HBO’s Bryant Gumbel: NRA are “Pigs”

In an interview with Rolling Stone, host Bryant Gumbel insisted that the National Rifle Association was one of the worst things to ever happen to the United States. “There are few things I hate more than the NRA,” said Gumbel. “I mean, truly. I think they’re pigs. I think they don’t care about human life. I think they are a curse upon the American landscape.”

Gumbel, who was discussing a recent segment on HBO’s Real Sports about the “Eat what you Kill” movement, said that his hatred for the gun-rights group did not have any effect on his reporting.

Whether his bias against the NRA colors his journalistic integrity is up for debate, but his view of the organization is one shared by many gun control advocates. The last major poll regarding America’s view of the NRA was timed to take advantage of the Sandy Hook school shooting, but it nevertheless showed that 54 percent of adults had a favorable view of the organization. That still left 38 percent with a “disfavorable” view. That percentage, according to Gallup, also included many gun owners.

The Unpopular Stance

The NRA, always first on the scene to defend gun rights in the wake of a tragedy, provides an easy target for gun control activists. By putting themselves in the unenviable position of opposing, say, the parents of Sandy Hook victims, they don’t earn a lot of goodwill from the public. But it’s precisely for that willingness to take the unpopular stance that the NRA is one of our country’s most important institutions. If tragedies like the Sandy Hook shooting never took place, we wouldn’t need an NRA. Gun rights would be easy to defend if innocent people were never killed with firearms.

Far from being “pigs” that “don’t care about human life,” the NRA has been instrumental in restoring the country’s Second Amendment rights in states eager to ignore the Constitution. In the last decade, the organization has racked up more than 200 legislative victories against liberal gun control policies that encroach on American liberty.

At a time when moneyed groups funded by billionaires like Michael Bloomberg are doing everything they can to limit that liberty on a state-by-state basis, the NRA is more important than ever. They may not be cuddly, they may not always be nice, but they are essential in the fight against rampant liberalism. Were it not for the political power the NRA holds, there’s really no telling what the state of gun rights might look like in America. Fewer guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens would send a signal to the nation’s criminals that the sheep are defenseless. It would send a signal to the state that the citizenry can be easily controlled by force.

“A free people ought to be armed,” said George Washington, and his words inform the mission of the NRA 200+ years later.

But I guess he was just a “pig” who didn’t care about human life, either.


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  1. Bryant Gumbel can go shove an ungreased rat tail file up his behind.

    • You got that right ‘libturd piece of shit ‘does’nt realize that without the NRA and it’s members we would have all been disarmed long ago .I wish there was a was to make someone spontaniously combust when they say stupid shit like this .He is a traitor and unamerican.

      • I would love for him to take a stroll in the bad part of Detroit or Chicago and see if he changes his stupid mind about being armed. Blacks kill blacks 95% of the time which is a rate 8x of white people.

        • Yeah but you only hear about the whit on black killings cuz the black on black killings don;t FUEL the race wars they want to start.

  2. Is that a target on your forehead, Niqqer ???

  3. I think the real pigs are the overpaid sports punks who double dip in the honey when they can not longer play….they simply talk…

  4. What an ignorant being. He obviously knows nothing of which he speaks. A short study of history would illustrate the importance of an armed society. If this was not a founding principle of the pilgrims then he would be speaking with a British accent and supporting a monarchy. Oh that is right one has to be able to read and comprehend what they red to know something about the history of this Country.
    Thank you Bryant for proving to me that I made the right decision to not watch anything you do.

  5. cotton pickers like you should be seen and not heard……leave the country you commie bast..d……

  6. Ahh yes, another triple “A” (affirmative action a$$hole) heard from !

  7. well if you don’t know by now that BG is an idiot….now you will…the stench that pours from this wanna be JOCK HEAD is laughable….I hope he ends up in NRA TURF with this big mouth…but he won’t because he is a pig with about as much manhood as the pig who built his house of sticks…

  8. Apparently more people favor the NRA than Obama . . hmmm . . . .

  9. Michael Dennewitz

    All the real “porch monkeys” are starting to come out of their closets! The HNIC and Bryant Gumball both need to be “taken out!” And we wonder what the hell is wrong with this country! HA !!

  10. fucking libtards and their minions of filth…need to be purged now

  11. Maybe PIGs stands for Proud Intelligent GunownerS : )

  12. a true leftist want to be journalist—no true ability to report just run your mouth and pretend that you are relevant–just one more loud mouth bag of crap

  13. Bryant Gumball should know all about PIGS and Snakes as his ILK Slither around and act so “Self Righteous” like their Daddy.

  14. I am NRA and will stay that way, it is a great organization. The United States can be glad we have an organization that protects our rights so vehemently. Bryant Gumbel is a Dumbell.

