Hillary Calls For Changes to Religious Beliefs

Barack Obama campaigned successfully on a broad message of hope and change, and we’ve already heard that Hillary Clinton wants to use his political strategies as a blueprint for her own campaign. But where Obama wisely hid the worst of his socialist agenda behind vague language and buzzwords, Clinton is now advertising how extreme she is willing to get when it comes to changing America.

Speaking at the Women in the World Summit this weekend, Clinton said that “far too many women are denied access to reproductive health care and safe childbirth, and laws don’t count for much if they’re not enforced. Rights have to exist in practice – not just on paper.”

So far, so good. Sounds like the usual Democrat claptrap. But it was what she said next that has many Americans taking a cautious step backwards. “Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will,” she said. “And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs, and structural biases have to be changed.”

Wow. Presidential candidates have run on some pretty interesting platforms in the past, but it’s been a while since a mainstream politician has advocated an overhaul of religious beliefs. In some ways, it is reminiscent of Obama’s “bitter clingers” comment, but even Obama knew better than to tell Americans they needed to change their fundamental, core beliefs. Suddenly the idea that Clinton could be worse than our current president – a notion that seems to defy logic – is not so unthinkable. Her scandals aside, this kind of talk is downright frightening coming from someone who stands a very good chance of occupying the White House.

But maybe we should have seen this coming. Not satisfied with the slow, steady progress they’ve made in destroying family values, kicking God out of the country, and demonizing conservative views, liberals are ready to start taking drastic action. And it’s certainly worth wondering what a presidential candidate thinks they are empowered to do to change “cultural codes” and religious beliefs. Does Hillary intend to use the presidency as a bully pulpit, pushing her view of the world whenever she gets the chance? Or does she feel there are larger steps she can take? Does she want to change religion or does she want to outlaw it?

“Reproductive health care and safe childbirth” are, of course, euphemisms for abortion. Hillary is speaking in favor of looser abortion laws and greater access to the procedure. Standing in her way are those darned outdated, sexist religious beliefs. But that’s also what’s standing in the way of gay “rights,” sex-ed for kindergartners, and a whole host of other liberal programs. By “changing” those beliefs, Hillary sees a shortcut to victory. After all, if people believe things that she does not, they are objectively wrong. And they should be forced to change.

A new day is dawning in America. They’re going to make sure of it.


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  1. Hillary Clinton can shove an ungreased rat tail file up her behind!

    • Amen Douglas…

    • I concur; she doesn’t have a clue about anything. Especially religion! Faith is something that you don’t change, just to fit your political agendas.

      • Religion has no business in politics, plain and simple.

        • True; but you don’t change religious beliefs, in order to please or suit any political agenda either.

        • Tamalam, well, over the years the US escaped a lot of the turmoil that affected other countries by declaring that there would be no “Established Church” here. So, in that sense, you have a point. Religion, to the extent that it promotes mutual understanding and moral values, seems to me to have an important role in politics. Now when religion demands the hanging of gay folks from construction cranes, that religion ought to be opposed.

          • Higherstandard13

            No Federal Established Church which meant not Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, etc… it did not mean the we were not a Christian Nation. It also did not prohibit established churches for states. The fact is most states then were divided by which church controlled that state. This way people could go to the state which represented their belief. There is nothing in the constitution that prevents people of faith to be part of the government. In fact it states that our rights come from the higher power and not the corrupt Kings, politicians, civil servants or people.

        • Good for you. Now tell that to all the right wing wackadoodle theocrats who constantly campaign for muddling the Constitutional principle of separation of church and state. For starters, straighten out these scheming weasels:


          If that is too much for you, then perhaps you could send some advice to Pat Robertson or
          Rod Parsley or any of a number of televangelist theocrats who want to corrupt the Constitution by allowing government-controlled religious exercises back into the public school systems. You might also consider directing your advice to the reprehensible, posturing Judge Roy Moore.

          • She’s too stupid to even fight for your liberal cause. Headuprectum

          • I searched, but in vain, for something in your reply that had anything to do with what I posted. Are you having a problem with cognitive impairment?

          • Typically, “GOD, mmmk” is the only answer

          • Are you so ignorant as to avoid your praise of tamalam in your first paragraph.
            …and look tamalam is even happy with you !! How cute!

          • ___

            I praised her; you reviled her. There is a difference, you know. And you have yet to address my take on the wingnuts who favor government meddling with the religious instruction of public school students. Get on track, Jack.

          • Evolution and creationism don’t necessarily refute one another.
            God may allow man the very knowledge of his existence through science.
            The ARGUMENTS pro or against are all OPINION so text books should not attempt invalidating or denying the other.
            A moment of silence before the BIG GAME or TEST wether used for prayer or silence was never promoted as religious instruction. NON-DENOMINATIONAL SILENCE made sure of that.
            Proper sex education, excluding homosexuality, advanced sexual techniques, or deviances, was never outside the realm of a belief in GOD. In fact understanding one’s body and sexuality should be encouraged. Would encouraging abstinence until married be seen as “religious instruction” or RESPONSIBLE behavior ?
            Denying the religion behind most holidays is in fact irresponsible. In fact it’s a government sponsored lie.
            Christmas wether you see it as a secular holiday or religious holiday in fact acknowledges the birth of Christ.
            “Spring Break” in fact takes place during Easter acknowledging the death and resurrection of Christ.
            The Christian, Jewish,Islamic, and other faiths have as much right to expression under all circumstances guaranteed them under freedom of religion not being forced to hide it as you and atheists promote the first amendment.

          • I have NO Problem with voluntary, student-led, student-initiated religious observances within the public school venue. Neither does the ACLU, along with about 30 religious organizations, which have jointly published a useful guide describing numerous religious observances that are constitutionally permissible for public school teachers and students. Read up and get educated:


          • Excuse me, but did I not answer your original question to religious instruction in public schools?
            “blah, blah blah, blah, Get on track, Jack.”
            Or did you conveniently forget?

          • Your reply took no note of the critical difference between school system government- directed and government-controlled religious activities and student-initiated and student-conducted voluntary religious activities within the public school venue. I continue to be astonished at the positions taken by certain religiously conservative persons relative to religion and the schools. The same people who boldly assert that they want the government to stay out of their private and personal affairs somehow have no problem permitting public school (government) administrators to determine when their children are to pray, for what they are to pray, and in whose name to pray. What is more personal and more private and more the province of parental guidance than religious instruction and religious observances that their children are subjected to? The ACLU/religious organizations joint statement goes directly to this issue, but you apparently chose to disregard it.

          • Where on Earth do you feel I endorsed open prayer for any particular religion whatsoever? I never implied that.
            I read the article.
            I kind of snickered where they felt local laws should take precedence where they couldn’t determine a federal statute was suitable.
            Rather uncertain and vague, like their testing how far they can go and where they have no answers, take a pass.

          • I made no assertion and gave no indirect implication that you “endorsed open prayer for any particular religion whatsoever.” I am simply saying that you are not recognizing the difference between voluntary, student-controlled religious activities within the public school venue and the other kinds of religious activities that the Supreme Court has declared unconstitutional–such things as prayers devised word-for-word by school
            boards or school administrators and prescribed to be recited in public school classrooms and such things as the government-prescribed reading of particular sacred writings in the same setting, to a captive student audience.

            Or are you of a mind to simply reject what the Court has decided about such matters? If so, then your argument is with the highest court in the land. Lots of luck there Judge Rodgers.

          • I think your arguments should be in response to someone far more religiously radical than myself.
            Where a school would even acknowledge prayer word for word, would make it partisan to a particular religion. I agree with you in that respect that a public school would be in effect also an established church of an established religion.
            I would defend a student who can’t wear a crucifix or a teacher who could not have a copy of the Old or New Testaments sitting on their desk, but I would never endorse a teacher lead the class in an Our Father.

          • The highest court in the land lost a lot of their height when they appointed GWB president in 2000. I haven’t considered anything about them to be “supreme” since they fluffed that one.

          • You sweem to be doing a lot of dreaming.

          • headonstraight

            You “sweem” to be unable to address the substance of what I posted and thus you take the evasive cowardly alternative course so often preferred by those of your wingnut ilk, namely insulting as a means of deflection.

          • No insult intended; just an observation. I take no interest in anything that the ACLU has to say.

          • headonstraight

            I am not the ACLU, so your observation is irrelevant. And it is indeed insulting for you to characterize my reasoned comments as having any origin in “dreaming.” Again, you are being evasive by failing to respond to the substance of what I posted.

          • I started school in RI in 1951. All through school the day was always started with the Pledge of Alegience (sp) with “under God” included and there was no daily prayer involved, at all. I’m Roman catholic and any prayers on my part were always silent, as it should be. I see no subject matter here that is even worth discussing.

          • Well now, Skip, there is at least ONE bit of subject matter that you should take into account. It was not until 1954 that the words, “under God” were inserted into the Pledge of Allegiance.



            Thus, for at least the first three years of your public education career, the Pledge would not have included the words “under God” as official content. Did some forward-looking school administrator take it upon him/herself to meddle with the Pledge in those three years?

            As to “subject matter…worth discussion,” you must have missed THIS:

            “Your reply took no note of the critical difference between school system government- directed and government-controlled religious activities and student-initiated and student-conducted voluntary religious activities within the public school venue. I continue to be astonished at the positions taken by certain religiously conservative persons relative to religion and the schools. The same people who boldly assert that they want the government to stay out of their private and personal affairs somehow have no problem permitting public school (government) administrators to determine when their children are to pray, for what they are to pray, and in whose name to pray. What is more personal and more private and more the province of parental guidance than religious instruction and religious observances that their children are subjected to? The ACLU/religious organizations joint statement goes directly to this issue, but you apparently chose to disregard it.”

            And I doubt that you MISSED it; more likely you don’t have the polemical skills to address it cogently.

          • At 67 it’s a little hard to remember everything about kindegarten through third grade or so. The Pledge of Allegiance continues to be an interesting animal. They put “under God” in, they take it out and for all I know they’ve put it back again.

            As far as prayer in school goes, that was never a factor in any school that I went to in RI, FL or CA. The only exception to that would have been 9th grade at Christopher Columbus Boys Catholic High School in Miami. That was only for one year, though. The school was definitely lacking in members of the opposite sex and the next year it was back to public schools.

            In the public schools that my girls went to out here in the mountains of northeastern California, there was no prayer at the beginning of classes or at any other time thoughout the day. The only exception to that was a prayer said from the score and announcement booth before each football game. No form to it; just a few words.

            My girls got their religion elsewhere. They were alter servers at Our Lady of the Snows Catholic church here in Westwood (special dispensation from the dioses… there were no Catholic boys in this town).

            Prayer in schools is nothing that occurs in these small mountain towns and is also nothing that I ever came across; except for that year in Catholic school. At grauation ceremonys there are always a few words said towards the graduates but again, it’s more “freehand”… nothing that could be recognized as being denominational.

            So again, I don’t see much in the way of substance, having to do with prayer; of the lack of it; in schools (public).

          • headonstraight

            If you don’t see much of substance in this matter, then you need to review the history of school system (government) -prescribed, school-administered prayers in the public schools, including the judicial history. Start here:



          • in our public school, I recall reciting the pledge of allegiance with ‘under God’ all the way up until 12 grade. I’m 62, and the school was in PA. I like your posts.

          • DrBobNM… are you in NM? I was a telecommunications/digital electronics consultant/employee over the years and I spwnt a year, 2001 I think it was; consulting to the Mescalero Apaches while Living in Ruidoso. We were engineering the replacement of all of their digital telephone exchanges on their 800 square mile reservation and replacing all of their above ground copper cable with underground fiber optics. I had a really good time with that and it was the last time that I was “out”. I picked late 2001 as a good time to retire.

            Today I live in a little mountain town in the northeastern California mountains, a little higher than one mile in elevation and where; until this winter; it tends to snow throughout most of the year.

          • enjoy you retirement Sir. I will probably be working until I drop. Yep, NM. Rural location, far from the maddening crowds, but close enough to my employment. Its kind of a sweet spot.

          • I was really impressed with my year in Ruidoso. It’s probably the bright spot of all of the places that I’ve lived over the years.

          • I have nowhere argued in favor of anyone being forced to hide religious expression. Within our current discussion, I have provided a lengthy list of constitutionally permissible religious activities that may be carried out voluntarily by students in the public schools.

          • Hillary’s efforts to modify beliefs of the religious would in effect also be a government breach for religious expression.

          • But at least you admit to finding something based on my reply to what you posted !
            Do you remember, “She’s too stupid to even fight………….”
            Ha ha it’s still too funny pointing out hypocrisy in you liberal rejects.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            OMG! You must be badgering it with headuphisass! I’m so glad I don’t see his childish writings anymore… lol

          • Why waste time with a PC Liberal-RETARDED paid TROLL? But I hope he does not go away because he is the source of much laughter in our home….what a douche ole Head Straight Up The Colon can be.

          • There is no “separation of church and state” in my Constitution. Which constitution are you referring to ?

          • And there is no “Trinity” in your Bible but the concept most assuredly is there. Likewise with “separation of church and state.”

          • It is your privilege to insert concepts like the “Trinity” in your Bible but please leave your concept of “separation of church and state” out of Our Constitution.

          • headonstraight

            So, then, you would have no problem with the declaration by the state that there shall be a state church. What shall it be, then, the Baptist Church, the Seventh Day Adventist Church, the Church of the Firstborn of Abraham’s Bosom, Incorporated, the Unification Church, the Church of Scientology, or some other church of your choosing?

          • You are babbling again.

          • headonstraight

            Au contraire, Phosgood. It is YOU who are babbling–and blithering :

            Your absolutist misconception of the Constitutional principle of separation of church and state is exceeded in absurdity only by your insulting and utterly non-substantive response to the question I raised above. Your take on the issue goes way beyond the interpretation placed on that Constitutional principle even by conservative legal scholars and conservative public interest law firms.

            Knowledgeable students of the Constitution and its history understand why the framers of the Bill of Rights included the “Establishment Clause” (“The Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion….”). A fundamental purpose of that clause, without question, includes the prohibition of the establishment of any state religion, which equates perfectly to the principle of separation of church and state.

            The wise men who wrote this provision into the Bill of Rights knew well the blighted history of nations where a single church was designated the official church of a nation and given authority, rights and privileges denied to other religious bodies. They wished no such evil consequences on the new nation established by the Constitution.

            If there is any “babbling” in our exchange, Phosgood, it is YOUR simplistic, wrongheaded, inept and fatally flawed interpretation of the Establishment Clause.

        • It has been said that Liberalism is a religion to those that follow it.
          If that is what you are talking about, you are correct.
          Liberalism has no business in politics.

        • Matthew V. Brown

          Rather…politics has no place in religion.

        • And Politics have no business in RELIGION

        • OUIDA D. SAULS

          This nation was founded on the belief and trust in God and because of it this nation has been blessed by God. Many people don’t seam to believe it any more. The scriptures were written thousands of years ago. It said that with wicket leaders a nation would suffer and things would get much worse as time goes on.

          When I read Psalm 83 I couldn’t believe it. It was like reading the newspaper today. God created everyone and everything so if He is taken out of government and politic we are going to be in a lot of trouble. We are in a lot of trouble!

        • there shall be no abridgement of our religious freedoms or right to bear arms to protect us from a tyrant govnt, or the 1st amendment = freedom of speech, all of these the liberal demoncrats have tried to destroy with their treasonous executive orders from obummer the degenerate tyrant.

          • Keep your religious freedom, I don’t care. I should also have the freedom not to have to practice your religion.

      • Her father was a Reverend .

        • Sadly she never listened to the sermon and played with
          Satan during services.

          • she had a satan doll growing up, she must have sat on the horns.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            But she knew how to play the “juice”harp… And Billy Boy played the whoremonica and sexaphone really well! lol

        • So what, I never heard that.

          • Her father was also a Republican. Hillary was Republican until she met slick Willy.

          • killary was never a R. She was a volunteer staffer for Goldwater in ’64. She met her idol, Saul Alinsky and her true nature started coming out. Plus she has always been about me/$ and power. She is 100% scumbag and needs to be “put down”.

        • So what! Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson were also Reverends.
          Forget the title: You will know a person’s character by the fruits they produce. The fruits they produce are division, hatred, hypocrisy and deceit. All deadly poisons!

          • Margaret Shipman

            That’s right Conservative !!!

          • Sharpton and Jackson just started calling themselves rev. they never went to a school to be ordained. Street hustlers need a snappy handle and rev. gives them a sick sort of legitimacy to dumbasses who can’t spell cat if you gave them the c and t.

          • Kenneth Van Antwerp

            I thought so.

          • I agree with all that you said except, God called an awful lot of people to carry the gospel that didn’t go to college and God does the ordaining if they are TRULY called…one of the reasons the young people today don’t know the Lord is their ministers allowed themselves to be robbed in school…

          • Just goes to show you what you can get by SPEAKING LOUDER and always knowing where the back door is.

