armed citizens who WILL NOT comply with their tyranny. If the stinking Left pushes much harder, there will be war, and I don’t mean a Cold one.

        • they say more than 300 million,I’m inclined to believe even more than that.if we keep vigilant the obamas & hillarys will have a problem finding them before we get the country back from the traitorous scum.

        • no sir it will very nasty street fighting that will have the gutters running red and large layers of smoke rising over cities like Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco, LA, Houston, etc..and civilians that stay will have trouble sleeping at night due to the sounds of gunfire and explosions..remember you do not have to have a modern military arsenal to make things go boom and sometimes you get to control the “boom”

        • we are buying ammo a little at a time. Have a reloading outfit. We are not giving up our guns.

      • My Friends From Stockport England Experienced Everything You Just Described. Guns Are Gone. They Tell Me You Cannot Possess A Bat Unless You Can Prove You Are Into Baseball. And I Seen For Myself Knives Are Now In Their Sights Because They Are Now Having A Wave Of Knife Attacks. I Asked Them If Autos Were Next. Take Care Everyone.

      • It is just unfathomable that the military would follow a person like her. We have some military weapons here in SA to help the fight but more are needed. Air Planes, tanks, some of the Generals that Obama has pushed out. Someone to run the bosses position. I can’t run the show but I know a lot but not enough about higher ups. We need some heavy duty weapons for protection. We don’t want to hurt any other Americans, just as we don’t want to be hurt also.
        Obama wants to be a dictator but he is going to have to fight for it. It is unfortunate that we Americans are going to have a lot die because of Obama and his ways. It is more Muslem that anything else. Either his way or die. I would rather die!

      • Amen, yes indeed. Pocket knives, table knives, Hammers., screw drivers. too many sharp objects to mention.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          Yes Jane, even builders and roofers will be out of business. No more huge, long spikes, no nailing or staple guns. Hell, even your home garden equipment!! No, before it gets that far-fetched, there WILL BE another rebellion – just as soon as he declares martial law. People’s tempers are gonna snap! I’M READY!!!

      • I should have mentioned this in my earlier comment, but you are more correct than you realize regarding “What comes next? Knife control…?” In the great Western Democracy known as the United Kingdom, you have to be LICENSED to have any firearm, and they just passed licensing requirements for BB guns (air rifles)! Scotland has also passed requirements on knife control! So, no matter how ridiculous you think you’re being in sarcasm, even that will not be a place too far to go if you’re a statist. Tyranny does not have to come with a hammer and sickle – it can come from Royalty (where you are a subject, not a citizen), and there are reasons why we rebelled against tyranny 240 years ago.


  3. I know this might ve crazy thinking but I am beginning to think that America is now beginning to see the Judgement of God on her for all the sins and wickedness we did not stand up against. Is the beginning of the death of America and all her greatness . let Clinton and her kind take the whitehouse , f we deserve her and all her kind , but for me, they will never lay their hands on any weapon I have bit without some bodies laying beside mine . my laws are simple, you leave me alone and I will leave you alone. I suggest it stay this way for the alternative will not be nice..

    • Ya, IT IS CRAZY
      so now lets examine your hypocrisy, shall we?

      ” Our freedoms , our constitution and a government that stays out my business.”

      Freedoms: Up until a few weeks ago gays did not have the freedom or equality to get married and enjoy the 1000 plus benefits of marriage. conservatives stood in the way

      Our CONSTITUTION is what provided EQUALITY for the gays to marry.
      but now the conservatives want the heads of the SCOTUS because obviously the conservatives know better that the members of the court.

      and a government that stays out my business:

      CONSERVATIVES expect government to PASS LAWS to restrict citizens rights TO MARRY and a women’s right to CHOOSE.

      Christian enthusiasts seem to think that the country needs to run THEIR way or it’s the highway.

      you don’t see any hypocrisy there con?

      • Troll, How soon you forget.


        Liberal anti gun nuts will take what they can get, and then ask for more. Over and Over Again.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          He’s a damned paid troll dude. Anything that comes from that assholes mouth is just that, BULLSHIT! I have him blocked so I don’t have to read his Marxist bullshit!!

          • Mikey you will miss some very funny BS that dribbles out of that oval orifice. Which can’t be easy since the Real Chicks head is so far up in the colon.

        • No one should acknowledge this stupid uneducated libtard! I have personally destroyed this POS before and like a lonely, pathetic troll, he keeps coming back for more!!! He even still uses the stupid 3 letter “con” to reference conservatives! I educated this retard about how people might misinterpret con for convict, but like a typical dumb s**t he keeps on using it! I run into this scumbag every now and then still trying to get attention with his erroneous ideas of the law and mindless sense of libtard harmony! Don’t ANYONE acknowledge this pathetic lonely troll! It will drive him crazy! Hopefully, suicidal!

        • freedomoutpost ken

          They are getting close to nothing being left to take. Then what are they going to do?

          • When and if the Politicians succeed in disarming the public, that will be the instant the tyranny to the opposition will start.

            Conservatives got a taste of it with the corruption of the IRS.

      • The homosexuals are an abomination..

      • Marriage is not a constitutional right. You leftists and homosexuals have distorted the 14th amendment to encompass marriage but it really is not and never was about a religious rite. Neither is a woman’s right to choose to murder her unborn baby a constitutional right. You say that an unborn baby is not a person? Then why, may I ask, is a _double_ murder charged if an assailant kills a pregnant woman?
        You libs are so hypocritical as to be almost comical.

        • “Marriage is not a constitutional right”
          your correct. It is not even in the constitution.
          So not sure why you are hanging your hat on that angle.

          shall we discuss what marriage IS.

          it’s NOT a religious thing in the US.
          It’s a contract. a contract between 2 people.
          which GIVES THEM over 1000 tax benefits and rights that single people or common law or what ever you want to call a union, DON’T GET.

          THAT is the discrimination part and where equal rights were the issue.
          14th=equal rights. even you can see that, right con?

          get rid of those benefits and YOU might have a case, but until you do, you religious enthusiasts are screwed.

          make sense now con?

          • As long as we are stretching that amendment so far, let us take a look at the following part of it:”3.
            No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of
            President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the
            United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a
            member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of
            any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to
            support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection
            or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.”

            You homosexuals can have your so-called marriage (just don’t call it marriage, it is not) and we people who can think and read will use the aforementioned part of the 14th amendment to remove obama, the Democrats, and a lot more of the Republicans than you would believe from office as persons who “have engaged in insurrection
            or rebellion against the same (the constitution), or given aid or comfort to the enemy”

          • freedomoutpost ken

            Then license Civil Unions for everyone for legal protection and leave the states use their rights due to the 10th Amendment decide to who can marry if they want without Federal interference.

      • Go play in traffic troll.

      • No I do not. Everyone seems to think the country needs to run their way, or it’s the highway! The homos are the worst of all!

      • Francisco Machado

        The Constitution does not deal with marriage or interpersonal relations at all, hence the Tenth Amendment delegates that issue to the states. the issue of marriage did not historically concern government until the last century. In my opinion, government should limit itself to partnership contract law standards, a state issue, without discrimination and leave the question of marriage to the concerned individuals. Free market economics insure that there will be someone to perform a ceremony and no one should be compelled to do so.

      • freedomoutpost ken

        NOTHING…….NOTHING in the Constitution says homosexuals can marry. Chalk that up to the SCOTUS making their own laws, even the 4 other Justices responded with that fact. Two Justices performed illegal marriages before being included in the decision, going against the foundation of our legal system.

        • God you cons are THICK.
          the two that married gays probably did IT in a state that allows it silly con.
          that too complicated?
          so now you don’t believe in states rights either?

          There is NOTHING in the constitution that says gays CAN’T marry.
          the opposition was the Christian intolerant.

          good thing we are a secular country.

          you should look that UP.

          what there is in the constitution is the 14th and EQUAL RIGHTS.

          read my post above.
          get with the program. stop whining.

          • freedomoutpost ken

            There is nothing in the 14th Amendment that says homosexual marriage is an Equal Right, thus it belongs to the State to decide due to the 10th Amendment. Like abortion, I will never get with either program and will fight both until I die.

    • ” but for me, they will never lay their hands on any weapon I have without some bodies laying beside mine”

      you cons go from zero to FREAK OUT in 2 seconds.

      did anyone mention CONFISCATION?
      except the MORON RIGHT of course.

      they need to afraid so you will vote for the war mongers and a starving wage for workers.

      WHY is sensible regulation and training so hard for a con to accept?

      • Diane Feinstein said in a video that if she had the votes she would ban guns but liberals still claim no one wants to confiscate guns.What do you call it when certain weapons are banned?

        • You just keep putting up “GUN FREE ZONE” signs for the mentally retarded, the brain injured, drug addled demonicRATS, feminineNAZI’s and cowardly murderous MU-slimes.
          Opps! wait, they have tried that and it does not work. My BAD!

        • the feinysteiny effect?? she may have, in her younger days, been one of those who said “yes” when she meant “no”…..of course she has a lot of company when it comes to the zanny department, unfortunately a large number of them decide to run for office (instead of being institutionalized at the Hotel California) and the remaining brain dead fools vote them into office…one thing about a dicktatorship/tyranny the peasants are not having conversations with each other and saying things like “don’t look at me, I did not vote for that clown”

        • freedomoutpost ken

          Depends on if you have any common sense to call it what it is.

      • Francisco Machado

        “Regulation” is not permitted by the Constitution. another issue is “sensible,” and who defines the word. When the word is defined by certifiable ideologues with a known monolithic anti-gun ideology who define “rational” as conforming absolutely to their own religion of totalitarian control, the meaning of “freedom” is reduced to “freedom to do what they tell you.” the Conservative position taken to its limit is that you are free to do or not to do what does not intrude on the freedoms of your fellow man. The Progressive position, and being taken to its limit is more probable, is that you cannot do what does not fit the ideology and you must do what the ideology mandates or suffer the consequences.

        • A very good response. But don’t waste your time on this lonely libtard POS! I have destroyed him before and like a mental patient or the criminally insane, there is no use reasoning with the unreasonable. He loves to justify his mindlessness in broad generalizations that depend on the idiotic assumption that leftist in power will respect the law and do the right thing. ALL evidence in the past nearly 7 years will prove just how Nazi-like leftist progressives can really be. Ignore this attention starved, ignorant fool of the left! He just wants to stir up s**t in order to feel important and possibly be a part of something. It is sad losers like him that people feel sorry for!

      • “Sensible regulation” is a slippery slope. “Sensible regulation” means whatever they want it to mean and when “sensible” means confiscation, there is going to be a problem and it will happen, because the liberal/progressive/Marxist agenda is total control. How else can you get people to live in misery without coercion and force? BTW, who the hell are you to call out conservatives? I’ve seen some pretty unhinged liberals demanding their “rights”. Also, “A starving wage for workers” is a pretty lame statement. First, what is the education level of these workers? Is burger flipping a career? Maybe if people weren’t forced to pay excessive tax to support the freeloaders, then there would be more money to pay your “oppressed”, uneducated, functionally illiterate, entitled, liberal turds. However; you sound educated and I’m wondering, have you heard of a free market economy? Supply and demand is the cornerstone of any economy, unless the government gets involved and starts mandating what a “fair” wage is. Maybe you need to take a long look in the mirror and you’ll see yourself “freak out” on people who’s opinions and beliefs are different than your own.

        • “slipper slope” seems to be a con catch phrase.
          then you throw in some Marxist crap to help us understand you’re a complete idiot.

          you’re just full of the same old talking points.
          How about a con post some FACTS, and back them up to make an argument?
          what a concept.
          (of course you sill make up an excuse not to)

          whining about the progressive Marxist agenda that doesn’t exist, just proves to the world that your short several loaves.

          • why when we can enjoy your never ending line of ignorant horse schit…I suppose that would make you the horse’s azz…..no disrespect to horses was intended…no horses were injured or killed during the making of the above statement….

          • BOTH sides have sold the American people out. BOTH sides continue to get wealthy at the expense of regular citizens. If you think I’m an idiot, who cares, I don’t. You want to come in here with your condescending attitude and set the conservatives straight? Fine blowhard, enjoy.

