Hawaii Becomes First State to Challenge New Travel Ban

Only a day after President Donald Trump signed a new executive order barring travel from six Middle Eastern countries, Hawaii became the first state to challenge the travel ban in court. The state, which had already filed a complaint against the first order, handed a federal judge a 40-page request on Tuesday, asking him to place a temporary restraining order against the revised version.

“The new executive order is resulting in the establishment of religion in the state of Hawaii contrary to its state constitution; it is inflicting immediate damage to Hawaii’s economy, educational institutions, and tourism industry; and it is subjecting a portion of the state’s citizens to second-class treatment and discrimination, while denying all Hawaii residents the benefits of an inclusive and pluralistic society,” said state lawyers in their complaint.

“The executive order means that thousands of individuals across the United States and in Hawaii who have immediate family members living in the affected countries will now be unable to receive visits from those persons or to be reunited with them in the United States,” they argued.

Well, this was inevitable. Liberal state governors all over the country are salivating about the political shine they can get by loudly opposing President Trump. All that glorious TV news coverage, and the base eats it right up. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even be lucky enough to be named in a Trump tweet! In the meantime, why not start browsing through headshots for a 2020 running mate? Never too soon…

The legal arguments against the original ban were thin enough; now we’re really getting into the theater of the absurd. How can you make a claim of religious discrimination when the vast, VAST majority of the world’s Muslims and Muslim-populated countries are not on the ban list? How can you seriously whine about family visitors when the ban only lasts 90 days? How can you make a constitutional claim against a national security measure…based on your state’s vacation revenue? It’s ridiculous.

But as long as the media keeps painting this as a discriminatory, evil Muslim ban, these Democrats will feel no shame in finding a judge who buys into the nonsense. And with the way the courts are stocked these days, we wouldn’t be surprised if they find one. Hey, judges benefit from getting famous, too.

Hopefully, this time the powers of the presidency will be upheld. If Trump gets blocked again, we may have a bigger problem to face than Islamic terrorism.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll add Hawaii to my no travel destinations list right along side California and Mexico.

    • Hawaii is a tourist economy, I certain have not seen the visitor to be Syrian, or any of the Islamic states. The only way to get the message to those bleeding hearts is by boycotting. The AG and the governor are two worthless lamebrain m o r o n s.

      • curmudgeon VN Veteran

        Lamebrain morons= liberal democRATs.

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      • Never been to Hawaii, but I’ve heard the majority of (non-USA) tourists are Japanese. Don’t recall Japan being on the list. . . . .

        • These democRATs are just shooting themselves in foot. To risk boycott for people who are not even citizens. Great way to decimate the tourist economy.

          • They don’t think we the people will do anything about this, well let us show them we will.
            I want to feel and be safe. I do not care if any of these states go broke or fall apart, they will get what they deserve. You can bet that the Demorats the party of Socialist,far left Progressives, and admitted Communist.
            Just saying !!

  2. Wonder what the AG Of Hawaii would say if some of the 300 refugees that are under investigation were hanging out there in Hawaii. It is not a permeant ban one travel. Only until a better vetting system can be developed.
    If you had dogs that might have rabies would you quarantine them to make sure they don’t have rabies? Trump is making sure that thease refuges do not have rabies.

    • Hawaii is stupid. That’s why they don’t understand the word “Temporary”. Already topping the nation’s homelessness, I guess Hawaii doesn’t see a problem with having illegals and refugees come and live on welfare on their sidewalks. If the islands’ only income is tourism, I’d check this fact out before I spend my money on a vacation in Hawaii. With homelessness comes crime and all other bad issues.

      • Very true JINH! Hawaii indeed has a huge problem with the homeless population sleeping on their beaches! It has also become a BIG problem for tourists being robbed on the beach! You don’t dare leave ANYTHING of the slightest value for even a few minutes on your beach mat…including your beach mat if it’s nice or your belongings are gone when you turn back around!

        • Hawaii has many, many problems. The quarantine issue is real. They still hold your pets for too long a period putting your pets in jeopardy. The only way you can bypass this is to have it all done before you enter Hawaii and prove this with a lot of paperwork (I checked). And yes; tourists are major targets. Perpetrators recognize “rental cars” and steal just about everything you’ve got in it. Hawaii just wants is YOUR money….and there’s never enough of it. They can’t solve their governmental problems, homelessness, prison, crime and drug problems. If it weren’t for the military, I don’t know HOW Hawaii can survive. And as far as suing the President for the temporary immigration ban? I pray President Trump fires him. Good ridden!

        • They only care about themselves always have.

    • Your statement about rabies AND quarantining dogs struck me as really funny! I lived in Hawaii for a year and if I had brought a pet…especially a dog they are INDEED quarantined for quite sometime!

      • I checked and Hawaii is very liberal on pets and almost all are NOT checked

        • http://hdoa.hawaii.gov/ai/aqs/animal-quarantine-information-page/

          Hawaii is rabies-free. Hawaii’s quarantine law is designed to protect
          residents and pets from potentially serious health problems associated
          with the introduction and spread of rabies. All dogs and cats,
          regardless of age (puppies and kittens included) or purpose, must comply
          with Hawaii’s dog and cat import requirements.