          • and the ones who want to get married

          • They got the title of reverend from a serial box. Disgraceful ass holes.

          • Cereal box.

          • Thanks for the correction.Fingers typed faster then the correct spelling. Thanks again.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Hey, I thought those Velcro heads got their titles and their brains from a crackerjack box?

          • Yeah….Fruit Loops

          • I don’t know about Jackson, but it’s my understanding Al Sharptongue was ‘ordained’ by his father who was a self-ordained bishop! He has no seminary experience at all!

            Here’s an easy way to judge clergy. Do they practice the three steps of: Repentance; Forgiveness, and Reconciliation?

          • No! The “fruits” they produce look more like money in their pockets.

          • Reverend is just the title of a black politician who has never been elected to a public office.

          • How does Reverend Hillary sound?

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Jiffy ! That’s SICK! When that bitch was in college she attended every protest she could find, even masterminded some!! And all these female”hangers-on” want THAT for prez???

          • She is fraught with low life motives, kind of like Obama.

          • It makes me want to puke!

          • Well the people of New York were stupid enough to elect her to the senate. But then since I am from Califateornia the land of Jerry Brown, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, and Diane Feinstein, I am not in a very good position to call New Yorkers stupid.
            Hopefully the stress of the campaign will cause Hillary to have fainting spells and she will have to bow out. If she really gave a damn about America, she would do what is best for America and return to private life.

          • But she doesn’t. Most Democrats and
            politicians dont. Otherwise 89 year olds would get out & let in some new ideas.

          • I believe she was raised Episcopalian. They allow women pastors. Maybe that would be a better calling. She could continue pushing LGBT agenda & abortions.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          Supposedly Jackass Jackson and not-so- sharpton are too, but I’ve never revered those two assholes!!

          • Hey, even assholes serve a function. I can’t think of anything vile enough or worthless enough to call these two but even assholes have feelings! I don’t think a word has yet to be coined that adequately describes the likes of Dullton, Jackass, HildaBeast, Ovomit, Piglosi, Frankenstein Feinstein, “Dirty Harry” Reid and all their ilk!

            I’m working on it but I think Einstein had an easier time with the “Theory of Relativity” than I will on coming up with one word to describe them!! ROFLMAO!

          • How about demon ridden hogs….no insult to other swine…

        • NO man (or woman) is “reverend.” There is only ONE whose name is Reverend. (Ps. 111:9)

        • She should have listened to him better.

        • Kenneth Van Antwerp

          If I were her father, I wouldn’t brag about it.

        • Then he obviously had little real influence on her, if she feels and speaks as she does!

          • I made a mistake in referring to Hillary’s religious influence as her father, a “reverend”. Her father was conservative but she was deeply influenced by her Methodist youth minister, Donald Jones. Jones arrived in a red convertible and introduced the youths to the left wing theology he had just picked up in seminary. He took the class to MLK’s show in Chicago in 1961 and took them backstage to meet the Referrand King. The rest is history as Jones consuled Hillary throughout her political life as long as Jones lived. He was asked to leave the Rotham’s church after 2 years.

          • Interesting stuff…thanks. I am not a church goer or Bible thumper in any way, but I still can’t believe what comes out of her mouth sometimes!

          • Only sometimes????? She’s a typical DemonRAT, every time they open their mouth lies come spilling out!

        • Michael Dennewitz

          And she’s directly related to Hitler !!

        • Like a Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

        • Edward J Baker

          How exactly, does such a status preclude being an anti-Christian bigot?

      • Michael Dennewitz

        THEY ALL will sacrifice whatever it takes to get that glorified top seat. If that fugly bitch would sell off the Navy Seals at Benghazi, she’d “whore off” her daughter, just to get that white house seat! GOD HELP. AMERICA!!

        • thought they were whores

          • Don’t know how they could both live on fifth cents a week, and I’m being generous.

          • lol…now that is funny…

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Ummmmm that fugly bitch would have to pay me….and even then, I’d have to be “zombied out” on some damned good drugs!! :-((

          • “Makes two of us”! I’m no Tom Cruz but she is one fugly bitch! I’ll bet even the cockroaches run from her!! With her around there’s NO need for the Orkin Man! Posting her picture in the New York subways would probably cure the rat problem! ROFLMAO!

          • pagan high priestesses were prostitutes…highly paid ones at that…this country is loaded with pagan priestesses and priests…sometimes we call them politicians, along with other things…..anyone who is for sale…must be the reason for the deluge of botox …I mean, lets face it…who would buy some of those faces if they weren’t..fixed….can’t change the expression in the eyes..’.eyes are the window to the soul’……

          • Case in point look at Piglosi if anyone can!

        • I’ve said the exact same thing for quite some time now but went a step further than just her daughter! I’ve said she’s even sell any granddaughters into prostitution to meet her goals!!
          She is one vile, evil, conniving bitch! She has to be a spawn of Satan! I trust rattlesnakes more than this bitch!

          • Does that mean you wouldn’t vote for her, even with a cut of the take?

          • I wouldn’t vote for her if she gave me ALL of her ill gotten millions, though I might have to think about it for probably a nanosecond before rejecting her! ROFLMAO!!!!

          • You are forgiven for at least one nano second. It lets me know you are human too. (From another old codger.)

          • I’m showing my age but as Spock on the original Star Trek liked to say, “live long and prosper”!

          • Spock also stated that he had no ego to bruise

          • SouthernPatriot

            Spock on all versions of Star Trek said that same thing.

          • Yeah, but not in the White House.

          • I forgive him too…from another old, codgerette…is that a sexist comment?..if so, who gives a hoot…I am a woman and proud of it..

          • Your an old codger?? I’m an old fart.

          • Hey! That’s MY Handle!

          • LOL.. Sorry. I’m really an old foggy but not sure how to spell fowggy? Fogy? Fougy?

          • Thank you Jim. If I let one day pass w/out learning one new thing, the day is wasted. TY for not letting my day pass wasted. Fogey. I am also known as the “Great Passer of Annoying and Disgusting Gas.”

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Heyyyyy! Come on now! You’re trying to steal my title. I let one go the other night and blew a candle out on the other side of the room! Even the dog yelped and ran and hid behind the couch!! lol

          • Hope it didn’t have a lump in it haha

          • LOL Wow.. That was a beauty.

          • Wait till you have a cat laying on your lap that passes a good one. Talk about RANK. Enough to gag a maggot….I think she is paying me back for times past !!

          • LOL That means kitty is comfortable with you. I had a polite dog that would leave the room whenever she felt like passing gas. (we could hear her though)

          • headonstraight

            No surprise there; we have known for a long time that you are a GASBAG!

          • From one old Fogey to another…..you are welcome lol

          • Al,
            We all are now qualified to join the IOOF (International Order Of Old Farts).

          • LOL Good one Jerry.

          • Jonathan Brooks

            Shhhh. First Rule of Old fart Club is not to talk about Old fart Club.

          • Do they allow fartettes?

          • C’mon, everyone knows girls don’t fart.

          • Of course they don’t…continue to hold that thought…

          • Phyllis,
            Gay is correct. Hold it in.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            No..no..NO! Do not hold it in! If you do, then eventually it will travel up your spine and finally into your brain, and that will cause you to have some really shitty thoughts!! 🙂

          • Michael,
            Oops, I just thought of Hillary. You were right about thoughts.

          • Is that what they mean when they talk about brain farts?…honestly,.. women don’t fart, and, my mom told me as a young girl that we also don’t admit to having legs or bosoms…and went on to tell me the stork delivered one’s baby to the nearest cabbage to your house but that she personally had looked to the star in the east to acquire us kids…so, as you can tell, farting would have been last on my list of things to worry about…and to this day I don’t eat cabbage…seems sacriligious somehow..

          • Not to mention, at least for me, tends to cause extreme gas ergo farts! But I get your drift! LOL!

          • Jonathan Brooks

            Actually, Southern culture admits that they do. “Having a case of the Vapours” refers only to women, and what is referred to is a bit obvious if you thnk about it.

          • Oh yes, the vapours.

          • Then maybe “Ventlettes?”

          • Ha! I like it!

          • Jonathan Brooks

            It is like the term mankind. Old farts are both male and female, but Fartlettes would be an acceptable usage. Adds a dash of flair to the phrase.

          • Jonathan,
            Ize solly. I will repent. SHHHHH!

          • When I turned 50 my uncle told me I was an official old fart .

          • I want a bumper sticker that says that !!

          • catman,
            Me too, but first I have to get another car.

          • Me too!!!!!!!

          • LOVE IT!! Hey, we have the Fraternal Order of the Elks, etc., maybe we should start our own Order!! Where can I sign up!

          • old codger,
            People like me who are 39 (and holding) are automatically enrolled. No sign up is necessary. Welcome to the order.

          • Thanks!! Loved the IOOF thing! Me, I gave up holding for Lent, made it to 64 this year and served U.S.A.F. ’69 to ’76! I’m a right old “Patriotic” old fart and PROUD of it!! Probably much like you!

          • old codger,
            Next month is the 39th anniversary of my first 39th birthday. I stayed 39 because I cannot remember dates very well. This way I know how old I am every year. Yes, I am a veteran also.1955-1959 Army.

          • God Bless and take care!!

          • Gotcha both beat. My daughter says I’m a “soiled, sexy, senior citizen”. Guess that means I’m a dirty old man, huh ???

          • Wow.. That’s quite a description. LOL

          • Just think how many safe houses you could build for Lesbo’s like her? Older than dirt!

          • Change the word gotten to stolen.

          • EXACTLY!!! There are a hundred million who WILL vote for her, and for most of them it will ONLY be because they get a cut of the take. Hillary can safely attack religion because the numbers reflect that the religious community is rapidly approaching minority status and there is precious little passion even among those remaining. I would give up everything I own, including my life before I would consider voting for ANY Democrat right now.
            Even for a nanosecond.
            “For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” Matthew 16:26

          • Using Matt. 16:26 as a basis, I suspect that Hillary has everything to gain (in this world) because she long ago lost her soul so it is a win-win situation for her.

          • no I would not sale my soul to this lady for the whole earth Jesus is the way and the only way to Heaven

          • Right Jerry. Not through Hillary. Through Jesus.

          • Jiffy,
            Most conservatives see no necessity to engage in her “take”. we do have morals, you know. Her “take” means obligations to people and ideal we do not share pleasure in.

          • Key word: TAKE

          • Gary,
            TAKE seems to be the limit of her vocabulary. She certainly does not GIVE, especially about Bengazi.

          • Don’t forget that some of those who have bought into Hillary (and Bill’s) plans have met violent and unexpected ends. Hillary is a dangerous person.

          • Do you mean like Vince?

          • Yeh.. They had him rubbed out.

          • Watch out. You’ll give rattlesnakes a bad name.

          • I didn’t put them down. I actually gave them somewhat praise as NOT being the lowest of the low. In actuality I gave them a promotion.

          • Rattlesnakes are honest about themselves, Hillary is not!

          • How could you use hitlery and honest in the paragraph? The she devil is just ones step behind obozo…..

          • Kenneth Van Antwerp

            No, I think they are more neck and neck.

          • you’re both wrong Hillary is a lot worse

          • Absitively and posolutely! Before any spell check cops try to ring my bell, “I SPELLED THAT WAY INTENTIONALLY”! Thank you!!
            Yes rattlesnakes ARE honest about themselves! The lying, conniving, unscrupulous B!TCH isn’t!!!!!!

          • Wow…how neat!!! My mother used to use that phrase. It’s fun to see it again. I’m 82, so that lets you know how long it’s been around. Plus, anyone with a good vocab won’t take exception to it, so stop screaming. The rest don’t matter.

          • Sorry for screaming but there are to many spell check cops cruising these sites so I just wanted to head them off before they jumped in! You have a few years on me, I’m 64, but that was a phrase that was used by many! I still use it to this day! LOL!
            God Bless and take care!

          • Karen Lee King

            Absotively Possilutely is one of my favorite sayings. I have said it for so long that if I try to say it the way it’s supposed to be said, it sounds weird to me. lol

          • A rattle snake will only bite you if you get too close.

          • I know. Back in the 1970s I used to stop the traffic in Big Tujunga Canyon, CA when a rattlesnake was trying to cross the road. I’d move it off to the side that it was headed for and then let the traffic go. Too many weird people make a habit of running over things like that.

          • Look at some very repressive regimes. Christianity is flourishing in repressive places like China. Her daughter is married to an orthodox Jew, isn’t she. That means her granddaughter is 1/4 Jew. Will she include Muslims. Do not allow Sharia law or hajibs or honor killings? What she’ll find is this: When governments start taking away our liberty & freedom, people will fight even harder tokeep them. So bring it on. We could use a boost & motivation.

          • Too bad that only when people are backed into a corner do they truly fight. Forced to finally realize they have the destiny to survive…. or fail. Historically it proves fact in spite of tragic losses during the battles for reformation.

            The persistently troublesome part is the amount of time it takes for the people to realize they are hopelessly cornered. Historically generations pass, before realization of harsh oppression sets in.

            True Awakening, true Freedom is only available through personal, individual acceptance of Jesus Christ. After that minor, easily attained detail, winning is a piece of cake.

            Qt: “If God were satisfied with the behavior of his people (all are God’s people) he would never have allowed Genghis Khan to become unleashed” qt: Genghis Khan 1162-1227

          • It’s all about the money. You buy the White House and you sell your soul.

          • When she talks about womens reproductive health & safe childbirth, you can tell she’s another worthless
            liberal. Why aren’t liberal women concerned over women in Middle East
            being stoned to death for slightest infractions. Their life expectency is less than ME men. I did a little research to satisfy my curiosity. Suicide rates among young married Muslim women & adolescence even though Islam doesn’t condone it, is skyrocketing. Look at their living conditions & having no rights. Apparently, Hillary is not concerned with female genital mutilation or very young girls bring married off to very old men. All liberal women would have some credibility if they cared about the overall living conditions than just, reproductive health. Muslims want their women to have a bunch of kids,so they can overpopulate other religions & ethnic groups in the next 30yrs. Hillary is incapable of caring for anyone but herself. I call her the “ice queen”. Any poor Democrat who believes she cares about them, is an idiot. It’s always about the votes.

          • Ovomit must have taken out a second and third mortgage on his! LOL!

          • and don’t forget Webb Hubbell provided the fertile sperm for her spawn

          • You must not remember when they found god little g while being impeached for lying to congress in the 90’s!!! Now Killary has the “right” to lecture us now that she is an EX-pert!! Just ask her!!!

        • All hail Hill-lyre-y Rotten-ham Clinging-dung, High Priestess of Greed and Corruption.

        • She is a stomach full.

        • America is gone, sold to the highest bidders….God help the Christians and Jews…

        • LOL Well put Mike.

        • Her daughter would never make it as a whore. Have you seen how ugly she is? I understand that Bill isn’t her father. Nice family isn’t it?

        • Whatever she thinks will get her the most votes automatically comes out of her mouth. That is why she sounds like a fool. She stands for nothing but her greed for position and power.
          No Clinton crime family in the Whitehouse.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Well Warren, I really don’t care what anyone comes back with, I still say that Chris Kyle was “TAKEN OUT” because “somebody” knew he was a direct threat to the poison “they” were getting ready to open up on this country!!

        • I don’t think anyone would want her daughter the bitch is to damn ugly only her ugly ass husband wants her.

      • Kenneth Van Antwerp

        She should that if her “faith” was as strong as she claims.

      • You are exactly right and someone needs to inform Obama of that fact. Tired of our country being converted to Islam.

      • Now she’s running againt God!She’ll have tough competition running againt God!

      • Loving America

        She uses the Word of god for gainful means…It will not work for the ones of us that know the Scriptures! We need to pray that God intervenes for America and Americans and stop this woman!

      • 1PierreMontagne1

        Hillary is really is your Typical alcoholic. Her thoughts and utterances are those of the alcoholic mind.
        The biggest challenge for her minders is to keep her sober. But the alcoholic indifference in her words and actions are things they can’t control.

      • John Allen Dickinson

        Josh Duggar did.

      • That depends on your political agenda…

        Without the scandals, Monica Lewinsky’s Ex-Boyfriend’s Wife has no record.

        Without Bill, Monica Lewinsky’s Ex-Boyfriend’s Wife is just another crooked lawyer.

        • True! But at least Clinton was a lot smarter about real economics than Killary is. She’s an idiot in this realm, as well as a corrupt lawyer. You nailed that one!

      • Maybe someone in her campaign organization should remind her of the “separation of Church & State” message that has been used many times by the Democrats in the past. She said too many women are denied access to “reproductive HEALTH care, & safe childbirth”. Need she be reminded as she used the word “HEALTH ” care & ” childbirth “, that these are MEDICAL issues, & have NOTHING to do with any religious aspect of any women’s life. What you are as to YOUR religion, be it male or female, the government has NO RIGHT to interfere with your beliefs.
        You CAN’T change a persons FAITH, no more than you can change their OPINION on any give subject.

