Herschel Walker: The Proud Boys Aren’t Out There Destroying Businesses

In a blistering video posted to social media this week, football legend Herschel Walker took former Vice President Joe Biden to task for his remarks at the debate on Tuesday night, where he referred to Antifa as an “idea” and not an organized, anarchist terrorist group. Walker took exception to Biden’s waving away the threat posed by left-wing radicals, and he expressed puzzlement over why there was so much focus on a group that he’d never even heard of before the night’s contest.

“The Proud Boys, I’ve never heard of,” Walker said. “So I was confused why Chris Wallace would ask the president about the Proud Boys. ‘Cuz I’ve never seen the Proud Boys break any windows, assault any police officer, kill anyone. Never seen them destroy a business, try to intimidate anyone, destroy a restaurant, but I have seen BLM and Antifa do that.

“He didn’t ask the vice president that question, which is interesting because he said it is an idea,” Walker continued. “Well, what’s interesting about that idea is his running mate, Senator Harris, created a website to collect money to bail his idea out of jail. Well, it’s interesting, he didn’t ask them about that.  Just a question I’d like to know the answer to.”

Walker’s not wrong about that last point; Kamala Harris did indeed try to raise money for the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which was an organization that was collecting donations to bail out protesters/rioters who were arrested in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death. Try to imagine what the reaction would be if Mike Pence tried to raise money for the Proud Boys or Patriot Prayer or any group associated with the right. Well, you don’t have to imagine it, because we already saw how crazy the media went when Trump said…well, virtually nothing…about the Proud Boys at the debate.

If you can slander a group, boy, the Proud Boys will have themselves enough people to sue to last them a lifetime after this week. They’ve been demonized as far-right white supremacists, which, as far as we can tell, does not really describe them at all. They appear to be a libertarian group that has several prominent minorities in leadership positions. Their main cause right now seems to be pushing back on anarchists in Portland, New York City, and other major cities. We can’t really find anything that would suggest they are the modern-day equivalent of the Klan, despite all the handwringing we’ve heard from the left on the matter.

They certainly aren’t burning down businesses, looting stores, throwing Molotov cocktails into courthouses, hurling objects at police, or any of the hundreds of criminal activities that the left has commonly engaged in this summer.

But in a country where right-wing speech is “violence” and left-wing violence is “fighting back against oppression,” we can’t say we’re surprised.

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