Hilaria Baldwin Paints Husband as Victim in Fatal Rust Shooting

Hilaria Baldwin recently posted an emotional message to her husband, Alec Baldwin, on Instagram. She showed her support for him in the fallout from the fatal shooting on the set of Rust, in which he was holding a gun that shot a live round. Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins died as a direct result of being shot in the chest, and another crew member was injured but survived.

The Baldwins have taken to social media and selective interviews to voice their side of the story and, apparently, appeal to public emotion. 

“’I am here, I love you, and I will take care of you.’ These were the only words that came to me when we learned Halyna had died…The horrific loss, the torture to her family, and you, my husband, somehow put in this unthinkable nightmare.”

Let’s pump the brakes for just a minute, shall we? Hilaria wants her followers to believe that Alec is the victim in a fatal gun accident where he was the one holding the gun with the barrel pointed away from him. Anyone who has ever handled firearms responsibly will tell you that you check a gun to see if it’s loaded when someone hands it to you. You should do this even if the person said “Hey, this gun isn’t loaded.” You still check. Every. Single Time. 

Alec did not check to see if the handgun was loaded when it was handed to him on the set of Rust. Then it was supposed to be a prop gun, no it was a real gun, how in the world did that single live round get in there?!

None of that matters. A responsible firearm handler would have checked to see if the gun was loaded. 

Anyway, back to Hilaria’s IG post:

“That moment, etched in my memory, photographer surrounding you, on the phone with me, documenting your agony. I couldn’t be near you to hug you, our connection over the phone a visual for the world to see,” Hilaria continued. 

So, she wants us to sympathize with she and her husband – both of whom are still alive – in light of the fact that a woman died and left her husband and young son without a wife and a mother? I can only imagine their agony is much, much worse than the Baldwins’ right now. 

“I was afraid for you to open up because I’ve seen your spirit crushed, your mental health shattered, your soul in unimaginable pain. Sometimes I wonder how much one body, one mind can take. I don’t want to lose you,” Hilaria wrote. 

The Hutchins family lost Halyna, whether they wanted to or not. The choice wasn’t theirs, and the results of Alec’s failure to check a firearm for a round in the chamber cost them forever. 

“I lost my voice in this giant cyclone of modern day media, social and ‘news,’” Hilaria continued. “I stopped speaking because of fear. You always encourage me to speak, use my voice, stay true. You were right and continue to inspire me.”

Many public relations experts say that the Baldwins should cease speaking and using their voices for the time being, until further legal actions concerning the shooting incident are taken. But if history is any indication, they won’t. 

Hilaria mentioned the deceased near the end of her lengthy IG caption. 

“We honor Halyna and her family. To hopefully figure out how this happened and whatever we can do to make sure it never happens again.” Hilaria did not specify how they plan to honor the deceased and her grieving husband and son. Right now, their strategy concerning the whole affair appears to be elevating their status to victims as well. 

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  1. Never, never point a gun at somebody . Baldwin needs to own up to what he has done . He must be a Democrat because he said he has done nothing wrong .

  2. She’s hilarious.

  3. It has been proven that the gun did NOT fire itself. Alec Baldwin pulled the trigger, shot and killed someone. As the Executive Producer, it was Alec Baldwin’s job to ensure that the safety protocols for stunts and weapons on set were followed. He allowed live rounds on set causing a number of workers to walk off their jobs because of the unsafe working conditions THE DAY BEFORE THE SHOOTING! Alec Baldwin has done nothing but deny responsibility and attempt to shift the blame to others. Let us be clear! Alec Baldwin killed someone, whether it was intentional or an accident, makes NO difference. He failed in his responsibilities, both as someone handling a gun and as Executive Producer. This makes him not a victim, but guilty of manslaughter.

  4. She’s pathetic like her obnoxious husband.

  5. It’s only a matter of time before the Baldwins and their fans, finally realizing their current PR campaign has fallen on deaf public ears, change their strategy to claiming that the two people Alec reportedly shot were in actuality suicide attempts.

    They conspired to fake suicides in order to blemish his public image.

    How low can you go?

  6. I assume you are talking about Hillary, not the fictitious Hilaria!

  7. That would be hilarious (pun intended) if it wasn’t so stoopid!!!!!!!!!!!!! He pulled the trigger – he ADMITTED it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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