Hillary Breaks Silence, Makes Things Worse

Hillary Clinton broke her deafening silence on Tuesday, addressing at long last the swelling controversy surrounding her use of private email during her tenure at the State Department.

“I opted for convenience to use my personal email account, which was allowed by the State Department, because I thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work and for my personal emails instead of two,” Clinton said. “Looking back, it would’ve been better if I’d simply used a second email account and carried a second phone.”

In her address to reporters at the UN building in New York, Clinton hoped to stamp out the fire before it became a ranging inferno. In her answers, however, she managed to somehow make things worse. Now there is no question in many minds that something is going on behind the curtain.

Two Phones
One of Hillary’s arguments is that she didn’t want to carry two phones – one to conduct State Department business and one to conduct personal business. She apparently expects us to cut her a “old and out of touch” break for this ludicrous misunderstanding of how smart phones work. But aside from the scandal itself…why would we trust the country to someone who thinks you need another phone for every email account?

But Everyone Else is Doing It
Another of Clinton’s excuses is that she wasn’t the only one using personal email to conduct government business. That much is true, but it’s still a red herring. She is, as far as the facts show, the only Secretary of State to have ever conducted all government business from a private email account. And that’s not even getting into the fact that she used a private server.

It Was Protected by the Secret Service
Clinton hopes to allay our concerns about classified information falling into the wrong hands by assuring us that the server was on property guarded by the Secret Service. True enough, but we’re back into “old and out of touch” territory. The concern isn’t over the safety of the physical server. The concern is about network hackers and third-party transmissions. The Secret Service? That’s a non sequitur.

Clinton has handed over more than 30,000 emails, but she could hand over 300,000, and it wouldn’t erase the big question mark that surrounds this scandal. Because she refuses to allow a private, independent investigator to examine the server itself, we can never know which emails have been preserved…and which have been destroyed.

Her central argument, when all is said and done, comes down to two words: “Trust me.” But with a woman like Hillary, already embroiled in a separate scandal about foreign financial contributions, that’s asking a bit too much.


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  1. RUN,Hillary! Hope you can’t hide from this one.

  2. Who in their right mind would trust this woman? What if she were to become President of the USA?

    • Americans Wake Up

      99.9% of democrats. And it will be Armageddon if elected for conservatives.

      • You have to be the dumbest creature on the planet craw back in your hole.

        • Craw????

          • SLIDE..

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          • MO Chikn ans woddrmellun…. an lloottin and shhotin….. that be yo thang?

          • “Yessir! That be my thing Bro!…What be your thang as well?…..

          • HELL NO… rather have GNOCCHI , good Bread cheese on Bolognese sauce , and Chianti… It beats the Crap out of that looting , invading and shooting cops..Hope the cops Shoot First next time…and WEH does u cum from?

          • The redhawk like Cheyenne Wyoming but now live in Phoenix AZ the home of The Toughest Sheriff In America Maricopa County Sheriff Joe! And proud of it as well!

          • Man you arein GOD’s Country… Smart move!! Arpaio should be in charge of DHS not that Spineless Troll we got now…be well!

          • Never happen ! Too many panty waist, sissy, effeminate libturds.

          • as long as the EFFEMINATE Class that eats Watercress Sandwiches is working for a Pansy POTUS we got TROUBLES!… Hell we a SCREWED unless we LOCK and Load!

          • However,just don’t forget the midget in the Arizona State 9th Floor Offices the one called
            “Dopey Doug D. The Arizona Douche Bag” must be the Biggest Disaster in Arizona history that all of us here in Arizona have to put up with for the next four years sadly!

          • Common core at it’s best, craw.

        • And your point is?

          • I’m sure “Richard Crooks” (whats in a name anyway?) meant craw-“L”, but correct spelling, or inadvertent typos are meaningless when making a stupid statement. Noteworthy is the typical leftist failure to state specifically what position they are taking. I wonder if it is the misfiring neurons in the democratic brain? Specifically, which comes first? The defective brain, or the liberal alliance deforming the brain?

          • YES, (both come first – math not being a progressive strength – (just ask Common Core))

          • And you have a defective brain

          • Viewed from your perspective, all I can say is “thank you”. I’m in very good company, and much prefer theirs to yours.

          • Why because he pointed out that Things like SOW Supporters may have ONLY two live brain cells and they May be severely Handicapped by STUPIDITY??

          • Have you checked if he HAS one to begin???

          • I think free stuff makes you stupid.

          • They have no position, Ben.

          • His point is that, Americans wake up should not have an opinion but he should. Richard is definitely a loyal obama troll. Very obvious

          • You got that right I support Obama all the way, look what the Republicans got us in. Bush and Chaney should be in jail for high TREASON

          • Lol hate to point out that you can’t spell a persons name you support?

          • It was democrat policies that took the economy down. Ever hear of Affirmative Action in banking practices?

          • You are right mac12sam12 and here is PROOF POSITIVE for Richard Crooks!! This “supports” your statement!! This was NOT directed at you but for Richard!
            IT was the CommieRATZ that caused the “Housing Bubble” EXPLOSION!! 100% owned by the DumboRATZ!
            Watch the following video link to see for yourself EXACTLY who caused the explosion!! But you (Richard) won’t as it bursts your DemoRATIC bubble! The CommieRATZ NEVER, EVER any wrong!!

          • Thank you!

          • Hey whatever happened to former Democrat Congressman Barney Franks?…Is he still alive or did he die of AIDS?……

          • Not sure??? Last I heard he married(?) his boyfriend and dropped out of sight.

          • Boy “ain’t that the pot calling the kettle black!!! Ovomit has broken more laws then “ALL” the previous Presidents combined! “WHAT A TROLL” thou art!!!!!!

          • Nope! George W Bush and Halliburton CEO/Vice President Richard “Dick” Cheney should be Hanged in the words of the late Hanging Judge Roy Bean, “until they be dead! dead! dead!

          • Oh Richard Crooks No Spell Checker or don’t know how to use it right?…….Draft Dodger Former Halliburton CEO Richard “Dick” Cheney spells his last name “Cheney”!

        • After you!!!!!!

      • ??????????????
        Just what is your point?

      • It would be Armageddon for the middle class and poor. Hillary has zero accomplishments.

    • She won’t…

    • Every ALINSKY Disciple in the USA .. and IVY faculty members plus every “TAKER” that LBJ CREATED!

      • The Socialist legacy starting back with FDR forward has progressively
        gotten worse and worse.

        • Great play on words!!

          • Hey we can no longer call him by all these other nasty names as from now on please do
            refer to Barack Hussein Obama that lying Kenyan in the White House as “Liar! Liar! Barack Hussein Obama Your Pants Are On Fire”…Obama and Silly Hilly Clinton along with good old boy Slick Willy Clinton the Biggest Liars in all Democrat Party History!….Hang the lot of them!

          • God how did I forget to include SF Mad Madame Nutty Nancy Pelosi,Debbie Wasserrman-Schultz and Maxine Watters in my list for the Hangman to work on for us!……Plus ugly fat Moochelle/Micheal Obama as well!

        • WILSON preceeded Him ….IVY Princeton Prof you see..

        • With every step forward Socialism has taken another God given freedom from us. First they had to get rid of God in every area of our government and then they had to convince us to ‘be nice’ through ‘political correctness’ and now they have caught us in their net and unless we wake up they will haul us and we will suddenly wonder “How did this happen?” It happened because we allowed it to happen. Wake up America, if we fall now it will be to late. We very likely be on the verge of never being allowed to post our true feeling here or anywhere. It will soon be ‘shut up and obey ‘we, the Powerful’. or Shut up, you, yourself, chose us to rule your lives”.

          • While I agree that we are heading deeper into the proverbial rabbit hole, fear mongering like this is ridiculous. The idea that a relative handful could actually overwhelm the majority in these dystopian fantasies ignored both reality and mathematics.

            “We are going to wake up in a police state! ”

            In order to accomplish this, you have to find some effective means to pacify the population at large. You can’t use the military, for some obvious reasons. Using a foreign force would result in not only military action, but the general populace engaging said force. The only way this happens is if people keep buying into the idiotic notion that the government can protect us with our intelligence apparatus, which they obviously can’t.

            “The elite will cut us off from everything!”

            Simply put, we outnumber them by hundreds of millions, and we are the ones who produce everything they “control”. What are they going to do? Use Blackwater, or whatever they call themselves these days? I’ll reserve my fear for a time when they become effective at something other than engaging unarmed, non-combatants.

            We have the power.

          • You are absolutely right, we have the power, unfortunately most are afraid to do anything more than bitch. Power unused is power lost. It looks pretty certain that we are losing and will continue to lose because we talk but do nothing else. While the pen is said to be mightier than the sword, the pen alone is powerless without swordsmen. I see lots of pens and I keep looking for some swordsmen but they appear to be scarcer than hen’s teeth.

          • The spark needed to fire the tinder will be struck soon enough I feel. People are waking up, and finally seeing things for what they are. When the people have had enough, their swordsmen who swore to defend them will be there.

          • I certainly hope you are right. I am one of the swordsmen you speak of. I am mad as hell and ready to do something about it but I feel awfully lonely. I am aging and will not last forever, if some are ready to act and can use my help they better hurry. An old 75 year old Nam vet that still stands by his oath.

