Hillary and the Shield of Sexism

When America’s liberal bloggers are telling Hillary Clinton to cool it with the “sexism” smears, you know something strange is going on. But since Clinton used her Shield of Sexism against liberal darling Bernie Sanders, these navel-gazers are suddenly being forced to (temporarily) put identity politics to the side.

Clinton got the ball rolling last week when she took a shot at her rival for the Democratic nomination. After Sanders claimed that “all the shouting in the world” would not keep guns from falling into the wrong hands, Clinton told attendees of the Jefferson-Jackson dinner that she was being maligned due to her gender.

“I haven’t been shouting,” she said. “But sometimes when a woman speaks out, some people think it’s shouting.”

Here we go.

The liberals came out to defend Sanders on this one, but they’ll be right back in her corner when the general election arrives. No matter who Clinton winds up facing next year, the media is going to back her up every time she levels the charge of sexism against her Republican opponent. This is the cornerstone of her campaign, after all. Why else would she admit in the last debate that the biggest difference between herself and Obama was that she was a woman?

We’ve already been through eight years of this idiocy. Barack Obama’s acolytes have insisted that his critics are racist since well before he took office. With this strategy, they are free to ignore the facts of any criticism he might receive and focus only on the tone. Will they repeat this strategy for Hillary? Of course. They already are.

A Daily Kos blogger, discussing the email scandal earlier this year, said Clinton’s gender was to blame for Republican attacks. “Since the story broke the press has justified their decision to cover it ad nauseam by claiming that it was newsworthy because it reinforced the narrative that Hillary was not trustworthy,” wrote the blogger. “A narrative that cannot be divorced from the sexist trope that any woman who seeks a position of prominence or power is some sort of Lady MacBeth figure.”

And after the debate, Amanda Marcotte at Salon was incensed that pundits were not sufficiently impressed with Clinton’s performance:

The most disturbing is the already-forming narrative that Clinton only looked good by comparison to her opponents. Ryan Lizza of the New Yorker came out of the gate early with that one:

“Hillary Clinton won because all of her opponents are terrible”

Lizza no doubt didn’t mean to come across as sexist, but it’s hard to escape the implication that if any of the men in the contest had been halfway decent, they would have beat Clinton.

You know you’ve constructed a poor argument when even laying it out in detail still fails to drive the point home. Ms. Marcotte, that “implication” was hard to escape because it wasn’t an implication. That’s exactly what he said. And it has nothing to do with sexism.

Liberals are desperate to drive this election away from substance. Substance doesn’t energize psycho feminists and college freshmen to the polls. Name calling and word-policing is the way to go. And if Clinton can ride through to November decrying every attack against her as a form of sexism, she’ll never have to worry about making a coherent case on merit.

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  1. Lying does not recognize sexism, whether it is man or woman who says a lies, the sayer is a liar.

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    • That’s right..When either Obama or Mr. or Mrs. Clinton is moving his/her lips, with sound coming out, you can rest assured he/she is lying!

    • Well Following the Progressive Lying Manifesto and Alinsky Doctrine she is so familiar with:;she says that:”
      and MSM laps up this BS by the Bucket full along with the IDIOTS that Follow the SOW

      • And, lest we forget, when Billy-Bob was caught lying, his wife (the very woman, who had already written how she “wanted to wring his neck,” when he professed to “a measure of truth”) wrote that the entire impeachment proceedings were nothing more than “a Right Wing attempt to discredit his administration.”
        As if he needed any help!!

        • That was just it though. It WAS a distraction and it worked on us not mature yet.That’s all they focused on so most people including myself -back then I was only 22 during the highly televised scandal (OJ and Bill are listed as most current events at the time in my sins baby book! Lol) still believed msm) had no idea what the Clintons really were until we got older, because all they talked about was what a perve he was so that’s all we knew until we sized up and discovered ALL the lies. I wasn’t awake then, fortunately my 20 year old son and many of his piers are “eyes wide open” to things I never dreamed true at his age. Thank goodness, they’re surfers, not engineers, you’d think the. Modern hippies but they are on to the Left/right bs and see all the lies, false flags, propaganda, and utter bs which gives me hope for our youth- they’re tired

        • I wish CNN nas C NBC would do some “VETTING” on Shil-lie-ry about her “DEALINGS with UBS along with those by OBUMMER and SLICK’s FOUNDATION …

  2. I don’t care what sex that fool Hillary is, she is a liar, and she loves Communists they are her heroes, scary thought that horrible women would get into the white house, she hates America more than that Muslim Obama does.

  3. Hillary Clinton would rather lie than eat. And she walks around with a sandwich in her hand all of the time !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Exaggeration is no different than lying.

      • You mean when Hillary claimed that herself and Chelsey came under fire. While exiting an aircraft. She has taken liar of the year away from Obama. Obama has proudly held that title for 6 straight years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Now, you are doing both – exaggeration and lying.

          • When it comes to exaggeration, you take the cake, though. Remember, you’re the one, who demands there is no God, as if you have all knowledge and, when people, like me, who wouldn’t be here, if He hadn’t answered the prayer of the righteous, offer the truth, you exaggerate.

          • I am an agnostic, not an athiest.

            You, on the other hand are a liar.

            Appasrently, you are one of those foolish Christians that bekuieve the Ten Commandments no longer apply to them.

          • I won’t dignify that statement, with a reply.

          • A reply would require dignity that you do not have.
            The ability to admit you are wrong.
            The ability to admit you have made a mistake.
            The ability that you have not acted as a Christian should act.

          • DING BAT on SITE!!!

          • American Christianity for the world to see.
            Is it not glorious?

          • Ding bat left the BELFRY…

          • American Christianity for the world to see.
            Is it not glorious?

          • I thank you for the compliment !The Bible says Judge ye let ye be Judged. There is but One God. Allah and all the others are False Idol’s.

          • The Bible also says that “Thou shalt not bring false witness agaunst thy neighbor”.

            Allah is the Arabic word for “The One God”. Allah is the same God worshiopes by
            Christians and Jews.

            Allah is the word for “God” used by both Christians, Jews and Muslims who speak Arabic.

            You are lying.

            You are continuing to lie even after you have been made aware of your error.

          • Unfortunately, AK(needs to learn to be a)Lady, the Bible you’re trying to quote (Agnostically, I’d say…Agnostics don’t seem to understand what the Word is all about, anyhow) also says for us to have no other Gods before Me (the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob…the very One all these idiots are so anxious to try to usurp and the very One, Who will throw every last one of them…along with their disciples…into the Lake of Fire.)

            So, be my guest, demand He isn’t Who He says He is. You’ll be screaming, “Jesus is Lord,” in that same darkness, along with the likes of every atheist, backslidden believer and fallen angel.

          • Christian hate and bigotry, is it not beautiful to behold.

            Love thy neighbor … The second of Jesus’ commands.

            Shame you do not listen to Him.

          • LOON on SITE!!!

          • Thank you.
            It is nice to have my points confirmed.

          • So glad you recognize that YOU are a LOON!

          • Every site seems to have one. It’s not that hard to see who the one (in any site) is!
            It was quite simple in this one, too!

          • It took time, folks, but AK and I finally agree on something: “..hate and bigotry…not beautiful to behold.”
            My point is this: AK, along with all the worldly bigots, in this and other forums, aim their bigotry at Christians and, when they meet someone, who refuses to bow to that bigotry, the fur begins to fly.

            I have yet to bow down to bigotry AK or any other heathen throws my way because I am alive and, as long as I live, I’ll forever praise the King, Who alone, is the Reason I am alive.
            Anyone, who can defeat that claim, with more than the rhetoric, used by AK and her cohorts, has yet to be found.
            Why? Because JESUS IS RISEN and HE IS LORD!!