          Chapter 4-29 Hawaii Administrative Rules, governs the importation of
          dogs, cats and other carnivores into Hawaii. This law states that dogs
          and cats meeting specific pre- and post-arrival requirements may qualify
          for 5-day–or-less quarantine program, which has a provision for direct
          release at Honolulu International Airport after inspection.

          Furthermore, the law requires dogs and cats that do not meet all of
          the specific 5-Day-Or-Less program requirements to be quarantined for up
          to 120 days upon arrival in Hawaii. Please read thoroughly the
          following documents containing details on the rabies quarantine programs
          for importing dogs and cats.

          • Thank you Dylan!

          • I submit the same Rules should apply to “immigrants” from the 6 countries that TRUMP’s “suspension” applies to …
            OR ELSE apply the “JellyBean test”
            as follows:
            Your kid brings home a large jar of jellybeans after an evening of “Trick or Treat”!
            CAVEAT! Out of the hundreds of jelly beans, 2 (two) are poisonous … Fatal if swallowed…

            The TEST >>> How many jelly beans would you permit your kid to eat?

          • Hawaii has a problem with illegals too. These are not immigrants; they are illegal entrants. That’s why Hawaii has a homeless crisis. It’s a joke they sue the President on this TEMPORARY immigration ban. They shouldn’t even enter the discussion. They’re already putting tourists at risk for theft and crime. Now, they want to open themselves up for potential terrorism?! Give me a break! Go Trump!!!!!

          • “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
            ― Benjamin Franklin, Memoirs of the life & writings of Benjamin Franklin

          • Benjamin was and still is SPOT ON !!

          • Great comment there, esquire2, alas maybe they will understand you comment.

          • I like to tell the truth

          • But the idiots running the asliam in Hawaii don’t care about the health and safety of there citizens with terrorist????? Stupid I say Stupid.

        • Then it has changed! I had a friend who retired there when I went for school and they used to quarantine your dogs for three months!! She gave her dog to her daughter because she didn’t think it would survive being without her for that long!

        • When my husband was stationed at Schofield Barracks in 1991, we could not bring our cat unless it was quarantined for several months. It would not surprise me if they lessened those restrictions. I felt that a months long quarantine was overkill and current shots and a clean bill of health from a vet should have been sufficient. Its more than we require of the illegals that flood our country.

          • You are right. This whole money-scam is still true. My military son in law was being transferred to Hawaii. They had a beautiful dog but the restrictions to get the dog to Hawaii were so severe, they left their dog with family members. I spoke with families in similar situations. They all agreed on one thing; the system traumatizes their pets as their pets forget families, forget commands, become distant, feel abandoned, don’t want to eat…. and yes! You have to pay for the “lodging”. Yet total strangers who plan to live on our welfare system and perpetual hand-outs can come here without vetting? Well…good luck to Hawaii. Their homelessness top our nation pushing crime up.

          • There’s a vetting process:

            “… this is where the long road to the U.S. begins. Everyday thousands of Syrian refugees line up here in Amman, Jordan, to register with the U.N.

            Every single refugee is interviewed in detail multiple times by the U.N. for their vital statistics: where they came from, who they know.

            Their irises are scanned to establish their identity.

            And then they wait for the chance the U.N. might refer them to the United States. Less than one percent have had that chance.

            For that one percent the next step has been this State Department resettlement center in Amman for a background check led by specially trained Department of Homeland Security interrogators.

            Like all Syrian refugees being vetted this family was questioned at least three times by interviewers looking for gaps or inconsistencies in their stories.

            All that information is then run though U.S. security databases for any red flags. To be a refugee in Jordan is to be patient. The U.S. security check goes on an average of 18-24 months.” http://www.cbsnews.com/news/60-minutes-syrian-refugee-crisis/

          • Not sure if I can call this the “vetting process” that once was in place. My family and I are properly vetted immigrants but it didn’t take three interviews or 18-24 months. We waited (are you ready?) 8 YEARS before we were allowed in the U.S. Once here, we weren’t offered assistance, welfare or healthcare. Our church sponsor did have an empty home available, but the rest was up to us….find work, get to work, feed, clothe ourselves, find transportation and so much more. But we were happy to finally be here in the U.S. Then the U.S. entered the war in Vietnam. We were not even citizens but the Army called my brother and cousin to serve. We and they were proud to do so. Brother came back, but cousin did not. That’s the immigration process I know and the U.S. should still have. What’s happening now is a disgrace! Undocumented refugees? Illegal entrants? To stay with the subject; Hawaii should not invite these. They have a huge homeless crisis and illegals they don’t know what to do with as is!

          • The Vetting Process has changed significantly during the past 16-years of continuous warfare with people who blow-themselves-up.

            When my Great-grandfather immigrated; he enlisted in the Armed Forces, as did your family; thank you for your family’s service and sacrifice; you are correct, military service deepens any person’s connection with America.