          • I would thank you for your service, but I know how much I dislike it when people thank me. Instead, I’ll simply say: right there with you, brother.

          • What oath is that?

          • His and mine, collectively, Oath of Enlistment into the Armed Services! It stated to protect the Country from “enemies BOTH Foreign and “DOMESTIC””!!! If you had the need to ask, I’d be willing to bet that you never served in the military!

          • And you would be right, old codger!!!! What a moron. He’s never served in any capacity for anyone but Obama.

          • And after to day’s news that the Kerry/Clinton Incompetent State Deparment has been using TAX Payers Money to fund BHO’s political affiliates to Run campaign in Israel for Bibi’s LIBERAL opponent … I see tat the Domestic ENEMY is Worse than the Foreign Enemy as Created by the HYPOCRETE LYING PANSY POTUS… SEMPER FI….!!!>>>

          • Support the Constitution. Everything else falls in line.

          • One you wouldn’t know anything about you liberal moron!!! US Military troops take oaths to defend the American people from all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC, those like Obama, all his communist ilk and you!!! They also take an oath to preserve and protect our Constitution, you know the one your scumbag POS so-called president has shredded?

          • 72 yo Nam vet here and ready to go. Maybe a Petraeus would lead. He’s good at war and angry at establishment.

          • Petraeus would be perfect. Obama targeted him and blackmailed him. I’m sure he would put that uniform right back on and lead the charge!!!. He was the Commander in Iraq and Afghanistan when we beat terrorism the first time.

          • But, you would either to put tons of salt peter in that old horny hound dog General Petraeus chow or provide him with a harem of oversexed horny females otherwise the General might sell off every military secret he can get his hands on now then!

          • Perverts disgust me and you are #1 on the list. What uniform of your country did you wear and when did you serve? You, moron, will find out when the dust clears that Obama blackmailed General Petraeus and you will then be standing there with egg all over your nasty, filthy, pornographic face!!!! You wouldn’t have the first idea what military secrets were because you’ve never been there.

          • proudtexan62 okay I wore the good old US Army ODs until the US Army adopted Army Green Shade 44 and the Army Suntans as well! Served from 1955 to 1983! And had two Army Medical Service School 911.20 and 913.10 or since your such an ignorant lout,
            they are Sr Medical Aidman Section Chief – Spec 5 and ORT Tech-Sp 4 and Honorable Discharge in 1963 and also did part of my Military Service in Regular Army and Army National Guard and Inactive Army Reserve!…Now please tell all of us all about your own service starting with your time in the Brownies and then Girl Scouts!

          • Well, I have but one thing to say to you Mr. 28 years of “honorable service”, you are a disgrace to that uniform you wore and the country you served for so long by saying what you said about General David Petraeus. He made a mistake which I guess you know nothing about because you have never made a mistake and he has paid for it dearly. He was a great and respected Commander in Iraq and he was responsible for the defeat of Terrorism that we are now having to deal with on a much larger scale because of this bozo in the White House that you worship so much and who has used YOUR MONEY to fund terrorism and has given the US Military vehicles, artillery, weapons, ammunition, materials, equipment and supplies he took from them when he reduced our military strength by half when he pulled the troops out which he was told was a mistake. If we had to fight a real war now, we couldn’t because of him. Of course, it was no mistake for Obama because getting our troops out of there has allowed ISIS to go in and start beheading Americans, Brits, Australians, and Iraqis and others, burning people alive, beheading and raping women and children and burying them alive. If you accept that as a commander-in-chief, you weren’t in our ARMY. He is terrorist-in-chief. And, that statement you made about General Petraeus is about as disgusting as anything I have ever heard from someone who claims to have worn the uniform of the US Army. I don’t care what you did, you are a pervert today and a disgusting man. If you can’t show respect for the service you were a part of, then you can’t show respect for anything. You are human just like General Petraeus and just because you might never have had an affair doesn’t mean it couldn’t have happened to you. I would surprised if that was the case. I happen to be a 71 year old woman who was, by the way, a Brownie and a Girl Scout and I spent over 45 years in logistics after college. I flew 16 round trips from the west coast to Viet Nam transporting troops to and from during the Viet Nam conflict on a contract with the government and my employer, Eastern Airlines. I didn’t like that war at all but I had the respect not to defile anyone, including Lyndon Johnson for perpetuating it. I was a single Mother for years and had my children to support and raise because of their dad who was irresponsible and left us when they were very young which kept me from going overseas any longer, obviously I wouldn’t have and left them. I went to Iraq in 2003 to 2008 on the LOGCAP contract with the US Government which provided full life support for the troops, State Dept, FBI, CIA, other government entities that were over there and other civilian contractors who were there on smaller contracts. I returned home at 65 very proud of the jobs we had all done and it was because of General Petraeus that the surge happened and we defeated terrorism. They were broke and threw their weapons down and ran. That would still be the case if your beloved communist in charge had not come on the scene. I was there and I know what happened over there because my job as director of logistics kept me on the road on convoy with the troops or in Blackhawks flying all over Iraq to make sure we were getting the job done for those men and women who were over there protecting us from having terrorism come to our shores again after 9/11. Well, now, thanks to Obama, there is really no telling how many of them are here. I do know there is one of their training camps less than 20 miles from my home. I’m just waiting for them to come to my door because I’m a Texas woman who was taught to shoot a gun since I was big enough to handle it and they won’t live long if they think my house is a good one to pilfer, rob, rape or check out. That’s about it for my service and I came out of it with respect for what we did over there….all of us, especially our Military who your potus hates. There were very few but I saw some troops who come back to mind now who remind me of the trash that comes out of your mouth. I have been around construction and military a lot of my life and I know how men talk when they are together but I also know that most of them have enough respect for themselves and others to refrain when they are around other people. You might have gone to schools in the Army but you missed the respect school.

          • Never have so many words been written to say ABSOLUTEL NOTHING… and whose LIES have you COPIED???

          • Good God you so-called “proudtexans” must be the most arrogant and onoxius looney toons in the entire USA! …Plus being the biggest loud mouths on earth!…So,no small wonder that I fully support giving Texas back to Mexico forthwith!

          • That was one Shot one Hit… Well done!!!… we call it OUTSTANDING!!! I bet that If still Crawling it is wet backing back across the border

          • OH he Won a prize for MOST cookies sold and missing MOney afterwards..
            Keep on Firing Army…. USMC 19690-65…SEMPER FI!!!!

          • Roger that The Redhawk will do so! Thank you for you USMC Service Sir! Preparing to
            Fire some TOT (Time On Target) and Willie Peter at the enemy from all 4 Bns of 155mm Howitzers!…Number One Tube Ready To Fire! 2 ready 3ready 4 ready 5 ready 6 ready Battalion Commence Firing!…..All Rounds On The Way Sir!…………………..6 big booms!

          • Registration rounds all ON target!! Keep coordinates and when told…. FIRE FOR EFFECT… Later Brother!!…. have 81 mortars registered also!!

          • Affirmative! Targets Destroyed! Dang Good Shooting!

          • Mission accomplished.. Just look at the TURD that has posted below… Get the 81 mortars registered for this wasted pu$$y…calls itself a tex but wetback suits him better ..

          • You are in SEVERE NEED of MENTAL HELP! Since it is not COMBAT related it must mean that you are a product of Generations of Mentally challanged INBREDS!

          • as is Allen …..

          • and a 72 year old nam vet, who never forgot his oath, will be trying to.

          • We ARE there, Brother. Waiting in the wings for the Rider who shouts, The Feds are coming, the Feds are coming! There WILL be revolution, it is nearly inevitable. Until then, PRAY for the Soul of America.

          • Since when has it been proven that prayer works for anything?

          • We’ve proven that long ago. Why don’t you try it sometime?

          • so much for a complacent mindset

          • You are right WE THE PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER but if we set on our ass’s and let government take control which right now WE THE PEOPLE have no government at all. WE are all ready a police state.

          • You are so right. WAKE UP AMERICA!

          • Hillary will be perfect president after Obama leaves office in 2017 We don’t want these sleazy TPs and Repubs to occupy the WH. TP and Repub leaders are after money and women only. They don’t work when elected.

          • You know? It’s true what they say=====liberalism is a mental disorder and anyone who would support someone who is just as bad as what we have has a serious problem.

          • I guess you’re talking about TPs and Repubs who are being
            enslaved by morons in Congress now. Tell me what have those people in Congress done so far? Nothing. They only invited Netanyahu for $4mi to talk for 1 hour. It’s not their money-so they dish it as they want. And you think these people are smart. Give me a break.