          • Christian hate and bigotry, is it not beautiful to behold.

            Love thy neighbor … The second of Jesus’ commands.

            Shame you do not listen to Him.

        • Let’s not forget when Hi-liar-ly claimed to have been flat broke, when they left the White House the first time.

          • Well Now .. Sh-LIAR-ry stole enough China and Silverware from the “PEOPLE’s House” to start a STORE

        • uuuuu-RAHHH

      • and she lies BIG…..So true!

        • Redhawk, It’s the lying that makes her (along with Obama and all the other lying politicians) so appealing to the fallen race of American citizens.

          • and on top of that these Morons Collect Welfare and Procreate like Rabbits unless they also get Extra cash from Planned Parenthood for Throw away surpluses…

          • U.S. Sen. Zell Miller (D/GA…probably THE ONLY good democrat, left), who was tapped by Gov. Roy Barnes to replace U.S. Sen. Paul Coverdell – a duly elected Republican – as the democrats attempted to take over the U.S. Congress.
            Well, the plan failed because Miller turned out to be the best democrat, out there.
            In a newspaper, he was quoted, “The democrats have left the will of the people,” and he became a thorn in their sides.
            Early during his time in the Senate, Miller said abortion had ruined America’s chance of remaining a world military power.
            His explanation was that millions of male babies, who could have been military, were murdered and, because of this, our military is lacking.
            At the end of that term, Miller retired (again…Barnes had brought him out of retirement) and, lo and behold, he was replaced by Sen. Johnny Isakson – another Republican… Obviously, the south has given up on the stupid ways of the democrats in D.C.!!

          • To add to the LYING (D)itators here is the latest from Shillery about ” GUN CONTROL”
            1) Civago has the Strictest Gun Control in the USA
            2) in Six months more than 298 murdes have taken place there
            3)Chicago Chain of Command
            Sen Daffy Durbin
            Mayor Rahm Emmanuel
            House Rep ( jailed) Jessie Jackson Jr
            Gov Pat Quinn his teo Predecessors al (D) in Jail
            Illinois Pension fund $ 78 Bill unfunded
            Chicago ( cooks county) tax 10.25% and the Morons protest for HIGHER TAXES
            Detroit is another example , NY are Next and you cannot find any GOP running those SEWERS!
            May be Shillery better Know “HER STATE” of birth…do we need another (D)ictator in the OUTHOUSE???.

          • You are terribly confused.
            Please learn how your country is actually governed.
            Prime example of American ignorance and bigotry.

          • Our military is not lacking.
            There are so many willing to serve that Uncle get to take only the best.

          • You’re missing a few marbles, AKLady. Our military is stretched to the breaking point and the Loafer-in-Chief seems to think nothing is wrong with sending them out, without needed materials.

          • Congress makes the laws.

            Congress spends the money.

            Learn how your government works.

          • Redhawk,
            I have been totally disabled (by brain surgery – I was in my fourth coma, in 1999, when this happened) and have hated not being able to return to work.
            I have a Jewish friend (an Obama supported, you might know), who lumps me together, with all those, who are too lazy to work.
            Truth be told, I worked from 1978, through 1999, when disability removed me from the workforce and, when I am lumped together, with people, who don’t want to work – I remember a guy, who was laid off and remained on unemployment for the entire 6-months before he even looked for work – two others, whom I also know, were laid off and found other jobs within a matter of days – THAT is the difference.

            I am 54 years old and hoping to sell two novels I’ve written (getting started as a n author is not an easy thing to do).

            I don’t think any able-bodied individual, who is unwilling to work, should be allowed to eat.

          • God SPEED friend! Yes anyone without any “SKIN IN THE GAME” should not be allowed to VOTE unless having served in the MILITARY… Look forward to your Literary work!

          • You use the very resources you want to deny others. That, in and by itself, proves you are fully aware of the eligibility requirements.

            Brain injury? Yet here you are posting away on a computer.

            Obviously you can type and think. Moreover, you claim to have written two novels.

            hy are you not employed?
            You have just admitted you can work proved it without a doubt.

            What do you think people are idiots?

          • Madam: I wouldn’t expect you to attempt to understand what someone, who isn’t living the charmed life you are, is going through.

            My neurologist denies me permission to return to work…I’d assume he (along with any thinking individual) knows more than you.

            To explain idiocy, I’ll use you: You’ve assumed that anyone, who can sit and type, is able to do anything … simply because you (probably) can.
            Also, idiots are people, who see the truth and demand it’s not there.
            Such as someone, who cannot deny the existence of the Almighty and yet demands that He isn’t Who He says He is.

            (Note for anyone reading this: Watch, now, for an onslaught of insults.)

          • Facts are not insults.
            You are the one insulting.

          • American bigotry and hate.

            Is it not beautiful to behold.

          • American bigotry and hate.
            Is it not beautiful to behold.

        • Thank you.
          Now, stop and think about what you just said and did.

          • You Better take some of your Advice….and then APPLY it……Unless you are relatd to that DEranged Debbie W-S… a ousin of Shillery locked in aapadded room nwhich case … you are Hopeless

          • Maybe your should learn how to type? Either that is the problem or you are a terrible speller.

    • However Judging by her ample “DERRIERE” she LIES and Eats frequently in large amounts…

  4. Killary Rotten Benghazi Clinton will never change. She/it is evil to the bone!

  5. Gotta love liberals! If ya don’t like Oblame-o’s ideology, you are, of course racist! If ya think Ohillary is a typical, lying, socialist fraud, you of course are sexist! Poor, poor Bernie! He has nothing to “shield” himself with.

  6. Short fat fanny is not the solution to the problems obama has created in this nation. She is a problem. Want to remember Benghazi? How many have died during the clinton years? Truth or fiction?

    • Exactly! I’m surprised she hasn’t yet “given” Bernie a stroke!

    • .
      another descriptive name for hildabeast “short fat fanny”.

    • Exactly what problems are you referring to?
      Congress makes the laws.
      Congress spends the money.

    • There’s another problem (for a Republican, should he/she come into office in January, 2017). Just like Bush, Jr. was blamed for all the stupidity, inherited from Clinton, the democrats will forever lay the blame at the foot of a conservative president.
      Sure, Clinton left office with a surplus, but nobody seems to realize that it was because he’d had a majority Congress to work with. THEY gave him the Line Item Veto, from which he balanced the budget.
      If he’d had the same democratic party ruling in both houses of congress, he’d never (absolutely NEVER) have balanced anything!
      Also, the American dim bulbs like to say Bush blew that surplus but I’ve yet to meet one, who didn’t get his/her share of the surplus that Bush gave back to the people.

      • LOL,
        The national debt tripled under the Regan Administration.

        The national debt doubled under the Bush II Administration.

        Lower taxes, start two wars and borrow the money to pay for them It is called Republican New Math.

        • (Apparently, you laugh at the beginning of your inane comments because you’re trying to convince yourself that you’re saying something intelligent.)
          Let’s look at the truth…from LBJ, through Obama:
          Johnson’s national debt rose 3.18%
          Nixon’s rose 5.25%
          Ford’s (in little more than two years) rose 13.28%
          Carter’s rose 9.32%
          Reagan’s rose 14.18%
          Bush Sr.’s rose 11.62%
          Clinton’s rose 3.99% (wonder if he was more interested in the interns than he was in America’s fiscal future, but that’s just me)
          Bush, Jr.’s rose 8.3%
          and Obama’s has alrerady risen 15.21%

          (This is from http://www.thestreet.com/story/10959884/1/national-debt-a-look-at-presidents-tabs.html, in case the woman, who demanded Bush doubled the deficit.)