            I think that if we make contributing to the health and safety of this nation a mandatory expectation; mandatory military or civil service (nurse, police, fire-fighter, doctor, paramedics) for the first 3 years after high-school or college; then poverty would naturally be driven down, as our citizens contributed to this country’s health and safety with vocations that paid a living wage.
            It seems like a good way to get Americans invested in this country again; making National Healthcare and Affordable Education a natural extension of our shared interests in National Security.
            I would hope that having the same expectation of people immigrating to our country would facilitate their ‘melting into our American pot’, like it did for my Great-Grandfather, who immigrated to the United States just in time to serve in the Army during WWI; my Grandfather served in the Army in WWII; by then our family was firmly entrenched as Americans.
            When I contemplated joining the military in the early 80’s; my family of Democrats (veterans and gun-owners), never once discussed that a Republican was in the White House…a total non-issue; we were Americans First, and Democrats, Veterans, gun-owners, nurses, small business owners, members of the community…that all balanced on the firm foundation as US citizens.

          • Yeah…sigh….the America my family and I embraced and so love is dying, disappearing. Something strange is taking it’s place. Not only are illegal entrants taking jobs from Americans, commit crimes, require subsidized food, welfare, housing, education, health care and thus depleting our country financially; they are also changing who we are. When the draft into the military became voluntary, it changed the human race in our country. Nothing is mandatory anymore which leads to the disintegration of our nation. Americans are coming to detest one another. I pray for our country and it’s leaders. I pray for peace in the country I love.

          • Well said JINH, and thank you for your honest post.

          • And you are complaining about what, Waa it takes to long. No where does it say we must or have to take illegal Aliens.
            Get over it !!

          • My response was directed at JINH’s question, ‘no vetting?’; thus the shared information related to vetting.
            My loyalty to America is more than a theory; as a USAF Veteran and Registered Nurse, my life is dedicated to serving my country and it’s citizens.

            “…every difference of opinion is not a difference of principle.”
            ― Thomas Jefferson, U.S. Presidential Inaugural Addresses

          • You are no different than what all true patriots should be.
            Support God and Country and the Legal citizens of America first, last, always.

          • What kind of patriot are you, Chandler?

            While you are correct that I am ‘no different than what all true patriots should be’; you’ve noticed that What Should Be is not What Actually Is; and it’s this dearth of True Patriotism that is a major National Security Issue for America now.

            Only 1% of the US population has been willing to serve for quite some time now…we’ve been flogging our Reservists with multiple back-to-back tours through the Middle East for a long time.
            In fact, “military leaders have shed light on a lesser-known national security concern: a looming shortage of qualified Americans to fill the ranks of our armed forces.
            Data publicized by Mission: Readiness:
            The National Security of The United States of America is compromised because “more than 70 percent of all young adults in the U.S. would not qualify for military service, as a result of educational shortcomings and a national obesity epidemic, among other factors.”

          • No I do not see what should be that is actually is not, there are still plenty of Patriots out there serving this Country and her legal citizens.Granted not as many as when the draft was on. I am not responsible for the low numbers in the military. It was the government and there persistence in dropping the draft. When they did that the people put aside there pride and said I don’t want to die so I will not fight for my country. Let someone else do it. but most decided to not go in the military. Not my problem It was my choice to go in and it was my choice to stay in .
            But to answer your question;
            I volunteered and I was not drafted, I and spent Over 20 years in the U.S. Marines “Vietnam ” You know the unpopular war. I was a Guerrilla Warfare instructor and spent plenty of time in the jungle.
            We have always had a shortage in the Marines. But we have done so much with so little, we have done the impossible with nothing at all. (old USMC sayings ).
            After that Over 20 years in law enforcement. to include years rescue work.
            This action is nothing new for the dedicated man and women in the military.
            I have spent over half of my life in the service of this country.
            I am not rich but I am satisfied in my accomplishment through the years for the Greatest Country in the World..

          • You’re thinking what I’m thinking. Why the U.S.? Why can they not go through the properly vetting process my family and I went through? Why do we have to support them in every way once they get here? Who changed the rules and when? And if they don’t like the proper vetting process of nearly 8 or more years, why can’t they go into other parts of the African continent? This refugee invasion by the millions has only happened to Europe and the U.S. How about Siberia?

          • Got to agree with you there. Why not anyplace in the world closer to there own beliefs. Most that come to America want to change her into the Country they just left.
            Sad to say but it is the truth.

          • This is the very reason we the People must start showing our discontent with the Democrat Party of Socialist,far left Progressives and the stated Communist. Along with the gang of 8 RINO= REPUBLICAN IN NAME ONLY.
            Here is a sayings that fits the people that care more for the Illegal Aliens than the legal American citizens.
            We should work together to bring our the best in each of us and then we apply our skills to hep others.
            Stand up legal citizens of America and fight for your freedom and laws of the land and our Constitution.
            Stop letting a few rule the majority, Stop letting misinformed Collage and High School students and illegals riot in the streets.
            Force our Politicians to stop trying to destroy our country, tell them to get along with our elected President. Or for them to get the He** out of office.
            Stay strong fight for our country not later but now.

          • Look to who and what is running the Hawaiian Government aka the asylum.
            All that needs to be said about the lack of caring about there legal citizens, but caring so much more about illegal aliens instead.
            SAD DAYS AHEAD for Hawaii.

