Here We Go: Hillary Wants to Investigate the “Legitimacy” of Trump’s Win

In an interview with Mother Jones magazine last week, Hillary Clinton finally said what she’s been dying to say since her campaign crashed and burned last November. We’ll give her credit – she managed to keep a lid on these plans for more than a year. But ultimately, the truth had no choice but to come out. And it’s no surprise that it’s coming out at a time when she may be staring down a dark road filled with new federal investigations, indictments, and – quite possibly – prison sentences. With the Justice Department openly peering into the FBI’s woefully inadequate investigation of her email crimes – to say nothing of her involvement in the Uranium One scandal – Hillary Clinton is now doing what she can to turn the spotlight away from her and onto the man that beat her for the presidency.

Thanks to Russian meddling and what she idiotically continues to refer to as voter suppression, Clinton says “there are lots of questions about the legitimacy” of the 2016 presidential election. She insists that Russian interference “was one of the major contributors to the outcome” of the contest and that the Russians “weaponized false information in a very successful disinformation campaign.”

That’s another way of saying, Well, people got a close look at the emails the DNC was sending around and the emails from my campaign chairman, and they didn’t really like what they saw. Disinformation? No, not hardly. This was an explosion of the kind of inside information voters rarely get, and, if anything, Donna Brazile’s latest revelations prove that we only got a glimpse of the real truth.

So it came from the Russians? Is that something to be celebrated? No. Does it make the Russians responsible for the outcome of the election? That’s preposterous, even if you believe the leaked emails were a primary driving force behind Hillary’s loss, which we do not. Emails were a factor, certainly, but not those. And unless Hillary wants to blame Vladimir Putin for forcing her to set up her own private server where she could carelessly send and receive classified information, she’s going to have to start taking some responsibility for her own failures.

As for so-called voter suppression, which is what Clinton calls the introduction of Voter ID laws, she said, “In a couple of places – most notably Wisconsin – I think it had a dramatic impact on the outcome.”

Maybe that’s true and maybe it isn’t. But that doesn’t make Trump’s victory illegitimate. If anything, it makes it all the more legitimate. Sorry, but no matter how many Democrats tell us that there is something racist and unfair about requiring voters to prove they are who they claim to be, we’ll never believe it. Not today, not in a thousand years. It just ain’t that hard to get an ID. And we continue to contend that if you’re not bright enough to get one, we probably don’t need you deciding who runs the country.

Clinton lamented the fact that, despite her deeply-held belief that the election was stolen from her, there was really nothing she could do about it. “We don’t have a method for contesting that in our system,” she said. “That’s why I’ve long advocated for an independent commission to get to the bottom of what happened.”

We’ll see if Clinton’s “independent commission” ever comes to fruition, but we’re guessing not. Even Democrats are getting tired of hearing this loser whine about her stolen throne.

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  1. Hang the worthless piece of whale shit.

    • That statement is inflammatory to whales.

    • The woman shows her mental depravity is on the rise.

      • Her condition is getting worse by the day. They should get her examined

        • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

          This mutt sure has nerve wanting an investigation in the last Presidential election!! Sure Hilderbeast first clean up your ditry scandlas!!! With your lying,cheating, bribery!! No morals what so ever!! LOCK HER UP!!! ASAP!

          • Hard to understand why she isn’t being brought to justice when her crimes are so apparent.

          • She blackmails everyone.

          • And, because so many in our federal government, are involved in her crimes. Look at the list of people involved in JUST the Uranium One scandal, from Pres Obama all the way down. Even Mueller was involved in it.One criminal isn’t going to turn on another criminal, to stay safe themselves. Unless they’re offered enough to make it worth their while. I’m glad that they have a secret witness that is willing to testify as long as the JOD gives him permission to negate his nondisclosure he was forced to sign.

          • President Trump removed the “gag order” to allow that witness to testify. Now if they can keep him ALIVE long enough to get him on the witness stand . . .

          • …….. and threatens them with suicide.

          • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

            Especially if one shoots oneself in back of head!! Suicide NOT LIKELY!!!!

          • Killery version of suicide.

          • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

            Suicide it boggles one’s mind!!! To think she is able to get away with in plain English MURDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • She has been getting away with it for over a hundred times.

          • I don,t think that everyone that has something on hillary is blackmailable the truth will come out and she will pay for her crimes , yes crimes , every thing she has done was not borderline or unethical they were out and out crimes against the people of America
            now none of you liberals don,t tell me to show proof I don,t have to there arepeople in the legal system that can do that

          • Well, those she can’t BLACKMAIL into silence, she MURDERS. I think it’s a combination of the two things.

          • The fact that people who are scheduled to testify against Hillary end up dead just before they are to testify is probably the reason Jeff Sessions won’t issue a Special Investigator to go after this traitor and her entourage including Robert Mueller over the Uranium One treachery with Russia. He’s afraid he will be the next victim of “suicide”.

          • Or KILLS anybody who is willing to testify against her!

          • From what has been happening, she holds an axe over the heads of the people who have the duty to prosecute her. There has to be a reason why the FBI and the appropriately named “Criminal Justice Department” won’t touch her. She sets them up by bribing them or otherwise does them an illegal “favor”. Then they can’t prosecute her because their own dishonesty would be exposed. Another reason she won’t get prosecuted is the long list of “suicides” and “robbery victims” of people who have crossed her and Slick Willy in the past.

          • This is just one more perfect illustration of why it would be good never to allow anyone to be in any public office whatsoever for longer than one single term, with NO progression or lateral movement to any other office. The career POLLUTE-TICIAN is a nefarious animal that needs to be EXTINCT, and preferably so, RETROACTIVELY TO THE INCEPTION OF TIME. Tenure in office is exactly the fertile ground where corruption can sprout, grow and thrive. Only by REMOVING the existence of political CAREERS can this evil be stamped out.

          • Someone so sucintly stated: “Professional politicians are hemorrhoids on America’s ass!” How true…

          • I cannot dispute what you say………… too much truth to it.

          • Is it just me, or, is anyone else surprised that she is still alive?

          • It’s probably because her brain is so well “preserved” from all the booze.

          • Well, for ONE thing, the DOJ, FBI, CIA, etc. are STILL full of OBAMA’S criminal minions, and they are STILL running interference for that nasty little sociopath and ALL his cohorts. That much is OBVIOUS. If I had been TRUMP, I would have cleaned house and thrown ALL of them out in the street on my FIRST DAY in office.

            Of course Obama was a busy little bee his last two weeks in office–converting as many of those minions as he could to “civil service employees” to make it nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get rid of them.

          • Yes. Obozo did everything he could to try to make the USA a commie third world nation. And it has given POTUS Trump a lot of grief, so far.

          • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

            I wonder where this phrase came from!! [Justice will be done ] I want to know when!!

          • When the Grim Reaper takes her by the hand and leads her away? It may be sooner than she thinks.

          • We can only HOPE . . .

          • I have a funny feeling the Grim Reaper will beat our slow justice system to the punch.

          • I don’t think she’ll ever be brought to justice in this life.

          • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

            Gee, I was hoping you would say SOON!!!!!!

          • I wish I could. Would you accept a maybe?

          • I agree.

          • On JUDGMENT DAY, Joan. I don’t think that evil old crone will EVER pay for any of her sins before then.

          • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

            I hope you are wrong JoAnn-We have some honest people doing the right thing!!!For the good of America!!

          • Probably because she has blackmail DIRT on virtually EVERY politician in Washington! That HAS to be the answer, because it sure isn’t because ANY of them actually LIKE the old crone! Either that or she threatens their family and kids–and they KNOW she would KILL in a heartbeat, as she and Bill have done NUMEROUS times before. Most ANYBODY who was willing to testify against them ended up DEAD under mysterious circumstances.

            Remember all the talk about how the money the Clinton Foundation collected for Haiti ended up being spent on Chelsea’s LAVISH multi-million dollar wedding? There was a high-ranking Haitian official getting ready to testify about that. Guess what? He turned up CONVENIENTLY DEAD before he could testify, like SO MANY before him.

          • She does leave a long trail of mysterious and convenient tragedies befalling those poor souls who happened to possess a little too much more knowledge for their own wellbeing.

          • Dont hold your breath….. none of them get indicted brought before grand jury no nothing even after Congress does long Congressional hearings. think Lois Lerner Loretta Lynch Eric Holder. you really think Hillary is going to get taken to court….nahhhhh!

          • I hate to say it but I agree with you.