      • these conservatives have a long way to go to get along side of you in either the moron level or the freak out status…we have sensible regulations on the books, but the coward pu$$ies, such as yourself want more and more…those of us who follow news from the international wires as well as what drivel that passes for news from abccbsnbcmsnbccnn, and the clowns at rooters are very aware of what the panty waists in England and Australia were subjected when the panty waists over there began talking “sensible” “responsible” and other wonderful terms used to disguise the real goal…first it was “registration”, then it was selective removal of certain “horrible” tools of death, then it was the closeting of the remaining “acceptable weapons” at the “approved” gun range, then the panty waists decided that most of those needed “confiscation” and so the story goes….with the coward panty waists getting their way because England and Australia had already gone down the path of a “non responsive” representative government passing legislation that the majority of the people that elected the cowards did not want to have…

  4. 0bama said he didn’t want our guns, so did billy.

    Hillary wants our guns the same way Feinstein does.


    • Francisco Machado

      The Conservative position on this: “Turn in your guns if that’s what you want to do.” Or, Diane, just give them to your husband, which is more practical. I wonder how many guns she has, anyway? She’s a Democrat, it would be out of character not to be hypocritical about it.

  5. hey you sea hag, get SCREWED!!!

  6. Yes, and we should have our guns trained on Hillary and friends…to scare the shit out of the leftist traitors!

  7. we need to speak out against the stupidity that spews from her uncontrollable mouth because we know we can do better!

    • exactly Jerry, exactly. No one wants to hear anything Hillary has to say. OK/ Lets ask Hillary about Benghazi, and how she and Obama let 4 Americans die. lets see her worm her way out of that conversation. The woman should be in jail, no running for the oval office.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        John, you know the dumb bitch would end the discussion right there and walk out.. If that dyke gets elected I’m moving to Denmark!!

        • Consider Chile….Denmark is overrun with Muslims.

          • Not all Muslims are terrorists.
            Not all terrorists are Muslim.
            We have Christian terrorists right here in the U.S. of A. They murder doctors and bomb clinics.

          • …ahhhhh….well…ok.

            When your Muslim ISIS brothers ask you where you line up…with the Christians …or with the Muslims….what do you say to them….assuming they could cut off your head, or burn you alive, or drown you or blow you up …or even just cut your throat because you may not agree with them?

            I believe you that you would agree with them and even strike the match that would burn me up and my Christian brothers up because your loyalty is to the religion of Islam and not idea that is America or at least use to be before the left of center political party gained power.

            A moment of personal opinion brought to you courtesy of the 1st Amendment.

          • Gee, I thought the religious hate lesson was learned back in WW II. That time, 8 million innocents died.

            What type of Holocaust do you have in mind?

            Shall we build concentration camps and gather up every one of Middle Eastern heritage, and steal their money and property? You know, like we did to the Japanese Americans back in WW II?

            Shall we go a step further and build gas chambers to murder the innocent women and children in? Can’t forget the ovens, we’ll need them to burn the bodies.

          • Yes, if that is what it takes, we should build concentration camps and gather up all the muslims and confine them. As for stealing their property, the illegals don’t have any and we are already supporting them! the thing you don’t understand is that if there would be an uprising by ISIS in our country, even the peaceful, law abiding muslim WILL join in with ISIS and attack their non-muslim neighbors and friends! This is a proven fact that has happened everywhere! Like it or not, we CHRISTIANS must defend ourselves if need be! Anyone -ANYONE not just Christians will feel their rath if they don’t side with ISIS!

          • Yes the Muslim thing is in the Quran. If you are a Police Officer, or in the Armed Forces, your Muslim partner is very likely to flip flop and turn on you. Watch your back.

          • This is America — not WWII Germany… and it isn’t Tehran either, I suggest you go preach to the ‘Believers’.

          • Preach?
            Since when is asking questions preaching?

          • seersuckerandapanama

            Are you referring to the Japanese-American roundup that Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt (not “we”) did?

          • Sorry, baby boy, Congress is “We the People”. We are a Republic that practices a representative form of Democracy.

          • Makes me smile AKLady, I think you’re having fun. Baby Girl.

          • Apparently, you skipped Civics Class.
            Do you even bother to vote?

          • You’re a sickening Muslim apologist; move to Iraq!

          • Insult away, Freedom of religion is the law in America. If you don’t like the law, change it or move somewhere elsw.

          • …don’t believe I have read about Christians killing Muslims here in America the way the Muslims in America’s other Muslim brothers are in the middle East.

            I wonder about the American Moderate Muslims here in the US. They are what Alex Diaz would call “pussy Muslims”…not the real thing. But I believe they would become as savage as their middle eastern brothers if their radical brothers were here.

          • Muslims have been in America since before we were a Nation.
            Muslims fought in the American Revolution. In fact thw first casualty of the Revolution — at the Boston Massacre, was a Muslim.
            The first country to recognize our Nation was Muslim.
            Now, what did you have in mind about “American Moderate Muslims”?
            Ignorant Americans in Wisconsin have been killing Sikhs, which they mistake for Muslims, i.e., dark skin, turbans, foreign language

          • Crispus Attucks, the first casualty of the Revolution at the Boston Massacre, was a non-Muslim black man. What you’re claiming is a lot of Muslim propaganda bunk, Muslim’s have been spewing out to justify their sovereignty over America, i.e., once a land is Muslim, it is forever belongs to Muslims; negated further by Native American’s belief in God our Creator, whom they referred as “The Great Spirit in the Sky”, even before missionaries brought Christianity to them; and don’t go to 1614 Jamestown when the first blacks were brought over. They were not slaves, nor Muslims. The were indentured servants. The same as white indentured servants having to work off their debts for seven years to be free of their benefactors claims. BTW, slavery didn’t begin until 1630; the first slave-owner reportedly was black.
            Point is: whenever a black face pops up in our Nation’s history, you Muslims immediately paint them as Muslims with no further factual proof.
            As for your Wisconsin claim…I’m certain Sheriff Clark could factually
            dispute your foolish statement.

          • Just what religion do you think a majority of the slaves brought to this country practiced?

            Thousand Muslims immigrated to the United States from the former territories of the Ottoman Empire and the former Mughal Empire between 1880 and 1914.

            The first documented Muslim was Moroccan slave, called Estevanico who became shipwrecked off Texas in1528. During the period 1567-1587, Moors and Turks were brought to the present-day Carolinas. They intermarried with Native Americans, creating the Melungeon communities of Southern Appalachia.

            CONTRARY TO YOUR RUDE BIGOTRY — I am white.

          • I’ll give you that. Slave Estevanicio, “the discoverer of New Mexico”, was a Portuguese, then later a Spanish-owned slave…he was not American owned; your comment on the Melungeon’s also have some, although questionable validity.

            As for your skin color…who cares? I do believe you aren’t the only white Muslim.

            Has for my education…I have nothing to prove to you or anyone else.

            As for being a rude bigot…you’re correct. I don’t care for a religion that wants to kill all of us; which has a history of changing then established Christian Middle-East by the sword, and has never stopped, as is now, continuing torturing and killing non-believers daily.

            BTW, you didn’t have to shout!

            Good-by. Enjoy your day.

          • Baby boy, Islam is the third largest religion in the world. White Muslim? There are millions of white Muslims.

            Not all Muslims are terrorists. Not all terrorists are Muslim. There are a good number of Christian terrorists out there, some right here in the USA. Christians in Africa are torturing and killing non-believers as we speak.

            You are mistaken. Estevanico was a Moroccan Berber, not Portuguese. He was born near Azemmour, Morocco and was taken into slavery about age 10. After being shipwrecked off Texas, he was eventually again enslaved by Native Americans.

            The Melungeons were tri-racial — First People, African and European. Genetic evidence shows that the families historically called Melungeons are the offspring of sub-Saharan African men and white women of northern or central European origin. The claim of Portuguese ancestry was a ruse to explain their skin pigmentation.

          • Please learn to read. Nothing was said about your hero, Estevanico being a Portuguese, only that his original “owner” was.

            To each their own as far as Islam is concerned. And no, not all Muslims are terrorists, nor all terrorists Muslims. However, they do stick together with muted voices whenever a terrorist act is committed by their brethren…always claiming Islam as being peaceful as by their deafening silence as we read and see the atrocities they commit against non-believers and amongst themselves in the name of your god Allah.

            For example: not one member of the Mosque they attended stepped forward, even anonymously to identify the Boston Marathon murderers Tsarnaez brothers after their photographs were extensively and publicly shown.

            As usual, people of your ilk just have to stoop to name-calling. “Baby boy”, huh?

            We’re through.

          • You went back and edited what you wrote.

            Your hate comments bring shame upon America.

            Then, there is the ignorance: ” in the name of your god Allah.”+

            Allah is the Arabic word for God, it is not the name of a god. Islam is an Abrahamic religion — as are Judaism and Christianity.

            Oh, and by the way, there are about 900 names for Him in the Bible. You might try reading it.

            “However, they do stick together…” Yes, Baby Boy is more than a Southern saying in your case.

          • You’re not Alaskan, nor are you a lady; you’re a Muslim plant troll on this forum; everyone, ignore the enemy!

          • Awe, you don’t like facts much, do you?

          • Probably here illegally too!

          • American bigotry is so beautiful to behold.

          • Bigotry doesn’t compare with what Islam practices. If you’re an Islamic male, you are the pinacle of creation. You’re worth one vote. If you’re an Islamic female, you are worth 1/2 vote because you only have half of the intelligence of your Master. So he can slap you around just for being so stupid. And not only that, but all of you women are going straight to hell according to your Prophet, who got that straight from God. Isn’t it amazing that your Allah hates women so much. He likes to be around men instead…I wonder why? Because he doesn’t like homosexuals either. Allah must not have a sex life and he has to do his own cooking and cleaning to boot. And where does he get all of these virgins to hand out in heaven….all of the women are in hell. And ladies, your 12 year old son get’s a full vote, and a full share of inheritance if the old man croaks. And you get 1/2 share. And what about the thing with the pussy, cutting off the clitoris, Jews and Christians did the circumcision thing, but they left their women alone. You know, in the olden days, there used to be Gods and Goddesses, then Islam and Christianity and Judaism came about. How do the Jews treat their women, I don’t know. probably like Christianity, with love and respect. Islam, not so much. Hey, it’s only in Islam that they do honour killings, douse their daughter with acid, or set them on fire, or beat them up and cut off their nose, cut off their ears, gouge out their eyes and continue to rampage over them. After doing all of that, Sharia may fine the father or the brother or the cousin. No jail time, no nothing. Your daughter gets raped, and it’s her fault. So she’s murdered by her family. Makes perfect sense to me…afterall, she’s only worth half. And if she kills her attacker, they hang her by order of Sharia Court. Which doesn’t really listen to evidence, because women can’t testify in a criminal trial, and even if she could, it would still be only 1/2 vote…or in the case of rape, four men to testify in her behalf. Then we look at the Dar Es Salaam state like in Turkey and they decide “things have changed” and the Muslims no longer want the Jizya tax, they want mandatory conversion. And with the Armenians, the Turks beat, raped, robbed, murdered, Armenian Christians and others, and marched them out into the desert to die of thirst and starvation. But when you pay Jizya Tax, you become a third rate citizen who has to cross the street to avoid a confrontation with “the pinnacle of creation” a Muslim male.

            So, American bigotry is so beautiful to behold…in comparison to Islamic bigotry. And, any Muslim woman who continues to be a Muslim is proof that Muhammad was right…they do only have half of a brain. Oh, that’s right, if they leave Islam they will be killed. So obviously the only thing Islam understands is death.

          • You are so high and mighty, and so very unaware of what goes on in this country.

            They still hang blacks for fun in parts of America’s South. Others simply disappear, never to be seen or heard of again. Them there swamp creatures eat most anything.

            Your whine sounds a lot like the Crusades.

            If you had done your homework, you would understand that every country has a right to govern itself, by its own laws.
            If you do not like the laws, I suggest you do not visit the country.

            Oh, and your wonderful Christians used to burn people at the stake. They also used to dunk people under water — if they did not drown, they were innocent of the crime.

            The torture equipment used during the Inquisition is a wonder to behold. The rack that pulled people limb from limb. Then there was the “virgin” which was fitted with multiple knives that stabbed people as they forced it closed. And lets not forget the “pear” with it stiletto top which was stabbed into a woman’s uterus while the body of the device was cranked further and further open.