          • To the State of Hawaii I say: Watch out! The clown that sued our President to protect illegals may get fired. In addition, if they consider themselves a “sanctuary state”, they should lose ALL federal funding. Did Hawaii really think Odumbo was going to stay in office forever? Hawaii has so many problems they can’t handle as it is not to mention always suffering from a “drain brain” as the best of the best leave the state to live somewhere else. Their government is saturated with the “same families or you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” people resulting in the same ideas and same mentality. This state never seems to move forward. Must be that they’re afraid to solve the problems as they solve themselves right out of a job. It’s a mentality many complain about but do nothing about it. They’re either too paralyzed to say it or do not care. Good luck to these idiots.

          • Yep agree !!!!

  3. America’s only Asian state is first to file.

  4. Hawaii is a blue, blue state, conservative have no voice. The democratic elected officials are just robots, they usually do the the democratic lobbyist tells them to do. Very sad state of affairs for the conservative in Hawaii.

    • Amen– so true. Most are like robots and fear being shut out of job opportunities by not supporting the Demonrat platform. It’s not very Democratic here and they cater to foreigners ( mostly Asian) and it’s their prime source of revenue. They need more republicans here to turn it around.
      The corruption at the top has gone unchecked for too long.

      • Yes,the state is Democratic-but also take into mind, that not all the Native Hawaiians are happy with things being the way they are! they are not crazy about mainland homeless coming to their state and ruining the environment, and they aren’t crazy about “the Haolies” (White people) pricing them out of their own land,either! the Native Hawaiians have to deal with the cruel cost of living that eventually forces them out of their islands to live in places they can’t adjust to! and if that isn’t bad enough,then they have to deal with the Micronesians, who are given 1st priority over ALL social programs on the islands after the US devastated their islands with all the Atomic testing back in the 50s! so look carefully,because not all people in Hawaii are the libtard Democrats here-many are just sick and tired over they way they’ve been represented,and it’s vast! and yes,employment in Hawaii is tough! a lot of that is also because of other immigrants in the islands,who work cheaper and for cheap wages, which sucks!

        • Joe
          Understand – I live here and yes not all the people are misguided yet
          The top positions are thoroughly filled with the corrupt Demonrats.
          Who do nothing to discourage the mass arrival of homeless vagrants.
          It negatively impacts tourism, and us locals are tired of loosing sidewalk space to their tents and the smell is beyond words ( poses a health hazard). The Dems Do not have any good ideas on how to solve problems and unfortunately the whole community suffers at their lack of performance. I wonder how many homeless are new immigrants- send them back to their origins we cannot survive allowing people in who cannot speak our language or willing to work for a living. Thomas Jefferson stated when we allow half the country to not work for a living
          And the other half must support all within– we will fail as a democracy.

          • I also live here too, so i fully understand quite clearly! but under the liberal Democrats like Gov. Ige and Mayor Caldwell,our islands have turned into shi! with leaders like these two idiots,and our Homeless situation here is so far out of control, that it’s not funny! now this moron AG wants to file a lawsuit against President Trump’s lawful policy concerning immigrants and the Travel ban-and all this bullshi! goes to show you how out of control that Democrats in Hawaii have gotten! people can’t even find fair or decent employment on this island without fighting hard for it, or getting the shaft-its unacceptable!
            but seeing the homeless on our Honolulu streets making all their tents on public sidewalks, urinating in areas that they shouldn’t has been so out of control for a long time! i advocate for the homeless, but not for them to illegally squat on our city sidewalks, or the pollution that they leave in their wake! the State of Hawaii has to also implement a fair form of Rent Control here,so that both poor and upper class can at least afford housing-but some low income vermin make that almost impossible. i co-existed with an unruly family for eight long years, and they were finally evicted, but they also left Thousands of dollars in property damage, and that was both disgusting and so unacceptable! so under such liberal leadership in the islands, the actions of this Atty. Gen. just seem so futile and stupid! just like this damn Rail project which they’ll try bleeding every last drop of dollars from the Oahu taxpayers, and that’s also so damned pathetic! i sure hope that these liberal leaders don’t try asking Trump to bail their asses out of this Rail pipe dream that they started-also stupid!!

          • Your right the rail is a disaster – biggest mismanaged mess I have ever seen- Yet the dumbo
            Libtards voted him back in office. You just can’t fix STUPID!

          • Looks what I came across- I hope it’s true- the one he finally produced
            Didn’t pass the 7 point test ( fake)


            If so


            The footprint alone must tell whether it’s the real deal?

          • Oh yeah! This “AG” tops the dumb list. He just helped Hawaii get kicked to the curb by President Trump. No funding here. Onothing is out of office. Hawaii is on it’s own; homelessness, crime, cost of living…the whole kit & caboodle. Good for them. Idiots!

          • Why is it that most can’t see that our problems are instigated by the Democrat Party of liars thieves and crooks. In power or out of power they will always have Soros the billionaire trouble world instigator, to lean on.

        • If they don’t like what is going on they are a island and they can and should secure there island like Australia did. Problem solved !!

      • Just Like Washington, eh?