          • And in your view, what has the loopy left done for us. Lets see, with Obummer care people got knocked off their insurance they liked, lost the M.D.s they liked, and can no longer go to the hospital of their choosing. Obummer has raised the national debt more than almost all of the previous presidents before him. Our military has been depleted because obummer won’t deal with anyone who might even slightly oppose him. Then there is that old j.v. team ISSIS. There wouldn’t have been an ISSIS if obummer had dealt with the Iraqi government. Of course there was his famous red line. He abdicated in favor of Russia on that one. Then there is Benghazi(your favorite candidate’s responsibility) where four Americans were killed and obummer and billary, touted the “it’s the evil film” routine for weeks. And billary hasn’t come clean on that one. Shall I go on. This administration has more points for impeachment right now than any other president in my lifetime. He with his good buddies Sharpton and Holder have this country in so much racial turmoil right now it is pathetic. And what did the congress do for the six previous years. Reid had his nose so far up obummers rear that if he had stopped short Reid would have broken his nose. So many bills sat on Reid’s desk that had come from the House nothing was done. Obummer doesn’t want to work with a Republican Congress and has created more animosity than ever. And talk about money, the dems don’t believe in spending their own money and haven’t for years. And you think these people are the ones who should continue leading the country? Give me a break.

          • and now obama wants to send another one hundred thousand troops again to those shit hole countries. whites will soon be a minority, maybe because we keep sending all the young white men to fight in other peoples wars. add them up sometime.

          • Florence Millard

            You are wrong. Obummer HAS raised the National Debt higher than ALL of the previous presidents, right all the way back to George Washington!

          • I stand corrected. Thank you. But either way he has raised the national debt so high our great grand children will still be paying it. He has done something he called Bush unpatriotic for.

          • Florence Millard

            Exactly right. I have 6 grandchildren now, and absolutely hate to think of the debt they will be encumbered with. Before obies election, my next door neighbor was complaining about the 800 million dollar deficit Bush ran up. I wonder what they now think of the 15 TRILLION dollar deficit obie has run up? Unfortunately, I will probably never know as I no longer speak to the idiots!

          • You’re wrong about her, but very right about ovomit. He is not a leader or patriot, I believe he is the enemy,and thought that from the day he took office.

          • You are so right she sure is creditable look at her track record She’s the most intellegent polition I have ever seen and knows how to use it “HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT 2016”

          • Florence Millard

            Are you serious? She is even a bigger liar than odum-dum, if that is possible. AND, her only experience was living in the Whitehouse while “Slick Willy” was our P.O.S. president.

          • Haha good one

          • BEEN saying that for 40 Years.. You are SPOTON!!

          • Get on your knees America and stay there until God answers with His mercy. It’s the only way!!!!!!!

          • I don’t believe in God. Now what?

          • Bragging or WHINING???

          • You know what? We don’t care what you do or what you are!!! That is your business and none of ours. It’s your loss and not ours!!!!

          • Praying, or bowing down like Ohussein?

          • JOSH,

          • There are some fundamental differences between pre-nazi Germany, and America as we know it. The primary difference being the formation and mentality of our military. Like I said, the only real way to suppress the American people is through the use of military force: there are too many of us, and we are too well armed. Given that our military is comprised of volunteers who have families they would have to oppress/kill/imprison, I don’t see a scenario like occurred in Germany working here. I also don’t see any reality where the American people trust the government to follow it’s historical pattern of catastrophe followed by “we will save you via the Cia and nsa. Thank Snowden for that one.

          • josh, you are forgetting that for years obama has been reducing our military. the problem with that is obvious, but even worse is the facts that he is getting rid of all of the patriotic officers and enlisted personnel that wont bow to his demands. while at the same time actively enlisting aliens from all countries. at the same time throwing americans out by the thousands. when a survey is taken and our?

          • You are so correct. I know it is a conspiracy theory, but I have read more than one article about the fact that he is building up his own private militia that will take orders only from him and the people under him. Again, I know this is only a theory, but I wouldn’t put it past him. He has so decimated our military so much and replaced our best generals, etc. with mindless robots who sound so ridiculous when they try to give out his tripe as the truth. I understand that he can call any problem as a national emergency at any time, call out the troops, and place us under martial law. At that point he can remain in office for as long as he feels the martial law is necessary. The situation in this country is frightening.

          • While this is true, a uniform doesn’t a soldier make.

          • Well stated, there was no way the majority of the German population could have put the Hitler machine in reverse after the uprising of ” the Hitler train left the station” and we very likely could find ourselves here in a similar situation for reasons you explained.

          • How many Germans really supported (or even understood) Hitler’s intentions?

          • for those who wonder how hitler got his SS troops to kill the Jews. You can check this out. Hitler recruitedcomplete detachments of SS troops who were muslims and they wanted to kill all the Jews. It worked for Hitler well and millionjs ofr Jews were wiped out with the SS troops who were all muslims. That is what really worked well for Hitler. Most people o not know the SS was Muslims. This is very TRUE.

          • ALL THAT STAYED SILENT and REFUSED TO SEE WHAT WAS GONG ON…. but here we had MORONS who stayed home and Helped Reelect the PANSY POTUS…

          • Limp wristed, sissy, pansy!! All words of praise in the libTURD community.

          • your comment is right, we do out number them. but as to how they could take over, check a little history. china, millions were killed, showing the population that they had little concer of who they killed, especially anyone that opposed them. thats just one example. germany, russia, the arabs and the list goes on. there are always those that will turn traitors to save themselves by selling out others. like the people from all countries joining isis, they are sadists for one thing and liking the chance to kill and have people so afraid, that they tell them anything to stay alive. what about the ones that have the same feelings and desires, but havent left their own countries. these are the ones that can destroy from within.

          • Amen Brother, Amen. Stand vigilant and keep your

            power dry we gonna need it sooner than people realize.

          • LOCK and LOAD…

          • What makes you think you’re the only one that’s aware of this crap?

          • Is that the BEST you can do???

          • Since most Socialist Countries that are or have ben run like the Incompetent Pansy potus runs his Klan of Idiots, DO NOT LAST long… and Shllery the Clinton SOW is kept in Chapapqua tied to a bar stool to avoid “CONCUSSIONS”… We migt see the END of the BHO Sciaist Republic…of INCOMPENTENCY and PSYCHPATS…

          • All military, both who are now serving and those who have served, has taken the oath “I will faithfully serve and uphold and defend the United States Constitution against ALL enemies both foreign and domestic”!

        • It actually started with a hand full of filthy rich families in this country that want to monopolize and control the world. They have grown more and more powerful; decade after decade by manipulating everything into place with their money. The Rothschilds and George Soros of this world want a socialist nation under their control and since they are so ruthless it is easy to divert us by manipulating wars and such to gain control. We all do have the power to stop all this but we don’t really recognize that we do.There is a New World Order and they want things like the UN. If they can’t turn our soldiers on us maybe one day they can turn China or Russian armies on us. Less than 10% are the rich and the rest of us being fooled into dancing to their tune.

      • You got it! LBJ! When all of this today began. They first had to get rid of Kennedy! Once they did that, it has been Katie bar the door! Straight to destruction!

    • Sharon: Let’s try to think pleasant thoughts!
      No one wants to see her in the WH!
      It would be obama’s third term for sure!
      Again, think pleasant thoughts!

      • Here is a pleasant thought, quit replying to some one 3/4 of the way down the page you show more intelligence when you use the reply button

      • It is not going to make any difference who is in the White House the American Public has lost all respect for anything, if god himself were there people would hate it. We are society of ME’S and screw everybody else.

      • and the SECOND BALLS FREE POTUS..

        • Yep First Lady Moooochelle Obama carries Barack’s balls around in his/her purse!

          • No wonder he SQUATS TO PEE…However MOOCHIE pee Standing up next HILDERBEAST…caught in a men’s room..

          • The redhawk Good Grief now that explains everything right?….And even answers the
            famous question about…”Who Got The Ding Dong!” as well! Off to see the doctor so see ya’ll later! Have a good one!

          • hah h.. The Pansy might have a ‘DING: but it got no “DONG”… HEy Bro have a good Check out with DOC…

          • Amen! Bro you amaze us! …As,your precisely exactly right about The Pansy got the “Ding” and “No Dong” so does that Micheal/Michelle got “The Dong!”……????

          • Great picture of Oblame-o hanging curtains. I’ll try to post it!!

          • Do better make T shirts and Sell them!!

      • God Forbid that Mad Madam Pantsuit ever get elected President!

    • Imagine your yard covered with blood sucking locusts and scorpions.

    • Who in hell in their right mind would want a damned thing to run for any public office. The wolves only want to take things apart for no damned reason. If God him self ran for public of the morons would be out in force.

    • Obongo has paved the way for lies and deceit.

    • :Power leads to corruption. Absolute power leads to absolute power. Wake up feminists! Stand on you own merits, quit acting like weak wimps. Look to the women who have gain great success and great esteem in every area of life without making other weakling feel inferior who cannot become the best they can be with their own GOD given attributes without power hungry Socialists using them to gain power and control over you.

      If you want to be President use you own God given talents to pursue that integrity. If you want to marry, and find a mind who wants to commit to you and you want to commit to have children, to pursue your own dreams, to work or not to work, to get further education or to get enough education to make a contented happy life for yourself. Don’t ever let it be said that someone else, ie. or other Socialist enabled to you.


      • All of you people that reply to someone 3/4 of the way down the page damned you are all —– — ——

      • You are so right why let the all of the nay sayer say what they want, we are all individuals and have to plan our own destiny and not listen to all others. There is so much Hate that people loss sight of what really matters.

    • Nobody in their RIGHT mind.
      Everybody in their LEFT mind will trust that woman.

    • I think she might be worse than Obama.

