High School Teacher: MAGA Means “Make America Racist Again”

A high school teacher in California is coming under intense criticism after teaching his freshmen students that people who say “Make America Great Again” don’t mean restoring the country’s economic and cultural greatness – oh no, siree. No, it means that these people want to return to the days when the U.S. had much more blatant racism and sexism.

We assume that teacher Patrick Casey based this assumption off the left-wing blogs that he spends his days reading and not, for example, his conversations with actual Trump supporters, because this is the kind of insanity you believe ONLY when you insulate yourself in a nice, comfortable liberal bubble.

Not sure why he feels entitled to spread propaganda like this to his trapped, unsuspecting students, but there are a lot of things liberals feel entitled to do.

“White men miss the old days where they could just be a white dude who walked up and grabbed women by their genitals and nobody said anything, right?” Casey says in the video. “But you can’t do that now, so that’s why there’s all these people like, ‘Make America Great Again.’ What they mean is, ‘Make it kinda racist and sexist again.’ That’s what they’re talkin’ about.”

Gee, to hear it from Casey’s ideological brethren, America is about as sexist and racist in 2020 as it ever has been, so we’re not sure how it could possibly get any worse. When you have police marching like stormtroopers all over creation, shooting down black men without cause and without any fear of repercussions, that’s about as racist as it gets, no? Unless, of course, this is a tacit (if unthinking) admission that none of that is really going on.

Disrn.com notes that even though the video of Casey’s propaganda has been shared hundreds of thousands of times all over social media, no one from Oxnard Union High School – least of all Casey himself – has bothered to comment on the unacceptable teachings.

But observers on social media have been more than happy to weigh in.

“As a teacher, I understand trying to relate to what’s happening in the world. However, using a teacher’s influence over students to promote a specific ideology has no place in the classroom. Incidentally, I would absolutely be fired for doing exactly what he did,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“Ignoring the anti conservative thing, the worst part of it is that this white guy ranting about how bad white guys are, is teaching young white guys that they should be filled with internal loathing. How the f**k are these young people going to go off and achieve something with their lives when their teachers told them they are garbage from the get go?” wrote one commenter on Reddit.

Yeah, we fail to see the purpose in teaching the next generation that their country is horrible, their skin color makes them privileged and racist, and that anyone left-of-center is a greedy, bigoted monster. Then again, we’re pretty sure we would seek psychological counseling the moment we DID begin to understand it, so maybe it’s for the best.

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