    • The sad thing is that there is no real Democratic party anymore it has become Socialist, far left Progressive and Communist party. It needs to be disbanded.
      For if we let it stay they the Democrat Party are determined to take us down the path of communism.
      That is not freedom.

  5. As Hawaii has had no practical experience with the refugees, why then the next twenty five or thirty thousand should be their guests. This will be very helpful for them.

    • More like 185,000 that ovomit agreed to admit, maybe the island will sink with all the extra weight. Or I can see it now, they will be throwing the woman/children and homos into the volcanos

  6. Send all Muslim refugees to Hawaii.

  7. This is another state that the Mexicans and the mohammedans can have. The Hawaiian economy is limping, the tourist industry is suffering from taxation and regulation now at crushing levels under one-party government by the party of Jackson and Truman (Michael and Capote, that is) and anglophone caucasians are a vanishing minority. The issue is not travel but inundation: the marxist-metrosexual elite, whether in mansions in Waikiki, Malibu or Manhattan, want to replace the existing population with an obedient and dependent brown Third World lumpenproletariat that will keep them in power forever.

  8. Michael Dennewitz

    Great move dildos! I hope there are visitors from a terrorist country that will rape your ole ladies and little girls.. THEN you will stop letting the oslobba lovers effect you!!

  9. Hawaii should have been left as a territory and never admitted as a state. I spent a year in that hell hole and hope never to return. As for the other states joining in the suit, one needs only to look at their so-called political leadership and you will see why.

  10. Along with Kenya, Hawaii is the home of our recent, and thankfully past, President Barry Soetoro which explains why this state is so weird. After all, they issued young Barry a Social Security card with a Connecticut number way back when little Barry was knee-high to a grasshopper and just learning about who Karl Marx really was. Barry never forgot it, studied Mr. Marx ever since, and transferred those ideas to the good old USA, which he tried to transform as soon as he had the opportunity.

    • Anti American communist Hawaii send them out refugees. Danger to us no more. Just to Hawaii. We must stop all travel and tours to Hawaii. Keep America safe. Stay out of Hawaii!! Rapists murderers illegals love Hawaii. It’s dangerous now only to get worse

      • One wonders how such a beautiful state produced a slug like Obozo, then sent him over here to create nothing but chaos. The perfect example of a “Manchurian” candidate – a decent looking black man (Biden called him “clean and articulate” with a straight face), went to the best schools in Hawaii, already set up with a fake birth certificate, and a finagled social security number from a liberal northeastern state he nor his parents ever lived, then on to Columbia and Harvard where we’re told by the lamestream media that he was the most brilliant student ever to frequent those schools, yet his academic record at both schools is top secret and locked in a valut somehwere that none of the public has ever seen. Slick, aye? Then he slides in to the Ravin’ Rev. Wright’s pews for 20 years of “God-daming” America, hooks up with mad-bomber Bill Ayers and, Shazam!, he’s the Commander-in-Chief, telling us he’s going to “fundamentally transform America.” Good work if one can find it. He never held a job in is life, except as the legal beagle for ACORN, never met a payroll, never worked 8-to-5 or had to worry about paying for his marijuana tab. And he’s going to transform America? My ass!

        • He transformed America alright. Propaganda fake news transgender bathrooms. Black gay Muslims only need apply. Electric chair them all. French ? fry them!

  11. Hawaii is a Democrat Majority State.What else would you expect from democrats except a suit over Muslim refugees who are mostly all terrorists.?Send all future Muslim Refugees or immigrants to Hawaii and let them deal with the Murders,Rapes and Sharia law demands.If they want them they are welcome to them.But no immigrating to the US mainland from Hawaii or any where else.They can’t be trusted.They are Animals and cannot live in a civilized society.

  12. OldConservativeGuy

    If there is a process to admit an area as a state, is there a process to “unadmit” one. Should be!

  13. No kidding! Those whackos in Hawaii are only doing this because they claim Obama as their home boy! They lied about his birth certificate so why not bitch about the government’s efforts to keep them safe! Total nitwits! Hawaiians need to be looking for another decent candidate for next election and get that clown out of office! Same for the idiot governor and AG in Washington state!

    • I wrote to the governor of WA state and my first words were “you are a fucking idiot” then I proceeded to tell him why

  14. Hawaii should be boycotted. You don”t want to go there anyway, when we send all the refugees there, Figures Obama”s from there. Birds of a feather !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Hawaii just like California has for its leaders idiots and the people know it and they will not reelect these idiots!

  16. And you thought all those “vacation” trips to Hawaii were for relaxation. Silly you!

  17. Challenging for the sake of challenging…..typical LIBERAL Neurosis…If we ever had a war like WWII, the US would LOSE.

  18. Just happened to have a 40 page document in the file ready to go.But only a court in that part of the country will read the order and agree with them. It’s funny they had no problem with OBAMA putting a 6 month ban on MOSTLY MUSLIM Iraq. Only when Trump does it. Purely political.

  19. I have an idea on what the new regulations on immigration should be at the end of the ban. They should say that all immigrants from the original 7 countries would be sent to the states that opposed the bans. There should be limited vetting but have a requirement that they have to file a travel plan if they go outside the state.