      • Nope! Dead Even Tie Between Kenyan Wonder Golfer in Chief Barack Hussein Obama and nasty lying old hag Madam Pants Suit Former Sec of State Hilly Rotten Clinton! God Save The USA!

    • Better get use to that idea, because the same touchy feely liberals that elected Obama are going to do their damdest to put the murdering bitch in office

    • Women would trust her…especially those fat slobs eating fast food…and those who only watch the MSM…
      This is a no brainer…Those who read on-line blogs/newsletters, etc. will possibly be surprised when hilly gets in…It’s actually same as when McShame went up…someone who couldn’t get elected even with the help of corruption…NO GOP nominee will stand a chance against the billy and hilly machine…Geo. Sorryazz has planned it all…

    • It’s not a matter of trust…Did you trust obabble when he first campained for POTUS?

    • Well who’s in the white house,Do you trust him? He may not even be an American, for all the lies he has told

    • The same people who trusted Obama.

    • I really DO NOT want her to become President

    • No one in their Right mind trust this person. It is people who have a Left mind that forgets and forgives so easily or doesn’t see it as being wrong. I don’t know how they made it out of Arkansas and not landed behind bars. At that time the body count was already in the 80s and I don’t know how many scandals. Whats worse is that we allow them to continue.

    • terryhoaglland123@aol.com

      It would be Katie nailed the barn door!!!!

  3. Take you’er ill-gotten gains and retire in a State that will help you hide those gains like New York! But you will have to pay Protection Money!

  4. Much rather trust her than another Bush, none of them can be trusted

    • Americans Wake Up

      Stupid is as stupid does.

    • OH take a hike yOu IMBECILE!…….. Name ONE REAL Honest Accomplishment she can Claim… At least Jeb Governed and did it well… But I am Tired of DYNASTIES and would Like TOM COTTON to be CIC!
      He has Got What it takes and SERVED I THE MIITARY to boot…or a Governor like Walker…

      • Both excellent choices. Either will do.
        Jeb will not make it, but if he does, I will stick my finger up my own arse and put that finger in my nose and vote for jeb.

        • Why Abuse your NOSE?? Stick it in your Mouth!!… and wash it down with Vodka! :0… BUT I am at the POINIT of ….. ANYTHING BUT SOW HILDERBEAST!!

          • Either way, it is going to be nasty…. But you got a great point… The Vodka could help cauterize the area.

          • well Good OLE KY Bourbon might just do a better job… I am of the opinion that anyone who backs up the SOW of Clinton must be in need of taking care of their TWO remaining live brain cells as one or both are Infected with STUPIDITY!

        • NOT me as I refuse to vote for another Bush Crime Family Member like Baby Bush Jeb or
          another Clinton like Mad Madam Pants Suit Silly Hilly Clinton or Rand Paul whacko!

          • So I have got to be clear…. The choice above was either Tom Cotton or Walker. Either of those two would be fine for me.
            I will not vote for Jeb in the primary, I will vote for someone else.
            If it comes down to the fact that Jeb wins, and faces Hillary… Jeb it is, regardless of how nasty the actual vote is.
            Democrats = Socialism
            Republicans = Capitalism
            Jeb = Crony Capitalism
            But Capitalism lives to fight another day.

          • Hey MAHB001 would you consider voting for a new truly Independent and Conservative Party maybe?

          • Yes, I always consider all candidates, and then vote my conscience.
            I never really fell for that if you vote for —– you waste your vote crap.
            Especially in the primary’s.

          • Big Amen! MAHB001 exactly! And I do too! Besides the facts that true independent voters scare the heck out of the Dimwit Democrats and Goofy Old Party big shot political hacks!

          • Here is the thing, I don’t believe a third party stands a chance, no either a third party or Conservatives stand a chance with 99% of the media in the tank for the Liberal Progressives.
            Remember when the Tea Party burst on to the scene with the mantra “Taxed Enough Already?” The Alinsky Radicals in Control of the Dems, and the left Stream Media immediately lost control of their bladders. I mean they craappped in their pants.
            Why? because EVERYBODY that was NOT a Politician was over taxed. The tag line appealed to 80% of the population, both Dems and Reps, all of us are Taxed enough already.
            The Alinsky radicals KNEW they were going to all except their most loyal base if they didn’t do something quick. So they sent out their attack dogs in the Media. The Media defined the Tea Party as Radical, Extremist, racists, idiots, ultra right wing, before the Tea Party could even figure out what they were.
            Funny thing was, the REPUBLICAN party was also faced with losing its base too. So the two party’s colluded to marginalize the movement, and brand them as ultra right wing conservatives, that hated baby’s, women, apple pie, and John Wayne.

            It worked, the corrupt media marginalized, The controllers at the top of both party’s will do it again and marginalize ANY third party. That is unless we do something about it.
            I started my boycott website to rid the media of its corruption.

      • Evidently you did not live in Florida when Jeb was Governor there he could not even control his own Daughter,mucgh less the state of Florida and you are the IDIOT

        • Oh and SHTLERY really CONTROLLED Her Bent DICK hubby right?? What Silly argument you DIP STICK.. Still same Question What do you attribuite as ONE SOW HILDERBEAST accomplishment as First lady ( ?) Senator or Sec State… If no answers It’ll be called a ZERO!
          No you are no potus … One pansy potus IDIOT was Enough.. So were you a cook or a Lawn Specialist??

          • The redhawk, I’m not sure if you realize this or not but you are very rude, obnoxious and foul. You are entitled to your opinions, of course.
            However, your stunning lack of, not only intelligence, but enlightenment completely obliterate any possible opinion or fact which may or may not be valid.

          • Thank you CLUELESS!!!.. But hey even IDIOTS LIKE YOU still have the FREEDOM to Be Stuck on STUPID and Pretend to Know their A $$ from their ELBOWS… For Now..and Give my Best to the SOW you try to defend.. BTW where do you come from????

          • The redhawk, I forgot to add, you are sorely lacking in self awareness.
            If Mrs. Clinton needs defending, she is perfectly capable of doing so herself.
            My post was to you, about you.
            I’ll not engage in discussion with anyone who is foul and insulting. It does nothing to further the discourse. It’s also not very intelligent.
            I am not stupid, you know that though, it’s just a bad habit, lashing out like that & name calling.
            I do not “pretend” anything in my life, period.
            Bottom line, if you want to discuss, let’s discuss.

          • Take a HIKE TROLL!…. Back to the Faculty Lounge and try to stay SOBER

          • Listen! YOU don’t tell me what to do. Not now, not ever!! You absolutely cannot grasp the notion that people see you for what you are and that you are making an absolute fool of yourself.
            I am not a member of a faculty. I am definitely not a drunk.
            Look up the definition of TROLL. You’ll likely see more of yourself than me.

          • OH yes. Ranting so soon… You must have started your BOOZE intake early and fallen off the stool again.. Move on…and try not to practice Crap flow reversal since your Panties are all bunched up already..hahahahahah! ………… The only pretense you have is at believing that you have anything worthwhile to say…Well Skippy.. YOU DON’T!

          • Well Skippy! Project much? You say that I’m “ranting” and (paraphrasing here) spewing “crap”. You Skippy, are the one who is allllll over this supposed discussion with your ALL CAPS, misspelled, grammatically incorrect, misogynistic, filthy rantings. You Skippy, seem to think that you are a wealth of worthwhile information. You are not. It’s garbage.
            I already told you once, I am not a drunk. You seem to be fascinated with being drunk and falling off of bar stools, hmmm…? Projection?
            The status of my panties notwithstanding, as you can see, if you take the time to read this post.
            I am not in the least flustered by you. I will do and say as I wish. Furthermore, anything I might say will be have more value insofar as this discussion goes than you could ever conjure. Good day!

    • No more Bush’s or Clintons.

    • Communism or
      Which would you rather be ruled by?
      You actually have a clear choice.


        • Good point, I think that CA and NY should be thrown out of the union for NOT upholding the Constitution…
          But, first I got to move out of CA…

          • Most Smart ones have moved to Tennessee, Texas etc, as fast as they can> W hile I believe that the Whole NE, and west Coast are Alinsky country .. THROW OUT ILLIONOIS with that bunch and WE HAVE the Country we want

          • You are correct. The Alinsky Radicals have taken a lot of ground while working in the shadows.
            I wonder how they will do when working in the light.
            How many people will vote for Democrats when they realize that:
            Democrats = Socialism.
            We must keep on spreading the light.

          • DOING IT at all times… LOCK and Load..SUN LIGHT SCARES THE PROGRESSIVE SNAKES ..

          • MAHB001 looks like you better hurry before both California and New York fall into the Ocean!

          • 🙂 I am afraid that Socialism is going to get here first…..

          • So,just don’t go bet your Bippy on it now then ok? lol

    • You kind of look like Rick Rogers… hmmm….
      I told you it was time to nuke Rick….

    • You might want to consider taking good care of your two remaining live brain cells.. one or both might be infected with STUPIDITY..

    • Hey James Parrish nope frankly I do not trust Madam Pants Suit Lying Silly Hilly Clinton and Slick Willie Clinton OR old man George H W Bush, and Junior George W Bush and now Baby Bush Jeb period!!!!