      • That’s what Islam says.

    • I bet the RAT would highly object, after all they do perform a useful
      function in our society, hillery never has.

    • Wo, she would probably like it!

    • Michael Dennewitz

      How about a 2″ pipe reamer instead?? heeheehee

    • Why are you so mad at that lying disgusting evil vile arrogant irresponsible irrational irritating deceitful convening obnoxious repulsive B—H killery Clinton?

      • TAM44, please don’t hold back tell us how you really feel about HildaBeast!! LOL! P.S. I agree 100% with your post and have a few other adjectives that can’t be said on here!!

    • I think she already did that. That’s why she smiles that way.

    • I was thinking more like a giant redwood tree! The rat tail file would be to kind!

    • She has a much greater need for a Pittsburgh Re-bush Job.

    • :0):0) tsk tsk

    • You got that right!!

    • With sand !


    • That File is a good idea, it might cut thru the mass of Xanax pills she must be overdosing.

    • she might like it and accept just to get back into the white house, her and obummer have no souls, they are dark and black inside and their souls were given to satan



    • donemyhomework

      That gives me an image that I really don’t want look at. Hillary Clinton should just retire and be done with it.

    • I think she would like that………..

    • She should be given the “No-belle Hypocrisy Award. She certainly epitomizes every aspect of hyppcrisy. Now if only she will come out with the “I’m not racist, you are” rhetoric, every neuron in her brain can be given the label of AC when it should be DC.

    • With the size of that posterior, it had better be an extra large sized file !!!

    • l’d pay to see that!

    • I think she already does that and she likes it so much that she wants to do it to the whole country.

    • I agree with you!

  2. She needs to be imprisoned, and forbidden access to public speech.
    How can they let her continue to talk with all the illegal things she is guilty of?

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Well Peggie, look what’s in the white house! DUHHH!

      • Pen ’em up together. Two of a kind. Don’t know what Congress
        is waiting for. But then most of them are crooks too. They only have to be in Wash a year to be completely spoiled. Those that have been there for 25 yrs and up teach the rest of them and then all the
        bribes they’re given help right into the trash can.

    • Kenneth Van Antwerp


  3. Your religion has no business in my vagina. Everyone has the right to their own religious beliefs, but why should one group’s beliefs be the LAW?

    • Sorry, no one wants to be up in your vagina! But once you place a BABY in there, then that LIFE has the RIGHT to be protected. Remember . . . the RIGHT to LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

      • I’m with ya 100%….!

      • Your abortion stance is based on your religious beliefs. So is lack of education and accessibility to birth control. Let’s face it, we live in a highly sexualized society. Accidents are going to happen. Your god is not my god and should not decide how laws are made.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          Sounds like she gets laid every morning and night…. Bet she’s on welfare!??

        • So how does a belief in God have anything to do with my point. You say ‘Your god is not my god and should not decide how laws are made.’ Laws are not based on belief in God, but are based on morality. Do we not have a law that makes murder illegal? Is that based on a belief in God, or is it based on morals?? Thus, protecting the life of the unborn is based on morals, not on the belief in God.

        • Not sure why my reply was deleted, but here it is again.

          So how does a belief in God have anything to do with my point. You say ‘Your god is not my god and should not decide how laws are made.’ Laws are not based on belief in God, but are based on morality. Do we not have a law that makes murder illegal? Is that based on a belief in God, or is it based on morals?? Thus, protecting the life of the unborn is based on morals, not on the belief in God.

    • You sound pretty loose with that vagina.
      Can you tell how fast the wind blows with that thing??

  4. Hillary needs a lobotomy and an exorcist!

  5. Besides being a low life criminal Killary is a slang word for vagina.

  6. The frightening fact is that this sorry excuse for a human being, like Slick Willy and Obama, actually has a chance of becoming our next POTUS! Just a matter of time till this powder keg of a nation blows up!

  7. In my opinion Gods words were not meant to be changed to fit me. Now it seems the attack on religion means changing what we decide is right or wrong for us? Very sad to change our morals because we are immoral. Tell Hillary she can not and does not have the right to change Gods words! Let’s keep the faith as a Nation,

  8. STATES AMENDMENT number 1 !!!

  9. Hillary please just shut up, we have grown tired of your stupidity and greed… Hillary for depends, not for president

  10. These people ACTUALLY think their spoken word and their views are far and above everyone elses and everyone else are idiots and fools..They actually think their words are supreme and final. .It is insulting listening to these elitist, liberal marxists trying to tell people living how to run their lives when we are capable of running our own… This is the neurosis of the liberal. It is a mental disease. So when the modern liberal mind displays this brand of hypocrisy, whines about imaginary victims, rages against imaginary villains, speaks of conspiracies and
    credulous statements and above all seek to run the lives of persons competent to run their own lives, the neurosis of the liberal mind becomes painfully obvious. I don’t know about the rest of you out there but I am fed up with all the lies, BS and lack of respect, code speak of Hope and Change, Code speak of Hillary that ends up with the american nuclear family taking the brunt of the consequences of THEIR actions…….Years ago they would hang people for such offenses….

  11. I think Killary needs to have a dialogue with her vagina about her own religious beliefs and telling the truth. What a complete and utter deceitfully corrupt ignoramus… like Ovomit… just another militant lunatic Marxist megalomaniac!

  12. I have a better idea , rather than force a change to the God given right to participate in any Religion you choose , which also happens to be Constitutionally protected …. lets change the elitist hands off attitude towards criminals like the Clintons ….. and no , their ” intentions ” don’t mean squat …. put the criminals in jail ….

  13. I guess we are going to have to listen to that liar, if only to expose her lies and intent.


  15. So Hillary says “laws aren’t much good if they aren’t enforced”. Too bad she doesn’t share her “wisdom” with Obama, the Democrats, and the Rinos that REFUSE TO ENFORCE OUR IMMIGRATION-LAWS!

    • Well when they tried to enforce them, you wiped clean your emails. When you swore to uphold the constitution and bragged about answering the phone at 0300 (AM) you didn’t do that either. Didn’t even mention her foundation that ignored the laws of reporting who paid to play.

    • Why didn’t she tell that to the Mayors of Baltimore and Chikilltown?

  16. Dr. Robert Schwartz

    It is truly incredible that a person who would suggest that our citizens change their moral code to conform to a contemporary liberal loosening of that code is not a worthy leader of any group of citizens whatsoever. The code is as follows: At conception a human being is created, brought about by the direct infusion of the human soul by God, and the material cooperation of the man and woman. This First Stage of human existence is identifiable through the embryo, which is identifiable by its heartbeat at three weeks and its brainwaves at six weeks.

    To rephrase in part, please note that the human being is destined to live forever. His life-giving principle (aka, his soul) is coextensive with his body, giving it life from head to toes. The body renews itself through the constant growth of the molecules that make up the body parts, easily recognized through growth, from conception to adult stages. All the molecules that comprise the human body are duplicated many times over our lifetime. The soul (aka, the mind or life-giving principle) is conscious of its existence. We know we are the same “person” now as when we were young and were children. This demonstrates and clarifies for us that there is an immaterial part of us–our soul–which remains with us, although modified through study, training, virtue (and vice). Since our soul is not dependent on our body (it doesn’t get renewed or re-identified), we know it did not come through the physical part of us. In skipping through further analysis and logic, we acknowledge very clearly that our soul came through another, non-physical source. That source we call God.

    • Your god is not my god, why should I be required by law to follow your religious beliefs?

      • Murder is murder.

        PLEASE DON’T BREED !!!!
        As a conservative I encourage you to use prophylactics.

        • That’s not an answer to my question.

          • What belief as a Christian am I forcing you to follow ??
            I am not preventing abortions.
            PAY YOUR OWN ABORTION !!
            WASH YOUR OWN DISHES !!

          • That your god should make that laws of this country

          • A God you don’t believe in, has nothing to do with aborting your child.
            You can’t win this argument no matter how ILLOGICALLY you attempt to !!


      • You seem to think all laws that were created by God are wrong.
        Which ones do you not agree with?

      • Wow !!
        Could it be? A doctor!! A man invested in science who acknowledges God!!
        A man whose probably witnessed families praying for the sick and dying, many who have had MIRACLES answered by the grace of God.
        He’s not asked you to follow laws invested in religious belief, as no one I know has ever been accused, tried, or punished by any laws invested in religious belief.
        Morality is a different issue.
        Wether you acknowledge it or not ABORTION is murder. You kill another human being.
        I don’t want any part of me, including my tax dollar paying for you to accomplish a crime.

  17. Just because she converted to Islam for her affair with her Muslim aid and for money does not mean that we have to corrupt ourselves and turn from our Lord and Savior to a way of evil and worship of Satan. Reproductive Healthcare? Hello? There are ways to prevent pregnancy, Young Lives Matter too. Murder is not acceptable. You can burn eternally but I believe in Christ. Your choice You will beg for Ice water Hillary. I will not change my beliefs to suit her.

    • There are ways to prevent pregnancy, but conservatives don’t want people being taught about it or for birth control to be more accessible. And you don’t have to change your beliefs. But I don’t have to follow them as required by law.

      • What? Conservatives don’t want them being taught? You are sadly mistaken and obviously misinformed but then again liberals are misinformed or corrupt. Conservative want people educated. But what Conservatives do not believe that it is our responsibility for the Government (the people) to have to provide birth control to others. People should hold themselves accountable and take responsibility for their own actions. People should not rely on someone else to be responsible for their actions. They also don’t want to supply abortion drugs that cause murder. It’s not what your Government can do for you. It’s what you should be doing for yourself besides holding out your hand.

        • No, you guys dont want sex ed taught in schools, we would rather have pregnant teenagers. In some countries you can buy birth control via vending machine. And pills are cheap as hell to make and even cheaper than medical abortions, and even cheaper than forcing that uneducated/underpriveleged person to have an unwanted child. And if I have a slip up and need an abortion, it shouldn’t be illegal because of your religion. I’m not asking you to pay for mine, they should be covered under insurance though, we pay into all medical coverage. Not just procedures determined moral by your god.

          • Dude, Sex ed IS taught in school. Has been for years, probably since the 70s.

            The outcome has led to more pregnancies and about 55 million abortions of “unwanted” children.

            What the hell, how can you actually think the sex ed taught in schools is working?

          • It’ll be taxpayer provided abortions, and sex ed lying on your back, if we keep catering to these LIBERAL WHORES !!

          • I am going to post links to studies that show that it works. I would appreciate it if you can find any studies that show that it does not work (you won’t, there aren’t any).


            Teen pregnancy rate AND abortion rate is declining because of contraceptive use: http://www.guttmacher.org/pubs/gpr/17/3/gpr170315.html


            Sex education was not associated with higher sexual activity but with lower risk of pregnancy, abortion and STD: http://www.jahonline.org/article/S1054-139X%2807%2900426-0/abstract

            I can go on and on, there are many studies that show that sex education lowers the risk of teen pregnancy, abortion and STDs and does not increase sexual activity. Most developed countries in the world do it, we are backwards in that respect. You won’t find a study that shows the opposite because the opposite isn’t true.

          • Emily,
            Common Sense is the ONLY study that one needs to determine that sexual activities, unplanned pregnancies, and worse have increased since the 1960’s.

            The “gentleman” above was trying to blame Conservatives for that deterioration, which was ludicrous.

            Ultimately we are dealing with the deterioration of our society
            due to decades of liberal Progressive policies like the one Clinton
            refereed to.

            I do not trust your studies, they are all too often designed to come to a specific conclusion. And polls are worse. Some times you just have to go with your gut.

          • Hmm….
            Global warming comes to mind.

          • You got that right!

            Why is it that politicians warm up to Global Warming?

            Because their only solution is to seize Global resources and TAX the CRAP out of EVERYBODY.

            Why is it that Climatologists come to the conclusions that there is Global warming, no Global cooling, No lets make that Global Weather????
            Look to the source of their funding…. Politicians.

          • Which climatologists? I read a number of the top scientific journals and have never seen that anyone does not think the world is warming. It’s a big world and scientists are funded in many ways all over the world and they have all come to the same conclusion. There is no controversy. Climate is the statistical distribution of weather events. That distribution is changing therefore the climate is changing. There are so many papers on it every week that it would take me days to link to a fraction of them. They come from countries all over the world and are funded in many different ways.

          • My point is that the politicians want climate change because it is a tax.
            Top Scientific journals are making their source of money happy.
            Do you not think that other Countries want a little control of their natural resources?

          • Why don’t you give specific reasons that they are flawed? Are their data collection methods incorrect? Their statistical analysis? All of the information they use is publicly available.

          • Where data methods refuting your evidence and Ice mass actually increasing are not major news…………..blah, blah, blah.
            You really wouldn’t care to hear it. So what’s your point ??

            A consensus of scientists (or consensus of liars) can be bought where an agenda is at hand.

          • As Benjamin Franklin said: “three people can keep a secret if two of them are dead.” The idea that thousands of people from hundreds of countries are all conspiring and keeping it secret is absurd. It is impossible to argue with conspiracy theories. As for the ice, I am not going to bother because you have obviously not looked. Here is National Snow and Ice Data Center who measure it with number of methods at the same time. March 2015 was the smallest extend on record and this year Antarctica was the warmest on record: http://nsidc.org/arcticseaicenews/

          • BTW, I am 60 years old and have been a Republican my whole life but you are an embarrassment. You would have made Eisenhower sick to his stomach.

          • Emily you’re a liberal tool, used solely to promote and exaggerate an agenda !!
            The Republicans (GOP) have little to offer, where they have forgotten at some point they were supposed to be conservative.
            I served (U.S.N.) during the administrations of Ronald Reagan and Clinton’s first term and have watched our country slowly fail into LIBERAL flotsam and jetsam since.
            I care little for your political affiliation where today there is no substantial difference.

          • Emily, I’ve got one for you provided by NASA.


            I already know this argument will go nowhere, so again what is the point?

          • The very reality of DEATH from sex (AIDS) would probably have even more to do with increased use of contraceptives than sex education.
            It’s a very unfortunate reality.
            I’m not against sex education where it’s presented properly but we have teachers presenting topics of homosexuality to kindergartners today. Advanced Kama Sutra techniques and oral sex have become topics in some schools.
            I am upset taxation is used on Americans to fund others irresponsibilities. Abortion will more than likely never be outlawed, but it certainly should not be funded by those opposed to it.

          • Why would increased use of condoms, which prevent AIDs, increase AIDs? Why does the rate of AIDs go down everywhere that condoms are encouraged and made available? What you say makes zero sense.

            How did you feel about the war in Iraq? We killed a million people, put the country deeply in debt and it was pointless. The amount of money we spend on abortion is difficult to find. People are doing everything they can to make sure that we don’t spend out money funding abortions but if we look hard enough we can find some.

            No matter what we do women are going to have abortions. What should we do? Make it illegal again? Put more people in prison? It is already getting to be one of the biggest businesses in the country. 1/4 of the people in the whole world that are in prison are in prison in the US.

            I posted a number of studies that show that sex education and birth control LOWER abortion and STDs. Putting more people in prison might make you feel better because bad people are getting what they deserve but you are paying for it and it doesn’t help.

          • How could you possibly misinterpret what I stated?
            The very threat of aids would increase the use of condoms!!

            The Iraqi war !! (OFF TOPIC)
            HOWEVER, we now assassinate the leader of Libya, draw “REDLINES” in Syria, rekindle the cold war with Russia, upset our allies (israel) and encourage racial riot wars on our own soil.

            PAY for your own abortions !! I NEVER SAID OUTLAW THEM !! (VERY CLEAR)

            Keep the homosexuality, KAMA SUTRA sexual techniques and of course deviances out of it. Sex education is not used to teach promiscuity or prostitution (VERY CLEAR AGAIN)

            If you still don’t understand I would recommend remedial education focusing on reading and comprehension. OTHERWISE KEEP YOUR AGENDA FROM TWISTING WHAT I ORIGINALLY STATED !!

          • What make you think that they teach Kama Sutra and sexual techniques? I posted papers that show that sex education does not increase sexual activity. Why should I believe you just because you type in all caps and call me names? It pretty much shows that you do not have any real evidence to back up what you say.

          • What’s so hard to believe, that if you wear a condom you lower your chances of getting an STD ??
            The AIDS scare in the early to mid 80’s made many people aware of the risks of unprotected sex.
            SO of course use of birth control increased.
            NO LIES HERE !!

          • No one is stopping you from the drug stores for condoms or sponges.
            Condom vending machines are available in so many restrooms.
            At what point do you feel your argument is rather inane ???