  20. Good let all the muslims go to Hawaii. Great place for them.

  21. I think we the people should FILE SUITES on these states for putting the lives of the AMERICAN PEOPLE IN DANGER. I FEEL LIKE IF YOU ARE AN AMERICAN YOU ARE BEING DISCRIMINATED AGAINST AND ALL THE PREFERENCE IS GOING TO PEOPLE THAT SHOULD NOT BE HERE. Maybe we should send them all to Hawaii (NO WELFARE MONEY FROM TAXPAYERS) and ban everyone that believe like these Hawaiian feel good about themselves politicians from coming to the main land.

  22. Patricia McGehee

    Send all Refugees we ARE FORCED TO TAKE to the States like Hawaii. Make sure they can NEVER travel to mainland America.

  23. i think a ban should be put on travel to Hawaii. all it is is one big drug infested ghetto tourist trap.Obama loves it. that should be enough to warn you to keep away from it. the last time Hawaii was any good was when nobody ever heard of it.

  24. Is Hawaii really a state?

  25. Hawaii is just that ignorant; temporary means temporary. Democrats are so anxious to keep our security lax in order to keep our citizens and our country in danger, and to keep illegal aliens flowing through our borders. Democrats are anxious to keep funneling tax dollars to illegal aliens in the form of housing, healthcare, etc., all the while putting the needs of American citizens at the bottom of the list, ie, our vets and senior citizens. These illegal aliens that the democrats are so in love with, include those so called ‘immigrants’ who intend serious harm. The democrats/leftists who attack anyone who doesn’t follow their party line/agenda is just an example of how far they will go to get their evil way…just the same as nazis—”either think like us or we’ll crack/smash your skull”.

  26. Love everything about Hawaii except the distance and their liberalism. None of it would stop me from going and enjoying our 50 th state.

  27. Hawaii is a clone of California except with wetter, muggier, and hotter weather.
    Home of ethnic ethnic cesspool third would scum

  28. That’ what happens when you have a communist for a governor. Boycott travels to Hawaii. they hide obama’s birth certificate and refused to comply. They don’t need my business

  29. Send them a bunch let’s see what they say in a few months?

  30. Hawaii is one of the most socialist, liberal, communist states in the U.S. President Donald Trump should remove ALL federal money going to this state until they agree to totally enforce “ALL FEDERAL LAWS and to SUPPORT AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA!

    P.S. place a travel ban on Hawaii. or send all of the muslims to Hawaii. Have fun with them we will not allow any of our military to help you. Our military will just kill any of them that make any threats to any of our installations. The military and Secret Service should have orders to stand down on anything these muslim (ISIS) rebels do to Berry’s home. Have fun dealing with your buddies Berry and you to muchelle.

  31. What else is new! Hawaii is a communist stronghold where Head Commie Obama loves to travel!

  32. Not crazy about having the State of Hawaii going up against our president,but remember people, that Hawaii is a state run by liberal Democrats,many who don’t like Trump! but also remember that even in Hawaii we still have Trump supporters who are on our side and don’t go along with all the liberal mouthwash being sold down there!
    for many of you who don’t know, Hawaii was once a huge Sugar Cane and Railroad industry, but now its a growing place of development, where the housing and cost of living in this state is extremely expensive! Hawaii is not the same tourist place it used to be some decades ago,and the Traffic on Oahu is insane and crazy! a lot of that is the result of the construction of a Rail system they unwisely decided to go with-it is already some two billion dollars behind,and they plan to Tax as many people as they can to pay for this damn rail,which isn’t worth it! decades ago,one of Hawaii’s greatest Mayors on Oahu was the late,great Frank F Fasi,a former US Marine,who was a legend on the islands! today the people who govern the state aren’t too much to brag about,because the state has gotten too liberal,and being that this is where Obama was born,not many are impressed by that fact! the actions being taken by some of Hawaii’s people just go to show you how stupid some of them really are,,but in time they’ll learn the hard way that it really wasn’t worth it! especially when they try asking for certain federal funding that could be disasterous for them! remember that not everybody in Hawaii is in agreement with their actions against the President’s new policies, but Republicans are not as popular on the islands as the Democrats are!

  33. Aloha! As someone who has lived in Hawai’i, I can tell you the scoop: Hawai’i has a major homeless problem, especially in Honolulu. It’s so bad that the state will even fly each homeless person back to a state on the mainland. Hmm…that’s how HI deals with the homeless there. MAHALO, Hawai’i.

    P.S. In that state, Hawai’i is the preferred spelling, not Hawaii.

    • my wife and I went on a vacation to hawai and were told to watch out for certain areas, because of high crime so they can keep their sardines

      • You have been to Hawaii and you can’t spell it. What an incompetent man you must be.

      • Is it typical, that you cannot even spell the names of popular places you’ve visited? You very likely have a t-shirt with the word printed on it.

  34. The solution is easy – made for Mr. Trump. Just place all these people in Hawaii and Washington State. How simple could it get?

  35. Who cares? They are essentially a Japanese Island. Nearly half of all the land on Waikiki Beach is owned by them. If you think the Japanese don’t own the Hawaiian chain, just go to Oahu in mid-summer, and see if you can find a place on the beach to just sit. The beach looks like a can of sardines.