            No, child, Muslims have a long way to go before they catch up to Christianity.

          • Oh, you forgot about the wheel. And let’s not forget about the thumb screws. Hangs blacks for fun, prove it. There wouldn’t have been a crusades without Islamic aggression for a a hundred years before the first one started. Islam is the aggressor and they say they’re defending themselves. All you really get out of a Muslim are lies. Like Muslim Science is an oxymoron. Their science is all stolen. They wouldn’t have technology if it wasn’t for the west. They’d still be living in the 7th century. And you look at their countries in the middle east and see very little improvement over centuries. Archaic. A stagnating culture if you could call it a culture. And Christianity doesn’t hold a candle to the 270 to 300 MILLION people Islam killed in their Conquests. 80 Million in India alone. 10,000 people killed in one hour alone. It makes the Crusades, the Witch trials at the height in Germany, 30,000 in one year. And Islam kills 10,000 in one hour. And you tell me Islam doesn’t hold a candle to Christianity. Islam is the equivalent to an extinction level event. No other factor in human history has killed more people except the last big asteroid that hit planet earth.

            So, you think the Ku Klux Klan and the Spanish Inquisition are bad?
            So do we, but… Put the Numbers in Perspective

            More people are killed by Islamists each year than in all 350 years of the
            Spanish Inquisition combined. (source)

            Islamic terrorists murder more people everyday than the Ku Klux Klan has
            in the last 70 years. (source)

            More civilians were killed by Muslim hijackers in two hours on September 11th than in the 36 years of sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland. (source)

            Islamic extremists massacred more Iraqis on a single day in June, 2014 than the number of American criminals executed in the last 40 years. (source, source)

            Muslim fundamentalists kill more people everyday than were killed during the entire
            Salem Witch Trials. (source)

            Sunni supremacists slaughtered more Yazidi minorities on August 14, 2014 than the
            number of black Americans lynched by White supremacists in the previous 100 years. (source, source)

            Let’s not forget about the Armenians, 1.5 million there.

            But everywhere Islam goes they rape, pillage, destroy, and take slaves. And often more slaves are killed by transport then arrived at their destination. So the slave trade was easily another 500 million.

            There is nothing good about Islam. Child.

          • Try 8 million in the Concentration Camps of WW II.
            Hiroshima & Nagasaki — 246k
            Iraq War – 190k
            Syrian Civil War – 100k
            Total World Wide Deaths per year – 58m
            Your numbers, out of context, are meaningless bigotry.

          • It’s amazing how all of you can bring up the deaths of other races in your conversations, but forget the really important one, The attempted Genocide of the Native Americans, who by the way are the only true Americans, while all the rest (you included) are illegal immigrants, who came here and forced their way of life on us.By the way I’m Native American (LENNI LENAPE, that’s Delaware Indian for people who don’t know). So yes I’m a little biased about who should be allowed here into my country, be it Christian or Muslim etc.Look what happened when a majority of people had no say about who could come into America at Plymouth Rock, and all along the eastern seaboard. The invaders pretended to be our friends until they saw something that was ours, and then decided they wanted it for themselves. By the same token, the same stuff is happening again, i.e. illegal mexican immigrants coming here and taking all of the good jobs, pipeline crews, road construction crews, and my profession Home construction. Hotel and motel housekeeping jobs also are now being done by illegals. People used to say, let them stay, they only do jobs Americans don’t want, well that might have been the case in the beginning, but look around you now, they’ve taken the jobs that Americans DO want, but can’t get them because the rules have changed, now you must be bi-lingual in order to even be considered for the jobs(unless of course you’re a mexican, then it does not apply). And now, because I’ve done my research I’ve found out a little known fact, our Government GIVES Pakistanis, Iraqis, Indian Hindus, etc. (middle easterners) motels and convenience stores for little to no cost what so ever.They also give them SSI checks, which by the way they’ve never paid into, I know some born and raised Americans that have been denied the same benefits. I’m one of them, I’ve worked my whole life and now I can’t get the help I need.

          • Alexander the Great is revered in both history and military tactics training. Get out the history books — learn a thing or two they did not have time to teach you in school.

          • You need to go dig out the world history books and do a bit of study.
            You simply do not know what you are talking about.

          • You are truly a moron and schizophrenic, living in the dark past instead of today’s reality. Drop dead and give us a break!

          • Old is probably very correct.
            There is a lot of history you have not been taught.

          • And Jefferson went to war with the Barbary Pirates. They attacked our merchant shipping, confiscated the cargo and the ship and sold the crew into slavery. SLAVERY IS A MUSLIM’S FIRST NAME. And a vote for Sharia Law is a vote for slavery…And yes, America did have to pay Jizya tax at first. If you really want to run the numbers go to http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/, they have authoritative information and archives that span all the way back to the sixties as I recall. Interesting information, especially about killing Sikhs, was it one, or ten, or a hundred, or a thousand? As far as I’ve read, I’m only aware of one and that happened in Texas. Americans killing Muslims or Sikhs is almost non existent, so you had to throw in that little racist stuff right? Prove it with numbers, because my research indicates that Americans have demonstrated remarkable restraint. Even after 9/11…and that had a lot of people hopp’in mad. So, if you had 10 incidents, and that number is grossly exaggerated, then the per centage would be say 3.3 x 10 to the minus 8. That’s not a very strong case. Boston Massacre, Muslim?, what was his name? Muslims in America before we were a nation. Plausible. During their Conquest Jihad thru North and West Africa, the Califate pretty much gutted all of the territory for their slave trade and forced everyone conquered to convert to Islam. That’s right, Islam was not their first choice as far as religion was concerned. The growth of Islam was forced under pain of death. Same thing goes for Spain, Portugal, and parts of France. The Califate wanted 3,000 blond virgins sent every year. What country recognized America first. I’ll have to research that assertion. Read my post to Sicklesteel about moderate Muslims.

          • Why waste your time with AKLady2015? She’s not worth it.

          • I agree, she just doggedly holds on to lies and fictionalized Muslim history I get the feeling she’s working from a script, looking for someone who will actually believe her. Thanks for the head’s up.

          • How do you manage to stay alive in “cruel” conservative Alaska? Don’t you belong in California, New York, or Mass.?

          • You don’t know much about Alaska, do you?
            Conservative? No.
            Independent? Yes.

          • A Muslim is a Muslim…it’s in the Quran. The so called “pussy Muslims” would be the first to be executed, After Christians, Jews, Hindus, everybody else. That is what Muslims do during Dar Es Salaam, they kill anyone who they see as weak in their belief. And Sharia Law, is more about conviction by accusation than anything else. They live to accuse so they can see more death.

          • Thank you very much for that information donemy..I appreciate it….duly noted.

          • “That is what Muslims do during Dar Es Salaam, they kill anyone who they see as weak in their belief.”

            Dar Es Salaam is a city in Tanzania. It is the largest and richest city in eastern Africa. It has always been a Muslim city. It was built by a Muslim: Sultan Majid bin Said of Zanzibar.

            It is not a Muslim holy day, etc., etc.,

          • seersuckerandapanama

            The first two lines are true. The third line is absurd. Those who murder doctors and bomb clinics are not Christians. Christians don’t behead people. No, the Jacobins weren’t Christians either. Communists have a long history of terrorism.

          • Christians have a long history of terrorism and muder. Terrorism which began long before Communists or Jacobins. Here is some of the violence and names of currently known Christian terror organizations. This is the short list, there are hundreds more incidents and groups.

            Romanian Pogroms
            The Army of God
            Christian Identity
            The Christian Patriots
            The Concerned Christians
            The KKK
            Knights Party, USA
            Eastern Lightning
            The Lord’s Resistance Army
            The National Liberation Front of Tripura
            Concerned Christians
            Sabra and Shatila massacre in Lebanon
            The the Karantina and Tel al-Zaatar massacres of Palestinians and Lebanese Muslims
            The Hutaree Christian militia movement
            Hutaree Christian militia movement

        • Denmark is getting ready to pass a bill outlawing cash…so they can dictate what you buy and sell…just like they will eventually do here…but if your move turns out to be a good one, email me and I and my friends will join you…

          • Oh, Phyllis, there are already laws in place that say what can be bought and sold in the U.S. When was the last time you bought a bottle of wine?

          • I don’t drink booze…ever…if the wine industry had to rely on me for business they would be out of luck…,I feel the same way about alcohol as I do drugs, if you NEED to have an outside influence to have a good time, you probably don’t deserve one.

          • What does your drinking habits have to do with laws controlling what can be bought and sold?

        • Instead of you moving to Denmark , lets kick her and Bill out of the US and let her figure out which Country really does like what she has to say. She might be on an Island, where she can’t do us any more harm.

        • Do more good to Join the Coming REVOLUTION . There one in Our Future for Sure . BEFORE 2016 is my guess too

          • Yeah…and then Obama will call martial law and stay in the WH for good…yikes!

          • Talk is cheap.
            Same threat has been made for the past 50 years.

          • Which of the following terror groups did you join?
            The Army of God
            Christian Identity
            The Christian Patriots
            The Concerned Christians
            The KKK
            Knights Party, USA
            Eastern Lightning
            The Lord’s Resistance Army
            The National Liberation Front of Tripura
            Concerned Christians
            Sabra and Shatila massacre in Lebanon
            The the Karantina and Tel al-Zaatar massacres of Palestinians and Lebanese Muslims
            The Hutaree Christian militia movement
            Hutaree Christian militia movement

        • Right we should have sacrificed 10-30 Americans to rescue four — who did not want rescued, refused additional security.

          • Baby boy. the record is preserved in history.
            You might want to read and research instead of making a fool of yourself on the Internet.
            America is beginning to be known for its ignorance.

          • Army Gen. Carter Ham, then-commander of the U.S. Africa Command, called Stevens and asked if the embassy needed a special security team, the General said. Stevens told Ham it did not.
            Apparently you think General Ham is a liar. I think not, he is a decorated member of the American military.

        • No. Check out Chile or New Zealand or Costa Rica.

      • Hillary doesn’t answer questions.. LOL

      • That’s the truth and nothing but the truth John.

      • Law: The host country is responsible for embassy security.

        Fact: Putting American boots on the ground would have been an invasion force.

        Fact: Stevens refused assistance.

        Then there is the law of diminishing returns: How many would have died in this “attempted” rescue?

    • you got that right Jerry. friggin’ Mickey Mouse would be better.

    • The Democrats votes have already been counted.
      Do you think they even have a choice?
      100% of all democrats could vote for Newt and Hillary will win the nomination by a margin of 52% to 48%.
      The media has spoken. Hillary has spoken, and she is the one counting the votes…

      • freedomoutpost ken

        No George Soros is in charge of counting the votes, he owns most of the voting machines.

      • You really should keep your eyes on Sanders and Warren. The two parties have been a big disappointment over the last 20 or so years. America is tired of the worn out game they are playing.

        • I believe that 100% of all democrats could vote for Sanders and the corrupt Democrat machine would put Hillary in the office.
          I don’t think you guys have a vote.

          “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes
          decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
          Joseph Stalin

          Hillary is counting the votes… What do you think the total is going to be?
          The media is already preparing you for the coronation.

          • What you believe and how this Nation actually works are two veey different things.

            #1 — The People do not elect the President, Never have, never will — unless there is a Constitutional Amendment.

            #2 — The Electoral College elects the President.

            #3 — These Presidents did not have the popular vote: John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson, Rutherford B. Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, and George W. Bush

            #4 — Your political “machine” does not exist.

          • Have you read the book, “The Naked Communist?”

            You should. The political machine is actually controlled by Alinsky Radicals.

            Ask McDaniel if the political machine exists.
            Ask Hillary if a political machine exists.

          • I’m not big on fiction, but thank you for sharing.

          • Oh yes you are big on fiction…

            We can tell by your posts.

          • No, you are simply big on ignorance.
            Get an education.

          • How does it feel to be owned by me? You have lost every argument we have been in.
            And you call me ignorant?

          • My. my , the Narcissistic Personality Disorder is no longer in any doubt.

            Owned? Child, you don’t own the pot you piss in.