      • And people have finally become aware of her depravity.

      • Woman is the wrong word I believe evil witch fits better she needs to be put in a padded cell all by herself with some coloring books and crayon`s.

    • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

      Ya getting my vote!!!!

  2. The only real question is why the heck did the dumbocrat party run YOU? What made them and you think you could win, even with all the fraud in voting? You lit a fuse on a stick of dynamite and expected no blowback?

    • Obama and others planned on her being president and their crimes would never be discovered.

      • I believe that is absolutely correct. Probably it is the reason for attacking Trump, they’re trying to camouflage all the crimes they committed. That is a grade school tactic.

        • Al and Bonn, both Comments really sum up the rabbit trail tricks of Hillary, the DNC and the wacky left who support this treasonous thug.

        • You nailed it Al, that’s the same method odummer used to implement the crap that he did. There was always a diverse of some kind like LGBT going on to cover up his real sinister agenda. While LGBT was not seen as a threat to the nation’s security, it was part of his agenda and a plan to destabilize social balance. With it out there in our face was enough to divert attention.
          So hilibitch is using the same tactic to draw attention from their crimes. Trump needs to be three steps ahead of the dems and their agenda.
          Draining the Swamp is the only answer….!!!

          • Diane McMenamin-Corr

            Hopefully, Pizzagate will be scrupulously looked into. The public in general is not apt to cut slack when it comes to child porn. My understanding is that Scalise was looking into it at the time he was shot. Big Surprise!!

        • Sharla Duiett Atkinson

          AL ELLIS. It isn’t their crimes they fear being discovered so much. Anyone with one eye open can see that it is a battle of power over this nation. “Our” nation. This is not Hillary alone. Obama has set up “Organizing for Action” (OFA) with over 300,000 strong & working to disrupt everything that our president & his administration is trying to do. How can this be? All these organizations go against our very Democracy, & are operating to destroy our way of governing. Going against our Constitution, our laws, & the processes established over 200 years ago. This is leading to the chaos in which all third world countries are ran. What good is it to having our established government if it is not going to be respected & allowed to follow our laws? Our ex-president proudly admitted he was going to stay involved through out our communities & organize & speak out on issues & that appears to be one promise he is keeping. His strategies & tactics are being seen across our nation as the resistance to the Trump Administration. All these issues of gun control, socialist healthcare, climate change & immigration reform are organized communities for this “progressive” change. OFA is the power behind ex-president’s call to action to fight President Donald Trump at every turn of his full presidency. This is nothing more than a shadow government established to sabotage our present Democracy & in the wake establish a new “progressive” socialistic communist government. Think on the things going on against “our” nation & these connections: Every word or order from our POTUS is being protested & statements of opposition soon at its heels. Next the ACLU file lawsuits where their activist judges obstruct our very laws; volunteers are called to arms to protest; the leftist media springs to action in support; twitter follows in suit with social media; & then the violence follows. All this happens from the words of an ex-president & his “progressive” change instrumented thru OFA. If Obama didn’t do enough to destroy our country it appears he is nowhere near thru with his agenda for this destructive “change” of the foundation on which our country was founded.

          • I agree with your every word, I wish your message could be printed in every paper in America, perhaps it may wake up a few people. You said it all very well and accurately.

          • All except we don’t have a democracy we have a republic.

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          • “The truth is out there” and you did a fantastic job of exposing it! THANK YOU!

          • What Obama is doing is called ‘Sedition’ (attempt to overthrow the elected government) and would be illegal if any Republican tried it, yet they will continue with no consequences..

          • “Organizing For Action” could be better named as “Organizing for Action Losers”, or OFAL for short. :)))

          • Well said, I believe that’s the direction this country was heading. One world order. Turn this country into a 3rd World Hellhole. This needs to be nipped-in-the-bud . Time to round them up and prosecute these pro/socio/commies all the way to the top!

        • God must be with Trump with all the crap they’ve thrown at him he remains on top!

        • Diane McMenamin-Corr

          She could also be running scared as with all Trump-haters. All it takes is for one of the investigations to stick.

          • She could also be afraid of her own party and associates, she has really messed up and with losing the election and what it has cost she may be a liability these days with Soros et al..

          • Unless the people close to the Clintons are dumber than posts, they had better line up and testify against them quickly. Assuming that the government protects them together with their families. The list of murders is getting close to three quarters of a hundred.

          • She best be careful because the Deep State may make the next murder, her’s. She not only lost the election, she cost them millions, and most importantly she made people aware of the existence of the Deep State by her bungling. I doubt she has much clout with them now, yet she keeps spouting off.

      • It wasn’t obamA who was the architect and financier of her election campaign; THOSE Hall-of-Infamy “honors” belong to soro$$$$$$ alone. obamA is on exactly the same level of the grand hierarchy as hillarY; just another bought-off stooge of soro$$$$$$. It is soro$$$$$$ who planned on using hillarY to finish the work that he himself (soro$$$$$$, that is) started with obama: namely, the task of abolishing American SOVEREIGNTY. The truth be told, soro$$$$$$ was active toward that very end even BEFORE obamA’s first election campaign; johN kerrY (A.K.A., “Lurch”) was an entirely similar (and, most fortunately, FAILED) attempted Presidential PLANT by soro$$$$$$. I never cease to wonder why President Trump hasn’t EXTRADITED soro$$$$$$ to one of those several foreign countries who want soro$$$$$$ dead or alive! As for the SO-CALLED “legality” of doing same, I suggest we ought to postpone all consideration of that angle until we know for certain that said foreign country has OFF’ED that slug. After THAT, there’s PLENTY of time to worry about it, maybe even “apologize”, and best of all, cry some good ole’ CROCODILE TEARS over it.

        • Unfortunately, richadwfaith, it won’t do a BIT of good to KILL that evil old spider, unless you first charge him with financing domestic terrorism or violations of the RICCO Act–BOTH of which apply here–to justify SEIZING all his financial assets. Otherwise, his EQUALLY EVIL kids will just continue doing what he is doing. Whoever allowed that old devil to become an American citizen deserves to HANG right alongside him! If EVER there was an undesirable you do NOT want to have citizenship rights, George Soros is IT!

          • Most heartily agreed! In numerous posts on other forums, I have in fact stated that the $0N$ must also be taken out. I have made the suggestion that any country that badly-enough wants to get its hands on soro$$$$$$ should be willing to take hi$ $0N$ along with him!

          • If Soros was sent to one of the nations that wants him and if he gets sent there, perhaps his kids would see their evil ways. If not, send them along with their evil father. Postage paid. No returns.

          • Seize his assets and use them to “Build That Wall”.

        • We need to turn him over to Russia, who I believe has a warrant out for him, for his fraudulent interference in their monetary system.

          • Now that would be poetic justice IMO. LOL

          • Not only does Russia want him, so does Hungary and Israel. Too bad the Masada doesn’t go after him, It seems the Russians won’t, neither will the Hungarians, he same goes for this country. Soros has committed treason in his attempt to overthrow this government like he has so many others. That should be reason enough to arrest this arrogant sob and throw him in jail.

          • Pierrette Berthoas

            Why he and his still here..$$$$$$and Exile out

        • We need to take his money to put towards the national debt. The man is EVIL. He was Jewish and helped the Germans get the Jewish people and watched them take them away. Really sick and he will never see the outsides of Hell

        • Sharla Duiett Atkinson

          I see & hear a lot bout Soros & totally agree that his wealth has given him much power & authority. With that being said, I have a question; where does all this wealth & power flow from? I’m not gullible enough to believe that only one man is in control of this progressive change to a one world power. Not to say he’s not, it’s just hard for me to envision it.

        • Diane McMenamin-Corr

          Kerry – when I hears his name, I cringe.

      • How did that work for you hillary????:):):):):) NOT—-America voted for the right person in Donald Trump. America also said “HELL NO” to hillary clinton. Are you not smart enough to hear the voice???

      • Close, I believe IF Hillary had won, Soros & Obama would have been in charge, Hilly would have been their Puppet, you and I would be Comrades, without guns and Free speech.

        • Obama is just as much a SOROS PUPPET as Hillary, if not MORE so! That evil little Iranian TROLL, Valerie Jarrett was the REAL President in the Obama White House. Obama would not say or do ANYTHING unless he got her approval first! As for all that BILGE the fawning media put out about how Obama was the “smartest man in the room,” give me a BREAK. The man could not even speak a coherent SENTENCE, unless somebody ELSE wrote it for him, and put it on a teleprompter for him to read!