  36. I see a boycott of Hawaii travel in the near future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. That’s the reason We have had the’ pro-socialist’ state of Hawaii ( or Obama Island ) on Our boycott list for over seven years.. Now, maybe people will pay attention http://www.boycotthawaii.com like NY, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon , Washington, Vermont, Minnesota, Virginia, Illinois, Colorado, Mass. ,Long Island, Connecticut,Maryland .. They are not on Our side.

  38. Hawaii, the state of whores. They and California can leave the union.

  39. I thought national security trumps any state or judicial concerns, since it involves foreigners.

  40. Why don’t we offer a permanent free vacation there to all the immigrants that are opposed to the vetting. We could have Hillary and Obama and college professors cook pork over an open fire for them. Then they could set around a fire and tell each other how special they are.

  41. I’ve lived in Hawaii for nearly forty years. Ignore anything our state government has to say. We have NO opposing party in our government; it’s a liberal dictatorship run by idiots re-elected for decades. Get this…one of their objections to the travel ban is that it will hurt our visitor industry!!!! Oh yes…we get loads of visitors from those six countries. It is much more likely their OBJECTION will hurt our travel industry! Believe me, if Trump brought peace on earth, Hawaii would object!

  42. Put all the refugees and illegals on the island of Hawaii and send it to the bottom of the Pacific.

  43. I won’t be visiting Hawaii anytime soon. This won’t work because President Trump is right. He has the right, and the country’s best interests at heart To hell with all these idiots. President trump has written a more powerful (and better crafted) Executive Order. The opposition can “go pound sand”… in Hawaii! :p

  44. From what I have read about the new executive order, there is really nothing the courts can do about the ban. Iraq was taken off because they agreed to having people vetted more thoroughly than they did. Another factor is that there will be no more photo opts at the US airports. All the bans are to take place in the countries still on the list, that they are coming from and our courts have no say over there. Our embassies will be doing the vetting in those countries. TOUGH LUCK, HAWAII!!!!!

  45. Well they won’t stop this one. With all the big wheel liberals in Hawaii this again shouldn’t surprise anyone. These people really think they’re smarter than everyone else. Got news for you, you’re not. I hope people think twice about spending their hard earned money in Hawaii. Forget its even part of the U.S.

  46. People need to stop the political lines and ignorant attitudes about Trump doing his primary job. The constitution says he is supposed to protect the people and physical nation itself as his first job as president. I am not a Republican and I am not a Trump supporter but he is trying to enforce the laws that are on the books and trying to stop the traffic of terrorists, drugs, and illegal aliens into the country to get things under control so that we can modify our laws from there. To many violent deaths of Americans by people whom are criminals and here illegally happen yearly and that needs to stop, If someone is committing crimes in our country besides the laws that say they are not citizens then they should be deported. If an illegal aliens is actually improving things in the area they live then put them on a path to citizenship legally. If they are just here working and not causing harm help them get a work visa but abide by it. If they are here illegally they do not have our rights as Americans they are here in violation of our laws. We do not need open borders and we do need to protect our people.
    This is ignorant to complain about. People who are here illegally are breaking our laws they are not Americans and we have the right to say you can visit legally but you need to go home if you are not undergoing the procedures to become a legal citizen. Why is this so hard to understand. Here you go if you go to a place like Thailand and you stay past the time allotted as a visitor and have committed no other crime they make you go home. If you commit a crime you may be deported or locked in one of their prisons until somebody remembers yo are there, or maybe you may serve a prison sentence and be caned then be deported. Mexico arrests you and either imprisons you or deports you. Many countries will just simply decide wether they will just put you in jail, shoot you, depart you, or find another punishment. It is not bigotry to have the right to say if you want to be a citizen you have to follow our rules to do it legally, and if you are here illegally you have broken that law and need to either be deported, or be given certain options to temporarily remain, or go home on your own. If you have been productive to our country in labor, creating organizations that improve our neighborhoods, or making things better in other ways in our country then we should work with them to either create a partnership with them that allows them to stay but they have to return to their country each year of an allotted time, a path to citizenship that meets the criteria we have in place, or give them the option to build international relationships i our communities to help people in our communities along with the communities in their home nations that will be cooperative and helpful to both and treat them as an ambassador with certain privileges but not political protection if they do something illegal. They can be here if they are productive in these ways. If they have married a citizen we should make that a simpler path if they have become a family and that should make them a citizen if they wish to do so.
    Hawaii. California, and the other states obverting these laws and refusing to comply need to step back and stop the political bull crap and follow the laws. Sanctuary cities are illegal according to the constitution and immigration laws and any state that keeps them should be CUT OFF COMPLETELY from ANY FEDERAL AID. This is a form of treason because they are creating unlawful and dangerous situation for the American people in their states. California should know better anyway since they have been one of the worst areas in America for the infiltration of MC-17 gang members, and the Mexican mafia who are some of the most diabolical and violent people on the planet. But it is California so because of the prevailing stupidity they seem to have in their state and the incorrect assumption that since they have more people living there than almost any other state they should be able to dictate how the country acts in all situations legally and morally but in their case it is more often ignorantly and immorally.
    We have had an influx of Islamic immigrants and refugees in America and due to this because the Left will not report the problems and attacks that have happened with these groups so to make their party appealing to the new people and coerce them into voting left we have some very dangerous places in many cities and or states that a woman or girl who walks through those neighborhoods is now in peril, she may have to start carrying guns because they are being raped for not wearing a hijab or because elf the fact that they wear clothing that islam does not allow. It has been happening and if your head is under a rock and you will not look into it or look it up you are fooling yourself. The countries he has actually aimed at whom fall into the extreme vetting criteria should actually be expanded but this all should be temporary until we can work with those countries and the rest of the world to help them set up the infrastructure to make background checks and other forms of vetting much more accurate. This is called being diligent and attempting to protect your people not bigotry if you are that blind then wake up.
    As I said I am not a Trump supporter but I am in support of protecting out people and securing our borders. That is diligence not racism or prejudice. Lets quit crying and being political pendants or ignorant and realize intellectually this is the right thing to do,Morally and ethically it is also the right thing to do. The people whining need to wake up, grow up, adhere to the laws of the land, and do things through proper channels if they want to change things there is a system but all the chaos the left is creating is not only undo and illegal but it is compromising internal and national security so shut up and accept that Hillary is useless and should not have been in office, Trump is the better option all be it not by much but still better. Give the man a chance and move on with your life.