          Also, I don’t care what you think…Those wars weren’t started by Bush. We were attacked (when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, a lot of idiots, out there, demanded FDR was wrong to retaliate. Of course, had it been Clinton in office, when the Towers fell, all those, who demand the only reason for the War on Terror is a barrel of oil, would be singing a completely different tune!

          And, lest we forget, Clinton was offered the arrest of bin Laden by Jordan and he did nothing.
          Sounds like Obama did, when he tried to thwart the capture of bin Laden, before bin Lade was killed.

          • I suggest that you take a refresher math course. Your numbers are incorrect.

            Reagan 189%
            Bush I 55%
            Clinton 37%
            Bush II 86%
            Obama 35%

          • Not according to Google. You can assume anything you like (most liberals love to do that, don’t they?). I go by the facts I find, online.

          • “According to Google” – you must be kidding.

            Do the math.

            The numbers are on the U.S. Government’s web site.

          • The only math needed to be done, woman, is the fact that Obama inherited a $2,000,000,000,000 deficit and blew it into the stratosphere in a short time. By the time he’d been in office (playing tiddlywinks, of course) for six months it was already over $15 trillion.

            Did you miss the news? Oh, right…ABCNews didn’t report it.

          • Deficits to not begin and end on the inaguation of a President.

            The federal debt is cumulative.

            If you want to know the deficit arising from the Obama Administration, you will have to do some research and get out your adding maching.

            Put as simply as possible, you will need to add up all the cost overruns on spending which took place after Oct. 1, 2009.

            Good luck, and have fun.

          • Once again, you were probably watching the liberal-based evening news, when the news of how Obama’s national debt had been blown from a mere $1.(something) trillion, up to around $14 trillion.
            I don’t remember what he did to blow it sky-high (why should I do your homework for you, anyhow…If you want to know, YOU GO FIND IT!) Recently, I saw that Obama’s national debt is now around $16 or $17 trillion. I hope you have the money to sustain you, after your favorite bum is out of office.


            There is expenses still being added which date back to WW II

            Deficit spending is the issue. Congress spends the money.

            Bush started two wars.
            At the samw time he severely cut revenue
            by cutting taxes.

            Those wars, and those tax cuts went on for years.
            Congress still has not fixed the problem.

            It has nothing, whatsoever to do wtih Obama.

          • Forced to raise taxes twice to avert financial catastrophe, the Gipper nonetheless presided over a tripling of the American national debt to nearly $3 trillion.

            Reagan raised taxes 11 times.

          • Reagan Supported the “Socialist” Earned Income Tax Credit
            Both during and after the 2008 presidential campaign, Republican candidates and commentators blasted Barack Obama’s proposals to offer Americans expanded tax credits as “socialism”, “welfare” and worse. If so, they should also be directing their ire at Ronald Reagan.

  7. How do the stupid voters get educated?

  8. At this point Hildabeast is extremely luck to be walking around free, she should have been in jail a long time
    ago and never let loose upon civilized people again.

    • Oh please jail her now…There must be some justice somewhere in my country.

      • MaryAnn33: Don’t we wish? It seems as if justice, along with common sense, has left the U.S., for now and it was made obvious by the fact that Billy-Bob Clinton got off, scott free.

    • James Maxwell: I would like to offer to you the same thing I say to all the military (past, present, as well as those, who are in ROTC, preparing to serve), I meet: I lost every iota of my hearing (I have not had one mark on an audiogram since I was 10 years old – that’s when Meningitis left me totally Deaf) and I feel insulted when the wimps in the American media take potshots at the men and women, who are willing to die in order to keep our freedoms on the books.
      I, for one, appreciate every one of you and I know I wouldn’t be free to argue, had it not been for people, like you.

      Thank you, sir.

  9. Hillary (the wife of that impeached disbarred felon
    Bill Clinton) will be known for four principal inventions, among many less

    1) She
    invented a new name for Marxism, i.e., “Politics of Meaning”;

    2) She organized
    a perfect “suicide” of her reputed lover Vince Foster, and retrieved
    compromising paperwork from Foster’s office – illegally; an Olympic-type
    gymnast that guy Foster to be able to kill himself by a bullet in the back of
    his head;

    3) She beat all
    known records in cattle futures overnight trading (a new name for bribery); and

    4) “What does
    it matter now?” – She said after trying to excuse the Benghazi murder cover-up.
    Let us ask how they feel the parents of those four men abandoned by Hillary and
    B. Hussein Obama and left to die at the hands of a radical Muslim mob, who
    clearly were supplied with their weapons by … Hillary and Obama. You remember –
    that “April Spring” program.

    I challenge you to name a
    single accomplishment from Hillary Clinton that isn’t personal in nature. From
    her years as Secretary of State? Accomplishments = ZERO. From her years as a Senator from New York?
    Accomplishments = ZERO. Even her time as
    a simple lawyer… remember why she got fired from the Watergate investigation? Her employer, Jerry Zeifman, a lifelong
    Democrat said, “Because she was
    a liar. She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the
    Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of this Committee, and the
    rules of confidentiality.”

    Asked in April 2014 to explain her proudest
    accomplishment as secretary of state, Hillary offered up some world-class
    pabulum: “I really see my role as secretary, in fact leadership in general in a
    democracy, as a relay race,” she said.
    “When you run the best race you can run, you hand off the baton.” That’s the type of thing you say when you
    don’t have a record to stand on. The sad truth of Hillary Clinton is that she
    is as empty and unqualified as Senator Barack Obama was in 2008… and remember
    how well that turned out. And then there was the Travel-gate, Whitewater-gate,
    e-mail-gate…and 48 other unexplained early deaths of their collaborators
    who suddenly became unreliable. Hillary Rodham Clinton, the wife
    of that impeached disbarred felon and master in extra-marital affairs William
    Jefferson Clinton, is slithering into her presidential campaign. Justifiably
    tired after visiting 122 countries, having eaten some 6×122=722 first-class
    meals, having stayed in 122 first class hotel suites (all of the above
    admittedly just rough estimates), having accomplished absolutely nothing of any
    significance during those trips, and having taken the responsibility for the
    Benghazi murders without any consequences Let us resume then: “Whitewater-gate, China-gate, Travel-gate, File-gate, Email-gate, Benghazi-gate,
    Hillary-care, Pardon-gate, “Pay to Play”, Rose Law Firm billing
    records, Vince Foster, Charlie Trie, Johnny Chung, Renting Lincoln Bedroom,
    Bosnia airport sniper, Bill & Hillary & Chelsea Foundation funded by
    foreign interests, H-1B Visas, 3rd section of Defense of Marriage Act.” E-mail
    scandal is the least of her crimes. And now that low-life declared her
    candidacy for presidency! So long, Hillary! Au revoir! Aufwiedersehn! Hasta la
    vista! Ciao!

    on the murder of Hillary’s lover Vince Foster: the two had a secret apartment
    in Washington designed for their afternoon sexual encounters. When the
    congressional committee requested the Rose Law firm documents proving Hillary’s
    criminal activities, it was found that those documents were in Foster’s
    possession; he told Hillary that he could not refuse any longer to produce
    them. Hillary then gave Foster the usual call for their afternoon f**k – but
    sent instead her two goons who abducted him by force, drove him to that empty
    park, and executed him by a shot in the back of the head. At the same time
    Hillary’s goons entered illegally Foster’s office in the White House,
    rifled his files until they found those incriminating Rose law firm papers, and
    removed them. After one year had passed Hillary declared that she had found
    those papers in her bedroom and burned them since they had no useful purpose
    any longer. Her agents declared that Foster committed suicide by a shot in
    the back of the head, with the handgun found close by with only his
    fingerprints on it; the handgun had no other fingerprints on it, having been
    thoroughly cleaned up beforehand. Murders have no time limit – and I hope that
    one day that Marxist murderous bitch (the wife of that impeached disbarred
    felon Bill Clinton) will be brought to court – preferably presided by a justice
    not nominated by B. Hussein Obama, our Marxist Muslim President from Kenya.