            Grow up. Real life is not a video game.

    • Well Jer, You’ve got about 17 total ignoramuses who say they can do better. When will you put someone forth who might be actually do better? Hell, we’ve got someone running who might do better but the media don’t think Bernie Sanders can be elected.

      • Hey meadow dressing, give me one actual ACCOMPLISHMENT the Hill of Beans can actually point to. And no, riding Billy’s coat tails while he rides an interns face is not an accomplishment.

        Here’s your blankie, here’s your sippy cup. Now go finish your coloring book; the grownups are speaking

        • Well Impie, I really don’t know how to respond to an adolescent who can’t come up with something better than “meadow dressing”. That doesn’t make sense but not surprising because the rest of the post is not much better. In the first place Kid, most adults know there is nothing that can compare one to be President of the most powerful nation in the world and Hillary is no different. The same can be said about the entire group of Republican wannabes. But Hillary has the advantage. She has some concept of what Presidents have to do. “riding Billy’s coat tails” is not, in itself, an accomplishment But being there with him, advising him sure is a neat training period. Then she was elected Senator from New York. She did quite well in that slot. Then she ran for President and almost won. The guy who did win thought enough of her to nominate her as Secretary of State where she served quite well for 4 years. I’m sure your first response will be, YEAH, BUT BENGHAZI!!! Benghazi was unfortunate but even knowledgeable Republicans (All 3 of them) admit Benghazi was not caused by anything Ms. Clinton did or did not do. Perhaps you should grow another couple of years and then join us grownups in a site like this

          • Wow, she ran as a Democrat from New York and she won….what an achievement! Please do tell, you say “she did quite well in that slot”: what did she actually DO? Besides get ready to run for president that is. To get her ass whipped by a demagogue who was more of a snake in the grass than she was,more willing to play dirty. Btw, President MomJeans didn’t make her Secretary of State out of love or admiration, it was to keep her on a leash and out of the way for 2012; anyone not totally blind can see that. You say she “served quite well” in that role. I say bullshit, and I defy you to list all her great accomplishments there. You can’t, because she doesn’t have any, which is why you don’t mention them… just some half assed unsupported babble about her “doing well”.

            And imagine, this is without me even talking about her and her boss let four Americans get slaughtered by terrorists, something that all logical people understand actually fucking happened, but is incomprehensible to all the kool aid chugging zombie halfwits that make up the Dem voter base.

            Nice try. Now finish your coloring book and get ready for your nap

          • Another ignorant, rude child.
            Another one who cannot properly express themselves.
            Another one who thinks foul language is acceptable.
            Another infant still using infantile name calling.

            Grow up.

            Insults are just plain garbage can filler.

            You have not offered anything that can be considered as rational, adult conversation.

            Go do your homework. Your mother is calling you.

          • Its interesting that YOU cannot answer a simple question either. In case you didn’t read it, here is what I asked:

            A) This other guy said “she did quite well in that slot” as Senator from New York state. I asked him to point out ONE SINGLE THING that she did as Senator to justify that statement. He couldn’t do it. Wanna try your luck? Go ahead: point out all the great actual achievements Hillary Clinton had as a Senator from New York state.

            B) This other guy also said (and I quote) that Hillary “served quite well” as Secretary of State. Again, I asked him to list ONE SINGLE THING that she did in that job that would justify him saying that she “served quite well”. He couldn’t do it. And I am saying right here and now that you can’t either. Wanna prove me wrong? Then list all the great things she did as Secretary of State.

            The fact is, neither of you two can do any such thing. The only thing he can do is whine like a baby in a month old diaper, while all you can do is slavishly copy what I did. That other fellow is a spoiled child; you’re just an ignorant fool who will blindly vote for anyone with a “D” after their name

          • The problem is your question, not the answers. Only one whining like a baby is you.

            The legislature makes the laws and spends the money.

            No single Senator accomplishes anything individually.
            Hence you question is not valid, nor answerable.
            There is nothing, whatsoever, within the duties of the Secretary of

            State, which give rise to an individual accomplishment. It is an advisory and supervisory position. Hence, your question is not answerable.

          • In other words, Hillary HAS NO ACCOMPLISHMENTS. Thank you for proving for my point. Now go brush your tooth and go to bed

          • An actual adult.
            One with an education.
            Thank you.

          • Thank you Lady. Sometimes I feel like the proverbial Lonely Little Petunia in an Onion Patch. I appreciate the breath of fresh air!

          • You are most welcome.
            You are not the only Petunia in the Onion Patch.

      • I agree most of the candidates are nothing more than rinos and just like obama will say whatever it takes to get where and what they want, but come on bernie sanders is so out spoken about anti gun he might as well be on the golf course with obama! I cannot even think of using my vote to help elect someone who is so against American freedom and would never recommend such a person to anyone, as far as it goes it’s not up to me to put some one up that can do better it’s up to everyone to pick someone who will!

        • People like you sicken me! You think the only freedom worth defending is the freedom to buy guns. First amendment? Not worth the paper it’s printed on. 13th & 14th must have been composed by traitors to the US.none of the others are worth mentioning but the 2nd? It should be tattooed on all male new-borns! I would like to see a law forbidding people from buying guns or owning guns except for law enforcement officers. It would take a while but eventually all illegal guns would be off the street and gun lovers, especially,Wayne LaPierre, would be serving time in federal prisons. Any doubt about the way I feel?

          • yea and looser idiots like you aren’t worth the a rebuttal but here we go! I served in the Army ! I fought in a war to keep sorry A$$ people like you free what the heck have you done ? I fought to keep all of our freedoms not just one! there is more I don’t like about bernie sanders but the list is too long just like the rest of your rino candidates so take your commie views and put them where the sun don’t shine and while you’re at it feel free to go elsewhere so you can have all the commie government control you desire, it’s people like you that sicken me! now is there any doubt in your mind how I feel idiot!

          • OH MY! What a special person you are! You must be the only person on these sites who actually SERVED IN THE ARMY! I am properly impressed! I served during the Korean War but I see no reason to boast about serving my country. It is pathetic that losers like you have to bring up the fact that you were drafted or that you enlisted because you needed a job and wasn’t qualified for anything else. Do you have any idea how many men and women have served in the military? Your service is appreciated but don’t expect any special prize for serving. Oh yes, and I need to ask, what is a loose idiot? Does that mean those idiots have loose limbs or loose bowels? I can see by your paucity of proper grammar. why the army was the only job for you!

          • hey but head I enlisted not because I needed a job but because I believe that it’s my duty to protect all that America stands for, no I’m not the only one there are many just like me , my brothers and sisters who fought to keep the rights of Americans free not to have some wannabe dictator try to take them away, I went to Vietnam by choice my father served in Korea my whole family is full of veterans and ones who are serving now, we all believe the same way, it sounds as if you might be talking about yourself trying to make yourself feel better about the fact you had to be drafted and forced to protect America! do you not know how to read I said loser idiot , looser was just a misspelled word sorry to offend another internet grammar troll! I meant you are a loser idiot no one else why do you have loose bowls? do you feel the need to tell everyone about this fact?

          • OK Jer, you enlisted because you felt a surge of patriotism. I’ll be frank. I enlisted because I did not want to be drafted into the army. I knew I’d do better for myself and my country by maintaining B-36 bombers rather than by lugging a weapon through the jungles of Korea. I was a natural mechanic, not a natural killer.
            Yes Jerry, I can read quite well and you DID NOT say loser idiot. You said looser idiot. You can sputter and anguish all you want but that’s what you wrote. I did not say I have loose BOWLS. I didn’t even say I have loose BOWELS! JEEZ Jerry How can one understand what you’re attempting to say when you cannot spell the words correctly!

          • I’m going to answer your post one last time I don’t worry when someone misspells a word I try not to and usually spellcheck but hey I’m not perfect never said I was, I look past such trivial things, I also was a helicopter mechanic and door gunner during my time in Vietnam, it not only sickens me but saddens me to hear a veteran or for that matter anyone go off on peoples rights and believe that it’s alright for anyone to take away any freedom or right we have, when you let that happen they wont stop at one they want them all

          • I don’t know where you’re coming from when you speak of rights being taken away. In the first place, I’m not in a position to grant or remove rights from anyone.
            Oh, and you misspelled won’t. 😉


    • Sure, let’s elect another Bush.
      We need another war or two.
      Let’s kill some parents so we can put their families on welfare.
      Oh, and those 9/11 attackers — not one of them was from Iraq or Afghanistan.

  8. Advocates of the right to keep and bear arms need to have their sights set on Hillary. After all, the “common defense” means something quite different from the right of a president to have a Secret Service detachment for self-defense.

    • the rich and those in positions of power believe that they can have armed bodyguards but you should not own a firearm to protect yourself so they are protected by the very thing they don’t want you to have!

  9. Dudley DoRight.

    Hitler-ee would be a repeat of Brokeback 0bama.

  10. she wants this so bad that shed say anything .all the crime shes been involved with over the last 25 yrs and not a word from anyone? how the **** does she even get to run with that background she has .. unbelievable this nation… she s a murderer besides ask vince and the ambassador

  11. Armed Americans are our last line of defense! (Especially if you consider how much Obama has reduced our military and replacing them with ILLEGALS who have absolutely no allegiance to this country!)

    Be careful about “setting sights”…American’s guns have sights, too.

    All dictators and dictators to be love gun registration and then confiscation. It makes it easier for them to enslave the people.

    Watch what Obama has been doing: Building concentration camps in every state, buying 100s of thousands of plastic coffins (who are they for?), arming alphabet agencies with more guns and ammo than they can justify, kissing up to the UN and it’s Agenda 21 for the U.S. trying to monitor our travels and wanting to have GPS units in every car to track us, “Jade Helm” and the list goes on.

    Do we really need another socialist gun hater in the White House?

    • and we certainly do not need another chink/rag/commie lezzy in there either, but the fools out in wonderland will all be buzzing “ooh ooh it is time for a woman president”…”ooh ooh look at those pretty colors in those new flags since she got rid of the stars and bars”….hope that her campaign staff hires women that are at least 70, then maybe billy “the traitor” clintoney will keep his pants zipped…

  12. When their body guards don’t carry weapons then I will get rid of mine. When the crooks can’t get weapons then I will bet rid of mine. When obambam doesn’t have body guards I’ll get rid of mine. When we don’t have to protect ourselves from our own army then I will get rid of mine. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  13. The South is going to rise again..keep your guns and keep your powder dry, it’s coming.

  14. She is a serious liar and traitor to this nation, as well as a murderer. Go ahead Killary, keep spewing your anti-BIll of Rights trash, because we will not be electing you!

  15. I don’t know why the people on this blog believe background checks are just on the liberal agenda. When the poll was taken it showed 91% of the American people chose background checks. That means both conservatives and liberals were taking the poll. There are just as many liberals that own guns than there are conservatives. It’s only felons that are against background checks. If I sell a gun to a felon and he goes out and kills a bunch of people and I didn’t give him a background check I should be somewhat responsible. If this doesn’t make sense to you then you don’t have any common sense.

    • To Thorson ; We aslready have background checks.

      • Show me the law where I can’t sell you a firearm without a background check. The law now only applies to firearms dealers. Read my answer to Russ.

    • No one’s complaining about background checks, it’s the more gun control issue that doesn’t address the real problem. How about tougher gun laws for those committing the crimes with illegal weapons. Criminal don’t get background checks, cowboy.

    • obviously you never bought a gun. background checks have been around for ever for God’ Sake. Go down to your local gun store and try to buy anything other than a pellet gun and I will guarantee that you will get a background check. I dare you!!

      • You’re right Russ! There are already background checks but this is all you hear from the left! They know well and good that there are already background checks and many laws on the books already, but they keep spewing their rhetoric because they know that the lame stream media will back up their lies and their base of low information/unintelligent voters don’t care because they will vote Democrat no matter what! Look at Hillary and all of her lies and corruption and you still see these people backing her! Murder…corruption…they don’t care! Maybe someday these guys will need a gun to protect themselves from the criminals that Obama has flooded our country with…good luck libs! My point is, as you said Russ…there are already background checks (for you uneducated) and there are also many, many gun laws on the books…they just need to be enforced!