          • Sharla Duiett Atkinson

            I’m not so sure that Soros is not a puppet himself. There has got to be more to all this than one man’s envision of a one world power.

          • Diane McMenamin-Corr

            I get that creepy feeling too, that someone has fallen below the radar and still calling shots.

          • Diane McMenamin-Corr

            “smartest man in the room”; as in, “I visited 57 states I think, but I could be wrong”, when he was campaigning – as the country slept.

        • Still could happen after Trump. We will need to be very, very careful who is elected.

      • Of course they did–that is why they are running around NOW like a bunch of COCKROACHES caught in the kitchen at night when somebody turns on the light!

      • Correct..the trump.derangement is because she was the annoited one and trump.knocked that crown right off. And hilary keeps that flame burning.

        • I think Hillary has gone off the deep end and is losing her mind over her defeat. You’re right she thought she would be anoited but when that didn’t happen, she’s coming apart at the seams, one thread at a time. She cannot believe Trump whooped her.

          • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

            Maybe its called the wheels of JUSTICE!!!!

          • I call it “poetic justice”. My mother always said to me “don’t count your chickens before they hatch”. Hillary thought she had this one in the bag, I’m sure she thought no way he could beat ME !!!!

          • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

            Shocked her to her core!! Don’t ya just love it?!

        • Sharla Duiett Atkinson

          I like your comment, however I can’t wholeheartedly agree. Trump didn’t knock the anointed crown from anyone. To be anointed is of God thereby Trump is the anointed one, infuriating Hillary the more. If she were anointed it is of wealth & all the power that wealth bestows. What can one, who has more money than can be spent, want? Power! Hillary, Obama & Soros has more money than they could ever spend so their drive is for power. I’ve said before, I can’t envision how these few are the head of this one world power. This has been set up & driven towards for years. IMHO, before any of them were born.

        • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

          I still see her smug face with that sly smile of her face ! Thanking she was going to win talk about getting ones ass kicked!! ROFLMDAO!!! I wonder if Hilderbeast said OUCH????that hurt!!!

          • She definitely put the cart before the horse during this election, and the last too. LOL That may be one of the reasons she lost, she thought no one would/could beat her, and she became too arrogant

      • That, is the Biggest truth elephant in the room that they want to ignore and deny.
        How much more damning evidence are the Democratic Party going to be allowed to destroy for their Queen of Scandals and lies, Hitlary? It use to be illegal to destroy evidence even if it was just grandbaby pics. Which was another lie. So hard to keep them all in a row because of the magnitude of them all.
        Ever since Obummer was President, no body knows what laws any of them are going to follow, ignore or break. They seem to get away with all of them, possibly right up to MURDER.
        So happy this corrupt viper Hitlary did not get the satisfaction of finishing what Obummer started with his SHADOW GOVERNMENT. I don’t understand why the Democratic Party has not been taken on for trying to take over our Government and Laws by what they have been able to get away with this far. The Democratic Party only stands for lies, scandals, protection of criminals and illegals over any American, Voter Fraud, Treason with countries that demand the destruction of our Country, Drug Dealing by Obummer, ETC… How is all of this legal? How is it they keep getting away with their TREASON actions against us all but mostly our President. Why are the Democrats so against Voter ID. Is it because they are the ones behind it. Proof is that they were telling their followers to break voter laws and go over to Alabama even if you don’t live there. What Politician that swears to protect the integrity of our Vote sends their followers to break laws just so they can take over. Not someone who cares about America that is for sure.
        And they wonder why more Moral people are not on their side… REALLY?

    • Basically, she got the nomination by bribing and threatening people who otherwise would have strongly opposed her.

      • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

        It’s the only way the Hilderbeast know’s

      • And her opposition folks over time mysteriously ended up with “suicide” gunshot holes in the backs of their heads. Oh well, the Truth will come out at The Last Judgement.

        • Sadly, I fear we will NOT see Hillary held accountable for ANY of her crimes BEFORE then, marshmil1789. The Clintons must have EXTENSIVE blackmail files on EVERY high-ranking official in Washington, because they are not LIKABLE enough to exert this kind of influence without some kind of coercion!

          • JoAnn you hit the target right in the heart. Nice shot! And the Donald seems untouchable. That’s what’s great about having an outsider in the White House. No wonder they all hate him. They have no dirt on him. I’ve reached a point where I see anyone attacking Trump is guilty of some nast stuff. The only facsimile dirt dingbat liberals can come up with is the nonsense about some bankruptcies he’s had.
            My answer—-SO what! He didn’t waller in the dirt an cry like a millennial. He got up and kept running till reached his goal. THAT burns liberals like hell. They cannot come back at it. Thanks JoAnn.
            Have a great Turkey Day. Stuff the turkey, not yourself and let the turkey do the gobbling–you abstain! God Bless you and family.

          • Or they have threatened them or their families.

          • Blackmail, and the threat of being a “suicide in the park”.

        • marshmil1789 the mysterious death count is up to 5 now starting with Seth Rich 7/10/16 and the last one Steve Mostly I believe around Nov. 20.17. I had posted them all on Face-book and face-book started blocking me. Something is going on with face-book.

          • Helga if you ad your 5 to the latest count it comes to a total of 62. There’s something fishy about the Clintonistas.

          • Oh my, I had no idea it is that many. I guess it started back in Arkansa. Knowing the Clinton’s and disagreeing with them is an automatic death sentence. Shows you the kind of power these people have. Backed by Soros and alike I guess.

          • I’m not keeping a record. Just get information from news broadcasts. They ARE known to stick with liberals and with the Clintons at the top of the pyramid it’s interesting we hear negative commentaries about the Clintons. Oh well. I try to not let evil activities I hear about control my days.

          • You better believe it, also with Twitter. Someone is trying to take away our free speech, this is a way for us to get used to it before they lower the boom.

          • Facebook, like most of the “social” media is trying to cover their a$$ to avoid being targeted by the corrupt FCC.

          • You should go all the way back to Arkansas for the real count…these last five are nothing compared to the blood trail of 100 plus all the way from Arkansas to the White House. And it started with Robert Foster, you know the guy who shot himself in the mouth, then in the side of his neck and made his way to the park where he was found and there was no blood there. He was the Clinton’s first “suicide”.

            What’s wrong with Facebook…they don’t want to print anything derogatory regarding the Clintons, especially when it comes to Hillary.

          • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

            Maybe they contributed mega bucks to campaign!! Or they themselves are Socialist!

      • Basically she got the nomination because the primaries were “rigged” for her. 3 separate courts adjudicated that Bernie Sanders was the legitimate winner of the primaries and, as such, was the candidate who should have been the Democratic candidate for the presidency in 2016,

        • what is your source of this “information?

          I was a Bernie supporter.

          • I’m a resident of Michigan and Michigan voted for Bernie Sanders overwhelmingly in the primaries. When the election came, Bernie was not on the ballot. So, I wrote him in as did many others, to no avail. After that, and up to and including election day, there were 3 separate courts that issued orders verifying that Bernie Sanders was the rightful Democratic candidate for the presidency. They showed many states, but the most horrifying one was California where there were hundreds of boxes full of uncounted ballots, all showing Bernie as their choice. That’s why on the night they welcomed Hillary as the candidate, Bernie supporters stood up and left the room by the hundreds. Maybe you can find the Court opinions by typing in “Court adjudication of Bernie Sanders as Democratic candidate for the presidency in 2016 election.

          • LMAO…CA. They keep electing things like Moonbeam brown. Right now, Ca’s unfunded debt is almost a trillion dollars. Your pal Sanders, want to give you asshats everything. Trouble is, he couldn’t tell you how he was going to pay for it. Then let’s not forget about his crooked wife.

          • And let’s ALSO not forget how QUICKLY ole BERNIE threw over all his supporters and SOLD OUT for the money to buy that beach house, in exchange for giving way to Hillary. For THAT reason, ALONE, you have to question the “sincerity” of his beliefs. Bottom line? Bernie is a BUM. He never did an honest day’s work in his LIFE, and didn’t even have a JOB until he was in his FORTIES–and THAT was being elected to CONGRESS, which is hardly a “respectable” job, these days!

          • Yep, for all Bernie’s rants about ‘income inequality’ the ‘wealthy’, it did not stop him laying down $600K in cash for a vacation home.

          • You are correct, JoAnn. It makes you wonder about the mentality of the people that keep voting for him.

