Hawaii Becomes First State to Challenge New Travel Ban

Only a day after President Donald Trump signed a new executive order barring travel from six Middle Eastern countries, Hawaii became the first state to challenge the travel ban in court. The state, which had already filed a complaint against the first order, handed a federal judge a 40-page request on Tuesday, asking him to place a temporary restraining order against the revised version.

“The new executive order is resulting in the establishment of religion in the state of Hawaii contrary to its state constitution; it is inflicting immediate damage to Hawaii’s economy, educational institutions, and tourism industry; and it is subjecting a portion of the state’s citizens to second-class treatment and discrimination, while denying all Hawaii residents the benefits of an inclusive and pluralistic society,” said state lawyers in their complaint.

“The executive order means that thousands of individuals across the United States and in Hawaii who have immediate family members living in the affected countries will now be unable to receive visits from those persons or to be reunited with them in the United States,” they argued.

Well, this was inevitable. Liberal state governors all over the country are salivating about the political shine they can get by loudly opposing President Trump. All that glorious TV news coverage, and the base eats it right up. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even be lucky enough to be named in a Trump tweet! In the meantime, why not start browsing through headshots for a 2020 running mate? Never too soon…

The legal arguments against the original ban were thin enough; now we’re really getting into the theater of the absurd. How can you make a claim of religious discrimination when the vast, VAST majority of the world’s Muslims and Muslim-populated countries are not on the ban list? How can you seriously whine about family visitors when the ban only lasts 90 days? How can you make a constitutional claim against a national security measure…based on your state’s vacation revenue? It’s ridiculous.

But as long as the media keeps painting this as a discriminatory, evil Muslim ban, these Democrats will feel no shame in finding a judge who buys into the nonsense. And with the way the courts are stocked these days, we wouldn’t be surprised if they find one. Hey, judges benefit from getting famous, too.

Hopefully, this time the powers of the presidency will be upheld. If Trump gets blocked again, we may have a bigger problem to face than Islamic terrorism.

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