      • I used to own an antique mall before I retired. I bought and sold a lot of firearms. I never had get a background check on any of the people I sold firearms to. If I had sold a firearm to a felon and he used it to go out and kill a dozen people I should have been somewhat responsible. Today now if I sell you a firearm I should have to get a background check before I sell it to you. Just clear my conscience if nothing else. The present background checks are only for firearms dealers and not for the public. Any felon that wants a firearm can buy one from anybody and not have to worry about getting a background check on them. So now you know where to get a firearm if you are a felon.

        • I collect handguns, if I sell one to someone that hasn’t had a background check they use it in a crime, the serial number would be traced back to me. Were the guns you were selling black powder antiques?

          • No, I bought them the same way. From regular people like you. Even now that serial number can go back to you, there is no law says you are responsible for what that felon used it for unless you are a firearms dealer.

    • Did the illegal in San Francisco obtain the gun through CA mandatory background check?

      The original push back on background checks is that it creates a list of gun owners.
      Tyrants have historically used lists like that to disarm the public.

      As if that were not a good enough reason.

      Background checks have been in place here in CA for YEARS now. They add hundreds of dollars, and about a month of wait time to the purchase of a fire arm.

      Background checks are punishing the law abiding citizen and have had ZERO impact on your “Gun Violence.” Did the illegal in San Francisco obtain the gun through CA mandatory background check?

      The politicians know that their laws have little effect on gun violence, so why to the liberals in the media and political figures on both sides of the isle press for background checks every time there is an shooting?

      To create a list of gun owners so that it will be easier for the upcoming tyrant to confiscate our guns.

      Wise up Wayne..

      • Felons don’t get their firearms from firearms dealers. They buy them from people like you and me where we can sell them a firearm even when we have the knowledge that they are a felon and and we are not held responsible for what he may use it for. Felons know this. Why don’t you?

        • That is what you were told by your handlers.

          What you aren’t told that all my gun purchases and sales of my guns go through a FFL dealer here in CA. These draconian laws have made zero difference in “gun violence.”

          The illegal in San Fransisco stole his weapon from a BLM agent.

          There are so many guns in the country that your “gun control” laws are only designed to disarm law abiding citizens.

          Why don’t you know this? Do some research and start working for the good of the people instead of the control of the good people.

          • You didn’t mention that you were a licensed firearms dealer. Yes you are regulated. Us regular people aren’t. We can sell a fire arm to a felon and he can go and commit a big crime with it and we are not held responsible for not getting a background check.

          • I am not a licensed firearms dealer. If I sell one of my guns, I have to sell it through a FFL.
            If I want to purchase a gun in Arizona and have and take it into CA. the dealer (or person) that I purchase from has to send it to an FFL in CA. The FFL holds it for the 30 day waiting period, and then transfers it to me. The same goes for sales.

            I am nothing more than a citizen living in the socialist republic of California.

            These draconian laws hurt law abiding citizens and do nothing to prevent illegals and felons from obtaining guns. It is NOT working here, why do you insane people think it is going to work elsewhere?

            I say that you really don’t care about gun violence, you are only using it to disarm the public.

            Once the public is disarmed, the tyranny of the current regime will increase exponentially.

            Is that what you want?

          • If you have any trouble buying any gun you want. Come and see me. I can buy them for you. I can’t even get into trouble if you use it to kill a dozen people. I certainly don’t believe this is right but what the Hell. Your not against it.

          • Both of us would be jailed for doing what you suggest in CA.

            But, what the hell, that is liberal logic for you.
            Punish the law abiding.

          • I wouldn’t be convicted. I live in Minnesota. According to you we already have background checks on regular people that sell firearms to someone else. Then what the hell are we arguing about? Why are you against something you say we already have. As far as I can tell it is only firearms dealers that have make out background checks. I pick up guns at garage sales and auctions all the time without background checks. I am all for being found guilty of selling you a gun if you are a felon. This seams to be something you are against.

          • According to me, CALIFORNIA already has background checks on regular people and those checks have done NOTHING to improve your gun violence statistics.

            Given that it doesn’t work in CA, what form of insanity do you use to think that it will work in Minnesota?

          • It’s obvious those felon have figured it out that they can go to another state like Minnesota and purchase their firearms.

          • Wrong Wayne, it is NOT obvious that the gun came from another state.
            The gun used in this horrific crime by an illegal alien, that could and should have been in jail, but for San Fransisco’s sanctuary policies, came from a BLM ranger.

            The gun was “LOST” by a law enforcement officer.

            What is obvious is that you ignore the obvious for ideological and bigoted purposes.

            The obvious is:
            1. Liberal sanctuary policies allowed this animal to roam free and commit murder.
            2. Current gun laws did not and could not have prevented this crime.
            3. Background checks would not have prevented this crime, and their only purpose is to create and maintain a list of honest gun owners. (The liberal Government will eventually use the lists to hunt down and confiscate all guns)

          • I don’t get where you figure I was talking about any certain felon. I said any felon that wants to buy a gun can come to Minnesota or another state like it and buy a gun from anybody that is not a licensed gun dealer legally and the seller is not held responsible for the actions that he may use that gun for. This is not right. We have to make it so anyone selling a gun to a felon without getting a background check is held responsible for that sale.

          • Wayne, Try to follow this. your scenario is what is happening in the real world.

            The criminals pick up the guns in a million different ways. NONE of them are to travel out of California to purchase from Wayne Thorson or anybody else for that matter.

            Therefore, your background check holding all gun owners responsible for the sale of the gun has been implemented here in CA for at least 10 years now.


            What it has punished is the law abiding citizens of CA in the form of about $100 of extra fees and a 30 day waiting period. AND you can only purchase one gun a month, AND each purchase requires more fees.

            On top of everything else, the CA authorities will use these lists the second they think they can start confiscating guns…

            Use the laws that are the books. Don’t feed the Governments socialism.

          • It is obvious you are an idiot. I am not going to try and educate you anymore. You can not follow a disagreement. If they get background checks on everyone that sells firearms and not just firearms dealers is a start. You have to start somewhere. The big firearms dealers don’t want this and they have brainwashed you into thinking you are going to lose your gun. It’s only the felons that have to worry about getting background checks on everybody. I know this is way over your head because you don’t want to swallow this.

          • AND THERE GOES THE NAME CALLING! Trolls and liberals always resort to name calling when they can not support their arguments with facts. I see it as a sort of a bulling tactic, old and outdated, designed to silence someone, What a looser.

            You have lost the argument. The only reason politicians want more gun laws is to disarm the public.

          • This is a good example of the pot calling the skillet black.

          • No it is not, who brought out the insults? Who is deflecting?

            You are…

  16. BILL recently made a commit , America is already getting accustomed to a communist government, let us unite in the name of GOD and put all like them in their place, one nation under GOD

  17. Of course the Screech Owl wants to ban guns (except for those her bodyguards carry). She is deathly afraid of inanimate objects that could be used to usurp her seat on the throne. Be aware that armed revolution in the U.S.A. is so far removed from the realm of possibilities as to be ludicrous, but still she is fearful of that and she will frighten her immature voter base enough to cause real problems.

  18. Up your pink booty Clinton.

  19. More gun control for those not committing the crimes, demos stuck on stupid. They never talk about tougher laws and punishments for those that commit crimes with illegal weapons.

    • They worry about PROFILING a lot don’t they?

      • They’re profiling white people though, no problem there!

        • that is not considered profiling…the fat, wealthy, racist, homophobe honkies are guilty of all the hurt and disrespect that has been heaped on everybody since 33 AD when they killed that fella that was operating a fish and bread concession down on the beach without a license from Herod…

  20. I sure hope she will make this issue a “cornerstone” of her “fight [against America]” because it will sink her ship.

  21. Michael Dennewitz

    I’ll control my gun. That 9mm would look real good, stuck up her dyke ass. Hey, Killary, the bruthahs ain’t even gonna like that shit! Then, what will they use to kill whitey? Oh yes, there’s butcher knives! Better outlaw those too you dumb bitch!!

  22. As if I give a F**k what that Bitch has her sights on !!!!!!!!!!!! Just like obama either I’m legal or the F**k head makes me a Crook ! ! ! !

  23. Gun free zones are an open invitation to criminals to come slaughter the unarmed. Disarming the lawabiding citizen leaves the criminals/govt the only ones with guns! Police are usually 30mins to 1 hour from your rescue. So they just come to fill out a report and start a criminal investigation, not to protect and serve. Besides who is going to stop the black market in illegal gun sales ,they cant even stop the illegal drug trade!!! Making new laws are only for lawabiding citizens to follow,not for criminals,criminals dont care if you make a book of laws to the moon and back.

  24. ““How many innocent people in our country, from little children to church members to movie theater attendees, how many people do we need to see cut down before we act?” asked Clinton last month.” Hillary Clinton in the above article
    I hate to embarrass you Billary, but you are duplicitously ignoring the fact that the church members you so deceitfully refer to, were murdered as a direct result of the failure of the background checks you love so much as a foundation to your much loved gun registration and confiscation scheme.

  25. She probably wants to get rid of guns out of fear of someone shooting her while she is in the midst of one of her multudinous lies…or the friends of Willy who may be into the molestation of children while he watches and smokes cigars..or whatever it is that he does with his smokes..

  26. Take the flag down. is their idiotic response. Common sense would tell them to take their guns to church and protect your family. Or Hire a couple of Armed Ushers to make sure that this doesn’t happen. Or possibly it may be wise not to advertise “No Guns Allowed” It shouldn’t be that way I admit. But we shouldn’t need police officers or military either. Nuclear weapons for that matter. but some how these things really exist. Taking the honest peoples guns and further restrictions will lead to more mass murders. Every country that has strict gun laws and a high ratio of inequality like the USA get worse and worse every day. Giving the working class that earns the profits raises Affordable Health and education will do much more to curb gun violence than this rickedy dickety PIG every will. She does not give one rat azz about who lives or dies according to herself in front of Congress. Her and Bill are making Billions selling the USA.

  27. who protects her fat butt, she is the one that started all this chaos in the world, and now she does not want us to protect ourselves. Hillary do me a favor go and move to Russia or iran or Libya

  28. Stupid trollop needs to go home and bake pies for her husband she is too dim witted ans certainly too ugly to be president of even a bake club

  29. What Hillary fails to realize in that, the criminals buy their guns on the black market, and that cities with the toughest gun laws have the highest rate of gun related fatalities. Maybe Hillary should live in Baltimore tenement for a month without a weapon; in that way we can take bets on whether she is first, mugged, or suffers a nervous break-down. She already knows that states that abide by the 2nd amendment have lower gun related fatalities; which tells us that Hillary’s campaign to unarm law abiding citizens, is really aimed at increasing the national run related fatality rate. Maybe she’s a sadist?

  30. Killary is still Stupid on Steroids ! How about she first explain why 54 People starting with Vince Foster have Mysteriously found themselves DEAD !

  31. Hillary is stupid, what does she think will and does protect her. It’s the highly trained secret service just like us who are also trained and have permits to carry. Grow up Hillary, and stop your stupid mumbling.

  32. I don’t define her as the ole ugly commie whore without good reason! She will be implanted by the Satanic NWO-ist’s as was our current Muslim-Marxist jihadist! AMERIKA, you have been had and only a REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION – this I guarantee you! mInr, NSA!

  33. Bottom line the liberal dem bloodsuckers know that they can’t control us as long as the citizenry are armed, they will never quit.
    It is apparent to everyone, we can no longer coexist with liberal scum, we must force partition of the USA and physically separate ourseselves from them

  34. With all the legal entanglements that she and Mr. “Ah feel youre pain” are currently in, I suspect that she would serve herself better by looking for a “get out of jail” card or a key to the jail door. The old bag is so crooked that she would have to screw her pants on if she wore any.

  35. Does anyone even think this crook of a woman even has a chance?

  36. Any surprise????…the witch will eventually go after every right you HAD.
    She knows 90% of all guns from real Americans have her face on the sight glass.
    She fears us because she knows we hate her for what she has done and will do to our nation.

  37. Amazing, with ALL of the real problems facing this country, and this, illiterate, brain damaged Democrat wants to further restrict the rights of law abiding citizens! She needs to be put in a rest home, (at her own expense!)