          • Now go back and check the same things about Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012. It’s strange that a non-Citizen born in Africa even got onto the ballots. He was elected because of his color. He had absolutely zero accomplishments to present to edify his fake candidacy. He was a foreign student.

          • Yes, he should never have been on the ballot, he didn’t qualify under any circumstances. His entire time in office and what he signed into law should be repealed. The man should be in jail for the fraud he pulled. There were so many other blacks who were qualified, but they foisted him on us.

          • Thanks Pro-Israel. We see the gross hypocrisy. Some liberals bash the Donald while “looking the other way” when Obama’s hoodwinkery is brought up. HYPOCRISY!!!!! But then it doesn’t matter to the guilty because they lack responsibility. Notice who they cast their votes for. I supported Herman Cain. He and Mr. Justice Thomas both grew up in my home State. Few people can equal their integrity.

          • two times the charm…proof you are a guillible sucker

          • “…3 separate courts that issued orders verifying that Bernie Sanders was the rightful Democratic candidate for the presidency”

            Can you send a link verifying that ?

          • LOL..not sure I’d brag about supporting a socialist curmudgeon! Here’s an ides. Why don’t you move to Venezuela and see how you like it.

          • thanks for your opinion-

            now I will wait for suzanne’s response since she is the person I an trying to communicate with

          • There you go again, the lefties trying to control our free speech. This is a COMMENT” section, we are all privileged to COMMENT !!!! Sorry to disappoint.

          • LOL….Sanders being a socialist curmudgeon, is not an opinion, it’s a fact.

          • thanks for your opinion-

            now I will wait for suzanne’s response since she is the person I an trying to communicate with

          • Or, W Europe, Canada, NZ and Australia – socialist parties and better places than the US.

          • LOL proof of that?

          • Better social disparity and mobility, healthcare and education systems – we are better at homicide, our rate is five to ten times higher. Easy! Refute with reference please, I know all you’ll find supports what I said. Off you go.

          • BERNIE HIMSELF.

        • And god fobid he was,the one in the white house.

          • And thank God we wound up with the Right one–pun intended.

          • He’s too stupid to be President, he only had a possibility of running because he is controllable, he got a new $600,000 house out of the deal so he’s not complaining. In other words this man who claimed to be “for the people” was BOUGHT OFF. HA

          • Yes he was bought off. He’s too stupid to be Prez and shows that if Killery can buy him off so could terrorist countries, He was also given a $200k sports car from either the DNC or Killery Campaign. Typical libtards…offer them something free and they are good for whatever you need them for, especially votes.

          • Take away all their freebies and let them see how oppressed they may have thought they were and are going to be without them. Object lesson, #1. Stay tuned for more.

    • Well said Patriot47. Thanks.

    • Because George Soros ASSURED her she would win. And, after the millions he spent to get her elected, they thought it was a sure thing. That’s why campaign workers were already drinking champaign, thinking she had it locked up. That’s also why she didn’t really get out & mingle with voters, & try to win their votes. Soros was buying all the votes she needed. However, they left 2 things out of their equation~God, AND, the voters, Bernie followers either voted for Trump, or a 3rd party candidate. And, there were a LOT of Democrats that also voted for Mr. Trump, plus they didn’t realize how many voters are conservatively minded.

      • what is with the soros’ obsession with everybody on this comment section-Where do you get this idea?

        • Gee, I dunno–maybe because he gave an interview to Newsweek and said he HATES this country and everybody IN IT, and has made NO SECRET of his desire to bring this country down and hand us over to the “New World Order” Communist/Globalist COLLECTIVE of his dreams? He OWNED Obama, and he OWNED Hillary. He OWNS most of Congress. He BUYS politicians like Warren Buffet buys stocks. There are FEW politicians in office today who did not receive money from him! And he NEVER ceases in his efforts to bring this country down for his OWN evil ambitions. That evil old SPIDER wants to be King of the World, and he knows the United State is both the BIGGEST PRIZE and the GREATEST OBSTACLE to his mad ambitions.

          • Thank you for you totally zero fact based opinion. The Newsweek state. Can you send a link to the article where you claim he says he hates this country etc. ? That really sounds bogus. Doubt if you respond.

      • Another big factor not discussed much is the gun control issue. There are over 100 million gun owners in this country (out of a population of 320 million). But, given that there are on average more than 1 person per household (like at least 2-3), it is a good bet that over half of households have at least 1 firearm in the house. (If Dad owns a gun, does that mean his wife is a gun-owner too – well, it depends…) There are also over 300 million firearms in private hands (which implies the average number of firearms owned by gun owners is around 3). Since the vast majority of gun owners know for an absolute fact that THEY are not responsible for violent crime, most without doubt resent the scape-goating that democrats engage in when it comes to blaming ordinary law-abiding people for being gun owners, whenever some lunatic goes off on a shooting spree. And, when idiots like UpChuck Schumer blames gun-owners in general, they know he is “full of it.” No candidate in history blamed gun-owners (and the NRA in particular) as loudly as Hillary Clinton. Clinton made it part of her campaign that she was going to “take on the NRA!” (yeah, Hillary, you do that!) Sure, there are a lot of other issues, but gun owners do NOT want more gun control laws; they want existing laws ENFORCED and actual criminals to be PUT AWAY!

      • She didn’t get out and mingle with voters because she thinks she is a “superior being” and has NOTHING but contempt for “regular people,” and it was IMPOSSIBLE for her to HIDE that attitude behind her PHONY SMILE when she got out and actually MINGLED with people. They picked right up on that attitude and couldn’t get away from her FAST ENOUGH. You could TELL that by the sparse attendance at her “rallies.” Of course her media sycophants tried valiantly to hide that fact with tricky camera angles and outright LIES, but it was RIGHT THERE for the entire world to see. Don’t know why all those deluded Lib-tards in the media were so SURE she was going to WIN–when it was so OBVIOUS that REAL PEOPLE wanted NOTHING TO DO with the corrupt, LYING old CRONE.

        It was a GREAT DAY when, despite all the Commucrats’ cheating, VOTER FRAUD, RELENTLESS media coverage pushing her candidacy, etc, they were not able to STEAL yet another election! When you come right down to it, that is about the ONLY way they can actually WIN an election, because they are so FAR GONE in extreme left LUNACY that NOBODY with any sense will vote for them!

        • She thought she was going to win because they are stacked in abandoned warehouses hundreds of boxes with ballots in them that were already checked for her even before the election. That’s why they were so sure. They had it rigged, but there was a Higher Power that intervened and HE had HIS army ready and waiting to make sure she didn’t win.

    • Maybe somebody should have told her after you LIGHT the dynamite, you better THROW it or get the heck AWAY from it, or it will BLOW UP in your face–which the 2016 election, and all the “scandals” they tried to gin up against Trump have since!

    • Joan Ferrantesimplyme

      God does work in strange ways! I for one think this is one of the ways!! Tubby getting her ass kicked!!

    • She was promised by the Bilderbergers.
      The Donald burned them all.

    • Patriot47, probably because they thought the imbecilic, moronic idiot MIGHT be able to win and they would be able to get on “her” bandstand! What a pity this moronic group is!

  3. Alleged Russian meddling. How about utilizing journalistic standards when reporting. Nothing has been proven and there is yet to be any evidence. This repeated narrative is getting old.

  4. Bill tried to tell her let it go, but she insisted on writing a book and trying to remain relevant.
    I cannot get inside her mind ( nor would I want to) as to what drove her to ignore good advice. Bill was trying to tell her honey, give it up. Let’s just take the money and run like all the other crooks before us.
    She’s in quicksand now and any movement will take her down further and further.

  5. The deamoncrap party has Crashed and is burning’….. People are tired of Killary and her whinning and tired of Bill and the many women he Raped or had sex with…. wE are tired of their daughter , Chelsea, making snarky , untrue remark’s.. They are tired of John McCain screwing the American people with his NO votes. and helping to spread rumors to everyone because he doesn’t like Trump….HE NEEDS TO KEEP IN MIND THIS IS FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE…… THINK of us and not the vendetta you have launched against the PRESIDENt we the people elected… He has done more to help us in 1 year that the previous 3 Presidents.. HELP HIM TO MAGA… AND WE ARE VERY TIRED OF THE MEDIA BASHING THE FIRST FAMILY.. HAS TO TAKE.. ONLY REAL MEDIA AHOLES WOULD DO THAT………

    • It is already the Biggest Heap of Trash and Trouble that America has ever owned! The Ones going against Trump needs to be thoroughly investigated and see what more Trash We can Find on them to shut them up!

