Hillary Calls Nancy Pelosi What?

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently compared US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to the United Kingdom’s late Queen Elizabeth II stating that both had “fought” for their beliefs.

These remarks came at an interesting time as the beloved monarch’s casket was in Edinburgh in what is considered the first stop in her final journey. Since the announcement of the Queen’s death, many people have taken to the streets in Britain in mourning.

During her interview on CNN’s State of the Union, Clinton called Nancy Pelocy the ‘the gutsiest woman in politics right now.’ Saying that through many turmoils and challenges what it means to fight for your values and beliefs.

While Clinton was making the analogy between the two women, mourners were waiting to see Queen Elizabeth’s coffin being transported from her home of Balmoral to the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh.

Accompanying the Queen was her only daughter, Princess Anne, along with her husband Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Lawrence. Prince Andrew and Prince Edward were also present in Scotland’s capital.
Queen Elizabeth’s 70- year reign ended on Thursday, September 8 after the announcement of her death was released.

Hillary Clinton during the interview also spoke about some of her memories of meeting Queen Elizabeth II. As she recalled the queen had been an ‘engaging and lively conversationalist’ whom she had gotten to meet both during her time as First Lady of the United States and while working as Barack Obama’s Secretary of State.

Clinton also spoke about the time she had spent with the Queen and her husband on Britannia as the Clintons had met to commemorate the 50th anniversary of D-Day. During this part of the interview, she also recognized the queen’s ‘devotion to duty and her sense of obligation to the people of her nation,’ from the moment of her ascension to the throne until her death.

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