    • As former Arkansas Gov. Huckabee alluded to near the end of the CNBC-TV sponsored Republican Presidential Candidate’s Debate, last night, Wednesday, October 28, 2015, when he declared he fought and won elections against “the powerful Clinton machine in Arkanasa, and I’m still alive!”

  10. Being a woman is the only thing Hillary Clinton has going for her…and she knows it…plus there are those who will vote for her for no other reason than she is a “woman” with which she is using the “sexist” theme to front her candidacy…this strategy might well win her the Presidency in 2016 as there are many folk who would enjoy having a woman as the first POTUS whether she has any accomplishments, little, or none to her record…Isn’t this why Barack Obama won the Presidency?…
    the news media presented Obama as being black when nothing could have been further from the truth…Obama is more white than he is black…in reality he is 50% white…40% Arab…and 10% black…with which his ancestors were slave traders…Oh my…does saying that make me a racist?

    • Not in MY view, elmcqueen3….The racist is the one, who uses the term to get ahead. I, for one, am tired of being labeled racist by someone, who has gone to great lengths to cause problems and, when the person is caught, demands that those, who caught her were racistly inclined.
      Obama hid behind the color of his foreign born dad’s skin, to win the White House and now Hillary is hiding behind lack of being a male in an attempt to do the same.

      The sad thing is this: Beavis promised to removed our 2nd Amendment rights — something he KNEW he couldn’t do without more votes than he would ever hope to have and now Butthead is doing the same thing.
      The question is this: Will the idiots, who voted for Beavis be dumb enough to fall for the same stupidity and vote for Butthead?

      The answer remains to be seen!

  11. Thanks MarcJ for your comment!! I knew Over the Hill and Slick Willie were both scumbags but you gave me insight on how low they would go. They eliminate anyone in there way, I knew that. It sickens me to see her and her lying mouth continue to get away with fooling people. Get rid of the old Hag and send her on her way to the Countries she took money from who believe in killing there women for no reason.

  12. Hillary has lied to you people about chelsey’s real dad. Its not Bill the pervert, its Web Hubbel who she was doing at Rose Law firm along with Vince Foster. Hillary was a slut and is now a lesbian doing (among who knows how many others) Huma Abedin who is her right hand.
    She is also a damned criminal who 100 years ago would have been put to death for treason.
    Her time is short and THE DAY WILL COME when she will stand before the righteous king who sees right through her damned lies. Yashua.

  13. DRY UP HILDA BEAST, DRY UP! YOU, Hillary Clinton are a sociopath, a liar, a pariah . YOU HAVE NO CREDIBILITY with anyone other then SLOBBERING, MINDLESS, SOCIALIST democ-RATS. Your cries of sexism are like the little boy who cried Wolf one too many times.

  14. I have yet to see a single Democrat that does not use one or the other of these rants. Obama used Racism,
    Hillary Uses Sexism, Pelosi uses Sexism, Harry Reid he just uses I DONT CARE IF I LIED, HE DIDNT GET
    ELECTED DID HE. YES there are three Sexism, Racism and LYING all three are in the main quiver of the
    Democratic Party.

    • He can still be censored or even expelled from the senate.

      • When you find a Senate, with both parties fair enough to do that, let me know. I want to live in that fantasy land.

        • Republicans control the Senate now and I would think that they would be angry enough with that jerk to do that. Or maybe that would require a 2/3 vote? Not sure about that.

    • And those three are waiting to see if the idiots, who fell for Obama’s lies will prove themselves to be stupid enough to vote for another lying democrat.

      • The answer to that one is YES they are thinking and thinking very strongly that they will be voting
        for and electing another Democrat who will continue the same lying ways.

        • The good thing is this: The Dimbulb Nitwits Company will often elect a Republican, after a dim bulb of their choosing screws things up beyond repair.
          That way they can blame everything on the incoming Republican.

          This gives us hope that HIllary will become this election’s Al Gore. Remember, Gore never showed his ugly face in politics again. Maybe we’ll get so lucky with that old railroad map faced woman.

          • I think I understand what you are talking about Frazier, we lived thru this with Jimmy
            Carter and Bill Clinton and now we are having to live with the NEAR DOWNFALL of our
            entire country under Barack Obama. Hopefully the People of this Great Country make
            the right decision and elect a leader who will take us forward in the manner that is
            in concert with the United States Constitution.

          • RMCSRET: The best news is this: The way things look, America ain’t gonna be here much longer.
            Speaking from what I know about the Holy Bible, you can see this country in the Book of Daniel (the eagles wings, which came out of a lion .. the lion is England and, as we all know, America came out of England.
            The same creature, in the Book of the Revelation, doesns’t mention the eagle, though.
            Now, I’m sure a lot of people – especially those, who come in here, demanding God isn’t Who He says He is – will argue this point, but I think America is about to fall. When that happens, Israel will be left on her own — of so, the Muslims and Russia will assume.
            Those will attempt to take the Promised Land from the very people to whom it was given and that will bring about World War III, which will culminate with the Messiah of the Jews (the very One they have rejected) returning to save His chosen people from almost certain destruction.

            Now, before anyone rants about this, allow me to set a challenge: Unless you can prove this wrong, you don’t have a leg to stand on.

  15. The fact that a large number of the liberal dem bloodsuckers/aka American Jihadists are still supporting the Clinton outlaw, is a comment on their morals, honor and integrity, or rather the lack of same.
    They will support/accept any lie, any cheat or any theft, so long as it advances their ideology, just like their Muslim counterparts.
    We are at the place where it is not feasible or desirable to continue to coexist with these ersatz life forms.
    We must physically separate pourselves from in order to prevent civil war.

    • Don’t forget the 85% – 90% of black voters who will vote for her irregardless of she and her husband Slick Willie’s lies and deceptions. Consider: recent media reported 30 black mayors declared they support this lying demagogue despite she and her families sordid history.
      It’s similar to when most of the Black Congressional Caucus members, held a news conference on the Capitol Stairs supporting Slick Willie after he lied to Americans of “not having sex with that woman.”
      We remaining 10% – 15% “blacks are ostracized by the these lock-step blacks for thinking and choosing for ourselves.

      • Blacks are not yet ready to be allowed to vote….They must evolve and earn the right….They are not evolving.

        • That’s not completely true. I mean, a lot of white people don’t seem to have the sense the Good Lord gave to a gnat, either.

      • Encore: I have to disagree with you. Since the General Election of 1992, I’ve noticed that the South has gone to the Conservative candidate, every time.
        Even when Obama seemed to pull off a miracle victory, he lost the South and we all know most of the voters in the South are black.
        In 2012, Obama only won Florida and that’s probably because of all the yankees, who have moved South to escape the cold.
        (btw, They’re also the idiots, who couldn’t figure out how to vote, when Bush beat Gore — don’t anyone say it was stolen, either…The count went on into the Summer of 2001 and Gore was defeated by a hefty number of votes.
        Idiots, who call themselves democrats, have been crying about it ever since!