  5. If Hillary does run , she will lose anyway, nobody in this country will ever vote for her , she has no respect and has lied so much in the past no one can trust her , the Clinton Foundation , Bill & his lies and the Foundation charges 75% in administration fees. Plus the Foundation runs on an annual basis negatively , most other Foundations always has reserve money , especially in case of Emergencies. Hillary lied about Benghazi, saying it was a Anti Muslim Video & told her top aides Cheryl Mills Clintons Chief of Staff & Jake Sullivan & Huma Aberdin to tell that false story to the press. She even sent Rice on the TV Shows to spread the narrative , along with Obama 2 weeks after the terrorist attack the same story to the UN. Anybody voting for this irresponsible Politician would be nothing less than total ignorance. Plus you can bet the Republicans are not going to allow this email story to die in 6 months. Watch her replies to questions at her Press Conference , she never looked at anyone during her address to the press, also to the questions from the press , that my friends is outright lying , when you can’t look the people in the eye and be honest is a total disgrace.

    • YES she SHOULD lose but never Uderestimate how many Tomb stones her pack of Junkyard dogs and Illegal Invaders will be brought in to Register and Vote Often and in many places…

    • Unfortunately, there will STILL be people ignorant enough to vote for this wench!

    • Do not count on that… America has become the land of the morons… You do not believe me? Look at the present President and last President we voted in. And, both voted inn for two terms!

      • nothing wrong with bush he done dam good job

        • Yes he did a fantastic job of getting this country in debt so much so that my great grandchildren will never get the country out of ,great job little George

          • Idiot! We are at 18 trillion. When your stooge took orifice, it was 10.6 trillion. Even the common core dimwits can figure this out. Wait till the illegal aliens start to cash in! Guess that will be Bush’s fault too.

          • And who got us into such a mess and debt, who had to bail out Wall Street Banks, the Auto industry, etc. etc. The ones that you are not illegal, Bush did nothing about the illegals so your comment doesn’t hold water.

          • Stooge, he didn’t invite illegals in like your putrid Liar-in Chief or geriatric great-grandfather, Gov. Brownstain. He also didn’t allow tax breaks, social security cards, drivers licenses, amnesty, Hope and Change etc.etc. Crooks is very apropos. don’t you think?? By the way, leg humper, this article is about the pantsuit Harpy Ohillary, our next failed, lying whore of a president.

          • You can thank Barney Frank and company for banks crashing.

          • along with CHRIS DUDD. Who Ignores Sec Treas sNOW’s WARNIGS that the Clinton appointees to Freddie and Fannie were SCREWING UP mIGHTLY to get bIG bonuses,,,that is when DUMIE C RATS had the MAJORITY IN CONGRESS>>>2006-7-8

          • That wasn’t Bush who did that, if you don’t remember the Dems owned and run Congress since the ’06 election. And Obama was one of them then, a Senator from Illinois. Then he turned around and blamed it on Bush.

          • Rustytruck, I’m pretty sure 2 wars, one of them drummed up on lies and lasting 10 years, and certainly not paid for, is an enormous chunk of the debt incurred. That is on Bush & Cheney. Not to mention the $$$ it will take, for decades to come, to care for and rightfully so, all of the veterans of those wars.

          • Sorry Pal but the Pres. can not declare war. It’s a Congressional decision, the only thing he can do is ask for it and then endorse it by siging on. It was the Democratic Congress who signed us into it and by the way, everybody, EVERYBODY, was ready to go fight after 9-11. Flags were flying in every yard acros the country. The only reason some of you started opposing it was you listened to the gossip of no WMD’s. They were there, they were just trucked away to Syria and Iran before we could get in there. This in turn made Bush look bad but the intel said they were there. The one thing Pres. Bush did and you all seem to forget is he owned any mistakes he made, he even owned the ones Congress made. He never pointed the finger at them, he stood up like a man. You guys should all be ashamed for not standing with him when he did what we ALL wanted. The entire country wanted Bin Laden’s head on a pike, remember? Not only that but to this day he’s still involved with the Wounded Warriors, has them down to his ranch and goes to pray with them in hospitals. When’s the last time you did even one of these things? I’m not going to respond to anymore attacks on an honorable man who did what we wanted unlike Obama who does everything we don’t want.

          • Rustytruck, I should have said that the war in Iraq was based on lies.
            Dick Cheney was the main propagater of that whole mess in Iraq. However, Bush, who I agree is a good man, was the President. You are correct, Americans were shaken by 9-11, and Cheney and his ilk preyed on that to drum up another war.
            We were already in Afghanistan and should have stayed right there and concentrated our efforts. At that time Bin Laden was in that area, we may have gotten him then.
            My post was in regard to money/debt and I still say that the war in Iraq was costly, in both blood and treasure and unnecessary.
            Insofar as the rest, my wonderful husband of over 30yrs. is a retired veteran. I did volunteer work in hospitals for years until some problems with my legs prevented me from continuing. I still do volunteer work, just in different ways. Wounded Warriors is excellent. I pray daily. Normally, I wouldn’t share any of the above with anyone on here but can see by you post that you seem sincere.
            Bottom line, no matter how things started, we have to take care of our own.

          • First off, Thank you and your husband both for being dedicated Americans and Veterans. I do believe Cheney and Rumsfield were both in on the business of war, it’s a large venture that can make tons of cash. But in the same turn, when intel tells you what they’ve uncovered, ya gotta go with it. If you find out later it wasn’t true or got moved before Congress could get off their laurels it makes us look bad. I can guarantee you Pres. Bush would not have gone into Iraq without the right intel. I spent many enough years in war to know that the most effective weapon of war is the element of surprise. Congress made sure he could not do that, when you hear about it, you have to act on it, now not months later.
            The second part of this is Bin Laden had personally threatened The Bush’s. If I was in his place I would’ve done whatever I could too, to protect my family and country. If you ask, every soldier who went did so volunteerily. We have the mindset of “Screw with the Bull, you get the Horn.” A lot of this pride in America doesn’t seem to be prevalent today. Most of the younger people do have it, it’s their parents who are creating the doubt fed to them by politicians. My biggest disappointment came when I got home from my first tour in Vietnam, spitting at me, calling me names, getting attacked on the street. That hurt more than getting shot, the only support came from family or close friends. Just to fit in I went back over at least I knew where to find other Americans. We hated Johnson but loved Nixon, we got help from him, no matter what it took he did it for us. So misunderstood intentions but he still owned it, again Obama would never stand by anything, right or wrong.
            It’s changed since then, we all welcome our troops home with thanks and open arms. They deserve it, war is never pleasant or glorious as the games make you think. It’s an ugly business, most never get over it but with God’s understanding we live it. I’ve tried to put myself in Bush’s place and imagine how many things he had to consider before making decisions to effect millions of people, it’s no wonder they all leave with hair totally white.
            Anyway W Marsden, God bless you for all you done. Please stay with it he knows they need our help.

          • Rustytruck, thank you for your service to our great country. The treatment you received upon your return was not warranted and had to have been painful for you. I’m sorry those things happened to you and your fellow Vietnam Vets.
            Insofar as the Iraq war goes, it’s all academic now, isn’t it? We could argue our viewpoints on what happened, forever. Let’s not. I will say this about US Presidents, I firmly believe that, all things considered, they forge ahead and try to make the best decisions they can. It must be almost unbearably stressful at times.
            The bottom line for me is, this is still the greatest country in the world. Hands down! Americans, on the whole, are kind, honest and patriotic. I will never give up on this country, all it has been, is now, and will be in the future. I will continue to pray. God bless you and yours, Rustytruck.

        • Yes Bush and Chaney did a damned good job. Murdered thousand of American Young men and women and still runs free. Who had to take Ben Lauden out??????

        • Nope! Dead Even Tie Between George W Bush and Barack Hussein Obama!!!…Why is peanut farmer Jimmy Carter smiling right now?

    • It takes trash to post this kind of trash. Why in hell are so many people against out country idiots.

    • Remember they opened the graveyards and looney bins to elect O’socialist
      a second time. The welfare frauds and vultures will circle the White House
      to get her elected and don’t forget who owns the voting machines that had
      a “software” problem in the last election.

    • how much you wont to bet she wont it was prossed to her if she back out so the obummer could get in

      • John, when did Hillary Clinton “back out”? There was a Democratic primary election and Barack Obama won, period.

    • James H. Humphrey

      Everyone must remember, for every dog, there is another that will lick her @$$ and they like doing it, it is just what dogs do. So, my point, no matter what she does or any other left libtard, there are those that gather at the smell of musk (money & power) and suck up for the crumbs. That is what politicians do for a living – not to say that all politicians do that, some are honest, yes I know, few and far between. And when the honest ones open their mouths and attempt to do an honest job, the dogs attack. Sorry to say, they far outnumber the honest ones and leave a bad taste in your mouth and throw ALL politicians out with the dish water. Most everyone knows this but as has been written, hard to seperate the wheat from the chaff.

    • Yeah look at who beat her the last time she ran, some one with no qualifications, no name recognition, a nobody that knew nothing about running anything let alone the greatest country on the earth

    • mthammer, I’m glad somebody has everything figured out. There is only one exception your hate is showing.