          • Wrong again. You are batting .1000. Sex ed was taught in public schools in the 60s as I can personally attest. We don’t want sex education taught to kindergartners and elementary school kids.Sex education should be taught at an appropriate age. It should be taught at an age as to when the children, soon to become adults can understand the changes happening to their bodies and the consequences of sexual activity. We do not want porn to be taught in our schools or that homosexual activities are normal and accepted practices. Sexual permissiveness should also not be taught as normal and accepted because of more reasons than pregnancy. If you were to look at God’s Word you would realize this. Sexual relations between humans is more than a biological act but something sacred between husband and wife. There are consequences other than pregnancy that can occur from feel good sex. Sexually transmitted disease for one. Man is not solely an animal. Don’t act like one. Your absence or Morals is the problem, that we seek to obey God and the teachings of Jesus is not the problem. May God bless you and open your mind to accept His truths.

          • Leave god out of it and try again. And with the teen pregnancy rates since the “60s”, obviously things are being taught thoroughly enough. Condoms should be available to high school students. And why should homosexuals not be taught safe sex practices. This is some real archaic, naive thinking here.

          • I do not do anything without God. God is in everything. Things may not be taught thoughtfully enough everywhere. I do not know. I sure do not know what is being taught by Common Core. I do know Common Core teaching does not produce students qualified to hold a job once graduating. Student is not a product of Common Core. Pregnancy rates do not increase from the the Sex Education that I knew. What I believe has cause increased pregnancy rates are the reward System call welfare where people have been rewarded for having children out of wedlock and the acceptance of the single parent family. The Single parent family has resulted in Children being raised and not learning the the Morals, personal accountability, discipline, self discipline and respect for their elders and respect for each other and self. It is not the duty of the Government to instruct us and provide everything for us. It is not solely the duty of the school system to teach us Morals and provide means for preventing teen pregnancy. They can teach but do not their duty to raise our children. Every child has a Father and a Mother. It is both responsibility to raise that child and teach them right from wrong and to be accountable for their actions. It is called parenting. It is the fault of the very thing you look to to provide the answers. Government caused this problem. It’s do gooders caused the breakdown of the FAMILY UNIT. This is why you see the drug use, rape, robbery, abortion, looting, arson and murders you see today. This is why we have the riots in the Ferguson’s and Baltimore’s today. We must solve our own problems and not to look for anyone to do it for us. We should ask for God’s help to overcome. Through Him all thinks are possible

          • A fine example of your ridiculous ignorance !!!!

        • Well said!!!!

          • Thank you kind Sir.

          • “People should not rely on someone else to be responsible for their actions” — I read this sentence a number of times and it is difficult to make sense of. The entire paragraph is poorly said.The whole paragraph seems to be a string of bumper stickers strung together that makes little sense. For instance, what does “holding out your hand” have to do with birth control and sex education? I counted 6 unrelated subjects in the paragraph.

            I tutored learning disabled students in reading and writing English for a number of years and I can say with great certainty that this is not well said.

      • Conservatives don’t want taxed to provide abortions !!
        If it all came down to just preventing pregnancy of course you’d get our blessing to prevent more liberals from being born.
        PLEASE USE CONDOMS or STAY ON THE PILL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • I don’t want blessings, I don’t believe in god. So, you prefer to pay for unwanted children….and im not asking you to pay for my abortion. Just don’t make it illegal. Not your business.

          • BUT, the Government, our Government, led, controlled and forced, by liberals, has crossed that line, it HAS not only asked but DEMANDED that all of us pay for abortions.

          • No conservatives have made abortion illegal, however the HHS Mandate as legislated in the Affordable Care Act was taxing all Americans to provide abortions to people on an as needed basis. YOU LIBERALS were forcing GODLY people to pay to abort children. YOU LIBERALS are forcing people to pay for YOUR business. VERY IRRESPONSIBLE !!!!!

        • Help Stamp Out AIDS
          Practice Morality.

          • In an ideal world, but kids will be kids.
            It’s wrong yes, but even I hope where they are active, they at least protect themselves.

      • Are you talking about the murder ways? Or the ways that conservatives want to be talked about.

      • How are republicans making birth control less accessible?

      • How about NOT having sex until you are married and want a child?
        That was the form of birth control that worked for God.
        And by the way, it worked for the unwanted children too.

        • Puhleeze. We live in a society where people get famous for making sex tapes. What if I don’t want kids and I don’t believe in god? That’s my question that has yet to be answered. Why should your god, make my laws?

          • Puhleeze, even those that do not believe in God must abide by the rules of society.

            Why did MY God make the laws? Because He was all knowing and all powerful.
            He alone knows when life begins. The rest of us are guessing.

            He alone has everyone’s well being in mind when he created His laws.

            So if you were god, would you consider murder a crime?

          • You liberals are forcing the courts to legislate against Americans.
            Who’s forcing who ??

          • Are they forced to make sex tapes ??
            Would police arrest me on laws based on my God ??

  18. I wonder if the Religious Democrats will ever understand the meanings of Hitlery’s words.
    The Democrat party is now controlled by atheist.
    I wonder if the religious care?

  19. speaking of changes, perhaps Killary should have had her clitoris removed like so many of her Muslim sisters do…

  20. Not to worry. Payback is on the way…most don’t know it yet or do not think it possible. Hillary seeks to make legal that which she already transgresses. Reminds me of a slice of lyrics from a new group called Gemini Syndrome, “One day you’re going to pay for it, but right now you’ll get away with it.”

  21. Could Holy Water melt this succubus ???

  22. Since Martin Luther Separated from the Catholic Church centuries ago, (Martin Luther was a German friar, priest and professor of theology who was a seminal figure in the Protestant Reformation. Initially an Augustinian friar, Luther came to reject several teachings and practices of the Roman Catholic Church- Wikipedia); Christian religious freedom has flourished and headed in many directions since the Protestant Revolution lead by Martin Luther. This brings us to a central point, that many religious beliefs are far more liberal and their followers may not always support the right to life doctrine. At the other end are those religions that obligingly have a strict
    constructionist approach and follow the Bible literally. Many others are somewhere in between both religious approaches. Looking more broadly at world’s religions in general, many go even further from self-mutilation such as flagellation and other practices, most Christians would find abominable. There is no evidence that any religion takes precedence over any other. As a child, I recall going to my grandmother’s church where the preacher actually said not anyone not belonging to his tiny church would go to heaven.

    • And this justifies what???

      • If we mix religion and politics too much, we will soon have our own Ayatollahs.

        • You realize until liberals attempted modifying religion (or religious peoples) by suppressing their rights to express their faith, applying the term marriage to homosexuals, or forcing them to pay for deviant behaviors through taxation, the religious were mostly silent.
          The very existence for this article is based on Hillary (a liberal) attacking thousands of years of faith and tradition based on religion.
          Liberals have opened Pandora’s box attacking the faithful via immoral, improper legislation.
          They’ve breached freedom of speech suppressing religious views and forced the religious to cater outside of their beliefs even threatening massive fines, jail, and forfeiture of property where they resist.
          GOVERNMENT has breached the SEPARATION of Church and State !!!

          • Hey, I always thought those untraditional “marriages” should have been called civil unions with all the rights, but not called marriages. I do think most folks attracted to their own gender, have a predetermined natural tendency somewhere in their genetic make up. It is a characteristic found world-wide even in the animal world. Those who try to cure these people of their sexual orientation are scammers.

        • We already do my friend.

          I see one of the biggest problems we face right now is that Liberals follow their ideology like a religion. Their religion has no God, no morals, and no personal responsibility. (ever notice how it is always someone else’ fault (Bush) with 0bama and the Democrats?)

          Liberal Progressives have taken control of our Schools, Unions, MEDIA, and the elite control of both political parties. Their goal is the destruction of Capitalism, with the rebuilding of Socialism in its place. We must fight their agenda on all fronts if we want a Republic.

          Currently the political format can be simplified to this.
          Democrats = Socialism
          Republicans = Capitalism.

          • I do not necessarily fully agree with your assessment. While I do agree Democrats are further on the political spectrum towards socialism, they are not even close. Conversely, Republicans are much further on the Dominionists scale when they place religion ahead of a secular government. “…Dominionism is therefore a tendency among Protestant
            Christian evangelicals and fundamentalists that encourages them to not only be
            active political participants in civic society, but also seek to dominate the political process as part of a mandate from God…. post written by Cberlet, Friday Sep 05, 2008 “. Read it for yourself at http://www.theocracywatch.org/

          • Interesting, so you do not see 0bamacare as socialistic?
            You don’t see Common Core as Socialistic?
            You don’t see BIG GOVERNMENT as Socialistic?
            You don’t see a Government that tells you what to eat, what to drink as Socialistic? (No more Big Gulps for you)
            You don’t see a Government that Taxes the snot out of EVERYONE as Socialistic?
            You don’t see a Government that Seizes natural resources in the name of “Weather” as socialistic?

            I do.

            I am not saying the Democrats (PEOPLE) within the party wish for socialism, the Democrat Politicians are Socialists. The Democrat people don’t even know they are being led to socialism. They don’t even know that socialists and atheist have taken over their party. I say this with all due respect but Democrat people look and act like like lemmings.

            I know the Republicans have the same problem, But, the people are aware of the corruption and are doing something about it.

            As for your Dominionists stuff, I see secular progressive movement as the opposite of religious movement. They should both be treated as religions. And the secular progressives are just going to have to deal with the fact that they are a minority. They are being treated equally, but their views are a minority.

          • 5/1/15: Taxation, while a major cuss word among conservatives, is a necessary evil for all levels of government. Recall how the Kansas governor sharply cut taxes, now he is up to his ears in both debt and lost services. As for seizing natural resources, Teddy Roosevelt started that policy over a century ago – first national park. Republicans are
            well known for selling off government land to their developer friends. Take a look and see how much farmland has been taken over by huge developments. Also think about how forestry friends of GOP presidents have all but demolished our forests for profits. Even here in Austin, GW bush tried to sell off a huge national guard base located in a central part of the city. It didn’t work turns out the camp was vital in marshalling troops for deployments. He did however succeed in selling off land once used as a park for nearby residents and state employees. I repeat, That although there are some elements of Socialism in our Democracy they are not dominant. I don’t think you read very deeply into the “Dominionist stuff”, if you did you would surely have come across a familiar name –Ted Cruz.

          • It is foolish to blame all your problems on one side. That is precisely what those in power want you to do.
            United we stand, divided we fall.

            The formula can be boiled down to this.

            Democrats = Socialism
            Republicans = Capitalism.

          • I believe that what you want to say is Democrats Parrots and repeat whatever is told from the top, incapable of thinking by themselves. Republicans Free thinkers that follow their own understanding. By the way show me one Socialist country that has succeeded better than USA.

          • Exactly, What I am saying is Capitalism is best for all people. It is the best system.. PERIOD.
            Those being fooled into thinking that socialism will somehow fix the problems that our Socialist Politicians are creating are either insane, Lemmings, or just plane ignorant.

          • Overly simplified examples have too many gaps that leave behind the fact no political doctrine is pure. Take China for instance, as a Communist nation they seem to be doing quite well by using capitalism in developing thriving industries.

          • Overly complex models confuse and hide facts like Democrats are socialists.

            And Take China for instance, We should ask the 78 million dissidents that Mao Zedong executed what they think about China’s Capitalism….. Ohhh, that is right we can’t, their DEAD….

            What your example ignores is the fact that socialism requires a benevolent leader. If you do not remove evil from humans, that leader will become a dictator, that dictator will exterminate all that oppose.

            0bama would like to be that benevolent leader, so would Hillary, but they would only be our leader for the time it takes for one of our enemies to come across the ocean and take it from them.

          • Your history is a little flawed; Mao sponsored the “Great Leap Forward” which had nothing to do with the ideology of Capitalism. It had plenty to do with Mao’s efforts to catch up with the industrial west – an effort that failed miserably. The back yard Iron ore smelters he established created such poor and unreliable products they soon shut down. I agree Mao executed millions, as did Stalin, and we do not know what Putin is doing. Speaking of removing evil from Humans, we have had our fits historically with the genocide practiced against Indians, and “Righteous” Christians lynching fellow Americans. As you can see, the world still has plenty of work to do in removing our animalistic traits for hate and violence. We are actually above animals, because we have the ability to rationalize our reasons through the lens of political and racial beliefs, while animals act on instincts.

          • Boy aren’t you the Common Core Prodigy….. Your socialist handlers have loaded you up with all the best socialist propaganda. The problem with propaganda is that it is one sided and leads the unwitting towards a predestined conclusion.

            So the “Great Leap Forward” had noting to do with Capitalism, but was an effort to catch up with Capitalism (industrial west). ?????

            Socialism leads to Communism and both are a form of slavery. They rob people of the human desire to succeed.

            I am here to tell you that you are being mislead, lied to, you need to question your sources and not take their words cart blanch anymore. The conclusion your handlers want you to come to is Capitalism is bad, socialism not so bad….

            And lets take a look at your American History, it seems a little flawed. Most of the Indians died from diseases brought over by our ancestors. The got sick and died from a disease that they did not have an immunity to. And YOU call that genocide???? Look up the term in an OLD dictionary if you have to, the death of the Indians by disease was not genocide, it was no different than the spreading of bubonic plague. Horrific indeed and regrettable, but unintentional, and thus NOT a genocide.

            “Righteous” Christians lynching fellow Americans.? WTFO????

            Ask yourself this, why do you go way back in history in an attempt to smear America and Americans with hate, and do not do the same to look into Socialism and Communism? I would say WE ALREADY HAVE come a long way from those days….

            No sense in going backwards to communism is there?

            Buenas Noches….

          • Early on, many Indians did die of European diseases, I guess you would
            call what happened afterwards in the 19th Century just mopping up. Note however
            events such as these have happened throughout world history so what happened
            here is a common thread of nation building that spans thousands of years. Lynching’s
            are still happening albeit far more sporadically than in the past. They were
            committed by Christians victims included both men and women, and also few White
            Citizens. How far back in history did you want to go, is 1998
            good enough? , Shawn Allen Berry, Lawrence Russell Brewer, and ex-convict John
            William King murdered James Byrd, Jr. in Jasper, Texas. He had accepted an
            early-morning ride home with the three men. They arbitrarily attacked him and
            dragged him to his death behind their truck. They then dumped his mutilated
            remains in the town’s segregated African-American cemetery and then went to a
            barbecue. His body parts were actually scattered along the way. Today, many lynching’s
            are now classified as hate crimes, so the more recent ones never enter the
            books using the “L” word.

          • I certainly would not call it mopping up. Makes you sound like you hate Americans, yet that is the goal isn’t it? To smear American heritage, to get people to reject Capitalism, with the intent of replacing that horrible capitalism with Slavery…. I mean socialism.

            Now Christians are the source of lynching’s???? As if, that is a Christian doctrine or something???? Again, that is an alternate common core fallacy.

            You really need to do yourself a favor and read the book, or watch the movie, America by Dinesh D’Souza. You have been mislead, you have been lied to, you need to open your mind and think about what Dinesh has to say. Because, you are one of the victims here.

            You seem to be a common core prodigy.
            Bottom line.
            Democrats = Socialism
            Republicans = Capitalism…

            Socialism is a form of slavery, forcing all to work for a common good. Socialism in not achievable in this world as long as evil exists. Socialism will fall to communism and a dictator. That dictator will exterminate (lynch) all that oppose his/her rule. Resulting in millions of deaths, and the suffering of the very people you think you are trying to help.

            We are not living in the same America of even 20 years ago. It has not changed for the good, it has changed for the bad.

            Watch the movie, let talk after you do.

          • Absolute truth is infallible, and is the best description of how I have lived my life. I am a real patriot, son of an Army aviator killed during WWII. In addition, father of a daughter who served two tours in Iraq. As a decorated and disabled Vietnam Veteran, I placed
            my life in harm’s way in a war I did not have to enter as a sole surviving son. I did these things because of my unflinching love for America. Many folks of your ilk parade around calling themselves patriots but few have faced combat or subscribed to the honorable course of this nation, in spite of our past similarly inscribed in the histories of every modern nation. About “MOPPING UP,” I could have used a better term such as relocation, resettlement, or even transfer from good land to bad land — until they discovered oil or other valuable resourses’. Of course, Indians fought and many died defending their land. What they have now are pockets of land scattered around this
            country – however they share in common with most of us, patriotism of the United States. They fought bravely in our world wars many receiving decorations for bravery. We are all Americans living under the umbrella of freedom and hope where hate should never have a place at our table of liberty. Your flawed arguments demonstrate a highly flawed ability to think clearly. Your ideas seem filtered and myopic when you begin to compare Socialism to slavery. Both the English and French have a much more socialized political framework than we could ever imagine, but I have yet to hear about any slaves in either country. About “CHANGED for the Good:” You have a point as two presidents one a Democrat and another Republican share a responsibility for acts that will have a centuries long diminution of this nation’s strength and reputation. LBJ because he failed to recognize the goal of North Vietnam was to unify a nation, while the South wanted to retain features of the French Colonial culture. One startling outcome, the Vietnamese actions after the war, refuted Eisenhower’s Domino Theory. I agree, America has changed. Since the days of LBJ, thousands of foreign doctors came over from India, Pakistan and other countries to fill severe shortages. The end of the Vietnam war brought thousands of refugees to our land, and the growing migration of our neighbors to the south gradually began to change America; many others followed from Europe , China, and the Middle East. By allowing millions of new immigrants from all over the world, there is no way what we once thought as the America way of life can survive as it once was. I can’t answer if all that of this is good or bad, because we really do not know. So far there are sufficient numbers of various cultures over here many have retained their old ways, while their younger American born generations seen to be changing. How did this happen in such an uncontrolled manner? Ask your elected federal folks, from both parties why, as they have had over 40 years to craft a solution good for all concerned; but, it now is way too late for an easy solution.