  15. While the NRA, at one time or another has in my view blown it, the NRA contributes much greater value to The Body Politic than people like Brian Gumbel et al can even imagine. This is not to say that Gumbel is not entitled to his own opinion, it simply states that his opinions are valueless. As for corporations that buy his air time, or provide same to him through sponsorship, I will avoid, to the greatest extent possible, patronizing any of these sponsoring organizations, for I too am entitled to my opinion.

  16. It takes a pig to recognize a pig. Gumble is hereb, recognized as a pig.

  17. It never ceases to amaze me how stupid and racist the American media is today. This is what passes for intelligence today? If it does I want no part of it. Oh by the way NRA member since I was eighteen and I’m in my fifties today. Who knew I been a pig most of my adult life.

    • Yup i;ve been a P. I.G since my 18th birthday ‘my dad god rest his souls signed me up and I have been a member ever since .EVERYONE out there who likes guns ‘owns guns or even if you don;t own one but feel people should be able to’ JOIN TODAY ‘ THE 4.5 MILLION MEMBERS CAN’T FIGHT THIS BATTLE ALONE WE NEED ALL GUN OWNERS ON BOARD .If we could get 10 million members there would not be a f*****g politician out there who would back all these ASSUALTS on our freedoms .There are close to 150 million gun owners in the U.S but only 4.5 million are NRA members ‘COME ON PEOPLE ‘for the cost of a few cents a day you could be a member of the greatest ENEMY to those who want to take away our second amendment rights .Don’t believe the garbage spread by the liberal press about guns and join up .We need everyone on the same page if we are to overcome the powerful billionaires trying to take away our freedoms .

      • Blomberg spent over $30 million on Kay Hagan in NCs Senatorial campaign against Thom Tillis. The Dems spent over $90 million to Tillis’s $30 million but gun owners took a stand. If NRA membership and donations could increase tenfold we just might be able to fight a billionaire who wants to take our guns away. Molon Labe!

        • You got that right but we’lle fight him tooth and nail even without them.If those slimy MF’S want guns they better be prepared to die trying .

  18. Gumbel is an intolerant lefty pig… pursuing a life of STUTOPIA and can’t understand anything in the Constitution! Just another moronic media ass who is kissing Oblamer’s ring. I turn the TV channel anytime Bob Costas or Bryant Gumbel appears… because they both make me vomit!

    • Yes that’s the name I was trying to think of ‘BOB COSTAS ‘I used to love watching the winter olympics but now i read about the games the day after in the paper cuz I’m not wasting electricity watching that asshole .

  19. Does he own any guns,have security guards,home security? Does he sport shoot? Than he should thank the N.R.A. because without them he would not be able to do it or have the freedom to speak out and show his ignorance.

  20. Jackasses like Bryant Gumbel are completely insignificant! He knows nothing about what he speaks of! Never did! What do you expect from an idiot who wasted his loser life reporting on sports!? He is obviously a pig himself who does not care about the truth! Let’s see what he does when he needs protection when TSHTF! He does not deserve the benefits he has gotten from this country! Then again, no ungrateful liberal does!!!!!

  21. Gumball has always been a punk and he now has proven it without a doubt

  22. Yo Bumbhole, or is it Gumball? You never made a success of yourself and if it hadn’t been for a bunch of pandering liberals you would still be shining shoes on the street corner. One time, in your entire life, I would like to read a comment from you that is at least minimally intelligent.

  23. Humble when Isis comes to take your head don’t look to us to defend you.

  24. Bryant Gumball (I mis-spelled on purpose) is a total idiot who apparantly knows and cares not to know anything about the NRA and what it does. He further is ignorant of the 2d Amendment and the reasons for the Bill of Rights. BG hasn’t read the writings of our Founding Fathers and seems to be a socialist as the left is becoming more and more. He calls himself a journalist, but he’s not that as a journalist is supposed to be impartial and be nuetral despite their personal feelings. All throughout history, another subject Gumballs fails to acknowledge is the fact that ALL tyrannts and oppressive governments get their start by DISARMING the public.

  25. Ye bet Bryant……Oink, Oink, Oink, Oink, Oink, ………….

  26. Bryant, you are the only reason I can not STAND “The TODAY Show”! I just can’t stand ignorant, dumb chicken shit, non Military men that NEVER fought for his Country, are to chicken to even join when he was younger. Maybe Good in FHA only?

  27. WELL NOW: If memory serves me correct BRYANT GUMBALL is the color of licorice being that and probably a MUSLIM DEMOCRAT it is understandable that he would say something like this. How ever ant sane white person with commonsense will know that he is just spewing the BLACK RACIST CRAP just like OBAMA,HOLDER,SHARPTON and JACKSON. WHICH ALL of the aforementioned need to be put on a C130 Transport plane with the CHIMPANZEES that were looting and burning stores in Fergueson and flown to OBAMA’S Homeland KENYA unloaded and told you want to cat like chimpanzees live with chimpanzees tax them so you can get welfare and food stamps. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.!!