        • I appreciate your assessment. It does have geographical validity. Black southern voters are more conservative; however, over-all vast majority of blacks will vote for the liberal, progressive Democrat.
          Hopefully Dr. Carson will keep his promise of informing blacks how they have, and continue being manipulated by said Democrats.

          • I have to disagree. About 15 years ago, I worked for a printing office, where we did a number of funeral programs for black funeral homes. One of those had an owner, who was a local politician and, when I asked why he was democrat, his response was, “The Republicans have never done anything for the black man.
            I shot down that theory with the greatest of ease by asking if he were aware that Abe Lincoln, who signed the Emancipation Proclamation was a Republican and that all those old time southern governors, who were pro-segregationists were all democrats.
            When he tried to deny that, I challenged him to look up who the governor of Alabama was, who stood in the door of the Univ. of Alabama in an attempt to prevent black students from entering (I’ll tell you…it was none other than the ultra segregationist, George Wallace).

            My point is this: A lot of people are democrats because they were told something and didn’t bother to find out whether it was true or not. The man, I just mentioned, refused to accept what can easily be found now that the internet is brimming with information and you no longer have to go to the library and spend hours looking for information.
            T’he sad thing is this: He didn’t want to know the truth!!

          • True enough. Your point is accurate. For example, I’ve told democrats Dr. Martin Luther King was a registered Republican, they vehemently deny it. Or when told Democrats consistently voted against Republican sponsored anti-lynching legislation in Congress. Or post Civil-War black legislators were violently and physically thrown out of office by democrats.
            Seems blacks have forgotten: Democrats founded the KKK; Orville Farbus, Governor of Arkansas was a Democrat; John Stennis, Senator of Mississippi was a Democrat and many notable others, including President Woodrow Wilson. All Democrats; all staunch segregationists.

          • Encore: You know that and I know that, but those, who don’t know that are the ones, whose votes are being stolen by the democrats.
            The same thing happened, when I told a Jewish lady, whom I’ve known since 1975, about how Obama not only suggested splitting Jerusalem, giving half to Palestine, but went out of his say to get the wheels in motion to do just that.
            Her reason for refusing to accept what I know was because ABCNews hadn’t reported it and, according to her, theirs is unadulterated news.
            She even argued, with my wife, who had heard the same report, because she couldn’t accept that the man, whom she had voted for twice, was an anti-Semite.

            I can accept that this woman’s mother was helped out of Nazi Germany by a Democrat in the White House, but I don’t know how to accept the fact that she believes NO democrat is going to be against her, now.

  16. .
    Pathetic but true. liberals will scream sexism with no provocation. If necessary they will lie to accuse an innocent person of either sex of sexism or racism.
    liberals are professional racists and sexists.

    • Spoken like a true red-state “conservative”.

      The U.S. Census documents that the “red” states have the highest levels of school dropouts.

      Interesting note, back in the day, the Communists were called “Reds”.

    • Remember that it was Gloria Allred and the democrats who crucified Herman Cane on the burning cross of the KKK.

      • Femminists are a tragic part of America’s past…Women who wished they were born male…But they are a small minority…Burning bras did a great injustice to womans anatomy….breast need support..foolish women.

        • If at any time, you wish to return to second-class personhood, feel free to do so. Please forgive the majority who will not join you in that endeavor. We like having control over our own bodies. We like having say in our government …

          • “…control over (your) bodies,” seems to mean you want to be able to do as you please and not have to suffer the consequences … i.e. – raise an unwanted child, who was conceived on the backseat of a beat up old Chevy.

          • AK is a troll. Google her. She spews the same nonsensical attacks on every single article. Page after page will pop up.

          • Mark 12:31

            The Greatest Commandment
            …30AND YOU SHALL LOVE THE LORD YOUR GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART, AND WITH ALL YOUR SOUL, AND WITH ALL YOUR MIND, AND WITH ALL YOUR STRENGTH.’ 31″The second is this, ‘YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.” 32The scribe said to Him, “Right, Teacher; You have truly stated that HE IS ONE, AND THERE IS NO ONE ELSE BESIDES HIM;…

          • Thanks, the Lord and I are good.

          • Really?
            Then you are blind.

          • Wow, you’re an expert and have personal knowledge between me and my relationship with Jesus? I guess that makes you a prophet.

          • No, Sara, you publish your status for everyone in the world to see.

          • Really? Tell me about myself. What kind of person do you think I am? Would you like to discuss it over dinner love? My treat. I’ll even put you up for free in a beautiful oceanfront room. I’d love to meet you.

          • I love to publish my “status” (as she calls it) for the world to see….My “status” is the fact that I know, without a doubt, that Jesus Christ is Lord and, whether the likes of AK believe that, makes absolutely NO different.
            I also know that, except for a loving God, AK’s “day of salvation,” wouldn’t be here — and it may not, much longer. The woman better careful, lest the Holy Spirit removes Himself from her midst and she loses ALL opportunity … THEN, she’ll have signed herself to eternity in Hell by rejecting His calling too long.

            Not only that…People, herein, will have no blame, there, since we’ve endured her insults and attempted to show her both the error in her ways and the path of salvation.

            Truth be told, she can insult me, all she wants….I know it’s not ME, she insults. It’s the One, Whom she rejects.

          • For someone, who goes around denying the Almighty to come back and quote His Word, chapter and verse, you’re a confusing individual, AK.
            That reminds me, “For God is not a God of confusion but of peace, as in the churches of the saints.”

            Because of this, I wonder where the confusion you’re emanating is coming from.

          • You object to having your “weapon” used against you?

          • The nonsensical way you use His Word, to further your sins reminds me of how a lot of others (homosexuals, for one) have taken that same route, in attempting to make their sins look lovely.

          • The truth will set you free.

            Nowhere in the Bible does it say BEING homosexual is a sin, or even wrong.

            Leviticus 18 and 20 are in regartd to idolatry. So does Ramans 1.

            Then we have 1 Corinthians 6 which speaks to pedophilia which is not homosexuality.

            Baby boy, you can twist the Bible many ways. Mostly, it is used to teach and reinforce hate and bigotry.

          • You’ve misquoted AGAIN (seems your best responses are always a misquote)…John 8:32 promises that you will know the Truth (John 14:6 is where Christ said He is the Truth) and the Truth will set you free.

            You cannot be free as long as you deny Him being the Truth.

          • I do not “misquote” anything.

            I copy and paste exactly hoe it appears in the Bible.

            Stop telling lies.

          • II Co. 10:4 – “The weapons of OUR (not your…OUR) warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.”
            YOU CANNOT USE GOD’S WEAPONS AGAINST ME BECAUSE YOU DON’T KNOW HIM. And, if you did, you would never try to use them against a brother in Christ. It’s the world, and it’s inhabitants — as I’ve pointed out, previously, those, who are seeking the wide gate and the wide path – leading to damnation — who are attempting to use (as you’ve done, in this medium) the Word of God to your own devices.
            You’ve failed, Satan failed, the world is failing and the Lord is still Lord of all.

          • My god is better than your god.

            A childish arguement that has gone on since the beginning of time.

            You cannot be satisfied with people believing in a higher power – it has to be your higher power.

            Childish stupidity.

            They very reason I believe that all religion is simpluy a tool for power and control.

          • Another one who does not like facts
            Attack someone you can impress.

          • Sara, While this forum is run on opinions, I, personally, am opposed to adjectives that belittle people.
            Simply, I would rather debate, in a mature fashion that put people down with adjectives.
            Thanks anyway.

          • More power to you. The belittling adjective was used for lack of a better term, and I agree with you, I’ve just never witnessed any contribution of any information, only contrarianism toward any valid point, but sincerely hope you that you have a different experience.