      • I don’t hate Hillary Clinton , what I hate is her lies and disrespect she shows to this country, she is a murderer allowing 4 Americans in Benghazi to die , because she wouldn’t provide Security , that they continually asked for. Her excuse when asked by Congress was that was not my responsibility to do that. She Knew Benghazi was a terrorist attach , but spread the lies about it being the cause of a Anti Muslim Video. I don’t hate the woman , I hate what she represents , falsehoods after Falsehoods. You would have thought that she would have learned , after being the First Lady of Arkansas , Being the First Lady in The White House , Senator from New York , now Secretary of State , she has never learned that, when you are an employee of the United States Government you need to classify all materials , she knew that, But with all that experience she acted dumb & didn’t know the Protocol , of what she was doing , its just like Benghazi, a complete cover-up by Her Husband & also her daughter Chelsie . WE can just take so much from thse lying Clintons enough BS. We are just tired of all these scandals.

  6. well she was better off Having Concussins and Staying out of sight… Now she added to her long list of IES ( bosnia, Bengazi etc etcetc) and added by apparently taking Obama side on Iran ( in wg=hich she also failed miserably) especially in view of what Kerry said that anythug that He and the Pansy Potus plan wit Iran is ” TRETATY BOUT NOTHIG” wit Kerry playing KREMER and ODUMBO Playing Costanza… and Yoga queen SHILLERY … well should consider staying Silent…

  7. fired from her first job for being an unethical lawyer (lawyers HAVE ethics? I’ve never seen them) yet liberals forget anything a socialist has done but will remember it was “BUSHES FAULT”

  8. It seems that she should have been made aware . before she LIED again about E-mails ( taking lessons from Lerner) by Starting a convesation which SMELLS like she is Backing up the Pansy Potus and Long jon Kerry ” TREATY ABOUT NOTHING” wit Iran… Potus playing Keremer and Kerry playing Costanza… She is better off to stay Silent and avoid more ” falling off the bar stool’ Concussions…but Lying is in her DNA and She just cannot be TRUSTED to EVER do anything above Board!!

    • Is it true that once an email is created even if it is deleted it is still out there somewhere? & there are people that can recover it. With the current bread of hackers I expect them all to come to light

      • Well THE IRS proved it again that E-mails can and ARE being RECOVERED from HARD DRIVES.. SO the SOW should have taken a Different lline of LIES!!!. and read on her “PHONE” that Lerners; secrets are now becoming public… But in her total self appointed Royal Status she still overlooked the fact that We mere people THINK !!!… while her Alinsky trolling followers STOPPED thinking as she did…
        I believe that the WH is about to throw her under a BIG BUS

  9. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

    I almost wish there had been a sniper in Benghazi!

  10. Lies stacked on top of lies will always make it worse.
    When will the learn that the Democrats have been taken over by Alinsky Radicals?

    • can you envision this on NBC…. Here comes the SOW sitting next to Matt Lauer:” HELLO AMERICA, I am Here to Say that I can No longer Keep track of ALLL my Les and there fore :” what difference does it make??’ Now Matt Kiss the PIG as I have to go…

      • We HAVE to deal with the corrupt media, it is the Alinsky Radicals most powerful tool.
        Consider joining the boycott at
        It will make a difference.

      • I would rather kiss a real pig than her. I just had a chill run down my back at the thought of that & my stomach is churning too

        • oH but picture this .. PIcture of Obama Kissing Piglosi on her cheek thinking ” Now that I Kiss a Pig they cannot call me a Muslim anymore” She thinking I have had so many “LIFTS that he is kissing my ASS”

          • Good one thanks I didn’t even think of it that way & after fiving it a little thought, you are right too

          • Pass it on!!

          • I will every chance I get & I wrote down your screen name to give you credit, I am still laughing at it you maybe should or do you write political cartoons

          • I am Honored but no I am just having fun thinking of those two IDIOTS,,,almost like Thinking that the HOPE FOR HANGE for the DUMMIE C RATS Party is SHEEPHEAD Deranged Debbie W-S leading the Parade of SHEEPHOLES into OBLIVION…

          • Again we agree I think Debbie WS is a true comedian every thing that comes from her mouth is absolutely deranged, when was the last time she had a rational though? If ever & this is the head of the dumbocrap party, Wow she must give good head. First time I know of anyone sucking their way to the top. That is the nicest thing I can say about this buffoon

          • WEll Hillary outsourched Jobs as First Blowing SOW to Monica and I don’t think that Deranged Debbie wil be given such assignment… Not even wit a Brown BAG on her face who would want a sheep face with Goat eyes on her knee ‘SLURPING in Daylight???

          • A brown bag wouldn’t help her either, I couldn’t get drunk enough to be with her as I( know what she looks like before drinking. Do you know just the thought of that kinda makes me sick. But to me the hag hillary is worse her voice is like chalk on a blackboard & she has turned into a hag

          • My LAST for today:’
            Man’s good day… You got to pass it on:’
            man works in Houston ( or Nashville) wakes u in the morning and his vLUOTIOUS wife totally Naked makes him Bacon, Eggs, Toast and coffee bend over many times… Driving to work he hears the news that Pelosi and Kerry ‘s plane on the way to ran got shot down by Isis…. say to himself ” its going to be a great day”
            President tells him :” Bill you gotta take that NYC a hole client out to lunch .. he bores the crap out of me” So I take him to the bEST seak house in town.. I have aporterHouse and Wine he has a watercress sandwich and Perrier” ans is Boring the Crap out of me when Sam my waiter comes in smiling sayind that Holde, reid and Sharpton Malysian Flight is Missing in the Indian Ocean… I Suppress an HURRAHH and Get a Bourbon my guest Tears up
            Drop off the SCHOMOO go to office and see a celebration.. Close office early go home where wife tells me that she’ll wear me out after diner.. IN bed we hear te late News that Obama is missing having gi=one Fishing in shark infested waters..

          • But,but The redhawk so did you forget that the real Dimwit Pecking Order is as follows: First we have Mad Madame Silly Hilly Clinton, then $66Million Dollar SF Madame Nutty Nancy Pelosi and Democrat National Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and finally we have
            First Lady Michelle Obama bringing up the rear! (Only Michelle has as rear end large enough to the entire Dimwit Democrat Leadership and carry Barack/Barry Obama’s balls around in her huge purse as well!)

          • BUT just Imagine If that Collection of SOWS were to take a Malaysia Flight to the INDIAN ocean… It would be A GOOD DAY…. Don’t you think??? Naturally with the BARN SIDE sIZE Butts of SHILLERY HILDERBEAST and MOCHELLE the SASQUATCH… only bIG Sofa seats can be used for them…So they get Soaked and never to be found…STILL A GREAT DAY!
            BTW Obama the Pansy Potus is BALLS FREE SO…..

  11. Be sure your sins will find you out! You can only get by with it just so long and then the truth will comesout.

  12. what the hell they trust the oaf in office now
























    • Tom, the above is not only racist, it contains information that is not true. Do you have any proof that her system was hacked? If it had been, and Mrs. Clinton did nothing to report and mitigate the problem, as you are implying, it could be seen as treasonous. Is that what you are driving at here?
      Is this post supposed to be a joke?
      You are wrong when you say that because Mrs. Clinton chose to merge her personal email with work email it is all public record. That is not the policy under which she operated as Sec. of State. So she did not deviate from policy, nor did she break any laws.
      I’m just curious, why did all of that “info” have to be SHOUTED at us?
      For the record, I am not a Liberal. I am not Hillary Clinton’s defender, she can defend herself. I just enjoy civil discourse. I think that is more in the “Spirit of America”, don’t you?

  14. more fear mongering over nothing trying to blow smoke up the skirt of the next president.
    go back to bengazi and try that one again watching the dummies beat their head against a wall because there was no evidence–no incident-and their “EYE WITNESS” turned out to be a payed liar.
    Suck it up gop no one trusts a republican and none will ever see the inside of the white house again.
    quit believing your own stories on fox remember who makes them up.

    • Go change your tinfoil & finish your Kool=Aid, Lib Licker !!

      • look like you the one still wearing your junior smokey bear hat -you still got the tin whistle too??
        whats the mattter the truth hurt or just scared to hear a different point of view than your klan local.
        give it up grumpy you hate fillled republicants are dinosaurs on the edge of extinction. the world has gotten smarter an you are mired down in ignorance . we are moving on either join in or go to texas and succeeed with them i signed the petition to let them.


  15. I guess two phones in that purse she carries would be a bit too much! besides that the rules don’t apply to idiots!

  16. When Hillary left the State Department , she sign a document . Which said she turned over all E-mails and Documents to the State Department . By ,signing this document , it is a Felony to lie about it . She should be brought up on Charges . The DOJ needs to investigate her , FBI needs to go to her House and take her server out of the house as Evidence . She said “She deleted some 33,000 documents ,this is a felony too . We are a country of laws , not just for the poor ,but also for the rich . Justice has to prevail .

    • Hangman57, the above is incorrect information. Starting with you stating that, “she signed (sic) a document” which said Mrs. Clinton had turned over all documents, electronic and otherwise, over to the State Deptartment. We can go from there.

    • W Manrsden , don’t know what he is talking about , I have sign documents like that in the military . If you lie like she did ,it is a felony .

      • Hangman57, I am W Marsden and I wrote the reply to your comment below. Mrs. Clinton did not sign any such paper. The State Dept. operates under different regulations than DOD.