          • Have you seen the movie America? If not you should. You seem to have a very dark perception of America and its people.

            Your term “Mopping up” indicates that the diseases were brought over here on purpose, and the rest was simply finishing what was not finished. That is the HATE, I object to. That is the HATE that is poisoning this great Country. That HATE is being festered by an evil, I was too naive to see in the beginning. That is the HATE that our politicians are using to divide this great nation.

            The evil I am talking about was exposed a long time ago in a book called “The Naked Communist.” By Cleon Skousen. Check out the list of 45 agenda items the communists devised to weaken America, weaken the family unit, weaken patriotism, with the ultimate goal of setting up a socialist state. Specifically note items 13, 15, 17, 20.

            I don’t buy into it. I don’t buy into the hate American heritage crap now taught in our schools. Why, because it was injected into our system by evil people with the intent to hurt our society. And shame on you for buying into it.

            Socialism is a form of slavery. Look it up. A political system of communal ownership…. Everybody works for the collective… typically advocating for the end to private property and the exploitation of workers…

            Are you saying the French and English systems are better than ours? Do you actually know what you argue for??? Do you think the socialists in control of our political system (item 15) are going to stop there? They are not, unfortunately, they will fall to a dictator, that dictator (probably an external enemy) will CRUSH all opposition, resulting in hundreds of millions of civilians dying.

            As for Bush, if you believe he lied, and took us all to war for evil intent, then you must believe that 0bama and Hillary lied about Benghazi, and every Democrat out there lied about 0bamacare. There has been far more evidence of those lies than that of Bush’s proposed lie about WMD’s.

            You might recall Biden declaring that Iraq and Afghanistan was going down in history as one of 0bama’s greatest achievements. We WON that war, 0bama’s ineptness threw it all away. He wasted the blood and truly snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

            “So far there are sufficient numbers of various cultures over here many have retained their old ways, while their younger American born generations seen to be changing. How did this happen in such an uncontrolled manner?”

            The answer to your question lies in the 45 agenda items listed in the book, “The Naked Communist.” Our Schools, Media, Unions, Both Parties, and courts have been taken over by the ones following this list.

            I pray it is not too late, but my solution is to educate We the People of America of this evil and pray We the People will unite to defeat our enemies that are within.

            See the movie, America, Read the book “The Naked Communist.” Americans are good and noble people. But we are not socialist. We are Capitalists.

          • I recall from one of my grad school courses that covered Communiations theory about perceptions, as being governed by the totallity of life’s experiences. Seems neither you or I will ever agree on many things.

          • Agreed, there we agree on one thing.

            We have to find common ground and work from there.

            I can tell you one thing, both of us are being used, and those that use us, divide us, and are actually using that communications theory of perceptions to keep us divided. Why is it that you excuse everything I say and accept everything they say?

            Ask yourself why they want us divided?
            Check into the books and movie I recommended. It was done by one of those immigrants that you talked about. Immigrants are not bad for America, you know.

          • I do not believe everything “they” say. I am not a fan of Pelosi and I have guarded concerns about Hillary. Hillary seems to drag too much baggage around that seems glued to her reputation. From White Water to the 50,000 emails she destroyed, there seems to
            be something about that surrounds Hillary among so many other things. Conversely, Republican presidential hopefuls look like something dragged out of a circus tent. These candidates have a wide span of views from wanting to destroy unions to wanting, to dismantle the federal government, that make me leery of voting for any of them. To me the
            2016 election will be making a choice between two evils.

          • Face it dude, you have already voted for Hilary.

          • Not yet but voting for Hillary seems the more plausible choice. Republicans seem to harbor strange ideas that would either throw this nation back in time or completely refashion the government’s basic secular makeup. The raw truth as I see it compels me to think a few very smart GOP candidates rely upon a profoundly ignorant base that they can easily influence.

          • You don’t get it, do you? You are smart, but forgive me for saying this, you are arrogant, and that is your downfall.

            “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

            Joseph Stalin

            The trolls ( I am throwing you into the troll batch) on these web sites have been predicting a Hillary win for about a year now. That has already set your expectations. If you haven’t noticed the elections are fixed, and convincing you that Hillary has won is the first step. AND YES, these corrupt politicians will lie to you as easily as they will lie to us “ignorant” Conservatives…. You just THINK your so smart that you would never fall for a stupid trick like that.

            I believe 100% of all Democrats could vote for “Anything but Hillary” and Hillary will end up winning the primary. Hillary has already won… I doubt there is anything you could do about it at this point. The least of which would be to cast your vote for anybody else. Hillary is as corrupt a politician as this country has ever seen. And that includes, the guy in the white house right now. Both have been proven to lie, both will say and do anything to obtain and keep the power, both believe the ends justify the means… I think you can see it, but it is obvious from this side of the fence.

            As for the National election, a vote for a Democrat is a vote for Socialism. A vote for a Republican is a vote for the Constitution. That is IF and ONLY IF, our votes are even counted.

            The raw truth as I see it compels me to think a few very smart DEM and GOP candidates rely upon a profoundly IGNORANT people that they can easily influence.

            So get informed, try to open your mind to all sides, don’t trust one source of knowledge base, trust that the left stream media is practicing bias by omission, and whatever you do… Vote your conscience. But, try to make it an educated vote.

            Again, your arrogance, makes you much easier to fool than those that question. The Republican base is questioning….. The Democrat base is simply following.

          • Your Stalin quote took me back to thinking about Florida’s vote related
            to “Dimpled Chad’s” and such and when the Republican dominated United
            States, Supreme Court actually elected a Republican President. So now, you want
            to discuss corruption. Never mind that both Rumsfeld and Cheney planned the
            Iraq war even before we slammed Afghanistan’s militants in a short but
            unfinished war. Please do not even think about the fifteen Republican leaders
            who planned whatever they could do to make Obama a one-term president on the
            day of his inauguration. They began by resisting every initiative he proposed
            while making patently false claims about his citizenship, his intelligence, and
            whatever scrap of information they could gather to erroneously portray him in a
            negative light. Thus was born “the party of no.” That original plan
            to ostracize, criticize and demonize the president continues to this day.
            Amazingly what Republicans have been doing, follows the Dominionists core
            political philosophy of unrestricted lying, calling for the reduction of
            federal government, while making religion a major player in our government. The
            antics we have all seen unfold over the last six and years hurled this nation’s
            politics into an abyss once thought unthinkable by even the most erudite
            intellectuals. Compared to the motley crew of “Repuppitlicans”
            controlled by Tea Part strings; Hillary is a knight in shining armor.
            Finally arrogance verses Arrogance equals a tie. On a corruption scale of
            10, I rate Republicans 9.9 and Democrats 4.7.

          • I find it interesting that virtually all secular progressives use the argument of pointing fingers at someone else’s bad behavior to justify their own. As if Jeffrey Dahmer was a conservative, that would make it ok, for 0bama to snack on chilled body parts…

            Is that the result of the secular shift away from Judea Christian morals you are talking about? I see it as a collapse of morals, and replacement with “Ends justify the means” mentality.

            NO, just because you think somebody else did it does not make it right, grow up. You really should be worried about the fact that your votes are about to be ignored. Face it, the corruption is at the top of both parties. It is impossible to tell the difference between the two parties at the top.

            And if you have seen enough circumstantial evidence to convict Bush and Cheney of lying, but you haven’t seen enough evidence to prove Hillary and 0bama as liars… You are being hypocritical.

            The evidence that shows 0bama and Hillary lies about Benghazi are beyond circumstantial. Those lies have been proven, There is FAR more circumstantial evidence in Clinton Cash, than circumstantial evidence that Bush and Cheney lied about WMD’s.

            Face it, if you think Republicans are 9.9 and there is no difference between the Reps and Dems, it is only your bias and bigotry that places the Dems at 4.7… Both parties are corrupt, and unless you do something about it, you have already voted for Hillary. Whether you wanted to or not.

            If you don’t know that 0bamacare was passed on a stack of lies, and by Democrats that believed them… You are lying to yourself.

            You know absolutely nothing about the Tea Party, your bigotry and ignorance on those matters makes you easy to control.

          • I remain an independent voter and stake claim to
            the centrist ideology. No one thinks for me, and certainly no member of either
            party. The Tea Party unfurled its crippled ideology early on, as members
            marched with Confederate flags and signs characterizing President Obama as a
            Nazi, a Communist, and a socialist and as a Kenyan. Then comes the shouts of
            take back America, an outcry still undefined as to take back what from whom.
            Far right Texans even now demonstrate their ignorance by actually believing the
            United States plans to invade Texas. These kinds of displays have become quite
            common these days and seem beyond any reality I can grasp. Remarkably as the
            Texas State Legislature conducts serious debates about allowing guns on the
            State’s college campuses, less than 100 miles away, liberal gun policies are on
            full display in Waco, Texas. Of course, these motorcycle gang bangers attacked
            each other with knives, chains and of course guns. For a short time, there were
            gunfights between gang members and local police, as innocent family members hid
            in a large freezer. Imagine how common such scenes will become in Texas as even
            gun owners with marginal intelligence parade around brandishing weapons. That
            could be the result of a proposed “Open Carry” law our legislature
            currently has on its agenda. About the Affordable Care Act, I think Senator
            Cruz expressed it correctly, when he mentioned once citizens become used to
            such a gifted healthcare system, it will be hard to overcome. Incidentally, I
            understand Cruz has become one of the participants in the program. About
            Hillary, she has already had her turn as a “Backup President” during
            her husband’s term in office. I think Elizabeth Warren is a much more qualified
            representative she has so far, not placed herself in the “Clown-Car”
            column. She shows both intelligence and maturity I have not noted by any other
            candidate from either party. As for bigotry, I am far from having such an awful
            reputation, and have always treated all people with respect, during my military
            career. I stand on my proven record of fairness and integrity in its purest
            sense as I commanded people from a wide variety of backgrounds. By the way,
            Benghazi has been investigated, and people called before so many Congressional
            Committees; it has become a brilliant example of a politically motivated
            witch-hunt; all this after a bi-partisan report found not a hint of

          • Again, you saw only what the media wanted you to see. Due to your internal biases, you obviously did not question the medias reporting. That has left you with only half the information of which to make a decision. You may think your are independent, but you are obviously controlled. Have you ever been to a Tea Party meeting? Have you ever knowingly talked to a Tea Party Member? If you had, you would know just how absurd it is to characterize the entire Tea Party as “”Repuppitlicans” controlled by Tea Part strings”

            Truly independent people consider all the facts before the make a decision. You on the other hand have convicted one group with innuendos and circumstantial and unsubstantiated evidence, and refuse to apply the same standards to your leaders. Which says a lot about your bigotry and hypocrisy.

            In my humble opinion, 0bama is not like Hitler in two respects. First, he has been unable to create a loyal home grown army like the Gestapo. And, he has been unable to disarm the public.

            0bama is an Alinsky Radical, he has the media on his side, they have infiltrated our Schools, Unions, MEDIA, and court systems and control of BOTH political parties.

            If you need a definition of who the Tea Party would like to take the country back from, my bet would be they want to take it back from the corrupt politicians and Alinsky radicals.

            BTW, if you actually read the lawyers wordings around the Benghazi findings they found that 0bama was NOT the cause of the incident, that he and his administration were not involved in CAUSING the incident is far away different than lying about the cause. Quit relying on the media for your information. The Committees did not rule on the administrations (0bama and Hillary) lies regarding the ginned up video narrative. Those lies have been proven out by testimonies by Panetta, whom told 0bama the night of the incident what actually was happening.

          • We are miles apart in reaching common ground and our communications miss like two ships in the dark. You mentioned that I am overly influenced by the news media, not true. I have read many politically oriented book, which includes a wide span of political opinions. These include Bork, Reagan, Clinton, Obama, Eisenhower, Truman, Stalin, Mao, McArthur, Powell, and the list goes on. I scan a wide span of politicallyl oriented web sites, which cross both political and philosophical lines. Some sites read like Grocery Store Tabloids, just loaded with a plethora of lies, exaggerations, card stacked proofs that exclude any information diametrically opposed to the central theme of the message. Responses to these articles are mostly very brief but unsupported opinions, many laced with profanity. Collectively if you were to combine all of them into a book, that book would be totally void of anything valid or informative. Webb sites on the left seem to always ask for money and just like the right, they complain about the lack of honesty in a majority of ideas expressed but the other side. Currently, my integrity needle, points more to the left , as Democrats to my knowledge have never passed out leaflets in poor neighborhoods citing the importance of voting
            but providing erroneous election dates, Democrats also have not cited “Voter Fraud” as a reason to change voting laws. What is bad about these tactics, a wide span of researchers agree that there is no significant pattern of voter fraud in this country. All of these actions chip away at our Democracy, please note, Democrats also have never messed with voting processes by cutting the number of polling places or reducing the number of days for early voting. In short, Democrats have never “$@^&ed” around with our election system. Obviously, the sole purpose of all of these election related shenanigans by Republicans is to win elections. Note that in one
            town, election officials were even turning away voters claiming they were out of Voter ID application forms. Combining all of these facts with laws that now allow large corporations to give money to election campaigns, in my view we are now witnessing the slow and painful death of our Democracy. I might add the only thing President Obama had to do with the anger and vitriol we have seen, is the color of his skin. Strange, but Obama was the first President in recent memory who never has a “Honeymoon period to ease into his job. Republicans were attacking him immediately, even chastising him for wasting time making NCAA Final Four Picks. I am certain history will exonerate Obama as being the first president to do his job largely without an effective Congress.

          • “Democrats have never “$@^&ed” around with our election system”
            Not true… Look at all the counties that had questionable voting results. Remember the voting machines that changed your vote to a Democrat, regardless of what you pushed on the machine, passed off as a “calibration issue”


            I’ve read but not confirmed reports that said these machines were made by companies that Soros owns.

            You just don’t look for the fraud on the Democrat side, because you do not want to see it.

            0bama had a super majority Congress and accomplished nothing when he started, except to lie about 0bamacare…. I don’t think his lies have anything to do with the color of his skin, and for you to suggest that, is simply racist…

            For every little jab 0bama has taken, Republicans have taken 1000 jabs. Again, you don’t see it because of your bias. And the fact that you actually want this great country to fall to socialism, and then to communism, and then to a dictator, which will slaughter so many people that nothing else will matter.

          • THIS
            IS A LATE RESPONSE: I will quote the Vice President’s “Key” word; what a bunch of “malarkey” you tossed at me. First, the Republican inspired tinkering with our voting process is well vetted and has many stripes. Even one Republican opined something to the effect,” Voter I.D. laws worked to our advantage; done!” Voters inclined towards voting for Democrats in Florida received flyers listing the wrong election dates;
            true! Extreme Gerrymandering in conservative states is alive and well. I live in Austin, but vote in the same district as folks in the San Antonio area almost 70 miles away. Others who live close to my area vote in entirely different precincts sometimes only separated by an intersecting street. If you know politics, you must understand Democrats are not nearly as prone to voting lock step as Republicans. Often we see Republicans voting in unison at levels nearing one hundred percent. This kind of lock step voting rarely happens among Democrats. In essence, saying Democrats controlled Congress is a misnomer as many Demos come from conservative districts prone to voting to the right on selected issues. One historic note; of all American Presidents ever elected, Obama had something very special coming his way from the opposing party even before his first full day in office; as noted in a Washington post article: During President Barack Obama’s numerous inaugural celebrations, top Republican lawmakers and strategists were conjuring up ways to submarine his presidency at a private dinner in Washington. The event — which provides a telling revelation for how quickly the post-election climate soured — serves as the prologue of Robert Draper’s much-discussed and heavily-reported new book, “Do Not Ask What Good We Do”: Inside the U.S. House of Representatives.” According to Draper, the guest list that night (which was just over 15 people in total) included Republican Reps. Eric Cantor (Va.), Kevin McCarthy (Calif.), Paul Ryan (Wis.), Pete Sessions (Texas),
            Jeb Hensarling (Texas), Pete Hoekstra (Mich.) and Dan Lungren (Calif.), along with Republican Sens. Jim DeMint (S.C.), Jon Kyl (Ariz.), Tom Coburn (Okla.), John Ensign (Nev.) and Bob Corker (Tenn.). The non-lawmakers present included Newt Gingrich, several years removed from his presidential campaign, and Frank Luntz, the long-time Republican wordsmith. Notably absent were Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) — who, Draper writes, had an acrimonious relationship with Luntz.” These representatives, planed and initiated an objective to demonize President Obama at every opportunity. Their plans included character assassination, voting against any proposed laws that might enhance his reputation. Their plan worked remarkably well which you probably remember, creating rumors among their base about the President’s birthright, his religious affiliation, his patriotism, and finally his intelligence. Bared naked in their effort were long held beliefs by many Americans that Blacks are mentally inferior, and cannot be trusted. The persistence of the Original plan remains in place even today, noted very blatantly by Senator Cruz’s litany of obfuscating speeches and remarks. I find it so unfortunate that the Senator is not alone in castigating false dispersions about President Obama – even including remarks about his family members while raising questions about his morality. I say to you keep on filling your “card stacked Bag” eschewing all the good about our President’s numerous accomplishments he made, in spite of being constantly the target of Attacks by supposedly honorable Congressional Representatives.