  28. Pigs are smart, muslim supporters not so smart & this bryan runt is far below with his ignorant comment that only degrades his intelligence to the foundation of Freedom & Rights that built the U.S.A. ! He does not deserve the U.S.

  29. You know, Bryan, for years I always enjoyed your sports commentary. Little did I know this was the only part of your feeble brain that functions. Besides, Greg is a much better sportscaster. Stay out of conversations of which you know absolutely nothing!!!

  30. I wonder if the “they are pigs” analogy is anything like referring to blacks as monkeys? Maybe someone should ask him that. I’ll bet he uses the term “Teabaggers”, too. I compare that to using the “n” word.

  31. I remember when Bryant first got his reporting job…./He couldn’t speak in cognitive sentences….(but, you know why he got the job over many much more qualified people anyway).
    So now, he’s an ‘expert’ on 2nd Amendment rights and the National Rifle Association?
    Take his input, add a pint of beer and p-ss it down the toilet where it belongs.

  32. Bryant is nothing but a “street Niqqer”, brought up from “Shine-Boy” ……….

  33. Well Bryan you have that right to say what you did (but if you felt that way in reverse, you would most likely be in jail or being sued by those you so lovingly now support!? The biggest “pigs” I know of are biased liberals that know you can use your platform to spout the name calling and ranting! But yet you and your pos media liberal reporting don’t want to even discuss the good actions of a few, but will beat to death the ones that show your true colors and beliefs? Oh, maybe you should moved to Chicago and live there and run around at night!


  35. Bryant gumbell is an obama social Marxist piece of crap, not fit to live in America ,take your a hole pres with you

  36. We have more than enough trouble in America today without the people who are supposed to report the news copping an attitude and helping the Muslim in the White House to destroy our country. The fact that we still have our guns is one major reason we still have some of our freedom and some of our rights. I believe the time is near when we, the people of this great nation, will be required to stand and fight or parish. If you are not part of the solution, you will be part of the problem and not realize what you did until it is too late!

      YOU’LL BE PART OF THE PAVEMENT ! …………………..

      • Well, I guess that can be arranged. I am a qualified heavy equipment operator, I have run rollers on a number of jobs, and if I become part of the pavement, it will be for a good cause because Im still standing up for America like I did when I enlisted 30+ years ago. My oath of enlistment is still valid.


  38. he is another liberal nut like Michael Moore and George Soros who hate America. (He probaly thinks Chris Kyle the great American sniper) was a bad dude for using a gun and killing people

  39. Nobody cares what Gumbel has to say….he is a Has Been that never was !!!

  40. Bryant Gumball is a real piece of shit. Didn’t like the Today Show when he was a sarcastic idiot and like him even less today. His ratings must be in te toilet.

  41. Gumbel can take his fat ass and go join the cowardly Michael Moore. The more I see Gumbel, the more he reminds me of OJ Simpsom…he probably would like his women unarmed so he can beat em.

  42. He might be on to something……………….

  43. The NRA is, among other things, a civil rights organization fighting for a Constitutionally protected freedom. So after a bad person does a bad thing with a gun, the NRA stands up and says, “Well that’s horrible but it’s NOT a reason to punish all the good and law abiding gun owners.” Somehow, that’s evil. But when a jihadist blows up a pressure cooker at a major public event and another civil rights group stands up and says, “Well, that’s horrible but it’s NOT a reason to punish all the good and law abiding followers of Islam,” that’s somehow noble.

  44. He is to big a pussy to handle a gun

  45. Bryant Dumbel is another one with the libtard mental disease using the old false talk point. The NRA promotes safe responsible gun ownership and stands up for gun owner’s rights against the ignorant scum politicians. Bloomburg, another super libtard and his lying group is pushing for more gun laws in Vermont which has very little gun problems.

  46. Dump him in the waste bin with the rest of the liberal media morons, including Brian Williams, just suspended by NBC for his Iraq helicopter battle lies.
    Pathetic antiAmerican bums!

  47. I’ll buy this leftist “pig” a one-way ticket to Russia, China, Kenya, Venezuela, Bolivia, or Cuba-his choice! Disgusting excuse for an American.

  48. George Washington in favor of gun rights. I nearly fell out my chair reading this. Hint: the world has changed since the late 17 hundreds. Currently 10-12 thousand Americans lose their life each year due to guns. Many are innocent victums of tragic accidents and carelessness. This is not acceptable! The less guns the better off we will be. I am doing my part: I have never shot any kind of gun, even BB gun! The NRA thinks training/educating people about safe use of guns will solve the problem. It will not, only keeping guns away from people will solve the problem. NRA is a dangerous organization in my opinion and does harm to our country. I hope it becomes extinct.

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