          • It takes two try to remember that.

          • My wife and I did none of that, prior to our wedding night, woman!!! I cannot speak for you .. I won’t even try .. because I had classmates in school, whose idea of “a good date,” was finding a hidden place to park the ol’ Chevy.

            America’s morals have gone down the river and organizations, like Planned Parenthood, made that possible!
            THAT (alone) is why I am against Obama, et al, taking MY tax dollars and putting them into that MURDER MILL.

          • You have been lied to. You have swallowed those lies, hook, line and sinker. Not once could you get off your bigoted duff and do nay factual research.

            You are a prime exampke of rigtwing brainwashing.

            Your tax dollaes do not pay for abortion unless it is medically necessary.

            Planned Parenthood provides health care — it provides birth comtrol.

            It is a primary source of medical care for finaically challenged individuals. They treat both men and women.

          • I pay taxes. Therefore if the big kahuna uses tax money to pay for abortions and I pay taxes, he is using MY money to murder unborn children.

            Just like when they use MY tax money to pay for YOUR brats’ education.

          • My garndchildren are old enough to vote.

            Tax money only pays for medically necessary abortions.

            If you want your way, I suggest you move to Catholic Ireland.

          • I like having say in our government. I would not kill the baby inside me..I would not murder innocents…Take another look at your selfish self….

          • I thought we gave up being superior in order to be like men….Even Docs will tell you that men are not all that.

        • Maryann, I’m with you on the neofems. They’re doing society a great disservice. But everyone, ignore AK lady, she’s a regular troll who disagrees intentionally with everyone no matter how articulate or what point they’ve made and makes no attempt to see the others point of view. She just launches attacks about one’s “second grade response”, tells you to “go back to school”, and the like. Seriously, just google her screen name and you’ll see endless pages and pages of the same exact rhetoric she spews.

    • Watch out…Remember Hillary is a white woman.,,,,No one wants that in the black white house now….

      • Spoken like a true red-state “conservative”.

        • Spoken like a liberal jackass! (Is not the jackass the mascot of the liberal democratic party?)

          • Apparently, you take pride in American bigotry?

          • No. I just fight the bigotry I see people, like you, spewing. Bigots, in my view, are those, who make good men and women (Christians, if you will) into a bunch of bad guys.

          • Mark 12:31

            The Greatest Commandment
            …30AND YOU SHALL LOVE THE LORD YOUR GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART, AND WITH ALL YOUR SOUL, AND WITH ALL YOUR MIND, AND WITH ALL YOUR STRENGTH.’ 31″The second is this, ‘YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.” 32The scribe said to Him, “Right, Teacher; You have truly stated that HE IS ONE, AND THERE IS NO ONE ELSE BESIDES HIM;…

          • Right….I’ve loved you enough to show you how you can be numbered amongst those, who are going through the narrow gate, onto the narrow path, leading to salvation.
            You don’t reject me…You reject God’s love.

            Why? My guess is because agnostics, who already know what the Word says (you’ve proven this) demand it doesn’t mean what it says, although it’s all in black and white (and red, depending upon if you have a Bible, with the words of Christ outlined.)

            My mind goes back to when you demanded that those of use, who have been raised from deathbeds by the prayers of the righteous, being answered by the Almighty, Whose desire was for us to be here, to help you see Him, was simply a misdiagnosis.
            I’ll tell you this: When I read that, I had a hardy laugh.
            Why? Because doctors in Macon, GA, Atlanta, GA, Augusta, GA and Dallas, TX, all said the same thing and it could be ALMOST believable for one to misdiagnose this.
            However, I’ve spoken to a boatload of doctors and ALL of them are in agreement that I shouldn’t be here.

            I’ll simply await your comeback, in which you demand that YOU know more, with your limited understanding of medicine, than men and women, who studied for years, do.

            (btw…I know it’s coming because, like so many others, you cannot admit you’re wrong!)

          • Which god might that be? There are rhousands of them.
            Why is your God better than all the others?
            I’ve know more than a few doctors in thos areas. So don’t make me laugh too hard.
            I was repeatedly misdiaghosed by multiple “specialists”.
            I was told I had Multiple Sclerosis, put through painful test after painful test.
            What was actually wrong — I had teeth
            filled with military grade amalgam fillings.

          • I believe that all those Gods are the same God in a monitheistic world, simply called different names in different cultures. The books all tell pretty much the same story-link them up with ancient history studies and the connections are clear.

          • I’ve told you this, already…There is but one God, Whose tomb is empty. That is the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
            Truth be told, the signs (He gave His disciples) to show how we would know His return is nigh, are happening all around us.
            These arguments that you so enjoy being in the midst of, may be your final opportunity to realize the error in your way, repent and make Him Lord of your life.
            Whether anyone (and I mean ANYONE) is found to have his/her name in the Lamb’s Book of Life, is his or her responsibility – I can only get my name there and the same is true for you.
            You keep quoting the Word and the Ten Commandments, but you seem to think it is all right to break the very first one and have other gods before Him.

          • You are playing the my god is better than your god game.

            It is a game of hate.

            It is a game I do not approve of.

          • I’m right there with you. I’m a science minded nurse and in my studies of all sciences, my own near death experiences, and in asking Him for signs, all roads led back to a creator. I was given more proof than I ever needed in a lifetime such that I never would have a doubt again. It’s truly remarkable and amazing once you’ve been given the answers to your prayers in such a way that leaves no doubt. I feel very blessed, free and fearless as I fence walked most of my life, I wanted to believe it all, but I didn’t see the proof until I really sought hard.

          • Andrew Jackson’s enemies twisted his name to “jackass” as a term of ridicule regarding a stupid and stubborn animal.

        • Ben would beat Hillary because he is black.

    • You would not recognize a true liberal if they walked up and slapped you in the face.

      Thomas Jefferson, for example was both liberal and socialist. That free public education people receive is the result of his humanist leanings.

      Well, that is how people who act like Jefferson are labeled.

      In actuality, Jefferson believed that America would have a better future if the electorate was literate and received a basic education.

      • .
        Sure I would recognize a true liberal, they walk around with a shit eating grin because they have their heads up their asses pretending their theories and spending programs are not a repeat of programs that have failed in both the distant and recent past. They never learn from experience. They call it profiling.

        • Perfect description of Saint Reagan and his ‘trickle down economics’. Apparently. Ronnie was a liberal. Lordy, he sure did fool a lot of people.

      • I’ll bet they can recognize a complete A$$HOLE like you.

      • “Free public education,” isn’t exactly “FREE”! Nothing is free. The truth is, taxes pay for it an, although I have no children, I am stuck paying for someone else’ kids to go to school.

        Now, I would like for you to prove that Thomas Jefferson was “both liberal and socialist,” as you said.

        • You are paying to insure this country has aliterate electorate.
          You are paying to train the next generation of workers who will be taxpayers, as you are now.
          You are paying to insure freedom in this nation,
          I ocild go on, but that should provide you with a starting place.
          The world does not revilve aroind Frazier.

          • I never said the world DID revolve around me, woman!
            The thing is, if I’m paying for a bunch of kids to go to school, why am I not given any say as to what they’re taught? Why do they demand to teach kids evolution, when it cannot be proven and, in reality, if anything is actually happening, mankind is becoming shorter, NOT taller, as in the case of idiots demanding we came from monkeys.

            Just as I’ve suggested, previously, YOU cannot prove Christianity is false, which is why YOU always demand that WE prove it is true.
            Again, I’ll reiterate: The best defense always going to be YOUR thinking you’re on a good offense.