          • Again, you point at others bad behavior to justify your sides bad behavior. Politicians have been having meetings like the one you described since the start. I wont even waste our time trying to figure out who started it…..

            What goes around comes around. I would note that the Liberal Media has abandoned its objective reporting to promote a liberal socialist agenda. They refined their Bush Bashing on Bush, and continue to use the same tactics on All republicans and conservative causes.

            It is only your arrogance that thinks that ONLY the Republicans fix elections, after all, you are way too smart to fall for a fixed election by your own side, right???

            My original theory still stands, your vote has already been cast and counted for Hillary. 100% of all Democrats could vote for a rock, and Hillary will win. You have already been disenfranchised and you don’t even care.

            The Country has been effectively split in half. Voters have been block voting on both sides. That makes it easy for the Media to set expectations, and the ballots to be stuffed. Votes can be injected by the “Controllers” to decided the election. That is how they can and will do it.

          • I cannot believe how the truth slides by you so easily. When you stated “Politicians
            have been having meetings like the one you described since the start,” I knew your “Malarkey Express” still had plenty of steam. The meeting I mentioned was a first, never in our history has any party ever designed a plan to actually destroy a sitting president. Yours did as history will show, began immediately: by attacking the president at every turn; criticizing his trip to New York to attend a play, pouncing on his NCAA basketball picks; accusing him of playing too much golf; refusing to even negotiate on many issues vital to the nation such as his Jobs Bill; or making reasonable counter positions during discussions. I personally recall Republicans wanted to replace the Affordable Care Bill with their own (Which actually never existed). The abrupt change in the Republican Party’s attitude towards the president perfectly followed the January 2009 plan concocted by Republicans. Now, please provide me examples of such deliberate antics by any political party documented by facts played out over any President’s entire term of office until now. What is most abominable about the planned attacks on the president, this nation has had tosuffer for almost seven years because of lost opportunities. In the end, the American people have suffered far more than any political party. As other nations thrived, we stagnated because of a Republican Party that focused more on destroying a president, than getting off their behinds and working with the opposing party.

          • “never in our history has any party ever designed a plan to actually destroy a sitting president.” That my friend is the Malarkey….

            Don’t be naive, who told you that? How do you know what was said in that meeting? who is your “trusted” source of information?

            As for a coordinated political assassination, what do you think the Bush bashing was? Was it not designed to destroy a sitting President? As I see it, 0bama is getting a little dose of what goes around comes around. Bush didn’t lie about WMD’s, you have no proof of a lie, yet you believe he did… Why? Just because a lie repeated enough times becomes the truth….”Lenin” . Start questioning your sources…

            As history will show, the LEFT used the MEDIA to influence elections and sway public opinion. The LEFT owns and controls MOST media outlets and they have formed a cabal. History will show that the LEFT used its power and influence and brainwashed the public with the use of bias by omission. They ignored anything that hurt their liberal socialist cause and sensationalized anything that promoted it. That is propaganda. That is brainwashing, that is they told you that Republicans are. Unfortunately, that is what you are.

            The “Affordable care Act” is a LIE. It was sold on lies, it was sold by snake salesman. It has HURT far more people than it will ever help. Republicans fought it for good reasons, for noble reasons. Doing NOTHING was better than 0bamacare. Less people suffered under Capitalism than the socialized medicine that 0bamacare produced….. Do your own research, don’t trust the lies coming out of your media sources, ASK the PEOPLE. I lost my Dr. of 25 years. I lost my Health Care Program. I pay MORE, I get less. Tell me how it has been good for me….

            This NATION has suffered the last seven years. All of 0bama’s socialism, all the money he spent, none of it has made it any better for the rank and file Americans.

            What OTHER Nations have thrived in the 0bama economy??? China is the only one that has increased in stature…. Are you saying that the Chinese are better off than Americans? That we should emulate their society? Are you that naive? As one who Served this Country, what did you fight for?

          • Things I have Said about the “morphed”
            Republican Party seem to have many echoes from across a wide spectrum of
            periodicals and broadcasts that have already circled the globe. It projects a government in the throes of
            decline, but points to the sudden domination of one party by a far right group
            as the main reason. Should you desire, I have offered a Cornucopia of information for you to feast on as the world
            has been doing for the last six plus years.
            The last URL gets close to my
            personal opinion that the Republican Party has gone “Mad.”










            I have said enough, as my pastor once said back in 1959, “ What
            more can I say to you than to you has been said.” He wrote these words on every
            Bible given to the congregation’s high school graduates.

          • Are these examples of the how the media is controlling your thoughts?
            They sure are shinning examples of the liberal progressive media using bias by omission to present their propaganda.

            Bottom line,
            Democrats = Socialism
            Republicans = Capitalism.

            Our choices are extremely simple when you look at it that way.

          • I provided you a snapshot of a few sources to support my argument, but
            you leaped forward with too many bias assumptions. You are wrong, as I have
            been using the scientific method in numerous research Papers by collecting information
            related to the subject, synthesizing the most relevant, then prioritizing my
            lists before arriving at my conclusions. I have done this for over fifty years.
            My readings about politics, both national and international crossed a wide span
            of subjects including scientific and political research reports. Most profound
            changes seemed to have occurred in America’s political arena these past six
            years. I find it disconcerting to witness how far conservative elements in the
            Republican Party keep pushing it further to the right. Keeping up with the
            deleterious rhetoric from Republicans resulting from these changes, proved for
            me to be a daunting task. Republicans keep flooding the airways with an
            avalanche of lies far beyond my capacity to keep pace. One Republican
            Representative actually said he was lying and seemed to brag about it. Others
            like Senator Cruz proved to be far more subtle; even so, the outcome had the
            same smell of “political dishonesty” (Where representatives stretch
            facts out of existence using a play on the English Language). All politicians
            do it but most keep it confined to far less serious dimensions and do not use
            PD for character assassinations. My local newspaper publishes an article that
            rates political statements I note most Republicans get ratings of “Pants
            on Fire”. I did not find that surprising. Nevertheless, Democrats had a
            few but only an anthill compared to the Mount Vesuvius level of prevarications
            stated by Republicans. The changed Republican Party had plenty to do with my
            leaving to become an independent voter.

          • Things I have Said about the “morphed”
            Republican Party seem to have many echoes from across a wide spectrum of
            periodicals and broadcasts that have already circled the globe. It projects a government in the throes of
            decline, but points to the sudden domination of one party by a far right group
            as the main reason. Should you desire, I have offered a Cornucopia of information for you to feast on as the world
            has been doing for the last six plus years.
            The last URL gets close to my
            personal opinion that the Republican Party has gone “Mad.”










            I have said enough, as my pastor once said back in 1959, “ What
            more can I say to you than to you has been said.” He wrote these words on every
            Bible given to the congregation’s high school graduates.

          • Francisco Machado

            “Necessary…for all levels of government” – presupposes that all these “levels of government” are necessary. Cell division is necessary but destructive when it becomes cancer, which our federal government has now become – and it is still growing, controlling increasing aspects of civil society and sucking the life force from the economy with taxes, mandates and regulations. As with cancer, I fear the cure is far from certain of success and will entail hazardous and painful treatment even to stand a chance of a cure, a treatment I fear the patient will be unwilling to undertake. We are long past the point where we are addicted to the painkillers; we have reached the point where those painkillers themselves are deadly.

          • Nice post…
            I think the People are willing to take the cure, but the politicians are not willing.

            But, never the less, we must stop the growth of our Government.

  23. No government can succeed by pushing legislation on their people against their beliefs; whether secular or religious. It only leads to enslavement and tyranny.

  24. This daughter of Satin can worship her father the devil how she chooses but we get our faith from God and God only. You can’t pass any law that will change the hearts of the faithful. So please Killary don’t go away mad just go away.

  25. Hillary has a lot of nerve thinking she has the right to dictate what Christian beliefs should be! And she believes she has this right because… why?

  26. I think we should send all liberals to California and let them drive that wreck further down the track, while the rest of the nation gets back to core American values, principles, and freedom of religion, you know, those things that this great nation was founded on.

  27. This heathen b!tch best go home and stay their !!

  28. What can one say this piece of Democratic,liberal,socialist garbage should be barred from running for any office in our republic, and any ideas she puts forth should be received with an eye on what her ultimate goal is as it will always be for her benefit. She is just like her sorry husband and their confidante and our current President Obama none of them are believers in Christ and have no morals.

  29. Perhaps I see it differently, It is time for those with total lack of morals and values,
    self respect to develop a sense of Morals and Responsibility. That is something

    that the Clinton’s never had and it is symptomatic of the Utopian Left Wing liberal
    mentality that are out for what they can steal from others for their own persona
    gain and power.

  30. Francisco Machado

    “…cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.” – Do we have the Muslim reaction to this pronouncement yet? Although I agree with that aspect of her pronouncement, I suspect she will meet with some resistance if she makes that assertion before a Muslim audience. She’s certainly putting her position up front when she embraces early 20th century Populism. Look it up. They were statist as all hell. Look them up – they were even proposing to nationalize the railroads, which was the major means of mass transportation then. And we know they have a fixation on high speed rail, paid for my you. We are headed for Progressive Populism (pardon the redundancy) right now, with government control of health care, Common core, the internet, communications, banks, the economy – and they’re getting close on marriage. One goal is to take away the incentive for being productive and eliminate the disincentive for not being productive, creating a society of elites and dependent commoners. Mandated equality. Welcome to dystopia.

  31. God’s laws are not merely suggestions. They should not be changed on a whim. God does not change. Who does she think she is to even suggest such a thing. One of these days, she will be in for a radical surprise.

  32. Hillary can go burn in hell. I’m guessing her and Bill with be together there. Probably Owebowma and a host of others, too.

  33. Christians are the ones who believe (and who proclaim) that the Bible is the inspired, inerrant, and infallible Word of the Living God.

    That is what Christians believe. We either do, or we aren’t.

    There is no “wiggle room” when it comes to the Word of God. There can be no “accommodation” of Sin.

    And Sin is defined quite clearly for us in the Bible.

    Anyone who proclaims otherwise is proclaiming that Christians should embrace Sin. They are proclaiming that Christians should become hypocrites. They are proclaiming that Christians should no longer be Christians.

    That is not “progress”, that is religious persecution.

  34. LOL the degree of lies these people spread is only outdone by the looneys that believe them

  35. There was a pope (and so-called “saint”) named Hilary (one “l”). Since popes have a long history of substituting their doctrines for those of Scripture, perhaps Hillary (2 “l”s) is following their lead in recommending changes to longstanding religious practices.

    Read about this dude here:


    • Hillary ain’t no pope. (2 “L”s)
      Hillary ain’t no saint. (2 “L”s)

      Hillary is a liar…(2 “L”s)
      And once a liar, it is wise to assume will always be a liar.

  36. Oh yea, the world will just change for Hillary because she says so?? How insane.
    What is wrong with Liberals besides everything? They lie, they cheat, they steal, they blame everyone else for their horrible and rotten decisions. Liberals are the sewage of any society.

  37. Hellary has totally lost her mind. She has become so entrenched with lying, corruption and dealing in foreign billion dollar deals that she has forgotten that she is now back in the U.S. and not all the people she ‘makes her speeches to’ (no questions please) want to convert to Socialism. Get off your pedestal Hellarty & meet the real people.

    Oh, now I get it. Barry Sanders, the avowed Socialist is now going to run against her.

    Get ready liberals, you in for quite a ride.

  38. Hitlery I hate to remind you but you ain’t the Pope or head of the Southern Baptists you as far as I know you ain’t crap in our relationship with our God.

  39. Hi LIAR ry is a pro gay, anti Christian, dumb b%&#@ and wants to be president, what a joke!

  40. Hillary is such a liar. What women are denied reproductive health care and child birth care. Hillary is talking about abortion and killing babies. I don’t think Hillary has the first clue about religion unless it involves money that she can rake in. She is the most unethical woman on the planet.

  41. Our religion is not for sale nor is any of the Amendments up for change or revised according to the liberals/communists desire. Hillary Clinton as president will be another third or fourth term for Obama. Obama, Hillary and their supporters are a clear and present danger to all Americans and they MUST be defeated before they can do any more damage and destruction to America.

  42. Gregg the voice of reason

    She is Obama in a skirt x 10

  43. Matthew V. Brown

    God forbid!

  44. Lady you got a problem and you need to leave this country. To change our religion, what nut pill did you take. Get out of our lives and stop telling us what to do. Most of us are very upstanding people, not like you who deceives the American people every which way she can. Pay to play —please , you will not become a pres. of this country. Lady it is time for you to move on and retire. At the moment with the world in chaos we don’t need the likes of you.

  45. The problem with “progressives” is they believe that they and only they hold the moral
    high ground and any other opinion or opposition to the agenda must be ridiculed
    as insane, unpatriotic, immoral etc.

    As if taking absolute control and instituting one world socialist government through deception and
    propaganda slogans and if needed, murder, is the only right thing to do because
    they say so, without any real regard or accountability for the often disastrous consequences

  46. I think those Patriots that are ACTUALLY listening to Liberals deserve a Metal.

    I find that I can only last about 5 or 6 seconds before I have to turn them off.

  47. “far too many women are denied access to reproductive health care and safe childbirth,”
    Far too many women expect the taxpayer to pay for killing her babies – which is the antithesis of “safe childbirth.”

  48. She can believe anything she wants, but as for me and my family the Holy Bible is what we choose to believe, and our founding fathers declared our independence, and formed our Constitution, and bill of rights on Gods Word. And God will prevail.

    • The founding fathers didn’t strictly follow the Bible for the Bill of Rights. For one thing, there is no “right to remain silent” against self-incrimination in the Bible. (Num. 5:7)

  49. Elizabeth Craine

    Does Hillary Clinton think she can change God’s mind. Its non negotiable with God. Sin is sin. I will stick to my belief’s in God’s word.

  50. Does “Horrid Hill” claim to be a member of any organized religious order? If so, what is it? I’d also like to take a peek into the Bible that she claims to read.

  51. killery Clinton is loved by the murdering muslim brotherhood and ISIS and terrorist from all over the world. I’ll bet she even got donations from them all for something she offered them for her run for the oval office. killery’s religion is controlled by Satan himself and she will be even worse that obama, now that’s doing something.

  52. Obama thinks he was elected King. Hillary thinks she should be elected God. Maybe she wants to rewrite the Bible.She and her husband have never had a job that wasn’t paid by the State or Federal taxpayers. This is the same woman that said they were broke ;when leaving the White House.This is the same couple that escaped the Whitewater investigation that might have put them in jail.

  53. Yep, a new may dawn in America. HOWEVER, some of those that are pushing “We The People” to the edge, may just wake up some dawn and find themselves looking straight down the barrel of a nasty gun with a very pissed off true American at the other end.

  54. Hillary will be, if elected the equivalent of Joseph Stalin in a poliester pant suit.

  55. You can’t make people change their beliefs just because some little gay woman couldn’t get a damn cake made for her or someone wanted flowers. News flash each one of those individuals could have gone to another business to get what they wanted. Surely someone would have baked a cake or sold flowers to the person wanting the arrangements, but NO, the lgbt community, maybe not all of them, had to go destroy someone’s lively hood because of their beliefs. THIS IS TOTAL SHIT. Please AMERICA, don’t put hellery in office, I’m on my knees begging.

  56. I can give 2 s—s what she says or thinks or anything else. She is a low life scum bag reprobates just like the current pos in the white house. I am sure most of the dim wits that voted for the foreign exchange student will vote for killiary.

  57. Pretty strong language for a woman who has passed her own daughter off as her husbands daughter too…….when in reality her daughter is not her husbands daughter. Check it out.

  58. Everybody must turn away fro Jesus and their Idols and worship her.

  59. Tell Hillary to change her beliefs and start telling the TRUTH for a change. AND, stop being the MURDEROUS Bitch she has been. She is a true BITCH in every sense of the word. She and Billy Bob are lying PUNKS.