  38. Do What You Have To Do People. My Family And I Have Taken Steps To Shore Up Our Home. We Watch Where We Go. And We Purchase Our Should I Say Items Through Other Sources. We Will NOT Comply With Unconstitutional Laws. God Bless You All. And God Bless America. We Are Going To Need It.

  39. This person I will say is so far off the scope of realism that should she buy her way into the office we all are doomed. She also is against the Constitution Of The United States. All of the amendments that are from our founding fathers have been over looked and discounted so Obama could do and act the way he wanted to do and be. Now Bengazi Hillary wants to do the same thing and I don’t think America will stand for this person to do the same. We all Americans have a plan to return America to its former glory with honest people that are working for America and its people. We need to fix our borders, our tax systems, repair our immigration as well as many more things we normally don’t talk about. Obama has put America into such a deep hole that by having Hillary will only get deeper with more problems and no fixes. She was fired from her job as a lawyer during a court situtation where she lied in court and brought discredit to the court and people. Do you want someone like this?? I don’t! All the while during her tenature in office she has continued her lying even when Secretary of State as well as destroying emails that didn’t belong to her and being personaly responsible for 4 American deaths in Bengazi, Libia. She is nothing but a trator to our country and should be dealt with, not run for president.

  40. Wow how original, talking fear and vague empty promises. Let me just take a guess and say she still isn’t answering those questions that have been dogging her since the Benghazi massacre, contrary to her opinion the
    answers to those questions and other issues since still matter. Her credibility is at stake, how can anyone trust her as POTUS if she won’t come clean?

  41. that woman(if you can call her one) doesn’t have brain in her head and if she got elected then we would be vulnerable to our enemies because of her actions and thoughts!

  42. Is that really supposed to be something surprising?

  43. How many people has this bitch killed?

  44. The self-appointed shepherdess is trying to get the sheeple stirred up!
    The idea of fifteen more months of her blather and pure BS is enough to roil one’s stomach!

  45. So does Dianne Feinstein. Isn’t it nice to know that Ms. Feinstein AND Ms. Clinton are “Weapons Experts”. LMAO

  46. Her husbands efforts gave us the “gun free zones” that should be renamed “free fire zones”. That’s where mass murders go to kill unarmed people while the cops hide behind their cars and trees and wait for the shooter to run out of ammo.

  47. hogg head hillery, go efff yourself…

  48. Anything new here, I would say NO. Will people remember her anti-rights positions, statements, actions come election, as she is likely to be the Democrats candidate in the presidential elections, that remains to be seen.

  49. Don’t listen to ANYTHING that Hillary says about GUN CONTROL.She keeps talking about the UNCONTROLLABLE use of guns.Well HILLARY,the only people that have UNCONTROLLABLE use of guns
    are the CRIMINALS besides,you are NOT even going to make it to The White House because you and your
    corrupt husband are going to be in prison for a VERY LONG TIME.You DON’T SELL government secrets to
    our enemies and commit corruption and NOT go to prison for at least 20 years.See you in HELL Bill and Hillary.

  50. If that fat pig wants my guns, she can come to Texas and take them. She can go to hell, along with the rest of her liberal/progressive/Marxist turds. They seem to want an armed conflict and they will get it. The middle-class is tired of all the garbage coming from D.C.. Can’t these idiots see the frustration? Would Trump get the traction he’s getting if there weren’t massive exhaustion with the regular politicians? Hillary is a NWO whore and if she’s elected, there will war.

  51. Only a fool would vote for her .There is to many good conservative running to put this bitch in the WH,It would be like giving Ozero a 3rd.term

  52. There is now no question that she is a communist and has been one since her days as an Alinskyist socialite at Wellesley. She intends gun confiscation, wages and prices set by the federal government, essential nationalization of the financial system, severe restriction of religious and other liberties, continued population replacement and deconstruction of our culture and continued expansion of the surveillance state. She is if anything worse than the old crabby communist from Vermont, because she is absolutely and irredeemably corrupt, mendacious in a fashion not seen since the days of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany and already involved in 50 or more murders even before the 4 diplomats were martyred in Benghazi and Americans killed this week by depraved aliens intentionally imported by the regime she represents.

  53. Words out of Bills mouth. “We can’t have people walking around with guns.” Really Bill? Who’s we Bill? Bill, you and your part time wife Hillary have stated you both believe the constitution is too radical and we have too many rights.

  54. This article is a prime example of scare tactics. The Democratic party has always leaned toward more gun control – but not gun abolition.

  55. As far as I’m concern the voting is rig to where they will win no matter what we do.After all look who won l their 2nd term with no problems also remember what Bush did to win…..

  56. Hillary must be stopped. How many innocent victims need to die at the hands of lunatic, psycho murderers that have the blessings of the likes of Hillary? How many innocent victims must die at the hands of illegal, criminal immigrants because cities like San Francisco think their lives are worth more than American citizens? How many unarmed soldiers must face the likes of a Major Hassan because liberals like Bill Clinton idsarmed the military on their own bases? We have a right to defend ourselves, not be victims. If Hillary gets in, she will use every devious means possible to usurp the second amendment. We know she has no conscience. After all, her response to the events in Benghazi and the deaths of Americans there was “What difference does it make?”. I hope the Republicans get their act together soon and ram that phrase down her throat every time she opens her mouth.

    • You have to know that there is not a scrap of evidence that guns – which are probably easier to obtain than anywhere else in the world – has reduced armed crime. In fact our gun crime statistics are probably the highest in the world. It is hard to make an exact comparison – because gun crimes are not recorded as efficiently here as in other nations – mainly because of the difficulty in obtaining real information.

      • On the contrary, there is plenty of evidence that guns have reduced armed crime. You just won’t see those stories in the mainstream press because it does not fit their agenda. And you are right, gun deaths are not recorded correctly in this country because both innocent victims and career criminal deaths are lumped together. Just ask Mike Bloombergs organization about that. He had the Boston Bomber listed as a victim of gun violence in his stats. No scrap of evidence??? Really??? Even if you did not have the time or inclination to research the hard evidence that is out there, all you have to do is look at the crime rates and gun deaths in cities where they have the most draconian gun laws. Detroit, Chicago, NYC, Baltimore come to mind. The citizens there are at the mercy of thugs and gangbangers because they can’t own guns. There are more gun deaths in Chicago than in our war zones on many a weekend. Why is that? A defenseless population. And from a historical perspective: why didn’t Hitler invade Switzerland during WWll? It was the only country he dared not invade because Switzerland insists all its adult citizens are armed.In fact, the country sponsors annual shooting competitions and provides the ammunition for its citizens. Why didn’t the Japanese invade the U.S. during WWll? The Japanese Emporer considered it, but then thought twice about it because he believed in America the invaders would find an armed citizen behind every blade of grass. So no, I don’t HAVE to know that there is not a scrap pf evidence that guns have not reduced armed crime, I prefer to know the truth.

        • The only thing we agree on – is the scrappy statistics regarding gun violence in the USA.
          Logic does not serve you well -m Detroit is probably more heavily armed than almost any other US city. The local police there recovered one unlicenced gun an hour there the other day. Why you cannot admit the obvious and alarming fact that in spite of all these guns – the homicide by gun rate is through the roof. So more guns seems to spell more violence.

          • Did you read what YOU typed??? Detroit is not heavily armed by law-abiding citizens. You said it yourself. These are unlicensed guns. Criminals do not follow the law. The obvious, which you will not admit, is that the homicide rate is through the roof because the police are not enough to stop what is going on. But if the citizenry were allowed to protect themselves, the homicide rate would be lower as in cities that support the second amendment. The homicide rate is related to ILLEGAL guns and a defenseless populace. “All these guns” you mention happen to be in the hands of criminals and you’re telling me my logic is wrong.

          • Did you read what YOU wrote? All you are doing is offering a fantasy about gun safety. The gun laws do not work – and the blame for that can be laid squarely at the feet of the NRA and Congress. The NRA has effectively pushed for so many loopholes, and the Congress had not funded law enforcement – so they are just a fantasy.
            Detroit is armed more to protect themselves from rival gangs than to actually go on criminal sprees. Law enforcement has been overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of armed and scared and dangerous citizens.

          • I don’t know where you are getting your facts from. Mine can be proven. How can you even have the gall to say Detroit is heavily armed by scared citizens when it has one of the most restrictive gun laws in the country. Obviously, you know nothing about gun ownership. Criminals do NOT follow gun laws, only law abiding citizens. These are the people who are lving in fear because they cannot get a permit to own a gun. The criminals and gangbangers have them and they are killing innocent citizens by the hundreds every year in Detroit. I am not offering fantasies, you are living in one. You will continue to spout off your anti-gun agenda with no regard for the truth. Nothing is going to change your mind, so live in your fantasy and I pray that you never have to deal with the loss of a loved due to an armed criminal attacking you or your family.

          • Don’t you understand what a disingenuous argument it is to suggest that gun laws are sufficient to keep guns out of the hands of those who should not have them ?
            I actually do not have a problem with citizens owning guns provided that they are properly trained in the use of them. And they are properly or well regulated as is required in the Constitution. But the gun laws are a total mess. There are many loopholes in the laws -the most obvious one being that they differ from state to state – and are thus extremely difficult to monitor. And because guns are so damned available, people get afraid and so they feel they need to have weapons also – and pretty soon we start to resemble a war zone. Detroit is just the beginning – and it is not isolated.

          • Not disingenuous at all. More gun laws will not help. We have plenty of gun laws designed to keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them. The problem is that those gun laws are NOT enforced. For example, the federal background checks which are run by all FFLs including those at gun shows, are not followed up on by the FBI. The background check form that gun buyers fill out clearly states that any false information on the form can get you a huge fine and jail time. Yet, when potential buyers fail the background check, the FBI does NOTHING in 99.993% of the cases. These could be people who failed due to restraining orders, mental health issues, not disclosing they are felons, etc. Yet the FBI does not follow up. When Eric Holder was questioned why not, he smugly claimed that the FBI doesn’t prosecute “paper crimes”. Well his failure to prosecute a paper crime led to the death of little children in Sandy Hook. The shooter there tried to buy a gun, was rejected due to a failed background check and 3 days later shot little innocent schoolchildren to death. Had action been taken immediately upon the rejection, those children might be alive today.
            And how many times have we heard or read about murders who had multiple arrests for violent crimes. Felons can’t own guns. The penalties are severe. Yet people are murdered by these same felons because they are allowed to plead down charges when they should be locked up. Then we had “Fast & Furious” where our own government cooked up this hairbrained scheme to run guns to Mexican drug cartels and then lost track of them. The FFLs questioned why we were letting known criminals purchase guns, but were told to make the sale anyway. We lost border agents because of this craziness. We can pass all the laws we want, but if our government is going to pick and choose which ones they will enforce and which ones they will ignore, then criminals are going to get guns and kill innocent people. We are a war zone, not because law abiding citizens want to protect themselves, which is their God-given right. We are a war zone when criminals have guns and no one else.

          • Enforcing gun laws is expensive. Prosecutions are expensive. And if we don’t prosecute, the laws will be flouted. Congress made sure the gun laws would be unenforceable – hey did bot fund the associated costs of enforcing them.

          • Enforcing gun laws is cheaper than not enforcing them. Federal gun laws call for significant sentences. I’d rather pay for that have the victims of crime have to pay the price. Gangs destroy neighborhoods, businesses move out. Poor people have no options for simple things like groceries. Schools deteriorate, Kids drop out, they join gangs and resort to crime, the cycle gets bigger and bigger. The victims of crime that are killed is horrendous enough, but the other unspoken victims who survive and then lose employment because they are unable to work…this spills over into their families and the circle of victims widens. Had we enforced our existing gun laws, the cost would have been way, way less expensive. It doesn’t cost a fortune to alert local PD or the Sheriffs; office if a person has failed a background check. If you’ve already arrested a person for illegal possession of firearms due to a prior felony conviction, it isn’t going to cost you any more to put him in jail than it will be to rearrest him 5,6,7 or more times, provide him with a court appointed attorney 5,6,7 or more times and have that many more victims suffer personal financial losses because of it.Don’t buy the “enforcing gun laws is expensive” argument.