      • Hangman57, did you see my reply? Mrs. Clinton did not lie, she did turn over what was asked for. The 30,000 that she said were deleted, were personal emails. So, there were no laws broken and the work emails have been turned in. Nothing to see here.

      • Nice try , Hillary is required like all State Department employees to sign a statement saying she return all e-mail and document before she leaves office . Also she can be charged with a felony if she lies . It is clear she did , because she set up her own server off a government property .At her home . This is a felony ,deleting e-mails ,personal or Top Secret is a Felony too .

        • Hangman57, what I say is true. Check it out. Mrs. Clinton, as Sec of State, did not sign any such thing. When she began the policies were different and she followed them. The State Dept. knew she was using her own address and server. If laws had been broken here, believe me, she would be charged. She hasn’t been. She did not break any laws. Period. If you can show me that she did, please give me a link or a source. Also, when asked, she complied and turned in her work related emails to the State Dept. to be archived. Some already were because they were sent or cc’d to a dot gov email address. Personal emails are just that, personal. She did not email Top Secret info., she would have used secured government facilities to do those things.

          Hangman57, if you tap the reply that is right under my post/this post, it will tell me that you have replied to my post. It makes it easier to talk to each other. w

  17. I can’t wait for her appearance before Trey Gowdys committee where he will DESTROY her political career FOREVER!

    • Frank W Brown, that is highly unlikely. I’ve seen him in action. How is he going to go about destroying her political career? He’s tried and tried to bring her down over Benghazi and nothing.
      I hardly think emails are going to be his deadly sword.

      • Wait and Watch! Don’t get too comfortable with killary, she’s DONE! PERIOD!

        • Frank W Brown, I’ll be watching. But I’m not going to wait around and do nothing in the meantime. There is a lot of work to be done and not necessarily around this issue. I am not comfortable, with many things that are going on vis a vis our country.
          Perhaps that’s why I find satisfaction in getting involved in “the process”. I like facts and figures.
          I am not Mrs.Clinton’s defender. I am not a Liberal. Just clarifying, in case we happen upon each other again, in this or future discussions. Of course, you’ll make your own judgements, as you should. Either way, I hope you have a very good day.

    • Sorry Frank W Brown but Old Madam Pantsuit Silly Hilly Clinton is as slippery as an eel and never forget that it was Slick Willie Clinton that taught her that bag of tricks she uses now as well….Personally I would like see the witch burned at the stake or given the WW2 Benito Mussolini treatment of being hanged upside down by her ankles untll she be dead dead dead!….And Slick Willie hanging next to her as well!

  18. James Hammontree

    Someone’s nose is growing!

  19. That witch has the same chance of being POTU as a snowballs chance in Hell…..Let’s hope she ends up in the hot place….
    Semper Fi

  20. This pantsuit harpy learned from the best, “bent” Wiily CLITon.


  22. other things have been said.
    1. “her server was something that was set up for bill clinton when he was president and was secure”.
    (That would make it a 22 year old server, rather outmoded) (you need to have security updates by federal system management if classified/sensitive/critical information was on the server)(it is approved by federal agencies for storage of classified data or it is not.)
    2. “her server was protected by the secret service”.
    somebody using network tools and a little investigation found that the server was located in manhattan, not at the clinton home.

    • Which was a LIE, Clinton was not using e-mail, and she set it u[ 2009, before she was confirmed.

      • Jeanne Stotler, neither is correct. The server was set up for Former Pres. Clinton’s office in their Chappaqua home. Just because Bill does not send email, I’m sure he receives emails aplenty. How he responds is his choice. Now then, Hillary’s email addy was created contemporaneous to her confirmation hearings for Sec. of State. Probably in contemplation of being confirmed.
        I’m sure the server has been kept up to date and well maintained and has a lot of security built into it.

      • Even Hillary says she was using emails. I doubt that this server was approved by federal IT for handling classified data, this is about 50% of the complaints about her using private email. Dont you think she would have said it was approved and by who at press conferences by now if it was.
        I realize that you are probably a big supporter of her but i urge you to think and take a serious analysis of her behavior. right now she is in a mine field trying to dance her way through this.

        • You cannot read well, admire her, NO WAY, couldn’t stand her as 1st Lady and she pulled a fast one to get a Senate seat, and her whole adult life is a farce, only one worse than her is current 1st Lady?? if that’s what she/he is now Laura Bush, a real classy woman.


  24. The Majority of states now require all people voting to show ID , also there will be more poll watchers than originally used in the last two elections. The figure I heard was over 100,000 outside of voting districts throughout the country . There are certain districts that will have more people watching than normal , especially in Conceal carry states & open Carry States. Any Buses pulling up blocks away with 7 plus occupants will be stopped , id’s will be required , plus names to match credit cards and EBT cards especially (Food StampCredit Cards ) , also questions will be asked of these people about where they live , what stores do they frequent in the area , plus where is the closest McDonalds . This has worked in the past , plus if these people are caught , they will be taken to local authorities to be arrested , the Press will be notified , so the public will know what candidates are breaking the law by busing people in. These 100,000 workers will be made up of Military Veterans , will be carrying signs that if caught voting twice or voting illegally , they will be jailed and will have to be tried in a Federal Court of Law.

  25. Truth and trust go hand in hand, no truth no trust. Hillary has proven time and time again that she cannot tell the truth, therefore she cannot be trusted.

  26. Hold her feet to the fire. She’s a liar and bad at it. Just watching her speak about it shows she lies. But what should we expect? That whole administration is one big lie after another. Take her to trial and make sure she never gets to hold public office again. Get that server of hers and milk it dry.

  27. What a lying jackass! Hold her accountable and prosecute!

    • mdrod1, prosecute her? For what? Have you been paying attention? If you are relying on the “intellectuals” on this “discussion” thread, or even the article, please do not. Unless you’ve already decided she is definitely guilty of….?

      • TREASON – Derliction of Duty – Failure to notify The Pres & Security !!
        4 Deaths !! – BenGahazi !! – buy a newspaper & put down th Kool-Aid, Lib Licker !!!

        • RangerRick, you say that. However, you are not the law nor do you decide what laws Mrs. Clinton has or has not broken.
          What I read notwithstanding, I’m sure it is a great deal more than you read and I evidently comprehend it better.
          Name calling is an extremely poor reflection on yourself. Rather childish.
          I did notice that you are a veteran and for that you deserve my sincerest gratitude.

  28. ladyofperpetulmotion .

    Allan West should run for president. I don’t vote but I would if he was running!

    • How about Adam West? – Batman !!

      • ladyofperpetulmotion .

        Actually it’s spelt Allen West, and I take it you’ve never heard of Allen West or you’re just showing your ignorance

        • Sorry folks but after all the danger already done by Kenyan Wonder Golfer in Chief Presidential Imposter Barack Hussein the Insane Obama and his buttboys Eric Holder and Jeh Johnson frankly no black man or black woman will ever be elected President or Vice-President again for the next 200 years or more!……..

  29. If you trust ANY politician your brain dead. The system we have today is not the system our founders envisioned !
    What we have is a snake with two heads, striking at the citizens every day. When the government takes away a Citizens fire arms they become a Subject, USSR, China, Iran, England, Japan, the list goes on.
    The government is not going to >put a check < on itself. If we have another election „ vote anyone out, if they've been in office more than one term, kick them OUT.
    It's up too We the People to stop what's going on.

  30. She committed a crime with her actions as specifically noted in other articles. She should have no say on what happens to her personal servers and computers. They should be confiscated as evidence and examined in detail. Isn’t that what would happen to you or I if we so much as made the wrong comment to someone in the government? Why has she not been charged with the crime?

  31. This woman has more “accidental” deaths in her wake, than Al Capone. She is ruthless, and probably bill is scared of her as well. WHY would anyone want her to be our president? I once asked a friend whom shouted with joy that hillary was running in 08, Just why she would vote for Hillary. My friend quickly answered …..because she is a woman. I was totally stunned. Lost all admiration for that friend, in an instant!

  32. Put the bitch in jail, along with Horn Dog it is long overdue.


  34. Yeah protected by billy boy and obummer

  35. Change heading to “HRC always makes matters worse”. Not just for herself but for all of us. Oh! But she said we should trust her. That changes everything. NOT

  36. If anyone actually buys her explanation..they are without doubt stupid. She’s a lawyer and KNOWS full well what it means to bypass regulations, rules, and laws. She a consummate liar.

  37. This headline should have read:
    “Hillary breaks wind, Liberals love it.”


    The buzzword tonight is flippant.Flippant with extreme laughter. I watched O’Reilly tonight with Bernie Goldberg as they chuckled away a very dangerous situation. OUR BRIBE TAKING GOVERNMENT can’t keep their secret service sober. There are more classified American secrets in The Chinese and Russian archives than are left in Washed out, DC. Between Private Mr and Mrs Manning and KGB agent Snowjob little is left in the old file cabinet. I heard a military guy say that we have a jet fighter that will take 10 years to complete and the Chinese with our plans already have it. They finished it in a year and a half. I honestly believe the democrat party some knowingly and others unknowingly is the communist party. As it becomes more obvious to people who use words like left wing, liberal and progressive many will refuse to admit it. The only reason it is becoming obvious now is that they are stronger and therefore bolder. Now they are reaching for powers they would not dare try before. Just look at what and who they control.