  60. This idiot wouldn’t know a religion if it hit her on the head-except for Atheism! Pathetic.

  61. You go first, Hillary, and change YOUR religious beliefs.

  62. Tell her to get scr-wed if you can anybody that desperate.

  63. So we must go from our religious beliefs to her religious beliefs and all will be well. Didn’t Hitler say the same? Didn’t Mao say the same? Didn’t Stalin say the same?

    Did you know I just named some of the greatest MASS MURDERERS in history?

  64. Dennis B Anderson

    A rat tail file up her crusty lesbian asp makes more sence than messing with religion.
    She is giving uranium to our enemies and getting paid for it. Russia is getting our own uranium. She should be dead for treason. I have had enough of Washington they have created our problems and are continually laying it our door steps. Bring back our factory jobs you pile of sheit and forget about the price of a TACO.

  65. The antichrist may as well be a woman.

  66. What Church is Hillary in charge of? What divinity school did she attend? Where in the BIBLE is her supporting evidence? Are we going to allow “her highness” to tell us how to believe if we are Christians?????

  67. What needs to change in this country is our politicians!! Our culture and value system are part of what made this the greatest country on the planet. We have made mistakes and have changed accordingly but WITHOUT ever given up our core values!

  68. How long will the LORD (Yehshua) allow this lying, detestable blasphemous lesbian witch continue to destroy the next generation and the country? People need to wake up and see through her lies. Do some homework, get on the internet and learn what the big news media will NEVER print. She has a 20 year history of corruption, lies, schemes, illegal activities, and some involvement with the deaths of Ron Brown & Vince Foster,….not to mention the other 20+ deaths listed on “the clinton hit list”. She is as vile and corrupt as they come. I hope to see the day when the damned witch kneels and begs for her life before the LORD of hosts,…. the bible tells us about such people:

    “Above all, you must understand that in the last days scoffers will come, scoffing and following their own evil desires. They will say, “Where is this ‘coming’ he promised? Ever since our ancestors died, everything goes on as it has since the beginning of creation.” But they deliberately forget that long ago by God’s word the heavens came into being and the earth was formed out of water and by water. By these waters also the world of that time was deluged and destroyed. By the same word the present heavens and earth are reserved for fire, being kept for the day of judgment and destruction of the ungodly”
    “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To the thirsty I will give water without cost from the spring of the water of life. Those who are victorious will inherit all this, and I will be their God and they will be my children. But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”

  69. Why should I change My beliefs?
    According to the Scriptures everything that is happening is going as planned She just doesn’t see it.

  70. Sandra Forcht Eickleberry

    Who on this GOD”S green earth gave this woman the audacity to ask people to change their religious beliefs? she has to be an asinine idiot.

  71. Any thing goes to get a vote……any thing! Oh LORD please have mercy.

  72. Boooo Hillary. Stay out of this! Just go for the contextual meaning of Scripture.

  73. Marcia Schweisthal

    • Washington’s Prayer for the United

    States of America appears on a plaque in St. Paul ’s chapel in New York City as well as at Pohick
    Church , Fairfax County , Virginia , where Washington was a vestryman from 1762 to 1784

    •Almighty God

    • We make our earnest prayer that Thou wilt keep the United States in Thy
    Holy protection; and Thou wilt incline the hearts of the Citizens to cultivate
    a spirit of subordination and obedience to Government; and entertain a
    brotherly affection and love for one another and for their fellow Citizens of
    the United States at large, and particularly for their brethren who have served
    in the Field
    And finally that Thou wilt most graciously be pleased to dispose us all
    to do justice, to love mercy, and to demean ourselves with that Charity,
    humility, and pacific temper of mind which were the Characteristics of the
    Divine Author of our blessed Religion, and without a humble imitation of whose
    example in these things we can never hope to be a happy nation. Grant our
    supplication, we beseech Thee, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. •–George Washington

    We were protected by God from our enemies until we as a Nation turned from Him.

    Pornography, sexual immorality, which includes homosexuality, destruction of
    the nuclear family, abortion ( the shedding of innocent blood), usury, failure
    to rotate crops and let the ground lie fallow every 7th year, failure to
    forgive debt, dishonest scales, cheating employees of their rightful wages,
    failure to put God first in the Nation and personal lives, Adultery,
    covetousness, greed, lawlessness, slander, lying ( this includes political
    lies(, denying Jesus Christ as Savior (who said, “If I be lifted up, I
    will draw all men unto me”).

    About 50 years ago we started eliminating Jesus from our public and private
    agendas and replacing him in the Church with chili suppers, ball games,
    psychological garbage, and anything accept what we needed to hear. Parents got
    greedier and replaced family life with gadgetry, cars, bigger houses they
    couldn’t afford (which were not homes). In more recent times, the government
    and certain segments of society began to neglect and revile our armed forces (especially
    our veterans) and law enforcement. “Greater love hath no man than he lay
    down his life for a friend”, “There is a time for war and a time for

    God has given us warnings and we have not listened or repented. ” If my
    people, which, are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and
    seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven,
    and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

    “NOW mine eyes shall be opened, and mine ears attent unto THE PRAYER THAT
    IS MADE IN THIS PLACE (see Washington’s prayer at St Paul’s Chapel, which is at
    Ground Zero in New York)”

    “For now have I chosen and sanctified this house, that MY NAME may be
    there forever: and MINE EYES and MINE HEART shall be there perpetually.”

    does not mean the Moses law) WHICH I HAVE SET BEFORE YOU, AND SHALL GO AND

    “And this house, (the church where Washington uttered his prayer for THIS
    COUNTRY) which is high shall be an astonishment to everyone that passeth by it;
    so that he shall say, why hath the Lord done this unto this land, and unto This

    “And it shall be answered BECAUSE they forsook the Lord God of their
    fathers, which brought them forth out of (heathen lands) and laid hold on other
    gods, and worshiped them, and served them; THEREFORE HATH HE BROUGHT ALL THIS EVIL

    We all need to repent and turn from our sins as individuals and as a Nation or
    we will receive the Judgement that is due us, which also includes me.

  74. This dumb ass twit must think she is god-Trying to keep track of Bills lay jobsvmust have drove her nuts–She’s already killed 4 patriots & deleted classified info from hervpersoal web site- plus she made $6 billion vanish at the state dept- she’s pure trash,- a thief

  75. stands a very good chance ? one of the biggest most corrupt POS EXCUSEs for a human being ?

  76. Just another one of Satan’s children declaring his will, to be forced upon all the rest of us. Shalom!

  77. I heard Hillary wants to name Obama God, and she should only be addressed as Goddess. Then she woke up.

  78. Hillary an the entire demoncrat party are disciples of satan their god, like most liberals, no morals , no integrity ,no character,the worst of psychopathic ass holes on the planet ,evil like this hates that’s what they exist for , followers of their father satan Obama an pope francis, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPDs2YajSSs

  79. Stevon f. Nutt

    Sorry Hillary! In a choice between my God and you, you lose. Your sick Liberal Leftest Progressive Communist Democratic Ideology will never take the place of the Virtue of Truth!

  80. A large group of Democrats are atheists, so her base may love this kind of rhetoric. Republican candidates should focus on positive ways to improve the country and people, not respond to this ant-religion platform.

  81. she is a degenerate dog like her mate

  82. This piece of “excrement” wouldn’t know a religious belief if it sat on her lap!!! IMMORALITY at it’s finest…. but that’s okay…. “What difference does it make????” Would love to have that mother respond to that!!! I sure would!!

  83. IgnoreTheFools

    The scary part is the majority of American voters voted for the traitor Obama and likely will do so for Hillary and who are these people, socialists, queers, blacks who don t realize the Dems keep them on the plantation, illegal aliens who trample on the backs of latinos trying to get here legally, welfare queens who make their living on their backs and on and on.

    • I think the elections were fixed, not sure a majority voted for 0bama. I think we have got to watch the next election very closely because corruption is at the top of both parties. They collude to keep control.

  84. Francisco Machado

    I await the Muslim reaction to Hillary’s comment about the necessity of changing long-held customs and religious beliefs. That may go a long way toward relaxing the current global tensions – Kudos to her for thinking of it! Now, has she addressed this solution to a Muslim audience yet? That could solve some other problems, too.

  85. What is it exactly that she is advocating??..a one world religion??..mark of the beast??..death if you don’t go along with her religion??..I am trying to picture Jesus saying..”what difference does it make at this point in time?”…questions, questions, questions…This should be interesting, since many white, black, asian, hispanics, are firm believers….and Bill did have a peculiar look on his face when the WH hosted Aretha Franklin, Little Richard, Billy Preston, singing gospel..Mr. Clinton, for a brief moment, looked like a believer…and Johnny Carson was laughing so hard he could hardly contain himself…and when Ob and Michelle had Aretha, the late, great, Shirley Caesar, and many gospel singers at the WH performing…will these wonderful gospel performers go along with Hillary’s idea, to change their religion??…I love gospel music and I love the gospel of Jesus Christ and Hillary can shove it as far as I am concerned….

  86. Christians, Jews, Buddhists and others should unite to ensure that Hillary doesn’t get elected unless they want to change their religious beliefs to Hillaryism. Jews because she appears to be Anti-Israel like her predecessor.

  87. Mark E. Hartley

    Hillary is going to start a war in this country !!

  88. I resent this lady dictating religious belief to everyone else all under the facade of women’s reproductive health care. It is already argued that abortion is not either health care but a convenient rationalized action to practice sex with little to no consequences.

  89. Francisco Machado

    “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs, and structural biases have to be changed.” Conceptually, I like Hillary’s solution to the radical Muslim terrorist takeover of the Middle East but I have reservations about how successfully she can implement it. I’m looking forward to hearing her program for imposing this on the terrorists we already have in Guantanamo and on the ones Obama is importing into the United States. Leading by example, we’ve seen significant reversals in a number of her publicly expressed positions of only a few years ago. Not improvements, just changes. That is, after all, what she said.

  90. Sadly for her and her beliefs she could be leading all of her followers to a place they really don’t want to end up. Not good consequences will follow those actions.

  91. syntex1@comcast.net

    I would not give her the time of day, she is just as bad as her husband. Lie, cheat, steal, what do you people want? we need a leader not a liar.

  92. TELL IT TO THE MUSLIMS, Hillary,….THEY are the ones with the only “religion” that is a DANGER to the free world!!!!!

  93. Hillary is nothing but one drugged up lesbian. The day will never come when she changes any ones beliefs on religion. Why would someone want to believe in a liar like her? On top of her being a lesbian she is married to a playboy. They are both sinners. They have no morals. They could care less about America. Bill is a good example of that. He was a coward and a draft dodger. Again we allowed a scumbag to become president. Now they want his scumbag lesbian wife of his to be president. UNBELIEVABLE!

  94. It needs to stay out of our religious rights according to the constitution. And yes I meant it at the beginning of the sentence.

  95. I bet Hillary’s parents wonder her they gave birth to such a monster. Quiet middle class family from a nice White middle class town just outside of Chicago, goes off to Wesley and out pops a wild super ambitious liberal liar.
    Ya nava know.

  96. Stevon f. Nutt

    New signs that the Leftest Democrats think they are actually God. Hillary now thinks she is elevated to the point that she can tell us what Religious beliefs we may have. Oh Hillary, you are looking in the wrong direction for your followers. Try looking down, way down. You have played the Devils advocate for so long that Satan is your only God!

  97. We need a person to save the American people and America . All Hillary is for is cash for Hillary.

  98. Pope Hillary?

  99. PISS ON the BITCH

  100. This ersatz life form would have sex with a donkey on the white house ;lawn to become president.
    Contact your legislators demand a national referendum on partitioning the USA.
    Likely it is the only way to prevent civil war

  101. Over my dead body !!!

  102. I wonder if anyone tells Hillary or if she reads any of the comments for herself??

  103. She and the rest of these cretins will do anything and everything to distract from the economy and the national debt which is about to squash all Americans. All the cash in our pockets will become worthless and the feds will TAKE the money we have on deposit, the banks also helping themselves. Feds are also reported to be going to take everyone’s retirement accounts, in addition to savings. This absconding with our monies can’t be true, can it?

  104. Loving America

    I have been tellling you Citizens that Hillary was an extension to the plans of Obama
    and her wanting to change religious beliefs probably means that she went over to muslim belief! But…everyone has to have insurance and the women of America can go to the doctor anytime they want or need to go! Hillary is crazy and a dictator just like Obama! They are 2 peas ina pod! Americans you better be willing to watch this Bi_ch very closely or the ones who are stupid enough to vote for her after committing the acts of treason and involved against America and being a part of Benghazi causing the deaths of Americans….if she is elected the rest of us wil be trying to save your asses from her that is if anyone will believe you are worth rescueing ….you all have been warned!

  105. SouthernPatriot

    Hillary is a Marxist backslidden Methodist. I am sure the non-lesbian leadership in the Methodist Church would denounce her as the Cardinal in the Roman Catholic Church has denounced Nancy Pelosi.

    There is a judgment against those who try to change God’s Word and it is upon that Word–Who is Jesus that my faith is based. Hillary cannot change Him. I would hope she would allow Christ to change her, but after all these years with a case hardened heart, it looks doubtful.

  106. Benghazi !

  107. Neither the liars thieves and drunks shall not inherent the kingdom of heaven. Hillary should be worried.

    • Personally I think she got pregnant by “artificial insemination”! Good Lord, a man would have to be blind and on drugs to mate with that! LOL! As for the rest of your post, I think that Satan has a shovel ready job for her, “stoking the fires of Hell”! Hope she gets blisters and Satan beats her ass to keep on stoking! She’d better live it up now as when she dies, like you, I don’t think her forever isn’t going to be pretty!

  108. the low life bitch is out of her mind—she reached the point where she will say anything to deflect from us how low she and her scmbag following will go

  109. Hillary is annoying and undeserving to even run for president!

  110. Peatro Giorgio

    So now there isn’t any doubt, not one single individual can any longer claim Shillary isn’t a freaking moron. I’ll change my Faith based beliefs when Shillary is ordained by God. To be his voice on earth as it is not in heaven.

  111. I still believed that ugly B is doomed. Her babble about changing cultural codes, religious beliefs, and structural biases shows how off base she is. Cultural codes and religious beliefs are guaranteed by the constitution. It’s called freedom of expression and freedom of religion. Structural foundation has conveniently been changed to “structural biases”. This changes our true history, how we celebrate, how we interact with each other. I do not think that overstuffed racist B is smart enough to rewrite humanity. I hope she gets to prison. I hope she at least fades away in infamy with obama.

  112. She is truly nuts! Anyone who thinks a Christian would change their “deep-seated” beliefs to allow people to kill unborn babies is a true liberal sociopath. God help us to get rid of Obama and Clinton from the political arena before they destroy our nation.

  113. She is a total idiot and a fool to think she is above the Lord. I’m hoping the voters think before they pull that lever on this up coming faithful day, our country is in a mess because of these liberals. The Democratic Party is not the same as what our Fathers and Mothers voted for in the past. THINK and listen to what she is saying.

  114. The 10 Commandments

    You shall have no other gods before Me.
    You shall not make idols.
    You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain.
    Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
    Honor your father and your mother.
    You shall not murder.
    You shall not commit adultery.
    You shall not steal.
    You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
    You shall not covet.

  115. It seems to me the Cling-ons (clintons) will say or do ANYTHING for money and power. ANYTHING.

  116. When one does not believe in God, and Jesus, anything goes! There is no limit to what they will do to get their desires fulfilled. They believe there are no consequences of their actions as long as they can hide them from the human population.

    Since Muslim’s already worship Satan, the more they bring to America helps in the atheist liberal fight against Jesus Christ.

  117. Now that bitch thinks she is God. She needs to be tarred and feathered and ridden out of the country on a razor sharp rail…….preferably to Mexico.

  118. Hillary can kiss my Christian ass!!!!

  119. John Allen Dickinson

    Another right wing bunch of bull. And, it’s obvious that being religious doesn’t necessarily mean family values. Look at Josh Duggar and his father, who covered up his son’s actions. Or the many priests who prayed to God yet molested kids. Fact is people like that use religion for their own agenda.

  120. I just wonder how she would propose to force change in long standing religious views? Perhaps, ” By imperial order of her majesty, Queen Hillary, You are ordered to forthwith change youe views and opinions concerning…”. This woman is apparently as dumb as she is arrogant.

  121. hillary clinton is a lesbian pedefile drug lord bitch…. she is the devils daughter
    and if youstupid ass women of america vote for such a bitch, give her your kids
    also…. she will use them and kill them. grandchild or not!!!

  122. Michael Dennewitz

    It is thru God that the soldier and the veteran, not the reporter, have given us the freedom of press!

    It is thru God that the soldier and the veteran, not the poet, have given us the freedom of speech.