          • Well from an entirely practical point of view, it makes no sense to have gun laws if there is unsufficient funding to enforce them. The issues surrounding the 2nd amendment are so contradictory that it is a political disaster to constrain the Second amendment in any way. So we get the absurd slate of gun laws – with a mass of loopholes to sidestep them – thanks to various gun lobbies. So the Congress has made them into a dog and pony show, deliberately I suspect, and has no intention of cleaning up the laws (that would be a nightmare), or funding their enforcement. A successful prosecution can cost more than $ 100,000 – by the time you have account for the police work, the attorney work, and the courtroom. So the only cases that are prosecuted are those that are blatantly in violation, and which have a high degree of visibility.

          • This is where “we the people” must do our part in constraining government. And also our pressshould be doing the same, which is why our Founding Fathers included freedom of the press in the First Amendment. They weren’t there to be a mouthpiece for government, but to be a watchdog for the people.
            We have so much waste in Washington, to say that we have insufficient funds to support enforcing laws is ridiculous. The FBI, under Holder, chose to not enforce the incidences of background checks, instead choosing to fund Fast & Furious and run guns to the Mexican Cartels. Our IRS chooses to ignore massive erroneous payments to illegals but wastes tax dollars denying tax-exempt status to conservative groups. Our President is amassing a massive data-base by race in order to forcefully reshape our neighborhoods according to his plan, not the desire of everyday Americans, but he can’t use this data base to find dangerous illegals or tax evaders or to get Veterans their benefits? We subsidize the arts, but we can’t put money into national safety???? The government spent billions pushing Obamacare and knowingly lied to the people about the true cost. They paid millions for an ineffective website that a couple of college students could have built in their dorm room for a few thousand dollars.The government took in records amount of tax revenue and STILL they say it is not enough. We the people have to vote these people out when they betray our trust; we have to demand our press stop stumping for one political party over another and we need to get our elected officials to stop hiding behind unelected beaurocrats who pass unconstitutional regulations and impose them on us. Only an educated populace can uphold freedom and a proper government. The $100,000 prosecution is chump change when you count the billions of dollars our government wastes each year.

        • morton does not concern herself with the truth of the moment, only the perceived fantasy of “peace through confiscation”…be sure not to ask the weight lifter about what has taken place in the UK or Australia since the cowards and the candy panties pushed for total bans on weapons available in private homes….you could show the candy panties 10 stories from the previous day where people died from shooting incidents and others where armed good folks prevented or stopped a tragedy and it would make no difference at all.

          • When you can show that the enormous abundance of guns in the USA has reduced gun crime – we could have a valuable discussion. Exactly the opposite seems to be true.,

          • too bad that you are not bright enough to determine that the “gun crimes” are committed by “criminals”…Real Americans use their weapons for hunting and self defense, unlike the random punk gang bangers and armed robbers…of course the cowards will continually cry for the elimination of all weapons…first chance you have check out the crime stats for the UK and Australia…they sat around as the cowardly ooze swallowed their weapons with one stupid legislative move after another…

          • Let me correct your misimpression about gun laws and their ensuing safety in Australia:



            Oh – Breitbart has a feeble response to this based upon hearsay – suggesting that the figures have been misinterpreted – but then Beitbart has a readership of mainly staunch gun rights supporters.

            and here is a very accurate statistic about gun violence in the UK.


          • I have no misimpression, which should be a misinterpretation…reread the Allen West article…and review the citizensreport, you will see ,for instance , that London’s murders fell from 120 to 100. The big push in the washington compost article was the “much reduced” suicide rate…given the fact that people kill themselves in many and varied ways I would look at the statistics that review more of the attitudinal changes in a particular society and what might be impacting peoples sociology…i.e. “good times” or “financial depression” “war, peace” etc. Better investigative tools and gang task forces would go a long way to making many of the horrible and senseless shooting deaths go away, forever… A good example of the “misinformation” campaign by our so called news media is what happened in the church in South Carolina, specifically that mentally deranged clown told those folks why he was doing what he did..I am confident that you will not agree, but his statement to those poor folks before he opened up was a direct indictment of the racial turmoil that has been instigated by the very person that could have been instrumental in further racial harmony, instead the president has further fanned the flames of hatred beginning in his very first year in office…

          • May your loved ones die of cancer.

          • Chris Kyle and andrew breitbart are the ONLY kind of conservatives I like. care to guess why? because they are both worthless DEAD VERMIN SCUM. 😉

          • there is not a TOTAL BAN on private guns in Australia low info poster.
            STOP LYING.
            why didn’t post a link?
            Prove a point for once?

        • “On the contrary, there is plenty of evidence that guns have reduced armed crime.”

          so link TO ONE.
          try proof instead of flapping those gums so vigorously
          Oh the mainstream media never prints them.

          lame excuse the right like to use.

          so no cons work in the news?

          there is this guy name Murdoch. He is wack conservative and owns several media outlets including a paper in NY and the WSJ and some hack channel called Fox.

          so no con police to report the “Lives Saved” to the NRA?
          the NRA is very big on propaganda, they should have compiled a good number of cases by now.

          • So Reality Check, your liberal bias and hypocrisy is showing. Morton 212 doesn’t have to link to anything, but I have to???? Why is that? You agree with his/her stance and not to mine. However, you also pre-empt any proof I would give since you bash any “lives saved” that just might be part of NRA stats. Of course you have to insult Murdoch, the cons as you like to call them and accuse the NRA of propaganda and Fox a bunch of hacks.Real intelligent conversation there. Not like the left doesn’t ever lie now, right? Mayor Bloombergs Moms against Guns and his other phony organizations never lie, right? That’s why they count criminals shot by each other or by police in the line of duty as victims of gun violence. And of course, according to your gum flapping, only the NRA is guilty of propaganda. The anti-gun crowd is just so angelically perfect.
            People have the right to defend themdelves. If you want to be a victim, that’s your perogative. I’d rather be alive so I can be one of those made up stats at the NRA, then be a dead victim that the left so unashamedly uses for their fundraising opportunities.

        • The ‘facts’ you offer are extraordinarily distorted. Whether or not the residents of Detroit can legally own guns is irrelevant. They have guns because they are so available. And the way the gun laws operate they may as well not exist at all.
          Hitler did not invade Switzerland because it is extremely mountainous, and because it had little value for him – it was neutral and served more use as a place for the hostile parties to negotiate. The Japanese Emperor had virtually nothing to do with WW2. He was nothing more than a figure-head which i why he was not accused of war crimes.
          And the crux of your argument is a post hoc ergo propter hoc argument – which is a logical fantasy

          • Whether or not the residents of Detroit can legally own guns is irrelevant??? Only in the liberal mind is following the law irrelevant. It definitely is relevant and the death toll proves it. Guns are not “so available” in Detroit, otherwise more law abiding citizens would avail themselves of them, Post hoc ergo propter hoc argumets seem to be your specialty. Hitler did not care whether or not a country had mountains, he cared whether or not he would meet resistance. The Japanese Emporer was more than a figure head and the reason he was not accused of war crimes was because Hitler and his genocide of the Jews, Poles, and mentally handicapped was the heinous crime that the world court wanted to prosecute.

  57. not surprising that the ho speaks out against guns…her hit squad members have only resorted to guns in a small number of the people that they have offed to keep the ho and the traitor out of the gas chamber…

    • “.her hit squad members have only resorted to guns in a small number of
      the people that they have offed to keep the ho and the traitor out of
      the gas chamber..”

      ya what does that mean in real words?

      you know, NOT in con stupid speech?

  58. That should cap her run, even democrats like their guns.

  59. The only gun the ol slobber box needs to ban is the one Billy boy has been shooting at his new friends in silk panties

  60. I will not vote for anyone who is for any type of gun control…period

  61. It makes me sick how this total POS criminal scumbag Hillary the Hag talks like she actually gives a s**t about anyone’s well being!!! All this megalomaniac wants is the keys to the kingdom! She wants ALL the power and as usual, will LIE, CHEAT AND STEAL her way to get it!!!!! To hear all her unoriginal, repetitive, ignorant and erroneous BS speeches in that F**KING STUPID monotone voice she puts on to sound important and man-like is enough to cause spontaneous EXPLOSIVE VOMIT!!!!! Widespread education about this pariah and her true motives will be a must on the road to 2016!!! Unfortunately, the multitudes of TOTAL IDIOT uninformed voters, libtards and illegal aliens given the unearned right to vote as well the mindless belief that we need a female president and that it’s Hillary’s turn because she earned it, will possibly and TRAGICALLY help this evil sociopath win in 2016. It kills me to theorize about that horrible outcome, but this is the reality of the suicidally destructive libtard world that has been systematically FORCED upon us!!! True Americans must join forces to stop this possible disaster!!! The future of the United States on the horizon is as predictable and clear as the fall of the Roman, Byzantine and Visigoth empires!!! I could mention many more, but you get the idea. Wake up America!!!!!

  62. freedomoutpost ken

    Control guns, right? Let’s start with Bill and Hillary’s by taking weapons away from all their security people. That would be awesome and then listen to her scream, “You can’t do that!”

  63. With guns, we are citizens. Without them, we are subjects. I will never be a subject as you are left defenseless and we all know what happen in places like the USSR and China and Turkey, Nazi Germany, Guatemala, Uganda. Cambodia. Millions upon millions were put to death unable to defend themselves. When you bow down to your enemies, don’t expect anything but the worse. killery clinton is a compulsive liar and a disgusting evil vile irresponsible irrational irritating obnoxious overbearing narcissist B—H and deserves prison time for her corrupt ways.

  64. Just let her try……………………..Too many rednecks in “this here” land.

    • who we hope hold their breath until the law passes.

      • Maybe not. Just remember all us Veterans who can still hit a squirrel’s eye at 500 yards. The military taught us well. Too many of us around, along with the “rednecks” who can also hit a squirrel’s eye at 500 yards, without military training. You may be waiting a very long time for the law to pass.

        • “You may be waiting a very long time for the law to pass.”

          I am not waiting for any law to pass fool.
          There ISN’T going to be a law you brain dead meat sack.

          Right Wing propaganda has been telling you Obama was taking your guns for six friggin years. seems to be not happening.

          but that doesn’t stop the low IQ!
          HELL NO. Facts don’t matter,
          It’s what Rush Limpdick says that matters!

          You MORONS still think it’s “any day now”.
          you are the laughing stock of the planet is what you cons are.

          you know charlie brown kicking the ball and Lucy moves it?
          you cons are Charlie Brown. STUPID.

      • Those “rednecks” can make anything out of anything. Ever hear of a “potato cannon” or a “pop can cannon”? Very effective. Nuff said.

        • I think you should wait until maybe a law gets to congress.
          or are you crazies going to full on dictatorship and martial law?

          why not go all out Bat Poo Crazy?
          why hold back?
          I mean if your going to post FICTION, make it good fiction.

  65. If the hildabeast becomes president, heaven forbid, guns will be banned, the Second Amendment abandoned to history and no one except the military and police will be permitted to own firearms. The Feds will come door to door to seize all firearms and that will be the end of the Republic!!!

    • Bernie is going to be president, not to worry your small brain.

      “The Feds will come door to door to seize all firearms and that will be the end of the Republic!!!”

      so all those feds must be liberals WITH JOBS!

      I thought the liberals were all at home getting free stuff?
      now they are all going door to door looking for 350 MILLION weapons.

      do any of you fools shave a shred of grey matter in there?
      the more bizarre the shit, the more a con believes it.

      Is this like the ISISL training camps that are RIGHT ACROSS THE BOARDER?

      seems those ISIL fighters are having trouble getting across the boarder.
      a Mexican woman and her child can make it across but ISIL fighters that are
      RIGHT ACROSS THE BOARDER seem to be stuck.

      MAYBE they are waiting for the EBOLA to arrive?

      wasn’t THAT supposed to be the plan last year?

      seems NONE of your STUPID events have EVER happened.

      • I have grey matter and you’re NOTHING BUT POND SCUM!! You’re just another liberal A.H. sO SUCK ON THAT!!!

        • Gee Jim , did I touch a nerve?

          Facts do that to cons who LIE.
          go hide under your bed with your gun and wait for the feds to come.

          Be any day now based on this morons post.

