Hawaii Democrat: Believe in Climate Change As If It Were a “Religion”

Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI), one of the more unhinged Democrats in the Senate (and think about the kind of ground THAT covers), said Tuesday that liberal voters should “believe in climate change as though it’s a religion.”

Perhaps recognizing on some level that this is already what’s going on, Hirono quickly added: “It’s not, it’s science.”

But the cat is already out of the bag, and once again we have a liberal Democrat who accidentally said the quiet part out loud. Because ever since Al Gore dropped his “An Inconvenient Truth” documentary, the left has absolutely treated climate change as if it were a religion. Thus you have millions of Democrat voters who have little-to-no-understanding of climate science simply taking the party’s word for it when it comes to the effects of greenhouse gases like carbon in the atmosphere. We’re not even talking about the “scientific consensus,” though that has its own problems. We’re talking about sensationalist activists and news anchors who stretch that science to make absurd claims like, “Oh, this hurricane is a sign of our warming planet!”

Never mind that such warming has, scientifically-speaking, been on “pause” for more than twenty years. It seems simply talking about it in Time Magazine has the power to strengthen hurricanes, melt glaciers, and sink coastal cities.

Well, they do generate a lot of hot air…

“Get people out to vote, so that we can have people here who truly are committed to human rights, environmental rights,” Hirono said. “Confronting the challenge of climate change requires a comprehensive approach to transforming our country in a way that prioritizes environmental health and wellness, while also expanding opportunity and creating good-paying jobs as we transition to a low carbon economy.”

She said the perfect blueprint for doing this was already on the table – the, you guessed it, Green New Deal.

“I welcome this bold national framework that tracks so closely to what Hawaii is already doing and what many of us have long advocated to enable communities, families, and individuals to thrive,” she said.

On Twitter, she went further, writing, “The Green New Deal combats climate change and creates jobs/a more sustainable economy. This isn’t radical, this isn’t socialism. It’s common sense. The radical position? The GOP sticking their heads in the sand doing nothing to tackle climate change.”

Hirono has apparently forgotten her own position on the Green New Deal when it was released. Glancing askance at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s plan, which calls for the complete elimination of air travel, Hirono acknowledged: “That would be pretty hard for Hawaii.”

She now says that she was merely “joking” about that remark.

We suppose, though, in the context of the climate change religion, one must overlook such discrepancies.

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