    It is thru God that the soldier and the veteran, not the campus organizer, have given us the freedom to demonstrate.

    It is thru God that the soldier and the veteran, not the politicians, have given us the right to vote!

    It is thru God that the soldier and the veteran, not the trial lawyer, have given us the right to a fair trial!

    It is thru God that the soldier and the veteran, When the greatest sacrifice to God and country is made, are honored with coffins ceremoniously draped with the American flag…

    All gave some – some gave all!! To my brothers who gave your lives for this country, rest in peace, YOU are honored. To those who fought the battle and returned with scars, it WAS NOT IN VAIN, YOU are honored. And to all, HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY….

  123. Sorry Hill, that is where the true separation of Church and State lies. The government cannot tell it’s people how to, or what to, believe in or worship. It has nothing to do with prayer in school or putting a Nativity scene on government property, as you Liberals want everyone to believe. It deals only with the fact that the government cannot interfere with or form it’s own church system.

  124. Believe me, Hillary and the rest of the COMMUNISTS who call themselves Democrats know exactly what thay are doing. The COMMUNISTS want to be your God. They DO NOT want God in anything because it’s a thret to THEIR POWER. They are NOW willing to take BOLD steps to achieve that power. They feel, with the Gay marriage thing about to be approved by the high court is setting up the country to except the rest of their COMMUNIST AGENDA.
    Google Communist Goals – 1963 Congressional Record. There are 45 goals of the Communist Party in the record. Goal No. 27.- Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with ” social ” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which does not need a ” religious crutch “. Goal No. 28- Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of ” separation of church and state.”
    People like Hillary and Obama are DEMONS doing SATAN’S work. The COMMUNIST PARTY is the party of SATAN. Make no mistake about it. These people will stop at NOTHING to control us.

    • That is why we must stop at nothing to defeat them and their world wide agenda. The time is ripe for regaining control of our government from the usurpers and ELIMINATING EVERY PERSON ON OUR SOIL WHO PROMOTES THE COMMUNIST AND MUSLIM AGENDA.

  125. Hateful deceitful disgusting evil vile B—H
    Irresponsible and irrational just like obama
    Liar plan and simple, she cannot tell the truth and never will
    Lacking experince to do anything lawful, illegal she’s a professional
    Arrogant and conniving in everything she does including her email
    Ruthless and overbearing
    Years of corruption is her main stay
    Repulsive to hear speak or look at
    Obnoxious and she’s looking like the south end of a north bound mule
    Heartless, just a POS who let four men die in Benghazi
    Leaves a trail of blood
    Troubled and ill mannered
    One of Satan’s daughter’s
    No conscience what so ever

  126. Any vote for Killary, knowing what we know of her history of deceit and corruption, her disdain for the lives of the unborn and American Warriors and diplomats, would be a vote of treason over reason. I, for one am disgusted by the flim flammery of both Parties and it will not sit well with me if America is not returned to the path of freedom, with liberty and justice for all. The election of this vile demon will be the end of all notion that the voting booth is the only way to save America from delivery into the hands of evil.

  127. Hateful deceitful disgusting evil vile B—H
    Irresponsible and irrational just like obama
    Liar plan and simple, she cannot tell the truth and never will
    Lacking experince to do anything lawful, illegal she’s a professional
    Arrogant and conniving in everything she does including her email
    Ruthless and overbearing
    Years of corruption is her main stay
    Repulsive to hear speak or look at
    Obnoxious and she’s looking like the south end of a north bound mule
    Heartless, just a POS who let four men die in Benghazi
    Leaves a trail of blood
    Troubled and ill mannered
    One of Satan’s daughter’s
    No conscience what so ever

  128. Ken Dometriosis .

    The smartest thing to ever come out of that old, treasonous, traitorous, commie bull dykes mouth was a dildo.

  129. The democrats have LOST ALL TRUST from the American people. It id GONE…Anything they say is code speak for a hidden agenda that is BAD for all taxpayers. It is REAL GOOD for NON TAXPAYERS because the underpinnings of the current democrat party is marxism supported by social programs to by and secure votes. Lastly Obama learned during his formative years as a community organizer VOTE FRAUD. Vote fraud is now rampant in every urban city in states that hold the most electorial college votes………….The Trust is GONE, but the vote fraud is still there to go around those votes who disagree with their agenda.

  130. Jonathan Brooks

    Change you will be forced to believe in. Hope that you think like I do, or you go to the Camps. Killing babies is the only safe form of childbirth. Hillary Clinton has shown herself to be barking nuts, or Hitler in a pant suit.

  131. She is a lost soul who doesn’t know any better . Her assistant female of another religion as brainwashed her to thinking its perfect. I don’t think so . It is slavery and degrading of the females in their way. That doesn’t belong in this country. The women of our country have stood shoulder to shoulder with our men not behind like a slave. And to think of the women over there that are still stoned is barbaric and very wrong. !!!!

  132. WOW ! If you remember, president Ofagot said he would transform the United States of America, which he is doing. Now the “Wicked Witch of the West”, Hillzilla Clinton, is telling us she will do her damndest to outlaw religion.
    “WAKE UP AMERICA”. We CANNOT withstand another Ofagot.
    Semper Fi

  133. Screw Hillarious and the black horse that she rode in on. Who the hell does this pompous bitch think she is when she wants to tell people that they need to change their religious beliefs. This ought to prove to the country that electing her would be 4 more years of the Obummer regime, or worse. Wonder how much the liar and murderer got for speaking at this event since she and Bill are “barely making it”. What a conniving clowns she and her husband both are.

  134. And what will replace Christianity’s high standards of behavior for Americans? The irrationality of radical second and third-wave feminism? Or worse yet, the vile standards of behavior espoused by radical muslims? The same “faith” that encouraged its members to sodomize our American Ambassador, Christopher Stevens, in Benghazi, before beating him to death? God help us if we deliberately deny ourselves the broad-based blessings provided to our children through our adherence to the tenets of Christianity. And a pox on Clinton for trying to deny us our Christian faith.
    It’s time for all influential Christian men to start to FIGHT BACK against this type of deliberate attempt to legally ban Christian morality, especially by anti-Christian, radical, extremist feminists like Hillary Clinton.

    • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

      If anyone should change their beliefs. It should be the Muslims, they are the biggest threat to all non-Muslims.

  135. She obviously chooses to ignore Paul’s ‘Do not conform yourselves to this age but be
    transformed by the renewal of your mind, that you may discern what is
    the will of God, what is good and pleasing and perfect.’

    The truth does not change over time regardless of what becomes the popular belief of the moment.




  138. George Sentementes

    Hillary will sell her own soul to the devil to be president, i think she did that 40 years ago.

  139. The Killer Bitch of Benghazi speaks of religion? HA!! What a set she has on her.

  140. She not only wants to be the first woman president, she wants to be the first woman pope.

  141. Socialist Democrats are like a social disease, easy to catch if you lay down with
    dogs you get fleas or in this case HIV or CLAP. There is also a mental disease
    where you have your head inserted so far up your rectum that day light and
    sanity will never be seen again. In Hillery’s case she is the disease along with
    the muzzie occupier in the White House. The sooner we rid our nation of such
    bottom feeding lowlifes and political opportunistic trash the better off our
    nation will be.

  142. The demented and sick lesbian witch who does notknow the true God wants to create her version of what God is and shove it down our throats???
    As true Americans, we ONLY listen to the true God Yahweh and his son Yehshua.
    Don’t agree? Fine take it up with God when you meet him,…then look forward to your final swim in the lake of burning sulfur.

  143. the only faith both Clinton’s and liberal’s believe in is “Money”, the more the better because with money comes Power. the Gop believes it also, but the deference between the liberal Dems and the GOP is that the GOP does not pretend that they believe otherwise.

  144. Maydell Harper Sims Bolding

    How does Hilliary Clinton propose to change the beliefs of all the people who name the name of Christ, who are born again by the blood of our Savior, Jesus Christ. They can’t just demand that we suddenly change our beliefts? Mine have been engraved in me since I became a Christian many years ago. Mine come from believing in a God who can shake this universe to it’s very core, and will one day, do exactly that. She better start reading the book of Revelation that has been backed up by many of the Old Testament Prophets, and see what’s in store for those who deny Christ. There is a lake of fire waiting for those who do this, but there is seven years of tribulation here on this earth, where the viles of wrath from God are poured out on this earth, and all the plagues, earthquakes, diseases, and hail that weighs as much as 100 pounds will fall from the skies, God has promised to destroy this earth, and make a new one, after Satan has been chained down for a 1000 years, and after he has been loosed for a little season to form his army to go up against the Jews, but he will fail, because God will not let him succeed. God will then cast satan, his angels, the beast and false prophet, and all the unblieving people into the lake of fire.

  145. Hillary is bound for hell if she does not change her attitude about God word, the Bible.

  146. matthewsailhardy

    Perhaps all schools will get statues of Hillary and Bill, and the chlildren will be reqluired to kneel before them. Perhaps the Republicans can ward that scenario off by nominating the ultimate Hillary destroyer: the grown up version of the25-year-old intern Bill boffed.

  147. Just more reasons NOT to vote for her (though I never planned to, anyway). But I hope these things keep piling up enough to bring SOME people to their senses.

  148. Not up to the government in any way, shape, or form.
    Religion does not come from the government, rather, government come from religion.
    The less government in my life, the happier and freer I will be, Republican or Democrat.

  149. Remember she was fired (at age 27) from her first government job for being a LIAR and the top democrat on the committee fired her

  150. WOW!…can you imagine?
    = = = =

    Clinton said………..laws don’t count for much if they are not enforced….
    = = = =
    Wholly crappola…..Benghazi, Immigration, Government emails, IRS, Fast & Furious…..
    She really knows all about that , doesn’t she!?

    Will somebody “splain” it to her?

  151. She should get some religious beliefs before she comments on anything her lack of knowledge is sickening!

  152. Hmmm, I reckon that The Hildebeast will have to take that one up with God. not with me. I have no say in what God requires, I just try to live by His directives.

    It’s all right there in the Christian Manual, entitled “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth”. You Libtards might have heard of it being referred to by it’s acronym . The Hildebeast might want to actually *read* His manual before telling God how He should be doing things.

    He’s in Management, the rest of us are just Labor.

  153. It’s funny how we have to change to side with HER agenda. They never spell out what the change is to become. This woman is dangerous only because People are so stupid to vote for fundamental change with out finding out what the change is gonna be.

  154. God Dam Hillary!

  155. This poseur is nothing lest than a wannabe dictator, and attempting to wrap herself in the flag to do it. Yet when she s[peaks, it is with the tongue of a viper more deadly than a Taipan or Black Mamba, the two most deadly snakes known to man. Like her shit-bird husband she seeks all the power she can glean from whatever source may be useful to her, at least for the moment. When she is through with them, she’ll throw under locomotive when it suits her for what ever reason. A lesbian, slut, whore, and mockery of what we have had in the past of First Lady’s, she has done more than any of them to tarnish that history. She hasn’t had anything resembling a soul since 8th grade, in my estimation.
    Hey, it’s no part of the dialogue to bring up her daughter marrying a Jew. If it weren’t for the efforts of a number of Jews, you might be speaking Japanese (IF you were alive- the Japanese are the most xenophobic nation there is, and consider all non-Japanese to be gajin- subhuman, something on the order of a chimpanzee or baboon, so knock it off!). Or have you forgotten Einstein’s theories that opened the door to the atomic bomb, and save a million soldiers from dying taking the Japanese mainland? As to the Muslims, they are the shit of the desert animals, congealed into a human form and driven by an evil, hideous, and loosely borrowed version of the Old Testament, injected with the mental pus of a murderous, hash-head, nutcase.

  156. Latest bumper sign “Life is a bitch. Don’t elect one”

  157. Hillary, what have you accmplished in your career that has been beneficial?
    NOTHING!!! This is what we want for a President that needs to bail out our bankrupt country???

  158. IF elected (coronated), she will make Obama look like a choir boy….This woman is pure evil and a power hungry bitch that cares for no one or nothing except herself. Hell, it’s no wonder Willie goes a lookin’!!!

  159. HILLARY CLINTON ….. and her F’en Ideas to “Totally Ruin” American Values, Christian Faiths and bring in her Totally Socialist Agenda’s … needs to “GO STRAIGHT TO HELL OR EVEN DIE” as far as I’m concerned and should be the felling of MANY OTHER GOOD AMERICANS …PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  160. Hillary Clinton may be a woman to deal with, but she cannot change the Bible, which is the word of God. She is the angel of Satan to even suggest such a thing as changing what or how we think about abortion, which is murder.

  161. Pray God strikes her down in a public display of His awesome power… To where there is no misunderstanding to why her and all other Progressives are the Devil in human form.

  162. So what is wrong with this? Religion cannot be in Government and this is ESPECIALLY important in regards to Islam which is growing more than most know. Keep Religion out of my Government and my laws. Religion is personal choice.

  163. Stand by for the latest: Hillary visited by an angel whose name she cannot disclose because she told Hillary to keep a lid on it. She gave Hillary the latest edition of golden tablets which again she cannot disclose their location nor the total content for eight years. Hillary is to establish The New Gospel According to Hillary, setting up The Democrat Church with Hillary as the Highest Priest. Bye bye American pie, the Old Gospel Church with a jillion unauthorized denomonational names plus the Morman Faith , overriding the words of their leader who was instructed by that male angel. . . .

  164. Will she be the catalyst that hurls this nation into the revolution that is going to happen, now or later?

  165. If morally sane individuals do not stand and be heard at the polls and their voices heard loudly, we are in deep trouble. This is no longer about change, this is about destruction of everything good, and stable, and orderly. If this happens sad and frightful days are ahead.

  166. she can just drop dead or die from a massive heart attack cause she ain’t gonna force us to do squat

  167. I must say that after watching memorial Day show on TBN, I must apologize for my somewhat nasty remarks about Hillary. I was upset about her remarks about Christians giving up their religious I am certainly not a Hillary fan but bad mouthing her just lowers me to her level. Does that mean I now support her? Absolutely not. But my behavior is unacceptable. So I am seeking forgiveness for my less than Christian remarks.

  168. We demand the immediate arrest of an asinine female who is a rabid liar, and an anti-Christian bigot. She doesn’t deserve to be in the same country that WE ALL SO LOVE to the extent that we are willing to give our live for what we believe.

  169. And this surprises us how?

  170. Remember the story of Sodom and Gomorrah ! Our country is on the same path and may have already arrived at that point that God is about judge this nation. When churches start excepting liberal philosophy’s concerning abortion and the definition of marriage, and fail to follow the word of God,judgement is not far away. When the true believers ,dead and living,are removed from the earth, judgement will come swiftly. Whether it be an attack by ISIS ,North Korea , Iran or a meteor strike, the effects on this nation will be catastrophic materially and economically. Unless there is a complete reversal back to our forefathers’ beliefs and the correct view of our constitution , the US will not be a world power and will fall like Rome !

  171. well I’m glad no one listen to hillary that dryed up lizzy is most likely going to hell anyway and she know’s it… if they want to do anything with religion then get rid of muslim atheist, budisom,mormon’s and a lot more odd ball beleafs that needs to be thrown out of this country… cause they’re not really religions anyway and get back to to a religion that’s got GOD and his teachings in it …instead of following a ordinary person cause if you don’t follow GOD the rest will send you to hell …and there’s no other way to got to heaven except threw GOD’S word the rest doesn’t mean anything

  172. killery clinton is a compulsive liar and is the most evil vile disgusting deceitful overbearing irresponsible irrational irritating obnoxious repulsive B—H this side of hell. Anyone who would cast a vote for her is anti God, America, our Constitution and our military.

  173. One more reason not to vote for Hilary. she is a dangerous woman her in the WH house is scary, even after BO.

  174. The Clintons have lied their way to riches. They have nothing else in mind but to profit from their power, and use that power to suppress the masses.

  175. The Clintons are in NO PLACE to dictate to me or anyone else about their belief system. Not now, not ever. Especially the LYING, slimy, Hillary Clinton, who has the Blood of Americans on her hands (Benghazi) X 4

  176. Hillary is a trator to this country along side of jane fonda and anyway she is way to ugly to be the President.

  177. Hillary is a nazi bitch! She will find her sorry ass in hell soon enough!

  178. headonstraight

    This string consists almost entirely of of noxious ranting by ignoramuses condemning Bill and Hillary Clinton.
    Those interested in stimulating discussion should go elsewhere. Those seeking anything at all more interesting to do that to read the drivel below might consider watching paint dry.

  179. I like rattlesnakes as long as they aren’t within striking distance. I am disgusted by Hillary Clinton at any distance.

  180. Karen Lee King

    What do you expect from someone that believes that there is more than one way to get into heaven, when Jesus clearly says, “I am the way, the truth, and the light; no one cometh unto the Father but by me.” (John 14:6)

  181. winston sewart


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