    • I tend to agree with you. McCain is old guard, and part of the so-called establishment that most regular folks are sick of. Personally, I am pretty much sick of politics in general.

      • McCain is a traitor. He knows he is dying and wants to take the Republican Party, the people of Arizona and the United States with him. May his days on earth be over before he can do his dirty deal..

  6. I think we all know that Trump with the help of the Russians literally stole the election results Some don’t care as long as Trump has the office but real Americans who love what this country has always stood for want to expose the theft so we can get this trailer park trash out of the White House.

    • I’m really sorry to see you’ve been totally brain-washed by the lib Media & the never-ending whining by the libs. Maybe you should broaden your horizons beyond what the media & Hillary tell you to believe.

    • Who is You All? There’s a different “We All” out there who have already prevented the trailer park trash from getting into the White House and elected Trump president because there were more of those than of your “You All” group. Expose the “Left” would be more appropriate than “expose the theft.”

      • Muchus gracias Francisco. Esta bien. Yo Espan~ol no es bueno. 🙂
        Thank you very much Francisco. It is good. My Spanish is not good. 🙂

    • No only a very small minority like yourself who cannot come to grips with reality, who blindly holds onto a belief that your loser candidate won and this is all a bad dream. You should really seek help from a licensed professional who specializes in TDS.

    • Like all typical airhead Democrat liberals ray2hill you confused the name. It is “Obama”, not “Trump”. And instead of “the Russians” it is “George Soros”. You’re smoking too much of that stuff.

    • Go soak your head in Neatsfoot Oil…

    • there isn’t anymore trailer trash in the white house he’s already gone, and the other one lost the election

  7. Why is it every time a Democrat loses, it is the fault of Russians, voter disinformation, Republicans and racists not allowing minorities to vote, and all sorts of really inane excuses? Hey, how about that a great deal of the country just didn’t want to buy what you were selling. A great many people do not like to be called deplorable s, because they espouse a different viewpoint from what’s acceptable to liberal democrats, they don’t subscribe to identity politics, and they are tired of being stuck on a treadmill, while the establishment of both parties runs around seemingly groping women’s buttocks. All this stuff comes back to haunt you, and the electorate said basically enough.

    • My biggest tip to the Dumbocrats is stop the name calling. They called a lot of nice hard working, law abiding, tax paying people racist, sexist , homophobic, islamaphobic and of course deplorable.

      • I totally agree- it never stops, it’s annoying, and this is why they lost. They just do not understand why anyone would vote for Trump, or Republican. I would like to help educate them. Most likely they won’t change their minds, which is perfectly okay, but please understand that people who do not agree with you are not evil. Many of my friends and relatives that think politically are not evil, they just see things differently.

    • Now we know why nothing gets done in Congress, too busy groping women.

      • Yes, that is a major problem. I think the bigger problem is that our elected representatives care much more about themselves than they do the electorate. This includes the majority of Congress, whether they be Dems, or Reps.


  9. Look here CROOKED HILLERY, for the love of God let it go, YOU didn’t win, because your a lying crooked traitor to America, and I pray to God you get looked up, hell, I’d give you the death penalty! You and SLICK WILLY have destroyed this country, and you got away with it for years. ENOUGH! As an American, WE the people deserve to have a special council look into YOUR ethics in the 2016 election, I suggest Congress get on it, or maybe we should just REPLACE all of you useless crooks, America is done waiting, DO YOUR JOB! Or will vote new people in who can!

  10. She lost plain and simple,she is obviously to stupid to realize that fact,I hope those misguided fools who blindly followed her can now see the kind of low life person she really is.Some one needs to help her realize how unimportant she has become,,and most of it is her own doing SHE LOST,and now it is time for her to return to her underground lair and understand that no one cares about.her…….

  11. Americans We The People…the Patriots should never allow this Criminal to “Check anything” about Our President!
    We cannot even get the Government to Arrest, Convict Her, and Hide Her away for Life for her Crimes! she should never be one to see what is going on in Government since she is a Criminal, Killer, and Traitor! We the
    People should really “Dump Out the Others that back her and want to cause Our President all the Troubles all the time! They are as vicious as Hitler Hillary! And they System goes after the little crime doers and allows the “big Ones” To do just what they want to do! We are really needing to do something about it all and put an end to all of they crap against Us and America! We need to stand firm with Trump regardless!

  12. “She insists that Russian interference “was one of the major contributors to the outcome” of the contest and that the Russians “weaponized false information in a very successful disinformation campaign.” Is she talking about the dossier she and the DNC paid millions for? Hillary has gone loopy!

  13. GOOD NEWS HILLARY LOST THE ELECTION… Thank the LORD for miracles and good ridence to the CLINTONS.

  14. In any event, an “independent commission” from the swamp would, by definition, allow the swamp to nullify the will of the American people. This witch “trusts” the government because it has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to use it to its and its familial advantage. If the swamp is allowed to directly interfere with and/or determine the outcome of elections we have the progressive dream of government of, by and for the government institutionalized.

  15. is it possible that she has lost all sense of reality ? how can she keep going on and on as to why she lost the election .

    • She’s definitely spaced out. She’ll be blaming the little green men next.

    • Id Hillary’s behavior is out of touch with reality. It is prima facie evidence showing just where she is mentally now. Add to that her history of zero accomplishments and we have the summation of her qualification to be CEO of anything, let alone the US Government. Case closed!

  16. We already checked the legitimacy , every recount showed someone stuffing the ballot box for Hillary.Not only did she lose she even cheated poorly.
    My best advice to Hillary: shut up and crawl back under your rock.

    • I thought Bernie Sanders ran as an Independent. Why did he have to win the Democrat nomination and why did his votes “automatically go to Hillary? It should have been a three way race – A Republican – A Democrat and an Independent – if it had gone like that the Hildebeast would have lost in a landslide.

      • She still lost the electoral college vote badly in a 2 way race, because nobody was buying what she was selling- a third Obammie term.

        • No Doubt. When/if the level of Clinton corruption is exposed to the public those who now support the Clintons will be sick.

          • No Mike, they’ll all scream “RACISM” or some other non-relevant BS. Be aware that the Democrats (Progressives, Liberals, Socialists, Communists or whatever anti-American, anti-Constitutional thing we want to call them) are absolutely convinced that Hillary was ENTITLED to the Presidency. Democrats ignore We the People and our Constitution. They just want to create a new Politburo/Presidium where their kind and have offices to work in and dictate the lives of people living hundreds or thousands of miles away with whom they can never relate as they sip their Starbucks beverages.

          • Very true…and if the dummy citizens keep voting democrat…that is what they will end up with!

          • Ron C some people NEVER learn…even when prima facie evidence is right before their eyes. They keep making the same mistake over and over and over because—“Well, I’ve always done it this way.” Or the classic: “My family always voted Democrat.”

          • Very true – name one Democrat controlled city in the U.S. that is not a crime infested – drug infested – broke s**t hole.

          • Excellent observation Mike. Thanks. So why do the liberals keep voting the way they do? They do it to keep their criminal activities running. That is why we absolutely have to keep them out of the US Congress and the White House. We just got rid of a Muslim-controlled Executive Mansion staff. We the People removed the Islamic cancer. Hopefully we’ll never experience that evil presence again.

          • That is why she needs to be brought to trial but she cannot be judged by a democrat judge. She may never get out of prison if they bring all the charges against her to trial.

          • she “shouldn’t” ever get out of prison if they ever bring all the charges against her to a fair and honest trial.

          • The Democrats have driven away all of their thinking and paying members by vilifying all LEGAL gun owners and Christians. I guess they never even considered how many former Democrats are both. Now they are left with the “hand-out” people – no wonder why the DNC is going broke.

          • Why has the “racist word” become the battle cry of so many people these days?

          • Good question Scuttlebutt. I’ve noticed that the racists are the faction screaming that. They cannot come up with facts otherwise. The BLM and Black Panthers folks call the KKK members racists. DO TELL!

      • Sanders joined the Demo race because he thought it would get him more votes than to run as an independent. But the Hildabeast bribed and intimidated enough people in the Demo party to get herself “nominated”.

      • No, he ran as a Democrat. He’s an Independent as Senator, but ran as a Dim in the election. That’s why there was rumors of his recall by the Independents.

