Hillary Calls Nancy Pelosi What?

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently compared US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to the United Kingdom’s late Queen Elizabeth II stating that both had “fought” for their beliefs.

These remarks came at an interesting time as the beloved monarch’s casket was in Edinburgh in what is considered the first stop in her final journey. Since the announcement of the Queen’s death, many people have taken to the streets in Britain in mourning.

During her interview on CNN’s State of the Union, Clinton called Nancy Pelocy the ‘the gutsiest woman in politics right now.’ Saying that through many turmoils and challenges what it means to fight for your values and beliefs.

While Clinton was making the analogy between the two women, mourners were waiting to see Queen Elizabeth’s coffin being transported from her home of Balmoral to the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh.

Accompanying the Queen was her only daughter, Princess Anne, along with her husband Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Lawrence. Prince Andrew and Prince Edward were also present in Scotland’s capital.
Queen Elizabeth’s 70- year reign ended on Thursday, September 8 after the announcement of her death was released.

Hillary Clinton during the interview also spoke about some of her memories of meeting Queen Elizabeth II. As she recalled the queen had been an ‘engaging and lively conversationalist’ whom she had gotten to meet both during her time as First Lady of the United States and while working as Barack Obama’s Secretary of State.

Clinton also spoke about the time she had spent with the Queen and her husband on Britannia as the Clintons had met to commemorate the 50th anniversary of D-Day. During this part of the interview, she also recognized the queen’s ‘devotion to duty and her sense of obligation to the people of her nation,’ from the moment of her ascension to the throne until her death.

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  1. Can Pelousy be dead too? Then I can see the comparison

  2. This is tantamount to slander against Queen Elisabeth II

  3. Both Horrible Hillary and Pathetic Pelosi have the same middle name ‘Lilac’, because they can both ‘Lie Like’ crazy. Neither one has done anything for our country, just for themselves and their partners in crime. Both wicked witches are huge losers that are so out of touch with real Americans. Cmon all, let’s make sure to vote them out!

  4. Both Hillary and Nancy have been in the business of destruction and self enrichment…..lying and deceitful are their strongest trait! Neither are honorable or someone to mirror! Nancy wants to bailout to Italy because San Francisco is a cesspool and where here attention has been absent for years…..

  5. Good one!

  6. Pelosi is a lying communist trying to turn this country into a banana republic the Lord needs to strike her down with a terrible disease!

  7. Proof that Clinton is dumber than we thought.

  8. Queen Elizabeth had CLASS, something neither Hillary or Pelosi ever had!

  9. Oh boy oh boy do I fulley agree with all of you a truer statement never tod before.

  10. Don’t compare the queen to that douche bag

  11. You are all out of touch with reality. Clinton and Pelosi are two remarkably brilliant women who have always fought for the public good and the welfare of our country. They have given tirelessly to upholding our constitution and are both on my list of admirable women. Stop believing the fake news and conspiracy theorists.

  12. Would someone please remind Mrs. Clinton that Representative Pelosi was not elected to fight for “HER” values and beliefs? Representative Pelosi was elected to represent the voters who elected her, which I believe she has failed to do.

  13. Who in their right mind keeps voting for worthless trash like ‘nasty’ nancy ‘pigliosi’ and the hildabeast? I live in San Francoisco, nasty’s congressional district and the west coast’s version of the third world enclaves, calcutta, mogadishu, nairobi and port au prince. Many neighborhoods reek with the stench of feces and piss left on the streets and sidewalks by the exploding homeless population. San Francsico and Califronia are prime examples of just how much pigliosi and the loi=iberals or ‘progressives’ care about San Francisco and the USA, NOT. Hopefully with the mid terms, the people here are pissed off to the tenth degree and at the end of their patience and finally realize this worthles amoeba ( along with all the dumbocraps, liberals and progressives or whatever these idiots are calling themselves these days) is playing them for fools and treating them like walking ATMS to finance their failing BULLSHIT fantasies.

  14. There’s no comparison between the late Queen Elizabeth, nasty ‘pigliosi’ and the hildabeast. If this isn’t an insult to the British people, just what is? Queen Elizabeth did more for England and the Commonwealth with grace, style, class and dignity, four things these worthless slugs don’t have and never will have in all their years in government and to compare this trash to Queen Elizabeth, who was loved and revered by the people of England to nasty pigliosi and the hildabeast, two of the most hated and reviled woman in America is an insult to the top degree.

  15. I must agree with just about everything the prior posters said. Pelosi and Clinton have done their best to simply enrich themselves and try to retain power over others to keep on stealing from the US Treasury. Both of them are evil and they need to stay away from puddles so they won’t melt if splashed upon. It is a horrible insult to the Queen and the British people to compare these two evil people to the Queen of England and the UK who worked for her country and ruled it in the name of her people who loved her! All of my British friends wept when she died as did I.

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