          • Evolution cannot be proven?

            What cave have you been in for the pst 50 years?

          • Not monkeys, Frazier, apes.

            Kingdom Animalia(animals)
            Phylum Chordata(chordates)
            Subphylum Vertebrata(vertebrates)
            Class Mammalia(mammals)
            Order Primates
            Family Hominoidea(hominids)
            Genus homo
            Species sapiens

          • Just because she clearly evolved from a primate doesn’t mean we did;) God forgive me, I couldn’t help that one slipping out.

          • Sara, You make a good point. I’ll make another: I am a 1983 graduate of a small Dallas, TX, bible college and one of my teachers taught a class, called, Scientific Creationism, where he sought to explain the myth of evolution. He made some really good points, too.
            One of those was this: Man is not growing past the size of a chimpanzee. The modern-day theory is that, if we’re going any way, we’re going DOWN, not up.

            This theory states that Adam, likely, was 18′ tall and that Solomon was around 15′ tall. The Bible lists Goliath as being eight feet all and there is mention (don’t ask me where but that professor said it’s in the Bible…that’s all I know) of a man, who slept in a big bed.

            Let’s put it this way: People demand to believe that Darwin’s theory is true — although Darwin, himself, denounced it before he died — so I’ll take the same initiative and demand that another theory is equally true.
            They can believe whatever they please but they cannot demand that I believe the same. To me, this theory is worth believing, simply because gravity pulls us down and it doesn’t seem to have allowed us to get away from it.

  17. This bitch should be in solitary for the rest of her life for the crimes she CA’s committed and not allowed to see the light of day

    • The sane Americans agree with you, Wild’. The problem is, America is being run by a bunch of insane people, who don’t give a flip.

      • Yes, apparently now you need to have a psychopathic narcissistic personality to get into office. People who truly want to be of service to others have little chance except on a local level which is where the change is going to have to start. So I beg of anyone who has the ability to run for local office positions to do so. It’s the only way to clean house -start from the bottom and work up.

  18. killery clinton and obama lied and four men died in Benghazi. Both her and obama belong behind bars.

    • and that sir is merely the TIP of the iceberg -unfortunately PC America is not about to do the right thing as long as the dumbocrats are holding all the cards from their stacked deck of crimes against America.

    • Her emails to her daughter and the leaders of Egypt and Libya is the smoking gun. She is unfit to hold public office.

    • Yes, they both need prison, trial and execution….fair is fair and it is time…..

    • Don’t forget: If you or I had lied under oath the way Slick Willy (the guy, who admittedly, lied) did, we’d have been jailed. We wouldn’t have had Congress debating as to whether or not to allow us to continue ruling over a stupid empire – the U.S. HAD to have been stupid, just to elect and then re-elect him…This country got DUMB-er to elect and reelect Obama – only a politician, with lying lips can get his/her cohorts to let them off that easily!) we’d have been lynched by the time Congress got around to doing anything.)
      Take all this anyway you please….If Hillary is elected, we know two things:
      First, America is so dumb we’d elect a chimpanzee to do the job neither Obama nor Hillary is fit to do and, secondly, America is so dumb people don’t care that America is about to die!

      • Someone said would someone please give Obama a BJ so we can get him impeached which I found hilarious only because we tore Bill up for a minor infraction (they all have mistresses just like regular people, I’m not excusing it) while true atrocities against humanity and war crimes are being committed. So apparently all that’s excusable, won’t be investigated, but your sex life will be opened up for the world to see (a great distraction from true scandal going on).

        • Reportedly, JFK had mistresses and everybody (including that brash wife of his, who, according to Bill, had more girlfriends than he) knew Clinton did. but there are no facts to assume anyone else did.
          Sure, those supermarket rags accused Bush, Jr. of doing what he predecessor had done, but who can believe the National Enquirer, et al?

          People should realize, by now, that impeaching a president will do nothing, provided he will have to stand trial before a prejudiced Congress (remember, it was a party line vote, when Clinton was acquitted…Neither party confessed to either believing or refusing to believe that he’d lied under oat — THEY ALL KNEW HE’D PERJURED HIMSELF! Their job was to judge the evidence, which they didn’t do.

          So, unless you can find an entire Senate, where they will judge the evidence, fairly (i.e. – do their jobs) even someone, who murdered his wife, in front of a news camera, would get off.

          • Yea, I know it’s impossible to get them out of office, I just thought the point was funny. BJ vs Bhengazu. BJ vs. torture. BJ vs NDAA, you get my drift.

  19. Michael Dennewitz

    That ugly dyke bitch is just the same as the HTNIC in the big house! You know right off when the assholes are lying – their lips are moving!!!

  20. The reason why Hell-ry doesn’t have more opponents is fear. The “Wistleblower” magazine didn’t have a recent issue featuring the Clintons with the main title “America’s Crime Family” for no reason. It is dangerous to cross the Clintons. It may cause one to wonder what the real reason for Joe Biden’s decision not to run might have been. You might think her name above is spelled wrong but IF she is elected you’ll find out.

    • I know all about her and Bill. Scum.

    • The Clintons have been well known since Arkansas due to their whitewater and savings and loan scandals along with several of their friends and co-conspirators either dead or missing. Then there’s the Vince Foster deal and Bill “Slick Willy” and his girl friends from Arkansas then the Blue Dress incident. Billary (Bill + Hillary) has a mafia mentality with threats and payback. Read Ed Klein’s 2014 book “Blood Feud: the Clintons and Obamas”, it will explain a lot about their actions and taste for blood. I credit their mentality to their 1960s hippy movement protest and their association with Sal Alinsky, a card carrying commie, and his Rules for Radicals.

  21. Hillary is a woman?

    • I call ‘it’ Billary (Hillary + Bill “Slick Willy”).

    • That still is NOT really Proven…..she tends to LIE about everything she says….

      • LOL You’re right Redhawk.

        • and now that KY rejected very LOUDLY ODUMBOCARE by electing a GOP Guv over a Troll that said that Odumbocare is Just Dandy as Shillery the Transgender spoke about… What position will IT take???

          • That’s the problem, right there….As soon as the current loafer-in-chief is removed from office — I’ll be 56, on the day he leaves and I’m counting the days ’til then!! — the next president will have to start all that crap all over again. We may (and I use that word, with caution) someday have a healthcare plan that will work.
            It won’t happen, with the current crap artist playing tiddlywinks in the Oval Office, though.

          • and may be the Plan for the PROGRESSIVES GOAL of Universal Government run HC is coming to REALITY.. All Odumbocare sites go Black.. broke and now the DO NOTHING Progressive Fascists in DC will have to say:” We know we SCrewed up but now that you have No choice as planned; YOU MST SIGN UP FOR UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE TUN BY US…. Or is it time for “THE FIRST SHOP TO BE FIRED” and Remove these POS from office???

    • Al, For the past few months, I’ve wondered just what Obama is (what I mean is, he’s always been so open about wishing to allow men to marry men and women to marry women. Makes you wonder why, doesn’t it? Remember, not even the Muslims allow homosexuality, so he’s in the same position as Al Gore, who was excommunicated from the Catholic church because of his openly support for sodomite marriage, etc. So, when a politician begins by demanding this nation should allow what is neither allowed in the Holy Bible nor in the bible, used by other religions, you have to wonder why certain bureaucrats are making those demands.
      Personally, I’ve had my fill, trying to figure out how these fascists can tell people they’re Christians (remember, Bill Clinton claimed to be a Baptist, yet you never saw him near a church until he needed people to forget his infidelity and hoping he could make himself over.
      What he did was walk into a church, where he’d never been, making sure the press took pictures of him, with a brand new bible under his arm.