    • Yeah and did you notice not one cheater for the democrats were prosecuted…

  17. Hillary wants to investigate ANYTHING that will deflect attention off of her, Bill and their Trust – I mean “Foundation” 😉

  18. OMG!!When is this witch going to go to prison?

  19. The question should be turned around.How could a Criminal like Hillary be a valid candidate?

  20. HANG THE ugly bitch AND BE DONE WITH her

  21. A quote from Hillary when Trump said he might not accept the results of the election if he had doubts about the legitimacy of the voting: “he then launches an attack on our democracy, refusing to say whether or not he would accept the outcome of the election.” Hillary also said that it was Unamerican to question the election results. She also supported Jill Stein’s recount, which stopped dead when it started turning up a higher vote percentage for Trump and Democrat vote boxes were getting rejected because they had far fewer votes in them than the certified count.

  22. Her ego is unbelievable and for once her scheming. lying, and controlling actions didn’t work. She is a pathological liar but now has become what I consider dangerous, incompetent and mentally deranged.

  23. She is a worthless POS

  24. That is sick beyond belief! Someone who fantasizes that she is qualified to be the President of the greatest nation on Earth is unable to face the reality that she lost the election for perfectly legitimate reasons. She is not only showing the world just how unqualified she is, but is wasting millions of dollars and man-hours of people who are being forced to deal with her stupidity.
    I’d bet that the people from other countries who are watching this circus are laughing at the U.S. for this folly.

    • Yes jerryb they likely are. And too, out of courtesy they kept somewhat quiet about the illegitimate Obama eight year fiasco but occasionally some things leaked through. Note the Royal Family in London shunned the Obamas for one of the Royal functions. That slam carried a lot of weight against the street person illegally installed as head of state for the USA. Now that we have a bona fide US Citizen with a proven track record of success in the White House the international respect for us has shot back up sky high. Some people never learn that it is track record that counts, not pigment color.

  25. STFU and get your orange suit ready, BITCH…

  26. What about all of the Jill Stein recounts that went nowhere? The only fraud they found was on the demoncrap side with more votes cast for the demonic witch than registered voters. Lock her up and MAGA.🇺🇸

  27. It seems to me that Besides having to put up with Soros and O vomit wanting to retake over te GUMNIT…The SICK SOW of Chappaqua needs some SERIOUS mental Evaluations by various World Mind Experts to figure out how many LIVE brain Cells she still has…With all the VODKA, Falls off bar Stools, and the Pressures of possible getting locked UP.. the SOW seems to be lOOSING IT!

  28. It is a strange thing, that the so called news media always swallow what ever Hillary Clinton & the democrats tell them as absolute gospel truth….you know it is almost as if the mainstream news media were propagandists for the democrat & RINO party…???

  29. Yet nobody investigated the legitimacy of Obama’s illegal presidency. Of all things THAT should be investigated. The Obama hoodwink should have been at the top of the investigation list. He was born in Africa. He never held US Citizenship. He sealed his academic records hoping the truth might never be brought out. [ A direct order by the Congress or the US Supreme Court to unseal those records would over ride that.] He subscribed to Islam as a Muslim and surrounded himself with Muslim staff members therefore establishing prima facie evidence of lending aid and comfort to enemies of the United States of America. Obama’s “pension” monies and Secret Service detail for protection should be terminated immediately.

  30. The only thing SHE needs to “investigate” is the inside of HER PRISON CELL. (along with MANY, MANY others, that did their BEST to STEAL the election for HER)…. (too bad “WE THE PEOPLE” saw through all of her CRAP) and voted in OUR CHOICE FOR PRESIDENT…Donald J. Trump! MAGA!

    • Thank you pappy450. Those old 18th. Century geezers risked their lives and fortunes so 200+ years later We the People can enjoy the benefits of their risks. God gave this new Nation the Cream of the Crop for its Declaration of Independence and Constitution. {Those who subscribe to Socialist and Communist ideologies adhere to the cream of the crap.}

      • Sadly, that be nearly 40-48% of the American voting public that supported either a “convicted out of her own mouth criminal,” or an avowed “Communist/Socialist!”

        • Yes Firewagon. It’s a sad commentary on our present social structure that we have so many unappreciative non-contributing garbage who cast votes for whatever loudmouth promises them the most monthly trinkets tossed down in return for their votes. Sick, sick, sick!

  31. She a pathetic liar and needs to shut the fuck up and go away.

    • True Americans fully agree with you Patrick. But Satan never rests from his walking to and fro upon the Earth to stir up discord.

  32. Oh Hillary, Hillary, when are you going to shut up and go away, I bet Bill wants you to do just that. You are a loser, a lier, a hypocrite, a killer, a thieve, a communist, a traitor to your country and a hater, did I forget something? This is what happened!!!

    • Yep, she is a pedophile, she loves little girls. Don’t forget her trips to pedophile island with Bill and his co-host.

  33. The Demonrat Holywierd Libturd Rapists are terrified that their Murdering Treasonous skank did not get into Office to Protect and cover up all of their Treasonous Felonious acts!!

  34. Here’s the bottom line for American voters, we the people need never forget what this election was all about. Thank God and most of all the voters. This just may have been the MOST important voting year in our nations history. If the Clinton’s and their blood sucking followers would have seceded it would have possibly damaged America for decades. I hope and pray that people truly believe America is the greatest place in the world to live. We must never forget how bad the left hates America as it is. Every election from now on will be more important than the last one. Don’t ever forget to tell others to vote. It is very important. The left will indeed be out in force and loathing revenge, they’re ruthless and they don’t like America as it is.

  35. That woman needs to shut up and just go away, we do not want her to be our President and if after two elections she doesn’t know this, then she is too STUPID to be our President. She has to have some mental problem to allow herself to be humiliated over and over and therefore, she should check into a mental facility and try to get it together once and for all. She’s obsessed, and can’t take rejection. PATHETIC !!!!

  36. If it wasn`t for president Trump being our president we would never have heard of all the corruption that has been going on for many years. It all would have been swept under the rug and the swamp rat`s who are still in office would continue to survive, but they have been exposed and now are starting to scatter.

  37. Will she EVER stop w/ her lying mouth???? YOU LOST HILLARY, GET OVER IT. GO PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!

  38. She’s already had her turn with the “collusion” crud, now it’s our turn to get her and Mr. Mueller objectively investigated by a new special counsel first. According to the letter of the espionage act she should have resided at Fort Leavenworth since July last year, no intent required, but she had FBI MisDirector Comey to CHA. Time for her and Bill to don orange jump suits.

  39. MaryEllen Franklin

    Need an Atty. Gen. who will not shirk their duties. The swamp is big, deep and full of things that want to eat you. jdagata usmc

  40. Well, since GOD is who allowed Mr. Trump to win over Hilary, He won’t let her run Mr. Trump out of office. People all across this country, & even around the world were praying that He NOT let her win, mainly because of her stance on abortion, & on allowing Islam to take over in this country. So people need to really start praying again for God to protect Mr. Trump.

  41. No doubt about it, the woman is a mental case. She couldn’t beat a black guy with a zero record and then she can’t whip a white guy without any political background. Sounds like she is a born loozer. About the only thing she is good at, is staying out of jail and the reason for that may be people are afraid to tangle with her because they may just windup dead.

  42. Why doesn’t Father Trump turn the Klinton work order over to the Navy Seals for processing ?

  43. Soooo, hillarY wants to investigate President Trump’s victory in the election. Great, by all means she should do that, and should enjoy every minute of it, FROM INSIDE HER JAIL CELL!!

  44. The most hypocritical part of hillarY’s rant is her accusation that Trump won because the Russians wanted it that way, when it is so freaking obvious that SHE HERSELF was the darling of the Russians, and that even with their HELP, she STILL lost.

  45. This is getting so old. Is there any news on the Hindenburg? Since old news seems to be the new standard.

  46. Amazing how fast time goes by when having good time, i have been jumping with joy, and laughing, for 1 year already because Hillary lost.. Bhaaa haaaaaa whaaaaaaa

  47. Crooked hilary clinton needs to GO AWAY!!She is grasping at straws!!

  48. The ONLY investigation needed, for decades, is of the “Clinton Crime Family!” Check that, one other investigation is also needed; an investigation of those vaunted agencies, The FBI and DOJ, for the incompetents (seditionist people) that have ignored the Clinton crimes and allowed her/him to walk FREE among “we the unwashed!” Git’em off of our streets, put those designer, orange, jump suits on both, and get that “perp walk” going!