    1-the unions

    2- the schools

    3-some churches

    4-all forms of corruption like porn, drugs, gambling and bribery. Their legislation proves my point. How is that glaucoma coming? We need to suck fumes to see again. We don’t need weed we have marinol in liquid and suppository form. You don’t have to pass the roach around.

    4a) PROSTITUTION but enough about the democratzis.

    5-the 45 goals of the communist party all have been reached since 1962. one of which was to gain control of one or both political parties. They already have the abortion party and the RINOS are in training.

    6- When you see a Mexican flag replacing an American flag that is the beginning. When you see a communist university subsidized by American Taxes refuse to fly the flag of the nation the revolution has already begun. There is no difference between a communist spitting on returning GI’s or a College refusing ROTC on communist campus because of make believe issues that sound good to soft soapers.

    7-Our Supreme court now has 4 communists on the bench.

    8-Our president is a communist and an Anti Semite/Christian put into power by communists.

    9-So is the Mayor of New York elected by communists.

    There is only one side fighting and it has full control over the communist media. So when so called fair and balanced fools joke about Hitlery and her Machiavellian tactics. Beware this cobra is deadly and the viper nest plays by no rules.

    Forty-seven Senators sent a letter to stop Obama’s alliance with another terrorist country and the communists called them un patriotic in violation of their law of their treason, From Cuba to China to Putin land this party de la muerte only gets people killed. Whether it is 30 Seals in a CH47 or 2,347 dead Americans in Afghanistan classified as NATO troops to be identified later. To all the Christians being slaughtered and sold into slavery this president is hell bent to destroy the USA. He can’t do it alone. He needs his communist party and the unaware until it is gone forever America, Never can happen happens all the time,

    Remember this on 911 three thousand American died along with 200 children of pro life mothers. But 100,000 were running through the streets in panic. We have not seen ISIS and associates in our malls yet. An easier target with more impact are school kids. Sandy hook had no armed guards. How many more Sandy hooks? NO one in this whole country knew about 911 until it was over. No one will see the next atrocity coming.

    Yet Hillary Clinton screamed what did Bush know and when did he know it. Her party let BIn Laden Live in 1993. The next speech she gives about women’s rights she should give it to her husband first. Her Computers are the property of the American people for she did government work on them. The FBI should have seized them right away. For sure our enemies knew her every move and that had to cost American lives. To quote Shakespeare her party doth protest too much.

    You are witnessing a communist takeover revolution.

    The only alternative is an American Resurrection.





    The buzzword tonight is flippant.Flippant with extreme laughter. I watched O’Reilly tonight with Bernie Goldberg as they chuckled away a very dangerous situation. OUR BRIBE TAKING GOVERNMENT can’t keep their secret service sober. There are more classified American secrets in The Chinese and Russian archives than are left in Washed out, DC. Between Private Mr and Mrs Manning and KGB agent Snowjob little is left in the old file cabinet. I heard a military guy say that we have a jet fighter that will take 10 years to complete and the Chinese with our plans already have it. They finished it in a year and a half. I honestly believe the democrat party some knowingly and others unknowingly is the communist party. As it becomes more obvious to people who use words like left wing, liberal and progressive many will refuse to admit it. The only reason it is becoming obvious now is that they are stronger and therefore bolder. Now they are reaching for powers they would not dare try before. Just look at what and who they control.

    1-the unions

    2- the schools

    3-some churches

    4-all forms of corruption like porn, drugs, gambling and bribery. Their legislation proves my point. How is that glaucoma coming? We need to suck fumes to see again. We don’t need weed we have marinol in liquid and suppository form. You don’t have to pass the roach around.

    4a) PROSTITUTION but enough about the democratzis.

    5-the 45 goals of the communist party all have been reached since 1962. one of which was to gain control of one or both political parties. They already have the abortion party and the RINOS are in training.

    6- When you see a Mexican flag replacing an American flag that is the beginning. When you see a communist university subsidized by American Taxes refuse to fly the flag of the nation the revolution has already begun. There is no difference between a communist spitting on returning GI’s or a College refusing ROTC on communist campus because of make believe issues that sound good to soft soapers.

    7-Our Supreme court now has 4 communists on the bench.

    8-Our president is a communist and an Anti Semite/Christian put into power by communists.

    9-So is the Mayor of New York elected by communists.

    There is only one side fighting and it has full control over the communist media. So when so called fair and balanced fools joke about Hitlery and her Machiavellian tactics. Beware this cobra is deadly and the viper nest plays by no rules.

    Forty-seven Senators sent a letter to stop Obama’s alliance with another terrorist country and the communists called them un patriotic in violation of their law of their treason, From Cuba to China to Putin land this party de la muerte only gets people killed. Whether it is 30 Seals in a CH47 or 2,347 dead Americans in Afghanistan classified as NATO troops to be identified later. To all the Christians being slaughtered and sold into slavery this president is hell bent to destroy the USA. He can’t do it alone. He needs his communist party and the unaware until it is gone forever America, Never can happen happens all the time,

    Remember this on 911 three thousand American died along with 200 children of pro life mothers. But 100,000 were running through the streets in panic. We have not seen ISIS and associates in our malls yet. An easier target with more impact are school kids. Sandy hook had no armed guards. How many more Sandy hooks? NO one in this whole country knew about 911 until it was over. No one will see the next atrocity coming.

    Yet Hillary Clinton screamed what did Bush know and when did he know it. Her party let BIn Laden Live in 1993. The next speech she gives about women’s rights she should give it to her husband first. Her Computers are the property of the American people for she did government work on them. The FBI should have seized them right away. For sure our enemies knew her every move and that had to cost American lives. To quote Shakespeare her party doth protest too much.

    You are witnessing a communist takeover revolution.

    The only alternative is an American Resurrection.




  40. I don’t care what anyone says, this is an ignorantly stupid woman that has the backing of the Democrat Political Machine. She, like OBAMA, are nothing but puppets that have someone write their speeches and all they do is deliver the speech.

  41. Why not ask the NSA to deliver ALL e-mails recorded at her e-mail server address? We ll know that all e-mails are being recorded (as well as telephone calls) so why not get them all see if she turned in all the related e-mails. Once the NSA turns over the e-mails, it will be easy to see if she lied or not!

  42. Every time Hillary say something.
    All I hear is her breaking wind.

  43. I wouldn’t trust that b as dog catcher

  44. you can’t get any worse or crookeder than a clinton

  45. Stupid is as stupid does… she has no integrity whatsoever!

  46. is everyone TOO young to remember, she was fired by her boss of the Watergate committee for lying…the boss was a Democrat…it is on Google

  47. Madam Pants Suit Silly Hilly Clinton your pants suit is on fire!….Liar! Liar! Silly Hilly Clinton!

  48. Serve her with a warrant for the server and associated equipment (ie laptops, phones, hard drives, etc.). Once something has been written to a drive, it can be recovered unless it is totally overwritten with a government wipe program. If you wanted a small town mayor’s email, you’d come and get it; Hillary is just a private citizen the same as you and me, she has no special get out of jail free cards!

  49. Why is it so wrong working very hard for this Country despite obvious personal problems and health issues only to be hounded by the media amd others alike Leave Hillary Clinton alone Their is not a single politition who works harder then her along with Chuck Schumer I am by no means a liberal but i am a voter and will in fact use that tool for a better America no matter what party they reprecent Republican or Democrat Good Luck to you both

  50. Douglas W. Rodrigues

    Hillary is trying to bluff her way out of yet another lie. I wonder if she truly believes that people, other than liberals, would believe her?

  51. This is a quote by a fellow here in Florida who is a private citizen who sends letters to the local paper stating his opinion, he said “What say you America? Are you ready to return to the lies and double dealings of the Clintons?
    Hillary has demonstrated time and again that she’s not qualified to be anything other then an ex-first lady who stood by her husband for political gain.” Charles Krauthhammer has been quoted as saying, “Show me one thing that she accomplished as Secretary of State, not three, just one” The silence is deafening. Where was she on the night of Benghazi? Where was president Obama? Wake up America and demand to know who these people are.

  52. Obviously, this blood-stained harridan has been on the take from the Chicoms, Arab oil potentates and George Soros since at least 2000, probably sold national secrets on the internet for “foundation” graft and has contrived illegally to conceal this. Her response to date is essentially, “what are you gonna do about it?”, and the people and the Congress should pursue this until the long trail of bribes and bodies is revealed, a collection of “suicides” and “plane crashes” involving boyfriends, bimbos and bagmen that stretches all the way to Little Rock.

  53. How did she make things worse? No one is holding her accountable. Clinton’s and Obammy are teflon coated. Nothing sticks.Until something sticks the corruption will continue. Got that? Do you get it? Nothing but prosecution will stop them.Wake UP

  54. Uninformed voters along with the liberals (mentally challenged for being liberal) and people that don’t want to be held accountable for their actions will support anyone that will allow the government to be their mommy and daddy
    and give them everything that they desire. Any government that will give you anything that you desire or want is certainly big enough to take everything that you have.

  55. Every time she opens her mouth she makes things worse.

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