      Even then, his actions didn’t give a hint of repentance.

  22. Trump might be rich; but I think Hillary is going to invest a lot of ‘donations’ into buying the white house; some money may even come from American’s, who knows!

    • That’s what the demowits do best, buy votes. It’s the reason why the DNC is always BROKE. Their mantra: vote early and often in as many places as possible, using bussed in unions, indigents, welfare recipients, using family and friends names …… the list goes on and on …. Using “FREE” phones, food stamps, housing and other stuff. They forget …. NOTHING IS EVER FREE, SOMEBODY HAS TO PAY FOR IT, EVEN IF IT IS THE HARD WORKING PATRIOTIC ANERICAN TAX PAYER. THIS IS THE REASON FOR PHOTO ID VOTEING. TO GET RID OF THE CORRUPTION OF THE DEMOWITS.

  23. Hillary Clinton is absolutely a cougar. She had everything done for her, people just clamor to her, Bill enabled her, she cannot cope with being a grandmother, because she lost control. Hillary might have to be giving to her granddaughter, I noticed Hillary loved North West. But, she can turn her back and walk away , like she did to the 4 men in Benghazi, who were molested beaten branded , she turned away from them , and she is winning big with the democrats , in my opinion the democrats are a cult, the video she put out on the republicans being mad scientists, shows how warped she is. Bernie Sanders , I never heard him proclaim he wants to be president , because he will sell his votes to either Hillary or Obama. She made herself into one of the best activist for the black panthers in Arkansas where they felt the right to take over, people were afraid to go and vote, we call that intimidation. It doesn’t make any difference what color you are the law is the law, Hillary Lerner Holder Jarrett Obama etc., do not like law.

  24. Have you ever noticed, the right never offer’s anything positive?

    The entire focus is always attack, attack, attack.

    They accuse their opponent of lying, while drowning in their own lies.

    • past your bedtime goofy

    • No. I haven’t. Of course, with the “lead,” being the democrats (Leftists, if you will), we have never had a good example set for us.
      However, I didn’t see Reagan’s memoirs blaming the left for any failures, during his term of office and I never saw news of him or either of the Bush presidencies blaming Carter or Clinton for things going wrong, when they were president.
      What I have and will probably ALWAYS see is that the dim bulbs will never take responsibility for anything they have done wrong.
      To find proof of this, go read that rag, known as Hillary’s memoirs from her years as First Lady and see where she said she’d wanted to “wring his neck,” when Bill, who had said no truth was involved in the news of his affair, with Monica, came in and admitted to “a measure of truth.”
      This is the same woman, who blamed the impeachment on “a Right Wing attempt to discredit his administration.”
      That’s about as intelligent as saying Bills administration hinged on whether or not he was caught with his DNA on that dress.

      What it boils down to is this: Hillary expected Bill to remain true to his marriage vows but expected us to look the other way, when he lied under oath.

      And the dim bulbs think this woman would be a good follow-up for an openly obvious liar.

    • The right are the ones who are right; the left are democrats who lie to the blacks and females in AK and give them freebies for votes. How many black voters even know anything about Hillary? And not all blacks are now satisfied with obama’s CHANGES.

      • I know plenty of black people who despise Obama and are waking in droves, and it’s very sad that our first black president turned out to be a fail when we’ve come so far. Now their faith has been destroyed and don’t know who to trust either. How nice would it have been if he’d been a JFK (minus the assassination)? He talked a good game, but they all do before they’re actually in office.

        • I know many also who are disillusioned. Now after almost 7 years, the truth about him is coming out and I doubt it will be reported by the media. People all over are waking up to his “change”.

    • When Geo. W. Bush became president, he made good on a promise to return the budget surplus to the people. His plan, as he announced it, was that we should spend it and help the American economy out of its stagnation.
      When Obama was running for president, he made the same promise and has yet to make good on it. Of course, he also promised to end the American presence in Iraq, “during my first 100 days in office,” and they’re still there.
      Obama’s promise to run a transparent administration has never been realized, either…that is unless you believe his transparency is the same as his law school diploma, his American birth certificate, etc….NON-EXISTENT.

      All of this is commonly known truth and you still have people, who support him, who demand I am lying about this.


  25. The take I get, from this, is that Hillary is hoping to use sexism in the same was as the present racist in chief used racism, back in 2009.
    Remember, Obama lied about being African/American (the thought is that he is the descendant of slaves; in reality, his only ties to Africa are the same reason we’ve never seen his REAL birth certificate.

    • He’s a half breed …. half Caucasian and half black and a slick talker, from a communist and muslum/islamic back ground. His mother was a Caucasian and his father was black. He learned his slick talk from the Ayers’ family in Chicago and while he “studied the Constitution to become a “Constitutional scholar” …. mostly to be able to manipulate it to fit his communist ideology.

      • going pretty well for him too thanks to the low information sheep who voted this POS in TWICE

        • The only question in my mind is what foreign country will move Obama (and that fat butt wife of his) into a palace, when their reign of terror, here, is over!

      • You’re right…When he began his primary season offering himself as a black candidate, I told some people about how we owed it to one man…George Jefferson…to see him was he doesn’t want to be seen – A ZEBRA.
        Well, my wife’s uncle suggested he’s more akin to a SKUNK and I have to agree there!

      • Lol, and did you see his speech in which he said he wasn’t going to put on his “constitutional” professor or lawyers hat when it didn’t fit his agenda? So he’s a constitutional expert but chose to ignore it in that case? Sorry, I can’t recall the topic he was discussing at the time, but it’s been ignored so much I lost track.

  26. The few females I deal with shout because the think it gives them authority. Actually, it diminishes their authority. They shout because they want to make sure they are heard and some just love to hear their own voice. Big turn offs … not the way to get things done.

  27. Bob Dylan revisited:
    Hillary got her nerve to say she is women’s friend
    When we know how she treated Paula Jones and Jennifer Flowers.
    Does Hillary think that I am such a fool that I would vote for her
    When I know she is a habitual liar.
    I know that Hillary is dissatisfied with her position and her place
    But don’t she realize that is not my problem.
    If for just one moment Hillary could stand inside my shoes
    And for just one moment I could be her.
    If for just one moment Hillary could stand inside my shoes
    She would see what a drag it is to see her on my TV screen.

    • I agree that Hillary, Bill, Barry and the majority of ALL Washington politicians are liars. Of course, when you get to the level Hillary and Barry are on, you begin to think the hoards, who swallow everything you say, are gullible enough to continue — indefinitely.
      Well, the DNC is made of a bunch of habitually inaccuracies that the people, who continually vote for this type trash seem to swallow with the greatest of ease.

      Then, when people, who know what’s going on, come into forums, such as this one, people, like aklady, denounce everything we say.
      She may not like this, but we should wear her insults as a badge of honor!

  28. Absolutely true!

  29. Hillary is too terrible for discussion…Just put her in prison and shut her up for good….

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  31. From this woman’s mouth, rest easy men, she’s a lying evil neonazi fem witch. Not getting my vote.

  32. The question is do you want the HillBilly being Your Spouses or childrens Commander & Chef we no longer have a Commander & Cheif !

  33. I do not mind that B. Hussein Obama is a half-black mut from Kenya – but I mind that he is a Marxist Muslim!

  34. Could it be that Sow Clintion is Obsessed with Sex-ism since she aIN’T gitting any for so long …?????????????

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  36. Do not engage the trolls. Just go through the comments and click on the minus symbol right beside the flag symbol. It shortens the comments section considerably and then you can ignore their spew.

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