  47. always remember te left is always becoming worse without any improvement EVER

  48. These states are asking for a war on their own land. However, their land actually belongs to all the citizens of the U.S.A. and they have no rights without the extra protections of the liberal courts. I guess we could issue a travel ban TO the U.S. from Hawaii or anywhere else. My guess is this effort is not welcomed by HI citizens. I know a lot of them and they will not stand for this for very long. Maybe all illegals they are protecting should be housed in the politicians own homes.

  49. Send all the Muslim trash to Hawaii and let them deal with them. When they take it over and start shoving Sharia Law down their throats we see how the f–cking Hawaiins like them then. The next step is to cut off all federal spending to Hawaii and see how they like that.

  50. What’s even more absurd is that Hawaii hired an Al Qaida lawyer to challenge Donald Trump!

  51. Let Hawaii figure it out for themselves……leave the mainland alone

  52. send them all to hawaii,and make sure they cant get on a plane to the states , that way the north koreans can take care of them when they launch.

  53. Shut down all flights in or out or any originating from Hawaii: so pack up or become a permanent resident of land, sea, or air travel order!

  54. True Americans need to Boycott them & Federal funding denied. Then they can do what they want.!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Hawaii will have a vacayion problem when the burka required at the beach goes into effect.
    These liberal turds do not understand that as Islime grows in numbers, Sharia law becomes more enforced

  56. Remove every stinking penny from any and all states that do not abide with the new law.
    And place a fine for every day that they refuse to obey the law.
    The law that was passed is for the safety of all Americans and if you don’t do as directed by this law suffer the consequences.
    You people are nuts that choose to ignore everyone else s safety for you own greed or corruption.

  57. anthony j. manzo

    That”s fine ship all refugees and illegals to all those states that want them, and let all the other states BAN them from travel, so they have to stay in the state that welcomes them. GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!!

  58. Hawaii is a beautiful …But dangerous place. I was stationed there in 79-80. The only non combat assignment. That I felt compelled to carry a firearm with me at all times off base. Besides for the tourism industry and the heavy military presence. Which are biggest money makers for the state. Most of the native population hate both the tourist’s and the military. Both are considered prey and fair game. A high percent of the locals depend on the welfare system. Paid mostly by taxpayers on the mainland USA. Most of whom can’t afford to vacation or live there.

  59. And Perhaps the 9th District COURT this Time will Revert to making Decisions based on US LAWS and let 1 or 2 IDIOTS remain Unhappy …Well let the 10% “IDIOTS” rule stay in place so that the 90% remain HAPPY

  60. Richard Muccillo Nmd Dcm

    AS a kid I lived and worked in Hawaii–did a lot of surfing and water skied in front of my house in Hawaii Kai–I got married on that beach in Portlock–my first marriage—I went back to the mainland to go back to school and became a Doctor and returned to Hawaii and ended up on Kauai with my first practice —the quarantine for animals was 4 months then and your pet had to stay in Honolulu then—the law has changed now and there are options also—I can tell you that the people there are spoiled by tourism–it is a handout for them—THE number 1 industry and it is sad because they could have other industries –without tourism they will die –I have seen it when I worked in the hotel industry—it was feast or famine always —-locals always told me –we are small fish in a big pond and really have no say in anything that happens in the mainland –if the asshole politicians try to thwart Washington—they will lose everything and the locals will be the ones who will suffer–Hawaii does not need more trash coming to their beautiful home–they need quality tourists and they need to diversify in industry –besides most people go there thinking they are going to stay and very few do –they get rock fever–which is just another term for stupidity—besides there is STRESS there just like anyplace else!

  61. Started by one of Obama’s Muslim buddies.

  62. The 9th circuit of appeals needs to be abandoned or have all the liberal judges appointed by Obama and Carter removed.

  63. purely political move……how many refugees have they taken in?…not many is a good bet

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