  49. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!! This year I give thanks for many things and among them are President Trump and the fact that NO MATTER WHAT, we will never, ever, ever have to call Hilarious Rotten Clowntwat Madam President. She will go down in the history books as nothing more than a whiny, corrupt, sorry, worthless, useless loser who looked like a side of beef with earrings and ONE SHOE as her handlers flung her half dead carcass into her van after the old cow almost croaked at the 9/11 memorial last year. Amen.

  50. GOOD GRIEF. Will she blame the sun spots next.

  51. How much money is she willing to pay for this investigation? The last one cost $75 million and the result was one indictment.
    What is her favorite adult beverage? Wood grain or moonshine.

  52. The only investigation that makes sense is how the Clintons accumulated $ 21/2 BILLION as civil servants.

  53. Reportedly, backstage after one of the debates gone bad, a stage hand overheard her shout at her entourage: “If that b____d wins we’re all going to jail!”

  54. A chronic loser never admits they are just not capable of winning. Bill needs to drop her on her head to jump start her brain so she can see the light at the end of her tunnel. It is not there.

    • There are rumors that he is planning to divorce her. If he does, I wonder who she will blame for that…it can’t be her fault…can it?

  55. I am a fiscally responsible liberal, last forty-five years, and last year voted for Trump. There were loads of people like me. The Russians had nothing to do with it. It was the patently strange and even weird way politics had been developing the last decade, along with 142 trillion in Federal liabilities. The two-faced, fork-tongued speech was way over the top, and the absolutely horrendous bias of most of the media another nail in the coffin of Hillary and the DNC. I resigned from the party only last March. Dems are never going to be reasonable again. Compare JFK, Bay of Pigs: “I take full responsibility.” He’d be kicked out of the party, today.

  56. why does that shrill POS keep getting publicity? proves over and over the collusion between demorats and the press. Please stop covering every idiotic thing this a-hole does. Its just not worth the time of day or whale crap or anything else. the “special” prosecuters need to charge her appropriately and have her put in jail. I can’t figure how that hasn’t been done already.

  57. Hildebeast, instead of dying to say something, do us a favor and just DIE.

  58. Another question comes to mind, the state of your mental health! The election is a year old, get over it!! There was NO Russian collusion by the Trump campaign! Your old ass is getting what you deserve now, and a pant suit with stripes will be perfect!

  59. Hey, Hillary. If you run for POTUS, again (God forbid), you should select Kathy Griffin to be your VP. She would be perfect! You both are two peas from the same pod, or maybe a more accurate description would be, two turds in from the same cesspool!

  60. Somebody needs to put this B**** in her place and out of her misery. I have never in my life seen a woman so pitiful that she cannot accept of believe that NO ONE wanted her as president. Get on with your life with your sexual predator husband and your buddies the evil ones Soros and Obummer.

  61. Hillary ummmm Uranium-1.

  62. Keep digging your hole Hillary.. you should be in China by now

  63. “the witch” is priming the pump for her next coloring book which will be titled, “I looked in the mirror and now I know what happened”, or the shorter and more appropriated title of “I am a Sorry POS”.

    How soon will willy divorce her so he can spend more time with the Energizer Bunny?

  64. You really do hate her, don’t you? Where does this venom come from? What crimes has she been charged with? Name one.

  65. what a burn out

  66. Seriously? All the illegal, fraudulent and/or QUESTIONABLE votes were on HER side of the ledger! She is re-e-e-e-e-e-e-ally STUPID to go there–it will BLOW UP in the Commucrats’ faces, just like the “Russia, Russia, Russia!” thing did, and the “sexual harassment” thing did, and . . . well, you get the point. This is ALINSKY LUNACY at its FINEST! Remember when they demanded a RECOUNT, then had to STOP IT because so MANY “irregularities” were found in the DEMOCRAT ballots? Guess they haven’t learned a THING since then! INSANITY is doing the SAME THING over and over, and expecting a different result. Ergo, Commucrats MUST be INSANE.

  67. This woman is exasperating! She will never stop pushing the envelope to get rid of Donald Trump nor will she accept the will of the voters who elected someone other than herself! She has clearly shown herself to be a lying, miserable, intellectually dishonest, hypocritical witch! Her term as Secretary of State was marked by inconsistencies, questionable collusion with Russia, and of course the Clinton Foundation debacle and the hundreds of millions of dollars that quietly flowed into their coffers. To say nothing of the Middle East scandal in which four people at an American Embassy died! This woman will never be suitable to hold the Office of President of the United States! She is a loser! Oh yeah . . . and what about Vince Foster and the other people associated with the Clintons who died under questionable circumstances?!

  68. Dear God, please make her go away. AMEN

  69. No ID, no vote. How does that suppress voters? Are we to believe poor people can’t get an ID, or wouldn’t know how to even if we showed them? The soft bigotry of low expectations is on full display with that attitude.

  70. Investigate but being stupid has never been rewarded. Get over it!!!!!!!!!

  71. all the crap that came out on the Dems, and the bitch, in particular, has not been shown in any way to have come from the Russians. Its just the usual Dem practice of repeating the lie, over and over, same as the communists. As far as i know, the damaging stuff seems to all be true. Voter suppression, guess them means not letting black people vote over and over, cutting out the unfair way they zombies were stopped from voting, at least some of them. In Chi town, they all got to vote, as the Green Party foolishly exposed.

  72. All of this blather is about killing time, nothing much gets done so long as they can keep everyone distracted, their evil plans still have a chance. My hope and prayer is that Trump and Team smarten up and start investigating Hillary and Team. We need new blood in DC and we need it now! Not just recycling bureaucrats.

  73. First lets investigate the legitimacy of her candidacy….see brasile allegations of rigged primary.

  74. Give it up, Hillary. YOU lost. Get over it. Also, your lying, greedy , corrupt career is OVER. Take your corrupt foundation money and enjoy life.

  75. Its time for Hillary to go to sleep and never wake up. Every day we hear the same stuff like a broken record.

  76. Her problems only made me more convinced that anybody else was better then her and the Democrats. Even Donald Trump.

  77. The plan was to put the first american born woman in office of the presidency. Secondly the first american born black man. What you got was entirely different along with a slap in the face. The first nigger muslim terrorist who was a part of putting an end to our constitution. He tried and almost made it. Secondly you got a bought and paid for lesbian theifing skank. WE are the light of freedom for the world that has been tried to be extinguished. Hillary Clinton is not for women or the black man name something positive either of these 2 people have done for the american people.???? Times up)((&^%^? So if there is any justice other than political they will pay with their lives for their treason.. You republicans are in the drivers seat and could get things done ? Still you waffle and blame it on everything but the truth? YOURE ALL EATTING FROM THE SAME SIDE OF THE TABLE. Prove that I am wrong and grow a pair you guttless wonders. I get tired of hearing that you will put a band aid on it after the damage has been done with no real fix. The fact is we pay your freight and you will be voted out of office. Your digital utopia is through this is the real world live it or be prepared to be exterminated. The american people have had enough its the reason you get the big bucks. This is the best you can do?

  78. There is no good reason that whore should not have been investigated, tried, found guilty and SHOT for treason!

  79. The independent commission should also investigate the millions of votes cast by illegals and dead people.

  80. Has anyone else noticed that Hillary Clinton has become somewhat similar to a venereal disease? The Democrat Party has a long and growing list of sexual deviants being exposed every day. Are these two things related? Maybe that is why they cannot get anything done for the American people. We need some large doses of Penicillin and a vat of salt peter.

  81. TheRealLibertarian

    It’s typical Marxist doctrine….accuse your opponents of the exact same thing you are doing to keep the attention focused on them. If there were federal judges blocking everything Obama did, this country woulda had a race war. Media and liberals alike woulda been screaming that the only reason his executive orders were blocked would be because “America is racist”. WE are AMERICA…greatest country on the planet. The problem is everyone wants to be a victim to get their 15 minutes of fame, and the easiest way to do that is to claim you’re the victim of some kinda crazy conspiracy….don’t believe me? Look at Crappernick and the NFL, they gave that useless idiot citizen of the year…

  82. Killary, the gift that keeps on giving. I recommend that the DNC run her in 2020.

  83. A few months ago I thought I’d had enough of crooked hillary and her snowflake followers whining about her loss…now it’s becoming comical. Now I kinda look forward to her new excuses for losing…she’s got a new one every couple of weeks and it gets more and more fantastic each time. It may be time for bill to put her in a home…

    • TheRealLibertarian

      All Hillary is doing is keeping her voters angry over some “collusion” and away from the events in the media that signal she may actually get what she deserves. The idiots that listen to her will believe whatever she tells them, hence her recent remarks concerning the justice department being weaponized against her. Same Marxist tactic there too, say your enemy is doing the very thing the Obama administration and Hillary state department did for the 8 years they were in power…

    • She finally got to Obama for her losing the election. She is so brain-dead that she can’t understand she lost. Next she’ll be blaming God…in that respect, she will be right. HE didn’t want her in HIS Oval Office.