  66. hillary clinton should be taken to the tree of liberty and water boarded until she confesses to every last bit of it.

    let me explain something real quick and you can take it or leave it – but – you definitely wont have to question it.

    the truth is that the things most people think they understand about the principles of freedom – are upside down, inside out and backwards to reality.

    progressives/ rino’s and liberals have always worked together historically – every single one of them are guilty of indictable war crimes against humanity and genocide in most cases -in a much longer list of offenses.

    these federal leeches, always in the name of peace and peace talks, uses drug kingpins/whatever around the globe to destroy democratic nations…….promises foreign aid publicly for public support of democracy and that administrations war efforts, then through uni-lateral efforts – militarily arms that nations democratic opposition….whats worse is these people are usually on the cia’s payroll……

    now why would the federal government not want drugs legalized in this country………

    here’s an interesting article…..90 lbs of cocaine found aboard a cargo ship tied to mitch mcconnell’s family business

    the truth is this administrations economic flow has to be severed collectively and while we may all have different reasons for wanting it legalized, socially, recreational, medicinal, ending the police state and organized crime …whatever; this is the painfully obvious truth about exactly why the hell republican rino’s -. wouldnt want marijuana legalized.

    The war on drugs is an insult to the intelligence of the American people. There are mountains of evidence proving that the biggest importers of harmful, addictive, mind diminishing street drugs is the government. The drug laws that exist do not apply to the government agencies that bring these substances to our country. They are only designed to keep everyone else from this extremely lucrative business and give the establishment another reason to oppress people.

    We have seen this all before during alcohol prohibition, where the government, law enforcement and organized crime were all working together and making an unbelievable amount of money in the black market. When black markets are created the crime rate goes up, taxes go up, prices go up and the police become more corrupt, all of this is inevitable. These are in fact the very consequences that any type of prohibition intends to create.

    legalization of marijuana creates a great investment opportunity for the american public….reduces crime, the need for more state taxes for private prisons and promotes education…..just to start with, it barely scratches the surface……because we were willing to let others be free.

    Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/90-pounds-cocaine-cargo-ship-owned-anti-drug-senators-family/#x0Qvoxpeor8JSDsR.99

  67. Michael Dennewitz

    She had her sights set the very same way with Benghazi ! Need I say any more??

    • explaining would be nice.

      she was going to take over Benghazi?
      she was going to implement gun control in Benghazi?

      making clear a point is too hard for mikey.

  68. Master Blaster Pursel

    I don’t understand how there can be SO MANY GUN OWNERS in the United States, and yet Politicians CONTINUE to rag on gun owners for Political clout. In 2014 it is reported that there were 318.86 million people in the U.S., and of that number approx. 535 are elected officials serving in Congress (the Senate and House).
    That means that approx. 535 citizens are trying to dictate the Constitution to law abiding citizens. It would seen that the people who own guns have quite a margin as to the ability to elect officials, and maybe more should vote in higher numbers. I don’t like what happens when some “nut bird” goes off shooting people, but at the same time I don’t like Drunk Drivers that kill, Airline Pilots that kill, murders who kill, especially illegal aliens, wars that kill, train wrecks that kill, trucks that kill, cars that kill – do I need to go on and on???
    Here’s an idea:
    When a cop kills someone, should every Police Officer have their badge taken and the gun turned in???
    When a White person kills someone, should all Whites be put into jail???
    When a Black person kills someone, should all Blacks be put into jail???
    When a man kills a woman, should all men be put into jail???
    When a woman kills a man, should all women be put into jail???
    When a child falls from a piece of playground equipment, should all school yards be torn down???
    If a man drowns in a lake, should be lake be drained???
    How loud does the outcry of Politicians has to get before American says: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!
    Politicians don’t mind sending our Men and Women to war to possibly be killed in the line of duty, while most of our Congress has NEVER put their lives on the line for this Country and have lost respect for those that have and still do. Wake the hell up America – we’re $18 TILLION in debt, we are being invaded by Illegal Aliens at an unprecedented rate, we have 45 Million people on Food Stamps, our education standards are in the toilet, our ability to defend ourselves will decrease by another 40,000 personnel in the upcoming two years, Congress just got paid for voting for Obama’s Pacific Trade program, to the tune of about $250 Million dollars, we offend if we fly our National Flag, we offend if the menu is not suited to aliens, our school lunch program is in the toilet (and those are our children that I am talking about – look what we have let happen to them! Obama et.al. spend money like it’s coming out of their bank account – BUT IT’S NOT!!! Obama has taken (what) $600 Billion dollars from Social Security – that was the Citizens money, and it was put into Obama care. Last I heard Iran will get $50 Billion if they sign the treaty – THE U.S. is giving that to them and guess where it will be spent??? It will be for Nuclear weapons to use on us and Israel and to “Kill Americans”. Do you sleep well wondering if in the morning you will have water, electricity, sewage, or even be alive because our Country is crawling with terrorists and they are still coming and being welcomed by Washington and WE THE PEOPLE are watching our Country implode while the Supreme Court has become a Political arm of the Government, the Constitution is being shredded, our DEBT is astronomical and its all because of GUNS!!!!
    America why did the framers stand on WE THE PEOPLE, and why does the Constitution specifically states that what we are being subjected to as a Country, from within, cannot and must not be allow. Yet Guns are the SINGLE MOST PRESSING ISSUE TO CONGRESS AND POLITICIANS THAT WE ARE FACING…. Yeah, sure!!!!

    • maybe it’s the 80 people killed everyday by gun violence?

      don’t ALL lives matter to cons?

      or that just a talking point?

      “When a child falls from a piece of playground equipment, should all school yards be torn down???”

      why don’t you just post, I AM A MORON.
      be a lot quicker and less words.

  69. Just givers us even more reason to continue to buy more guns and ammo…….the way these crooks are going, we’re gonna need them down the road!

  70. That was what all that stuff about Fast and Furious was about. Hillary went to Mexico, and was saying violence in Mex. was our fault…not because of our drug uses, but the guns we were supplying to the cartels. To prove her point, the US sent guns down there, so they would be found and reported on. Holder had to cover it all up, thus his name is associated with it,but not hers.

  71. Clinton,,, wake up and go back to sleep..this idiot does not see the whole picture. if America were ever invaded by a foreign power, guns and other weapons are the only things we have to defend our country.. with a weaker military in play right now, the rest of Americans are the only thing standing in the way of total destruction against such threats. she thinks that removing guns from citizens is the answer! what a deluded person she really is.

  72. Oh yeah, Hitlery has her sights set on our guns. Know what, Our guns have their sights set on her.


  74. Hillary is 1) Tainted by her association with Bill (BJ) Clinton 2) her past activities in the WH with Bill and 3) her proven failure as Secy of State. She belongs in Leavenworth for her blatant disregard of information security.
    I guarantee you that if Hillary goes to the White House, she will be the straw that breaks the fragile (USA) camel’s back. The nation is crumbling under the current administration…


  76. Who in their right mind can support such a lying arrogant moron then again the same question has been raised about supporting Obama. I sincerely hope that a lesson has been learned.

  77. Gun control is a delusion, you can’t control guns. However, we are in a spiritual battle between God and Satan for control of men’s souls for all eternity. Both God and Satan can blind men’s eyes to truth. Don’t fall for delusions that kill. Don’t let America join the nations that have murdered tens or hundreds of thousands of their own unarmed subjects. We are citizens, not dogs. We fight back, as God intended.

  78. Actually, millions, not thousands have been murdered for their folly of believing lying politicians.

  79. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    She better

    watch out, she better not try, because someone may have his/her crosshair
    sighted on her. It is time America stops these NAZIonal Socialist Democrats messing
    with OUR Constitution, even if it takes a revolution. It took a revolution for
    our predecessors to gain Liberty and Freedom from a dictatorial regime, and it
    may take another one to retain that Liberty and Freedom. United we stand,
    divided we will fall.

  80. This bitch needs to wake up, GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE.

  81. It doesn’t matter what she comes up with, she will not get the guns from law abiding people in this country. She wants to get guns off the streets, let her go after the criminal element that they brought here from mexico and elsewhere first.

  82. https://youtu.be/1mYW5nmS9ps This should tell every one who can count past 20 with out having to remove an article of clothing that Hillary is not presidential material

    • I cannot thank you enough for posting this video!
      WE the PEOPLE must never let her become president!!
      Wake up AMERICANS

  83. william g munson

    They have many guns LAWS and if you are a convicted felon you cannot be with a gun or in a house where there is one and when they catch a lot of them for any reason guess what they have a gun and they are the ones that do the damage and also a LAW if caught with a hand gun that is not registered 5 years no question ask and also if a hand gun in use of a crime and guess they have one and what is done and will the LAW STOP THEN NO THEY WILL NOT ABEY THE LAWS PERIOD WAKE DUMMIES

  84. Hillary, thanks for your anti gun position. Please pursue it as much as you can. Your suicidal position for your career is greatly appreciated.



  86. Alleged Comment

    NATCH being a wicked witch she would choose the platform that will do damage to “whitey”, never mind illegal immigrants and sanctuary cities.

    This little shemale racist wants to hit whitey where it hurts!

    Gun laws only mean CRIMINALS will have them and not you or me. When are you going to get that through your THICK SKULLS???
    Can you think the above through? Can you do that just once for me???

  87. Hillary is getting to the point that she needs to worry more about Mouth Bladder Control than Gun Control.

  88. for one who is surrounded by guns everywhere she goes she’s kind of hypocritical! why do all the anti gun grabbers think it’s alright for them to be protected by the thing they want to take away from us?

  89. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

    The hillercow is no different than Stalin, Mao, and Hitler in her beliefs on gun ownership!
    John, after the murders in Benghazi I cannot forget her comment “What does it matter now?”
    Note that we had assets in place that would have stopped the murders, a C130 gunship but she couldn’t be bothered!

  90. seersuckerandapanama

    If there were more gun laws would Vince Foster be alive today? Only the Hildebeast knows.

  91. First a monkey in the office pretending to be human and a president. Now a lying thieving bitch wants her shot at it. Shoot the liberals and end this BS now!

  92. “UNBELIEVABLE”,that there are people like her in AMERICA,When a horrendous incident like what took place in Sandy Hook,she and her”ILK” blame the gun and its owner of a/some lawful/legal gun owner in the state of Wyoming.I have never been one to wish”BAAD” on someone,and I can’t start now.

  93. Wouldn’t it be funny if, people with guns had their sights on Hillary, the MURDEROUS BITCH??

  94. What are you Hillary——Acting out as if you are Mrs. Hitler.????

  95. I have absolutely no idea who the lunatics are who would vote for that witch. She is by far the definition of the last thing that should ever hold public office. They keep harping about guns and all that is, is a move to have absolute totalitarian control. And besides, Obama has already been busy in the background truncating the logistics of the ammunition side of things. The state of America is more perilous now, than at any time I have seen it in my life. And you can forget about what the Politicians say…they’ll say anything to get into office. Then they have the keys to the car and you’re in the back seat waiting for the next four years to end. When was the last time I ever saw a Politician come thru with a campaign promise???? I’m thinking. There is no stop gap, there is no voter referendum that initiates removal of Politicians from office in a timely manner. Sorry about the tirade.

  96. If this lying hag is ever sent to the WH, America will experience its 2nd revolution in 240 years, but it won’t be against the British, but the US’s internal enemies!

  97. All people who want the best for America have their sights set on guns. Only the NRA types want guns. They aren’t very concerned about America, only their guns.

  98. Hey Hellery! What we need is smarter guns. They make smart phones, why not smart guns. When activated the guns go off on DEMONRATS, LIBTURDS, MOSLEMS/ISLAMIST, And kalifornicate politicians.

  99. Funny how they always want to act in “Emergency Mode” without studying the effects their policies have on society. How do they know that giving free Obama guns won’t work? “We have to do something” is always the emergency reasoning for making it hard for citizens to exercise their 2nd amendment rights.
    How about “we have to do something” and deputize anyone willing to be back up law enforcement? Also training of course.
    How about giving free ccl classes in poor neighborhoods? The neighborhoods with the most violence. How about government grants for those trainees to purchase a quality American made concealable firarm?
    We could take the money from the stimulus that has not all been spent. It has???? Where are the receipts for what it bought us? Where is the accountability for all that money?

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