  84. For once lets ARREST this crazy lady and save people lives…enough of her madness on America… she doesn’t give two shits about anyone but herself….Please someone please arrest her for TREASON AGAINST AMERICA…..

  85. Whatta MORON —– Jill Stein did have an investigation which showed ballot stuffing – voter fraud – voter info fraud —- ALL IN FAVOR OF DISGUSTOCRATS…..

  86. Hillary you misguided jackass…you lost…you want to know “What Happened?” Well, I’ll tell you. GOD CHOSE DONALD J. TRUMP to be President…HE evidently didn’t want you anywhere near the Oval Office or the White House. Get that through your stupid thick head! You’ll play hell attempting to overthrow the election. Try to defy God and see what happens you stupid brainless idiot.

    • God?……your God wants billionaires with better money deals…and no pollutions laws and less feeding of the lazy poor??…how thoughtless of you to use Gods name in vain.

      • And you have no God, just the Devil that eats at your brain. And I am not using God’s name in Vain. HE DID CHOSE DONALD TRUMP…there isn’t a prophet in the world that questions that. But then, you know better than every prophet in the world. As to someone being thoughtless, you take the cake.

  87. Still the sore loser. I think she is the only candidate to be this sore of a loser. Certainly in my lifetime. She should be in a maximum security prison doing hard labor for the next 50 years. Either that or execute her for treason. Someone needs to tell Hillary that the majority of this country doesn’t want her communist ideas in out government. The whole Obozo administration should be investigated. That clown did many very in-American things and should be held accountable along with Hillary Rotten Clinton.

  88. James D. Gerhardson

    The time is running out for the SLICK WILLY and CROOKED HILLY to remain in public. His sexual escapades, his “Trial by his Peers”, and impeachment, the RAPE of at least one woman, and God only knows how many others,,,and her totally crooked and inept term as Secretary of State, (Which TOTALLY wiped out any respect that the office once held) along with the emails, destroyed and sent by illegal servers, the destruction of her email devices, (EIGHT) and the deposits to the “CLINTON FOUNDATION” that came from so many foreign persons and companies,,,,,,,and how many other illegal things that they both did……..not to forget for a second her ineptitude where the Benghazi sacrifice of four of the diplomats there, and the lies she told afterwards. How she even got 1 vote is beyond me,,,,,,talk about the blind leading the blind,,,,nearly 50% of our population got suckered by her so much that they voted for this CROOK!!! Of course the BIG ZERO was voted into office TWICE, and he is the most inept president we ever had!!! There is an old adage, YOU CAN FOOL SOME OF THE PEOPLE SOME OF THE TIME, BUT YOU CAN’T FOOL ALL OF THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME! Sometimes takes a while, but all CROOKS are living on borrowed time,,,,,RIGHT WILLY & HILLY???

  89. Would someone do the country a favor, and just shoot her!

  90. She and Obama are the ones that need to be investigated. We certainly dodged a bullet when she lost the election. Maybe it was all the prayers that helpd Trump win despite the millions of illeagal Democratic votes? I know I surely prayed! We’d all be either Muslims or dead by now and all our money would be in the Clinton Foundation since she intended to put Bill in charge of the the nation’s finances. The Clinton’s have sold their souls and they enticed Obama to do the same.

  91. that woman always was and will be F.O.S.!

  92. Will this BS,never go away ? Real tired of seeing her and the black one ,every day ,as if they are still in control !!

  93. We need to get just one thing to stick and prove Hitlery-s crime to make here illegitimate for president. Not only will this shut her up it will put her in a cage where she belongs.

  94. Since the Hildabeast and Old Dollar Bill are no longer an asset to the Dems and are actually more of a liability, if I were them I would get myself off of front street and be looking for the nearest non-extradition nation to run to. Everyday more and more is being revealed as to the depths of their depravity and treason. Their closest former associates are either snitching on them or running away from them like their hair is on fire and their tail is catching. I think in the coming days they will find themselves out in the cold and DOJ Prosecutors closing in on them. Their former Buds the Demotards are pretty much done with them.

  95. “Clinton lamented the fact that, despite her deeply-held belief that the election was stolen from her, there was really nothing she could do about it. “We don’t have a method for contesting that in our system,” she said. “That’s why I’ve long advocated for an independent commission to get to the bottom of what happened.” That says it all, as Clinton is STILL in denial that she lost the election, and she has no one else to blame but herself.

  96. Had Hillary won last year,
    Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assaults and rapes, just like Bill Clinton’s, would have also been swept under the rug, and he would have been allowed to continue.
    Hillary would have taken care of Weinstein because he was a friend, and big donor to the corrupt dirty Clinton Foundation and Democrat supporter.
    Hillary is big at taking care of rapists and has been taking care of one in particular for 40 years, his name is Bill Clinton and committed his first reported rape in 1978, when he was Attorney General of Arkansas.

  97. “vengeance is men saith the Lord”…Our Father PLEASE do something with this evil women! This is a looney toon that won’t go away…how could anyone not see the mental case here…she needs to be institutionalized. You would think the DNC would tell her that when they say to ‘shut up’ they are serious.

  98. Hillary, bitch clime back in your hole, your a pos crook!

  99. Hildebeast, take McCain Peelousi, Franken,Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Rand paul, Maxine Waters, Comey, loretta lynch, pocahontas warren, cummings, odumbo, moochelle, Eric Holder and those other liberal idiots, on a submarine ride with the hatches open in the Marianas trench.
    Bye bye….hate to see you stay.

  100. It sure is funny how she wants to have Trump investigated about everything, but for him to have her investigated on ANY of her many known criminal acts is an “overreach of power”! That’s just hilarious!
    Someone needs to explain to her that she lost because we do not like her in the least! Didn’t then, don’t now and won’t in 4 years!

  101. Operative of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization.

  102. We, the people, would like to investigate as to whether Hitlery really HAS a brain!!!!!!

  103. You would think the left would be embarrassed with Hillary. Hopefully she and Uncle Joe run in 2020.

  104. Pierrette Berthoas

    Let them investigate..we will c how corrupt the democrats will prove their fraud…they keep opening info. That put Them under the Bus..?? Dumb as dirt…

  105. Hillary should be angry at Soros, Obama & Van Jones, they are the ones that promised her she would win, the Fix was in, it was a sure bet, no way could she lose. Then along came Trump & We The REAL American People.

  106. I have had to accept defeat in my life and always moved on as most of you had to do.
    No wonder Bill was a horn dog!!!!!!!!

  107. You lost Hillary – if you had any damned sense at all you would be running while you still have a chance to get away.

  108. Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    She is still dumbstruck that she actually lost.
    She had stacked the deck against Trump on so many levels.
    She had MSM in her pocket, Soros funding and backing, paid rioters, every dirty trick
    in the book. She still lost!!! She cannot accept defeat because she paid for her win.
    She will NEVER quit trying to unseat our POTUS! Even if the President got impeached,
    she wouldn’t be installed as president. Get over it, already! Go to your safe place and
    pitch another of your infamous hissy fits.

  109. Then, if she gets what she wants, can we demand when she looses and MAKE the DNC, FBI, DOJ, Comey, Hitlary, Obummer, Holder, Jared, McCain ETC.. (all involved with Fake Dossier) have to pay back to the American People, all the money they have purposely wasted knowing it was all a LIE to cover how Horrible their person was in the Campaign.

  110. This queen needs to look in her mirror and realize that she doesn’t have what it takes to be president of her own outhouse. Give it up Hillary, you don’t even have what it takes to take out the trash, or Billy Boy would have been long gone a long time ago.

  111. Aw Hell, even Alf would have beat her for the POTUS.

  112. Why does she not realize that she is the reason she lost! Oh and the Russians, the FBI, the NRA, the Republicans, Bill, and ten thousands other things!

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